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Drama series about the British ambassador to Ireland. Pauline Collins plays Harriet Smith, the Ambassador, who has to maneuver through difficult political obstacles as she represents the British government in Ireland.


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S01E01 Innocent Passage 04/01/1998 The new British Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Harriet Smith, arrives in Dublin to discover that the Irish government is accusing the British of sinking one of their trawlers in the Irish Sea. Together with MI6 agent John Stone, Smith uncovers the truth.
S01E02 Refuge 11/01/1998 Ambassador Smith gives the battered British wife of a Saudi diplomat refuge in the embassy when he beats her up and attempts to kidnap their son, even though this jeopardises a lucrative aircraft contract with Saudi Arabia.
S01E03 Nine Tenths of the Law 00/00/0000 When a young British girl is jailed for drug smuggling, it seems a positive start to an Anglo-Irish initiative. Then Smith discovers that the girl works at the same bar as her 19 year old son Nate. Stone investigates whether he is connected to any illegal activity.
S01E04 A Cluster of Betrayals 00/00/0000 The ambassador's assistant is held hostage by a man brandishing a canister of nuclear waste, in protest at the number of children he says are dying from nuclear waste pollution of the Irish Sea by British nuclear facilities.
S01E05 Trade 00/00/0000 A young rent boy found dead in a Dublin hotel bedroom, after having sex with visiting British minister David McNaughton, leads a British government minister to order a cover-up, which is carried out by Stone too thoroughly.
S01E06 Playing God 00/00/0000 MI6 fear that Smith has been targeted for assassination, but she refuses to compromise her official engagements. A former MI6 officer, Sir Robert Beauchamp, is intent on publishing his memoirs before he dies of cancer, facing Smith with more tough decisions.