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Based on the fantastic and best-selling book series, The Berenstain Bears, written by Jan and Stan Berenstain, brings you a cartoon television series that stems from cartoons which aired from 1985 to 1987 on CBS Saturday mornings. Seasons 3 through 4 were aired from 2003 to 2004 on PBS Kids.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Berenstain Bears

S01E01 The Messy Room 00/00/0000 Brother and Sister's room is a mess, and Mam Bear's solution is to throw everything unnecessary out, but Papa Bear stops her, offering a different solution. Brother and Sister Bear learn a proper technique to clean up their rooms efficiently and quickly.
S01E02 The Terrible Termite 00/00/0000 Raffish Ralph gathers up a vicious team of Termites, and uses them to sell termite insurance scam, after destroying other bear's property. And the first Bear who was attacked was Papa Bear, and Brother and Sister Bear pursure in trying to bring Ralph to justice.
S01E03 Go Fly a Kite 00/00/0000 Papa Bear makes such a big kite for the kite flying contest that it carries him away and into a hang-gliding contest.
S01E05 The Spooky Old Mansion 00/00/0000
S01E06 The Fly Away Pizza 00/00/0000
S01E07 The Giant Bat Cave 00/00/0000
S01E09 The Neighbourly Skunk 00/00/0000 After the Woodchuck family moves out of a nearby burrow, the Berenstain Bears despair of having good neighbors when the Beaver and Rabbit families reject the home and it subsequently falls into disrepair. Pa, Brother, and Sister Bear are skeptical when a skunk moves into the dilapidated burrow, but Mama Bear insists the Berenstain family help the skunk fix up his new home. As it turns out, Brother Bear soon discovers that it's very beneficial to have a skunk as a friend.
S01E10 The Missing Pumpkin 00/00/0000
S01E11 Too Much Birthday 00/00/0000 Sister's big, noisy sixth-birthday party is considered, "Too Much Birthday", and her sympathetic parents help her realize the true importance of having a birthday.
S01E12 To the Rescue 00/00/0000 Papa Bear tries to help three scouts earn their rescue merit badges, but the only one he can find that needs rescuing is himself.
S01E13 The Soccer Star 00/00/0000
S01E14 Shoot the Rapids 00/00/0000
S01E15 The Knight to Remember 00/00/0000
S01E16 The Supderduper Bowl 00/00/0000
S01E31 The Truth 00/00/0000 On the loose, Brother and Sister defy Mama Bear's rule of only playing ball outside, by shattering Mama Bear's favorite lamp. Feeling guilty, the two lie about it, but soon, with much coaxing and fact checking by Mama and Papa Bear, the cubs learn the importance of telling the truth.
S01E39 Sure-Fire Bait 06/12/1986
S02E19 Bust a Ghost 17/01/1987 The Bear Scouts have ghost troubles
S02E21 The Crystal Ball Caper 31/01/1987 Grizzly Gran's future-predicting crystal ball goes missing.
S02E40 The Cat's Meow 00/00/0000 Brother and Sister Bear are given the duty to look after Mrs. Honeybear's cat, Puff, while she's away on a trip with her family. Puff's unique meow leads the Berenstain Bears on quest to figure out why cat meow.
S02E43 The Substitute Teacher 00/00/0000 Brother, Sister, and their classmates at the Bear Country Elementary School discover that they are having a substitute teacher. Before they approach the school, all of them believed they would have an easy day, without any studying and working. When Too Tall, Brother, and the gang set up traps to try to get out of a test given by the subtitute, they fall into their own traps and failed the test. The forgiving teacher gives them a break, however, and allows them to take it again the next day.
S02E44 The Mansion Mystery 10/01/1987 The Bear Detectives are on a mission once again, as they are given the news that all of the antique treasures in the Grizzly Mansion have been stolen and replaved with counterfeits.
S02E46 The Ice Monster 00/00/0000 The ice carnival is starting soon. Suddenly Raffish Ralph spots an ice monster. The ice monster is revealed to be a sleepwalking Bigpaw, who decides to skip his hibernation and join in the fun.
S02E47 The Crystal Ball Caper 31/01/1987 Grizzly Gran's future-predicting crystal ball goes missing.
S02E49 The Forbidden Cave 00/00/0000 When Sister Bear, Brother Bear, and Cousin Fred earn their Spelunker First Class merit badges the hard way, they use their Bear Scout smarts to lead Papa Bear and Professor Actual Factual safely out of the Forbidden Cave.
S02E50 Hot Air Election 21/02/1987 Raffish Ralph convinces Papa to run for public office, sparking a fiery election.
S02E51 Life with Papa 28/02/1987 Papa Bear learns that taking care of everything at home is not as easy as it may seem, when Mama Bear is needed to help Cousin Min with her new baby. Papa is unable to complete each of the tasks left behind by Mama Bear.
S02E52 Save the Farm 07/03/1987 Weasel McGreed is planning to buy Farmer Ben's farm to make it his new headquarters, but he refuses to sell.
S03E01 Trouble with Grown-Ups 15/09/2003 Tentions rise in the Bear family household when Mama and Papa blame Brother and Sister for little things. Discouraged, Brother and Sister seek help from Cousin Fred and Lizzie Bruin and put on a play to show their parents how hard it is being cubs. But when Brother and Sister find their parents dressed up and acting like them, they learn just how hard it is to be a parent. They all learn the hard way that patience is the key to deal with the stresses of everyday life.
S03E02 Too Much TV 00/00/0000 When Mama puts a ban on watching television for one whole week, the cubs initially go into hysterics. As the week unfolds, Brother, Sister and Papa too, find that their interests extend well beyond the television set. They grow to realize just how entertaining the great outdoors and other "simple" pleasures can be.
S03E03 Attic Treasure 00/00/0000 Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister all stumble across family momentos whilst trying to clean the attic and finding something to donate as part of a history exhibit for Bear Country.
S03E04 Moving Day 00/00/0000 Sister and Brother are distraught that their friends from school are moving away. The family then looks back on the time they had to move to the treehouse and how hard it was for them to adjust to their new home in Bear Country.
S03E05 The Giddy Grandma 00/00/0000 Sister has a hard time writing her report on who she admires the most. When she goes to Grizzly Gran's to get a book on heroes, Sister finds someone she already admires most: her grandma!
S03E06 La mauvaise note 17/09/2003 Brother, despite recovering from a case of the flu, neglects doing his school worksheets. For doing that, he gets a zero on his math test. Teacher Bob asks Brother to have his parents sign his test and Brother decides not to show them. That's when Brother realizes that what he did was wrong and learns not to procrastinate on his schoolwork.
S03E07 La compétition de corde à sauter 18/09/2003 Sister enters a jump rope contest and brags to everyone that she's going to win. Thinking Lizzie has entered the contest too, Sister tells her she's jealous because she's not as good a jumper as Sister. When Lizzie tells Sister who her other competitors are, that's when Sister realizes she must practice some more on her jumping.
S03E08 Lost in a Cave 00/00/0000 Papa bear is taking Brother, Sister, and Cousin Freddy to explore a cave in order to earn a badge. Cousin Freddy is afraid of going into caves so while in the cave they help him feel better.
S03E09 The Birthday Boy 00/00/0000 With Mama and Papa too busy setting up Brother's birthday party, Sister reluctantly decides to do her "Tell Us About A Family Member" school assignment on Brother. However, videotaping him for her project not only allows her to see a side of him she never saw before, it helps her realize just how much her big brother really means to her. Not only does Sister's Birthday Boy video turn out to be an A+ project, it also doubles as Brother's best birthday gift ever from Sister.
S03E10 Go to Camp 19/09/2003 The cubs have had a fantastic summer at day camp. When camp leader, Grizzly Ted, announces an end of summer sleep-out at Skull Rock, everyone is excited...everyone except Sister. She's excited about the sleep-out, but also nervous about sleeping outside. With the help of her friend Lizzie Bruin, Sister has a trial camp-out in her own back yard and is able to overcome her anxiety of sleeping under the stars.
S03E11 Visite chez le dentiste 22/09/2003 Sister Bear has a loose tooth. Brother scares Sister by telling her that the dentist will pull out her tooth with a pair of "yankers". Not only that, Brother has a toothache from eating too much candy. They both hide their dental problems until Mama finds out and takes them to the dentist. Brother gets a cavity filled and Sister's tooth falls out at the dentist's office.
S03E12 Une bonne alimentation 22/09/2003 Papa and the cubs train together for the Annual Bear Country Run. But during their training, they run out of energy so soon. Dr. Grizzly shows them how healthy food helps them stay active.
S03E13 Le nouveau travail de Maman 23/09/2003 When Mama decides to get herself a job, Papa and the cubs have to try and deal with some changes around the treehouse. Together they support Mama when she opens her own quilt shop.
S03E14 Mighty Milton 00/00/0000 When a new cub at school named Milton Chub is teased by Too Tall and the gang for his lack of sporting ability, Brother takes it upon himself to help his new friend renew his self-esteem by finding value in the things he can do well.
S03E15 L'angoisse de la rentrée 24/09/2003 Sister is scared about starting a new grade after Too Tall tells her it's too hard. Sister gets discouraged and does not want to go back to school. Brother reassures her by telling Sister that in school you learn things little by little.
S03E16 Vacances chez Mamy et Papy 24/09/2003 Mama and Papa spend the week at a resort to have thier second honeymoon alone. They sent the cubs to spend the week thier grandparents. The cubs are sad at first because they think they will be bored. Mama and Papa realize that the resort they came to sure has changed a lot including the food and music.
S03E17 Trouble with Pets 25/09/2003 Brother and Sister adopt one of Farmer Ben's new puppies and soon discover that having a pet is a big responsibility. When the two pet owners leave to play with friends, the puppy stays behind and destroys the living room. As a result, the puppy is banished to the back yard. Brother and Sister apologise for neglecting their duties and Mama and Papa decide to give the cubs and the puppy a second chance.
S03E18 The Sitter 00/00/0000 Brother and Sister do some damage in Mrs. Grizzle's flower garden while retrieving their baseball. Instead of stepping forward to apologize, the cubs get nervous and run home. As fate would have it, Mama arranges for Mrs. Grizzle to babysit the cubs that very night. Brother and Sister anticipate a very stern talking to, but are surprised by Mrs. Grizzle's kindhearted manner.
S03E19 Trick or Treat 00/00/0000 On Halloween night, the cubs try to avoid Widder Jones's house, because Brother has heard rumors about her being a witch. As the cubs go trick-or-treating, they're afraid to get near her house for fear she'll turn them into statues. When the cubs realize Witter Jones is a nice lady, she and the cubs decide to play a trick on Too Tall and his gang (who give the cubs more rumors) by playing a trick on them.
S03E20 Lend a Helping Hand 00/00/0000 The cubs take some time off their busy schedule to help Widder Jones with some chores. But when Brother and Sister find out that Witter Jones needs help cleaning out her attic for a yard sale, they have already made plans with their friends. The cubs soon learn from Witter Jones that helping others is a good thing to do.
S03E21 Trouble with Money 29/09/2003 Brother and Sister try to make money for some Bear Air jackets they see at a store, but when they get out of hand, they lose more than they could ever gain: their friends.
S03E22 Double Dare 29/09/2003 Brother gets in trouble after he joins Too Tall's gang. When Brother refuses to take a dare or a double dare to steal Farmer Ben's watermelons, Too Tall gives Brother the dee double dare. That's when Farmer Ben shows Brother that anyone can follow someone else only to end up in trouble.
S03E23 Out for the Team 30/09/2003 Brother and Sister are good baseball players and they both sign up to try out for the Bear Country Cardinals. The problem is, there's only one available position on the team. Worried about the humiliating possibility of losing to Sister, who is very talented at sports, Brother backs out of the competition. Sister has some encouraging words for Brother which inspire him to stick with it. The two cubs practice for the big tryout together and they both make it on the team, teaching Brother a valuable lesson.
S03E24 Count Their Blessings 30/09/2003 Brother and Sister often complain that their friends have more things than they do. Mama and Papa tell them they should be thankful for all the things they do have. When a big thunderstorm rages outside and the power goes out, the cubs are reminded of how fortunate they are to have loving parents and a cozy home to live in. It's a good time to count their blessings.
S03E25 La soirée pyjama 01/10/2003 Sister is going to a sleepover at Lizzie's house and is very exited about it. Mama and Papa tell her to be on her best behavior , but since Lizzie's parents are going out that night the girls end up making a very big mess of the house. When Lizzie's parents find out , they are all going to be in big trouble.
S03E26 Le concours de jeunes talents 01/10/2003 Convinced that he doesn't have any talent to offer for the upcoming school talent show, Brother is recruited to be the talent scout. Guided by Teacher Bob's advice that everyone has talent, Brother helps the other cubs discover their own special talents. In so doing, Brother discovers he also has a talent just as Teacher Bob suspected--a talent for finding talent.
S03E27 The Haunted Lighthouse 00/00/0000 The Bears are visiting an old lighthouse that's rumored to be haunted by the ghost of it's keeper, Captain Salt. Brother and Sister team up to find out if the ghost is real or not.
S03E28 Le bébé tamia 02/10/2003 When she adopts a baby chipmunk, Sister learns the hard way about trying to keep a non-domesticated animal as a house pet. As a baby, all the chipmunk does is eat and sleep. However, the bigger it grows the more active it gets, and the more mess it makes the more trouble it causes. Of course, none of it's intentional. That's just the creature's nature. But when it accidentally bites Papa, Sister finally realizes that if she really loves little Brown Eyes, she'll do what's best for the chipmunk and return him to the outdoors where he belongs.
S03E29 Les oursons gâtés 03/10/2003 Brother and Sister think they're entitled to treats every time the family goes grocery shopping. Mama and Papa get tired of their "gimmie gimmie" attitude. When Gramps and Gran drop by for a visit, they tell a touching story that inspires Brother and Sister to change their selfish ways and start thinking about others in need.
S03E30 The Green-Eyed Monster 00/00/0000 When Brother gets a brand new three speed bicycle, Sister's envious feelings are personified in her dreams by a little green version of herself. This Green-Eyed Monster convinces Sister to sneak Brother's new bike out for a ride. But when she does, Sister realizes too late that it's too big for her and she can't control it. Fortunately, Brother and Papa rescue Sister before Brother's bike can crash. Together they help chase the Green-Eyed Monster away by jazzing up Brother's old bike and giving it to Sister.
S03E31 L’étoile des souhaits 06/10/2003 When Mama casually mentions the "Star light, star bright" principle, Sister takes it to heart and wishes for a certain birthday gift and a better grade on her next math test. She gets both her wishes. However, when she wishes for a pony and it doesn't materialize, Papa helps Sister understand that she really got her first two wishes all by herself. She got her special birthday gift because she'd been so helpful around the house, and she got her better math mark because she studied really hard for the quiz. Bolstered by this, Sister makes her pony wish come true by making a deal with Farmer Ben to help him pick his peas in exchange for being allowed to spend time with his retired farm horse, Princess.
S03E32 Bagarre pour les devoirs 06/10/2003 Brother gets behind in his homework and Papa gets mad at him. Brother isn't allowed to watch TV, listen to music or anything until he gets caught up with his homework. Then Papa finds out that he needs to refile his taxes. With a lot of hard work, Brother and Papa both realize not to put things off. Instead of "procrastinating", they get right to finishing what's important.
S03E33 Too Much Vacation 00/00/0000 The Bear family is going on a mountaintop vacation for an entire week. Papa hopes for it to be the best vacation ever. During the week, nothing goes right for Papa. His fishing hook gets caught in the weeds, the boat sinks, the Bears pick sour berries, and their cabin gets flooded during a rainstorm at night. Papa gets frustrated when their vacation is turning into the worst one ever and wants to leave ASAP! Mama and the cubs show Papa pictures they took of him when nothing went right for him, and they show him how to look at things in a different way. Papa realizes that he had been looking at everything on the dark side all along, and the Bears' vacation goes from the worst to the best.
S03E34 At the Giant Mall 07/10/2003 When Papa couldn't find a carving set to buy at the local hardware store, the clerk suggests that Papa should try looking for it at the one at the new mall. The Big Bear Mall is so huge, Mama goes over some rules with Papa and the cubs on how not to get separated. Papa doesn't pay attention to Mama and he loses his way while trying to find the hardware store. When Mama and the cubs finally find Papa, he finds the hardware store. All Papa had to do is get lost to find it. Papa promises not to get lost in such big places after that.
S03E35 Le mot d'excuse 08/10/2003 Sister and her friends do not like gym because of all those exercises Teacher Jane makes them do. She remembers when Lizzie got out of gym by having an excuse note written for her when she sprained her wrist. When Sister is exiting the school bus at home, she trips on a rock and sprains her ankle. Mama writes her an excuse note, so Sister does not have to do gym. A few days later Sister is playing hopscotch and jump rope with her friends when teacher Jane sees her and gives the excuse note back to her. Sister is upset because her ankle got better. Brother tells Sister that gym can make her a better soccer player, so Sister decides to give gym another chance.
S03E36 Les métiers 08/10/2003 When Teacher Bob assigns his class a project on what they'd like to do when they grow up, everyone seems to know where their interests lie except Brother. After exploring Bear Country to see what types of jobs there are, Brother discovers he's interested in many things. Now his problem is deciding which one to include in his project. Finally, Brother decides to include all his job ideas in his report.
S03E37 Too Small for the Team 00/00/0000 Sister wants to join the girl's soccer team, but Coach Brown thinks she's still too young to take part because the cubs are bigger than her. Sister grudgingly accepts the position of team manager instead. It's a tough job, and Sister's perseverance doesn't go unnoticed by the coach, who ultimately invites her to play in a big soccer match when a team member goes home sick.
S03E38 The Prize Pumpkin 00/00/0000 Papa bear is growing a giant pumpkin for the pumpkin contest on Thanksgiving day. He becomes obsessed with it being bigger than farmer Ben's and winning the contest. Farmer Ben himself has won the contest 10 years in a row. At the contest, Papa wins third place. Ben tells him 3rd place is good for a first time entry.
S03E39 La mauvaise habitude 10/10/2003 Sister has a problem, she keeps biting her nails. The family thinks of many ways to make her stop. The real reason is fractions are making her nervous.
S03E40 Ferdi Factuel 10/10/2003 Professor Actual Factual's nephew, Ferdy, is a new student at the cubs' school. Ferdy doesn't have any friends because he thinks everybody is against his smarts. With Brother's advice, Ferdy learns he should be a friend in order to make a friend.
S03E41 The Big Blooper 00/00/0000 After watching a video at Lizzie Bruins house (Trouble at big bear high) Sister learns a new word ""Fur-ball"". After saying it to Lizzie and hers friends they leave. Also she says it to Brother after he tips her milk glass. After getting in trouble she See's Lizzie and mend their friendship with their friends.
S03E42 Rien à faire 13/10/2003 The cubs are bored with nothing to do. But they find that when Mama and Papa have a lot of work to do, they feel they should help them get the work load done quicker so they can enjoy the rest of the day together.
S03E43 House of Mirrors 00/00/0000 Lizzie has a lot of Bearbies and wants to give her extra Golden Furred Bearbie to Sister. Lizzie's mom says "Some bears have big ears," and Lizzie replies "You mean Sister has big ears?" Sister thinks she really has big ears and becomes very self conscious about them. She and Mama go to the fair and go into the House of Mirrors. Sister realizes that bears come in all different shapes and sizes. When they get back home, Lizzie tells her that she didn't mean to say Sister has big ears. It's just that she didn't want to spoil the surprise.
S03E44 Too Much Pressure 00/00/0000 Things get busy around the tree house. Sister, Brother, Mama, and Papa all have things to do! After an incident in which everyone brings the wrong stuff to the wrong places, Papa and the family put up a calendar on a wall to show who has certain appointments to get to. The first time they use the calendar, it gets filled up completely! After a restless night where everyone has dreams about the calendar, it's another pressure-filled day! When Mama can't get the car to start, everyone breaks down in complete tears! The Family re-does the calendar and everything becomes A-OKAY!
S03E45 Visit Fun Park 15/10/2003 Mama gets free tickets to go to Fun Park. Freddy and Brother say they are not afraid of riding the rollercoaster. Lizzie and Sister admit that they really are afraid. Brother doesn't want to ride the rollercoaster and admits he was afraid, so he and Freddy don't ride it. Papa was in line with them and accidently boards it.
S03E46 un endroit idéal pour pêcher 15/10/2003 It's Grams and Gramps anniversary. Papa and Sister try to find the perfect fishing spot to catch the perfect fish. Meanwhile, Brother and Mama are picking berries for the perfect dessert. After both pairs have many problems, including Little Lady eating the berries and Papa getting caught in a fishing net, they decide that they don't need the "perfect" anything to celebrate Gram's and Gramps's anniversary.
S03E47 Un travail d’été 16/10/2003 When Brother and Sister are bored on the first day of Summer Vacation, Farmer Ben invites them to work on the farm with him. The cubs are excited by the news, but are later disappointed to discover how much work it entails. However, they also learn that hard work pays off!
S03E48 The Big Red Kite 16/10/2003 With the Kite-Flying competition swiftly approaching, Brother and Sister hope to get a kite before the local store runs out. But they realize that making a kite, despite all the work, can be worth it.
S03E49 Visite chez le docteur 17/10/2003 The cubs' younger cousin, Honey, is apprehensive about going to the doctor's office for her first checkup. Sister dispels Honey's fear of the unknown by setting up a pretend doctor's office and taking Honey through all the procedures of a checkup, using the instruments that are in her toy doctor's bag.
S03E50 Ne polluez plus 17/10/2003 Looking for something to do their environmental school project on, Brother and Sister visit Professor Actual Factual at the Bearsonian Institute. Not only do they discover that too much trash in Bear Country is a big problem, they also learn about endangered species such as the Bumbleberry tree - one of which Papa is intending to cut down to make a very special table and chairs. By showing them how to recycle eggshells as plant fertilizer, Mama helps the cubs discover that even little cubs like them can help reduce waste. Not only do the cubs spread the word to their friends who come up with their own ways to recycle, they help Papa realize he should help the environment by planting new trees instead of cutting them down.
S03E51 A la mode 20/10/2003 When a snooty new girl named Hilary moves into town, Sister's friends want to become just like her and join her "in crowd". Hilary has a snazzy new mountain bike, all the latest fashions, and the coolest music. Feeling a bit left out, Sister decides to give up jump roping and begins to want to join the crowd. However, she doesn't seem to fit in too well. Mama tells Sister that the best thing to do is to just be herself and do the things she likes to do. Then everyone will like her for who she is.
S03E52 Envole toi 20/10/2003 Brother and Freddy team up to try and create an innovative flying device for their fifth grade science project. Their hopes are dashed after a series of unsuccessful test flights and they decide to give up on the whole notion of being inventors. After having a talk with veteran inventor, Professor Actual Factual, the two cubs are encouraged to keep trying and ultimately they succeed in making a balloon-propelled aircraft that impresses the entire class.
S03E53 A la mer 21/10/2003 The Bear family travels to a beach house for a vacation. The cubs are anxious to go swimming, but Mama and Papa want to get things unpacked and cleaned up before they can have any fun. Will Brother and Sister help their parents get things prepared for vacation time?
S03E54 Catch the Bus 00/00/0000 Brother's tardiness causes inconvenience for many. Mama gives Brother a watch so he can be on time for important appointments, When Brother's watch goes off to go with Sister to the bookstore to see her favorite author, he puts off being on time. That's when Brother realizes that it's he who needs to decide whether he wants to be on time.
S03E55 Family Get-Together 00/00/0000 The Bears hold a family picnic for Mama's side of the family. Brother and Sister see members of the Bear family that they've never even met before. The cubs end up have fun in their own ways with their new relatives.
S03E56 The Stinky Milk Mystery 00/00/0000 Brother and Sister visit Farmer Ben's farm to see some piglets. When they visit the cow pasture, they forget to latch to gate up and Farmer Ben's cows wander off. Now the cubs think they have inadvertently made the cows sick because the milk tastes stinky.
S03E57 New Neighbors 23/10/2003 The Bears' next-door neighbors move in and they have trouble adjusting to their new neighbors, especially Papa. At first, Papa isn't used to the different neighbors apart from the ones they used to have. When Mama and the cubs show Papa how good different neighbors can be.
S03E58 The Big Election 00/00/0000 When Papa's complaints to the Mayor aren't addressed, he decides to take matters into his own hands and run for mayor. When Papa finds out just how hardd it actually is to be elected as mayor, he decides to drop out of the election and let Mayor Honeypot be the true mayor.
S03E59 The Hiccup Cure 00/00/0000 When Papa is pressed for time, he eats his food too quickly, inducing hiccups. Mama and the cubs try all they could to stop them. Dr. Grizzly shows them exactly how hiccups are caused. That's when Papa decides to eat more slowly from now on.
S03E60 Think of Those in Need 00/00/0000 Brother and Sister donate a few of their old belongings to the elderly at the Bears' Retirement Home. When Brother accidentally donates his favorite book, he finds out that giving someone your time to read it is just as important as giving away your things.
S03E61 Hug and Make Up 00/00/0000
S04E00 At the Giant Mall 01/01/2006 Papa gets lost when the Bears go to the new giant mall.
S04E01 Go to the Movies 00/00/0000 Mama plans a trip to the movies so the family can spend some quality time together. But on their way to the theater, they get interupted by many things like running out of gas and getting rained out. When they finally arrive at the movie theater, all shows have been sold out. Despite the Bear family missing out on a movie, they have all been spending time together as a family on the ride to the theater. There is one kind of movie the family can watch and it can never get sold out: home movies!
S04E02 Le salon animalier 05/04/2004 Brother and Sister enter a pet show with Little Lady and Gran's parakeet. At first, Brother doesn't want to enter Gran's bird in the contest because she doesn't have talent. She can make different kinds of sound effects, but Brother doesn't think it's a special talent. When Gran shows Brother that he's looking at it all from a different point of view, it inspires Brother to show everybody at the pet show all the sounds Gran's bird can make that not many other birds can.
S04E03 La ballade surprise 06/04/2004 Brother and sister are disappointed when they go on a tour of Bear Country's national parks instead of going to Grizzly World. With Mama and Papa reminding the cubs to try to keep an open mind, Brother and Sister end up enjoying what they see and do on their car trip.
S04E04 Ramasser et ranger 06/04/2004 Rather than tidying his room, Brother spends his time constructing a birdhouse. His room is so messy, Brother and Sister stuff everything in the closet. But when Brother goes to get something from the closet, everything spills out and his birdhouse gets destroyed. That's when Brother and Sister learn an important lesson on getting organized.
S04E05 Hug and Make Up 00/00/0000 The cubs plan a backyard circus. When everybody says that Brother's cycling technique is amazing, Sister feels hurt because she is the one who's going to do that act and she thinks they like Brother's act more than hers. Brother feels as hurt as Sister when Lenny and his dog steal his act with Little Lady. When Sister finds out how Brother feels about losing his dog act, just like when she lost her cycle act, she gives Brother a hug to make up for it all. The cubs all work out their acts for the Bear Country circus.
S04E06 La course automobile 07/04/2004 Too Tall, Brother, Freddy and Kenny all participate in a go-cart race. Brother is in charge of building the go-cart, Too Tall is in charge of providing parts for the go-cart, and Freddy is in charge of drawing the plans for the go-cart. As for Kenny, who helps the cubs along the way, he ends up getting the honor of driving the go-cart in the race.
S04E07 Gotta Dance 00/00/0000 Papa is so busy in his workshop, he has no time to practice for the upcoming Spring-Fling Dance Jamboree with Mama as his partner. Brother decides to volunteer, despite the fact that he can't dance. But with Mama showing Brother a little about "'magining", Brother finds that dancing can be fun.
S04E08 The Bad Dream 00/00/0000 Sister becomes fearful of the new villain on Brother's favorite TV Show. She tells Mama about her fears, and it helps. But when Brother starts having nightmares of his own, Sister is the one who helps Brother feel better.
S04E09 White Water Adventure 00/00/0000 At cub camp, Two Tall and his gang have trouble keeping up with the various activities, but they intentionally refuse to ask for help, especially Too Tall. When Brother offers to help Too Tall with his canoeing practice for a race, Too Tall accepts Brother's assistance.
S04E10 Say Please and Thank You 00/00/0000 A lack of manners at school frustrates Sister, whilst Brother also forgets his manners. With Mama's and Papa's advice about using the magic words, please and thank you, Sister and Brother mend their troubles by saying those words to everyone at school the next day, especially their school custodian.
S04E11 Showdown at Birder's Wood 00/00/0000 When Too Tall and his gang decide to build a tree fort in the tree home to a rare bird, the cubs try to convince them otherwise. When the cubs come up with a compromise, Too Tall and his gang end up making an even better tree fort than they even dreamed of.
S04E12 Savoir s'organiser 06/09/2004 When Papa is on a tight schedule for an order from the Squire, Brother, Sister and Mama try to help by organizing his messy workshop, but despite their efforts, chaos ensues.
S04E13 That Stump Must Go 00/00/0000 Papa has troubles with an old tree stump whilst Brother and Sister have trouble making a scarecrow to frighten the birds away from the garden. Mama shows them that there's always a good side to every problem.
S04E14 Le dessin 07/09/2004 Brother joins an art class in order to improve his artistic skills. He hopes to learn how to draw faces like his art teacher, but he discovers that there are other things he must learn first.
S04E15 Papa's Pizza 00/00/0000 When Brother and Sister invite a lot of friends over, they have trouble deciding what to make for lunch. Each friend has some foods they like and dislike, and it's hard for Brother and Sister to keep track. Papa, however, has a way that everybody can be happy and have what they want. He can make them pizza!
S04E16 The Female Fullback 00/00/0000 Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall enlist the help of Betsy Broom to help them win their upcoming football game. Betsy, however, also has activities she needs to tend to. With help from the cubs, Betsy helps them in return with their football plays.
S04E17 Dehors en toute saison 09/09/2004 Strange weather patterns ruin the cubs' family plans. Mama and Papa tell the cubs not to dwell on the past and to enjoy what the new day has to offer no matter what kind of weather it brings.
S04E18 Grow It 00/00/0000 Sister gets frustrated and impatient when both her fur and her seed aren't growing quickly. Mama and Gramps tell Sister that things can't be rushed and they need patience to help grow.
S04E19 Go Up and Down 00/00/0000 The Bears' are invited to the Bruins' cottage to do some fishing. Papa gets so excited he ignores Sister's and Brother's suggestions of preparation. Everytime a cub needs something they forget to take with them for fishing, Papa has to go up and down the steps to get it for them. The cubs all show Papa how important it is to plan ahead and list everything they might need to take.
S04E20 Big Bear, Small Bear 00/00/0000 Brother gets his own key to the treehouse which causes him to think strongly about growing up. When he helps Papa with some grown-up work, Sister and the other cubs think he has no more time to play with them. Papa shows Brother that just like grown-ups, cubs have important jobs too.
S00E01 The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree 03/12/1979 Papa Bear and the cubs search the woods for the perfect Christmas tree, but run afoul of the woodland animals who live in the trees they aim to cut down.
S00E02 The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw 20/11/1980 According to bear legend, when a bear comes greedy, a gigantic bear named Big Paw will come and eat up the entire town. When the large creature actually appears, the bears find that their ideas about him had been wrong.
S00E03 The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise 00/00/0000
S00E04 The Berenstain Bears' Comic Valentine 00/00/0000 Brother Bear gets a valentine from a secret admirer.
S00E05 The Berenstain Bears Play Ball 00/00/0000
S00E06 The Berenstain Bears Bears out and About 00/00/0000
S00E07 The Berenstain Bears Discover School 00/00/0000
S00E08 The Berenstain Bears Out For the Team 00/00/0000
S00E09 The Berenstain Bears Springtime Suprise 00/00/0000
S00E10 Berenstain Bears: Pumpkin Party 00/00/0000