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Each week Gage and Robert review local (Australian) and imported beers, Ben explains an aspect of homebrewing, Enzo cooks with Beer and the crew visit a micro/brewery for a guest interview. Full episodes can also be watched on youtube by searching for the user "thebeerfrontiertv".


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S01E01 Amber Ales 11/09/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Hawthorn Brewing Company Amber Ale (R:2/5 G:1/5), Three Troupers Brewery Amber Ale (R:2.5/5 G:2.5/5), Schofferhofer Kristallweizen (R3.5/5 G:4/5). In addition, Gage and Robert compare the locally brewed (R:1/5 G:1.5/5) Stella Artois against the original (R:3/5 G:3/5). Gage visits "Coldstream" microbrewery, Ben provides an indroduction to hombrewing ingredients and Enzo makes beer filled chocolates.
S01E02 Pilseners 18/09/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Goodieson Brewery Pilsner (R:3/5 G:3/5), William Bull Brewery Red Angus Pilsener (R:2/5 G:2.5/5) and Trumer Pils (R:4/5 G:4.5/5). Gage visits "2 Brothers" microbrewery, Ben the homebrewer mills grain and Enzo makes a Flourless Beer Chocolate Mudcake.
S01E03 English Pale Ales 25/09/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Kosciuszko Brewing Co. Pale Ale (R:2.5/5 G:2/5), Barons Pale Ale (R:2/5 G:1.5/5) and Timothy Taylor Landlord (R:4/5 G:4/5). Gage visits "Mountain Goat" microbrewery, Ben the homebrewer explains hot liquor and Enzo makes prawns in a beer and besen flour batter.
S01E04 American Pale Ales 02/10/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Boatrocker Brewing Co. Alpha Queen (R3:/5 G:3.5/5), The Flying Horse Bar and Brewery Whale Ale (R1.5:/5 G0.5:/5) and Sierra Nevada Pale (R:/5 G:/5). Gage visits "Buckley’s" microbrewery, Ben the homebrewer demonstrated mashing and Enzo makes a Welsh Rarebit inspired Risotto.
S01E05 Imperial Stouts 09/10/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Coopers Best Extra Stout (R:4/5 G:4/5), Cascade Stout (R:4/5 G:4/5) and Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout (R:4/5 G:4.5/5). Gage visits "White Rabbit" brewery, Ben the homebrewer is mashing/lautering and Enzo makes Drunken sausages.
S01E06 Brown Ales 16/10/2010 Robert and Gage Review: Jamieson Brown Ale (R:3/5 G:2.5/5), Tooheys Old Ale (R:3./5 G:3.5/5) and Newcastle Brown Ale (R:2/5 G:1.5/5). Gage visits "Holgate" brewhouse, Ben the homebrewer boils, hops and chils wort and Enzo makes a Chicken Scallopine with Beer.
S01E07 Dark Ales 30/10/2010 Robert and Gage Review: White Rabbit Dark Ale (R:2/5 G:2/5), Huon Dark Ale (R:1/5 G1.5:/5) and Leffe Brun (R:4/5 G:4/5). Gage visits "Tooborac" hotel, Ben the homebrewer talks cleaning/sanitation and Enzo makes Mussels with Beer.
S01E08 Porters 29/10/2010 Gage and Robert review Porters. Ben pitches yeast. Sam Fuss brews at True South. Enzo cooks Beer Soup.
S01E09 India Pale Ales 06/11/2010 Enzo takes a long time to cook rabbit in Sierra Nevada ( it was delicious) . Ben the Homebrewer is as articulate and informative as ever. Are Gage and Roberts taste buds out of touch? Hargreaves Hill, Sam Smiths India Ale.
S01E10 Lagers 14/11/2010 Ben The Homebrewer in his new Man Cave. Adrian McNulty the brewer at 3 Ravens.
S01E11 Bocks 15/11/2010 Ben and Fermentation. Gage and Robert rave about 3 Ravens Bock. Gage goes to Red Hill and Enzo cooks beer braised lamb shanks.
S01E12 Wheat Beers 23/11/2010 VB ( Victoria Bitter for our North American viewers), Gage and Robert review and rate Australia's biggest selling beer. Ben the Homebrewer demonstrates bottling. Wheat beers reviewed and rated, Grand Ridge brewery, Enzo cooks a vegetable curry.
S01E13 Strong Ales 30/11/2010 A cameo appearance, Ben kegs and Enzo cooks. Gage rates a beer 5 out of 5, Enzo cooks beer bread.

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