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The Almighty Johnsons is a comedy-drama series about four brothers, raised in heartland New Zealand, who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse Gods. They even have their own super-God-powers. Sort of - it's just that their powers aren't actually all that powerful. Well, not yet - but that could all change soon.


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S01E01 It's Kind of a Birthday Present 08/02/2011 It is Axl Johnson's 21st birthday - which explains the fire in the sky; the Waitemata Harbour being the colour of blood; the various women who seem to want to kill him; and the sudden need for a family ceremony in a forest.
S01E02 This Is Where Duty Starts 14/02/2011 Axl Johnson learns very quickly that when you're on a quest to find one woman among millions, your heart is not necessarily the part of your anatomy you should be following.
S01E03 God's Gift to Zebras 21/02/2011 One of the things about Goddesses is that they can show up anywhere - be it in a library or at a bar. But whether they are the Goddesses you're looking for is a whole other matter.
S01E04 You Gotta Love Life, Babe 28/02/2011 Sometimes the line between doing the honourable thing and doing the easy thing, can get very blurred - especially when it comes to Gods and their offspring.
S01E05 This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend 07/03/2011 When something seems too good to be true, this is inevitably because it is too good to be true. And this is a lesson Axl Johnson is about to learn - big time.
S01E06 Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms 14/03/2011 It's hammer time, as a road trip to follow a falling star takes the God boys into uncharted territory; to a heartland of darkness where the usual rules no longer apply. The paths of the gods and goddesses cross at a rural funeral and both groups encounter the current incarnation of Thor. But will Axl mate with Derek/Thor's daughter, Delphine? Meanwhile, Olaf and Ingrid bond, and Anders and Michele spar with one another.
S01E07 Bad Things Happen 21/03/2011 Two nights out drinking lead to two different forms of temptation - both of which could end very badly for the parties concerned.
S01E08 I Can Give You Frigg 28/03/2011 The arrival on the scene of a singing butcher causes a shift in celestial power as the Gods and Goddesses work to get on the right side of the equation.
S01E09 Hunting Reindeer On Slippery Rocks 04/04/2011 What if the one you're with isn't necessarily the one you love? And what if the one you love, you love her so much it is dangerous to her health?
S01E10 Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice 11/04/2011 The time has finally come for Axl Johnson and his brothers to man up and be the Gods they truly are.
S02E01 And Then She Will Come To You 29/02/2012 Several months have passed. Mike is now living with Axl and Zeb, and has still not dealt with the end of his marriage. Ty and Eva have an interesting and passionate relationship, while Agnetha sends Anders off to Norway to secure a mysterious object. Axl expresses frustration that his brothers appear to have abandoned the quest for Frigg, while Loki continues to manipulate the situation. Agnetha discloses her real identity as their mother to Axl, Mike and Ty. An old acquaintance of Olaf prophesies that Axl must become a man before he can be a god; and then Frigg will come to him.
S02E02 Frigg Magnet 07/03/2012 Axl is taken to school, while Ty is scarred for life.
S02E03 Charlie Truman 14/03/2012 Ty’s downward spiral picks up pace, while it is Gaia who spirals out of control.
S02E04 Death's Cleansing Embrace 21/03/2012 You have to love it when a plan comes together.
S02E05 A Damn Fine Woman 28/03/2012 There are new women in the lives of both Axl and Ty - but are they here to stay?
S02E06 Folkmoot 04/04/2012 Lust, vengeance and some really dodgy stuff involving food.
S02E07 Effortless Manly Coolness 11/04/2012 Axl learns that the path to being a benevolent God, one who commands respect, is strewn with idiots and half-wits.
S02E08 Man-Flu 18/04/2012 Axl and Michele get sick. Mike punches Anders. Axl and Michele get better. Anders punches Mike.
S02E09 Everything Starts With Gaia 25/04/2012 Sometimes all it takes is a door getting kicked down, and a large man walking in, for many many truths to be revealed.
S02E10 Magical Fluffy Bunny World 02/05/2012 A rescue mission, a roast chicken, a very small car and, for one particular person, the weirdest day ever.
S02E11 The House Of Jerome 09/05/2012 As Axl deals with duelling prophecies, a cold wind sweeps in from the North, leading to a marriage Anders never saw coming. Meanwhile Olaf makes an intriguing discovery at the bottom of a bottle.
S02E12 You Call This The Real World? 16/05/2012 Axl and Gaia's escape from the real world takes a turn for the surreal, while Mike discovers his world is not his alone, and Dawn's world comes to an unexpected end of the line.
S02E13 Does This Look Like Asgard? 23/05/2012 On the day of Gaia's actual 21st it sucks to be mortal, and being a God isn't exactly plain-sailing either.
S03E01 An Orchard of Trees 04/07/2013 Entering its third season, we pick up the action hours after the ceremony at the lake where Gaia chose destiny over love, sending Axl into a downward spiral.
S03E02 This Thing Inside 11/07/2013 Attraction versus repulsion; destiny versus free-will; Godliness versus humanity: oh yes, the battle is most definitely on. The morning after the night before, and Gaia is doing the walk of shame, returning to the flat from her tryst with Anders. Axl is waiting, along with the ruins of the apple tree, and Gaia has the opportunity to tell the truth; to confess her sins. But does she?
S03E03 Bergerbar 18/07/2013 Axl tries his hand at therapeutic binge-drinking, Ty experiences a life-changing catastrophe and Mike changes teams; all for the greater good of the family.
S03E04 Like the Beserkers of Old 25/07/2013 As the righteous are vanquished, Anders is made an offer he should refuse. Mike finds out his is not the only family with issues and Axl makes a new and interesting friend.
S03E05 Unleash the Kraken! 01/08/2013 Monsters from the past unlock the demons of today, as the Johnsons dress up for the family reunion they never expected.
S03E06 And Then On to Norsewood 08/08/2013 As Axl’s road trip takes a couple of unexpected turns, Mike and Michele take their own roads to the dark side, and Dawn becomes the launch pad for a journey Anders can’t see ending well.
S03E07 Typical Auckland God 15/08/2013 A stag do with two stags leads Axl down the path to wisdom, while Ty finds that something that is forgotten isn’t necessarily gone.
S03E08 The Asparagus is Kicking In 22/08/2013 Why are Grandpa and Axl naked on the beach? Does Anders actually even have a conscience? And just what will it take for Mike to go to war?
S03E09 Mike in the Mirror 29/08/2013 Miracles and visions abound, as do secrets and lies, when Axl's quest encounters many Friggs.
S03E10 Playing God 05/09/2013 In which the best-laid plans and sundry schemes are thwarted by a man of morals, who also happens to be a man of action.
S03E11 A Bit Like Buses Really 12/09/2013 Two pretenders must overcome a host of obstacles, mortal and Godly, as they race for the prize.
S03E12 Late to the Point of Knowledge 19/09/2013 Forget what you think you know. Throw away all your preconceived notions, and how you think things will go. Because today is the day everything changes.
S03E13 The End of the World As We Know It 26/09/2013 If you had one night left, and in the morning everything changes forever, what would you do with that night?
S00E01 Gods Among Us: Episode 1 28/08/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 1: Zeb begins his investigation into the Norse Gods history by hearing how they came to New Zealand.
S00E02 Gods Among Us: Episode 2 05/09/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 2: Olaf tells the tale of how he brought the jandal to New Zealand.
S00E03 Gods Among Us: Episode 3 12/09/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 3: Zeb's questions about the process of what happens when one becomes a God become emotional for Olaf.
S00E04 Gods Among Us: Episode 4 19/09/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 4: The story of Vick, the mad reincarnation of Móði (Modi) during the 1981 Springbok Tour protests.
S00E05 Gods Among Us: Episode 5 25/09/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 5: The first part of the epic tale of the creation of pavlova.
S00E06 Gods Among Us: Episode 6 02/10/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 6: Olaf continues his story on how be made the first pavlova.
S00E07 Gods Among Us: Episode 7 10/10/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 7: Zeb questions how the Gods have remained undetected for so long, and what an Oracle actually does.
S00E08 Gods Among Us: Episode 8 16/10/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 8: Olaf shares his tale of how he witnessed what inspired Sir Edmund Hillary to climb Mount Everest.
S00E09 Gods Among Us: Episode 9 24/10/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 9: Tales of conspiracies involving cover-ups of Norse Gods, but is Zeb still being kept out of the loop?
S00E10 Gods Among Us: Episode 10 31/10/2013 Zeb's Web Series - Episode 10: Olaf begins telling the story of him in the battle of Upperman, but Zeb has reached breaking point.
S00E12 Season 1 Cast Interviews 07/10/2014 Basic EPK effort, offering salesmanship from select cast members, who run through the highlights of their characters.