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Beneath the veneer of po-faced respectability lies a wealth of characters in Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller's sketch show.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Armstrong and Miller Show

S01E01 Episode 1 26/10/2007 A fitter of bathroom blinds works out just how to humiliate a difficult customer; a divorced dad 'bonds' with his young son in the park - but pulls no punches about the reasons why he and his mum split up Gullible Rog returns home from work to find his wife and his best friend Pete in full bondage gear - a surprise Easter party for him, they claim; a record producer gees up his new boy band signings - but all is not as it seems. Government ads encourage those who've failed in the real world to try teaching; we learn about the origins of Art Criticism from two Neanderthals; and meet faithful football manager Tony and his overly friendly Russian boss Dimitri, who plans that they will "make fire together". And when an aggressive head chef goes a step too far in his criticisms, the kitchen staff exact the perfect, fatal revenge. And there's more....
S01E02 Episode 2 02/11/2007 Divorced dad and his young son bond over a cup of tea, and the conversation turns to frank discussions about why Granny died - possibly something to do with an imperial gallon of Tia Maria. A pair of builders decide pretending to be Polish will give them an easier life at work; while a guest at a medieval feast just can't get into the swing of the merry-making thanks to a long list of food intolerances. A man wakes from a coma, desperate to catch up on the last 25 years of his life. His parents fill him in - Marathons are now called Snicker, Opal Fruits are now Starbursts. Russian boss Dimitri and unsuspecting manager Tony snuggle up to watch an episode of Property Ladder; while a busy CEO's loyal aides keep him posted with up-to-the-minute news - Hitler didn't like his nose and crisp packets shrink in the oven. And there's more...
S01E03 Episode 3 09/11/2007 Breakfast News takes more viewer emails, Divorced Dad explains to his son why no one wants to be friends with him, Rog finds his wife on top of Peter (turns out he has a bad back!) and asks Peter about a pregnancy test and the half-price pots scandal is revealed.
S01E04 Episode 4 23/11/2007 The fighter pilots are captured by the Germans; a mounted police officer is teased by his squad car pals; we get to look in on a rubbish sci-fi show with un-impressive character and location names; and Rog comes home to surprise his wife on their anniversary, only find Peter already there.
S01E05 Episode 5 30/11/2007 We get to see what really goes on at the back of pharmacies, tempers fray at Dandylions when the till runs out of change and we get to look in on taxi driver conversation training.
S01E06 Episode 6 07/12/2007 Rog finds his best friend and wife naked together in the back of his car - but still doesn't suspect anything; three marketing executives are stranded on an island and brainstorm a suitable SOS message; and a sketch involving inadequate army boots.
S01E07 Episode 7 14/12/2007 Armstrong and Miller provide their own take on Sky Sports Football News, Pru and Miranda smash their cafe window again and the Prime Minister accidently leaves his wife in a volatile African country.
S02E01 Episode 1 16/10/2009 The chav pilots are saved from a firing squad by Biffy's mother who tells them not to sh*t her about; Cheery children's TV presenters make an apology to their viewers after drinking on a night out made them act in a "silly way"; The White Devil, a self-important ex-pat in Africa, roams the back roads and sets the record straight. Medical Genius? No. Miracle Worker? Sometimes. Lunatic? Now we're getting close. Things get rather confusing when actors suffer accidents while reconstructing an accident - where there's blame there's a claim; Dennis Lincoln-Park visits a library to hold an ancient, priceless manuscript, with disastrous consequences. We learn about the origins of hairdressing from Neanderthals; Brabbins and Fyffe, the filthy alter-egos of Flanders and Swann, sing a jolly little song about women. A first date starts to go wrong when stalker-like tendencies come to the surface; and a bored teacher performs some special moves at the back of the school gym while the children work on, oblivious. And there's more...
S02E02 Episode 2 23/10/2009 The two street-talking chav pilots are back discussing their self-esteem issues and a recent letter from home; Dennis Lincoln-Park, an accident-prone culture buff, examines an absolutely priceless Rembrandt drawing a little too close with his magnifying glass. Contestants on a new series The Critical Factor are pushed to their very limits; Jilted Jim makes some new friends in Hawaii, despite his wife not being there - she ran off with the wedding DJ; Dr Tia continues saving lives and marveling at the dignity of "these people" in Botswana. A reasonable boss interrupts his employee's terrorist interrogation with an invitation to Pizza Express for a birthday treat; Divorced Dad is back with his teenage son, with graphic details of his sex life with his new girlfriend. And when a rather suave guy buys a drink for a beautiful woman at a bar, the evening deteriorates dramatically when she catches sight of his pony-tail. And there's more...
S02E03 Episode 3 30/10/2009 Howard The Weirdo takes things one step too far in a team ice-breaking session. Meanwhile, the Second World War pilots are vexed that people have been talking about them behind their backs; Dennis Lincoln-Park examines the only surviving panel of a rare tapestry; and the divorced dad offers his teenage son tips on avoiding STDs. Terry Devlin, the Ulsterman Royal Correspondent, talks assuredly about the minutiae of the Royal Family's lives; Jilted Jim invites his new best friends to a game of "Travel Boggle"; and, when a woman picks out a "South Harbour Club Patrol" branded T-shirt for her boyfriend, he's bewildered to find himself roped into dealing with approaching Somali pirates.
S02E04 Episode 4 06/11/2009 Sketches in this episode include the busy CEO learning from his assistants that lions can't swim and there's actually no pepper in Dr Pepper; the origins of the dinner party are revealed as Neanderthals sit down to a spot of mammoth and mugs of blood; the Second World War pilots aren't pleased to be roped into digging the escape tunnel - the dirt is bad for their asthma and definitely against health and safety; Jilted Jim continues to cause havoc in Hawaii by letting slip that Phil said men cheating was inevitable; and an undercover operation is ruined when a reasonable boss turns up to tell his employees that working past 5pm isn't acceptable and to get themselves home.
S02E05 Episode 5 13/11/2009 Two men in white robes sweeping the floor just need to double-check that severing all connections with family and selling all assets doesn't mean that they're part of some kind of cult. The Second World War pilots question whether being forced to eat powdered egg is actually abuse. And, when a middle-aged raver is recognised by the DJ as Mr Wilkinson from work, he begins to regret popping those extra pills. When a man is offered a lettuce upgrade on his laptop, it's too good an offer to refuse - until he spots the latest carrot upgrade. As undercover spies psych themselves up to burst out of the van and free hostages, they realise that their reasonable boss has diverted the van to Bowl-la-rama in Watford for some team motivation. And, when Dennis Lincoln Park finds himself 60ft below the streets of London to uncover a perfectly preserved Roman mural, his discovery soon comes to an abrupt end.
S02E06 Episode 6 27/11/2009 Dr Tia in Botswana reveals he isn't looking to change the culture of a continent, but just wants to earn the people's reverence. We also discover the origins of job interviews when a new caveman wants to join the tribe; the Second World War pilots eye up two 'buff' women in uniform; Dr Dennis Lincoln-Park is in the Dutch university town of Leighton with a rare and precious tulip; Weird Howard joins in on stag-do stories and relays a practical joke he played on a friend involving potassium hydrochloride from a Russian website; and Jilted Jim pops up from the bottom of the Jacuzzi, where he's been for four minutes trying to starve his brain of oxygen in a desperate attempt to forget the memory of his wife's fling. A group of workers are also about to tap into the terrorist Firewall when their boss comes up with a solution and introduces a masseur for "wellness in the workplace".
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