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The Andy Dick Show is an American sketch comedy series that aired on MTV from February 2001 to May 2002. The series was created by and stars comedian Andy Dick.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Andy Dick Show

S01E01 Episode 101 27/02/2001 Andy Dick: A True Hollywood Story Shirts and Skins Shopping with Tom Green and Da Brat Scared Straight Daphne Aguilera: Making The Video
S01E02 Episode 102 06/03/2001 Moby Skit #1 Andy's Personal Assistant Shopping with Tom Green and Da Brat Moby Skit #2 FEAR Moby Skit #3 The Boogieman Moby Skit #4
S01E03 Episode 103 13/03/2001 Andy's Home Movies #1 Daphne Aguilera Cribs True Life: I'm Getting a Penile Enlargement Andy's Home Movies #2 Troy Faulker: Humpeographer Andy's Home Movies #3 Marilyn Poppins Andy Dick is The Dumbwaiter Frankie Muniz Skit
S01E04 Episode 104 20/03/2001 Ben Stiller Skit Bob Gunderson: Midget Wrangler Anus and Andy Andy Dick Unf***ing Censored Kids Say Things That Make You Say Darn! Andy's Stalker Blind Date With Belle
S01E05 Episode 105 27/03/2001 Mandy Moore Skit #1 Kap'n Klean The Full Story with Grant Fishtruck - Tekstar 400 Bjork on Good Morning Minneapolis #1 Mandy Moore Skit #2 Bob Gunderson - Fudge Packer Bjork on Good Morning Minneapolis #2 The Andy Dick Gingivitis Special Bjork on Good Morning Minneapolis #3 Mandy Moore Skit #3
S01E06 Episode 106 03/04/2001 Kid Khrist Lyle Tillman's Guide To Free! Bob Gunderson - ESEF The Making of 'Shirts and Skins' #1 Mission Makeover with J. J. Fishtruck Frankenstein's Auto Mart Making of 'Shirts and Skins' #2 Bloopers
S01E07 Episode 107 10/04/2001 "The Best Of The Andy Dick Show Celebrating 6 Whole Episodes!" Party Skit #1 Scared Straight Party Skit #2 Shopping with Tom Green and Da Brat Party Skit #3 Party Skit #4 Daphne Aguilera: Making The Video Party Skit #5 Kid Khrist Party Skit #6 FEAR Party Skit #7
S02E01 Episode 201 12/08/2001 Diary of Tyrese #1 Angels are Everywhere Let's All Go To The Snackbar - The Movie Diary of Tyrese #2 Frisqo - The Crotch Song Peebop The Clown Diary of Tyrese #3 Grocery Store DJ
S02E02 Episode 202 19/08/2001 Standards and Practices Skit #1 Zitty McGee - Faces Of The Future Stop Third Hand Smoke Standards and Practices Skit #2 Quentin O'Broom - Playing 'Andy Dick' Shortcream Institute for Courageous Plastic Surgery Standards and Practices Skit #3 Making The Commercial - Daphne Aguilera
S02E03 Episode 203 26/08/2001 Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #1 Lobesey the Lobeman Congressional Jackass Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #2 Kenny Drebsen - King of the burn Andy's Angels Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #3 Musical salute to MTV Andyland
S02E04 Episode 204 02/09/2001 Gotcha Good Skit #1 Girls View with Daphne Aguilera Wake Up - The Caffiene Council Gotcha Good Skit #2 Pip Villance - Cheerleader Support War Bloopers, Bleeps, and Practical Jokes Gotcha Good Skit #3 Andy's Mom Blue Man Group Sam's Big and Tall
S02E05 Episode 205 09/09/2001 Kathy Griffin Skit #1 Watch the Andy Dick Show! Lyle Tillman's Guide to Living in Los Angeles for free Kathy Griffin Skit #2 McKenzie Shima The Watermelon Who Doesn't Have Change For a Dollar Kathy Griffin Skit #3 Stop Wedgies Gypsy Moth Anderson The show's running a bit long
S02E06 Episode 206 16/09/2001 Ashton Kutcher Skit #1 - Dead Cat Brewster Andy's Sidekick Andycam - Vampire on the couch Ashton Kutcher Skit #2 - Dead Cat Garland Sumpdee - Home Video Director Oh Manson! Ashton Kutcher Skit #3 - Dead Dog Harvery Kubrick - Pornographic Visionary Andycam - Trampoline with Nuns
S02E07 Episode 207 23/09/2001 Soba Noodles Skit #1 The Full Story with Grant Fishtruck - Teddy Steele Dave Navarro Soba Noodles Skit #2 Diary of Daphne Aguilera - MTV Video Awards Andycam - Feeding the cat/Fighting with a bear Soba Noodles Skit #3 Andycam - Brushing his teeth Outtakes
S03E01 Episode 301 05/04/2002 Tenacious D Skit #1 Sea Dicks Tenacious D Skit #2 Dismissed with Zitty McGee Daisychain Across America Tenacious D Skit #3 Flipped: Andy Dick/Tom Green
S03E02 Episode 302 12/04/2002 Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #1 On Campus - Piper the RA Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #2 Master Your Crack Dave Grohl's Party Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #3 Peebop the Clown - Deathrow Clown
S03E03 Episode 303 19/04/2002 Master P Skit #1 10 Spot Dreamdate with Thom Yorke Catchetelis Master P Skit #2 You Call Yourself a Fan - Linkin Park fans The Full Story with Grant Fishtruck - Andy Dick's Outdoor Ranch Camp Master P Skit #3 Lyle Tillman's Government Guide to Free Sex Writemade Pencils
S03E04 Episode 304 26/04/2002 Luke Wilson Skit #1 Lil' Normy Luke Wilson Skit #2 Ted Wondwossen - Teddybear Lover Andy gets chased by teenage girls Luke Wilson Skit #3 Spring Break - Angry Landlord Simon from Space
S03E05 Episode 305 05/05/2002 Molly Sims Skit #1 Cocunut Monkey Bank Molly Sims Skit #2 What Would Andy Dick Do? My Dad Was an 80's Popstar Molly Sims Skit #3 100% Sex-cess
S03E06 Episode 306 10/05/2002 Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #1 Celebrity Kin with Rob Zombie Late Video Bounty Hunter Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #2 System for the Revolution and Such with Raj De La Fresca Wayne 'Whitey' Whitman - Rock and Roll Pet Walker Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #3 New Teen Movie Ice Cream Tattoo Artist
S03E07 Episode 307 17/05/2002 Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #1 Zitty McGee on Tough Enough Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #2 Tuesdays with Anus Andy Dick's: Is It My Turn Yet? Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #3 Andy's Guru
S00E01 Promo DVD, Volume 1 00/00/0000
S00E02 Season 2 Commercial 00/00/0000
S00E03 Interview - Paul Scheer on Festivals, Bands, Films 00/00/0000
S00E04 DVD Trailer 00/00/0000
S00E05 Paul Scheer Loves Louie 00/00/0000
S00E06 Human Giant Playing Halo 00/00/0000
S00E07 The Origins of Human Giant 00/00/0000

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