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Introducing electronics hobbyist Ben Heckendorn, star of the all new Ben Heck Show, sponsored exclusively by element14. Join Ben and his friends for bi-weekly episodes as they build and mod a host of amazing community-inspired electronics creations


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Ben Heck Show

S01E01 Building Specialized Game Controllers 13/09/2010 Ben builds a one handed Xbox 360 controller as the viewer build and begins work on his big build of the Xbox 360 laptop.
S01E02 Build A Portable CNC Router For Fun And Profit 27/09/2010 A viewer challenges Ben to build a small, portable CNC machine. Ben also starts work on the Xbox 360 laptop design.
S01E03 Quest For An Automatic Can Crusher 11/10/2010 Ben's friend challenges him to build an automatic, domestic can crusher. Ben also starts building the case for the Xbox 360 laptop.
S01E04 Portal Shirt 25/10/2010 Just in time for Halloween, Ben makes a see-through Portal shirt based off the classic game. He also hacks up and wires the LCD for the Xbox 360 laptop.
S01E05 Airplane Laptop 08/11/2010 In this episode, Ben builds a specialized laptop computer you can comfortably use in the coach section of an airplane. He also begins the final wiring of the Xbox 360 laptop.
S01E06 Rock Band Mods 22/11/2010 Get ready to rock and rolla as Ben performs a variety of Rock Band equipment mods for his friends and old arch-nemesis. He also finishes and demonstrates the Xbox 360 laptop.
S01E07 TBHS: Cribs! 06/12/2010 Join Ben Heck on some of his daily adventures in this episode that covers his life outside of the show.
S01E08 Ruggedized PlayStation 3 20/12/2010 Ben Heck builds a rugged, portable PlayStation 3 system for a husband and wife serving in Afghanistan.
S01E09 Pinball And Processors 10/01/2011 Ben Heck gets a new CNC machine and sets it up so he can build pinball cabinets. He also discusses using embedded processors for pinball and other functions.
S01E10 Charge! 24/01/2011 Ben Heck builds hand-crank chargers for Android phones, continues work on his new pinball machines and brings an LCD back from the dead.
S01E11 Sega CDX 07/02/2011 Ben Heck goes old-school and builds a portable version of the infamous Sega CD-ROM game system.
S01E12 Super Can Cooler 21/02/2011 Ever need a cold drink right now? In this episode, Ben Heck uses peltiers to create an Arduino-controller Super Can Cooler!
S01E13 Return Of The Portable Work Bench 07/03/2011 Ben builds a new version of one his most popular creations - the Portable Work Bench! Also, on Pinball Wars they get the prototyping system up and working.
S01E14 That 70's Xbox 21/03/2011 Ben builds a retro 1970's styled Xbox 360 portable to promote some upcoming Atari games. Break out the bell bottoms, cue the 8-track and tag along!
S01E15 Feeling A Little Dirty? Ben Shows You How To Keep It Clean! 04/04/2011 To help a physician, Ben builds a hand sanitizing station that detects motions, reminds people to sanitize, and logs their behavior.
S01E16 Questions & Answers With Ben! 18/04/2011 Ben answers several of your viewer questions, then works on getting his pinball machine ready for the Midwest Gaming Classic.
S01E17 The Pinball Wars! 02/05/2011 Ben and Jones continue working on their custom pinball machine, Jeri Ellsworth shows up to lend a hand.
S01E18 GameShare Controllers 16/05/2011 Ben teams up with Ben Sawyer of the Games for Health Foundation to build some custom controllers to allow cooperative play.
S01E19 3D Printer For Maker Faire! 06/06/2011 Ben sets out to build his own 3D printer and finds it to be quite the task. After some assistance from Chris Kraft, Ben heads to Maker Faire with Jeri Ellsworth to show off his 3D printer!
S01E20 Expedition Awareness Cameras 20/06/2011 Phil Golden is embarking on Expedition Awareness, and Ben helps out with a remote control camera system with monitors nestled inside the car.
S01E21 A Real Game Changer! 11/07/2011 After years of getting requests to build one, Ben finally breaks down and makes a video game console automatic game disc changer.
S01E22 Home Automation 25/07/2011 Ben works on some ways to automate functions into an existing home. Door Buzzer? Coming right up!
S01E23 Xbox Controllers You Can Split 08/08/2011 In this episode, Ben builds some game controllers for accessibility, and also returns to working on his pinball with special guest John Popaduik.
S01E24 The Google ADK & Your Android 22/08/2011 Ben checks out the Google ADK, a device that connects your Android phone to an Ardunio MCU and plans a project with it.
S01E25 Hak5 Challenge! 12/09/2011 Faced with a challenge from Darren of Hak5, Ben must build the ultimate PC case mod!
S01E26 A Bicycle Mod For Two 26/09/2011 Ben loses his challenge with Darren from Hak5 but he is still able to complete the baby rocker. Faced with a safety issue for Alyson's bike he builds a bicycle mod for two!
S02E01 Attack of the Super Clock 09/10/2011 Tired of hard-to-program alarm clocks? Ben builds one he thinks will be easier to use.
S02E02 Ghost Squad 23/10/2011 A roll of tape mysteriously rolls off the desk at the Ben Heck headquarters. The team sets out to find the ghost responsible - with chilling results!
S02E03 The Return of Pinball Wars 08/11/2011 The gang continues to work on Ben's pinball game, with help from designer John Popaduik.
S02E04 Thanksgiving Leftovers 20/11/2011 In the spirit of "turkey sandwiches for weeks," Ben looks around his shop to see what project he can make from the year's leftover parts.
S02E05 FPGAs and You 04/12/2011 Ben demonstrates how to get started with FPGAs and CPLDs, devices that let you program logic.
S02E06 The Ben Heck Show Holiday Special 18/12/2011 Someone needs Ben to make a specialized controller, but he only decides to tackle the project after a change of heart.
S02E07 iHeart Electronics - iPhone Mod! 08/01/2012 In the spirit of CES, Ben builds a mod for the ever-popular consumer electronic device, the iPhone.
S02E08 Hot Pocket Dispenser 22/01/2012 During the lazy videogame and football months of winter, Ben builds a device to promote even more laziness - a controller mounted Hot Pocket Dispenser!
S02E09 Tweet-Heart 05/02/2012 Ben builds a digital version of a Valentine's Day classic - a candy heart with messages that change via Twitter!
S02E10 Turn Your Toaster Into a Solder Oven! 19/02/2012 Ben turns an infrawave toaster oven into a solder reflow oven that can be used with PCB's.
S02E11 Have You Built an Atari Today? 04/03/2012 Ben returns to his roots and builds a replica of his original Atari 2600 portable gaming system.
S02E12 Robot Luggage - Make Your Suitcase Haul Itself Around! 18/03/2012 Tired of lugging around a bunch of stuff at airports, Ben builds Robot Luggage to help lighten the load with the help of Jesse Robinson!
S02E13 Game Timer: Coin-Operated Gaming System! 01/04/2012 Ben takes a viewer suggestion to make a coin-operated power strip so kids can earn tokens for game play.
S02E14 Earth Day Wall Wart 22/04/2012 In honor of Earth Day, Ben talks about energy savings, then builds a Universal Wall Wart.
S02E15 Build Your Own Sasquatch Tracker 08/05/2012 Ben helps his friend Charlie, and Charlie's son, build a simple project together - the Squach Tracker 9000. Get ready to find Bigfoot!
S02E16 Android to the Rescue: Another Time-Saving Invention from Ben! 20/05/2012 Tired of burned dinner? Stir your pots remotely! Ben uses Android and an Arduino to make another lazy-man invention! Who says you can't play video games while you cook?
S02E17 Power Glove for Xbox 03/06/2012 Not satisfied with the Microsoft Kinect, Ben attempts to build a Minority-Report-like glove to control his Xbo
S02E18 Toilet Illuminator 17/06/2012 Ben comes up with a great project just in time for Father's Day.
S02E19 Raspberry Pi - Retro Computer Build 01/07/2012 A retro computer for only about $35? Watch Ben build a retro-styled computer using the Raspberry Pi!
S02E20 Build a 3D Printer That You Can Take Anywhere! 22/07/2012 Got a briefcase? Then get to building your portable 3D printer. Make awesome 3D objects wherever you are - think of the possibilities!
S02E21 Solar-Powered Camping Mods for the Lazy Man! 05/08/2012 Ben builds some portable solar-powered items that could be useful on a camping trip: a charger for gadget addicts and a hands-free rotisserie!
S02E22 Hands-Free Wheelchair 19/08/2012 To help a viewer with a new baby on the way, Ben builds a power drive add-on for his wheelchair, with foot controls.
S02E23 BASIC Pocket Computer 09/09/2012 In a throwback to the 80s, Ben builds a Pocket BASIC computer, complete with keyboard and screen.
S02E24 Flower Power 23/09/2012 Ben accepts a viewer challenge to create an automated houseplant rotator to help plants grow evenly on all sides.
S02E25 Bionic Sunglasses 07/10/2012 Ben builds the automatic sunglasses he's been dreaming about for years.
S02E26 The Xbox Files 21/10/2012 Check out Ben's thinnest and most portable Xbox 360 laptop ever. Crafting an entirely new design from scratch, Ben uses some clever shortcuts to save space while still retaining some of the Xbox's signature elements, like the light ring.
S03E01 Teenage Driver Texting Prevention Device (1) 04/11/2012 Ben kicks off the season 3 by starting a device which will prevent teenage drivers from texting while they drive.
S03E02 Teenage Driver Texting Prevention Device (2) 11/11/2012 Ben finishes creating a device that prevents texting while driving and demonstrates it's usage.
S03E03 Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial 18/11/2012 Ben solders a mini oscilloscope to demonstrate surface mount soldering technique.
S03E04 Analog WASD Gaming Keyboard 25/11/2012 Ben modifies a keyboard so the WASD keys provide the same analog control of an Xbox controller. Ben takes apart a standard keyboard to install magnets, Hall effect sensors, and a modified Xbox controller to create a better gaming keyboard.
S03E05 Double Decker 3D Printer (1) 02/12/2012 Ben begins building a 3D printer that can print two identical objects simultaneously. In this episode he'll build the duel extruders.
S03E06 Double Decker 3D Printer (2) 09/12/2012 Ben continues to work towards building the ultimate 3D printer that can print two objects at once! In today's episode he builds the X carriage and gets one step closer to finishing the project.
S03E07 Double Decker 3D Printer (3) 16/12/2012 Ben continues to work towards building the ultimate 3D printer that can print two objects at once! In today's episode he finishes building the printer and shows it in action!
S03E08 Naughty or Nice Meter 23/12/2012 In this episode, Ben gets in the holiday spirit and builds a "Naughty or Nice" Meter.
S03E09 Arduino 101 Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know to Start Using Using Microcontrollers! 30/12/2012 Want to do cool projects? Ben teaches you all the basics to get started using the Arduino from installing the Integrated Development Environment to using outputs, inputs and more.
S03E10 Midi Controller Guitar (1) 06/01/2013 Ben works with local musician Kevin to mod an Ableton APC40 into a guitar. Ben takes apart the midi controller to see what's inside and gets to work moving around the components. After he has the circuitry ready, Ben and Kevin draw out a design for the guitar.
S03E11 Midi Controller Guitar (2) 13/01/2013 Ben continues to work towards building a MIDI guitar with an Ableton APC40 he modded in the last episode. Today he builds a custom enclosure and shows off the finished build.
S03E12 Glue Logic Mini Robot 20/01/2013 Ben modifies the Squatch tracker into a robot that runs on logic gates. Ben explains what logic gates are and how to use them.
S03E13 AVR Development Board 27/01/2013 Ben shows you how to build your own AVR development board and how to use it in your projects.
S03E14 AMD Computer Mod That Launches Rockets! 03/02/2013 Ben builds a fully functioning custom computer with AMD's Trinity APUs that can also launch rockets! He goes into detail on using MOSFETs and LED displays.
S03E15 Slot Loading Nintendo Game System (1) 10/02/2013 Ben takes apart a NES and gets to work modding the circuitry and building a new cartridge connector.
S03E16 Slot Loading Nintendo Game System (2) 17/02/2013 Ben continues working on the slot loading NES by building a loading mechanism and taking another crack at a custom cartridge connector.
S03E17 Slot Loading Nintendo Game System (3) 24/02/2013 Ben takes apart a NES and gets to work modding the circuitry and building a new cartridge connector. Then, he sets the system up at home and plays games!
S03E18 Autodesk 123D Tutorial 03/03/2013 In this episode, Ben gives a tutorial on using AutoDesk 123D Design. From the sketch to the actual case he creates, Ben runs through the process in this how to!
S03E19 Ultimate Gaming System (PS3-Wii U-Xbox 360) (1) 10/03/2013 Construction on the ultimate gaming system begins, as Ben takes apart a Wii U, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to combine them into one video game mega console!
S03E20 Ultimate Gaming System (PS3-Wii U-Xbox 360) (2) 17/03/2013 Ben continues work on his ultimate gaming system, modding the consoles in this episode!
S03E21 Ultimate Gaming System (PS3-Wii U-Xbox 360) (3) 24/03/2013 In part 3 of the Ultimate Gaming System build, Ben builds a custom case to house all three consoles. Once he finishes, he shows off the system and puts it to work!
S03E22 PIC32 Microcontroller Tutorial 31/03/2013 On this episode of The Ben Heck Show, Ben runs through how to build a PIC32 microcontroller. Then tests it out and uses the low level port access to control some lights.
S03E23 How Not To Fry Your Object 07/04/2013 In this week's episode of The Ben Heck Show, ben helps you avoid frying your electronic objects. Plus, he shows off a couple of small projects he's been working on for fun and answers a viewer question about CNC couplings.
S03E24 Mail Detection Device 14/04/2013 You've got mail! Well, Ben builds a smart mailbox that notifies you when you've got mail in your mailbox!
S03E25 Pinball Matrixing 21/04/2013 Ben gives an overview of what it takes to build a pinball game and goes into detail on the electronic aspects on his Ghost Squad pinball game.
S03E26 Introduction to Interfaces 28/04/2013 Ben shows you the basics of SPI, I2C, and RS-232, some common interfaces you can use with your electronics projects.
S03E27 Doggie Treat Dispenser (1) 05/05/2013 Ben gets started on a project to build a dog treat dispenser complete with remote controls and a web cam. In part one Ben builds the mechanical dispenser itself.
S03E28 Doggie Treat Dispenser (2) 13/05/2013 Ben continues to build his remote controlled dog treat dispenser and begins work on the raspberry pi being used in it.
S03E29 Doggie Treat Dispenser (3) 19/05/2013 Ben continues a project to build a dog treat dispenser complete with remote controls and a web cam. In part three, Ben has the Pi serve up a web page to remotely control the device and to show the live video feed.
S03E30 Design West 26/05/2013 Ben takes the show on the road to the Design West Expo in San Jose where he talks to suppliers and checks out the latest innovations.
S03E31 Wire We Here? 02/06/2013 Ben talks about different types of wire and shows you how to use them in your projects. In this tutorial, he covers extending wires, USB connections and he even shows you how to strip wires with your teeth!
S03E32 Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (1) 09/06/2013 Ben gets to work on a Raspberry Pi gaming device you can take anywhere. In part one Ben gets the electronics working and installs MAME on the Raspberry Pi.
S03E33 Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (2) 16/06/2013 Ben finishes his Raspberry Pi portable gaming device.
S03E34 Principals of Schematics 23/06/2013 Ben goes over schematics, a basic part of any electronics project. He shows what the symbols mean and how to go from schematic to working project.
S03E35 Tabletop Arcade Machine (1) 30/06/2013 Ben builds a coin operated tabletop arcade machine. In this part of the projects, he hacks an old CRT, PC power supply, and JAMMA connector.
S03E36 Tabletop Arcade Machine (2) 07/07/2013 Ben completes the coin operated tabletop arcade machine. In part two, he builds a custom cabinet, wires everything together, and shows it in action.
S03E37 Tools for Tinkering 14/07/2013 Ben shows you the tools you need for modding, hacking, and building projects.
S03E38 Ben Heck's Outdoor Console 21/07/2013 Ben Sawyer of The Games for Health Foundation challenges Ben to build a multifunctional gaming console that kids can play with outside.
S03E39 Introduction To Programming 28/07/2013 Ben goes over everything you need to know to get started with programming.
S03E40 Bionic Bike Bag 04/08/2013 Ever want a bionic bike bag? Now you can have one! Ben and Alyson work together to create a DIY bike light and turn signal. Alyson crafts a fabric patch that attaches to a backpack and Ben writes a program, installs LEDs, and wires up the components.
S03E41 Design Tips for Electronics Enthusiasts 11/08/2013 As a graphic designer turned engineer, Ben has a treasure trove of tips and tricks for making your electronics projects look awesome. In this episode he'll provide insight on the process of designing, explain some parameters to keep in mind, as well as share his thoughts in creating an aesthetically pleasing design.
S03E42 Creative Case Hacks 18/08/2013 Ben unplugs the 3-D printer, laser cutter, and CNC machine and gets to work creating a custom case by hand. He shares tips and tricks to help you build a cool enclosure for your next project.
S03E43 Let's Go Fly a Quadcopter! (1) 25/08/2013 With parts from a hobby store and his own mad-hacker designs, Ben aims for the sky with a quadcopter project. Today he tests the parts and begins to build a frame.
S03E44 Let's Go Fly a Quadcopter! (2) 01/09/2013 Ben is determined to get his quadcopter project off the ground. Watch as he finalizes the electronics and completes his flying machine.
S03E45 Getting Started with Texas Instrument's LaunchPad 08/09/2013 Ben shows you the basics of working with the Texas Instrument's MSP430 microcontroller using the LaunchPad development board.
S03E46 DIY Automated Motion: Motorized Camera Dolly (1) 15/09/2013 Ben takes on a viewer challenge to build an inexpensive, do-it-yourself camera dolly for taking better digital photos and creating time lapses. In this episode, he figures out the mechanical aspects of the project and assembles the dolly.
S03E47 DIY Automated Motion: Motorized Camera Dolly (2) 22/09/2013 Ben gets back to work on his motorized camera dolly. In today's episode he adds the final electronics and captures some test footage. Plus, Ben shows off his Oculus Rift headset, which may be the next big thing in virtual reality gaming. As an extra bonus, be sure to catch Alyson trying the incredible immersive technology for herself.
S03E48 Ben Heck's LCD Hack Challenge 29/09/2013 A Cheap LCD for Hacking. Ben shows the LCD he's hacking and points out what makes this a challenge.
S03E49 Getting Started with CadSoft EAGLE 06/10/2013 Ben shows the RGB drivers he designed with EAGLE and how to set up the libraries you want to use with before beginning your EAGLE project. Ben gets started on a schematic then uses his schematic to create his board showing the best tools to use.
S03E50 Ben Heck's Maker Faire Experience 13/10/2013 Come along with Ben as he explores the World Maker Faire in New York City. Tour the fairgrounds with him to see all the cool stuff makers are showing off, some of his favorite vendors, and what's the latest and greatest in the maker movement.
S03E51 Make a Halloween Prank Candy Bowl (1) 20/10/2013 In the spirit of Halloween, Ben gets to work on a prank candy bowl that's sure to scare your friends and trick-or-treaters. The first step is getting the bowl to move mechanically. Ben tries out a few ideas before getting to work constructing a spring-loaded arm.
S03E52 Make a Halloween Prank Candy Bowl (2) 27/10/2013 Ben gets back to work on a prank candy bowl for Halloween. He adds speakers for spooky sounds, a proximity sensor, and a microcontroller. Ben writes a basic program to control the sounds and servo motor before he and Alyson decorate the table and see just how spooky it is.
S04E01 Ben Builds an Accessibility Guitar (1) 03/11/2013 Ben works with Team Heck's newest member, Rusty. Plus, Ben enlists the help of a local musician, Tyler, to create an accessibility guitar. The team works to fill the request of a South African musician who's lost the use of his right arm. Ben devises a foot-controlled contraption that will strum the guitar so the musician can get back to rocking.
S04E02 Ben Builds an Accessibility Guitar (2) 10/11/2013 Ben and Rusty continue to create the foot-controlled guitar strumming device they started in the previous episode.
S04E03 Time to Meet Your Maker 17/11/2013 Ben talks with tech superstars about their contributions to the maker movement, recent projects, and what they think is cool in the world of technology. He tracks down Eben Upton, Jeri Ellsworth, Joe Prusa, and Bre Pettis at Maker Faire in NYC, and sits down for Skype chats with Chris Gammell and Jeremy Blum. This time Ben asks the questions!
S04E04 The Great Glue Gun (1) 24/11/2013 Ben rethinks one of his favorite tools - the hot glue gun. After years of putting up with uneven extrusion and leaking glue, Ben takes matters into his own hands and starts to build the ultimate glue gun from scratch. In this episode, he outlines the features he desires, goes over the gun's electronic guts, and starts experimenting with ideas for the extruder.
S04E05 The Great Glue Gun (2) 01/12/2013 Ben continues his work to create the ultimate in hot-glueing technology. He takes the concepts he developed in the previous episode to build a drip-free, easy to control hot glue gun. He creates a trigger with Hall effect sensors, builds the extruder mechanism, then reduces the size of the electronics to fit on the gun before showing the project in action.
S04E06 Anti-pickpocket wallet 08/12/2013 Ben fulfills a young viewer's birthday wish and builds an anti-pickpocket wallet. Ben starts off with using discreet logic to create a small anti-theft device that fits into a wallet. If a capitative switch that identifies the owner isn't triggered, an alarm is set off. After unexpected results, Ben moves onto a solution using a microcontroller and makes wallet thieves regret their lives of crime! (00:23) Ben has a special guest at the shop - a big fan with a big idea. (01:13) Ben goes over his plan to use discreet logic to bring Julian's idea to life and outlines the circuit that will make it work.
S04E07 Ben Heck's Holiday Workshop 15/12/2013 Ben gets into the holiday spirit and plays the part of an elf in Santa's workshop. He builds the ultimate toy that he thinks would be a great gift to find under the tree - a robotic tank! He uses a couple of kits plus some of his own designs to bring the toy to life.
S04E08 A Man with a Scan - Ben Heck's 3D Scanner 22/12/2013 Ben takes his use of 3D printers to the next level and tries 3D scanning. He attempts to scan a variety of objects with the Cubify Sense 3D scanner to discover how to get the most out of the device and to create the best prints possible. Ben shows you how to build a rotational device for the scanner and shares what he learns about 3D scanning along the way.
S04E09 Ben Heck's Xbox One Teardown 29/12/2013 Join Ben as he takes a look inside the Xbox One. As he takes it apart he shares his console hacking insights and starts planning how he's going to make his next great portable Xbox.
S04E10 Single-Handed Xbox One Controller 05/01/2014 Ben continues his work creating game controllers for people with disabilities and builds a one-handed Xbox One controller. He takes you through the steps of moving around the controls and putting everything back together again.
S04E11 TBA 00/00/0000
S04E12 Home-Brew Solder Reflow Oven 2.0 19/01/2014 Ben's fed-up with the difficulty of soldering surface-mount components by hand and builds a new reflow oven to keep in his shop. He transforms an inexpensive toaster over into a vital tool for electronics engineers and tinkerers. In this updated oven, he uses two thermal couples to ensure even heat distribution and effective reflow.
S04E13 TV Proximity Sensor 26/01/2014 Ben takes on a viewer challenge to create a TV proximity sensor to keep kids from sitting too close to the screen and ruining their eyes. He builds a device that uses an infrared sensor to set off flashing LEDs and a piezo buzzer if kids move too closely to where it's mounted on the TV.
S04E14 Ben Heck's Playstation 4 Teardown 02/02/2014 Ben is excited to start gaming with the PlayStation 4, but not before he cracks it open and takes a look inside. Join Ben as he voids the warranty on yet another console and shares his master-hacker insights along the way. After he explores the motherboard, he puts the PlayStation 4 back together in time to game with his friends.
S04E15 Surface Mount Soldering Tips and Tricks 09/02/2014 Ben shows you how to solder surface mount components with his home-brew solder reflow oven. He goes through the steps of placing parts with solder paste and shares his know-how along the way. After the board comes out of the oven, he demonstrates how to fix solder bridges and other imperfections. He adds some through-hole components and goes over the pros and cons of both methods of soldering.
S04E16 Ben Kickstarts his OUYA Portable Build (1) 16/02/2014 Ben has been challenged by many viewers to make the OUYA into a Heck-style portable gaming device. For the first part of the project, Ben mods an LCD and the OUYA to be as thin as possible. After removing any unneeded components, he works to wire up the HDMI and get the screen and OUYA working as one. He'll sketch-up an idea for how the project will come together in the next episode before calling it a day.
S04E17 Ben Kickstarts his OUYA Portable Build (2) 23/02/2014 Ben continues his work to create the OUYA portable his viewers challenged him to build. In this part of the process, he opens the controller to see how he can mod it for his device. After deciding on a plan, he builds the controls for his device from the hacked OUYA controller. Now that the electronics are ready, he can get to work designing a cool case.
S04E18 Ben Kickstarts his OUYA Portable Build (3) 01/03/2014 Ben finishes the OUYA portable! He shows the case he created and gets to work stuffing it with the LCD and OUYA he hacked in the previous episodes. Ben shares the highlights from soldering and wiring all the parts inside the case, installs batteries, and seals the gaming device up. Finally, he kicks back and enjoys a game on his new system!
S04E19 Ben Heck Gets a Handle on Winter 09/03/2014 Ben continues his fight to overpower winter and takes on a viewer challenge to build bicycle handlebar warmers. Abby bikes to work in the winter and her hands get very cold, even with mittens, so she asks Ben to create a DIY solution for cyclists like herself. Ben gathers some readily available supplies to hack for the build - motorcycle handlebar warmers, a portable USB charger, and a project box. He builds custom cork handlebar grips, goes over how a step-up regulator works.
S04E21 Bens Steampunk Persistence of Vision Display (1) 23/03/2014 Ben gets to work creating what he imagines a television would be in a steampunk world. This mechanical display will rotate a panel of LEDs at a very fast rate to create an illusion of solid images. After giving an overview of his ideas for the project, Ben gets to work designing PCBs, which he'll stuff using both surface mount and through-hole soldering. He makes sure the LED PCBs function correctly before beginning his designs for this mechanical wonder.
S04E23 Bens Steampunk Persistence of Vision Display (3) 06/04/2014 Ben finishes building a persistence of vision display. He has the LED panels and his home-brew PCBs functioning according to plan. Now Ben and his assistant, Felix, can get to work assembling a solid frame and finding a power source. Ben hooks up the opto-interrupter, writes some code, and takes the display for a spin.
S04E24 Beyond WASD: Foot Pedals for PC Gaming 13/04/2014 Ben takes on a viewer's idea to make foot pedals to supplement the keyboard and mouse in PC gaming. He gets started by programming a Teensy to work as a human interface device. After showing the theory behind the code and a doing a test, Ben moves on to making the pedals. After making parts with both the CNC and 3-D printer, the building begins. Felix helps out with mounting the Teensy on a PCB and adding some wires. After Ben adds the final touches, he's ready to go home and game!
S04E25 Ben Heck's Laser Printer Salvage 20/04/2014 Ben tears apart a broken laser printer to see what parts he can salvage from it. He finds a variety of useful items from springs to opto-interrupters and muses about how the parts can be incorporated into future projects. A heap of ABS plastic is left in the wake of the teardown and gets Ben brainstorming ideas of how it could be turned into 3-D printer filament instead of going into the recycling bin. Ben ends up with a bunch of new parts!
S04E26 Ben Let the Dogs Out: Electronic Door Build (1) 27/04/2014 Ben makes a plan to create a secure dog door by hacking readily available parts. He decides to hack a key fob and a dog shock collar to work in the project. He tears the key fob and collar apart to find a way to interface them. Ben demonstrates how the 555 timer makes the project work. The circuit boards are stripped down and combined to fit into a small enclosure that will go on a collar.
S04E27 Ben Let the Dogs Out: Electronic Door Build (2) 04/05/2014
S04E28 Dirty Jobs - Ben Tears Down a Mac Classic 09/05/2014 Ben tears down a Mac Classic. What will he find? Ben can't believe another Steve Jobs biopic is being planned in Hollywood! He decides that the best way to pay homage to Steve Jobs is by tearing apart a Mac Classic and seeing what he can find. Will he find signatures inside the case? Will it have a hard drive? Join Ben as he removes the layers to find out.
S04E29 Speak and Dave Jones 16/05/2014 Ben hacks an old See 'n Say toy with quotes from Dave Jones of the EEVBlog. Ben works on his Dave Jones of the EEVBlog impression and gets the idea to gather a bunch of Dave's sound bites and make a custom sound board by hacking a child's toy. Ben opens up the toy and gets to work on replacing the silly animal sounds with phrases like "pure engineering evil," "amps blow up your circuit," and more!
S04E30 Let's Try PCB Etching! 23/05/2014 Ben shows you how to etch your own PCB boards. Ben is always looking for new tools and processes to help with all the projects he builds. He's got a CNC mill, laser cutter, and a 3-D printer, but hasn't found a way to whip up a PCB at his shop. He's hand wired many circuits, but this can be tedious. He's designed PCBs in Eagle and sent them off for production at a board house, but this doesn't help when he wants a PCB the same day. In this episode, Ben experiments with three methods of PCB etching and shares the results.
S04E31 Ben's Text Radios for Maker Faire 30/05/2014 Ben and Alyson decide to make text radios for this year's Maker Faire. Ben and Alyson are getting ready to head to Maker Faire, but have a problem. In previous years they've had trouble with cell phone reception when they need to communicate with each other. They have a bunch of footage to shoot at the faire and don't want to waste time looking for each other. Ben gets the idea to build text radios! Be builds two radios they can use to send text messages on a dedicated frequency. He makes custom PCBs for the keyboard, LCD, and radio modules which he stuffs into custom cases. Now they're ready for Maker Faire!
S04E39 Live Action Minecraft Blocks (2) 25/07/2014 Ben Heck continues his quest to build real-world versions of Minecraft blocks. Ben continues to build real-world versions of Minecraft blocks, switches, torches, and more. Each block will have a role in creating logic gates just like in the Minecraft game. Ben shows you how he builds each kind of block and does some tests along the way. Once all the pieces are working, he tries building some live action logic gates.
S04E40 Ben's ZX Spectrum Mod (2) 01/08/2014 Ben Heck continues his epic journey to build a ZX Spectrum handheld device! Ben continues the epic journey of modding a ZX Spectrum into a handheld device. He works to shrink the size of the circuitry as much as possible so the power of the Speccy can be in the palm of his hands. He makes progress and runs into some challenges with modding the circuitry before he goes through the process of designing a case. With some sketches, Ben shows that it's not just about how everything will fit, but also how everything connects within the case.
S04E41 Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Shop Cam 08/08/2014 Ben creates a motorized web camera using the Raspberry Pi and its camera module so viewers can tune into the shop and take a look behind the scenes. Felix uses his Linux skills to get the Pi streaming to the web and Ben builds the mechanical features of the project. Ben carefully designs the project from the camera out to ensure everything will function once it's all assembled.
S04E42 Ben Heck's Little Free Library 15/08/2014 Ben creates a project for Little Free Library, an organization that promotes literacy and the love of reading through free book exchanges. They're looking for a way to log usage data from the small library units that are often placed in people's yards. Ben devises a way to save data to an SD card which can be imported into a spreadsheet. He also uses his woodworking skills to design and build a Ben Heck styled mini-library.
S04E43 Ben's ZX Spectrum Mod (3) 22/08/2014 Welcome to the final episode of the ZX Spectrum saga! Ben completes the remaining mods for his completely hand-wired portable. Once all the electronic components are tested and working, Ben builds the unit into a specially designed case fresh off the 3D printer. Ben enjoys the fruits of his labor and enjoys some classic gaming on his new system - arguably the most complex project he's ever tackled on the the show.
S04E44 Ben Heck's DIY Cell Phone (1) 29/08/2014 Ben decides to go back to a simpler time before smartphones by building a DIY basic cell phone. He uses the Adafruit FONA as the foundation of the project along with a keyboard, battery, OLED, and microcontroller. Ben programs the MCU to be the brains of his phone project. Ben get all the pieces working and shows how it will all come together in a custom case in the next episode.
S04E45 Ben Heck's DIY Cell Phone (2) 05/09/2014 Ben and Felix continue building the simple cell phone. Ben dials in the code to parse the data sent by the FONA to the OLED display and Felix solders the necessary components on the homespun, double-sided PCB. Once the PCB is complete, Ben can begin designing a case for the little phone. Using parts he 3D prints and laser cuts, Ben assembles the unit and is ready to re-live a simpler time with his new phone.
S04E46 Ben Heck's EMFCamp Extreme Camping Chair 12/09/2014 Ben travels to the United Kingdom to attend EMF Camp, an outdoor camping festival for geeks, crafters, and technology enthusiasts. He sets up camp and breaks out the camping chair he souped-up for the occasion. In a series of flashbacks Ben shows how he created the mods back at the shop - including a beverage holder with active cooling and fans that detect campfire smoke to blow it away from the camper. During the Tech Time Out, Ben gives a tour of EMF Camp. See Ben where he’s never been seen before - in the great outdoors!
S04E47 Ben Heck Answers Your 3D Printing Questions 19/09/2014 Ben responds to viewer’s questions about 3-D printing by delivering a full tutorial! He covers the kinds of printers available as well as the basic parts and costs of building your own printer. Ben also demonstrates how to find existing designs to print and gives examples of software for designing objects from scratch. After printing some objects, he shares tips and tricks on how to create the best prints possible.
S04E48 Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Point and Shoot Camera 26/09/2014 Felix built a point and shoot camera using spare parts laying around the shop and suggests that Ben shrink it down and put it into a cool enclosure. Ben shares tips and tricks as he works to remove anything unnecessary from the Pi, making it as small as possible. Felix shows how he programmed the Pi to work as a camera in the Tech Time Out. Ben hand wires all the components together until he’s created a super slim Pi point and shoot camera. After he designs and 3D prints a case, it’s time for some selfies!
S04E49 Ben Heck's Crowdsourced Can Crusher (1) 03/10/2014 For years Ben has wanted to take another crack at creating the ultimate in can-crushing technology. In an early episode of the show, his can-crushing experiments didn’t provide the results he’d hoped for and have haunted him ever since. Ben reached out to viewers to share their ideas on the element14 community and with those ideas he’s come up with a new plan.
S04E50 Ben Heck's Crowdsourced Can Crusher (2) 10/10/2014 Ben continues building his crowdsourced can crusher, creating it piece by piece to make sure everything works before routing parts on the CNC.
S04E51 Ben Heck's Intel Galileo Bar Brawlin' Bots 17/10/2014 Ben decides it’s time to create a brawling robot game he’s wanted to build for a while. He builds mechanical robots and uses servos to make them punch as well as move side to side. The servos are hooked up to the Intel Galileo board that is serving up a webpage with controls that can be accessed on a phone. Fight!
S04E52 Ben Heck's Battery Charging Circuit 24/10/2014 Ben uses charging circuits in many of his projects so it’s about time he created his own! Ben uses EAGLE to design the PCB for his circuit and shows each step of the process. Ben uses his “laser paint” technique for homemade PCBs then solders on the parts and tests the circuit. Now he has a ready-made 3.7V charging circuit for upcoming projects!
S04E53 Ben Heck's Hacker Halloween Mask 31/10/2014 Ben and Felix work together to create a hacker-friendly Halloween mask. They use basic materials from the hardware store to create the framework of the mask and add servos that will move the creature’s mandibles. Ben wires up a couple of LED matrixes to use as the creature’s eyes. The electronics are mounted on the mask before Ben get’s crafty to skin, paint, and detail the mask. Trick or treat!
S04E54 Ben Heck's Apple 1 Replica (1) 07/11/2014 Ben decides to take on another retro 8-bit computer project and builds an Apple 1 from scratch. He wires the CPU, ROM, and RAM to a PCB and adds some logic gates for memory addressing. With this basic 6502 computer complete, he uses an oscilloscope to take a look at what the CPU is doing. The digital data shows that the 6502 is functional and Ben can move on to the next step.
S04E55 Ben Heck's Apple 1 Replica (2) 14/11/2014 Ben continues to create an Apple 1 Replica. In the previous episode, he built the core of the Apple 1 - a 6502 computer with a CPU, ROM, RAM, and a few address decoders. Today Ben works to get some input/output going with an updated interface using a Propeller micro-controller. He can test the new interface by hooking up a display and keyboard.
S04E56 Ben Heck's Apple 1 Replica (3) 21/11/2014 Ben completes the Apple 1 Replica. In the previous episodes, he built the 6502 computer and got it to function with an LCD and a homemade keyboard. Today Ben builds a 1970s style case to house the computer. When the sleek, wooden case is finished, Ben demonstrates the complete replica.
S04E57 Ben Heck Teaches Alyson How to Solder 26/11/2014 In this episode Alyson comes out from behind the camera to learn how to solder. Ben shows her the basics and has her do some tests before soldering up a real circuit. Ben helps Alyson as she creates an audio circuit for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
S04E58 Ben Heck's Workshop Hacks 05/12/2014 Ben and crew are moved into the new workshop, but it could use some improvements. Ben gets to work building a cart to hold all his CNC materials. His second shop hack is to mod an old PC power supply into a bench supply he can use to test projects. Before the move he tossed the old, noisy power supply he had used in the past. Finally, Ben sups up his CNC machine by adding a chip collector to keep the shop free of dust and debris. He rigs up a single ShopVac to both the chip collector and vacuum table. With these shop hacks, building projects will be even easier!
S04E59 Ben Heck’s Parallax Sensor Seeing-Eye Hat 12/12/2014 Ben finally tries out an idea he’s had in mind for years - a seeing-eye hat! Ben uses a Parallax Propeller, ultrasonic sensors, and rumble motors to create a hat that helps the wearer to sense their surroundings. His challenge is to create a prototype that lets Ben wander around his shop blindfolded and still have an idea of where he is. Can he do it?
S04E60 Ben Heck’s Xbox One Portable (1) 19/12/2014 Santa Ben gives his fans what they’ve been asking for - an Xbox One portable project! Since he’s not the the first person to attempt his, Ben wants to make his portable different and decides to go with a tablet form factor. In the first part of the project he creates a magnetic cover that will protect the tablet’s screen and gets started on the first layer that will hold the LCD. In a special edition Tech Time Out Ben unboxes a cartridge from the Atari landfill and tries to get it to work.
S04E61 Ben Heck’s Xbox One Portable (2) 25/12/2014 Santa Ben continues his work to create a portable Xbox One by Christmas. He’s building the device layer by layer. Ben hacks up many HDMI plugs and works on wiring the Xbox One and LCD. After installing most of the Xbox One components he’s ready to see if the Xbox will boot.
S04E62 Ben Heck’s Xbox One Portable (3) 02/01/2015 In the final part of the Xbox One Portable series, Ben completes the gaming tablet. He needs to figure out how to make the Blu-Ray drive work at an angle, build the remaining portion of the case, and do a lot more wiring. At the end of the episode he’s ready to boot up the tablet and see if it works.
S04E63 Ben Heck Says Which Brain is Best for Your Project 09/01/2015 Ben gets a lot of questions about whether discreet logic, a microcontroller, or a Raspberry Pi is best to use as the brains of a project. In this episode he goes over the strengths and weaknesses of all three as well as their best uses. He takes a stroll down memory lane and uses past projects he’s built on the show as examples.
S04E64 Ben Heck's Chimney of the Future 16/01/2015 Ben attempts to create a more efficient chimney that will circulate the heat from the rising smoke to the rest of the room. He gets crafty with plaster of Paris to create the structure of the fireplace and the chimney then installs it in a small model house. He does a control test before adding his chimney mod. Will it work?
S04E65 Ben Heck's FPGA LCD Driver Hack 23/01/2015 Ben finds an LCD that is the perfect size for a pinball display, but it only runs composite video and that just won’t do. Ben uses his oscilloscope to figure out how the LCD works so he can reverse engineer it using an FPGA.
S04E66 Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi MAME Portable (1) 30/01/2015 Ben sets out to create a second revision of the Raspberry Pi MAME portable gaming device. This time he has a better display, a newer Pi, and an improved charging circuit. In this episode he gets the Pi set up as a MAME device by installing the CupCade OS on an SD card, configuring the GPIO as game control buttons, and connecting it to the Adafruit TFT screen. Once everything is working, Felix makes a custom PCB based on how Ben designs the unit.
S04E67 Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi MAME Portable (2) 06/02/2015 Ben sets out to create a second revision of the Raspberry Pi MAME portable gaming device. This time he has a better display, a newer Pi, and an improved charging circuit. In this episode he finishes off the project by stuffing the PCB created in part one, finishing the case design, wiring and testing the PCB, 3D printing the parts and finally assembling the unit. Learn more about the Keysight 3000T at -
S04E68 Ben Heck’s Rewind & Recap - POV Display 13/02/2015 Ben revisits one of his old projects and comments on what he would have done differently if he had more time. In this rewind and recap episode Ben discusses what went wrong with the persistence of vision display.
S04E69 Ben Heck’s Auto Tracking Camera (1) 20/02/2015 Ben decides it’s time to take filming into his own hands or more specifically the hands of the Pixy Camera Sensor from Charmed Labs. Ben sets out to create an auto-tracking camera that utilizes the Pixy Camera’s ability to track color.
S04E70 Ben Heck’s Auto Tracking Camera (2) 27/02/2015 Ben decides it’s time to take filming into his own hands or more specifically the hands of the Pixy Camera Sensor from Charmed Labs. Ben sets out to create an auto-tracking camera that utilizes the Pixy Camera’s ability to track color.
S04E71 Ben Heck’s LCD Monitor Light Box 06/03/2015 For a while now Ben has been having trouble tracing sloths against a window. Meanwhile Felix has been trying to find a use for his old laptop parts. Ben has found a way to solve both of their problems by creating an artists light box out of old laptop LCDs.
S04E72 Ben Heck’s Single-Handed Pinball Mod 13/03/2015 From single-handed controllers to hands free wheelchairs Ben Heck is no stranger to accessibility mods. In this episode Ben has decided to make a pinball mod that will allow the user to play any pinball machine with a single hand.
S04E73 Ben Heck’s Dreamcast Portable (1) 20/03/2015 Ben is no stranger to making your favorite consoles portable and this time he has decided to build a portable version of the Sega Dreamcast. In this episode Ben does a Dreamcast teardown, converts the LCD backlight to LED and gets the Dreamcast and LCD to run on batteries.
S04E74 Ben Heck’s Animatronic Puppet Head (1) 27/03/2015 In this episode Ben sets out to help Backflip films with their upcoming puppet movie The Princess Knight. The film requires its actors to memorize prerecorded dialogue in order to match it with the mouth of a puppet. In this episode Ben sets out to create an animatronic head that would move its mouth automatically by detecting the highs and lows of audio waveform.
S04E75 Ben Heck's Hacking the Zombie Apocalypse 03/04/2015 Ben and Felix team up to protect themselves from the ultimate foe, Zombies! In order to survive they must create a water filter, a crystal radio and a zombie detection system.
S04E76 Ben Heck’s Animatronic Puppet Head (2) 10/04/2015 In this episode Ben sets out to help Backflip films with their upcoming puppet movie “The Princess Knight”. The film requires its actors to memorize prerecorded dialogue in order to match it with the mouth of a puppet. In this episode Ben sets out to create an animatronic head that would move its mouth automatically by detecting the highs and lows of audio waveform.
S04E77 Ben Heck’s Dreamcast Portable (2) 17/04/2015 Ben is no stranger to making your favorite consoles portable and this time he has decided to build a portable version of the Sega Dreamcast. In this episode Ben shrinks down the disc drive assembly, creates a custom heat sink and figures out a basic form factor for the unit.