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The hit show 'The Biggest Loser' comes to Australia, taking the country by storm. Hosted by Ajay Rochester - who herself has halved her body weight. Overweight contestants battle not only for the 200 000 prize, but for their lives, their health and their futures. Full of twists and turns, 'The Biggest Loser' takes viewers on a whirlwind experience of weight loss, determination and emotion.


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S01E01 Episode 1 13/02/2006 The twelve contestants enter the house and absolutely love it. However, soon they realize there's no furniture. Two big trucks arrive and the contestants have to assemble the house! Later, called into a separate room, filled with delicious food, the contestants are given one last 'meal' before commencing, after which contestants suffer their first ever weigh in, with heartbreaking results.Bob and Jillian arrive to pick their teams.
S01E02 Episode 2 14/02/2006 With Red and Blue teams decided with a flip of a coin, Jillian sits her Reds down to have a one on one chat. Meanwhile, Bob and his Blue team relax on the lawn before engaging in a military style work out, pushing his team to breaking point.With the first challenge looming, Reds and Blues go head to head - the losers having to be the other teams slaves for a day.
S01E03 Episode 3 15/02/2006 After losing their first challenge, Blues are forced to endure the smug Reds as they slave for them for a day. Later both teams are driven to a secret location, where Ajay greets the teams and reveals their first temptation - with immunity up for grabs. Everyone in the red team steps up for temptation except Shane, whereby the Blues are united and avoid temptation.The next day, with their trainers unhappy from the results of the tempation, teams are woken at 6:30am for their first of many early morning work outs.
S01E04 Episode 4: Challenge #1 16/02/2006 Before the challenge, panic ran rife through the contestants as on out of breath Ruth thought she was pregnant. Given the all clear by doctors, Ruth returns to training and vows go harder. The following day, contestants are transported to North Sydney pool where Ajsy informs them they are about to embark on their first challenge - a race to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge, where the losers will face a 3 kilo penalty. The winning team will be rewarded a choice of either a delicious lunch at Aqua Dining or a training session in the pool. As Reds and Blues compete for the first time, all have their eyes on the reward - but who will fail to make it to the top?
S01E05 Episode 5: Weigh-In #1 17/02/2006 Losing the challenge to the Blue team, Reds enjoy train hard in the pool, while Blues dine in style.Victory however, is short lived as contestants are forced into an intense last mintue training session before their first weigh in.With expectations high, the contestants face the scales for the first time since they entered the house.Who's hard work will pay off and who could be going home if their team fails to win weigh in.
S01E06 Episode 6: Elimination #1 20/02/2006 It's elimination time and the Red team must decide who is their weakest link. With David being held responsible for losing the challenge, will he be the first to go?
S01E07 Episode 7: Challenge #2 21/02/2006 With some inpsiration from the American biggest losers, they contestants are pumped as they prepare for another challenge - with a twist. With numbers uneven Reds and Blues battle to decide who will be left out of the major challenge, with the added incentive that whoever wins will receive a professional massage.Can the Reds bounce back after elimination, or are the Blues just too strong?
S01E08 Episode 8 22/02/2006 Jillian gathers her team together to tell them some devasting news - Bob has to go back to the states as his mother passed away from a massive heart attack. While he's away, both teams work together, with mixed emotions. As a reward for their outstanding group effort, the contestants are allowed to make a ten-minute phone call to their loved ones.
S01E09 Episode 9 23/02/2006 With both teams working together, Jillian pushes the contestants to breaking point, punishing some for the failures of others. Blues strive forward, doing their best for their missing trainer. The following day, contestants arrive at the Oran Raceway, where they are faced with two enormous Mack trucks. AJay explains that each team had to pull a truck 400 metres to the finish line, with one week jacuzzi experiance for the winning team and the right to choose a member of the blue team to sit out of the next weigh-in.Will the Blue team break their losing streak? Or will the effect of the loss of their trainer affect results? Only time will tell.
S01E10 Episode 10: Weigh-In #2 24/02/2006 Beaming from their win, Blues enjoy the jacuzzi while Reds scramble to get their focus back. With both teams training hard for their last chance work out, the embattled Reds push themselvezs to the limits, but is it enough to beat the Blues this week? Or is another Red about to be cut?
S01E11 Episode 11: Elimination #2 27/02/2006 It's great news for everyone as Bob returns from the US. However, the elation is short lived as Reds face elimination ... with betrayal and heart ache for the eliminated contestant.
S01E12 Episode 12 28/02/2006 The two teams arrive at Aussie Stadium, where Ajay inform them they are going to battle it out in soccer for a prize that everyone wants. As both teams get together and think of plans and strategies, they are joined by Mark Rudan and Dwight York from the Sydney FC. Each professional takes a team and they give the contestants soccer tips. For the winners, the chance to chose a Blue to even numbers, for the losers, the possibility of losing their biggest loser. With Wal on the outer in the Blue team, will Reds use that to their advantage or are other factors at play?
S01E13 Episode 13 01/03/2006 After their stunning win - thanks to Adro's winning goal - the Red team celebrate victory of winning Wal over. Celebrations are short lived however, when training and temptation just around the corner.
S01E14 Episode 14 02/03/2006 This week's challenge sees the contestants faced with the daunting task of rolling bundles of hay through a winding 500m course. With Wal keen to prove his place in the Red team, and a weigh in advantage at stake, the contestants face off like never before.
S01E15 Episode 15 03/03/2006 Last minute training sees the contestants scramble to loose that extra little bit that could push their team over the line. ''With their biggest loser now on the Reds, can Blues continue their wining streak - or it is time for them to face their first elimination?
S01E16 Episode 16 06/03/2006 After losing the weigh in, Blues must now face elimination. With the alliance of Artie, Fiona and Tracy so strong, is anyone safe? ''
S01E17 Episode 17 07/03/2006 After losing Cat to elimination, the teams are shocked t discover their kitchen cupboard locked and only take away menu on offer. With a chance to demonstrate how much they've learnt about food intake, the contestants leap into the task wholeheartedly. But what will their trainers say of their choices? Have the contestants really learnt anything? or are some bad habits just too hard to break?''
S01E18 Episode 18 08/03/2006 With the Tracy, Artie, Fiona alliance so strong, they set their sights on eliminating Harry should they lose the next weigh in, despite him being the overall biggest weight loser. Later that day, both teams face another chocolaty temptation, but this time not for immunity, but for a DVD containing messages from their loved ones. As all miss their loved ones, all succumb to the temptation, basking afterwards in the messages. That is until Bob and Jillian find out
S01E19 Episode 19 09/03/2006 The contestants are brought to the local sports stadium where they find Ajay and a huge stand of seats. Ajay informs the teams there are 68 stairs from top to bottom and that there will be a race. Already dreading the climb, Ajay then adds, each team will have to run the stairs 100 times and the team who completes it first will win the challenge and digital camera for all involved in the win. With Red numbers uneven, Wal is forced to sit out, can the absence of Wal change the Blue teams fate? Or are Reds powerful enough to do it without him?
S01E20 Episode 20 10/03/2006 All contestants scramble to shed that little bit more as weigh in looms. With the alliance of Tracy, Fiona and Artie, what is the fate of Harry should they loose?
S01E21 Episode 21 13/03/2006 With the Blue team losing the weigh in, they must now face elimination. Can the outnumbered Harry make a last stand to save himself or is it all over for the Blues current biggest loser?
S01E22 Episode 22 14/03/2006 At the half way point of the competition the contestants are lined up in front of Ajay, expecting the next challenge but instead receive a DVD covering everything they've been through so far. In the biggest twist yet, teams where told they are no longer blue versus red, now it's player versus player and immunity has never been more sought after.
S01E23 Episode 23 15/03/2006 The contestants are taken to the Hilton Hotel to play an elimination card game. The winner gets to choose his/her training/challenge partner first. Will this have an impact on immunity?
S01E24 Episode 24 16/03/2006 Contestants are walked through bush land before facing the ever tricky Ajay - who informs them they have to build their own raft, with hints from a piece of paper. They then have carry it to the pond and paddle 1km to the finish line - with the losing duo suffering a 2 kilo penalty.
S01E25 Episode 25 17/03/2006 Now down to individual weight loss, the contestants must stay above the yellow line to be safe.
S01E26 Episode 26 20/03/2006 That dreaded time of the week is here again were all of the contestants enter the elimination room and decide who will be eliminated. However, there is a twist, it's a double eviction; one duo team will be eliminated. Will their 2 kg penalty cost Artie and Tracy their places in the competition?
S01E27 Episode 27 21/03/2006 The contestants are taken to a photo studio where they all get new hair styles, get fitted into brand new clothes and given a makeover with professional makeup artists. They then pose for the camera and are given just a glimpse of their new look. Shane also decides to give his beard a cut. The contestants are taken on yet another excursion to a running track. There, they meet AJ and she tells them to run around the track ten times. On the final lap, all of the contestants are wondering what awaits them at the finish line. Wal runs in first and discovers that there are six tables piled with fatty foods. AJ tells them which table each person should stand in front of and then says, 'We have weighed all of the food in front of you and calculated that the amount of fatty food in front of you is how much weight you have lost so far.' Of course everyone is shocked and disgusted by how much food they ate prior to entering The Biggest Loser.
S01E28 Episode 28 22/03/2006 The contestants are training in the gym up until AJ invites them to the 'temptation' room. The temptation for today is cupcakes. As usual, Fiona went for immunity, but Adro decided that he wasn't going to be below the yellow line and disgustingly ate eleven cupcakes. When they got back to the lounge room, they told Bob and Jillian what happened. Bob and Jillian were furious with Adro.
S01E29 Episode 29 23/03/2006 Contestants are driven out to some sand dunes for their latest challenge, where they must race up the largest sand dune, down it, up it again, back down and then up once more. For the winner, the chance to chose any contestant to weigh in 24 hours earlier than all the others. With Wal's sights set on Shane, could this cause the game's biggest upset so far?
S01E30 Episode 30 24/03/2006 Wal chose Shane (his biggest competitor) to weigh-in early, so Wal was quite confident. With so much at stake, both Ruth and Wal fell below the yellow line. Is this the end of Wal?
S01E31 Episode 31 27/03/2006 With Wal as the biggest threat, will Ruth survive another week in the house or can Wal hold on one last time?
S01E32 Episode 32 28/03/2006 Instead of going on an excursion for their challenge, the contestants will do it right in the backyard. When they meet AJ, they also see five piles of bricks. "In front of each of you is a 1t pile of bricks. Your task for today is to carry them 30m ahead of you and make a neat pile like this one," instructs AJ. The winner of this task will receive a $1000 Bunnings Warehouse voucher and the loser will be isolated in their room. With Wal out of the house, just about anyone could win. Adro thought he was winning the entire time, but he was wrong because Christie cleverly disguised her pile so it looked like she had a long way to go. Soon enough, her pile disappeared and she won. Ruth came last and therefore will be isolated in her room.
S01E33 Episode 33 29/03/2006 This is yet another temptation where all the remaining contestants attend except Ruth because she is isolated in her room for coming last in yesterdays challenge. Adro, Fiona and Kristie decide to go for the temptation, but Shane stands strong and isn't going to let the smell of the delicious Chinese food carry him away. At the end, Kristie wins immunity.
S01E34 Episode 34 30/03/2006 There was a special competition. In the first round, all of the contestants were blindfolded and put into a 3D maze. The first person to come out would win a 1kg advantage at the next weigh-in. Only the first three to exit would move on to the second and final round. Kristie came first and cleverly guided Fiona and Ruth (her smallest threats) through so it would be easier for her to win. They were then taken to a 10m rock-climbing wall. Whoever reached the top first would win an amazing Jet Ski valued at over $15 000. Ruth couldn't pull herself up so she gave up. Kristie was winning the whole time until she fell a few meters, then Fiona took the lead and won.
S01E35 Episode 35 31/03/2006 Kristie was feeling confident as she put on 5.7kg of water weight by water-loading because she had immunity, and figured she would then lose a lot of (water) weight the next week. She believed it was her only chance to get into the final three. Ruth lost a low 1.7kg, Shane lost 5.7kg, Adro lost 2.7kg and Fiona lost an extremely low 0.3kg (though she had the 1 kg advantage to bring her up to 1.3 kg.) Later that night, Adro and Kristie spoke about how they should vote off Ruth as she is a larger threat and she doesn't deserve to be here, but Adro doesn't seem to agree with Kristie's comments.
S01E36 Episode 36 03/04/2006 Fiona packed her things and got ready to leave, but there was a twist. Kristie voted for Ruth in the elimination room because she knew that Ruth was a larger threat than Fiona. Shane followed her lead which made it final that Ruth was going home. They didn't need to see who Adro voted for, but he admitted that it was Fiona.
S01E37 Episode 37 04/04/2006 The final four contestants fly to Queensland and are driven inland to a peaceful Camp Eden. Camp Eden is located two hours inland, amongst natural rivers, trees and mountains. They will stay here for the week and take their mind off everything they've been through and try to change themselves mentally. Today was split into to parts. The 'Bob' task and the 'Jillian' talk. With Bob, the contestants hiked for 90 minutes up rough hills and rocks. Fiona was desperate to win the whole time, but Bob had to slow her down because she was going too fast. Later in the afternoon, Jillian individually spoke to all of the contestants and made some cry, smile and others just walk away.
S01E38 Episode 38 05/04/2006 This was the second day in Camp Eden for the final four. This really brought out the emotions in a few contestants. Each contestant had to do a different activity and each of them involved heights. Firstly, Jillian took Kristie for a walk up a hill and then to a 45m flying fox. Surprisingly, Kristie didn't complain and she wasn't scared to jump off. Jillian was impressed because Kristie jumped off with no fear. Secondly, Bob took Fiona to an 8m climbing tree where she climbed it and then had to jump onto a bar 1m from where she was. She did this after a few minutes of Bob telling her that she will not fall. Thirdly, Jillian took Shane to a short abseiling wall. They didn't abseil, but run down it from the top to the bottom. Shane beat Jillian's time by 3 seconds. Finally, Adro and Bob went to another climbing tree, but this one was 25m high. Adro didn't have a problem climbing the tree, but when he go to the top, he was told that he had to jump off, (harnessed of course). It took him 10 minutes to Mentally prepare for it, but eventually he jumped.
S01E39 Episode 39 06/04/2006 This was the battle for immunity to get into the finals. Everyone wanted it, but there was to be only one winner. The challenge was at Camp Eden and it consisted of bikes, rowing and running. First, they had to ride bikes on grass 1km to the canoes. Then they had to drag the canoe to the pond and then row ten laps of the pond. When completed, they had to get back to the land and run around the pond four times. They then had to get back on the bikes and ride all the way back to the finish line. Adro was in the lead most of the time until the running part. Kristie overtook him and she won immunity. Far behind was Fiona who came third and when Shane came in last, he thew his bike and helmet and gave an evil look to Fiona because he fell off his bike and she didn't say a thing.
S01E40 Episode 40 07/04/2006 Just before the weigh-in, Adro and Shane made a deal that if one of them was below the yellow line at the weigh-in, they wouldn't vote them off. This was the most important weigh-in to date because this was the last one before the finale. Kristie lost 8.1kg because she gained 5.1kg last week by water-loading, Fiona gained 0.8kg, Shane lost a small 2.8kg and Adro lost 3.7kg. Later in the afternoon, Kristie told Adro that he should vote off Shane because he is a huge threat. Adro then told Kristie about the deal and Kristie tried to convince him to break it.
S01E41 Episode 41 10/04/2006 Adro made up his mind and decided to brake the promise with Shane and vote him off. This elimination was more emotional than ever. Adro broke into tears as he said goodbye to Shane. Kristie told Adro that he did the right thing because he now has a better chance of winning the game. The final three lined up in front of AJ at the front of the house. Without AJ saying anything they just waited. Finally the gates opened and the emotions on the contestants faces were extreme when they saw the eliminated eight (without Tracy) walk through the gates looking very unhappy.
S01E42 Episode 42 11/04/2006 The final three just looked at each other as the eliminated eight walked into their house. "There goes my chance of winning this game", Kristie said as she saw Wal. It was time for a very special weigh-in. The eliminated eight were weighed-in for the first time since leaving the house. AJ made it very clear that anyone who gained weight would leave immediately. Wal gained 800 grams and he left immediately. After everyone was weighed in, AJ told them that one of them would be back into the competition. Over the next week, that one person will be decided.
S01E43 Episode 43 12/04/2006 Bob and Jillian walked into the house and found out that seven of the eliminated nine contestants were back in the house. It was obvious that Bob and Jillian were not impressed. The intruders made a point in the gym today, showing that they were ready to win.
S01E44 Episode 44 13/04/2006 The remaining seven intruders were taken to Stockton, a small coastal sand dune area near Sydney. They then had to race 3km through the sand dunes by foot over some dunes more than 30m in height. There were to be three winners. It didn't matter who came first or last in the race because at the finish line they had to choose a food product which they thought had the least amount of calories. Harry, Cat and Jo remained in the competition.
S01E45 Episode 45 14/04/2006 The final three (now known as the black three) refuse to answer the door to the remaining three intruders. After waiting outside for fifteen minutes, the black three answer the door to find that Cat, Harry and Jo returned. Only the three intruders were weighed-in at the weigh-in today. Who ever loses the most weight out of them will remain in the competition and be one of the final four. Jo jumped onto the scale with an ordinary loss of 2kg. Next was Cat who lost a disappointing 1kg. Harry had to lose at least 4kg to win. He lost an amazing 10kg and was rewarded by being back in the final four. Harry was given his black shirt, but as he put it on, Kristie, Adro and Fiona took theirs off. When Harry climbed on the stool, Kristie, Adro and Fiona took a step back.
S01E46 Episode 46 17/04/2006 Unlike every other Monday, there wasn't an elimination today. The final four were all in the gym by 8.00am this morning. Adro, Kristie and Fiona were all training next to each other and Harry was on the other side of the room. More tension flared when Bob and Jillian entered the room. Neither Bob or Jillian wanted to train Harry, especially after finding out that he lost 10kg. They were happy for him, but thought it was unfair that he could just stroll back into the competition. "With or without trainers, I'm going to win this game and you know it", Harry said to Jillian as she refused to train him.
S01E47 Episode 47 18/04/2006 Finally Adro, Kristie and Fiona made peace with Harry and early this morning they decided to run the walk which they did to the house on the first day. Only Harry was too sore to run. The final four also had a celebrity visitor. Instead of Bob & Jillian training them, owner of three world boxing titles; Jeff Fenech, trained the final four with some boxing skills.
S01E48 Episode 48 19/04/2006 Over the last few days, the final four have been preparing speeches which they will read to thirty obese people who were just like them and try to encourage them to lose weight. AJ introduced the thirty people to the final four and one by one they told their stories. Fiona and Harry entertained the audience with a funny speech, but Adro and Kristie made most of them cry.
S01E49 Episode 49 20/04/2006 The final four woke up with a note telling them that they were going to have a lot of fun. They didn't realise that they were actually going to give Bob and Jillian a taste of their own medicine. Bob struggles to do some of the routines which he set out himself. Later, the contestants had their final workout in the house with Bob and Jillian.
S01E50 Episode 50 21/04/2006 This was the last weigh-in in the house. Kristie was the first to be weighed and lost an incredible 23% in body weight since day one, Fiona lost 19% in body weight since day one and Adro lost a massive 24% since day one. It was now up to Harry; if he lost more than 24%, then Adro and Fiona will be up for elimination since Kristie has immunity.Harry lost 25% in body weight. This meant that Adro and Fiona were up for elimination. There was a twist, the elimination was right now. Kristie followed her strategy to win and voted for Adro and Harry also voted for Adro. Adro was eliminated. The trainers returned for the last time that afternoon and they were speechless when they realised that Adro was eliminated. The final three said goodbye to Bob and Jillian because they had to return to L.A.
S01E51 Episode 51 23/04/2006 The final three went home to train for the grand final in two months. There are two major twists. AJ went around to all of the eliminated contestants and told them that out of the eliminated contestants whoever loses the most weight since day one will win $50,000. Bob and Jillian agreed with the producers that it was only fair to let Adro back into the competition. So now its the final four again.
S01E52 Episode 52: The Finale 29/04/2006 After five months of training, challenges, eliminations, tears, smiles and frowns; the original twelve contestants with AJ Rochester and Bob & Jillian live from L.A. prepare for the long awaited grand final.''''The night is started by welcoming in the eliminated eight one by one to see them for the first time in two months. Every single one of them looked so confident and different to when we first saw them walking though the gates. We also saw a summary in video of each of their time in the 'white house' from when they first walked in to when they were eliminated. The eliminated eight then stripped down into their weigh-in clothes and battled it out for the $50,000. Who ever has lost the most percentage of weight since day one will win the prize money. First was Jo who lost an amazing 31kg since say one which put her in the lead until Cat jumped on the scales and blew everyone away with a massive drop of 53.7kg since day one. The rest of the eliminated contestants couldn't beat Cat until Wal came on crying and lost 66kg since day one. Finally Shane climbed on, but couldn't beat Wal. This meant that Wal was the winner of the $50,000.''''The Final four came in one by one and we also saw their long journey through the house. Everyone was nervous when they were told to strip down to their weigh-in clothes. Before the winner of the $200,000 was decided, AJ told the final four that no one will leave empty handed. Second place will win $30,000, third place will win $20,000 and fourth place will win $10,000. Fiona weighed-in first and had lost an impressive 29.5kg since day one. Next was Harry who weighed-in and lost nearly 70kg or 37% in body weight. Harry was now in the lead. Kristie lost 36.93% in body weight. If she had lost 0.08% more, she would have been in the lead. At last it was Adro's turn; this is the moment everyone's been waiting for. Adro lost 51.3kg and won the game and took home a who
S01E53 Episode 53: Secrets of The Biggest Loser 30/04/2006 All of the secrets of The Biggest Loser were revealed. We saw what the contestants ate, the secret battles, some tricks which the contestants plotted against each other and all the juicy secrets which helped the contestants during their stretch in the house. Hosted by AJ Rochester, this episode was dedicated to all of the people who want to lose weight.
S02E01 Season Premiere 04/02/2007
S02E02 Minor Challenge #1 05/02/2007
S02E03 Contestants Leave 06/02/2007
S02E04 Temptation #1 07/02/2007
S02E05 The Walk #1 08/02/2007
S02E06 Major Challenge #1 09/02/2007
S02E07 The Weigh-in #1 11/02/2007
S02E08 Elimination #1 12/02/2007
S02E09 Minor Challenge #2 13/02/2007
S02E10 Temptation #2 14/02/2007
S02E11 The Walk #2 15/02/2007
S02E12 Major Challenge #2 16/02/2007
S02E13 The Weigh-in #2 18/02/2007
S02E14 Elimination #2 19/02/2007
S02E15 Minor Challenge #3 20/02/2007
S02E16 Temptation #3 21/02/2007
S02E17 The Walk #3 22/02/2007
S02E18 Major Challenge #3 23/02/2007
S02E19 The Weigh-in #3 25/02/2007
S02E20 Elimination #3 26/02/2007
S02E21 Minor Challenge #4 27/02/2007
S02E22 Temptation #4 28/02/2007
S02E23 The Walk #4 01/03/2007
S02E24 Major Challenge #4 02/03/2007
S02E25 The Weigh-in #4 04/03/2007
S02E26 Elimination #4 05/03/2007
S02E27 Minor Challenge #5 06/03/2007
S02E28 Temptation #5 07/03/2007
S02E29 The Walk #5 08/03/2007
S02E30 Major Challenge #5 09/03/2007
S02E31 The Weigh-in #5 11/03/2007
S02E32 Elimination #5 12/03/2007
S02E33 The Game So Far 13/03/2007
S02E34 Minor Challenge #6 14/03/2007
S02E35 Duos Decided 15/03/2007
S02E36 Major Challenge #6 16/03/2007
S02E37 The Weigh-in #6 18/03/2007
S02E38 Elimination #6 19/03/2007
S02E39 The Biggest Twist Thus Far 20/03/2007
S02E40 Minor Challenge #7 21/03/2007
S02E41 The Walk #7 22/03/2007
S02E42 Major Challenge #7 23/03/2007
S02E43 The Weigh-in #7 25/03/2007
S02E44 Elimination #7 26/03/2007
S02E45 Make Overs 27/03/2007
S02E46 Temptation #8 28/03/2007
S02E47 Major Challenge #8 - Part A 29/03/2007
S02E48 Major Challenge #8 - Part B 30/03/2007
S02E49 The Weigh-in #8 01/04/2007
S02E50 Elimination #8 02/04/2007
S02E51 Minor Challenge #9 03/04/2007
S02E52 Fear Challenges - Part A 04/04/2007
S02E53 Fear Challenges - Part B 05/04/2007
S02E54 Major Challenge #9 06/04/2007
S02E55 The Weigh-in and Elimination 08/04/2007
S02E56 Elimination #9 09/04/2007
S02E57 Second Chance Challenge: Balance Endurance 10/04/2007
S02E58 Second Chance Challenge: Platters 11/04/2007
S02E59 No 1 in Team 12/04/2007
S02E60 Super Challenge: Beach Triathlon 13/04/2007
S02E61 The Weigh-in #10 15/04/2007
S02E62 Elimination #10 16/04/2007
S02E63 Train the Trainers 17/04/2007
S02E64 Final Challenge: Personal Beach Dig 18/04/2007
S02E65 Final Weigh-in and Elimination #11 19/04/2007
S02E66 Final Elimination and Going Home 20/04/2007
S02E67 Trainer's Choice Award 22/04/2007
S02E68 Season Finale: Contestant Reunion 26/04/2007
S03E01 Episode 1: New Contestants 03/02/2008 With 2008 Biggest Loser under way, all new contestants take on the challenge of a life time to regain their lives and win the Biggest Loser 2008 title.
S03E02 Episode 2: A second chance for some 04/02/2008 The 15 Outsiders endure a work out from Hell, as they're taken to the sand dunes for The Commando's boot camp, fighting for a place in his top secret mission. Meanwhile it's the first day at the house for the Chosen 15, and the contestants are made to face their demons in their first weigh-in.
S03E03 Episode 3: The Warehouse and the Black Team 05/02/2008 The Chosen 15 face the warehouse, while the 4 contestants who passed the Commando's work out form a new team - trained in LA by Jillian and Bob.
S03E04 Episode 4: Temptation #1 06/02/2008 For the Australian contestants it's temptation time with immunity up for grabs. Meanwhile, the Black Team in LA face their own demons with their first official weigh in.
S03E05 The Walk 07/02/2008 Tempers flare as JJ and Michelle have a confrontation that will leave the house shaken! Meanwhile Kirsten goes for the infamous Walk - what she brings back means the end for one contestant.''''Meanwhile in LA, the Black Team go through the hardest workout they have ever had as Bob and Jillian are determined to have one of their black team win the 2008 title
S03E06 Major Challenge 08/02/2008 The contestants face their first major challenge - The Maze. The outcome of the challenge will determine the course of the game forever as the two first out are able to choose teams.
S03E07 The Weigh-in 10/02/2008 Sam (blue captain) and Cosi (red captain) choose their team members, with different strategies for gaining advantage. With the first weigh in looming, who made the better choice? ''''Meanwhile back in LA the Black Team up the intensity of their workouts.
S03E08 Elimination 11/02/2008 It is Elimination time for the Reds after their loss to the Blue Team. With friction in the Red team, the decision comes down to personality rather than weight loss. ''
S03E09 The Warehouse #2 12/02/2008 Fall out from the Elimination leaves Michelle reeling and determined to make them regret their decision.''Meanwhile, tensions are high in the Blue team as Debbie and Shannan clash - again.''With everyone already on edge, the warehouse looms with a choice of unlabeled tin food or cabbage as their main diet for the coming week
S03E10 Temptation #2 13/02/2008 It's Temptation time again this week, with this challenge sure to have dire consequences for the contestant determined to win immunity.
S03E11 The Walk #2 14/02/2008 After winning temptation and consuming a whopping 1780 calories, Michelle puts Sheridan through a seven hour work out to burn those calories. ''''Later, at The Walk, Sheridan chooses an urn that could either help or hinder both teams.
S03E12 Major Challenge #2 15/02/2008 With Debbie chosen by the Reds as the temporary trainer for the Blues, the Blues feel the impact of the loss of Shannon.''Later: contestants face a surf boat race challenge for the chance to be rewarded with letter from home.
S03E13 The Weigh-in #2 17/02/2008 It's last chance training, but will Debbie's training methods cost the Blues this week's Weigh-In? Emotions boil over as John and Debbie confront each other over her methods. With the Blues unraveling, the Reds go harder than ever before. ''''Later: The weigh in delivers shocks to all contestants.
S03E14 Elimination #2 18/02/2008 With Blues winning the weigh in for a second week in a row, the Reds now face another date with AJ. With alliances forming already, will the Reds play the game or doom themselves further?
S03E15 The Warehouse #3 19/02/2008 This week's Warehouse decision is going to leave everyone dumbstruck! With the choice before them, which team have to make the sacrifice?''And just when you thought he'd disappeared forever, the Commando returns!
S03E16 Temptation #3 20/02/2008 This week's temptation offers all a chance for immunity, provided they can hit the right target. Will Reds maintain their 'hold' over temptation and further influence the game - or can the Blues finally get control of the Walk.
S03E17 The Walk #3 21/02/2008 Gary faces the Walk with devastating results for the Blues. ''''With the Walk changing - once again - the game, the Blues now must regroup in order to maintain their winning streak.
S03E18 Major Challenge #3 22/02/2008 It's brains versus brawn for this week's challenge, where the brawn suffers if the brains don't know their healthy food choices.
S03E19 The Weigh-in #3 24/02/2008 It's the final stages of the Brains vs. Brawn challenge - will the Blues hold on? Or will they give in to the strain of their 100+ kg burden?''Also its weigh-in, will the Blues keep up their week-on-week improvement? Or will the Reds suffer yet another humiliating loss?
S03E20 Episode 20: Elimination #3 25/02/2008 Blues face elimination for the first time after a shocking weigh in result. Meanwhile Reds celebrate their victory over the Blues and feel determined that their losing streak is coming to an end.
S03E21 Episode 21: The Warehouse #4 26/02/2008 The Warehouse looms again - with the choice of shopping for yourself or 'winning' a Japanese chef for a week. With Reds having the control, what will they choose? Meanwhile: Tempers flare, as personalities clash! The intrusion of cameras during a quiet moment for John and Sean proves to be a violation John is not prepared to take sitting down!
S03E22 Temptation #4 27/02/2008 This week's temptation offers all a chance to see videos from home - at the cost of eating more jaffas than any other contestant. When Sam tricks Gary into eating more than himself, Gary feels betrayed by his own team mate and riffs further develop.
S03E23 Episode 23: The Black Team 28/02/2008 The Reds and Blues are let in on the secret of the Black Team and the news that they're coming home. And no one is happy.
S03E24 Episode 24: Challenge #4 29/02/2008 Red and Blues face a tire challenge where one contestant on the losing side must immediately leave the game forever.
S03E25 Episode 25: Weigh In #4 02/03/2008 The Blues must send someone home after losing the challenge. Later: With one member already gone, can the Blues manage to avoid another elimination as weigh in looms.
S03E26 Elimination #4 03/03/2008 The reds went into the elimination room losing to the blue team at the weigh in. Sheridan was eliminated with 3 votes out of 6. Cosi got 2 votes and Sam got 1.
S03E27 Black Team Arrival 04/03/2008
S03E28 Black Team Arrival Part 2 05/03/2008
S03E29 Secret Ballot : Team Member Swap 06/03/2008
S03E30 Major Challenge #5 07/03/2008 The three teams had a challenge of tug-a-war. The tug-a-war match was in the mud and to start was 4 on each team. The first person from that team grabbed a flag of their colour could choose a person from their team to go and watch. Whoever grabbed all four of their teams flags will win.
S03E31 The Weigh-in #5 09/03/2008
S03E32 Elimination #5 10/03/2008
S03E33 The Warehouse #4 11/03/2008 Contestants were required to choose between a 60 dollar shopping budget for each person or food prepared by a professional Japanese chef for the next week. Since Cosi was the biggest loser for the week he got to choose for the red team. He chose the 'ice cold cans of cash.'
S03E34 Temptation #5 12/03/2008
S03E35 The Walk #4 13/03/2008 The Walk was not held in Week 4 due to the temptation not being for immunity
S03E36 Major Challenge #6 14/03/2008 The three teams played a modified version of Water Polo. In the modified version, the contestants had to dive in to the pool and swim to the other end. Once the contestants reached the end of the pool, the contestants had to dive underwater, grab the ball and swim back to the starting end. Once the contestants reached the starting end, the contestants had to try to shoot a goal. The first to five won.
S03E37 The Weigh-in #6 16/03/2008
S03E38 Elimination #6 17/03/2008
S03E39 The Warehouse #5 18/03/2008
S03E40 JJ Leaves, Michelle turns down $50,000 19/03/2008
S03E41 Burgen Bread Mini-challenge 20/03/2008
S03E42 Major Challenge #7 21/03/2008
S03E43 The Weigh-in #7 23/03/2008
S03E44 Elimination #7 24/03/2008
S03E45 Teams are dissolved, Leaderboard 25/03/2008
S03E46 Temptation #6 26/03/2008
S03E47 Legends Return 27/03/2008
S03E48 major Challenge #8 28/03/2008
S03E49 The Weigh-in #8 30/03/2008
S03E50 Elimination #8 31/03/2008
S03E51 Makeover Special 01/04/2008
S03E52 Temptation #7 02/04/2008
S03E53 The Walk #5 03/04/2008
S03E54 Major Challenge #9 04/04/2008
S03E55 The Weigh-in #9 06/04/2008
S03E56 Elimination #9 07/04/2008
S03E57 Off to Hawaii 08/04/2008
S03E58 Face Your Fears: Part 1 09/04/2008
S03E59 Face Your Fears: Part 2 10/04/2008
S03E60 Super Challenge 11/04/2008
S03E61 The Weigh-in #10 13/04/2008
S03E62 Elimination #10 14/04/2008
S03E63 Eliminated Couples Return 15/04/2008
S03E64 Temptation #8 16/04/2008
S03E65 Minor Challenge 17/04/2008
S03E66 Super Challenge 18/04/2008
S03E67 The Weigh-in #11 20/04/2008
S03E68 Elimination #11 21/04/2008
S03E69 Train the Trainers 22/04/2008
S03E70 Temptation: Final Temptation 23/04/2008
S03E71 The Walk: Final Walk, Cash Decision 24/04/2008
S03E72 Cash Offer Part 2 25/04/2008
S03E73 The Weigh-in and Elimination #12 27/04/2008
S03E74 Grand Finale 01/05/2008
S04E01 The Journey Begins 01/02/2009
S04E02 The Moment Of Truth 02/02/2009
S04E03 Chicken or the egg? 03/02/2009
S04E04 The Games Begin... 04/02/2009
S04E05 Double or Nothing bracelets 05/02/2009
S04E06 Bucket Loads of Trouble 06/02/2009
S04E07 Weigh-in #1 08/02/2009
S04E08 Sisters v Newlyweds 09/02/2009
S04E09 Race to Sydney 10/02/2009
S04E10 Welcome to Camp Biggest Loser 11/02/2009
S04E11 Double Vote 12/02/2009
S04E12 Running and Thinking 13/02/2009
S04E13 Weigh in #2 15/02/2009
S04E14 Mothers vs. Mother/Daughter 16/02/2009
S04E15 Nocturnal Raid 17/02/2009
S04E16 Wooden Spoon 18/02/2009
S04E17 Bracelet swap 19/02/2009
S04E18 Struggle in the Sand Dunes 20/02/2009
S04E19 Weigh-in #3 22/02/2009
S04E20 Husband & Wife vs. Sisters 23/02/2009
S04E21 Elimination with a twist 24/02/2009
S04E22 Italian temptation 25/02/2009
S04E23 Cage of pain 26/02/2009
S04E24 A waterlogged challenge 27/02/2009
S04E25 Weigh in #4 01/03/2009
S04E26 The Brothers Decide 02/03/2009
S04E27 Raw or Straw 03/03/2009
S04E28 Milkshake Wars 04/03/2009
S04E29 A White Surprise 05/03/2009
S04E30 Towers of Tuna 06/03/2009
S04E31 Mel and Holly's Confession 08/03/2009
S04E32 A Strange Elimination 09/03/2009
S04E33 Cameron's Bike Phobia 10/03/2009
S04E34 A Chocoholic's Nightmare 11/03/2009
S04E35 The Big Split 12/03/2009
S04E36 And They're Off! 13/03/2009
S04E37 Solo Scales 15/03/2009
S04E38 Amanda Sees Red 16/03/2009
S04E39 Emazon Returns 17/03/2009
S04E40 A Familiar Temptation 18/03/2009
S04E41 Sharif's Big Decision 19/03/2009
S04E42 Battle of Brains and Brawn 20/03/2009
S04E43 Bob Does It Again 22/03/2009
S04E44 A Surprise for Nathan 23/03/2009
S04E45 Enter the Castaways 24/03/2009
S04E46 Sharif's Good Fortune 25/03/2009
S04E47 Surprise Swap 26/03/2009
S04E48 Mud Bath 27/03/2009
S04E49 Cameron's Triumph 29/03/2009
S04E50 Teresa Says Farewell 30/03/2009
S04E51 Time to Go Solo 31/03/2009
S04E52 Makeover Magic 01/04/2009
S04E53 Elimination Shock 02/04/2009
S04E54 A Painful Challenge 03/04/2009
S04E55 The Return Of The Yellow Line 05/04/2009
S04E56 A Difficult Choice 06/04/2009
S04E57 Back to the Future 07/04/2009
S04E58 Face the Fears: Sammy, Sean and Cameron 08/04/2009
S04E59 Face the Fears: Tiffany, Meaghan and Julie 09/04/2009
S04E60 The Challenge: Super Challenge 10/04/2009
S04E61 The Weigh-In #10 12/04/2009
S04E62 Sean vs. Cameron: Sean 13/04/2009
S04E63 Eliminated Contestants Return 14/04/2009
S04E64 Table of Presents 15/04/2009
S04E65 Battle Of Strength 16/04/2009
S04E66 Escape From Cockatoo Island 17/04/2009
S04E67 Wildcard Weigh-in 19/04/2009
S04E68 Elimination #11 20/04/2009
S04E69 Payback 21/04/2009
S04E70 Final Challenge:Removalists 22/04/2009
S04E71 The Walk 23/04/2009
S04E72 Bio-Age recalculations 24/04/2009
S04E73 Cameron’s sacrifice 26/04/2009
S04E74 Bob claims his place 27/04/2009
S04E75 Finale 27/04/2009
S05E01 Episode 1 31/01/2010 On Sunday at 6.30pm The Biggest Loser 2010 debuted as we met the contestants for the first time. They stepped on the scales for an extremely moving first weigh-in and then attempted a 4km marathon. Plus, there were some incredible results at the first competitive weigh-in.
S05E02 Episode 2 01/02/2010 Allan and Romi left Camp Biggest Loser in the first elimination and the contestants dug deep in a beachside challenge. The contestants shared their personal stories in front of a full theatre audience in a confronting public speaking task and at weigh-in, Rick was the Biggest Loser, losing 8.2kg.
S05E03 Episode 3 02/02/2010 Geoff returned to Camp Biggest Loser after being released from hospital and the couples faced their first temptation. Daina ate six dishes, culminating with a giant crème brulee. By consuming an incredible 4112 Calories to win immunity, this devoted sister ensured Caitlin had another week in the competition.
S05E04 Episode 4 03/02/2010 Daina and Caitlin paid the price for Daina’s temptation Calories in Michelle’s training session, but the sisters made a breakthrough regarding their relationship. Rick was overjoyed to see his girlfriend as a reward for his weight loss and together, they shared the special news that they are having a baby.
S05E05 Episode 5 04/02/2010 A midnight raid by the Commando resulted in the contestants moving a mountain of rock and sand in a dirty quarry until dawn. The pain was worth it, however, when a key at the bottom of the pile unlocked a chest at Camp Biggest Loser containing letters from home
S05E06 Episode 6 - Master Class 05/02/2010 In Master Class, Shannan and Michelle demonstrated their favourite stretches. Dr Norman Swan explained why diets don’t work and recommended making a permanent switch to a more Mediterranean style of eating. Janella Purcell cooked three healthy and great-tasting dishes, and Sharif from the last series returned to inspire the contestants.
S05E07 Episode 7 07/02/2010 Geoff had to leave The Biggest Loser because of his health problems and it was revealed that in the next elimination, one contestant of the eliminated couple will be staying to be Wayne’s new partner. Shannon, Chris, Phoebe and Jenni were below yellow line - who will be staying?
S05E08 Episode 8 08/02/2010 Emotions ran high in the elimination room with Chris on the defensive. Having been eliminated, Jenni returned home and Phoebe stayed as Wayne’s new partner. Chris opened up about his previous financial difficulties to his teammates and a training session with the Waratahs was a welcome escape from the tension.
S05E09 Episode 9 09/02/2010 Both brain and brawn were tested in this week’s challenge. One partner had to answer nutritional questions correctly – a wrong answer resulted in 5 litres of water being added to the suspended bucket their partner was trying to hold up. Caitlin and Daina won and have immunity for another week.
S05E10 Episode 10 10/02/2010 Shannan zeroed in on Chris during interval training and was pleased when Chris stepped up, while Michelle worked on Elise’s self-confidence during her session. As Biggest Loser of the week, Wayne was rewarded by a visit from his wife and kids, who were all surprised by how different he looks.
S05E11 Episode 11 11/02/2010 The contestants were surprised to have a training session with Olympic sprinter Matt Shirvington and even more surprised the next day to find they had to tackle a 10km run. Wayne won and gave his prize of three phone calls home to Lisa, Shannon and Phil, who were very grateful.
S05E12 Episode 12 - Master Class 12/02/2010 In Master Class, Shannan and Michelle demonstrated core-strengthening exercises. Dr Swan spoke about heart disease and Janella showed the contestants how to cook in bulk and freeze portions for healthy meals during the week. For the Master Class challenge, the contestants cooked healthy, tasty versions of familiar fast food meals.
S05E13 Episode 13 14/02/2010 Phoebe was shocked to find out there’s an existing alliance, The Firm, which she is now part of as Wayne’s partner. Chris boxed his anger out with Shannan after last chance training and at weigh-in, two Firm couples – Teneale and Elise, and David and Phil – fell below the yellow line.
S05E14 Episode 14 15/02/2010 In the elimination room ‘The Firm’ was revealed to the other contestants for the first time, Shannon suggested the remaining 4 be called ‘The Leftovers’. The alliance members stuck to the rules and voted out the contestants with the lowest percentage, so we said a sad goodbye to our pretty in pink contestants, Teneale and Elise. Later we saw Phil get into the ring and punch out his bullying frustrations with boxing legend Anthony 'The Man' Mundine.
S05E15 Episode 15 16/02/2010 Wayne upset his fellow Firm member, Caitlin, by playing temptation. Phoebe couldn’t finish her Mexican dessert, however, and Caitlin and Daina won the power to choose which couple will go head to head against the other couples in the coming week. The sisters nominated themselves to train on their own with Michelle.
S05E16 Episode 16 17/02/2010 Wayne gave away his family visit for being the Biggest Loser to Phil, who was overjoyed to spend time with his wife and two children. Michelle addressed the tension between Caitlin and Daina in her training session with them, telling Caitlin to stop being a victim. In Shannan’s session, the boys enjoyed the extra competition of Rick and Joe.
S05E17 Episode 17 18/02/2010 Michelle had no patience for Caitlin’s tears in training, while Wayne told Shannan the alliance was over. The prize for winning three different events in the challenge was a 2kg advantage at weigh-in, with Caitlin and Daina competing against contestants of their choosing. Daina won the 100m sprint and an agility contest, while Caitlin won a tug-o-war, and now the sisters have the weigh-in advantage.
S05E18 Episode 18 - Master Class 19/02/2010 In Masterclass, Shannan and Michelle demonstrated core-strengthening exercises. Janella whipped up some healthy options for food on the go and Dr Norman Swan spoke about emotional eating. Special guest, mountaineer Lincoln Hall talked to the contestants about surviving his near tragedy on Mt Everest and the contestants made gym equipment out of junk for the challenge.
S05E19 Episode 19 21/02/2010 In last chance training, Shannan tried to inspire confidence in his team while Michelle was impressed with Caitlin’s improved attitude. At weigh-in, the five couples weighed in first with some good numbers, but they couldn’t beat Caitlin and Daina’s combined weight loss percentage of 5.98%. The sisters will now decide which contestant leaves in elimination.
S05E20 Episode 20 22/02/2010 Wayne told Daina and Caitlin before elimination he was willing to leave and they carried out his wishes when it came to the crunch. After the contestants farewelled Wayne, they found out they were now competing as singles and Hayley revealed where they were on the leaderboard individually so far.
S05E21 Episode 21 23/02/2010 The contestants battled through a muddy obstacle course in the quest to win immunity. They had to haul tyres through the mud and place them on other contestants’ poles to knock them out of the contest. The girls teamed up against the boys, but it was Phil who was victorious when he put the final tyre on Rick’s pole.
S05E22 Episode 22 24/02/2010 Shannan had a boxing session with contestant Shannon and was impressed with his determined mindset. Phil gave away his Biggest Loser prize of a family visit to Joe, who was delighted to spend time with his girlfriend, Lucy. Hayley had another surprise up her sleeve, however, and Phil’s jaw dropped when his all-time favourite Canterbury Bulldogs player, Hazem El Masri, arrived to hang out with him.
S05E23 Episode 23 25/02/2010 In a shocking twist, Hayley offered the contestants cash to leave the competition – forever. In the order of where they were on the leaderboard, Hayley offered the contestants amounts that increased by $5000 every time, until a visibly upset Chris accepted $15000 to leave. This means he’s gone for good and can’t return to compete in the 42km marathon.
S05E24 Episode 24 - Master Class 26/02/2010 Shannan and Michelle gave the contestants fun ideas to be active with their family and friends, such as bike-riding and basketball. Dr Swan dispelled myths about carbs, while Janella whipped up some healthy meals with complex carbs. Paralympic champion Kurt Fearnley shared his experience of crawling the Kokoda Track and the contestants had a breakfast cook-off for a peloton of hungry cyclists.
S05E25 Episode 25 28/02/2010 In last chance training, Shannan helped Phoebe get back on track after she broke down, upset and unmotivated. At weigh-in, Phil broke records with an incredible 14.7kg loss. As Biggest Loser of the week, he’s the first male of the competition to weigh in less than 100kg. Caitlin and Daina fell under the yellow line, setting the scene for a sister vs sister elimination.
S05E26 Episode 26 01/03/2010 At elimination, Caitlin and Daina thanked Phil, Joe, Rick and Dave for respecting their wishes and voting out Daina. Caitlin was angry at the others for voting for her, but then apologised, saying she doesn’t want to be an angry and bitter person anymore. The contestants had a training session at Bondi Beach with the Bondi Rescue boys and the lifesavers put them through their paces on the sand and in the water.
S05E27 Episode 27 02/03/2010 At temptation, there were prizes, as well as immunity to be won. The contestants had to eat chocolate in order to take a spin on three prize wheels. David won weights, a holiday, immunity and also the power to decide which contestants will compete against each other in pairs this week at weigh-in, where four contestants will fall below the yellow line.
S05E28 Episode 28 03/03/2010 Shannan and Michelle each encouraged Jarna and Lisa to fight for their place in the competition this week, even though they don’t want to compete against each other. Phil gave his Biggest Loser family visit to Lisa, who was shocked and elated to see her two daughters and husband arrive.
S05E29 Episode 29 04/03/2010 The contestants competed against each other in pairs in 10 minute challenges involving rowing machines, weights, treadmills and spin bikes. Phil, Lisa, Shannon and Rick won their contests and as a result, Joe, Jarna, Phoebe and Caitlin have no access to the gym or to their trainers for the rest of the week.
S05E30 Episode 30- Master Class 05/03/2010 Shannan demonstrated various chest exercises and Dr Norman Swan spoke about sleep apnoea and other sleeping disorders, and the importance of good sleep hygiene. Janella cooked healthy BBQ dishes and used Japanese ingredients such as miso paste and tamari sauce to add flavour to a BBQ baby snapper. Swimming Coach Laurie Lawrence motivated the contestants and in the challenge, they worked together to create work outs you can do with different injuries.
S05E31 Episode 31 07/03/2010 While Shannan did last chance training with the others, Joe, Caitlin, Phoebe and Jarna trained themselves. Rick opened up to Shannan about wanting to go home and Shannan helped him realise he should stay in The Biggest Loser as long as can. Lisa was the Biggest Loser of the week at weigh-in., while Phil, Phoebe, Caitlin and Jarna lost their head-to-head battles. The four fell below the yellow line and are now up for elimination
S05E32 Episode 32 08/03/2010 Jarna was eliminated and said a sad goodbye to her partner Lisa, who cried again when she told their trainer Shannan about Jarna’s departure. Shannan was extremely proud of Lisa’s Biggest Loser achievement, though. Michelle and Shannan took the contestants to Eastern Creek raceway, where they enjoyed a supercar pit stop challenge with V8 Supercar champion, Craig Lowndes.
S05E33 Episode 33 09/03/2010 After training, Michelle gave Rick ultrasound pictures of his baby. Immunity was up for grabs in a watery challenge which saw the contestants attempt to keep their balance on a platform made of poles suspended over a pool. As the poles were taken away one by one and the contestants lost their footing, Phoebe kept her cool to be the last one standing.
S05E34 Episode 34 10/03/2010 Before the 21km half marathon, Hayley explained the winner would get a unique opportunity which could see them well in the competition. Dave couldn’t compete and Shannon and Lisa weren’t allowed to tackle the whole race. Phil crossed the finish line first, followed by Joe, Rick, Phoebe and Caitlin. Hayley then told Phil he had to choose another contestant to tackle the “challenge” ahead of him, without telling him what it was.
S05E35 Episode 35 11/03/2010 Phil chose Joe to join him in his unknown challenge and they were both shocked when the Commando then rolled in driving an army truck. Phil and Joe left with the Commando to train with him for five weeks in an isolated NT location. They will weigh in against each other when they return for a place in the final four.
S05E36 Episode 36 - Master Class 12/03/2010 Michelle’s dog helped her demonstrate how a game of Frisbee can get your heart rate up. Dr Swan talked about goal setting and past contestant Sean Holbrook spoke about beating diabetes. Janella cooked couscous as a breakfast option and the contestants made healthy lunches for a gym class in the Masterclass challenge, which Rick and Lisa won with their wraps.
S05E37 Episode 37 14/03/2010 Shannan’s boxing trainer joined the boys for last chance training, while Michelle inspired the girls to aim to be The Biggest Loser of 2010. Caitlin took a tumble off the treadmill but hopped back on. Phil was shocked to have gained weight at the Castaway weigh-in, while Lisa and Caitlin fell below the yellow line back at Camp Biggest Loser.
S05E38 Episode 38 15/03/2010 It was a hung vote at elimination and Caitlin was sent home because her weight loss percentage had been lower than Lisa’s at weigh-in. Caitlin gave the double bracelet to Rick before she left. The Commando put Phil and Joe to work at Simpsons Gap carrying logs and pulling ropes, as well as the weight of the Commando himself. Shannan and Michelle took the other contestants surfing with world champion surfer Layne Beachley.
S05E39 Episode 39 16/03/2010 Shannan trained Lisa and Phoebe and Lisa lifted 80kg, while Phoebe ran at 19km p/h on the treadmill. It was makeover time the next day, when the contestants were transformed at Joh Bailey’s salon. Both Lisa and Shannon cried when they saw their new appearance, and all the contestants loved their new looks. Afterwards, they donned new clothes to hit the runway for Shannan and Michelle.
S05E40 Episode 40 17/03/2010 One by one the contestants showed off the results of their makeovers to Shannan and Michelle. They also saw how they looked on a giant screen and then were reunited with their loved ones. Shannon was over the moon to see his fiancée, as was Rick to see his girlfriend. Phoebe apologised to her Mum for her past behaviour, Lisa saw her husband and Dave’s wife was amazed at his transformation.
S05E41 Episode 41 18/03/2010 For temptation, each contestant was left alone in a room bursting with different kinds of food, including hamburgers, hot chips, pies, lollies and a chocolate fountain. Phoebe ate three small shot glasses of chocolates and lollies in a bid to win immunity, but didn’t even come close to the 2791 Calories which Rick consumed. In NT, the Commando made Joe and Phil swim to pull a dinghy full of equipment.
S05E42 Episode 42 - Master Class 19/03/2010 In Masterclass, Shannan and Michelle outlined a weight training programme for beginners, consisting of chest press, lat pull down, shoulder press, squats and swiss ball curl. Janella demonstrated some healthy dishes you can serve at a dinner party and world champion triathlete, Craig Alexander, visited to give the contestants some inspiration. The health segment focussed on looking after your feet and fitting them with proper footwear for training.
S05E43 Episode 43 21/03/2010 Michelle and Shannan both pushed the contestants extremely hard in last chance training, while the Commando put Phil and Joe to work with sledgehammers. At the NT weigh-in, Phil was overjoyed to have shed 7.8kg. Rick was shocked to find he had gained 500g and he was stripped of immunity because he had put on weight. Both Rick and Phoebe were below the yellow line and face elimination.
S05E44 Episode 44 22/03/2010 At elimination, Rick said goodbye to the other contestants when Shannon’s vote sent him home and passed on the double bracelet to David before he left. The Commando had Phil and Joe train with indigenous Australian athlete Kyle Vander Kuyp and the kids from Red Dust Role Models. The four contestants left at Camp Biggest Loser found out they were off to New Zealand, where they met Shannan and Michelle on a North Island beach.
S05E45 Episode 45 23/03/2010 In New Zealand, the contestants met Shannan and Michelle at the top of Kitekite Falls. Below them the three tiers of the waterfall made up a vertical drop of 70 metres. One by one, the contestants abseiled down the falls with Shannan or Michelle. Although nervous at first, the Biggest Losers ended up enjoying themselves, with Shannon even stopping on the way down to admire the scenery.
S05E46 Episode 46 24/03/2010 On a tall ship in the Bay of Islands, both Phoebe and Lisa climbed 40 feet up the rigging with Michelle, before jumping into the water after they climbed half way down. David swam under the hull of the ship to the other side. Shannon wasn’t able to do the same at first, but once he had some flippers and added weights, he was able to duck dive and make it to the other side of the boat.
S05E47 Episode 47 25/03/2010 The contestants kayaked to a beach and then dug for treasure chests in the sand, which contained objects and letters from home. Dave found his karate black belt, while Lisa cuddled her husband’s shirt. Shannon was excited to fit into his old football shirt and Phoebe was touched by a letter from her Mum. After a training session with the Commando, Phil and Joe were told to pack their bags because they were heading north.
S05E48 Episode 48 - Master Class 26/03/2010 In the New Zealand Masterclass, chef Charles Royal introduced the contestants to traditional Maori cooking. With Maori elders, The Biggest Losers learned some positive affirmations and were given pendants. They then confronted the challenge of jumping off the 200 metre high Sky Tower in Auckland. Despite her terror, Phoebe did the SkyJump, which Lisa and Dave also completed. Shannon couldn’t do the jump because of weight restrictions and was upset to miss out.
S05E49 Episode 49 28/03/2010 The Commando took Phil and Joe to the stockman’s quarters on a property where they were now staying and then made them pull out a quad bike which was stuck in mud. In New Zealand, the contestants made their way through a series of gates on a beach hike, adding the weight they lost each week of the competition to their backpacks as sandbags. At the finish, they removed the backpacks and enjoyed feeling free of their former weight.
S05E50 Episode 50 29/03/2010 At the Top End, Phil opened up about issues stemming from being bullied after the Commando confronted him. At weigh-in, the contestants at Camp Biggest Loser were pleased to find out there would be no elimination this week. David was gutted to gain 100g, however, and as a penalty, he had to take the nothing bracelet from Shannon and can’t compete for immunity this week. Lisa had to decide who would have the double bracelet, and took it for herself.
S05E51 Episode 51 30/03/2010 The contestants found a letter for themselves and the trainers, which told them to go to the weigh-in room. There, Hayley showed them footage of Phil, Joe and the Commando in the outback. The other contestants had not known of their whereabouts and were impressed and a little intimidated by Phil and Joe’s appearance. Michelle and Shannan wanted them not to be daunted by the footage, but to use it as motivation for their training sessions.
S05E52 Episode 52 31/03/2010 For offsite training, the contestants had a dancing lesson with Jason Coleman and other dancers, which they all enjoyed. Immunity was up for grabs in a challenge where the contestants had to race to winch up the five flags of their fellow contestants. David couldn’t compete because of gaining weight. After Phoebe and Lisa’s flags were hoisted, they were out of the challenge and Shannon won immunity.
S05E53 Episode 53 01/04/2010 Australian racing cyclist Rochelle Gilmore led the contestants in an intense spin session. Each of their spin bikes was hooked up to a car and their pedalling powered the headlights, with the contestants having to keep above a certain amount of RPM. Phil and Joe had to clear away junk to make a training area for the Commando to punish them in. Hayley took the contestants swimming and had a special lesson with Shannon
S05E54 Episode 54 04/04/2010 Nerves set in as the four contestants left at Camp Biggest Loser looked down the barrel of another weigh-in and elimination after having a week’s reprieve when no-one had to leave. The contestants talked tactics while at the Top End, Phil and Joe prepared to step on the scales as well. After last week’s low numbers, Dave's 8.2kg loss at Camp Biggest Loser was a highlight, but there was only one spot above the yellow line.
S05E55 Episode 55 05/04/2010 This was a particularly traumatic elimination and like none the contestants have had to endure before in this year’s competition. The usual pre-elimination politics were particularly charged and it was heartbreaking for everyone in the room when Phoebe was sent home. The contestants sadly farewelled their good friend and Camp Biggest Loser’s resident ‘Superfreak’, Phoebe.
S05E56 Episode 56 06/04/2010 The eliminated contestants arrived at Camp Biggest Loser ahead of the 42km marathon. When Shannan asked who was backing themselves as a winner, Daina put her hand up confidently. Michelle then trained the eliminated contestants, pitting Daina against Jarna on the treadmills and Wayne against Rick. Shannan trained Lisa, David and Shannon, who are all determined to not let the former contestants get the best of them.
S05E57 Episode 57 07/04/2010 Phil and Joe began their 42km marathon at 2.00am and if they completed it, $20,000 would be donated to the Red Dust Role Models. Phil finished first and Joe also completed the marathon. In Sydney, the other contestants started their 42km. Shannon was allowed to walk 10km, which he did to find his fiancée at the end. At the half way mark, Wayne was in front
S05E58 Episode 58 08/04/2010 Romi dropped out of the marathon at the 23km mark while Caitlin nearly did at 21km. She saw her father and sister, however, and they encouraged her to finish. Wayne was the male winner and Daina was the first female to finish 42km. Caitlin completed the marathon to the cheers of the crowd at the finish line. Wayne and Daina then collected their black Biggest Loser t-shirts, signifying they were back in the game.
S05E59 Episode 59 - Master Class 09/04/2010 Janella cooked a healthy birthday cake and made muffins for a healthy after school snack. Dr Swan spoke about how to resist temptation and Michelle showed the contestants how to make the most out of workouts if you’re time poor. Fitness expert and successful businesswoman Rowena McEvoy shared some words of inspiration and the contestants each cooked a seafood meal for the Masterclass challenge. Shannon was chuffed to finally win a Masterclass challenge with his prawn stir fry.
S05E60 Episode 60 11/04/2010 In the Top End Joe celebrated his 21st birthday with a coconut present from Phil and an impressive weight loss result. Wayne struggled in his first Camp Biggest Loser training session for some time, but still managed to stay above the yellow line at weigh-in. Lisa and Shannon were also above the yellow line. In a shocking turn of events, David again gained weight, falling below the yellow line to now face elimination with Daina.
S05E61 Episode 61 12/04/2010 At elimination, Lisa and Shannon voted for David, sending him home. Before he left, he gave the nothing bracelet to Daina, saying he didn’t want to give it to someone who he thought might win The Biggest Loser. The Commando made Phil and Joe pull a trailer of their training equipment weighing 120kg up a hill. Lisa, Shannon, Wayne and Daina had to each move 3 square metres of apples into cars and Lisa finished first.
S05E62 Episode 62 13/04/2010 With the finale so close, the remaining four contestants head off to the picturesque Blue Mountains in NSW for a heart stopping challenge. But this is no ordinary challenge - it will put their desire and determination to win to the ultimate test.
S05E63 Episode 63 14/04/2010 After months of blood, sweat and tears, tonight the final four contestants get revenge on their trainers Shannan and Michelle. It's payback time as they swap roles and the contestants train the trainers.
S05E64 Episode 64 15/04/2010 After spending five weeks with The Commando and tonnes of red dust, The Castaweighs Phil and Joe return from Alice Springs. They must immediately weigh in against each other as only one of them will be allowed to stay in the house.
S05E65 Episode 65 - Master Class 16/04/2010 Tonight Shannan and Michelle provide more hot tips on how to stay in shape at home. Resident healthy chef Janella whips up a tasty culinary feast that's also good for the waistline, and Dr Norman Swan takes a class on the biology of leading a healthy life
S05E66 Episode 66 - Final Elimination 18/04/2010 It was time for Phil and Joe to weigh in against each other for a spot in the final four. Joe came out on top to join Lisa, Wayne and Shannon in the final four. It was then time for all The Biggest Loser contestants of 2010 to hit the stage for the finale and show Australia what they’ve achieved. Lisa was the winner of The Biggest Loser for 2010 – the first female Biggest Loser ever in Australia! Joe took second place and Shannon was third.
S05E67 Episode 67 - Finale 18/04/2010 Tonight, the contestants of this years Biggest Loser take to the stage dramatically lighter and almost unrecognizable. It's the finale to a game where everyone comes out a winner. But who will be declared this years Biggest Loser?
S06E01 Episode 1 30/01/2011 After arriving to find Camp Biggest Loser empty, Hayley revealed the reason to the trainers: not only would they each have to train a family, but spend a week living (and eating) with them. Whisked away by helicopter to their respective new homesteads, Shannan, Michelle, The Commando and Tiffiny saw their momentous task first-hand, piling their plates in a truly eye-opening, waistband-expanding new experience. The families were awarded their team colours – Westrens (Blue), Moons (Black), Duncans (White), Challenors (Red) – before learning they would have their first weigh-in publicly, for all their loved ones to see.
S06E02 Episode 2 02/02/2011 The public weigh-ins took place, Damien from the Challenors making Biggest Loser Australia history as the show’s heaviest contestant at a staggering 234.4kg. The teams and trainers were taken by limo to their new home – Camp Biggest Loser – where Hayley revealed the $300,000 prize on offer, and announced training would begin immediately. Tears, breakdowns and vomiting ensued as the first training session made each contestant face the reality of the journey they were about to take.
S06E03 Episode 3 03/02/2011 The contestants were amazed to discover that in another Loser first, it would be the trainers weighing in. The results were a surprise to all, and not about to go unpunished. The contestants were woken at an unsociable 5am for a gruelling training session, after which they were given their bio ages by resident Doctor Swan. Each family member then recorded a video message to their future selves. That night the contestants were presented with their first Contest, endurance: a three-round, 10km race on the treadmills. Jodie, Leigh, Joe and Jarrod were chosen as the contesting champions, with The Blacks and Whites left at the final round.
S06E04 Episode 4 04/02/2011 As the contest continued, Jarrod from The Duncans emerged victorious and was awarded the power to remove another family of their trainer until after next weigh-in, choosing to penalise The Moons and gleefully ordering The Commando to take a hike. The contestants trained, Sharlene had a breakdown which later turned into a breakthrough, and the families began their first Challenge – pulling an 88 tonne train 400 metres. The prize? A 4kg advantage at next weigh-in. The battle was tight, but The Duncans were edging ahead at the close.
S06E05 Episode 5 06/02/2011 The Challenge pushed each contestant to the limit, and the Westrens’ Craig further, as he collapsed from the effort. The Duncans once again brought victory home, winning an all-important 4kg advantage at weigh-in. Big numbers fell at the weigh-in, with Jarrod crowned the week’s Biggest Loser, and The Duncans Biggest Losing Family. The Challenors and The Moons fell beneath the yellow line, and each nominated a member to face eviction. Rebecca and Greg went off to meet their fates, and Greg became the first contestant eliminated.
S06E06 Episode 6 09/02/2011 The Red Team’s reaction to Greg’s elimination shocked many. The teams entered the lounge to find a note instructing them to ‘Go outside, a trail awaits.’ Little did they know the trail would take them to Temptation, picnic-style. Hayley explained that should anyone decide to take Temptation, they would have to race for a basket and eat what’s inside, while one basket contained $25,000. The catch being that whoever got the cash basket would have to leave the game if they wanted to keep it. Leigh was faced a life-changing decision, and Meg was lumbered with a 2000-calorie chicken meal to burn off. Michelle learnt news of Greg’s elimination and voiced her disgust, and the trainers turned up the eat on their families in post-Temptation training.
S06E07 Episode 7 10/02/2011 The contestants learnt of the family weigh-in, and Leigh decided not to gamble with his life, rejecting the money in favour of remaining in the game. A decision that delighted his trainer Shannan, who led his team in a demanding circuit training session. Michelle continued to voice her immense disappointment in her family’s continued refusal to follow her instructions, and the team finally agreed to work harder so Greg’s elimination wasn’t for nothing. The Commando fought to deal with rifts appearing in the Moon family, and Tiff awarded the Duncans their yellow belts. The Contest was one of strength, with three rounds of curling, and Damien and Jarrod were left battling it out for the win.
S06E08 Episode 8 11/02/2011 Realising the threat posed by the Duncans, they were the ones penalised. Despite Tiffiny doing her best to talk her team through how to make good choices from the menu, all the hidden ingredients made calorie counting difficult. The next Challenge began at ANZ Stadium; families each had to chose one member to sit out. Injured, the Challenors didn't compete, and were instead taken by Michelle to make amends with Greg. The Blues and Whites were leading the Challenge at the episode's end.
S06E09 Episode 9 13/02/2011 After clearing the air with Greg, the Challenors decided to devote the week to him. The Duncans were put through their paces by Tiff during Last Chance Training, while the Commando ran the Moons ragged on the treadmill. At weigh-in, the Blues and Whites fell beneath the yellow line, and despite Craig imploring the other contestants to vote him out, Sarah-Jayne was eliminated, causing friction between the teams.
S06E10 Episode 10 16/02/2011 Sharlene secured the prize for the Blues, much to Shannan’s dismay. All the trainers save Michelle were forced to chastise their trainees for taking Temptation. A particularly aggrieved Commando took the Blacks to a warehouse and put them through a torturous training session, at which Sarah could only watch as she was injured. As the episode came to a close the contestants entered the weigh-in room ready for this week's family weigh-in.
S06E11 Episode 11 17/02/2011 The Westrens won at the scales and got to decide the champions for the next Contest. Enraged as the Black Team’s apparent lack of motivation, The Commando put them through another intense workout, this time on the parade ground in the pouring rain. The theme for the next Contest was knowledge, with the champions each picking an assistant. Little did they know that for every wrong answer the helper would be loaded with a 5kg weight.
S06E12 Episode 12 18/02/2011 The Westrens won and selected the Challenors to ‘babysit’ a 5kg medicine ball for the week, having to keep it off the ground 24/7 until weigh-in. The penalty for failure was a second ball. Michelle took Joe to task for his reaction to the Reds being chosen. The Commado put the Moons through another taste of training torture, and the sand bag Challenge was revealed - the first family to load a tonne onto their scales would win a 1kg advantage at weigh-in, and letters from home.
S06E13 Episode 13 20/02/2011 The Whites narrowly won the Challenge title from the Blues, and won the 1kg weight advantage and letters from home. After a gruelling training session the remaining families all received their letters too. With only one spot above the yellow line, the weigh-in was tense, but the Duncan family emerged victorious. In a shock decision the Challenors decided to put Damien up for elimination, and believing the move to be a calculated attempt to win the sympathy vote, the other contestants voted unanimously to send him home.
S06E14 Episode 14 23/02/2011 The reaction to Damien’s Elimination was fierce, and the accusations poured down on Joe, who threatened to leave Camp Biggest Loser. Michelle was shocked by the decision, and that the others would vote the heaviest contestant out. The families were led into the weigh-in room and told to vote for the family they wanted out of the competition, which turned out to be the Challenors. The twist was revealed: the Reds would contest the rest of the week against the Team of Three Families. Training was brutal, and in a special event, more footage from the trainers' family stay was shown.
S06E15 Episode 15 24/02/2011 At the family weigh-in the Team of Three Families weighed in as one against The Challenors, and recorded a massive weight loss. The Champions for the ‘Super Contest’ were decided: Joe, Leigh, Jarrod and Kellie. Joe won the first round, before submitting to Jarrod in the second. With the power to bring a family member back into the game on the line, it was a hard fought battle between Joe and Kellie on the bikes at the close.
S06E16 Episode 16 25/02/2011 oe emerged as the winner in the Super Contest, choosing Damien to come back into the game, who was welcomed with open arms. The trainers put the contestants through a punishing training session, after which Jodie opened up to Shannan about her battle with cancer. The Challenge began, though Damien wasn’t allowed to compete, with the winning team taking a 1kg per person advantage into the next weigh in. The Challenge was to load and pull sleds of water bottles, with the Reds surprisingly taking an early lead.
S06E17 Episode 17 27/02/2011 The challenge is completed, who will gain advantage at the weigh-in? At the weigh-in, it's 3 families against 1,who will be eliminated ?
S06E18 Episode 18 02/03/2011 The teams reacted angrily to Jarrod’s Elimination, particularly that Joe wasn't respecting Nathaniel's opinion. Contestants entered the Temptation room to see big pictures of their loved ones hanging up, and were told that a chance to return home and see them was on the line. The families were blindfolded, and had to decide whether to dive into the bowls of chocolate buttons in front of them. Kellie won after eating a massive number, but suffered the Commando’s wrath as a result. As the family weigh-ins began, news of Jarrod’s weight gain on the outside shocked all.
S06E19 Episode 19 03/03/2011 The family weigh-ins continued, with the contestants shocked at Jarrod and Greg’s weight gains. The Westerns won the weigh-in and chose Rebecca, Nathaniel and Emma to compete against Lara in the Contest. The Contest was held at North Sydney Olympic Pool, and carried out over three rounds: Knowledge, Strength and Endurance. In the first round the trainers sat in row boats, and for each question their Champion answered incorrectly had to add four buckets of water to their boat. Tiffiny sank first, eliminating Emma. Rebecca was eliminated next as the contestants had to carry weights from one side of the pool to the other, leaving Lara and Nathaniel to compete in the final round.
S06E20 Episode 20 04/03/2011 As the pool contest continued it was between Lara and Nathaniel in the final round, Endurance. Lara won and with power over the game penalised the Moons with a 1kg disadvantage at weigh-in. After learning that his family hadn’t bothered doing an early morning training after receiving their penalty, the Commando let the Blacks have it, with Rebecca storming out of training. The Challenge was revealed to be a mud pit tug of war, with the four families hooked to each other and racing for flags in the four corners of the pit. It was a tight battle between Meg, Sarah, Damien and Leigh in the final round.
S06E21 Episode 21 06/03/2011 After a final push Meg captured the final flag and won the Challenge. Last Chance Training exposed further rifts in the Red Team, as Nathaniel voiced his dislike of Joe and his dismay at being marginalised by his uncles. Michelle tried to clear the air, and resolutions were made to put differences behind them. Good numbers were lost by most at the weigh-in, with Emma taking the week’s Biggest Loser for the second time this series, but the Westrens and Moons were left under the yellow line. Craig and Jodie went up for Elimination, and the former was the one packing his bags at the close.
S06E22 Episode 22 09/03/2011 After being told that fresh blood was arriving at Camp, the contestants were shocked to meet the team of Loser Legends – past players Adro, Sam, Bob and Lisa. The families learned that each team would be joined by a legend for the week, who would eat, train and compete in both Contests and Challenge with them. After getting to know their new additions in training, the families entered the weigh-in room, ready for the family weigh-ins.
S06E23 Episode 23 10/03/2011 Craig was the only outside contestant that gained weight at the family weigh-in, and the Westrens once again took Biggest Losing Family. Rather than choosing the Champions for the Contest however, they discovered that the Loser Legends would be battling it out. Sam took the first round on the rowing machines, while Lisa was the second Legend eliminated after the knowledge round. Sam and Adro then prepared to contest the final.
S06E24 Episode 24 11/03/2011 Training was intense for all the contestants, particularly Leigh, who was tested to the upmost by Shannan. The families were taken to the Challenge site, and told they had to carry buckets of water to the top of the sand dunes, tipping them into their barrel at the top to bring their key to the surface and release it. Sam and the Reds were the first to get their key, and release their flag for the win, giving the Challenors a 1kg weight advantage going into the weigh-in.
S06E25 Episode 25 13/03/2011 The weigh-in was even tenser than usual, with Sarah walking out after Jodie’s suggestion that she was letting the team down. Lara took the week’s Biggest Loser, while the Duncans and Moons were left under the yellow line. Jodie and Emma were nominated, and Emma departed, leaving Meg the only family member left.
S06E26 Episode 26 16/03/2011 The Temptation room contained multiple fridges, containing a range of calorie-heavy treats, with only one containing the treasured immunity for both eliminations. Nathaniel and Meg opted to play, with the latter winning immunity. After training it was into the family weigh-in.
S06E27 Episode 27 17/03/2011 The Westrens once again took Biggest Losing Family of the week, and decided the competitors for the Contest to battle Lara: Damien, Kellie and Meg. At training The Commando re-introduced the Moons to basic nutrition. In the Contest the Champions had to saw exact weights off the logs in front of them. If they were more than 20grams off the specified weight, they would have to saw off another piece and try again. Kellie was the first contestant eliminated, followed by Meg, leaving Lara and Damien in the final.
S06E28 Episode 28 18/03/2011 Shannan worked Lara hard in training, and the Commando endured another Moon meltdown. The Challenge was unveiled: a time trial assault course, with each family represented by two members – tied together. Lara and Leigh set an impressive time, while the Moons struggled, as Rebecca fought to overcome her fears.
S06E29 Episode 29 20/03/2011 After a tough Last Chance Training it was into the weigh-in room, with only one spot above the yellow line up for grabs. The Westrens narrowly managed to snatch it from the Challenors, leaving the Reds and Blacks to nominate members for Elimination. Much to Nathaniel’s dismay his uncles nominated him, while Kellie went up for the Moons. Nathaniel was subsequently Eliminated, and left Camp Biggest Loser.
S06E30 Episode 30 23/03/2011 After teams once again turned on Joe for putting Nathaniel up for Elimination, they were led into the weigh-in room and shown how much fat they’d collectively lost so far in the competition. They were also told that the teams would now be disbanded, and the game would be individual vs individual. They were then introduced to the multiple-round Pyramid of Fitness, across multiple pieces of fitness equipment, with the winner being crowned Loser’s ‘Ultimate Athlete.’ It was Joe vs Leigh in the final round.
S06E31 Episode 31 24/03/2011 Contestants were then introduced to a ‘memory game’ Temptation, with immunity on the line. Sarah was the only person who played, but had to consume 20 cookies to finally win the prize. The players learnt that from now on only the top four at weigh-in compete in the Contest, and that this week’s would be for a 2kg weight advantage – 1kg for the winner, and 1kg for a contestant of their choice. The Contest theme was knowledge, with correct answers winning extra time to complete the disciplines in each round.
S06E32 Episode 32 25/03/2011 Much to everyone’s surprise, Joe gave the 1kg advantage to Rebecca rather than his brother Damien, a decision that stunned Michelle, who made the Reds train at the House. The other players trained on the beach with Olympic volleyball champions Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Cook. The Challenge was a triathlon at Sydney harbour, with kayaks, bikes and cars. The prize: a night on Cockatoo Island with one of their loved ones, who were watching the event from a cruiser on the Harbour. Lara, Joe and Leigh were left contesting the final round.
S06E33 Episode 33 27/03/2011 The other contestants received messages from their loved ones, before heading into Last Chance Training. With only one spot above the yellow line, weigh-in was closely fought, and Damien was left facing Elimination without the 1kg weight advantage enjoyed by Rebecca. Lara joined him, and with the deciding vote falling to Sarah, she opted to send Damien home.
S06E34 Episode 34 30/03/2011 The first was in Temptation, where the families were put into 24-hour lockdown, with food being brought out on the hour, every hour. Meg and Joe decided to play, with the former prevailing, but only after consuming nearly a week’s worth of calories. Contestants trained and Rebecca visited her sick daughter in hospital, before everyone was lead into the weigh-in room for a surprise weigh-in. The Biggest Loser would receive the second Immunity. Meg’s result sent shockwaves through her peers.
S06E35 Episode 35 31/03/2011 Tiffiny took Meg to task in training, while the Commando battled once again with a dispirited Sarah. Led into the Contest room, it was revealed that all would compete in a multiple-round endurance test, with Immunity the prize for the winner. Leigh and Lara were ready to face-off in the final round.
S06E36 Episode 36 01/04/2011 The contestants endured a vigorous training session, with Tiffiny helping Meg get her exercise, diet and mind in order. The Challenge was at Palm Beach, with each player having to burrow under a railway pole to retrieve pieces of a flag: the first to build and erect theirs won the final Immunity. Leigh and Kellie were neck-and-neck at the close.
S06E37 Episode 37 03/04/2011 With the final Immunity decided, it was into Last Chance Training, where Shannan pushed Sharlene harder than ever before. The cameras showed how Emma and Nathaniel have continued their journeys on the outside. The weigh-in was tense as always, with Meg amazingly keeping her Immunity with a great loss. Rebecca and Sarah were left below the yellow line, with the former being the next contestant voted out of Camp.
S06E38 Episode 38 06/04/2011 After an ice cream truck pulled up at Camp Biggest Loser, contestants learnt that in this Temptation they had to decide whether to pass, or secretly try to consume the most calories to win Immunity. Joe and Leigh were the only two people to play, with Joe narrowly winning safe passage. Greg returned to the house for a week of training, although the old excuses soon made an appearance, and the Contestants went rock climbing. Finding various makeover items outside their rooms, the families soon understood what was ahead.
S06E39 Episode 39 07/04/2011 The excited contestants were taken to the Ivy, where they were greeted by their hair and make-up experts. Tears were shed as the makeovers began, before the families were whisked off to complete the final stage of their new looks: the wardrobe. Once complete, the contestants headed onto the catwalk as their friends and family got to see the fruits of their incredible journeys.
S06E40 Episode 40 08/04/2011 All three wowed the crowds as their revealed their new looks, although a shock was later in store as post-makeover Lara succumbed to a secret eating binge. After revealing this to Shannan, he helped her try to get her mindset back on track. Michelle once again struggled with Greg in training, and then the contestants were taken to the latest Challenge: Jacob's Ladder. A moving ladder suspended over a pool, the families had to keep climbing up the rungs or risk being flung into the water below. Leigh and Joe were the last people remaining.
S06E41 Episode 41 10/04/2011 Joe won a 1kg advantage at weigh-in that he could either keep for himself, or give to another contestant. Hayley revealed that with their amazing efforts in the Challenge Leigh and Joe had broken a world record. Training was intense, with Greg giving a much better account of himself. At weigh-in, Joe revealed he would be giving the advantage to Kellie, and because of it she managed to just stay above the yellow line. Joe won the week’s Biggest Loser, while Lara and Meg faced Elimination. Lara became the latest contestant to leave Camp Biggest Loser.
S06E42 Episode 42 13/04/2011 After a few tears at Lara's exit, the contestants were then shown videos of their old selves. It was an emotional moment, as each one realised just has far they'd come. Taken to the marina for a special training session, the contestants discovered they would be learning the ropes on a sailboat. After pouring every ounce of effort into the task, they were thrilled when Hayley announced the reason: they would be sailing from Sydney to Hobart.
S06E43 Episode 43 14/04/2011 The contestants set out on the journey of a lifetime, sailing from Sydney to Hobart. The experience was an enlightening one for all, as each member of the crew set about washing away their troubles. Receiving letters from home, the contestants were given plenty of time to reflect, but also discovered the rigours not just of sailing, but dealing with Mother Nature. And as storms began to hit, they realised this would be arguably their most taxing challenge yet.
S06E44 Episode 44 15/04/2011 After suffering a hard fall, Sharlene was taken below, leaving the others to battle against the elements. Once they arrived in Hobart, Hayley revealed the Super Challenge, to take place over multiple legs: kayak; climb, abseil, bike and run, ending with a knowledge test at the summit of Mount Wellington. Once there, contestants had to pick the lowest calorie dish off the table; the one left with the highest would be Eliminated.
S06E45 Episode 45 17/04/2011 Once the contestants returned to Camp, they were put through a hard Last Chance Training. Particularly Leigh, who Shannan was urging to change his negative mindset. At weigh-in Joe took the week's Biggest Loser, while Sarah and Meg were below the yellow line. Meg was subsequently voted out, and said her goodbyes.
S06E46 Episode 46 20/04/2011 Hayley reveals to the contestants that they all have immunity? so what's the catch? Meanwhile, the four trainers head out of Camp Biggest Loser for a second public weigh in.
S06E47 Episode 47 21/04/2011 The four eliminated contestants with the highest weight loss percentage battle it out to secure their place back in the competition. How will the others react to their return?
S06E48 Episode 48 24/04/2011 Dr Swan returns to Camp Biggest Loser to re-evaluate the contestants' bio age. Witness the amazing results as our families prove that, with a little hard work, you really can reverse the hands of time.
S06E49 Episode 49 25/04/2011 The second round of the elimination challenge continued with Nathaniel and Joe competing to row to 1km first.The Final 6: revisited their Time Capsule Videos which gave them insight into just how far they had all come. The Final Contest of the year began. Last place would result in elimination.
S06E50 Episode 50 27/04/2011 Dreams are made and reflections go deep for the remaining Biggest Loser contestants.The final Elimination Challenge ensues with a Tug-Of-War. The remaining contestants tried on their Dream Outfits, with their tears and smiles speaking louder than words. There was no time to rest, with a special hike up the Stockton Sand Dunes. Armed with backpacks, the contestants climbed the dunes and regained the weight they’d lost. This bore heavily on all of them, leaving a strong message of willpower to never return to that state again.
S06E51 Episode 51 28/04/2011 Tonight, as part of the final week, the contestants get revenge - it's train the trainer time. Then, a special outdoor training session.
S06E52 Episode 52 01/05/2011 Tonight, the final training session, and the final 4 is decided by the final weigh-in at camp Biggest Loser - who will miss out?
S06E53 Finale 02/05/2011 Tonight, the winner is announced, both in the at-home and overall categories. Who has lost the most weight?
S07E01 It All Begins 23/01/2012 Ready for another season of action, Shannan, Michelle, The Commando and Tiffiny visited locations across Australia to inform their team members they had secured themselves coveted places on The Biggest Loser Singles. The trainers got to see their trainees in their everyday environment, including what their typical diet consisted of. Each possessing their own heartbreaking story, the contestants were unified in their desire to change their lives, and find someone to share them with. Once back at Camp Biggest Loser and into their colours, the excited teams met in a rain-drenched yard and prepared to begin their journey. Hayley then revealed it was time for their first weigh-in, with friends and family joining them for much-needed support.
S07E02 The First Weigh In 24/01/2012 The weigh-ins continued, with the Blue Team’s Ryan setting a record as The Biggest Loser’s heaviest ever participant. Out of the weigh-in room, the contestants savoured their new surroundings before getting their first taste of training. Shannan urged his Blues to leave no man behind as Ryan struggled; Michelle’s recruits ran up and down the stairs of Camp Biggest Loser, fighting the desire to give up; while Tiffiny pushed her ninjas to their limits, resulting in Bek throwing a bar off an exercise bike in protest and getting ejected from the dojang.
S07E03 First Training Session & Temptation 25/01/2012 As training continued, Tiffiny left the dojang to clear the air with Bek. Ryan continued to suffer but was lifted by his teammates. In the yard, The Commando got to work on his Black Team, with Alex initially struggling but ultimately drawing on reserves of strength he never knew he had. The contestants shared their reasons for applying to be in the show, before being told their bio ages by Dr Swan and shown what their collective body fat looked like. A series of hidden cameras later showed that the Blues hadn’t been sticking to their morning training commitments, then Hayley revealed The Wheel of Temptation. With the chance to spin for immunity on the line, the teams were doing their best to resist; only James appeared as if he might just be willing to gamble.
S07E04 The First Challenge - Pull a Ferry 26/01/2012 Despite Hayley piling on the pressure by adding further chances for immunity to the wheel, none of the contestants decided to play Temptation. Though happy at the news, Shannan then hit the roof after discovering that his team hadn’t burned off the 600 calories each he’d set them for homework. The Reds suffered a similar fate when the in-house cameras showed Michelle that Lydia was the only one up early training. The first Off-Site Challenge was revealed, each team jumping into a row boat and towing a 110 tonne ferry. As the episode came to a close, the Reds and Blacks were neck-and-neck in the battle for first place.
S07E05 Weigh-In & Elimination 30/01/2012 After a tight battle the Black Team bested the Reds in the Ferry Pull Challenge, winning them a 2kg weigh-in advantage. Selena collapsed, exhausted from the effort. The contestants gathered themselves and entered the weigh-in room for their first competitive visit to the scales. The loses were hugely impressive, though with the lowest percentages Selena and Hamish were left facing elimination. In the elimination room Hayley revealed a twist – the teams above the Yellow Line could choose not to vote anyone out. Yet Margie, questioning Selena’s commitment, voted for her, forcing the other contestants to vote themselves and setting in motion a chain of events that resulted in Selena’s elimination.
S07E06 Contest Event: Holding 31/01/2012 The fallout from Monday’s elimination was fierce, with the trainers demanding to know why Margie opted to vote Selena out of the competition, sending the Red Team member storming out. The teams then proceeded to training, giving their absolute all. Afterwards Hayley revealed the first Contest, which saw Michelle, Luke, Lydia and Shane battling it out for their teams over three rounds of mental and physical strength. The final came down to Luke and Shane, with the latter taking the win and going on The Walk. Hayley explained he could now choose from one of three boxes: power over food, training or a mystery option. Shane opted for the mystery box, and though not revealing its contents looked a little unsure about how his fellow contestants would react to the game-changing development.
S07E07 Temptation: $30,000 01/02/2012 Shane returned from the Walk, revealing to the contestants that he had won the power to bring an eliminated contestant back and was giving Selena a second chance – news not greeted warmly by all. The teams were put through a gruelling training session, with Brenda opening up to Michelle about her past struggles and Hamish pushing past the pain with Shannan. Temptation revealed a room full of calorie-heavy treats, with Hayley explaining that a prize of $30,000 in gold bullion was up for grabs for the person consuming the most. Only two played: Lisa, who ate a modest 90 calories, and James, who piled away a massive 960. The twist: if he took the bullion he would have to leave the house forever, leaving him with a huge decision to make.
S07E08 Challenge day: Sheep Herding 02/02/2012 James continued to mull over whether to take the money won at Temptation, much to the dismay of his team. Shannan tried to get the Blues to see James’ side of the story, then got them to focus their feelings into a training session. The Commando gave his Black Team some pointers about healthy eating, before the contestants departed for their next Offsite Challenge: sheep herding. Round by round, the teams faced off, needing to each pen seven sheep to progress. The Reds beat the Whites, while the Blacks saw off the Blues, leaving the stage set for a dramatic final.
S07E09 Weigh In & Elimination 06/02/2012 The Sheep Herding Challenge concluded, with the Red Team putting in a supreme effort to beat the Blacks and win a 2km advantage at weigh-in. Selena re-entered Camp Biggest Loser, before the contestants got down to Last Chance Training. Shannan tried to make James see sense about the money and stay in the competition, while Michelle tried to get to the root of a resistant Brenda’s struggles. In the weigh-in room, James announced his decision to take the $30,000 and leave the game. The weigh-ins produced modest losses across the board, with the Reds topping the leaderboard and Margie winning Biggest Loser of the week. The Whites and Black were below the Yellow Line, with Shane and Michelle nominated to face Elimination.
S07E10 Contest Event: Into the Spotlight 07/02/2012 The teams continued to confer in the Elimination Room before casting their votes, leading to Shane’s exit from the competition. Hayley revealed to the trainers that Camp Biggest Loser was bugged with cameras, revealing shocking truths about some contestants’ continual bad eating habits. The trainers were then shown The Bunker, from which they could monitor what was really going on in the house. The teams trained, before being taken out of Camp Biggest Loser for a public speaking task, which saw them battling their nerves to share their heartbreaking life stories.
S07E11 Temptation: 12 Hour Lock-down 08/02/2012 The contestants received letters from home, which spurred them on in training. Shannan inspired Hamish to push through some barriers on the spin bike, who impressed his trainer by managing to keep pace with Luke. The teams arrived back at their rooms to be greeted with sweet treats aplenty, letters explaining that a 12-Hour Temptation had begun, with team Immunity up for grabs. In a show first, the trainers watched Temptation live from The Bunker. The Blacks and Reds held strong and refused to play. The Blues, fearing they would fall beneath the Yellow Line, opted to participate, while the Whites conducted a secret ballot to gauge opinion on whether to take Temptation or not.
S07E12 Challenge day: The Valley Stampede 09/02/2012 The Blues were revealed to be the only players of Temptation, winning then team Immunity. Despite their prize Shannan let his disappointment be known, putting them through a gruelling training session in which Luke excelled. Michelle quizzed the Reds about their exercise – or lack of – during Temptation and showed them some simple routines they could have used to keep active. The teams then left for the Valley Stampede Challenge, working in pairs across a punishing obstacle course. During the Challenge Shannan continued to struggle to motivate Hamish, while the Reds against marked themselves as the team to beat by taking the win. The Whites took second, leaving the Blacks and Blues battling to avoid a last place finish.
S07E13 Weigh in & Elimination 13/02/2012 After an epic finish to the Valley Stampede Challenge, the Blacks beat the Blues, leaving the latter saddled with a 2kg penalty at weigh-in. Luckily for them they had Team Immunity. Watching from The Bunker, Shannan and Tiffiny discovered that their teams hadn’t been according to the schedule, with Tiff letting her anger be known. The contestants then entered the weigh-in, with only one spot available above the Yellow Line. Against all odds, the White Team secured it, with Selena justifying her second chance as the week’s biggest loser. The distraught Reds and Blacks then nominated Brenda and Alex for Elimination, with Brenda receiving the most votes and leaving the competition.
S07E14 Contest Event: Boys vs. Girls 14/02/2012 Brenda’s Elimination caused friction in the house, with Margie accusing Bek of breaking her pledge not to vote out any of the girls. The contestants headed to the weigh in room, to learn that they were being split into two teams for an upcoming Contest: girls vs boys. The teams trained, with Bek’s progress frustrating her new teammates. The teams then entered the Contest arena, with Hayley explaining that the winner would receive the power of The Walk. Margie bested Ryan in the strength round, before Michelle beat Luke in an epic test of speed, sending Lydia out to choose the boys’ fate.
S07E15 Temptation: 5 Star Dining 15/02/2012 Lydia went on The Walk, choosing the box marked ‘Food’ before going back to Camp to reveal that the boys would only be able to eat orange foods for the next week. The girls trained, with Michelle getting them to write some of the hateful things they’d be called in their lives as motivation to fight even harder. The contestants got dressed up for ‘Silver Spoon Temptation,’ with food prepared by celebrated chef Michael Moore. With Hamish determined to win Immunity, he powered through, with only Ryan standing in his way in the final round.
S07E16 Challenge Day: Hell Hill 16/02/2012 Hamish won Temptation after beating Ryan and Michelle deciding not to play, securing himself Immunity and a night away with another contestant – but at the cost of 1873 calories. Hamish chose Michelle to join him. Shannan tried to get Ryan to push himself in training and prove he had much more to give than he’d shown in the Contest. Hayley welcomed special guest Sammy from series four to dispense some advice about learning to appreciate yourself. The Offsite Challenge – Hell Hill – pit the girls against the boys, running up and down a massive sand dune. The first team to complete 50 laps won. The teams were closely matched, but a breakdown from Ryan in the closing stages threatened to tip the scales.
S07E17 Friday Night Special 17/02/2012 In extra footage from the latest week at Camp Biggest Loser, Shannan exploded at Ryan for not committing himself 100% to changing his life. New scenes delved deeper into the house’s burgeoning relationships. Following an extended catch-up, Brenda proved herself to be going great guns on the outside, following her diet and new training regime. Dr Swan stopped by to update her bio age, before she received a special makeover as a reward for her hard work.
S07E18 Weigh In & Elimination 20/02/2012 The girls emerged as victors at the battle of Hell Hill, winning them a 2kg weigh-in advantage. Ryan again broke down in training, as Shannan and The Commando struggled to break down his barriers. Luke, meanwhile, entered the boxing ring with Shannan and in an impressive performance gave as good as he got. At weigh-in the results were mixed, with Blue and Black Teams falling beneath the Yellow Line. Graham and Ryan volunteered to go up for Elimination, with the vote going against Loser’s biggest even competitor and sending him home.
S07E19 Contest Event: 1 Tonne of Bricks 21/02/2012 Hayley explained that Immunity Week was about to commence, giving contestants multiple chances to keep themselves safe. Graham returned from the Elimination Room, much to the relief of his team. Luke gave his all in training, feeling guilty for Ryan's exit, while Hamish gave his best performance yet. Lydia broke down in Red Team training, although Michelle helped her resolve to lose a bigger number at the next weigh-in. Tired of his team's "hot air", The Commando made absolutely sure Graham was getting his "no excuses" message. For the first of the Immunity Challenges, the contestants had to move bricks by hand from one pallet to another. The first to transfer all of theirs won both safe passage and a 24-hour pass home. In a tight race between Margie and Luke, it was the Blue Team member that took the win. Hayley then surprised the other competitors with a fresh game twist.
S07E20 Impromptu weigh-in 22/02/2012 The contestants prepared for a surprise weigh-in, with the second Immunity and another 24-hour leave pass on the line. Lydia lost the biggest number, winning her the massive reward. The other housemates trained with the Manly Sea Eagles, with Shannan once again meeting resistance from Hamish. The final Immunity and leave pass were on offer to the winner of a chocolate-themed Temptation. The rules were simple: whoever ate the most was declared the victor, with the players blindfolded so they weren’t influenced by their peers. For another week, Hamish played and looked to be cruising to victory.
S07E21 Temptation: Box of Chocolates 23/02/2012 Hamish was the only contestant to participate in Temptation, eating 988 calories-worth of chocolates, securing himself Immunity and a leave pass. Michelle watched the Red Team put in a fantastic training effort, treating them to a meal out as a reward. For the Offsite Challenge, the teams hit the beach and had to dig kayaks and oars out from beneath the sand. Once freed they had to drag the kayak to the water, row out and collect the weighted markers from a series of buoys and return them. The Reds once again proved themselves the competition’s dominant force, taking the win. The Blues struggled, with Luke and Hamish butting heads, but it was the Whites who truly broke down, finishing last and receiving a 1kg weight penalty per member.
S07E22 Friday Night Special 24/02/2012 For the second Friday special, The Biggest Loser Singles caught up with Ryan’s progress on the outside, seeing his training regime and new diet. Dr Swan dropped in, revealing Ryan had knocked six years off his bio age. The Commando put the Blacks through a unique training session, giving them three minutes to make their beds and then cycle one kilometres. Hamish showed some fire by getting into a sparring ring with Shannan, before the results of Ryan’s mini-makeover were revealed.
S07E23 Weigh In & Elimination 27/02/2012 Following the Palm Beach Challenge, Shannan observed Luke acting inebriated back at Camp and discovered he had smuggled alcohol in with him. Luke was subsequently ejected from the competition. Tensions mounted in the White Team, with Selena accusing the others of bullying her. Some great numbers were lost at Weigh-In, but with their 1kg per member penalty the Whites went below the Yellow Line, while the Blacks once again faced a member being Eliminated. Graham put himself up, while in a shock twist of events the Whites nominated Bek, leaving the panel with another tough decision to make.
S07E24 Contest Event: Balancing 28/02/2012 Bek was eliminated from the competition, leaving the White Team relieved that they didn’t have to face the fallout of nominating her. The trainers staged a surprise midnight raid, putting all the contestants through an intense training session. They then had to race back to Camp, with Hayley revealing that the winners would receive massive power over the game. The Reds again took the win, and were told they had to pick another team to leave Camp immediately, to head out to the Bush until the next Weigh-In. They picked the Whites. The other teams arrived at the beach for the next Contest, in which a Champion from each had to balance on an increasingly narrow beam in the water. The winner of The Contest got the power of The Walk. Hamish was the first to fall, leaving Simon and Margie battling for the win.
S07E25 Temptation: Iconic Australian Foods 29/02/2012 Margie won The Contest and with it the power of The Walk, selecting Mystery. Her power: to select one person whose weigh-in weight would not be included in their team’s total weight percentage for the week. To prevent Hamish again winning Immunity through Temptation, Margie suggested that Simon beat him to it, after which she’d give him the prize won at The Walk. After discovering Hamish hadn’t been training, Shannan pushed him to the max, the White Team bonded over a training session with Tiff out in the Bush and The Commando punished Graham during the Black Team workout. Simon played Temptation, leaving the others wondering how many calories he would have to consume before he uncovered the Immunity pass.
S07E26 Challenge: The Quarry 01/03/2012 Simon continued to play Temptation, while the Whites struggled with life in the Bush. Shannan woke up Hamish and put him straight into an early training session, before asking him to reveal his true feelings for Michelle. The White Team trained, with Selena admitting to Tiffiny she felt she didn’t deserve to still be in the competition. For the Offsite Challenge, the contestants were taken to a quarry; the teams had to break down piles of rock, and then add them to another team’s basket. When the basket was full, the team was eliminated. The winning team received the power to rid one team of their trainer for the week, and make video phone calls home. Graham, Hamish and Lisa competed. Hamish was the first contestant eliminated. Graham powered through and took the win, with Hayley then revealing that all the contestants would be allowed to call home.
S07E27 Friday Night Special 02/03/2012 It’s was time to catch up with Bek in the latest Biggest Loser Friday special, who proved to be making astonishing progress on the outside. Luke talked at greater length about the drink problems that had caused his exit, the contestants shared their thoughts on Hamish and Michelle’s romance, and Hayley introduced unseen footage from the week’s Contest. Dr Swan broke the news that Bek’s bio age had dropped to only one year above her actual age, before Sammy treated her to a stunning mini-makeover.
S07E28 Weigh-In & Elimination 05/03/2012 The Quarry Challenge continued, with the Black Team taking the win and securing themselves video chats with home and removing Hamish of his trainer. Hayley then revealed that as a special reward, all the teams would be allowed to call home. Hamish gave his all in a solo training session, while out bush Tiff encouraged Michelle to open up about her feelings for Hamish. At the weigh-in, Michelle took Biggest Loser, leaving Blue and Black below the Yellow Line. Hamish faced Graham in the Elimination Room, and in a close vote the former was forced to say his goodbyes.
S07E29 Contest Event: Young vs. Old 06/03/2012 The White Team suffered from the strain of Selena’s Elimination vote for Hamish. With no team members left, Shannan walked out of Camp Biggest Loser. Hayley introduced the theme of the weeks: Old Dogs vs Young Pups. As the youngest member of the Over 30s females, Margie balanced out the sides as a member of the Young Pups. The trainers put their teams through their paces, with Margie sending Selena storming out of training. The teams entered The Contest arena, for a battle over three rounds: brains, endurance and skill. Lisa won the skill round and Lydia the strength, winning them the power of The Walk.
S07E30 Temptation & The Bunker 07/03/2012 Simon went on The Walk, selecting The Secret box. ‘Choose one contestant that will learn The Secret’ was the instruction, with Lydia receiving the power after winning a game of paper, rock, scissors against Simon. Hayley then revealed The Bunker to Lydia and told her she now had the advantage to use the cameras whenever she chose. The trainers then introduced the next challenge in the Battle of the Ages, a cook-off, with each team having to create a three-course meal under 1000 calories in one hour. The trainers revealed the Old Dogs as the winners. Michelle received a touching letter from Hamish, before the Dating Temptation Challenge was announced, with members of the public voting for who they thought was the most charming after a round of speed dating. The Young Pups took the win 13 votes to 11, winning a night out for their efforts.
S07E31 Challenge: Young vs. Old 08/03/2012 Michelle was selected as the most charming Temptation contestant, securing herself Immunity for the week. As a further treat, Hamish was waiting at the restaurant to surprise her for the Young Pups' night out. The Old Dogs training session took them to the ocean for a swim, while Margie’s suggestion to throw the weigh-in to enable them to eliminate Selena left the other members of the Young Pups in turmoil. The next Challenge took place at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, with contestants having to walk across the pool on balance beams to retrieve various items corresponding to their generations. The Old Dogs won and with it the power to select a contestant from the opposing team to weigh-in immediately.
S07E32 Friday Night Special 09/03/2012 The Biggest Loser Singles caught up with Hamish to check on his progress, as well as featuring extended footage from the Charm School Temptation. Dr Swan revealed Hamish had brought his bio age down to 29, while Lydia enjoyed her newfound power by watching the monitors down in The Bunker. Sammy then worked her makeover magic on Hamish, giving him a hip new look to complement his newfound confidence.
S07E33 Weigh-In & Elimination 12/03/2012 Selena was chosen to weigh-in immediately, with the result being a mystery until the official weigh-in. Simon admitted to finding the gameplay element wearying, after which The Commando showed him his entry video to remind him of how far he’d come. The Old Dogs beats the Young Pups in a tug of war, before the contestants entered the Weigh-In Room. Simon took Biggest Loser of the week, with the rest of his team doing enough to keep the Old Dogs above the Yellow Line. The Young Pups faced Elimination and, forced to vote a member of their own team off, Selena received the most votes and was sent home.
S07E34 Contest Event: Race Yourself 13/03/2012 The contestants were given a shake-up, as Hayley revealed that the teams were being broken down and contestants were now playing as singles. Lydia was revealed as the Biggest Loser in the competition so far, having lost a massive 35.3kg. The contestants all received their black uniforms, before hitting training. The contestants then arrived at the fields for their first Contest as singles, with the first leg a 400 metre race, won by Margie. Hayley revealed that for the second part of the Contest, players had to strap on weight vests carrying the weight they’d dropped so far, with the racers getting closest to their original times going through to the next stage. Michelle came closest, followed by Lisa, Simon and Graham. For the third and final round, Lisa took the overall victory by one second and won the power of The Walk.
S07E35 Temptation: Sushi Bar 14/03/2012 Lisa went on The Walk and chose Mystery, winning the power to select one contestant to be strapped to another until weigh-in. The Commando took Graham home for a training session, which showed his community how much he’s changed. Lisa selected Alex to be attached to Graham, with the forming protesting and eventually refusing. Hayley informed him that as a penalty he would receive a 2kg disadvantage at the next weigh-in. The contestants played a sushi Temptation, with Margie and Graham left battling it out for the precious prize of Immunity.
S07E36 Challenge: Ultimate Athlete 15/03/2012 Margie won Immunity at Temptation, but not without having some cross words with Simon, who took offence to her constant badgering of Graham. The contestants trained, with The Commando letting rip at Alex for refusing to be attached to Graham. The contestants entered the Weigh-In Room for the Ultimate Athlete Challenge. A marathon taking place over several pieces of gym equipment, the prize for the overall winner was a trophy, a 1kg weight advantage and a phone call home. The contestants gave their all, pushing themselves to breaking point. Simon collapsed and had to be administered oxygen. Lydia and Margie contested the final round, a sprint to the finish.
S07E37 Friday Night Special 16/03/2012 Selena proved to be doing fantastically on the outside, both with her diet and exercise routine. Extended footage from the house saw Lydia and Kasey confronting their old selves during the Contest, and the former admitting that she’d fully begun playing the game. Dr Swan visited Selena, reminding her of her previous diet and informing her she’d knocked six years off her bio age. Sammy then gave Selena the makeover treatment.
S07E38 Weigh-In & Elimination 19/03/2012 Lydia was crowned the Ultimate Athlete, winning the trophy, a 1kg weight advantage a call home, which she used to call her dad. The Commando pushed the Blacks to the utmost in Last Chance Training, with Simon struggling but giving his all. Graham sat out the session, much to The Commando’s annoyance. Lisa stepped it up a notch in training, much to Michelle’s delight. The weigh-in produced tense scenes, as Graham’s loss once again left The Commando questioning his commitment. Simon and Lisa fell below the Yellow Line, with the vote going against Simon and resulting in an emotional farewell.
S07E39 Contest Event: Spinning Sweeper 20/03/2012 In need of a little fun, the contestants were broken off into two groups, with Michelle taking hers for flying lessons at the Sydney Trapeze School. Margie managed to overcome her fear of heights in impressive style. Tiff, meanwhile, took hers climbing. The Commando had a training session Graham, continuing in his efforts to try and fire him up. For the Contest, the contestants had to avoid the arms of a spinning sweeper, which grew in speed. As the Biggest Loser at the last weigh-in, Michelle got to choose the champions, picking herself, Graham, Kasey and Lisa. Kasey won the first round against Michelle, with Lisa besting Graham in the second. Lisa’s brilliant performance continued in the final, winning her the power of The Walk.
S07E40 Temptation: Adriano Zumbo 21/03/2012 At The Walk, Lisa won exclusive access to a trainer for the week, picking herself to train with Michelle. The other contestants joined forces to train under The Commando and Tiffiny. Michelle took Lisa through the fundamentals of healthy snacking, before heading into a training session. The contestants then headed into a Patisserie Temptation, the sweet dreams coming courtesy of Adriano Zumbo. Alex, Margie, Michelle, Lydia played, with Michelle winning two Immunities at a cost of 850 calories.
S07E41 Challenge: Tyre Stack 22/03/2012 Michelle gave the other Immunity to Kasey, but the good vibes were short-lived after the chocolate cake came back to haunt her during training. The Commando put his team through a gruelling post-Temptation training, while Lisa worked solo with Michelle in the hopes of pulling a big number at Weigh-In. Shannan made his way to Adelaide to check in on James’ progress, who was doing superbly. Hayley then introduced the Tyre Challenge: players had to lift and place 10 tyres on top of a pole, before removing them and doing the same to the next pole, with five poles in total, before repeating he process on the way back to the start. The price for the winner was a 1kg weight advantage, but the person in last place would receive a 1kg disadvantage. Margie took the win, but Lisa struggling throughout, leaving her saddled with the penalty.
S07E42 Friday Night Special 23/03/2012 Catching up with his progress since leaving Camp, Simon proved to be continuing his journey with conviction on the outside, much to his kids’ delight. Extra footage from trapeze training revealed the extent of Margie’s fears and also her bravery. The development of Simon and Lisa’s relationship was shown, as well as an extended look at their emotional goodbye. Norman Swan revealed that Simon had brought his bio age down to 45 – only four years above his chronological age. Michelle and Kasey discussed team strategy looking ahead, before Simon got suited and booted during his makeover by Sammy.
S07E43 Weigh-In & Elimination 25/03/2012 Lisa had more breakthroughs with Michelle, while Graham fought against Alex in Last Chance Training and won, proving to The Commando that he was capable of stepping up his intensity. Shannan checked up on Luke to check on his progress, and liked what he saw. Margie took Biggest Loser of the week, thanks to both her fantastic loss and 1kg weight advantage. Lisa and Alex were left below the Yellow Line, and much to the distress of her former teammates Lisa was voted out of Camp Biggest Loser.
S07E44 Eliminated Contestant Boot Camp 26/03/2012 The contestants and Michelle came to terms with the departure of Lisa, while Shannan welcomed his ‘Secret Training Squad’ of past contestants, all of whom would have a chance to fight for a way back into the competition. Those still in the game got down and dirty in training, before departing for what many had been waiting for: makeover. Shannan revealed that James and Luke would also be taking part. Shannan’s troops, meanwhile, got busy on their homework: 150 laps of the stairs as a team. With makeovers done, the contestants then prepared to greet the public for their turn on the catwalk.
S07E45 Make Overs - The Catwalk 27/03/2012 The Makeovers continued, with the contestants finally coming face to face with a full-length mirror for the first time in 10 weeks. The reveals were stunning, leading to emotional scenes between the trainers and their charges. Finally, it was time for them to take to the catwalk, and as they strutted their stuff before hundreds of screaming fans the enormity of their accomplishments so far was clear for all to see.
S07E46 Challenge: Rafting 28/03/2012 The last of the contestants took to the Makeover Catwalk, with Michelle thrilling the crowds by showing off her spectacular new look and equally magnificent voice. The contestants then enjoyed a night out, with Graham’s newfound confidence a hit with the ladies. The next day in training, a homesick Michelle admitted she’d suffered from binge eating following Makeover, with Tiff helping her to talk through it. Shannan introduced his Secret Training Squad to The Bunker, before taking them to the gym to train with champion boxer Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib. Back at Camp, the contestants prepared for the Raft Challenge. Having to pick their partners at random, the pairs had to build their rafts and race down river. Alex and Michelle won and with it a 1kg advantage, while as last place finishers Lydia and Kasey were placed in room lockdown until Weigh-In, with a single spin bike for company.
S07E47 Thursday Night Special 29/03/2012 Friday Night Special becomes the Thursday Night Special. Extended footage from Makeover showed Margie coming to terms with her new look and Graham finally confronting his new self in the mirror. Norman Swan checked in on Shane to see his progress, reminding him of his punishing old diet while being encouraged at the strides he’s taken since leaving Camp. Shane’s bio age was revealed to have dropped to 49, a result he was disappointed with, though Dr Swan reminded him that it would have come down further had he not started smoking again. Ryan got an education in healthy eating, before Shane received his mini-makeover courtesy of Sammy.
S07E48 Weigh-In & Elimination 01/04/2012 Shannan led his Secret Training Squad in Last Chance Training, while back in her dojang Tiffiny and her father led those still in the game in a gruelling session of their own. Except, of course, for Lydia and Kasey, who tried their best to train in lockdown. The Weigh-In was explosive; Margie again won Biggest Loser, but Michelle and Lydia both gained weight, putting them below the Yellow Line. In the Elimination Room the vote went against Lydia, sending her out of Camp Biggest Loser’s gates, only to find Shannan waiting for her, who took her to join his recruits for a shot at getting back into the competition.
S07E49 The Intruders 02/04/2012 A relieved Tiffiny welcomed back Michelle, while Lydia reunited with Lisa and the others members of Shannan’s Secret Training Squad. The Bunker was finally revealed to the contestants, who saw their former teammates return on the monitors. In the Weigh-In Room, Hayley explained that over the course of the week there would be five Weigh-In passes up for grabs. Those still in the game, meanwhile, would have Immunity. The past contestants weighed in, with Selena dropping the bombshell that she didn’t want to fight for her place in the game. Both sets of contestants trained their hearts out, before being led into the Contest arena for Shannan’s squad to fight for two Weigh-In passes. For the first round, the contenders had to hold a 1.2kg weight in front of them, without lowering or bending their arms, changing their grip or breaking the tape. Lydia, Bek, Lisa and Simon made it through to the second round on the spin bikes, with Simon and Lisa taking first and second and the passes.
S07E50 Five Weigh-in Passes 03/04/2012 Michelle Bridges led the contestants in training, trying to beat Simon and Lisa’s time on the spin bikes, with Michelle posting the best time of all. Hamish returned to his old ways in training, citing the flu, until Shannan pushed him to get involved. Hayley presented the next opportunity to win a Weigh-In Pass, a test of knowledge and endurance, with the contestants having to increase their treadmill speed for every question on nutrition they answered incorrectly. With a fantastic performance, Lydia took the win and the third coveted Pass.
S07E51 Biggest Loser 'Iron Man' 04/04/2012 Shannan arrived to train his troops, delighted by the news that Lydia had secured herself a Weigh-In Pass. The others were led in a pool training session by The Commando, who raced the contestants in a special circuit, unsurprisingly coming out the winner. The final two Weigh-In Passes were up for grabs in a Biggest Loser Iron Man Challenge at Palm Beach. Brenda took the win with a determined effort, leaving Bek and Shane battling it out for the final Pass.
S07E52 Eliminated Contestants Final 08/04/2012 The fate of the returned eliminated contestants is decided. Will your favourite make it through this crucial weigh in and elimination?
S07E53 Contest Event: Pool Weights 09/04/2012 One contestant admits to binge eating and explains that they're homesick. Will they leave? Then, in the pool-side contest, contestants must retrieve weights from one end of the pool to the other.
S07E54 Temptation: 24 Hour Lock Down 10/04/2012 The contestants are tempted with a booth in the middle of the living room, filled with delicious goodies for a whole 24 hours. Whoever consumes the most calories in that time wins immunity.
S07E55 Temptation Aftermath 11/04/2012 One contestant's not feeling well and after consuming over 1000 calories, they are rushed to hospital with a chest infection. Have they done enough to save themselves for the week?
S07E56 Weigh-In & Elimination 15/04/2012 Tonight the contestants fight for their place in the competition at this week's weigh-in. Will your favourite make it through elimination?
S07E57 Dreams 16/04/2012 It's a new day and after a hard core training session, the trainers remind the contestants what dreams they said they would love to fulfil after they'd lost the weight.
S07E58 Temptation: Cupcakes 17/04/2012 Tonight the weigh in room is transformed into another dimension - Checkered floor with 150 cupcakes. Temptation is simple: 150 cupcakes = 3 of them containing immunity.
S07E59 Challange: Teach a Fitness Class 18/04/2012 Tonight two contestants are put to the test to see how much they've really learnt, as they teach a pump class to some gym patrons. Later the contestants take on a challenge in the open water at Manly.
S07E60 Thursday Night Special 19/04/2012 Catch up with the eliminated contestant of the week, to see how they're tracking back in the outside world; and we'll give them a Mini Make-over to celebrate their progress.
S07E61 Weigh-In & Elimination 22/04/2012 In last chance training, an ambulance is put on hold for one of the contestants and another is told it's bed rest until results for a knee injury are in. At weigh-in, we reveal some shocking results.
S07E62 Fear Week in Switzerland! 23/04/2012 The contestants wake up to find bell ringers and horn blowers - it's Fear Week in Switzerland! Excitement fills the air as some have never been overseas or seen snow in their lives.
S07E63 Reflection Hike 24/04/2012 It's time for the contestants to remember who they were when they started 14 weeks ago. The reflection hike has them carrying weights through 13 gates to reach the summit, through 4km of soft snow.
S07E64 Super Challenge 25/04/2012 The next day the contestants arrive at Bassulp, one of the peaks in the Swiss Alps where Hayley reveals the Super Challenge rules, and somebody will be eliminated today!
S07E65 Thursday Night Special 26/04/2012 Catch up on all the highs and lows of the week, as well as series four contestant Sammy Fisher who will give a lucky someone a makeover.
S07E66 Weigh-In & Elimination 29/04/2012
S07E67 Train the Trainers 30/04/2012
S07E68 Tuesday 01/05/2012
S07E69 Wednesday 02/05/2012
S07E70 Thursday Night Catchup 03/05/2012
S07E71 Sunday Night Final Weigh In 06/05/2012
S07E72 Season Finale 08/05/2012
S08E01 Episode 1 17/03/2013
S08E02 Episode 2 18/03/2013
S08E03 Episode 3 19/03/2013
S08E04 Episode 4 20/03/2013
S08E05 Episode 5 25/03/2013
S08E06 Episode 6 26/03/2013
S08E07 Episode 7 31/03/2013
S08E08 Episode 8 01/04/2013
S08E09 Episode 9 02/04/2013
S08E10 Episode 10 07/04/2013
S08E11 Episode 11 08/04/2013
S08E12 Episode 12 09/04/2013
S08E13 Episode 13 14/04/2013
S08E14 Episode 14 15/04/2013
S08E15 Episode 15 16/04/2013
S08E16 Episode 16 21/04/2013
S08E17 Episode 17 22/04/2013
S08E18 Episode 18 23/04/2013
S08E19 Episode 19 28/04/2013
S08E20 Episode 20 29/04/2013
S08E21 Episode 21 30/04/2013
S08E22 Episode 22 05/05/2013
S08E23 Episode 23 06/05/2013
S08E24 Episode 24 07/05/2013
S08E25 Episode 25 12/05/2013
S08E26 Episode 26 13/05/2013
S08E27 Episode 27 14/05/2013
S08E28 Episode 28 19/05/2013
S08E29 Episode 29 20/05/2013
S08E30 Episode 30 21/05/2013
S08E31 Episode 31 22/05/2013
S08E32 Episode 32 26/05/2013
S08E33 Episode 33 27/05/2013
S08E34 Episode 34 28/05/2013
S09E00 00/00/0000
S09E01 Episode 1 19/01/2014 Our trainers Michelle, Shannan and Commando are back for their biggest challenge yet. In this season they tackle obesity in the township of Ararat, which is considered one of Australia's most overweight communities.
S09E04 Episode 4 27/01/2014 The contestants scamper downstairs in their PJ's to find Commando and Shannan waiting to pick their training teams. After the contestants are spilt, it's time for their first training sessions in the house.
S09E07 Episode 7 02/02/2014 Nerves are setting in as contestants get set for their first competitive weigh-in. Later at the house it's temptation time, and contestants have the chance to win $30,000 but what's the catch? Everybody heads out to a dockyard for this week's challenge, and up for grabs, is a very big and very valuable reward. However, there is a shock twist as cracks start to appear in the teams.
S09E08 Episode 8 03/02/2014 Everybody heads out to a dockyard for this week's challenge, and up for grabs, is a very big and very valuable reward. However, there is a shock twist as cracks start to appear in the teams.
S09E15 Episode 15 25/02/2014 It's last chance training, and for one contestant it becomes too much and they have a meltdown during the session. Meanwhile, someone is called out on the scales for not working hard enough.
S09E16 Episode 16 26/02/2014 It's the elimination aftermath and the house seems pleased by the departure of one contestant, but will their decision to keep the other contestant pay off?
S09E17 Episode 17 27/02/2014 It's challenge time for both teams. The contestants must move a stack of tyres from the start to finish line via a cage attached to a car. Who will lose the challenge and receive a penalty?
S09E18 Episode 18 04/03/2014 It wouldn't be last chance training without some sweat and tears and one team's training session is interrupted as someone storms out crying.
S09E19 Episode 19 05/03/2014 Things are about to get shaken up as Hayley reveals a change in the game. Meanwhile, the trainers tell the contestants that they have a week of mental and physical challenges lined up for them.
S09E20 Episode 20 06/03/2014 The week of physical and metal challenges continues as all eight contestants compete in The Biggest Loser triathlon and the winner will receive a reward we've never seen before, but what is it?
S09E21 Episode 21 11/03/2014 The contestants weigh-in as singles and two contestants fall below the yellow line, and when one contestant is sent home they are intercepted just outside the house by a mystery guest.
S09E23 Episode 23 13/03/2014 In an unbelievably tough challenge, one contestant has a complete breakdown and cannot continue with the challenge, holding their team back severely.
S09E25 Makeover Part 1 19/03/2014 Following the elimination aftermath, it's time for the trainers to pick the three contestants they will each train until the series finale.
S09E26 Makeover Part 2 21/03/2014 Hayley welcomes Ararat to house as the contestants walk down the catwalk and show off their new looks.
S09E27 Episode 27 25/03/2014 Tensions over the new alliance dubbed the "Awesome Foursome" continues to cause friction in The Biggest Loser house. Some contestants are not happy with the advantage they seem to have in challenges.
S09E30 Episode 30 01/04/2014 It's last chance training and the remaining contestants are still holding back as they find it hard to deal with demons of the past. During an emotional weigh-in, one of the strongest alliances cracks.
S09E31 Episode 31 02/04/2014
S09E33 Finale 13/04/2014