Affiche The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
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The grand-niece of Sherlock Holmes, Shirley, lives in Canada and solves crime after local crime with the assistance of her friend, Bo Sawchuk, and meeting opposition from Molly Hardy.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

S01E01 The Case of the Burning Building 07/05/1997 When ex-gang member and ""new kid"" at Sussex Academy, Bo Sawchuk, is a suspect in a number of suspicious local fires, Shirley Holmes is on the case.
S01E02 The Case of the Ruby Ring 14/05/1997 When Sussex Academy Presidential candidate Alicia Gianelli is electrocuted at the podium, all fingers point to the obvious suspect--her opponent Sterling 'Stink' Patterson.
S01E03 The Case of the Liberated Beasts 21/05/1997 Watson, Shirley's not very faithful and often disobedient basset hound, leads her to Redington's latest crime--a break-in at ""Pete's Rare Pets"".
S01E04 The Case of the Precious Cargo 28/05/1997 Shirley notices that Rita, the cafeteria assistant, is stealing food. By following her, Shirley discovers why: Rita is hiding her young niece in the school's laundry room.
S01E05 The Case of the Alien Abductions 04/06/1997 In one month, three citizens of Redington have been attacked and knocked unconscious with no explanation other than--one victim claims it was an alien abduction!
S01E06 The Case of the Blazing Star 11/06/1997 Bo has quit the football team, flunking half of his classes and falling asleep at school - and he won't tell Shirley what is going on.
S01E07 The Case of the Maestro's Ghost 18/06/1997 It is the fiftieth anniversary of the disappearance of Sussex student Maggie Hancock and Maestro Vespemi, the school's music teacher. Every year on the anniversary the Maestro's ghost comes looking for Maggie.
S01E08 The Case of the Mystery Child 25/06/1997 After receiving an ancient Egyptian toy from an old colleague on his deathbed, Peggy Holmes starts acting very strangely. Does the toy carry an ancient curse?
S01E09 The Case of the King of Hearts 02/07/1997 The students at Sussex Academy cannot figure out what is wrong with the usually stern and strict Ms. Stratmann--she is smiling and laughing all the time and she is even complimenting Stink on his practical jokes.
S01E10 The Case of the Exact Change 09/07/1997 When Stink, the class clown, goes missing from his thirteenth birthday party everyone, including his dad, thinks his disappearance is an elaborate practical joke. Everyone, that is, except Shirley.
S01E11 The Case of the Cunning Coyote 16/07/1997 Ancient native ceremonies and a mysterious tribal trickster follow Shirley Holmes as she tries to find out what happened to a box of two-hundred-year-old bones that has gone missing from a reservation.
S01E12 The Case of the Singer's Secret 23/07/1997 Bo is stunned and Shirley is devastated when they find Robert Holmes, Shirley's dad, kissing the pop music superstar Leah Farrell.
S01E13 The Case of the Second Sight 30/07/1997 While performing in a local theatre production of ""A Midsummer Night's Dream"", Shirley discovers that the lead actress, Rebecca Radcliff, is a jinx--or so the entire cast and crew believe.
S02E01 The Case of the Wannabe Witch 05/01/1998 Could Ms. Flitt, the Sussex school librarian, be a witch? It is a possibility that Shirley must entertain as she investigates a series of ominous mishaps at Sussex Academy.
S02E02 The Case of the Doggone Cats 12/01/1998 Barf, Stink's dog, is under suspicion when neighbourhood cats start disappearing. When he is nabbed by Hoskins, the over zealous local dogcatcher, his life hangs in the balance.
S02E03 The Case of Babyfingers 19/01/1998 Shirley infiltrates an organized gang of kiddie thieves after her backpack is ""snatched"" by a six-year-old pickpocket.
S02E04 The Case of the Bouncing Baby 26/01/1998 Shirley and Bo join the circus as they try to find out who left a baby boy on Mr. Howie's doorstep in the middle of the night.
S02E05 The Case of the Rising Moon 02/02/1998 Shirley's attempts to uncover the truth about a mysterious new boarding student at Sussex Academy place the young stranger's life in danger.
S02E06 The Case of the Exploding Puppet 09/02/1998 There is trouble on the set of The Happy Valley Show: props are exploding, background walls are falling over and Freddie the Firefly recently blew his lightbulb.
S02E07 The Case of the Cryptic Creature 16/02/1998 Sitting on the toilet becomes unsafe at Sussex Academy when the kids discover there is a slithering creature living in the water system.
S02E08 The Case of the Missing Marbles 23/02/1998 When Bo befriends ""the crazy old lady"" who lives down the block, he and Shirley find themselves being pursued by a criminal impostor as they race to find a bag of stolen diamonds.
S02E09 The Case of the Mischievous Poltergeist 02/03/1998 Bart is turning twelve--and everyone hopes his party won't be as boring as last year's. They needn't worry. Bart has a special guest lined up--his very own poltergeist!
S02E10 The Case of the Left Thumb Print 09/03/1998 When Robert Holmes is accused of stealing a top secret government decoding key from the British Consulate, Shirley jumps to her father's defense and vows to find the real offender.
S02E11 The Case of the Golden Cave 16/03/1998 An orienteering excursion into the deep woods brings to life a ghost story for the students of Sussex Academy.
S02E12 The Case of the Patron Saint 23/03/1998 When a disoriented stranger appears at the Holmes' front door with Joanna Holmes' stethoscope in his hand, Shirley is certain that the man has information on her missing mother's whereabouts.
S02E13 The Case of the Broken Oath 30/03/1998 Shirley suspects that Bo's cousin Zack, a musician, has something to do with the strange accidents that are taking other performers out of the picture and helping his career skyrocket!
S03E01 The Case of the Celestial Signal 14/09/1998 At the observatory, Bart hears signals from outerspace and runs into Shirley on the case. When two officials show up, it becomes clear that the man in charge of the observatory is not who he says he is.
S03E02 The Case of the Galloping Ghost 21/09/1998 At a horse ranch, the ghost of a horse seems to be stealing other horses. Shirley meets a boy working at the ranch that may be able to help solve the case.
S03E03 The Case of the Crooked Comic 28/09/1998 Molly and Stink are accused of stealing exam questions. Stink gets kicked out of the Academy and sets out to become a stand-up comic.
S03E04 The Case of the Flim Flam Farm 05/10/1998 Mr. Howie stays at the Howie Farm, but when he stays their longer than he had expected, Shirley has questions. Not only do the animals on the farm act nuts, but there is a ghost legend, and a feud between the Howies and the Wilkinsons.
S03E05 The Case of the Mysterious Message 12/10/1998 Shirley receives a message that her Grandmother has been kidnapped. As Shirley looks for her Grandmother, her own friends think that she was abducted.
S03E06 The Case of the Second Take 19/10/1998 Alicia shoots a movie, but when strange occurences and dissapearances happen, Shirley follows the wrong suspect and puts herself in danger.
S03E07 The Case of the Code of Silence 26/10/1998 To protect a friend, Bo sabotages the presses of the Redington Tribune.
S03E08 The Case of the Bamboozling Blonde 02/11/1998 After accepting a Woman of the Year award, Mrs. Stratmann is arrested for fraud. She is believed to be the wanted Honey Boulet, but Shirley believes that she's being framed.
S03E09 The Case of the Real Fake 09/11/1998 Shirley witnesses a death threat against author Constance Quick and believes that the intended target may be a lip-syncing singer Jake Bane.
S03E10 The Case of the Open Hand 16/11/1998 After Bo is attacked and his clothing is stolen by a gang of girls, Shirley joins them in order to find out more information about a former member they may have kidnapped.
S03E11 The Case of the Ten Dollar Thief 23/11/1998 Local stores are being robbed of $10 bills, and the theif is returning them afterwards. Shirley and Bo figure that the theif is looking for a special bill.
S03E12 The Case of the Miraculous Mine (1) 30/11/1998 When a fever strikes a ruby mine in Rwanda, it's cure provides clues to the whereabouts of Shirley's missing and presumed dead mother.
S03E13 The Case of the Forbidden Mountain (2) 07/12/1998 Shirley and her dad head to Rwanda in order to gather more information on Shirley's mother.
S04E01 The Case of the Calculated Crime (1) 13/02/2000 Math classes at school are suspended due to budget cuts. Instead, the school receives new electronic equipment. Bo attends another school that has banned electronics and kept math in order to find out what's going on.
S04E02 The Case of the Dead Debutante 20/02/2000 A ghost takes over Alicia's body and tries to make her kill Mr. Howie.
S04E03 The Case of the Vanishing Virus 27/02/2000 A very rare and dangerous sample of a deadly virus is stolen from the laboratory.
S04E04 The Case of the Virtual Zeus (2) 05/03/2000 Shirley and Bo, along with 'Cowboy Matt' try to find the head of Kaeon. Meanwhile, the students start a protest to get math classes back.
S04E05 The Basket Case 12/03/2000 Strange incidents are keeping the Sussex Hornets from winning the basketball championships. After one of the 'accidents' causes Bo to hurt his ankle, Shirley decides to find out who is behind the sabotage.
S04E06 The Case of the Skeleton in the Closet 19/03/2000 Shirley discovers a skeleton out while walking Watson. However, she suspects something is suspicious when the coroner won't admit to the fact that the body had a ring on one of it's fingers.
S04E07 The Case of the Perfect Boyfriend 26/03/2000 A French boy, Maurice, is trying to get Alicia's attention. Shirley believes that he is too perfect. Meanwhile, Alicia is also being scouted by an ad agent. The agent and Maurice seem to be connected.
S04E08 The Case of the Falling Star 02/04/2000 Shirley and Bo must protect a teen tv star from an assassin.
S04E09 The Case of the Puzzle from the Past 09/04/2000 When Shirley recieves an orchid from a secret admirer, a bee sting sends her into an anaphylactic-shock-induced dream where she tries to figure out who was the sender, with the help of clips from past shows.
S04E10 The Case of the Desperate Dancer 16/04/2000 When a dancer in a visiting Ukrainian dance troop steals a religious icon, Bo learns an unpleasant Sawchuck family secret.
S04E11 The Case of the Hidden Heart 23/04/2000 Shirley and Bo discover a new side to Molly when they try to save Molly's horse, Foxglove, from being put down due to a suspected rabies infection.
S04E12 The Case of King Arthur's Alibi 30/04/2000 Shirley tries to find out what's wrong with Mr. Howie after he's arrested for imprisoning Ms. Stratmann during a medieval festival.
S04E13 The Case of the Dragon's Breath 07/05/2000 Bo gets sucked into a real-life adventure game.