Affiche The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius
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Finding the best innovator among 10 highly intelligent contestants is the goal, and the elimination process begins immediately. The team that successfully completes each episode's challenge is safe, while one member from the losing team is eliminated. The overall winner receives $50,000.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius

S01E01 The Next Great Innovator 01/05/2013
S01E02 Seek and Destroy 08/05/2013
S01E03 Three Little Pigs 15/05/2013
S01E04 Triathalabots 22/05/2013
S01E05 Waterfall 29/05/2013
S01E06 The Wildcard 05/06/2013
S01E07 Catching Cars 12/06/2013
S01E08 Bridge Battle 19/06/2013 In the season finale, the final two contestants go head-to-head in a challenge to build a deployable bridge. While one team goes with complexity and creativity, the other goes with simplicity. Which method will win its team leader the $50,000 grand prize?