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Forty years ago, a mysterious worldwide event happened that eliminated all memories from prior to that point. From this completely blank start, man began to rebuild. With no knowledge of even how to operate machinery or use electricity, the process was slow. Eventually man did regain this knowledge and elements of society such as industry and agriculture began to resume. However, the common hole in all of mankind's thoughts remained, the world that had existed before the memories were lost was nothing more than a vague figure in the shadows.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Big O

S01E01 Roger the Negotiator 02/04/2001 In the pilot episode, Roger Smith is introduced as Paradigm City's top negotiator. As the episode begins, he is delivering the ransom for a girl named Dorothy, who had been kidnapped from her father, a rich industrialist named Saldano. After the exchange, Saldano arrives and reveals that the Dorothy Roger they had obtained was actually an android fake. When Roger realizes Beck isn't playing fair, he activates the briefcase carrying the ransom and it flies out of Beck's car. When Roger arrives home later, the android Dorothy is there and wants protection. Roger turns her down, but when Roger goes out to search Saldano's plant, Dorothy tags along. They discover Saldano on the verge of death and he tells them that he created something deadly, a giant robot called Dorothy One which was the Dorothy that he was ransoming apparently. After Saldano's death, Dorothy and Roger are ambushed by missile wielding criminals and Dorothy's android strength and speed provides the diversion for Roger to summon Big O.
S01E02 Dorothy, Dorothy 03/04/2001 In the previous episode, Major Dastun and Dorothy looked like they were going to be crushed by Dorothy One as it fell. However, when the dust cleared, Dastun was fine and Dorothy had disappeared. Roger took Big O back into the subway to escape Dastun's rage over the destruction of the fight. Then, he began to search for Dorothy. He received a tip about a nightingale in the city, which led him to a club called Nightingale. There Roger found Dorothy along with a man named Waynewright who said he was her grandfather. Dorothy sang in the club after which Beck arrived, shot Waynewright, knocked out Roger and kidnapped Dorothy. When Roger came to, he found that Beck had managed to restart Dorothy One. Roger called up Big O and went to fight Dorothy One again at the Mint. After punching a hole in Dorothy One's face, Roger discovered that Dorothy was being used to bypass the damage from the earlier fight. Roger managed to put down Dorothy One long enough to jump over and pull Dorothy out to safety.
S01E03 Electric City 04/04/2001 Recently, there's been a number of power outages in Paradigm. Roger is hired by Paradigm Power Management to go to the Electric City and negotiate with the locals the reactivation of the hydroelectric power plant. They say a god lives in the water.
S01E04 Underground Terror 05/04/2001 A woman named Patricia Lovejoy (the same woman called Angel in Electric City) approaches Roger Smith about a job with Paradigm. He is supposed to convince a reporter named Michael Seebach to hand over his manuscript, but as it turns out, Seebach had disappeared months earlier. Using his connections with Major Dastun, Roger tracks down an apartment Seebach is renting. There he discovers a typewriter and a large stack of papers, which he begins to read when gasoline pours in under the door and lights. Roger jumps out the window to escape and is confronted by Seebach, now calling himself Schwartzvald and wrapped in bandages. Seebach tells Roger to report to Paradigm that they will never see him in the city again, then disappears. Roger ventures into the subway system, where he is overwhelmed by an incredible sense of fear. When he awakens, Dorothy is with him and they find an large city model, as well as, a pre-Event Megadeus, which Seebach has started.
S01E05 Bring Back My Ghost 06/04/2001 A military police vehicle crashes after seeing an apparition while crossing a certain bridge and it is apparently only the latest in a string of such accidents involving high ups in the military police. Roger is retained to work for a billionaire named Melissa Frazier who wants Roger to find her son Bonny. Bonny worked for the military police and was killed during a riot on the haunted bridge a year earlier, after which time the ghost sightings began. His body fell into the water and disappeared. Roger is tipped that Bonny may have been killed because he was going to reveal corruption in the MPs. He goes to track down one of the few remaining conspirators, a Colonel Gaust, but he has been taken to the bridge by Bonny Frazier and pushed into the water. Both Big O and Dastun attempt to attack the apparition, but their attacks appear to go through it, while it's missiles assault Big O from all directions. In a last ditch attempt, Roger tracks the origin of the missiles and shoots the source with Big O's lasers.
S01E06 A Legacy of Amadeus 09/04/2001 After waking Roger up with her piano playing, Roger decides to take Dorothy to see a friend who can help her learn to add feeling to her playing. His friend is a robot named Instro, who was built by a scientist named Amadeus and thought of Instro as a son. Instro remembers how happy Amadeus was when Instro would play the piano for him. While Instro is giving Dorothy a lesson, a mysterious stranger arrives and reminds Instro that he needs to fulfill his creator's legacy. Roger becomes suspicious and goes to Major Dastun to get some information on the man. It turns out he was a coworker of Amadeus named Giseng and the only survivor when Amadeus died in a mysterious accident at his house, an accident which tore the house in half. Roger goes out to look at the house with Dorothy and they discover that the only thing intact is a single piano. It is then that the earth begins to shake and Roger rushes outside to discover that Instro is piloting a giant robot with sonic weapons.
S01E07 The Call from the Past 10/04/2001 Episode begins, Roger and Angel are trapped in a building buried under the sea, one of a string apparently created by the Event. Three days earlier, Roger is trying to negotiate to bring down the price of fish for the people outside the domes. He learns that the reason fish is so expensive is because the fishermen won't go out to fish because they are scared of a sea titan in the water. To check out the claims, Roger finds a man who has built a submersible and tries to hire it, but is told it needs to charge up. While there, he sees the ‘servants of the sea titan', who are actually divers with masks and flippers, but they run away. When he returns later to use the sub, the owner tells him it has already been rented to a woman. Roger turns to find the woman is Angel, and before she can pull away, he manages to jump into the sub and they go down together. While exploring the city under the sea, they are attacked by the divers who place a bomb on the sub.
S01E08 Missing Cat 11/04/2001 A rich woman is killed and all that is found is some sort of blob in her pool. Dorothy discovers a cat in an alley and brings it home naming it Pero. Pero disturbs Roger's desk and Roger tries to get rid of it, but Dorothy refuses that, telling Roger to negotiate with the owners of Pero when they are found. When the owners come to them, they refuse to negotiate and demand the cat back. Dorothy is about to return it when a plane flies up to the balcony and takes Dorothy and Pero. The male owner identifies the pilot as Eugene before he is shot. Norman shoots at the plane but doesn't stop him. The plane flies away, while the woman begs for the return of her child Roy. Roger goes to Big Ear and is followed by Angel. Big Ear tells him Eugene is a genetic engineer, who killed the rich woman using her dog. Dorothy is taken through Eugene's plant and shown his gallery of horrifying creatures. Roger goes to Eugene's plant and Angel joins him. Angel tells Roger that Eugene was suppose to recreate rare animals for the profit of Paradigm but he double-crossed them.
S01E09 Beck Comes Back 12/04/2001 Episode begins with Beck being broken out of prison by a Megadeus. Then, Roger is hired by Mr. Wise, a rich industrialist, to negotiate for the return of his kidnapped son, Francis. After hanging up on the kidnappers, Roger is fired by Wise, only to be rehired when the ransom is paid and his son is not returned. The kidnappers call back, recognize Roger's voice and agree to return the son if Roger brings the ransom. Roger finds Francis at the cabin he was directed to, but the police arrive believing that Roger was the kidnapper. This was a setup by the real kidnapper, Beck, to get revenge on Roger (see Roger The Negotiator and Dorothy Dorothy). Roger escapes and goes back to Wise. Wise reveals that Francis is a bastard, fathered by Wise with a woman he met soon after the Event. The kidnappers know this and blackmailed the industrialist with the information for money and equipment. Tracking the shipments to a warehouse, Roger discovers Beck there.
S01E10 Winter Night Phantom 13/04/2001 Major Dastun has been having a recurring dream about a woman in white who is shot on a pier with her final words being ""Vous êtes si gentil."" The language has been long forgotten in Paradigm City, but it still seems familiar. At the same time, a toy robot crawls into a packed church and explodes. It is the latest in attacks by terrorists who are targeting retired city officials. A piece of the bomb is found to have the word 'Fin' written on it and when Dastun goes to investigate, he catches a glimpse of the woman in white. Afterward, Dastun goes to a committee meeting of the Paradigm Group and tells them that he thinks the attacks are being committed by someone from outside the city. They dismiss his suggestion. Alex Rosewater, the head of Paradigm, watches this and talking with Angel says he has no problem with the citizens learning there were foreigners in the city. Placed on suspension, Dastun tries to jog his memory of the woman in white, while more bombings occur.
S01E11 Daemonseed 16/04/2001 Dorothy is buying a tie for Roger at the department store in preparation for Heaven's Day. Roger snaps at her when he sees her and when he apologizes, he sees a saxophone player on the sidewalk whom he gives to generously. Later, at Roger's house, Norman explains Heaven's Day to Dorothy, one of the traditions being to give presents to those you love. When Dorothy asks Roger if he would be giving gifts to anyone, he becomes nervous and declares that he doesn't like the gift-giving. This causes Dorothy to storm out of the room. The saxophone player, Oliver, brings home some ham with the money Roger gave him and tells his blind girlfriend Laura that he would like to give her a good Heaven's Day gift. Roger consults Norman on Dorothy's reactions and Norman tells him that Dorothy's birthday is apparently on Heaven's Day. Roger asks about Dorothy's dress size and then rushes off to buy her a nice coat, which Oliver is also admiring but can't possibly afford.
S01E12 Enemy is Another Big 17/04/2001 Roger is hired by Alex Rosewater to deliver a very large severance check to Michael Seebach aka Schwartzvald. After accepting the assignment, Roger intercepts the police radio about a new Megadeus which has appeared at JFK Mark. He goes there as Big O and is confronted by a Megadeus swaddled in bandages and controlled by Schwartzvald. The Megadei begin to battle with Schwartzvald's Megadeus wrapping Big O in his bandages. Roger fights back, burning away the bandages to reveal another Big O unharmed. The robot then vanishes, leaving only a bandage to fall from the sky. Back at his house, Angel calls Roger to give him Schwartzvald's whereabouts. Roger follows the directions to find that Schwartzvald is throwing a masquerade party. Roger talks to Schwartzvald, who is dressed as a clown, and who uses the partygoers as an example of the corruption of the city. When Roger hands over the check, Schwartzvald burns it and the masks of the partygoers burst into flame.
S01E13 RD 18/04/2001 The episode begins with a mysterious woman in a red cloak and hood murdering several people, leaving behind only the phrase, ""Cast In The Name Of Good Ye Not Guilty."" This is the phrase shown on Big O when activated. One of the dead is a dancer named Ellen Weight, a client of Roger's who had memories from before the Event, despite being far too young. It turns out that all of those murdered had similar memories. Roger himself is having dreams about walking along a tunnel with tracks and being engulfed in flames. He also sees burning books and brainwashed children. While visiting Ellen's apartment, he recognizes a building from his dream in a picture. Roger goes to inspect the building and is confronted by Angel, who tells him that the city doesn't think he is using Big O responsibly. She leaves a book called Metropolis for him, and Roger tracks down the author, a G. Rosewater, at a farm outside the city. Roger believes that Rosewater had run a program to implant pre-Event memories into children.
S02E01 Roger the Wanderer 03/08/2003 Roger Smith takes on the three foreign MegaDeuses, as well as the demons in his own mind. The battles he fights, both internal and external, will change Paradigm City forever.
S02E02 Negotiations with the Dead 10/08/2003 Roger is hired by a woman to protect her husband, a retired Senator, from an assassin. Apparently, the assassin is working for the same people who controlled the ""mad bomber"" from Act:10 ""Winter Night Phantom"" and the murderous android in Act:13 ""R-D"".
S02E03 Day of the Advent 17/08/2003 An unknown object crashes to Earth inside Paradigm City. While the general populace takes it as a good sign, Roger Smith isn't so sure, especially when he is hired to perform a very unusual Negotiation--one that will bring him into direct conflict with Paradigm CEO Alex Rosewater.
S02E04 Leviathan 24/08/2003 Schwartzvald rears his bandaged head again, and a new MegaDeus threatens Paradigm City. Business as usual? Roger Smith sure doesn't think so.
S02E05 The Greatest Villain 31/08/2003 When Beck kidnaps Roger Smith, R. Dorothy must take the case. Prepare yourself for R. Dorothy Waynewright...the Negotiator. Paradigm City will never be the same.
S02E06 Eyewitness 07/09/2003 Someone is killing androids in Paradigm City. After several attacks, Paradigm HQ dispatches a special agent to assist in the case: Freddy O'Reilly. But Freddy is an android himself. He and Dastun have an uneasy working relationship. When Dorothy is targeted, she manages to avoid being destroyed and is taken in for police questioning.
S02E07 Stripes 14/09/2003 Roger is still having strange flashbacks. He can only assume that they are memories, but he's not quite sure. Frustrated, he returns to visit Gordon Rosewater, the man who built Paradigm City, on his farm. Gordon only offers vague platitudes and cryptic responses, until he gives Roger one very important clue.
S02E08 The Third Big 21/09/2003 Roger Smith & Dan Dastun race to R. Dorothy's aid, while Alex Rosewater finally unveils ""Big Fau"". But can he control the power of a MegaDeus once it is unleashed?
S02E09 Hydra 28/09/2003 Roger is unsympathetic to Alex's problems. Alex pushes his science group to reactivate the Big Fau. Underground tremors and a power outage draw attention to these tests, and the union spy Vera unleashes a three-headed giant electric eel. Once again, Roger and the Big O find themselves facing a giant monster to protect all of Paradigm City.
S02E10 Twisted Memories 05/10/2003 Beck!!!!! I love it when that guy shows up; it makes me feel all alliterative inside. Let's see... Beck's back, with an army of annoying android assassins [oh yeah, it's gonna be one of *those* episodes]. Alex Rosewater deals with his Daddy Issues in a very negative way [so long, Amber Waves of Grain(tm)], while at the same using Beck to kidnap R. Dorothy. And we're just gettin' warmed up...
S02E11 The Big Fight 12/10/2003 Roger Smith and Big O slug it out with Alan Gabriel and ""Big Duo Inferno"" (hereafter referred to simply as ""Big Duo""), while Alex Rosewater uses R. Dorothy's Memories to complete Big Fau. And the Union is still out there...
S02E12 The War of Paradigm City 19/10/2003 When high-altitude bombing levels Paradigm City, Alex Rosewater proclaims his ""New Order"". Meanwhile, Roger Smith and Angel uncover the soul-shattering secrets behind the Event, and the founding of Paradigm City.
S02E13 The Show Must Go On 02/11/2003 From the cover of ""Scientific American"", August 2003... ""ARE YOU A HOLOGRAM? (Quantum physics says the entire universe might be)"" Now just imagine if that was really the case, and you'll have ""The Show Must Go On"" in a nutshell, which is apparently where Paradigm City has been all these years. As for the rest... R. Dorothy rises from her deathbed, thanks (in part) to Beck. Roger Smith and Alex Rosewater stage the Showdown of the Century, while Gordon Rosewater shows Angel her true destiny. Oh, and that little prank by Adult Swim? We are not amused.
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