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This half-hour TV series was based on the DC Comics character Kal-El as Clark Kent attending college during his teenage years while at the same time trying to protect his alter-ego of Superboy.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Adventures of Superboy

S01E01 La malédiction du Techacal 08/10/1988 Lana's father, an archeologist, comes to the university with what he thinks is a cursed relic. Lex Luthor then steals the jewel in order to seel it to the highest bidder.
S01E02 Une princesse d'aujourd'hui 15/10/1988 Clark falls for Sara Danner a rich and somewhat spoiled student at Shuster, who happens to be the daughter of crime boss Matt Danner . Superboy saves Danner's life when a bomb is set off by members of a rival crime syndicate, headed by a Mr. Casey. When Sara disappears from her 18th birthday party, it is revealed that Casey has kidnapped her. When Casey contacts Danner, Danner decides that his crime syndicate means more to him than his daughter's life. Superboy rescues Sara and stops Casey. Sara, feeling rejected by her father, decides to leave Shuster and Clark behind.
S01E03 Les ombres du passé 22/10/1988 TJ goes to a scrapyard to investigate strange things that have happened there. When he arrives, he is trapped in a crushing machine by the old man, Mr. Wagner , who owns the scrap yard. Superboy saves him from being crushed to death. Lana decides to visit Mr. Wagner to learn what's going on. Wagner holds her hostage believing that she is his granddaughter Lena. His mind travels back to the days of World War II, when he was in a Nazi concentration camp, as he tries to protect his ""granddaughter"" from the Nazis, who are actually TJ and Clark returning to check on Lana. Wagner uses the scrap yard machinery against them and seemingly kills Clark. But Clark, as Superboy, barely saves Tj from a trap and frees Lana from Mr. Wagner. Wagner suffers a heart attack but survives and is finally free from the haunting memories of World War II.
S01E04 L'étudiante russe 29/10/1988 When a scientist's formula to improve the efficiency of gasoline is nearly destroyed, a Russina exchange student named Natasha is accused of sabotaging the computer that the formula was stored on. Superboy steps in when a demonstration of the formula results in a powerful explosion. Again, Natasha is blamed. She is forced to leave the country within three days. TJ, who is ifatuated with Natasha, and Clark investigate. TJ discovers that Professor Gordon's assistant Jeff is working for a gasoline company that doesn't want the formula to get out since it would cause gasoline prices to drop drastically. TJ is found and dropped from a window high abouve the street by security guards in the company and saved in the nick of time by Superboy. Meanwhile, Jeff starts a fire and tries to kill Natasha and Professor Gordon, but Superboy arrives in time to save them and capture Jeff. Natasha decides to leave the US to assist Gordon, who is moving his research to Russia.
S01E05 Une arme silencieuse 05/11/1988 Superboy must intervene when crooks steal a laser weapon and plan to use it to destroy a launching space shuttle.
S01E06 Un collectionneur pas comme les autres 12/11/1988 A rock star, Judd Faust (Leif Garrett), wants the Boardwalk and baseball amusement park and when the owner refuses to sell the park everyone in it is in danger. Bombs are detonated and sabotage is all around. When Lana falls in love with Judd she is in danger also. Judd takes her away one night and reveals his true nature to her. He puts her in a torture device and begins to try to pull her apart while he records her screams. Superboy arrives just in time to stop Judd and release Lana from the machines deadly grasp.
S01E07 Superboy contre Superboy 19/11/1988 A Superboy impersonator is robbing banks and jewelry stores to get a million dollars so he can marry Florida's beauty queen. The real Superboy is arrested for his acts and when the beauty queen, Jennifer Jenkins, refuses to marry the Superboy imposter, Hugo, she is kidnapped and the real Superboy is the only one who can save her. The Fixer- Lex Luthor is taking bets on Shuster's basketball team who are playing against Florida State University in their next game. He blackmails Shuster's star player into losing the game and Superboy takes over the job of the referee to stop Luthor and save Shuster from his scandal.
S01E08 Le combinard 26/11/1988 Lex Luthor is taking bets on Shuster's basketball team who are playing against Florida State University in their next game. He blackmails Shuster's star player into losing the game and Superboy takes over the job of the referee to stop Luthor and save Shuster from his scandal.
S01E09 Étrange possession 03/12/1988 A strange cloud-like alien who can take over others bodies comes to earth hoping to steal Superboy's body so he can add it to his collection of warriors. Knowing Superboy always comes to Lana's rescue, he puts her in danger and lures Superboy into the open. After Lana is almost killed by the alien's warrior body, Superboy agrees to do what the alien wants. He follow the alien to its ship, and destroys the alien's collection of warrior bodies. He then traps the alien in a canister, and hides the canister in a cryogenics lab on the college campus.
S01E10 Eaux troubles 10/12/1988 A buisnessman wants to buy all the farms in the Smallville area during an agricultural depression. Mr. Kent wants to find out why. Kenderson , the buisnessman, has something to hide and tries to kill Mr. Kent but he is unsuccessful. Superboy, who is coming to visit because of the attempt to kill Mr. Kent, checks over the farmland and learns a river runs below it that could be of value. He now must stop Kenderson before he gets what he wants and kills Mr. Kent. Kenderson wants to blow up the community silo when Pa Kent goes to show it to the bank's mortgage department manager. As the two pull up to the silo Kenderson's men attack and prepare the silo for destruction. As they prepare to destroy the silo, Superboy arrives and stops Kenderson once and for all.
S01E11 Les sans-abris 21/01/1989 A large group of homeless people are living in front of a beach club on a Florida beach. They were promised jobs by the wealthy beach club owner, who never gave them anything. The owner of the beach club, Gerald Manfred, is trying to sell his club, but to do so he must get rid of the homeless group. He sets fire to one of their tents, and tries every way possible to get rid of them. When T.J., Lana, and Clark get involved T.J. is nearly killed and the leader of the homeless group, Damon,is kidnapped. Lana searches for him and is kidnapped herself. Now she and Damon are trapped in Manfred's hands, and only Superboy can save them. Manfred prepares to kill them in hopes that when they die, the homeless people will leave the beach. But before he can do anything, Superboy finds him and makes him agree to give all the homeless people jobs as he once promised he would.
S01E12 La pierre maléfique 28/01/1989 A Kryptonite meteor falls in Addis Ababa and is sent to Shuster for study. It turns up in one of Clark's classes, a class on minerals. There, Clark feels the pain of kryptonite for the first time. But Lex Luthor learns of it's value as an energy source and takes a piece of it. He uses it to power a machine that can knock out lights all over the city and allow him to loot stores and banks. When Superboy stops him, Luthor gives the rock to his girlfriend on a necklace. When a fire breaks out in Luthor's dorm during a date, Superboy attempts a rescue and is made powerless by the kryptonite. Now Luthor's evil may cause his own death. Luthor escapes the fire leaving his girlfriend there to die. He send Leo back in to get the necklace, and once the necklace is gone Superboy returns to normal and escapes to bring Luthor to justice. Professor Peterson then gives Superboy the kryptonite in a lead box and Superboy throws it into space.
S01E13 La revanche de l'alien, première partie 04/02/1989 The alien from ""The Alien Solution"" escapes after a thief steals the canister containing him. He wants revenge on Superboy for destroying his collection of warrior bodies. The alien possesses a policeman and stalks the Boy of Steel. When he attacks Superboy at an agriculture center, he accidentally kills the body of the policeman he's possessing, and in the process he hurts Superboy. But when he tries to take over Superboy's body, he finds he can't get in and, angry, he possesses the body of Clark's visiting father, Jonathan Kent.
S01E14 La revanche de l'alien, deuxième partie 11/02/1989 Now controlling Pa Kent, the alien makes his move to get revenge. He kinaps Lana and holds her hostage on a rooftop near Shuster University. Clark sees his father on the news with Lana and realizes something is wrong. When Lieutenant Harris tells Superboy that the cryogenics lab was robbed the night before, Superboy realizes who he is dealing with. He finds Pa Kent, and tells the alien that he will allow it to enter his body as long as he lets Pa Kent go. The alien agrees and Superboy takes the alien to Professor Peterson's lab. After the alien enters his body, Superboy activates a kryptonite ray in the lab. The kryptonite begins to kill Superboy and the alien inside is in agony. Superboy realizes he is dying. Pa Kent helps him move into a cryogenic freezer. Inside, the alien exits Superboy's body not realizing where he is. Once he goes into the cold air, his gaseous body freezes and becomes solid. Then it breaks apart into hundreds of pieces.
S01E15 Humour noir 18/02/1989 TJ finds his friend Michael dead outside of the Bonkerz comedy club. TJ wants to find out what happened to him, so he goes to the club's amateur night. Before he goes on stage he discovers that the club owner, Dexter, killed Michael and is a drug deler. He tells a waitress, Angel, to take TJ a coke loaded with a potent drug to kill him. Luckily, she doesn't use the entire vial, and TJ only becomes sick. Clark and TJ are taken by Dexter and tied up with Angel. Small patches, taht are loaded with deadly drugs are attached to all three and Clark only has two minutes to act before TJ and angel will die. He breaks free and turns to Superboy, then removes the patches from Tj and Angel. TJ goes crazy. Dexter tries to run him down with his limo, but is stopped by Superboy.
S01E16 Le voyageur de la cinquième dimension 25/02/1989 Superboy is called on to help remove a totem pole from the ground so it can be studied. When he arrives the totem won't budge. Just as he finally gets it out of the ground, it vanishes. Then a strange little man appears claiming to be from the 5th dimension. He is Mxyzptlk . Superboy meets him and discovers that Mxy's magic can harm him just as it could anyone else. Mxy decides he wants to take Lana back with him. Using his magic, he impersonates Clark and tries to get together with Lana. When Lana resists Mxy's twisted version of Clark, Mxy uses his magic to make her want to come with him. She is preparing to leave with Mxy when T.J., Superboy, and a scientist discover that the totem held back magical spirits. Once the totem was moved, the doorway to our world was opened. They also learn that saying his name backward will cause the imp to return to his own dimension for 90 days. Knowing this, Superboy gives Lana a going away speech that he will record on video tape.
S01E17 La vieille indienne 04/03/1989 When a bulldozer is turned over at a construction site TJ and Clark decide to investigate. Clark meets an old indian woman who believes the birds turned over the bulldozer. Clark, as Superboy, moves to bulldozer to its original position and pays a visit to the indian woman. She thinks he is the enemy since he turned the bulldozer back over. She says the construction of a home for the poor is destroying the forests and the wetlands. Mr. Hogan, who is the head of the construction project, orders the indian woman killed. Superboy visits the woman again and she uses a strange spell on him. He collapses in pain, but he is able to weakly fly away from the woman. After he leaves, she is attacked and left unconscious near the swamp by two of Hogan's men. Clark and TJ head to the construction company. They discover Hogan is charging the city top dollar for materials and using low-cost materials that aren't suitable for construction. Meanwhile, the indian woman is nearly killed by an alligator,
S01E18 Un policier véreux 11/03/1989 A group of cops gone bad attempt to kill police lieutenant Zeke Harris and Lana witnesses the shooting. The ""dirty"" cops chase after her and she avoids them. She leaves a message for Clark at his dorm. She then takes up with an ex-hippie in his trailer outside of the city. But the dirty cops find her there and this time she can't escape. Superboy finds the message on the answering machine and arrives just in time to save Lana from a horrible death at the hands of one of the dirty cops.
S01E19 La guerre des robots 18/03/1989 The military has given funding to an artificial intelligence project. T.J., Clark, and Lana visit the project to get a story for the Shuster Herald. They discover a dangerous android and are narrowly saved from death by Superboy. T.J. had taken pictures of the machine and the leader of the project took it, so T.J. returns to the project to get more shots. He is captured so that the android can undergo a final test against Superboy. Superboy arrives to save him, and discovers that the android's creator has his own secret. He too is an android from another world who created the other android to be his kiling machine, since he was programmed never to kill. He is badly damaged in Superboy's battle and a self-destruct program is initiated. Superboy flies him away as he explodes.
S01E20 Hercule 15/04/1989 Clark and TJ visit a young high-school genius named Billy Hercules who has been offered a scholarship by Shuster U. Clark befriends the boy, who he can relate to since both of them are different and out of place. After a field trip to a naval base, Billy breaks into the advanced computer system of a new navy submarine to impress a girl he likes and this activates a self-destruct mechanism that will go off in 30 minutes. Only Billy knows the codes to get access to the computer and stop the sub from exploding. Superboy flies him to the sub, and Billy gets cracking. Meanwhile, Superboy begins burning a hole through a six-foot thick door, that is locked tight and armed with explosives, in order to get access to the missles so he can deactivate them. Luckily, with seconds to spare, Billy disarms the security door and Superboy is able to break through and deactivate the missles. Billy is returned home and in the end, gets the girl after all.
S01E21 Mutant 22/04/1989 Clark witnesses the kidnapping of Professor Craig Lipcott a famous nuclear scientist. As Superboy, he follows the kidnappers to a rooftop and sees them enter a strange ship just before he is attacked by a powerful ray that leaves him disoriented. When he looks up the ship is gone. Lipcott awakens inside the ship, which is actually a time machine, with two mutant men and a normal woman, Vora. The mutants want plutoinum. They reveal that they are from the 24th century and that they need plutonium to fight their enemies since no more exists in their time. TJ and Clark begin to investigate the kidnapping. TJ is taken by the mutant time travelers. Vora is sent to find Superboy so he can help them break into the installation where the plutonium is stored. Vora reveals to Superboy that she herself is a mutant in her society since everyone else has been mutated by fallout over the years. Superboy agrees to help in order to save TJ and Lipcott. Superboy gets the plutonium and flees with it.
S01E22 Le fantôme de la troisième division 29/04/1989 Jonathan Kent is being stalked by a man who he fought alongside in the Korean War. As Clark, Lana, and T.J. come to Smallville for a visit, Mr. Kent is lured to the Smallville hospital and kidnapped by the man. He blames Mr. Kent for the torture he went through in a prisoner of war camp. He makes Mr. Kent go through an obstacle course like the one at the camp to torture him and make him feel the same pain he felt. Superboy must now be the one to save his father's life and end the madman's emotional pain. He suceeds in stopping the ""phantom"" and Pa Kent volunteers to return him to the sanitarium.
S01E23 Le flamant noir 06/05/1989 Superboy goes undercover in a punk nightclub where a terrorist called Snake-Man is hypnotizing teenagers to turn them into killers.
S01E24 Retour à Hollywood 13/05/1989 Professor Zugar, invents a time machine and sends himself and Superboy back in time to Hollywood in the 1930s. Superboy meets a famous actor, Victoria Letour and discovers that she is being stalked by men who want to kill her. They eventually kidnap her and Superboy comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, the time machine must be repaired since a crucial part was damaged during the trip. An inventor brings his miracle calculator, much larger than todays, to fix the machine. The professor fixes the machine and Superboy returns in time to be transported back to the present. When he arrives, he attends the recently deceased Victoria's funeral with TJ and Lana.
S01E25 Une étrange créature 20/05/1989 A beautiful vampire-like creature seeks todrain Superboy of his life force and seduces T.J. as part of her plot.
S01E26 La folie de Luthor 27/05/1989 Luthor steals a powerful weapon developed by the army and prepares to sell it to weapon dealers. Later, while Luthor is working in the Shuster laboratory he causes an explosion and Superboy saves him by blowing the chemical fumes out of the building. The fumes kill Lex's hair and cause him to go bald and now Luthor's hatred for Superboy is greater than ever. He prepares to sell the weapon to anyone who can kill Superboy and three assassins try their best, but are defeated by Superboy. Meanwhile, Lex's hatred for Superboy has grown and led him to a change...
S02E01 With This Ring, I Thee Kill 07/10/1989 Lex Luthor is back and he has a new face. Warren Eckworth, owner of Eckworth Industries, has created a new weapon: the Superboy gun. Luthor sabotages the weapon and uses it on the boy of steel. It only stuns Superboy, however. So Luthor takes the next step in his plan. He assumes the appearance of Warren Eckworth through plastic surgery and kills the real Eckworth, taking his place. He orders the power on the Superboy gun increased by 50%. Later, he picks up Lana promising her an interview. When he gets her back to Eckworth Industries, he reveals his true identity and his intent to marry Lana. He forces her to put on a wedding dress and drags her to an abandoned prison for the ceremony. But he allows her to make a phone call to Clark & Andy McCalister's dorm room, assuring that Superboy will show up. After the ceremony is almost completed, Superboy arrives and Luthor unleashes the Superboy gun's full force on the boy of steel. Superboy is paralyzed.
S02E02 Lex Luthor: Sentenced to Death 14/10/1989 Professor Peterson comes to Superboy's aid. The two believe that Superboy will, with time, be able to have full use of his legs and powers again. Meanwhile, Luthor's new face has been revealed to the entire world, so he is back in hiding, along with Lana. Luthor goes in search of a new assistant and discovers a woman named Darla at a local club. Back at the hospital, Superboy's rehabilitation is going slowly. Darla, disguised as a nurse, delivers a tape to Superboy which was made by Luthor. Superboy begins to regain some of his powers, and scrutinizes the tape for clues to Lana's whereabouts. He notices Lana's eyes are blinking in morse code, and discovers the address that she is being held at. Superboy arrives at Luthor's hideaway, still in a wheelchair, to bring Luthor in. But Luthor is prepared, and has a new ""mini"" Superboy gun with all of the power of the full sized weapon. Will Superboy regain his powers, stop Luthor, and rescue Lana?
S02E03 Metallo 21/10/1989 An escaped bank robber suffers a heart attack and is sent to a hospital. There he transforms into Metallo a cyborg with a Kryptonite-powered heart.
S02E04 Young Dracula 28/10/1989 A young vampire, on the run from his father, becomes a doctor in the Crescent County Hospital. His father sends an older, more powerful vampire to bring him back, and Superboy and Lana are trapped in the middle of the battle.
S02E05 Nightmare Island 04/11/1989 Andy, Clark and Lana are deserted on an island when Andy's motorboat sinks into the ocean. On the island Clark turns into Superboy and is stripped of his powers by a dwarf-like alien. The alien kidnaps Lana and it is up to a powerless Superboy and Andy to rescue her.
S02E06 Bizarro... The Thing of Steel 11/11/1989 While Professor Peterson is testing his new duplicating ray, Superboy arrives to see his progress. The ray is struck by lightning, and Superboy steps in front of it to stop the ray from hitting the Professor. The result of the ray is Bizarro, an imperfect duplicate of Superboy who possesses all of his powers, but a very limited intelligence. Bizarro wreaks havoc at a shopping mall and eventually takes Clark's place at the Shuster costume party under the name Kent Clark. Meanwhile, Superboy determines that he must destroy Bizarro with kryptonite. After Bizarro causes a disruption at the costume party and stops Lana on the road, Superboy uses the kryptonite on him only to discover it has no effect. Bizarro throws the rock back at Superboy and flies away with Lana in his arms. Superboy lies on the street, writhing in pain.
S02E07 The Battle with Bizarro 18/11/1989 Bizarro takes Lana to a closed furniture store and decides it will be their new home together. Meanwhile, Superboy is saved from the kryptonite by Andy, and he and the professor determine that Bizarro will only be affected by Bizarro Kryptonite. Upon learning of Bizarro's whereabouts, Superboy goes to confront him while Prof. Peterson works on duplicating the kryptonite. Superboy and Bizarro battle in a carnival area and eventually Bizarro begins to smoke. He is unstable, and will likely explode if he is not stopped by the Bizarro kryptonite soon. Prof. Peterson arrives at the carnival with the Bizarro white kryptonite, but did he make it in time?
S02E08 Mr. and Mrs. Superboy 25/11/1989 Mr. Mxyzptlk returns from the fifth dimension. This time he has a giant after him who seeks revene for a practical joke. The chase wreaks havoc all across town. Superboy and Lana stop the insanity by pretending to be married and the adoptive parents of Mr. Mxyzptlk.
S02E09 Programmed for Death 02/12/1989 A robot has reprogrammed itself, taking on the personality of Andy's father, and seeks to eliminate Andy's real father, and maybe Andy as well. Superboy gets caught in the middle when he's asked to help.
S02E10 Superboy's Deadly Touch 09/12/1989 Lex Luthor strikes Superboy with a surge of solar energy that causes his powers to go out of control. Luthor plans to force a government pardon by promising to reverse the process.
S02E11 The Power of Evil 16/12/1989 A destructive force escapes its box, and Superboy, being the greatest force of good, is its target. The overseer of the box aids Superboy in capturing the force before further harm can be done to those close to him.
S02E12 Superboy... Rest in Peace 30/12/1989 An android is sent from the future to destroy Superboy. A female android, who knows Superboy's identity, assists him in defeating the android before he completes his mission.
S02E13 Super Menace! 13/01/1990 While running tests on kyptonite at a military facility to neutralize its effects on Superboy, they find that the alteration has emotional effects, making him apathetic. The military enlists the help of Metallo to give the Boy of Steel an attitude adjustment. After almost killing him, Superboy and Metallo join forces, posing a disastrous threat to the town.
S02E14 Yellow Peri's Spell of Doom 20/01/1990 A very shy waitress has a crush on Superboy, and wants him to notice her. One of her dolls comes to life and turns her into a sorcerer, and assists her in accomplishing her goal of making Superboy fall in love with her, hurting him and people close to him in an effort to make him submit.
S02E15 Microboy 27/01/1990 A student at Shuster falls in love with Lana. Knowing that she cares for Superboy, he feels he must also be a superhero to be noticed. In an experiment, he uses microwaves to become Microboy. But when his powers go out of control, Superboy must intervene and attempt to get him under control.
S02E16 Run, Dracula, Run 03/02/1990 Byron Shelly is mugged and loses the serum that keeps his vampire cravings at bay. When Lana and Andy go to help, Byron preys on Lana and they join forces to subdue Superboy. A race ensues to get the serum to the three of them, before Lana and the Boy of Steel become forever undead.
S02E17 Brimstone 10/02/1990 A magic doctor arrives at Shuster after a scarred, deranged man attacks several people. He's after an evil spirit named Prodo, whose been using chosen people to infect the population. When Superboy tries to stop the man, he is then infected with the curse and goes out of control, and Prodo attempts to use him to eliminate the magic doctor, Brimstone.
S02E18 Abandon Earth 17/02/1990 Aliens claiming to be Jor-El and Lara come to Earth in search of their son Kal-El, known to the world as Superboy. Their intentions are questionable, and Clark tries to ease the tension and resentment between the Kents and the aliens while he tries to acquaint himself with them. Soon, the aliens claim they're taking Clark back to Krypton, devastating the Kents.
S02E19 Escape to Earth 24/02/1990 The aliens take Superboy to their ship, where they're also holding Andy and Lana. When the aliens turn Superboy into Clark, Lana finds out about his secret. Nonetheless, they try to escape the ship and return to Earth with the help of an ally who is also against the aliens.
S02E20 Superstar 03/03/1990 Superboy becomes involved with a singer who has lost herself, and is also being watched by a former singer who's now disabled and claims her voice is being used by the star, and plans revenge.
S02E21 Nick Knack 14/04/1990 A demented electronic's genius who was imprisoned because of Superboy escapes. He uses his genius to develop a mechanical suit which he uses to suck away Superboy's powers. Wearing the suit, he is almost as powerful as Superboy.
S02E22 The Haunting of Andy McAlister 21/04/1990 Andy, Clark and Lana visit Andy's uncle's mansion for the weekend, only to become trapped in a wall containing a world with ghosts from the wild west. A group of outlaws seek revenge against Andy's ancestor who put them there. Superboy, now without powers in this world, must simply get them back on the other side of the wall to get rid of the ghosts.
S02E23 Revenge from the Deep 28/04/1990 An immortal being possesses Lana, and sets out to settle a score with an immortal man with whom she loved many years prior.
S02E24 Secrets of Superboy 05/05/1990 Nick Knack is out of prison, and wants to learn all of the dirt on Superboy. He invents a mind probing machine that drains all the memory out of its victims, and uses it on Andy and Lana to uncover all of Superboy's weaknesses.
S02E25 Johnny Casanova and the Case of Secret Serum 12/05/1990 A potion stolen from a mob boss makes a man less attractive, but full of charm, and Lana falls in love with him. Meanwhile the mob is still after the man.
S02E26 The Woman Called Tiger Eye 19/05/1990 After collecting several special crystals, a woman uses Superboy to fuse them together so she can use its power to control everyone.
S03E01 The Bride of Bizarro (1) 06/10/1990 As Clark and Lana begin their internship at the Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters, Bizarro returns from deep space to announce on a talk show that he wants a mate! Lex Luthor makes a deal with Bizarro to create him a mate created by the duplicating machine that made Bizarro on the condition that he steal a supply of kryptonite to power it, and to kill Superboy.
S03E02 The Bride of Bizarro (2) 13/10/1990 After Luthor threatens to create explosive Bizarro duplicates of everyone in the city if Superboy doesn't appear at his lair by midnight, Bizarro once again agrees to kill Superboy in exchange for a Bizarro-bride. When Luthor creates a Bizarro duplicate of Lana Lang, Bizarro is prepared to uphold his end of the bargain, and this time Superboy may not be able to escape.
S03E03 The Lair 20/10/1990 Clark, Lana, and Matt investigate sightings of a creature that was deformed as a result of contaminated water. The creature turns out to be a man that formerly worked for Pat Kenderson (from season 1's Troubled Waters), and is being hunted by his men.
S03E04 Neila 27/10/1990 A superhuman female warrior comes from another world in search of Superboy, testing him for his worthiness to be her husband. She causes destruction in the process, ignoring Superboy's effort to show what it means to care for others.
S03E05 Roads Not Taken (1) 03/11/1990 Luthor steps into an interdimensional portal created by a Dr. Winger and is whisked away to an alternate earth. Darla kidnaps Lana in order to lure Superboy to the lab where Luthor vanished. She tells Superboy that if he doesn't go through the portal to save Lex, Lana will die. Naturally, he goes through and is transported to an alternate earth where his alternate self killed Luthor's alternate years ago. Now the world is in chaos. Lana is homeless, everyone hates Superboy, and ""our"" Luthor, claiming to be that world's Luthor resurrected, is quickly taking over. Superboy finds Luthor, but is held at bay by kryptonite. He travels to the Bureau for extra-normal Matters and there encounters his other self, a Superboy who wears leather and dark glasses and just doesn't care anymore. He explains how he killed Luthor in a fit of rage by cutting him in two with heat vision. After the discussion is over, the Superboy of earth-1 heads to Dr. Winger's lab looking for a way back home.
S03E06 Roads Not Taken (2) 10/11/1990 Superboy jumps through the portal to escape the kryptonite assault. This time he ends up on a world where his alternate self has taken the name ""Sovereign"" and is the dictator of earth, ruling his people with fear. Superboy encounters the Lana of this world, who is fighting, along with her lover Lex Luthor, to take down the Sovereign. Superboy joins the resistance. Meanwhile, the Sovereign learns of the ""imposter"" who has all of his powers. He sends troops to attack the resistance fighters, and in the assault Luthor is killed. Superboy vows to stop the Sovereign. He manages to get into the Sovereign's headquarters and confronts his alternate face to face. They struggle briefly before Lana arrives with a chunk of kryptonite and a bomb strapped to her body. She backs the Sovereign into a corner and detonates her kryptonite bomb, sending a wall of kryptonite-laced flame directly toward Superboy! WIll Superboy escape this world alive, recover Luthor, and return home?
S03E07 The Sons of Icarus 17/11/1990 After a number of flying men are spotted over Capitol City, Matt Ritter learns that the men are part of a group called the "Katia," descendants of African slaves who gained the power to fly. When Matt discovers he is one of them, he quits his job at the Bureau and joins the group. But Clark and Lana find out that there is a connection between the Katia and a series of fires that have broken out throughout the city, and if the Katia aren't stopped, Capitol City could burn to the ground.
S03E08 Carnival 24/11/1990 A carnival arrives into town, and its owner, a man named DeVille, steals the souls of some of the carnival-goers, and targets Superboy to break his moral spirit and steal his soul as well.
S03E09 Test of Time 01/12/1990 Two aliens from another world have come to Earth, and alter time, accelerating Superboy's presence. They test him, observing his reactions and using the results to determine if the entire human race on Earth can be conquered so they'll know how to take over the world and re-establish their race.
S03E10 Mindscape 08/12/1990 When Superboy investigates a rock that was brought into the Bureau, an alien life form jumps out and attaches itself to him, causing him to go unconscious. The alien produces dreams that exploits Superboy's worst fears, and it feeds of the adrenaline the dreams create. With no one able to stop the alien, it might drain Superboy of life.
S03E11 Superboy... Lost 15/12/1990 When Superboy tries to intercept a meteor that is approaching Earth, he is injured, resulting in amnesia. In the forest, a mother and son find him and nurse him back to health, while he rediscovers who he truly is. All the while, the mother and son are in hiding, trying to avoid death, courtesy of the boy's father.
S03E12 Special Effects 05/01/1991 While Clark and Lana investigate a murder by a group of monsters at a production studio, they run into Andy McAlister. Together, they find that a fellow director is actually responsible, and is blackmailing the monsters to commit the murders.
S03E13 Neila and the Beast 12/01/1991 Neila returns to Earth after her race of warriors are destroyed, and summons Superboy to aid her in destroying a creature that is out to kill her. She also gives humans a chance, and asks for Lana's help in finding companionship.
S03E14 The Golem 19/01/1991 When an elderly Jewish man is being harassed by some neo-nazis, he creates a Golem, a creature from folklore. He instructs him to defend him from the neo-nazis but it loses control and is out to kill all neo-nazis.
S03E15 A Day in the Double Life 26/01/1991 Clark chronicles his daily activities for Jackson, rewording his outings as Superboy to cover up his identity. This leads to the conclusion that he leads a rather boring life.
S03E16 Bodyswap 22/02/1991 Superboy saves a vacationing family from disaster as their car heads toward collision with a tree. He then proceeds to steal their car. Needless to say, Superboy is not quite himself. Later, Luthor confronts Lana in a parking building. He claims that he is not really Luthor, but Superboy. He explains that a scientist named Deland lured him to a lab promising information about his past, but instead of that, he found his mind transferred to Luthor's body. Lana doesn't believe him, and escapes ""Luthor"". That night, ""Superboy"" arrives at Lana's apartment wanting to take their relationship to a deeper level. Back at Deland's lab, the real Superboy is captured by Luthor and taken to prison so he can take Luthor's place in the electric chair. Lana breaks him free, and explains she knew the real Superboy would never come on to her like that. The two hatch a plan to get Luthor back in his rightful body.
S03E17 Rebirth (1) 09/02/1991 Superboy tries to stop a guerilla-style gang, and is then framed for the death of its leader, which was really caused by a member of the gang. Fearing that he did cause the man's death, Superboy retreats to Smallville, where he vows to never use his powers again.
S03E18 Rebirth (2) 26/02/1991 While the gang plans to steal and sell chemical weapons on the black market, Lana sets out to clear Superboy's name, so he can be vindicated of the man's murder.
S03E19 Werewolf 23/02/1991 Clark and company try to help a young woman, who has led them on a goose chase looking for a werewolf that she'd spotted. Meanwhile, she has a secret of her own.
S03E20 People vs. Metallo 06/04/1991 Court is in session for the trial of Metallo, but he turns the tables when kryptonite is smuggled into the courtroom, giving him strength to overtake it, and Superboy. He puts Superboy on trial while on the stand, subdued by the green rock, and it will take the teamwork of everyone in the room to bring Metallo down.
S03E21 Jackson and Hyde 20/04/1991 Jackson takes an elixir that makes him stronger, and transforms his behavior. As a result, he is now being blamed for the beating deaths of two people. Little does anyone know, there's a second person who's also taking the elixir.
S03E22 Mine Games 21/04/1991 After a botched attempt to rescue Lana from Luthor, Superboy and Luthor end up trapped in a lead coated mine with a chunk of kryptonite, and they are forced to put aside their differences to find a way out.
S03E23 Wish for Armageddon 04/05/1991 Superboy has dreams about being involved in provoking the Russians into warfare, and finds that they are actually real when he sees reports about it on the news. It turns out that Superboy was tricked into signing a contract that places him under the control of a immortal man that is trying to bring about Armaggedon, so he'll be released from a lifelong curse.
S03E24 Standoff 11/05/1991 Clark, his friends, and innocent bystanders are holed up in a building as hostages, and Clark must find a way to rescue them without revealing his identity.
S03E25 The Road to Hell (1) 18/05/1991 Superboy is taken to an alternate world where he as a child is living in the jungle and must be saved from being captured. A run-in with an alternate Lex Luthor creates complications.
S03E26 The Road to Hell (2) 25/05/1991 After Superboy's near death run-in with Luthor, he is taken to yet another universe, one of which an alternate Dr. Winger, Luthor, who is now a doctor, and Superman exist. Dr. Winger admits that he's repsonsible for Superboy's latest (and dangerous) adventure, and they help him recover. Superboy has to convince his older alternate to allow him to go to the previous universe to save the younger version of himself, so that their paths in all worlds are corrected.
S04E01 A Change of Heart (1) 06/10/1991 Superboy investigates a wave of violence, however he himself is accused of murder.
S04E02 A Change of Heart (2) 13/10/1991 Adam threatens to kill Lana unless Tommy helps him develop a weapon to kill Superboy.
S04E03 The Kryptonite Kid 20/10/1991 A young scientist, who has been infected with kryptonite during a lab explosion, plans to use his powers to harm Superboy.
S04E04 The Basement 27/10/1991 Lana goes to investigate reports of a ghost in a family's basement. What she finds is a little girl. But this is no ordinary little girl. She quickly slaps a device on Lana's neck and through it and an identical device on her own neck, she transforms herself into an exact duplicate of Lana. She reveals that she is an alien from a world where the beings have no identities of their own. They take the identities of others to survive. The alien has Lana's physical appearance, but not her memories. So she activates the device once again to transfer Lana's knowledge and memories to herself. The device malfunctions, however, and the connection is broken before the alien can absorb all of Lana's memories. She does catch a glimpse of Superboy, however, and wants to get closer to him so she can take his identity and his powers. The alien heads to the Bureau and convinces everyone there that she is really Lana. She then returns to the basement to finish Lana off.
S04E05 Darla Goes Ballistic 03/11/1991 Darla drinks an experimental formula which gives her strange and erratic powers.
S04E06 Paranoia 10/11/1991 As reports of an alien craft are coming into the Bureau for Extra-Normal matters, the head of the national Bureau, Joseph Flynn, and his associate arrive and inform Jackson that one member of the staff is withholding information that could affect national security. All members of the investigative staff, including Clark and Lana, are to be questioned. Soon after questioning starts, everyone becomes extremely paranoid. One woman jumps out of a window to commit suicide, claiming Flynn knows about the affair she is having and is going to tell her husband. Superboy saves her, luckily, but the paranoia continues. One night, Flynn is found murdered. Everyone is called back to the Bureau and they learn that Lana was the last person to see Flynn alive. But Clark claims that he found Flynn dead minutes before Lana came in. Meanwhile, a second UFO has landed outside the city, and the aliens apparently have no scent, as dogs were unable to track them. Who murdered Flynn? Or was he even murdered?
S04E07 Know Thine Enemy (1) 17/11/1991 Lex Luthor has plans to bring about the end of the world by detonating a network of ""dirty bombs"" that will wipe out the population with a cloud of radiation. And he has a plan to get Superboy out of the way as well. Superboy is drawn to an old lair of Luthor's by a hypersonic signal. There he finds Lana has followed him and they discover a computer program, created by Luthor, known as a ""psycho-disc"". The program allows the user to live out Luthor's life in a virtual reality type environment. Superboy activates the program and becomes Luthor in the VR world. He sees how Luthor lived with an abusive father, and a mother who refused to stand up for herself. The only person Luthor ever loved was his sister Lena. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Lana learns that if Superboy is not removed from the VR world soon, he will be trapped in a never ending loop of Luthor's memories. Lana becomes a part of the program herself, hoping to rescue Superboy.
S04E08 Know Thine Enemy (2) 24/11/1991 Lana appears in Luthor's VR world just as Superboy, believing he is Luthor, is about the kill ""his"" parents with a bomb. She convinces Superboy that he is not Luthor and none of what is happening is real. As soon as he acknowledges this, the program shuts down. Back at Luthor's lair, Darla now sees how truly crazy Lex is, and shoots him in the shoulder. She activates a hypersonic signal and Superboy follows it to the new lair. Meanwhile, Lana learns that Luthor's sudden death wish came about because his beloved Lena died in a car crash one week ago. However, he utilities were turned off the day before she died, and no body was ever found. Lana goes in search of Lena, who she believes is still alive somewhere. Luthor unleashes his android double to kill Superboy. The two fight as the countdown to destruction continues. Minutes before the bombs are to go off, Lana arrives with now 23-year-old Lena. Can Lena stop her brother from destroying the world?
S04E09 Hell Breaks Loose 01/12/1991 Strange things begin to happen at the Bureau after a construction project begins. Tools are found twisted and mangled, computers print countless sheets filled with the name "Lisa," and strange noises are heard. While working one night, Lana is nearly blown out of the window by a gust of wind coming from inside the building. She calls in a paranormal specialist and a psychic to investigate and they discover a gun hidden in a retaining wall that is not part of the building plans.
S04E10 Into the Mystery 08/12/1991 While trying to save the life of a man whose car just crashed, Superboy encounters an unusual ghostly woman. After the encounter, Clark begins to reminisce about his aunt Cassandra and everything that she taught him as a kid but his reminiscing is cut short as he has to save the life of a young boy, and once again he encounters the ghostly woman. After a third encounter at a fire in a nursing home, Superboy begins to search for Cassandra and locates her in a cabin outside the city.
S04E11 To Be Human (1) 19/01/1992 After a year of ""normal"" life, Bizarro Lana explodes one afternoon leaving Bizarro devastated. Superboy finds Bizarro mourning Bizarro Lana and offers him hope...hope of being made into a normal human being. Superboy takes Bizarro to Dr. Lynn, who has developed a process that can use Superboy's brainwaves to correct Bizarro's imperfect mind. The transfer works, but soemthing causes the machines to overload. Superboy is left disoriented and weak. Meanwhile, Chaos, an insane terrorist is bombing parts of the city and wreaking havoc. Chaos is spotted by Superboy driving down a Capitol City street shooting at random pedestrians. As Superboy flies over, Chaos fires at him, and in his weakened state, Superboy is injured by the blast and falls to the street. Chaos drags Superboy away to dispose of him once and for all.
S04E12 To Be Human (2) 26/01/1992 Bizarro now has a normal human appearance and is calling himself Bill Zarro. He has no super-powers in this form. He is working with Dr. Lynn to improve his mental skills when Chaos interrupts a TV broadcast. He announces that he has Superboy and will throw him off the highest building in Capitol City at midnight. Dr. Lynn recognizes Chaos. She says he was once a brilliant scientist, but a laboratory accident left him disfigured and now he blames the world for his problems. Bill Zarro now has to make a choice. He can be reverted back to the way he was before the process was performed. He can become ""Bizarro"" again, but the process cannot be reversed again once this is done. Will he give up his humanity to save Superboy?
S04E13 West of Alpha Centauri 02/02/1992 Superboy is kidnapped and taken aboard a spaceship whose destination is a paradise planet just west of Alpha Centauri. Inside the ship, he finds most of the occupants are prisoners of a deranged captain, and they all believe Superboy is their savior from an old prophecy.
S04E14 Threesome (1) 09/02/1992 Luthor and Metallo are broken out of prison by Odessa Vexman, the prison psychiatrist, and the three join forces to finally get rid of the source of their mutual frustration: Superboy.
S04E15 Threesome (2) 16/02/1992 After nearly being destroyed by the trio, Superboy has to come up with a plan to round them up before more destruction ensues.
S04E16 Out of Luck 23/02/1992 A rare coin seems to bless a criminal with good luck, while cursing Superboy's ability to capture him.
S04E17 Who is Superboy? 01/03/1992 An intelligent computer that can retrace events on a given incident arrives at the Bureau, and Lana uses it to discover who Superboy is. All clues seem to point to Clark.
S04E18 Cat and Mouse 19/04/1992 Clark is forced to see a psychiatrist, in which he must determine a way to conceal his identity during the interrogation.
S04E19 Obituary for a Super Hero 26/04/1992 The TV news show "Nighttime" covers the breaking news of Superboy's apparent death involving a yacht, a distress call, and a kryptonite bomb. Friends and enemies are interviewed while a Coast Guard vessel attempts to locate the body...if there is one.
S04E20 Metamorphosis 03/05/1992 A gym owner is using the blood of his younger customers, along with a gold derivative, to keep himself young. This results in an acceleration in the victims' aging process. Lana also falls prey to the man.
S04E21 Rites of Passage (1) 10/05/1992 Jackson investigates a phenomena which causes Superboy to lose control of his powers.
S04E22 Rites of Passage (2) 17/05/1992 Before his powers are lost forever, Clark tries to get the crystal and complete the "Rites of Passage".