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In this lighthearted comedy, Bill Cosby played the role of Chet Kincaid, physical education teacher at a Los Angeles high school. He was a bachelor, an average cool guy trying to earn a living, and help people out along the way. Many of the episodes involved Chet in various situations at the high school with his students and fellow teachers. In some episodes, Chet was asked to substitute, and fill in as algebra or english teacher. In one hilarious episode, Chet was the drivers ed instructor trying to teach a nervous student how to drive. Other episodes involved younger children, and some episodes involved family and adult characters.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Bill Cosby Show

S01E01 The Fatal Phone Call 14/09/1969 While out jogging, Chet hears a public telephone ringing and answers it, leading to him getting involved in a dispute between an auto mechanic (Vic Tayback) and his wife and being detained by police in connection with a clothing-store robbery.
S01E02 Lullaby and Goodnight 21/09/1969 Chet is having difficulty sleeping as a result of a neighbor's dog's incessant barking.
S01E03 The Best Hook Shot in the World 28/09/1969 A short but talented youngster with an unusual hook shot is determined to make the Holmes High School basketball team. He makes the team after defeating Chet in a game of one on one. It's the day of the big game, and Chet and the team pin their hopes on the little guy to win the game.
S01E04 A Girl Named Punkin 05/10/1969 Chet does volunteer work for the local community center, a place for underpriviledged children. He is having problems with Punkin, a young girl who is unresponsive and stays to herself. Chet eventually breaks through, and Punkin comes around. A touching scene where Chet tells Punkin a bedtime story and teaches her a lesson in love and caring at the same time is the high point of this episode.
S01E05 Rules is Rules 12/10/1969 Chet goes to great lengths to obtain a valve needle which he needs in order to inflate basketballs for his gym class.
S01E06 Let X Equal a Lousy Weekend 26/10/1969 Chet is asked to be substitute teacher in an algebra class. Chet and the students have a difficult time arriving at the answer for one particular problem involving candy being sold at varying amounts per pound. Chet spends the weekend trying to solve the problem, he even visits a candy store to try and purchase the correct amounts of candy.
S01E07 To Kincaid, with Love 02/11/1969 Chet is receiving attention from a female student of the high school. He thinks she has a crush on him, but the girl is actually trying to set Chet up with her mother.
S01E08 The Killer Instinct 09/11/1969 Chet is having problems with a proud father who insists that his son make the high school football team. Trouble is, the kid just doesn't have what it takes and is not cut out to play football.
S01E09 The Substitute 16/11/1969 Chet starts dating a substitute teacher from the high school, and has difficulty finding time to spend alone with her.
S01E10 Brotherly Love 23/11/1969 Chet's brother Brian moves in with Chet after having an argument with his wife. Brian spoils Chet's plans for the evening, then hilarity ensues when they attempt to sleep in the same bed together.
S01E11 Going the Route 30/11/1969 Chet's nephew is in bed with a cold. Chet is asked and agrees to substitute for his nephew in the morning paper route.
S01E12 A Word from Our Sponsor 07/12/1969 Chet does a TV commercial for a morning breakfast cereal, with disastrous results. Classic episode. Gavin McLeod guest stars in this episode, Mike Farrell of M*A*S*H* fame also makes a brief cameo appearance.
S01E13 A Christmas Ballad 21/12/1969 Chet helps a down on his luck old timer capture the spirit of Christmas. Rex Ingram guest stars.
S01E14 Home Remedy 28/12/1969 Chet is home with a cold, and is unable to rest because all his relatives come over offering their cure-alls and remedies.
S01E15 Growing Growing Grown 04/01/1970 Chet is asked to chaperone at a high school dance. Chet's car is not available, he ends up borrowing his brothers garbage truck to drive his date to the dance. At the dance, Chet teaches one student a lesson in the importance of physical appearance.
S01E16 The Elevator Doesn't Stop Here Anymore 11/01/1970 Chet gets stuck inside an elevator at the high school along with one other faculty member and the school's cleaning lady. They entertain each other until help arrives. Henry Fonda and Elsa Lanchester guest star in this episode.
S01E17 Lover's Quarrel 18/01/1970 Chet tries to get his ever arguing aunt and uncle to stop fighting and treat each other with kindness and respect. Veteran actors Mantan Moreland and Jackie ""Moms"" Mabley guest star and give classic performances as the bickering old couple.
S01E18 The Worst Crook That Ever Lived 25/01/1970 Chet is asked to help straighten out Raymond, a youngster who has a penchant for stealing. In an effort to keep Raymond out of trouble, Chet finds a spot for him on his little league baseball team. But Raymond steals the money that Chet had saved up which was intended to buy uniforms for the team. In the end, Raymond realizes what he did was wrong and returns the money to Chet.
S01E19 The Gumball Incident 01/02/1970 Chet is wrongfully accused and arrested for breaking a gumball machine. Tom Bosley guest stars as Cookie Maharg.
S01E20 Goodbye Cruel World 08/02/1970 Wally Cox guest stars in this episode as a shy man lacking in self confidence. With Chet's help, he builds up the nerve to ask a woman out on a date. She rejects him, and he wants to commit suicide. Chet helps to restore the man's confidence and self esteem.
S01E21 Driven to Distraction 15/02/1970 Drivers ed instructor Chet tries to teach a nervous student how to drive. Very funny episode.
S01E22 The Blind Date 01/03/1970 Chet reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date, and ends up falling in love. Cicely Tyson guest stars as Chet's love interest.
S01E23 How You Play the Game 08/03/1970 Chet is in the running for the city handball championship. He defeats his semi-final opponent, using psychological tactics. In the final match however, Chet has the tables turned on him and loses the match while being psyched out by his opponent. By losing, Chet teaches a player on the high school football team a lesson in good sportsmanship.
S01E24 The Return of Big, Bad, Bubba Bronson 22/03/1970 Big Bronson, an old high school classmate of Chet's, is coming to town for a visit. Chet recalls having a past dispute with Bronson, and fears revenge. Chet meets ex prize fighter Hurricane Smith, and asks for some boxing lessons to prepare himself for Bronson's arrival. Lou Gossett guest stars as Hurricane Smith, Don Pedro Colley guest stars as Big Bronson.
S01E25 This Mouth is Rated X 29/03/1970 Chet is having problems with a player on the high school basketball team who uses profane language on the court during games.
S01E26 Really Cool 05/04/1970 Chet is asked to tell a few stories about his life for a forthcoming article in the Holmes High School newspaper.
S02E01 Anytime You're Ready, C.K. 13/09/1970 The Holmes High School football team is on a losing streak, so the team asks Chet if they can have game films to help determine what they're doing wrong. Chet borrows a movie camera from a friend, and films the teams practice sessions. Funny silent films result from Chet's experiments with trying out the camera. A side plot has Chet trying to help out a student and former player of the football team who can no longer play due to injury.
S02E02 Open House 20/09/1970 One of Chet's fellow teachers from the high school is a part time real estate agent. Chet spends a weekend helping him out, trying to sell a house. Chet sells the house, but the couple who put the house up for sale change their mind.
S02E03 Is There a Doctor in the Hospital? 27/09/1970 Chet injures his back during his gym class, and needs to be taken to the hospital. Upon arrival, he has difficulty trying to obtain medical service, until a young patient staying at the hospital assists Chet and helps him find a doctor.
S02E04 There Must Be a Party 04/10/1970 A female student at the high school is convinced she is destined to be an actress and is certain she will win an acting contest she has entered. Chet then tells her about the time he missed his own surprise birthday party to try and teach her a lesson about anticipation and being overconfident.
S02E05 The Old Man of 4-C 11/10/1970 Will Geer guest stars in this episode as a lonesome elderly man looking for companionship. He befriends Chet, and becomes too demanding of Chet's time, but they end up compromising and spend some quality time together.
S02E06 The Lincoln Letter 18/10/1970 Chet inherits a valuable letter which originally came from Abraham Lincoln. Only catch, the letter is misplaced and needs to be found.
S02E07 The Runaways 25/10/1970 Chet is sent out to track down and find a runaway boy. He succeeds, and they spend the day together. After sharing a few adventures, Chet helps the boy decide he should go back home.
S02E08 The Artist 01/11/1970 Chet helps out a talented youngster who wants to become an artist. Chet disputes however, when the youngster chooses Chet as subject matter for his painting which will be on display at the art fair.
S02E09 March of the Antelopes 08/11/1970 Chet is in charge of a group of youngsters and is supposed to take them on an overnight camping trip. They set out to their destination, but mishaps occur, and they end up staying over at Chet's apartment.
S02E10 The Deluge (1) 15/11/1970 A driving rainstorm is pounding the Los Angeles area. Chet's next door neighbor is due to have her baby and is unable to get to the hospital, streets are flooded. Chet helps out as the woman prepares to have her baby at home. Part one of a two part episode.
S02E11 The Deluge (2) 22/11/1970 Conclusion of a two part episode. Chet helps an expectant mother deliver her baby at home during a driving rainstorm.
S02E12 Swann's Way 13/12/1970 Don Knotts guest stars in this episode as a shifty repossessor who's trying to repossess Chet's television set.
S02E13 The Poet 20/12/1970 A male student at the high school enjoys writing poetry, but doesn't want his friends to find out, fearing ridicule. Chet (who has also written some poetry) tells the student he shouldn't be concerned with what other people think, to go ahead and do what he enjoys doing. Chet then gets in a bind when he is mistaken as the author of a poem he copied in his youth, and the poem is scheduled to be published in the school newspaper.
S02E14 Teacher of the Year 27/12/1970 Upon winning the award for Teacher of the Year, Chet has a difficult time convincing the other teachers to attend the banquet where he will receive the award.
S02E15 Each According to Appetite 03/01/1971 Students at the high school organize a lockout of the teachers cafeteria, requesting that they have input over what foods go on the student menu. Chet helps the students and cafeteria manager reach a compromise. But when the same students have a grievance with Chet's gym class, Chet is not as willing to cooperate.
S02E16 Viva Ortega 10/01/1971 Chet tutors a Mexican immigrant who is studying to become a United States citizen.
S02E17 Miraculous Martin 17/01/1971 Dick Van Dyke guest stars in this episode as Miraculous Martin, an out of work magician who's trying to stay sober and planning to get married.
S02E18 The Sesame Street Rumble 24/01/1971 Chet has a large TV antenna installed so he can watch the big Rams/Packers football game. Many teachers from the high school come over to see the game, but Chet's TV set goes out. Chet goes next door to try and borrow the neighbors TV set, but the boy at home refuses to let Chet borrow it, insisting that he wants to watch Sesame Street.
S02E19 The Generation Gap 31/01/1971 Chet's mother is going out of town, so Chet's father comes to stay with him while she is away. As they spend time together, they discover that things have changed and they don't have as much in common anymore.
S02E20 Tobacco Road 07/02/1971 Chet aids a fellow teacher from the high school who's trying to quit smoking. Herb Edelman guest stars as Mr. Maher, the teacher who's trying to kick the habit.
S02E21 A Dirty Business 14/02/1971 Chet is at odds with a student at the high school who wants to be a spy. Because the student is a fast runner, Chet wants him to join up with the school's track team. But the student wants no part of it, preferring to remain out of the spotlight.
S02E22 The Barber Shop 21/02/1971 Chet visits the local barber shop for a haircut. While there, he gets involved in a dispute with the barber and another patron over baseball. The three of them end up going to a high rise hotel, where the barber claims he can catch a baseball dropped from a window of the hotel's top floor. Antonio Fargas guest stars as J.J. the barber, Arthur French is hilarious as Cartons. Funniest episode of the series, very well done.
S02E23 Power of the Trees 28/02/1971 Elsa Lanchester guest stars as an eccentric woman who recruits Chet to help save a tree from being cut down at a construction site.
S02E24 The Green-Eyed Monster 07/03/1971 A male student from the high school seeks Chet's advice regarding love and jealousy. As it turns out, Chet could use a lesson or two himself and does not seem to practice what he preaches.
S02E25 The Long Road Back 14/03/1971 John Marley guest stars in this episode as a wealthy, eccentric man who wants to relive his childhood. He seeks Chet's help to have his wish come true.
S02E26 The Saturday Game 21/03/1971 A young Jewish boy joins Chet's little league baseball team. Saturday is the day of the big game, and the boy is forced to decide between playing in the game, or sitting out due to his religious beliefs, Saturday being the Jewish sabbath.
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