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The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is an annual British television programme broadcast on the last Sunday of the year on Channel 4. Essentially, the show is a comedy panel show in the style of a pub quiz. Three teams, of two celebrities each, are asked questions relating to the events of the year just gone by, which they write answers to on an electronic board in front of them. At the end of each round, they then display their answers, scoring a point for each correct one. The first edition was broadcast in December 2004. There has been another at the end of each year since, as well as a special edition in November 2007 for Channel 4's 25th anniversary celebrations.


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S01E01 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2004 28/12/2004 The host, Jimmy Carr, read out questions relating to events of 2004 to three teams of celebrities: Simon Pegg & Liza Tarbuck, David Walliams & Rob Brydon, June Sarpong & Jonathan Ross. Louis Walsh, Nadia Almada and Kelly Holmes all made live appearances to read out the questions for the months of April, June, and August respectively. Recorded questions from Bono and The Bear from Bo' Selecta were shown too along with films of Richard and Judy discussing events.
S01E02 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2005 26/12/2005 * Sharon Osbourne & Jonathan Ross * Denise van Outen & David Mitchell * Gordon Ramsay & Rob Brydon Guest questioners in the studio included Jordan & Peter Andre and David Tennant and there were also recorded questions by several celebrities including Richard and Judy, Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Kevin Pietersen.
S01E03 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 27/12/2006 In 2006 the show was broadcast on December 27. The three teams were: Russell Brand & Noel Fielding (Originally Raven Spawn/Rod's Progeny, in reference to a Jimmy Carr joke about Fielding's supposed parentage - a raven and Rod Stewart. Later, they took on the mantle of the Goth Detectives.) Rob Brydon & David Walliams (Rob & Dave - a name that the pair claimed had been chosen after "a lot of phone calls", and the involvement of a team of hired writers) Jonathan Ross & Cat Deeley (The Conventionally Attractive Team) Guest questioners in the studio included Boy George, Myleene Klass and Matt Willis and Guy Goma (famous for incorrectly appearing as a guest on BBC News 24). Pre-recorded questions were asked by Sir Ian McKellen, Lily Allen, Carol Vorderman, Courtney Love, Girls Aloud, and Sacha Baron Cohen in his guise as Borat.
S01E04 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2007 30/12/2007 The show aired on 30 December 2007. The teams were: Russell Brand and Noel Fielding (The Goth Detectives) Rob Brydon and David Mitchell (The Shadow Cabinet) Jonathan Ross and Lily Allen (Fulham) Guest questioners in the studio were Christopher Biggins and Cerys Matthews. Pre-recorded questions were asked by Take That, Gordon Ramsay, Thom Yorke and Jon Snow. John Hurt read out extracts of the year's best selling autobiographies.
S01E05 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008 28/12/2008 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008 aired on Sunday, December 28th on Channel 4 at 9pm. The teams were as follows: Dara Ó Briain and Davina McCall (Dara 'n' Dave) Sean Lock and James Corden (Normal and Hooch/Chubb-Lock) Michael McIntyre and Claudia Winkleman (Michael McIntyre and Claudia Winkleman/Same Difference) Guest appearances included Alan Carr, Katy Perry, the Fonejacker, Sarah Silverman, John Hurt and Sir Alan Sugar along with regulars Jon Snow and the children from Mitchell Brook Primary School, with another selection of topical school plays.
S01E06 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009 01/01/2010 Why was Christian Bale so angry in January? What made NASA so happy in December? And which scandal prompted President Obama to call Kanye West a "jackass" in September? The biggest, fattest and funniest quiz of the year returns with a stellar line-up including David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Claudia Winkleman, Rob Brydon, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. Jimmy Carr does the quizzing, Peter Andre drops in for a surprise visit and as usual there's a glittering host of A-listers popping up to ask questions about the year's events.
S01E07 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010 03/01/2011 Jimmy Carr puts a panel of celebrities including Jonathan Ross, Ruth Jones, Alan Carr, Noel Fielding, Michael McIntyre and Richard Ayoade to the test as they battle it out to see who remembers most about the events of 2010. Can you remember the name of instrument that was the scourge of the South African World Cup? Which unsuspecting character did Gordon Brown brand as 'ignorant' during the general election? What did 50-year-old spinster Mary Bale throw away to become Britain's most hated woman? If you know the answer to all, some, or even none, of the above then join Jimmy as he challenges a host of famous faces to win the coveted Big Fat Quiz crown.
S01E08 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2011 27/12/2011 Jimmy Carr puts a panel of celebrities to the test including Miranda Hart, Eddie Izzard and Jamie Oliver alongside veteran quizzers Jonathan Ross, David Walliams and David Mitchell.
S01E09 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012 30/12/2012 Jimmy Carr puts another panel of celebrities to the test as they battle it out to see who remembers most about 2012. What did Prince Harry get up to in Vegas? Why were we all talking about pasties and sausage rolls? And how did Usain Bolt celebrate his amazing 200m win at the Olympics? If you know the answer to all, some or even none of the above, then join us as a host of big names, including Jonathan Ross, Russell Howard, Jack Whitehall and James Corden, vie for the coveted Big Fat Quiz crown. As usual, Jimmy will be calling on some seriously A-list question-setters, with Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Ricky Gervais, Will Ferrell, Quentin Tarantino and Sacha Baron Cohen all turning up to lend a helping hand in previous years. Play along at home or just sit back and let the celebs do all the hard work, but don't miss The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and Jimmy Carr's annoying laugh throughout the entire show which attracted numerous complaints to Channel 4.
S01E10 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 26/12/2013 Jimmy Carr puts a panel of A-List celebrity teams to the test. This year's teams are Jack Whitehall with Jonathan Ross, Dara O Briain with Kristen Schaal, and Noel Fielding with Richard Ayoade.
S01E11 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014 26/12/2014 Jimmy Carr tests the memories of celebrity contestants Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell, Mel B, Micky Flanagan, Sarah Millican and Kevin Bridges
S01E12 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015 26/12/2015 Looking back on the year 2015, with host Jimmy Carr and teams consisting of Rob Brydon and Jo Brand, Richard Ayoade and Greg Davies and lastly Claudia Winkleman and David Mitchell. As always, this year features guest questions, staring Quentin Tarantino, Rita Ora, Simon Pegg, and others. Of course, there's a Mystery Guest, an act-out by the children of the Mitchell Brook Primary School and lots and lots of humour. 90 minutes of pure enjoyment whilst looking back over the somewhat terroristy 2015.
S01E13 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2016 26/12/2016 Starring: Richard Ayoade, Rob Delaney, Mel Giedroyc, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell and Romesh Ranganathan.
S01E14 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2017 26/12/2017 2017 is almost over, so what better way to make sense of the past 12 months than via the Big Fat Quiz of the Year? What calamities befell Theresa May during her conference speech? Who were Taylor Swift's unlikely musical collaborators? And how did Brenda speak for the whole nation? Quizmaster Jimmy Carr tests a panel of A-list celebrities including Richard Ayoade, Noel Fielding, David Mitchell, Big Narstie, Katherine Ryan and Roisin Conaty to see how closely they've been paying attention to the last year. A host of celebrity question setters, including Charles Dance and Jon Snow, also help to test the nation on 2017's most memorable moments. So sit back, pour yourself a nice hot mug of covfefe, and say farewell to another memorable year with the ultimate pub quiz.
S00E01 The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 02/11/2007 A special edition of the show, aired to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Channel 4. The three teams were: Alan Carr & Jack Dee (The CarrDees/CarrJack). Carol Vorderman & Frank Skinner (A&D - a reference to the name of the flats that the pair both live in). Richard Ayoade & David Mitchell (Mitchell claimed that if they'd been placed in the middle they would've called themselves Team 3 [or 1] "in a way that would've been annoying". Jimmy Carr suggested The IT Boys, but in the end they decided on The Speccy Nerdy Fucknuts). Vic Reeves and Joanna Fisher, who was a member of 1980s Channel 4 programme Minipops, both came into the studio to ask bonus questions. Jon Snow, Quentin Tarantino, Anna Friel, Ram John Holder, Derren Brown, Jo Frost, Jools Holland and others appeared on pre-recorded filmed questions.
S00E02 The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s 16/09/2012 Jimmy Carr hosts the first of three irreverent quizzes grilling celebrities on decades gone by, beginning with the 1980s, when the Tories were in power and the whole world tuned in to watch a royal wedding. Jonathan Ross, Jason Manford, Stephen Mangan, Micky Flanagan and Carol Vorderman are the famous faces showing how much they remember - or just proving how much they've forgotten - about the decade when the Berlin Wall fell, the Brat Pack reigned at the cinema and the Hand of God had English football fans up in arms.
S00E03 The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s 23/09/2012 Jimmy Carr hosts the second of three special editions of the Big Fat Quiz series, and if the 90s taught us anything it was how to delete our internet history! But why did we stop eating burgers? How did Magic Eye work? And who were Papa and Nicole? Join Phill Jupitus, Dara O'Briain, Jack Whitehall, Alan Davies, Claudia Winkleman and Denise Van Outen, with guest appearances by Wolf from Gladiators, Michael Buerk, Chesney Hawkes, and Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer as they celebrate the 1990s.
S00E04 The Big Fat Quiz of the 00s 30/09/2012 Jimmy Carr hosts the third and final of the special editions, looking back at the decade that inspires the thought: 'blimey, could we really not come up with a better name than the noughties?' Embarrassing. So why did the US briefly rename French fries? How did the Crazy Frog cause controversy? And what on earth was Touch the Truck? If you haven't got a clue about any of these questions then it's probably time you were in bed! If you do, then join guests Alan Carr, Kevin Bridges, David Mitchell, Sarah Millican, Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding with special guest appearances from Duncan Bannatyne, Gregg Wallace, McFly and Peter Andre as they give the noughties the Big Fat Quiz treatment.
S00E05 The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s (2) 22/09/2013 Jimmy Carr is joined by three teams of top celebrities for another fiendishly difficult pub quiz about news, music, telly and fashions of the 1980s. Playing the quiz are David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus, Alan Carr, Sarah Greene, Jack Dee and Jason Donovan. And, as ever, Jimmy is helped by a host of famous question-setters, including Jim Bowen, Kim Wilde, Tony Robinson and Toyah Willcox.
S00E06 The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s (2) 29/09/2013 The Big Fat Quiz is back with an all-new look back at the 1990s. Host Jimmy Carr is joined by Jonathan Ross, Jo Brand, Sue Perkins, Lee Mack, Bob Mortimer and Richard Ayoade to play the comedy quiz that goes retro, along with guest question-setters, including Hanson, Melinda Messenger, Andi Peters, Mr Motivator and Goldie.
S00E07 The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz - 10 Years 02/01/2015 Test your knowledge as Jimmy Carr hosts this 10-year anniversary special with guests Russell Brand, Noel Fielding, Jonathan Ross, Jack Whitehall, Warwick Davis and Claudia Winkleman.
S00E08 The Big Fat Quiz of Everything - 2016 Special 05/01/2016 Quizmaster Jimmy Carr puts Jonathan Ross, Chelsea Peretti, Jack Whitehall, Mel Giedroyc, Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding through their paces as they compete for the crown.
S00E09 The Big Fat Quiz of Everything - 2017 Special 06/01/2017
S00E10 The Big Fat Quiz of Everything - 2018 Special 12/01/2018 The Big Fat Quiz of Everything is back - letting loose on not just the past year but, well... everything. Quizmaster Jimmy Carr asks questions covering 100,000 years of human history, giving a unique Big Fat Quiz spin on History, Music, Film, TV and Science from every epoch. Contestants Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Claudia Winkleman, Miranda Hart, Jonathan Ross and Nish Kumar join Jimmy to compete for the Big Fat Quiz crown. Plus there are cameos from Charles Dance, Jon Snow, the children of Mitchell Brook Primary School, and a host of celebrity question setters. Tune in to find out what was said on the first ever phone call. Why was 1997 such a big year for chess? And what, specifically, doesn't impress Shania Twain?