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Setting is the 1870s in California's gorgeous San Joaquin Valley, The Big Valley is the story of Stockton's richest and most powerful family, The Barkley's. Lead by the family matriarch and widow Victoria Barkley, they live on the Barkley Ranch managing their cattle herd, mines, citrus groves and logging camps. Victoria's four adult brood consists of her two sons Jarrod and Nick, daughter Audra and step-son Heath. Jarrod, a prominent lawyer, handles all of the families legal issues and manages his two law offices in Stockton and San Francisco. Nick, a strong built rancher, physically manages the family's holdings. Nick is aggressive, out-spoken and at times hot-headed. Victoria's youngest child is her beautiful daughter Audra. Audra is protected by all of the family members. Audra is very sensitive, caring, loves horses, and is a very talented rider. Heath, Victoria's step-son, helps Nick manage the family's processions.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Big Valley

S01E01 Palms of Glory 15/09/1965 In this series premiere, the railroad has hired men to force the farmers and ranchers of Stockton off their land. The Barkleys join with the rest of the valley to help fight them off. While at home an angry young man, Heath, shows up claimimg to be the deceased Tom Barkleys' illegitimate son.
S01E02 Forty Rifles 22/09/1965 While preparing for a major cattle drive bunching the Barkley's herd with those of other ranchers, Heath has major difficulties being accepted as a Barkley, especially by the ranch hands. Then when Nick's former commander in the war comes to visit, Heath is suspicious of him, and with good reason. He is there to cause trouble and steal the herd!! Nick ends up getting shot while on the drive and has to be taken to town, leaving Heath in charge of the drive. Heath ends up saving the day, and finally the hands begin to accept him as a true Barkley.
S01E03 Boots with My Father's Name 29/09/1965 Victoria begins to wonder if Tom ever truly loved her, if he could go off and have an affair which produces a child. So she's off to Heath's hometown Strawberry to find out more about Tom and Leah's (Heath's mother) relationship.
S01E04 Young Marauders 06/10/1965 Audra is save by a man who claims to be a mustang hunter, but who's band of mustangers are also extorting protection money from the farmers and ranchers of Stockon. While Audra is smitten with him her brothers are suspicious, and soon find out the truth. Which Audra does as well. . .after she is kidnapped by them.
S01E05 The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner 13/10/1965 Victoria sells land to an old friend, while the Barkley boys are part of a plan to flood it!!!
S01E06 Heritage 20/10/1965 While Heath investigates violence at one of the Barkley mines, he discovers that the miners hate the Barkley's for unkept promises. This discovered they work to set things right before anything else happens.
S01E07 Winner Lose All 27/10/1965 Heath falls for a beautiful spanish girl, whose father happens to be involved in a land dispute with the Barkleys! Her father disapproves of Heath because of his illegitamate birth, picturing a much finer bred man for his only daughter. He sets about using the land problems to break them apart.
S01E08 My Son, My Son 03/11/1965 An old childhood friend of Audra's returns whom she'd like to be involved with. She doesn't know however that he is emotionally disturbed, dangerously so.
S01E09 Earthquake! 10/11/1965 Victoria is in a mission church with a pregnant indian woman, when an earthquake collapses it into a forgotten mine underneath. As if the situation isn't isn't bad enough. . they are also trapped with a man whom Nick had fired and who now has a serious grudge against the Barkleys.
S01E10 The Murdered Party 17/11/1965 Jarrod defends a man accused of murder, even though the only witness is his own brother, Heath!!
S01E11 The Way to Kill a Killer 24/11/1965 When one of Nick's old friends, Mariano Montoya, comes through town on his way to sell his cattle, trouble hits in the form of deadly anthrax. The man's cattle begin to die off and it seems as though they will have to shoot them all, killing as well Mariano's dreams for the money. Until Eugene tells them of something called immunization, which he believes will work. Mariano isn't so sure however and tells them that to prove it works, the Barkleys must first try it on their own prize bull!The bull collapses and it looks as though it has been killed but then it moves and gets up, it works!! Mariano's herd is saved!
S01E12 Night of the Wolf 01/12/1965 When Nick is bitten by a rabid wolf, he makes Heath swear not to say a word, and leaves town so his family will not have to witness what will happen to him.
S01E13 The Guilt of Matt Bentell 08/12/1965 When the Barkleys invite the foreman of their logging operations to dinner, Heath walks in and tries to kill the man on sight. It turns out that the man is Matt Bentell, the warden of violent, horrible Carterson Prison, where Heath was held during the war. A man whom he had sworn to kill if he ever saw him again. The family comes up with the brilliant idea to send Heath up to the logging camp with the man to help with the building of log flumes, and to protect the man whose identity has been brought into the open. Heath ends up saving his life and learns that people can change.
S01E14 The Brawlers 15/12/1965 A group of irish immigrants settle down on Barkley land, believing that they bought the land legally. Nick, along with the others at first, believes they are merely squatters. They, however, refuse to believe that the land does not belong to them.
S01E15 Judgement in Heaven 22/12/1965 Jarrod decides to bring home one of his clients, a young woman named Maybelle, for Christmas. Her accused crime aiding and abbetting her outlaw boyfriend, a boyfriend who recently escaped from jail and is now looking for Maybelle.
S01E16 The Invaders 29/12/1965 While out counting cattle Heath comes across a dead animal. When he gets down off of his horse to investigate, he is shot by the same rawhiders who killed the cow. When they realize that he is still alive, they decide to take him back to the ranch for a finder's ""reward"". Once there they find that all of the other men are gone for at least a week, leaving the house and all within ripe for the picking.
S01E17 By Fires Unseen 05/01/1966 Nick returns from a trip from San Francisco with a big surprise. . . a fiance!! While he is completely smitten with her, the rest of the family isn't so quickly won over. They see the truth, that she's just not ready to leave behind the life of parties and numerous suitors, to which she has become accustomed.
S01E18 A Time to Kill 19/01/1966 Jarrod is happy to see an old law school friend. . until he learns there is a secret service agent on his tail. It seems everywhere he goes counterfeit money follows, and Jarrod is determined to find out what's going on with his old friend.
S01E19 Teacher of Outlaws 02/02/1966 Mistaken for the schoolteacher, Victoria is kidnapped by an outlaw who wishes to learn to read.
S01E20 Under a Dark Star 09/02/1966 A guilt ridden Jarrod offers to help a man that he helped to convict of a crime that Jarrod now knows that he did not commit. Even though the man threatened to kill Jarrod at the trial.
S01E21 Barbary Red 16/02/1966 While having a birthday drink at The Barbary Red saloon with two of his ranch hands, Nick is shanghaied.
S01E22 The Death Merchant 23/02/1966 Handy Random, theman who killed the man that killed Tom Barkley, comes to Stockton. It's a happy reunion for all but Heath who hates the man, and for good reason. Everywhere he goes he starts range wars to profit from them.
S01E23 The Fallen Hawk 02/03/1966 Heath feels that his friend's injury and paralysis is his fault, and ends up being used by the man.
S01E24 Hazard 09/03/1966 A man comes to the ranch looking for Heath and gets shot by bounty hunters. It turns out he's not a friend of Heath's like he stated, in fact Heath has sworn to kill him himself.
S01E25 Into the Widow's Web 23/03/1966 Heath's childhood sweetheart Libby suddenly reappears in his life, bringing nothing but trouble.He ends up thrown in jail, accused of the murder of Liberty's drunken husband, by the new D.A. who's out to prove that the Barkleys power and money can't buy everything. It's a race to prove Heath's innocence and save him from a fate at the end of a rope!!
S01E26 By Force and Violence 30/03/1966 When Victoria and Heath head up to the lodge to prepare things for the whole family, their pleasant ride turns into a nightmare. After becoming stuck in a muddy section of road, Heath gets out to help push, only to have the axle break and the heavily loaded wagon fall on him. Unable to free him herself, Victoria sets out to find help. She soon finds that the only person able to help is an escaped convict with bounty hunters on his tail, and no intentions of stopping to help anyone.
S01E27 The River Monarch 06/04/1966 When a riverboat belonging to the the Barkleys, which sank years before taking with it a fortune in government gold, is recovered, the gold is nowhere to be found. Rumors and accusations soon fly, that it was Tom Barkley who stole the gold and sank the boat to cover it up. An investigation follows which seems to prove that Tom was guilty, a fact that could cost the Barkleys their fortune!!!
S01E28 The Midas Man 13/04/1966 Audra falls for a man out to make money off the other ranchers in the valley, by taking their land.
S01E29 Tunnel of Gold 20/04/1966 Some men try to dig a tunnel from a general store to the train depot next door, to steal the Barkley's gold shipment.
S01E30 Last Train to the Fair 27/04/1966 While on their way to the fair in Sacremento, Audra is stricken with a severe case of appendicitis. Fortunately there is a doctor on board, unfortunately he is being chased down by men who wish to see him hang.
S02E01 Lost Treasure 12/09/1966 A con man comes claiming to be Heath's real father, not Tom Barkley.
S02E02 Legend of a General (1) 19/09/1966 Part 1, Heath is down in Mexico where an old friend of the family escapes arrest, fleeing to the Barkley ranch. Heath is imprisoned to be held in exchange for the general.
S02E03 Legend of a General (2) 26/09/1966 Nick and Jarrod head to Mexico to break out Heath, who has already broken out and been recaptured.
S02E04 Caesar's Wife 03/10/1966 An old friend of Audra's has a new , very young, stepmother who likes him as more than a son, and is jealous of Audra.
S02E05 Pursuit 10/10/1966 Victoria heads alone into the desert to find a sick indian before he reaches, and infects, his people.
S02E06 The Martyr 17/10/1966 Jarrod defends a Basque sheepherder.
S02E07 Target 31/10/1966 A candidate for governor, Joshua Hawks, who had been traveling up and down California spreading lies and causing trouble, comes to Stockton.His target this time, The Barkleys, his story, that Tom Barkley stole every inch of land that they own. He chose the wrong family to mess with this time though, because the Barkleys don't lie down for anyone they come out fighting. Against the wishes of his campain manager, the man who fabricated the story, he decides to, foolishly, stay and fight. Jarrod decides not to bring about a libel charge against Hawks, knowing that it would only result in a long drawn out court battle. Instead he asks the senator to form a committee of four men to decide on the case. Hawks cooks up a scheme to murder the committee and blame it on the Barkleys, he even kills his campaign manager when he decides to leave him, after he has found out Hawks' plan. The plan backfires however and Hawks' ends up getting himself killed instead. In the end The Barkleys get the good
S02E08 The Velvet Trap 07/11/1966 A woman asks Nick for help, pretending to be on the run from her former outlaw boyfriend. It turns out that she was with him all along, and was merely using Nick.
S02E09 The Man from Nowhere 14/11/1966 Jarrod gets amnesia while far from home.
S02E10 The Great Safe Robbery 21/11/1966 Bumbling thieves hold Victoria and Audra hostage as they try to open a safe at the train station.
S02E11 The Iron Box 28/11/1966 While in a strange town, Heath and Nick buy a bull from a man who turns around and has them arrested for stealing it. The sherrif catches up to them while they sit around their campfire, and a fight ensues in which Heath badly burns his leg in the fire. The crooked sheriff takes them to a road gang prison to await trail. . .in a few months!! The cruel warden refuses to allow Heath a doctor and makes him work alongside the others. They soon find out the real reason that innocent drifters are arrested and imprisoned, free work labour for the man whom the Barkley brothers had bought the bull from. Meanwhile, at home Jarrod has found out what has happened to his brothers and heads out after them. Arriving at the prison he demands to see them and when the warden refuses he threatens him with legal action if he is not allowed to see his clients. After he speaks with them he rides off to find the circuit judge. Getting scared that the truth will come out now that he realizes who he's dealing
S02E12 Last Stage to Salt Flats 05/12/1966 Heath and companions are stranded in the desert, miles from civilization or water!!!!
S02E13 A Day of Terror 12/12/1966 Victoria and Audra are held captive in the church by an outlaw and her sons.
S02E14 Hide The Children 19/12/1966 Nick accompanies a gypsy to her wedding.
S02E15 Day of the Comet 26/12/1966 Audra falls in love with a man on the run.
S02E16 Wagonload of Dreams 02/01/1967 A man tries to get his peaches to market.
S02E17 Image of Yesterday 09/01/1967 An old beau of Victoria's comes to town, but he is not the man she remembers.
S02E18 Boy into Man 16/01/1967 15-year-old Lud Akely is determined to take care of his younger siblings without any help from the Barkleys, who are trying to help find the mother who abandoned them.
S02E19 Down Shadow Street 23/01/1967 Victoria witnesses a murder, committed by her godson, and is thrown in a sanitarium to prevent her testimony.
S02E20 The Stallion 30/01/1967 An old ranch hand tries to prove he is still useful, by capturing a wild stallion . . . alone.
S02E21 The Haunted Gun 06/02/1967 Gunman turned senator Jud Robson comes to Stockton, and soon begins to say he is being stalked. The main problem with his story, he is suspicious of EVERYONE.
S02E22 Price of Victory 13/02/1967 Nick manages an injured boxer, in his last fight.
S02E23 Brother Love 20/02/1967 A fake faith healer comes to Stockton.
S02E24 Court Martial 06/03/1967 An old war friend of Nick's is being courtmartialed, along with Nick himself!
S02E25 Plunder! 13/03/1967 Heath is sent to protect an evacuated town.
S02E26 Turn of a Card 20/03/1967 Heath travels to bring his brothers money for a water pump, but a gambler wants to relieve him of it.
S02E27 Showdown in Limbo 27/03/1967 Heath and company transport a wanted outlaw and must fight off his brother.
S02E28 The Lady from Mesa 03/04/1967 Nick goes to find the daughter of a seriously injured ranch hand, with unexpected results.
S02E29 Days of Grace 17/04/1967 Heath is wrongfully arrested for attempted rape, and is helped by a nun who used to be his girlfriend.
S02E30 Cage of Eagles 24/04/1967 Nick captures an eagle, and a dynamiter causes trouble at a Barkley mine.
S03E01 Joaquin 11/09/1967 A man is hired at the ranch who is believed to be a Mexican outlaw thought long dead.
S03E02 Ambush 18/09/1967 Victoria helps three indian women at a desert mission.
S03E03 A Flock of Trouble 25/09/1967 To pay off a gambling debt, sheepherder Josiah Freeman pawns off his flock on Nick, who stubbornly tries to tend the troublesome sheep — despite insults and threats from his fellow cattlemen
S03E04 The Time after Midnight 02/10/1967 Jarrod is temporarily blinded.
S03E05 Night in a Small Town 09/10/1967 Heath and family help a wayward saloon girl.
S03E06 Ladykiller 16/10/1967 Nick stops at an inn where they kill people for their money.
S03E07 Guilty 30/10/1967 A client of Jarrod's escapes and takes over the schoolhouse where Audra is substitute teacher.
S03E08 The Disappearance 06/11/1967 While on a layover in a strange town, Audra disappears without a trace, leaving her desperate mother to find her.
S03E09 A Noose is Waiting 13/11/1967 A deranged doctor moves to town and makes Victoria, then Audra, his next victim.
S03E10 Explosion (1) 20/11/1967 Part 1, A forest fire rages drawing closer to Stockton. The only solution, a firebreak made with nitroglyceryn!!
S03E11 Explosion (2) 27/11/1967 Part2, The Barkley boys volunteer to take the nitro to the fire!!
S03E12 Four Days to Furnace Hill 04/12/1967 Victoria is grabbed by men on their way to a prison, who need to replace the female prisoner they killed.
S03E13 Night of the Executioners 11/12/1967 While traveling through a strange town, a murder occurs and an innocent man is accused of it. Heath saw the man who really committed the crime, a fact which gets him more trouble than he bargained for.
S03E14 Journey into Violence 18/12/1967 Accused of killing one of their people, a band of ""religious"" take Heath captive, where he is forced to work as a slave to the widow of the dead man.
S03E15 The Buffalo Man 25/12/1967 The Barkleys hire a bunch of convicts to help with a harvest, and find out that they are tormented by an evil overseer.
S03E16 The Good Thieves 01/01/1968 Heath and Nick travel across the state line to find the two brothers that shot Jarrod in the midst of a robbery. What they find is a town full of people who think of the outlaws as saints, since they're the ones who built the town. In the end the town finds out their true colors and they are brought to justice.
S03E17 Days of Wrath 08/01/1968 After his new bride is murdered, a grief stricken Jarrod goes out for revenge.
S03E18 Miranda 15/01/1968 When the Barkleys meet a Mexican fleeing a revolution, they vow to help protect him
S03E19 Shadow of a Giant 29/01/1968 When the Stryder gang escapes, Heath and Nick want to help catch them
S03E20 Fall of a Hero 05/02/1968 Jarod defends Heath in court when he is accused of murder.
S03E21 The Emperor of Rice 12/02/1968 A couple kidnap Victoria in exchange for rice
S03E22 Rimfire 19/02/1968 When Jarod goes to Rimfire to conclude a merge of two mines, trouble starts.
S03E23 Bounty on a Barkley 26/02/1968 Nick falls for newcomer Layle Johnson, who is slow to respond to his attentions. Victoria discovers why - she's already married!
S03E24 The Devil's Masquerade 04/03/1968 A friend of Heath's has been carrying on a correspondence courtship with a woman who is to be his mail-order bride.
S03E25 Run of the Savage 11/03/1968 Nick sets out to emotionally help a 14 year old boy who is rejected by his high-class parents.
S03E26 The Challenge 18/03/1968 When a senator arrives in Stockton to promote his re-election, troubles flare when his opponent releases a fraudulent photo.
S04E01 In Silent Battle 23/09/1968 Victoria's first clue of Major Jonathan Eliot's mental imbalance is when he proposes to Laura.
S04E02 They Called Her Delilah 30/09/1968 One of the former confederate spies arrives in Stockton.
S04E03 Presumed Dead 07/10/1968 When a Cattle Rancher suffers amnesia, he believes that Victoria is his Wife.
S04E04 Run of the Cat 21/10/1968 After a panther nearly kills Nick, he wants revenge.
S04E05 Deathtown 28/10/1968 When Jarrod visits Baker City, he gets involved in a Mexican Marital mix-up.
S04E06 The Jonah 11/11/1968 The Barkleys hire a man famous for his bad luck to help harvest their crops.
S04E07 Hell Hath No Fury 18/11/1968 When Heath falls in love with a woman, he doesn't realize how dangerous she is, and what could happen to him.
S04E08 The Long Ride 25/11/1968 A young girl witnesses a massacre, and is now being stalked. Victoria must stop this before it is too late.
S04E09 The Profit and the Lost 02/12/1968 When Heath kills someone in self-defense, he becomes a wanted man
S04E10 A Stranger Everywhere 09/12/1968 When Jennie's house is ransacked by three gunmen, Nick realises his practical joke wasn't so great after all!
S04E11 The Prize 16/12/1968 When Heath is asked to look after a wanted man's baby, he gets himself into trouble.
S04E12 Hunter's Moon 30/12/1968 Nick is believed to be having an affair with a man's wife, and the man plans to hang Nick in the morning
S04E13 Top of the Stairs 06/01/1969 Victoria learns that her brother-in-law has been declared insane.
S04E14 Joshua Watson 20/01/1969 Everyone has lost their patience even before the annual rodeo has begun
S04E15 The Secret 27/01/1969 A wealthy and powerful rancher moves into Stockton to ruin the Barkley enterprises. His motive: intense hatred of Jarrod, who he thinks is having an affair with his young wife.
S04E16 The Twenty-five Graves of Midas 03/02/1969 Someone has robbed the Dutton Mining Company, and Heath is taking the blame.
S04E17 Lightfoot 17/02/1969 An indian friend returns to Stockton
S04E18 Alias Nellie Handley 24/02/1969 The prison conditions worry Victoria
S04E19 The Royal Road 03/03/1969 When a prince from India comes to Stockton, Laura falls in love with him. However, the prince is an imposter.
S04E20 A Passage of Saints 10/03/1969 Bigots harass a Mormon family who have rented a house from Jarrod.
S04E21 The Battle of Mineral Springs 24/03/1969 Victoria and Jarod spend the night in a town which has seen better days
S04E22 The Other Face of Justice 31/03/1969 The formar Sheriff of Stockton is the leader of a gang gone on a killing spree.
S04E23 Town of No Exit 07/04/1969 A ghost town is inhabited by lunatics who capture Heath.
S04E24 Danger Road 21/04/1969 Victoria has Edward deliver her medical supplies to the indians
S04E25 Flight from San Miguel 28/04/1969 A woman asks Heath to convince her rebel Mexican husband to leave Mexico
S04E26 Point and Counterpoint 19/05/1969 The final episode of The Big Valley