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Aspiring amateurs and mini-tour players compete in elimination challenges for an opportunity at a professional golf career.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Big Break

S01E01 Episode 1 07/10/2003 Flying in from around the country, The Big Break contestants meet for the first time and, within hours, seem like old friends. Shown to their accommodations at Treetops Resort - a remote bunkhouse on the edge of the property - and provided information about the week ahead, they are eager to get started. After a quick introduction to co-host Katherine Roberts, they are off to the course for the first challenge of the series. Because no one will be eliminated in the first show, the contestants are loose and having fun. The first skills challenge will test their ability to execute a knock-down shot and they will be hoping for a "smashing" success.
S01E02 Episode 2 14/10/2003 Famed golf instructor and The Big Break co-host Rick Smith meets the contestants and braces them for their first serious day of competition. Trying to knock the ball close to the pin is one thing, but hitting a moving target? The contestants work against the clock and hope to be awarded the series' first Mulligan, which could provide one contestant a second chance in the elimination challenge - a three-shot contest - that will send someone home for good.
S01E03 Episode 3 21/10/2003 Touch and accuracy with a short iron is the show's first challenge. Contestants scramble to beat the clock and end up as the golfer with the most points to win the all-important Mulligan. Then, in the elimination challenge, finesse around the green is the key to success.
S01E04 Episode 4 28/10/2003 Contestants try to imitate PGA TOUR star Phil Mickelson's talent of shooting the ball virtually straight up in the air - the extreme flop shot. Getting the ball up and on the green will give them the best chance at success, and the Mulligan. The long iron will determine who goes home in the elimination challenge.
S01E05 Episode 5 04/11/2003 Seven golfers remain. The skills challenge forces the golfers to choose the shots they believe will deliver the biggest payoff. The more risk, the larger the reward, but common sense may be the best option of all. The winner of the Mulligan gets a second-shot chance during the elimination round, which will call for command of the same shot from a variety of clubs in their bags.
S01E06 Episode 6 11/11/2003 All of the six golfers remaining have to show their speed in this team skills challenge, but don't forget accuracy. Contestants have to rely on their fellow teammates to succeed and win the Mulligan - and an exemption from the elimination challenge. Members of the losing team in the skills challenge face off in the elimination challenge, which will determine who the big hitters are.
S01E07 Episode 7 18/11/2003 The number of contestants has been cut in half, with five remaining. The skills challenge may be the most familiar challenge for the players yet, but will they perform like they expect? The Mulligan should help during the elimination round, where course management is the name of the game. Those that make the right decisions will survive to the next show.
S01E08 Episode 8 25/11/2003 With four contestants remaining, each will be partnered for a team skills challenge. Skill and strategy will reign supreme as the teams compete in a Ryder Cup-style event, with only the two members of the losing team going to the elimination round. Each will rely on his strengths by picking his favorite shots from a variety of choices. The poorest performer will go home.
S01E09 Episode 9 02/12/2003 The remaining three contestants test their command of a wedge in the show's skills challenge. The most accurate will win the Mulligan and get a second chance in the elimination round. The field will be cut to just two contestants after the elimination challenge, which calls for putting prowess.
S01E10 Episode 10 09/12/2003 The final episode pits the two remaining contestants against each other in a realistic tournament situation. The loser goes home. The winner will be awarded The Big Break, four exemptions on the 2004 Canadian Tour.
S02E01 It's Vegas, Baby! 28/09/2004 Ten lucky contestants make it through the audition process to compete in the Big Break II. See how the audition process played out, and the meet the ten who survive to compete for Nationwide Tour exemptions over the coming weeks. The winners meet each other in Los Angeles and travel to their hotel in Las Vegas.
S02E02 Shattered Dreams 05/10/2004 All ten contestants face their first challenge. One will go home, nine will still have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E03 No More Mr. Nice Guy 12/10/2004 The remaining nine contestants face their second challenge. One will go home; eight will still have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E04 Bet Your Life? 19/10/2004 The remaining eight contestants face their third challenge. One will go home; seven will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions. Note: this episode is not currently available on
S02E05 Walk a Fine Line 26/10/2004 The remaining seven contestants face their fourth challenge. One will go home; six will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E06 Lights Out! 09/11/2004 The remaining six contestants face their fifth challenge. One will go home; five will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E07 Grip it, Rip it! 16/11/2004 The remaining five contestants face their sixth challenge. One will go home; four will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E08 Stroke of Genius 23/11/2004 The remaining four contestants face their seventh challenge. One will go home; three will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E09 Stroke of Genius 07/12/2004 The remaining four contestants face their seventh challenge. One will go home; three will have a chance at the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S02E10 Winner Takes All 14/12/2004 The remaining two contestants face their ninth challenge. One will go home; one will win the prize: Nationwide Tour exemptions.
S03E01 Game On! 08/02/2005 Contestants were introduced to each other in Orlando, Florida, where they spend time getting to know each other and preparing for their first challenge.
S03E02 Pros and Cons 15/02/2005 LPGA pros Lorie Kane and Kelli Kuehne challenge the contestants to find out if their short game can withstand the ultimate test, and the first contestant is eliminated.
S03E03 Hole it Out 22/02/2005 Nine remaining contestants spin the wheel for survival and find out how a dogleg will determine who stays and who goes.
S03E04 Sink or Swim 01/03/2005 Distance control is the focus on this episode as contestants learn coming up short can send them packing.
S03E05 Driving Reigns 08/03/2005 It all comes down to course management as contestants must hole out from two trouble spots on the course.
S03E06 On the Run 15/03/2005 After a quick round of "speed golf", contestants face elimination as they use creativity to execute shots from the fairway.
S03E07 Spell N-E-R-V-E-S 22/03/2005 Contestants learn friendships may go by the wayside as they "learn to spell."
S03E08 Choose Your Fate 12/04/2005 Each competitor must decide to choose a shot based on her strength or an opponent's weakness. Guessing wrong may send someone home.
S03E09 Inches Away 19/04/2005 Nerves, tension and bad weather play a game with accuracy and control.
S03E10 Ultimate Match-Up 26/04/2005 After nine weeks of elimination challenges, only two remain to battle it out in match play for a shot at the LPGA Tour. The two rivals have butted heads throughout the series and the mutual disdain should make this a bitter and competitive round and the winner's victory that much more sweet.
S04E01 Reality Sinks In 13/09/2005 Contestants on teams representing the USA and Europe begin their quest to realize a dream and play on golf’s grandest stage.
S04E02 Smashing Success 20/09/2005 The players get down to business and try to avoid being the first contestant eliminated. The show’s signature glass panes challenge is played with a new twist and the contestants learn about Carnoustie’s famous Miller Bunker.
S04E03 Payback 27/09/2005 A rush of national pride consumes the players as they tee it up in their first team, match-play competition to determine who’s up for elimination, where it’s distance control that determines an unlucky player’s fate.
S04E04 Sharpshooters Survive 04/10/2005 It’s all about accuracy as the contestants test their approach shots and drive for more than just show to stay alive.
S04E05 Flashback Fortunes 11/10/2005 Contestants experience déjà vu as they try to earn immunity from elimination, while an unfortunate few battle gusty winds to get a handle on distance control.
S04E06 Steeped in Tradition 25/10/2005 Contestants take a surprise field trip to the bastion of golf and have to deal with the pressure as an unexpected gallery gathers to watch them perform.
S04E07 Par or Better 01/11/2005 The golf course plays no favorites in this episode, where both teams find out that sometimes it’s not so easy to make par. An Elimination Challenge chock-full with a variety of shots results in an emotional send-off.
S04E08 Shots on Demand 08/11/2005 Contestants face a pressure-packed elimination challenge and for one player it was an emotional roller-coaster.
S04E09 Every Man For Himself 22/11/2005 The Europeans are faced with a no-win situation and scrap team unity for individual survival. Players get to choose the shot that just may end up proving their demise.
S04E10 Bunker Down 29/11/2005 Nearly impossible bunker shots have the players trying to avoid making "Spectacles" of themselves, while it’s a one-on-one contest that determines who stays and who goes.
S04E11 Pressure Points 06/12/2005 A contest designed for national bragging rights at stake keep the final USA and European contestants focused on team play.
S04E12 Now or Never 13/12/2005 The final four get down to brass tax and the two remaining Americans play a nine-hole match to determine who will play in The Big Break IV championship.
S04E13 Who Will Be Champion? 20/12/2005 National pride and lifelong dreams are at stake as the finalists representing the USA and Europe face off in the Big Break IV championship match.
S05E01 Play or Pack 07/02/2006 Season premiere shows contestants surprised to discover they must play their way onto the show, and one is sent home before her suitcase is unpacked.
S05E02 Let the Matches Begin! 14/02/2006 No time is wasted before contestants are pitted against one another in match-play competition to see who will be safe from elimination.
S05E03 Choose Your Weapon 21/02/2006 Contestants pick a shot that could lead to immunity or, ultimately, send them home with nothing.
S05E04 Team Unity? 28/02/2006 Teammates rely on each other for points but, ultimately, face each other to see who will survive.
S05E05 Beat the Pro 07/03/2006 LPGA stars Lori Kane and Beth Bauer challenge The Big Break V contestants to a one-of-a-kind, closest-to-the-pin contest.
S05E06 Hit the Beach 14/03/2006 Contestants discover that sun and sand aren't the best combination for staying alive until the next show.
S05E07 Trouble Shots 21/03/2006 Contestants are challenged to manage their way through a variety of trouble shots to keep their hopes alive.
S05E08 Second Chances 28/03/2006 Contestants are surprised when someone might just be given a second chance to keep their dreams alive.
S05E09 Turncoats 04/04/2006 Former teammates turn opponents in an Elimination Challenge that brings new meaning to up and down.
S05E10 Gimme a Break 11/04/2006 Contestants play golf's version of a favorite schoolyard basketball game and learn why pin-high can be the best shot.
S05E11 Win and In 18/04/2006 The final four competitors square off in match play and one player makes the best of a second opportunity to avoid elimination.
S05E12 Three's Company 25/04/2006 Tensions run high as the final three face several head-to-head challenges that narrow the field to two.
S05E13 The Grand Finale 02/05/2006 Only two things stand between the remaining pair of contestants and their dreams of playing on the LPGA Tour - each other and 18 holes of championship golf.
S06E01 The Big Picture 26/09/2006 Eighteen competitors come together and find out what the Big Break is like Trump style when they arrive at Trump National in Los Angeles and begin the biggest Big Break ever.
S06E02 Synergy 02/10/2006 The competitors try to bring out the best in their partners as the newly formed teams go head to head in a battle for survival.
S06E03 We not me 09/10/2006 Everything's on the line for the teams. This time their entire fate rests in the hands of their teammates as one team is destined for elimination.
S06E04 Choose It or Lose It 16/10/2006 It's a day when there are no safe plays. The competitors have to think fast, make decisions and then live with the consequences of their actions.
S06E05 Venus and Mars 23/10/2006 The glass ceiling is threatened as the women and men go head to head in a battle for supremacy, and Donald Trump has a surprise twist that truly ups the ante.
S06E06 Outside the Box 30/10/2006 A new twist changes everything, and the competitors have to prove that they are worthy of remaining in the competition.
S06E07 Winning is Everything 07/11/2006 The stakes are high as the women and men battle for a single immunity
S06E08 Mergers and Acquisitions 14/11/2006 New alliances are formed and teammates become enemies.
S06E09 Swimming with Sharks 21/11/2006 It's kill or be killed with spots in the finale at stake.
S06E10 Mano a Mano 28/11/2006 The final elimination begins. Watch the front nine of match play as Jeff plays against Denny, and Bri plays against Bridget for the Big Break VI titles.
S06E11 Eyes on the Prize 04/12/2006 Two champions are crowned as Champions Tour and LPGA Tour exemptions are on the line. In the men's match, Jeff battles Denny, and in the women's match, Bridget and Bri continue to trade shot for shot.
S06E12 Trump's Twist 11/12/2006 The two champions of The Big Break VI lead a 9-hole battle of the sexes, with $50,000 of Donald Trump's money up for grabs.
S06E13 Pay Day at Trump's 18/12/2006 The winner will embark on a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple and will also visit Donald Trump's offices to receive prizes.
S07E01 The Reunion 25/02/2007 16 of The Big Break's most memorable characters return to compete for their chance at redemption, with some interesting "parings" developing upon arrival.
S07E02 It Begins 06/03/2007 Things get nasty within the group. As the first elimination approaches, an upset of epic proportions becomes very possible.
S07E03 Listen to Your Partner 13/03/2007 Slow play from 2 of the competitors frustrates everyone involved, which leads to some surprising performances.
S07E04 Time to Shine 20/03/2007 One man is finally forced to perform in a crucial situation to save his team.
S07E05 Don't Let Me Down 03/04/2007 Not only are the teammates feeling immense pressure to perform for each other, they'll have to concentrate while one of the LPGA's best stops by to take in the competition.
S07E06 The Ultimate Immunity 10/04/2007 The ultimate twist is announced, one that will change the face of the competition for the rest of the series.
S07E07 Dishonorable Discharge 17/04/2007 An ugly argument at breakfast leads one of the competitors to question why she should even show up at the course anymore.
S07E08 Follow Your Heart 24/04/2007 One competitor starts the day with a heavy heart, which begins to threaten his very existence on the show.
S07E09 Donnie's Choice 01/05/2007 With only one more episode to go before the final 4, one competitor is faced with the toughest decision of his life.
S07E10 4th Down, Goal to Go 08/05/2007 With their backs against the wall, 2 competitors face off in a battle where only one mistake could be the difference between a spot in the finals or a trip home.
S07E11 ....the Harder They Fall 15/05/2007 Part one of the final has begun, and by the end of the episode, someone will have to make one putt to stay or go.
S07E12 Redemption at Reunion 22/05/2007 One of the remaining competitors is crowned champion.
S09E01 Hit the Ground Running 15/04/2008 The 12 competitors arrive and are immediately faced with a challenge that they've never experienced before.
S09E02 Reliable Roomate Wanted 22/04/2008 Alliances are formed, and an early dispute sets the tone for things to come.
S09E03 Turn a Blind Eye 29/04/2008 A shocking turn of events leads to a completely unexpected matchup in the elimination challenge.
S09E04 Decisions Decisions 06/05/2008 A surprising performance from one of the competitors turns the already unpredictable competition completely upside down.
S09E05 Three's a Crowd 13/05/2008 One competitor starts to frustrate with spectacular play, and a weakness is detected in one of the favorites.
S09E06 Be Like Brittany 20/05/2008 A controversial comment and reaction during the immunity challenge leads to serious backlash.
S09E07 Cutting It Close 27/05/2008 The pressure of competition begins to wear down one competitor, and great play is attributed to luck.
S09E08 A Fine Line 03/06/2008 An already tense situation and questionable etiquette leads to one competitor's exile from the group.
S09E09 20,000 Ways to Win 10/06/2008 The tension boils over, and one competitor is specifically targeted for elimination.
S09E10 Be All End All 17/06/2008 The final four is set, and a long awaited face-off brings out the best and worst of the competitors.
S09E11 The End is Near 24/06/2008 Three compete, but only two will move on to play for the ultimate prize.
S09E12 The Finish Line 01/07/2008 Eighteen holes of match play will determine the champion of Big Break Ka'anapali.
S11E01 One and Done 20/04/2009 Every shot means more than ever as the competitors show what they're made of ... immediately.
S11E02 Battle of the Sexes 27/04/2009 Who's the guy and gal to beat? The challenges tell no lies.
S11E03 Anything You Can Do 04/05/2009 A budding alliance is put to the test, and an epic showdown demonstrates that everything is possible and nothing is impossible.
S11E04 Fragile 11/05/2009 Friends and enemies team up and face off as the mental makeup of the remaining competitors is stressed to its breaking point.
S11E05 Top of the Morning to You 18/05/2009 It's a match up they've been dreaming about. One will lose sleep over it no more, and the other will have to deal with the consequences.
S11E06 The Impossible Is Possible 25/05/2009 One competitor pulls off a shot that was thought to be virtually impossible.
S11E07 Forewarned is Forearmed 01/06/2009 Following a string of dominant performances, one competitor is targeted for elimination by the remaining competitors.
S11E08 Opportunity Seldom Knocks Twice 08/06/2009 With numbers dwindling, one of the five remaining competitors will have one, and only one, opportunity to play their way into the final four.
S11E09 Setting Sun 15/06/2009 The final four is set, but will there be enough daylight to determine who will play their way into the $100,000 finale?
S11E10 $100,000 - Act 1 22/06/2009 Three will compete in part one of the $100,000 finale, but who will play their way into the 2nd and final act?
S11E11 $100,000 - Act 2 29/06/2009 The final head to head match up is set. The winner will walk away Champion of Big Break: Prince Edward Island.
S12E01 Preview 29/09/2009
S12E02 Cast of Characters 13/10/2009
S12E03 Going, Going...Gone 20/10/2009
S12E04 Picture Perfect 27/10/2009
S12E05 Magical Touch 03/11/2009
S12E06 Wicked Game 10/11/2009
S12E07 Golf in the Fast Lane 17/11/2009
S12E08 When You Wish Upon a Par 24/11/2009
S12E09 All for One, One Against All 01/12/2009
S12E10 My Brother's Keeper 08/12/2009
S12E11 Down to the Wire - Part 1 15/12/2009
S12E12 Down to the Wire - Part 2 15/12/2009
S14E01 Six in One, Half-Dozen in the Other 29/09/2010
S14E02 Hell Hath No Fury 05/10/2010
S14E03 Kill Two Birds With One Stone 12/10/2010
S14E04 All Talk and No Action 19/10/2010
S14E05 When It Rains, It Pours 26/10/2010
S14E06 Water Under the Bridge 02/11/2010
S14E07 No "I" in Team 09/11/2010
S14E08 Birds of a Feather Flock Together 16/11/2010
S14E09 Lightning Never Strikes Twice 23/11/2010
S14E10 The $100,000 Question 30/11/2010
S15E01 The Root of All Evil 16/05/2011 When the competitors arrive at Indian Wells to begin "Big Break", they immediately realize the saying "going for the green" has taken on a whole new meaning.
S15E02 Money Makes the World Go 'Round 23/05/2011 When one competitor experiences golf's ultimate high, another person is soon doomed to the ultimate low.
S15E03 Money CAN Buy Happiness 30/05/2011 The competitors join up and the hopes of immunity are soon shattered. The decision of one player sends shockwaves through his team that will permanently affect the competition.
S15E04 You're So Money and You Don't Even Know It 06/06/2011 Callouts, collapses and conning. Difficult decisions have devastating consequences.
S15E05 Get Back, I’m Alright Jack... 13/06/2011 The four previously eliminated competitors get another chance, but the player who eliminated them actually gets the final say.
S15E06 ...Keep Your Hands off My Stack 20/06/2011 Things get shaken up when the most lucrative challenge yet proves to be the chance that the players near the bottom of the money list were looking for.
S15E07 Money Often Costs Too Much 27/06/2011 No sooner does the sun rise; it immediately sets for one competitor.
S15E08 A Nickel Ain't Worth a Dime Anymore 04/07/2011 As the final approaches, those who are vulnerable will be exposed, and a faceoff between friends has shocking consequences.
S15E09 I'm Not Greedy... I Just Want Your Half 11/07/2011 As the players square off in a race for the finale, one competitor faces his biggest challenge of the season.
S15E10 Cha-Ching 18/07/2011 In the ultimate winner takes all matchup in which the biggest prize in Golf Channel history is at stake, two men must overcome their grudges and play their best. Only one can be crowned champion of "Big Break Indian Wells".
S15E11 Cha-Ching 11/07/2011 In the ultimate winner takes all matchup in which the biggest prize in Golf Channel history is at stake, two men must overcome their grudges and play their best. Only one can be crowned champion of "Big Break Indian Wells".
S15E12 00/00/0000
S18E01 Preview 19/09/2012 The 12 competitors seeking their Big Break arrive in West Virginia for the chance to compete for a sponsor’s exemption into the 2013 Greenbrier Classic and $50,000. The players will have to battle the pressure of the glass breaking challenge that comes with a new and exciting twist. Finishing last could mean a short stay on the show, so the players will need to play well and hit great shots early to avoid elimination.
S18E02 Almost Heaven 02/10/2012 The competitors arrive in West Virginia for the chance to compete for a sponsor's exemption into the 2013 Greenbrier Classic and $50,000.
S18E03 Into the Woods 09/10/2012 A player's quirky ways start to wear on the others; large obstacles block the path to immunity.
S18E04 Bombs Away 16/10/2012 The intriguing history of America's Resort; another twist threatens to eliminate one of the season's most colorful characters.
S18E05 The Legend of Sam Snead 23/10/2012 A pressure-filled team competition results in friction between competitors.
S18E06 A Very Tall Order 30/10/2012 Negotiating the infamous flop wall.
S18E07 Double Down 13/11/2012 Players come face to face with elimination right from the start and the remaining competitors try their hand at Blackjack.
S18E08 Fight or Flight 20/11/2012 One competitor reaches his breaking point, while another's bad decision lands him in the elimination challenge.
S18E09 Reunion 18/12/2012 The competitors get together to talk about the show, the challenges and the pressures of being on national TV.
S18E10 Green With Envy 04/12/2012 Strategy and skill are paramount for the final four in head-to-head match-ups.
S18E11 Last Resort 11/12/2012 One mistake could mean elimination for the final three contestants.
S18E12 The Summit 18/12/2012 A pair of consistent performers battle for the top prize.