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The Bill follows the officers of Sun Hill, a Metropolitan Police station located in the fictional Borough of Canley in London's East End. Created in 1983 by Geoff McQueen as a one-off drama called "Woodentop", The Bill was spun off as a full series, and ran for over 26 years and 2400 episodes. Covering both uniformed officers and CID detectives, the series is renowned for its accurate and authentic portrayal of policing in London.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Bill

S01E01 Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers 16/10/1984 After a briefing from Sgt. Cryer, PCs Carver and Edwards arrest a car thief, but are reluctantly persuaded to release him when he turns out to be an informant for DS Burnside from Barton Street. PC Litten assists CID with a case involving a series of house break-ins related to a double-glazing company. WPCs Ackland and Martella make a failed attempt to arrest a gang of pickpockets at the high street markets.
S01E02 A Friend In Need 23/10/1984 D.I. Galloway places a bet with Sgt. Cryer that he can solve a case involving verbal threats made to a number of restaurants, which the Home Office believes may be racially-motivated. P.C. Carver is accused of stealing a drunken journalist's wallet when he and probationer P.C. Higgins arrest the man.
S01E03 Clutching at Straws 30/10/1984 A young boy is assaulted by a gang of thugs, and although he is reluctant to press charges, his brother decides to take matters into his own hands. Det. Sgt. Roach investigates an indecent assault and attempted abduction outside a school, but the attacker manages to get away. P.C.s Litten and Carver are at odds when Carver takes an interest in social work at a youth club.
S01E04 Long Odds 06/11/1984 P.C. Litten recognises a photo of a wanted armed robber, but takes the information to D.I. Galloway instead of Sgt. Cryer, and gets into trouble with both men. Meanwhile, a gang of thugs is robbing local shopkeepers, and P.C. Edwards purses a mugger into a derelict building and is trapped when the floor collapses beneath him.
S01E05 It's Not Such a Bad Job After All 13/11/1984 After being given a hard time by Galloway after finding a suicide, WPC Ackland considers chucking in the job. Further investigation leads to a porn film ring.
S01E06 The Drugs Raid 20/11/1984 After a residents' meeting complaining about the drug problem on their estate, DI Galloway mentions that he had heard that an old illegal club has reopened in an abandoned theatre complex - this time dealing drugs. He asks a parent, Tombo Robinson, who used to be involved in the club, if he will infiltrate it to confirm Galloway's suspicions. Tombo reluctantly agrees, and meets with Galloway to tell him that a huge drug deal is going down that afternoon. Galloway quickly arranges a warrant, and sets about organising a huge raid on the club. The raid runs according to plan, but Tombo is stabbed by a dealer as he tries to let the police into the building. PC Edwards and Carver give chase to the dealer, but are alarmed when the suspect speeds off in a car bearing diplomatic plates. Galloway checks up on Tombo in hospital, and is shocked to discover that he has died and was a heroin addict. Returning to the station, Galloway is furious when Ch. Supt. Brownlow, a Home Office representative, and a diplomat from a small African nation request he relinquish the case to the government on diplomatic grounds.
S01E07 A Dangerous Breed 27/11/1984 PC Dave Litten is on secondment to CID, and is desperate to impress his boss, DI Roy Galloway. Galloway and Litten are about to have a meal at the local pub when a call comes through that a valuable necklace has been stolen from a local aristocrat, Lord Barstow-Smythe. Traffic problems hold them back as they race across Sun Hill trying to get there before the "woodentops". With Galloway and DS Roach busy, Litten talks to a local reporter and ends up mentioned in the local paper. Shortly afterwards, he is contacted by a mysterious stranger who offers to locate the burglers if Litten can convince Barstow-Smythe's insurance company to pay him the reward up-front. The Stranger then sets up two young lads to take the fall for the theft, and Litten proudly arrests them. Galloway recognises the MO of the case as that of a notorious conman, and lambasts Litten for his stupidity.
S01E08 Rough in the Afternoon 04/12/1984 PC Carver and PC Edwards are called to a domestic and are informed by the neighbour that a child was taken by his father. Meanwhile, the mother has turned up at the station to report the abduction in person.
S01E09 Burning The Books 08/01/1985 After a briefcase is found by a young car thief, Det. Insp. Galloway thinks he can finally nick the 'Arthur Daley' of Sun Hill. Because of car problems he is unable to interview his chief suspect. After a warehouse fire that is supposed to convince Galloway the porn magazines were destroyed, they arrive back at the station just as the van carrying them drives away - having been parked at the back entrance for 24 hours.
S01E10 Death of a Cracksman 15/01/1985 Alfie Mullins is a non-returned prisoner, not a dangerous prisoner as reported. He is an old-fashioned safe-cracker who, just as he is returning to the prison, is approached by one of a gang of thieves who want Alfie to open a safe they pinched. While they are talking Alfie is accidentally killed. The safe is rigged to explode by remote control which P.C. Carver accidentally sets off when he uses his radio.
S01E11 The Sweet Smell of Failure 22/01/1985 A tip in a counterfeit perfume case pulls in two very old aged pensioners who appear to have been pinching things since WWII. But after leading Carver and Ackland in a merry chase it turns out they aren't the real culprits.
S02E01 Snouts and Red Herrings 11/11/1985 Amidst renovation chaos at Sun Hill, a new P.C., Abe Lyttleton, arrives a day early. He is Sun Hill's first black police officer, and although he is friendly and popular, his arrival is not appreciated by bigoted cop P.C. Pete Muswell. D.C. Dashwood recognises a man who has brought in his papers for a car (licence, M.O.T. form and insurance). He is using a false name and address. During electrical repairs, the personal radios are out of action and as a result, a CID operation is blown.
S02E02 Suspects 18/11/1985 Martella arrests a woman who has been 'pregnant' for 13 months, concealing stolen cigarettes in the 'bulge'.
S02E03 Lost 25/11/1985 DS Roach and DC Dashwood are on an obbo at a phone box to catch someone making hoax bomb threats to the Town Hall. Another case soon takes precedence, however, when a woman arrives at the station and reports her eight-year-old daughter Samantha missing. When Samantha's friend Theresa tells WPC Ackland that they were approached by a flasher, there is concern that the girl could have been abducted by a child sex offender. CID question suspects in the area while a full-scale search is underway. Ackland notices that Samantha likes boats, so the search is concentrated in the docks area, and a drunken boat owner gives a description of a woman he saw with the girl. With Roach and Dashwood halfway to Brighton to question a paedophile, a call comes in to PC Carver in the incident room from a shop assistant who recognised Samantha and the woman who bought her some colouring books. Finding the woman's identity from credit card slips, DI Galloway and WPC Ackland find Samantha safe and well in the
S02E04 Home Beat 02/12/1985 Brownlow wants to start a Neighbourhood watch scheme with the support of Smith and Carver. After a rather heated meeting that got hijacked by interlopers, he discovers his petrol was nicked. The Ahmeds are having problems as racist language has been graffitied upon their house, soon after a protest erupts and their house is later firebombed. CID raid a modern day 'Fagin' who has been using a youth group as cover.
S02E05 Hostage 09/12/1985 Sgt. Cryer is taking half the relief out on Sun Hill's annual fishing trip. PC Smith and DC Dashwood go to serve a warrant on Russell Archer over a non-appearance in court on a poaching charge. Archer manages to escape from Dashwood and Smith, and is later seen menacing a milkman with a sawn-off shotgun. He later holds up a bookies and a greengrocer, until he is spotted by PC Carver and PC Frank. who give chase. Frank is shot and wounded during the chase, and Archer ends up taking an elderly woman hostage in a retirement village. With the fishing trip cancelled, DS Roach takes charge of the siege operation until DI Galloway and Ch. Supt. Brownlow arrive. Attempts to contact the increasingly unstable Archer fail, until he asks to speak to Sgt. Cryer whom he saw in the betting shop. Cryer enters the flat, and attempts to talk Archer into giving himself up. With WPC Ackland posing as a Meals-on-Wheels driver, Galloway, Roach and PT17 officers storm the flat and shoot Archer.
S02E06 This Little Pig 23/12/1985 P.C. Taffy Edwards corners a pig that was released from the City Farm and gets dropped in it by P.C. Muswell. Muswell has problems with income tax on wages from the miners' strike. P.C. Reg Hollis makes initial enquiries about the Chief Super's clerk's job. Both D.I. Galloway and P.C. Cryer have problems with an overtime clamp-down and get another lecture from Brownlow about it. Fur protestors are arrested outside a fur shop. Taffy, W.P.C. June Ackland and Muswell arrest a man on his wedding day for non-appearance in court.
S02E07 Ringer 06/01/1986 There is a serious road crash involving a Porsche, a motorcycle, a coach, a lorry and a Cortina resulting in six deaths. The Porsche had been tampered with prior to the accident and turns out to have been made of three different cars. Brownlow sets up a temporary morgue at a local school; WPC Martella and PC Muswell have the job of informing relatives of the deaths. After following the trail from the Porsche, DI Galloway raids a scrapyard only to find DS Burnside from the robbery squad undercover as a buyer, about to break the ring, but having forgotten to tell Galloway.
S02E08 Public and Confidential 13/01/1986 A man is throwing tiles off a roof and PC Lyttleton, who is suffering from vertigo, is sent up to arrest him. A Polish sailor turns up at the station seeking political asylum. DS Roach and DC Dashwood catch a man who has been ripping people off posing as a gas board official. Ch. Supt. Brownlow talks to PC Edwards about taking a position in the coroner's office. Sgt. Cryer is shocked when Mrs. Penny accuses her husband of beating her up.
S02E09 Loan Shark 20/01/1986 A young mother caught shoplifting at a supermarket confesses to Sgt Cryer that she is in debt to local loan shark 'Aunty' Peg Miller. PC Edwards checks cases of fly tipping (unauthorised dumping of rubble) in the area and discovers some disaffected Welsh miners may be responsible. A Mrs Taylor makes a complaint about a noisy neighbour, but when WPC Ackland investigates, she finds the neighbour dead.
S02E10 With Friends Like That...? 27/01/1986 Sgt. Cryer brings in an assault victim who is reluctant to report a rape. Jane has problems interviewing the rape victim (Debbie) because of her friend's (Sandra) constant interference. Sandra then tells Muswell that Debbie got what she deserved from Sandra's boyfriend Roach investigates a burglary with the householder claiming more jewelry was taken than was recovered. The burglars are denying they took the extra stuff
S02E11 Whose Side Are You On? 03/02/1986 D.C. Mike Dashwood has organised a five-a-side indoor football match against a local youth group. Ch. Supt. Brownlow sees it as great publicity, and ropes in D.I. Roy Galloway for photo opportunities, despite his objections. D.S. Ted Roach investigate the murder of an old derelict, known only as 'King Henry'. P.C. Jim Carver injures his ankle chasing some bag-snatchers, and while Sgt. Cryer takes his place on the beat, Dashwood thinks Cryer is too old to take Carver's place on the team. P.C. Abe Lyttleton suggests W.P.C. Viv Martella, as she is good at netball. Dashwood convinces her to join the team, gaining brownie points from Mr Brownlow for selecting a W.P.C. for the squad. P.C. Pete Muswell arrests an unlicensed trader at the market selling fake designer watches. He chats up a traffic warden, and arranges to meet her for a date, but she stands him up. Muswell turns up at the match, and Cryer has a word with him about his prejudice against Lyttleton. After a shaky start, the Sun Hi
S02E12 The Chief Super's Party 10/02/1986 P.C. Muswell and P.C. Lyttleton are on the lookout for a lorry full of stolen woolen coats. Ch. Supt. Brownlow is throwing a farewell party for his retiring clerk. D.I. Roy Galloway questions D.S. Burnside when he gatecrashes the party, and Burnside admits that he fancies June Ackland. D.C. Mike Dashwood realises the scotch being poured at the bar has been stolen, and Galloway asks Ackland to keep the remaining bottles aside as evidence. Despite warnings from the D.I. and the Chief Super, D.S. Ted Roach drives home extremely drunk and crashes his car into a fence. Knowing he'll be sacked if he's found out, Roach sleeps on a friend's boat overnight while he sobers up, but spots the coat thieves on the docks when he awakens, and the men are arrested when they are found stuck in a freezer. Roach also sweet-talks the man whose garden he crashed into by offering to get him into the Special Constabulary. P.C. Reg Hollis grasses on Roach to Brownlow, in the hope of getting the clerk's job.
S03E01 The New Order Of Things 21/09/1987 Sgts. Peters and Penny apprehend a man standing outside the station waiting to attack P.C. Muswell (who had left the force six months previously). P.C. Jim Carver begins his CID training by working on an all night obbo with D.S. Ted Roach. Due to Carver's inexperience and Roach's lax attitude, they both miss a flatbed trailer stealing a digger from a building site. Roach and Carver follow up their suspiscions about the site security guard, and find he has stolen the equipment. Back at Sun Hill, D.I. Roy Galloway is being investigated by the Home Office for allegedly forcing a confession from a murder suspect under duress at his last posting. Galloway is cleared of wrongdoing due to lack of evidence, but Ch. Supt. Brownlow warns him that his old-school policing methods may be his undoing. In a suprising turn of events, one of P.C. Reg Hollis's rare walks on the beat with W.P.C. June Ackland leads to him apprehending an armed gunman single-handedly from the Sun Hill D.H.S.S. office.
S03E02 Some You Win, Some You Lose 28/09/1987 Ch. Supt. Brownlow and D.I. Galloway lead a massive raid on a drug den on a local council estate which escalates into a full-blown riot, but half a million pounds worth of crack cocaine is recovered. P.C. Melvin loses a handcuffed prisoner in the confusion, but he is arrested by P.C. Hollis when he turns up at the station asking for his handcuffs to be removed. The operation is down to D.C. Dashwood, whose snout is feeding them information on the main drug dealer. Meeting with the snout to get the location of the main drug lab, Dashwood is alarmed when P.C. Carver recognises his informant as Dougie Gardiner. C.I.D. raid the location given to Dashwood by Gardiner, but find nothing except a student squat. Desperate to arrest the dealer, and furious with Dashwood for lying about his snout, Galloway stakes out the dealer's Range Rover in a car park, despite Brownlow insisting he end the operation. When a borough councillor complains to Insp. Kite about the estate raid, it is discovered that the squat has a hidden basement. Galloway and his team race back there only to discover they have been beaten to it by the Drugs Squad from the Yard. Sun Hill holds a public viewing for recovered stolen property, but a gold snuff box is re-stolen before the owner arrives to claim it.
S03E03 Brownie Points 05/10/1987 P.C. Reg Hollis has been nominated for the position of the station's Federation Rep. He's sure he's a shoo-in, but P.C. Shaw tells him W.P.C. Ackland has applied as well. A D.A.C. visits Sun Hill at the same time as a brownie pack. The ""Tom Squad"" is out in force, cracking down on prostitution in Sun Hill. Due to the VIP visitor, Shaw and Edwards are unable to process the ladies they have arrested, and sit with them in the van until the D.A.C. has left the building. P.C. Carver goes to warn a prostitute, Shirley, about the crackdown, as she is a snout for D.I. Galloway, but is he is stopped by P.C. Edwards and P.C. Shaw who tease him about curb-crawling. D.S. Ted Roach and P.C. Yorkie Smith go to a case conference with social workers when it is suspected a young girl is being assaulted by her mother. Roach doesn't seem interested as he thinks social workers are useless, but once the meeting is over, Roach organises a raid to take the little girl into protective custody.
S03E04 Missing, Presumed Dead 12/10/1987 There's been a shooting, but none of the neighbours seem to have witnessed anything. While chasing a possible suspect, Sgt. Bob Cryer hits a pedestrian. During door to door inquiries P.C. Yorkie Smith discovers a man with exotic animals including snakes, owls and a crocodile in his bathtub. D.S. Roach is attacked by some thugs, and the next day tries to beat them with an iron bar until P.C. Carver stops him. His attackers are later kneecapped as a message to D.I. Galloway as to who really is the law on the manor.
S03E05 Domestics 19/10/1987 Residents take action against a women's refuge in their area, while P.C. Yorkie Smith gives advice to the husband of a woman at the refuge. As D.I. Galloway gets tough with his detectives about the clear up rates of burglaries in the area, W.P.C. Martella and P.C. Edwards pull in a man suspected of three burglaries. P.C. Edwards is getting a hard time because of his impending marriage.
S03E06 What Are Little Boys Made Of? 26/10/1987 A boy causes a bus accident by throwing a milk bottle at it. He has 6 siblings. P.C.Frank marks bikes for children. A bike with the wrong postcode is stolen. Shaw has a car accident and some booze in the car gets broken and then Ackland drops another box. An old lady, conned out of five pounds, turns out to be one of a number of elderly people targeted by a group of children.
S03E07 Blind Alleys, Clogged Roads 02/11/1987 P.C. Jim Carver is sent to the morgue to investigate a suspiscious drowning. The victim has clearly been planted with several items such as theatre tickets, badly-fitting clothes and an odd suicide note. D.S. Roach has a theory it's an assassination by the British secret service, meanwhile trying to get permission to conduct an obbo from an office building. D.I. Roy Galloway and D.C. Mike Dashwood are reprimanded by a judge for not bringing all their evidence in a fraud case to the court. They race back to Sun Hill in the recess to retrieve the documents, but on the way back, Galloway runs into a black cab. An argument ensues, and Galloway nicks the cabbie for breach of the peace. Half the cabbies in London blockade the station in protest. P.C. Nick Shaw is slashed with a knife when breaking up a fight between two brothers-in-law, but Sgt. Penny refuses to charge the suspect. An Asian man arrives at the station to report continued harrassment, and a young boy is brought in for graffiti
S03E08 Double Trouble 09/11/1987 D.I. Galloway wants eight men for an identity parade after an attack on a woman. They run into a mob of football supporters who are ""persuaded"" to help them out. P.C. Melvin helps a lady who has locked herself out of her car. CIB (Complaints Investigation Bureau) arrives at the station and none of the early shift are allowed to leave. Turns out to be an allegation of a copper pocketing a parking fine. Nerves are frayed on the relief, particularly those of P.C. Nick Shaw and W.P.C. June Ackland who come under particular scrutiny as they were on patrol at the time. Shaw is in strife for not declaring Ackland as a passenger in his panda car. As Ackland and Shaw are interviewed, another report of the bent coppers comes in, and CID arrest a mechanic from the police garage and his girlfriend who were posing as police officers and pocketing on-the-spot fines. P.C. Stamp spills a cup of coffee on the P.C. Patel's computer keyboard causing Patel to lose all the work he has done.
S03E09 Sun Hill Karma 16/11/1987 Martella applies for a position in the Bermuda police force, but after being punched during a fight, and failing to prevent a suicide jumper, she feels she is not up to the job and withdraws her application. Roach investigates a fight at a hostel for drunks. Patel investigates another racial attack. During followup, Carver is worried about himself not liking Asians. Penny has started yoga and thinks everyone else should do it too.
S03E10 Skipper 23/11/1987 W.P.C. June Ackland's father is dying in hospital. P.C. Taffy Edwards is given traffic duty after arriving late for parade. P.C. Jim Carver gets beaten up in a bus queue. Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Patel investigate an alleged rape. Insp. Kite is set up and sent to collect mud samples because of a suspected radioactive leak.
S03E11 Overnight Stay 30/11/1987 Half the relief, including CID, are at a hotel guarding a sequestered jury in a gangland murder trial. There are several attempts to spook the jury over the course of the night. D.S. Roach and W.P.C. Martella clash when she catches him chatting up a female juror and he accuses her of falling asleep on the job. P.C. Carver and D.C. Dashwood end up in the swimming pool after chasing a woman who was acting suspisciously in the car park through the hotel. She is arrested but refuses to speak, and a major from the Bomb Squad is called in when her bag is found, but it contains a severed hand. Distraught at the death of her father, W.P.C. Ackland gets drunk in the hotel bar. She is found by Sgts. Cryer and Penny, and put in the sauna to sober up. When she recovers, Ackland spots a suspiscious man checking into the hotel. D.I. Galloway leads a raid on the man's room, and breaks up an IRA cell conducting an arms deal. Back at Sun Hill, Insp. Kite deals with a serial nuisance confessing to bigam
S03E12 Not Without Cause 07/12/1987 Sgt. Penny is asked by a landlord to talk to a lady on the top floor who is keeping cats. He is shot through the door after finding out his radio doesn't work. When Penny doesn't respond to radio calls, the station is worried about him and organises a search party. The landlord turns up at the station and talks to D.I. Galloway who doesn't make the connection. Insp. Kite nicks four people for breach of peace that he caused. A suspected poisoning of chocolate bars is traced to a supermarket.
S04E01 Light Duties 19/07/1988 Recently promoted to CID, D.C. Carver is feeling seasick while he and D.S. Roach work on a case on the police launch. The River Police fish the body of a murdered informant out of the Thames, but Roach is furious when the case is taken over by two detectives from Scotland Yard. P.C. Taffy Edwards and Stamp attend an incident with an unconcious elderly man who has a very protective dog. A woman offers to help, but Stamp tells her to move along. Stamp is horrified when the woman arrives at Sun Hill as the new uniformed Inspector, Christine Frazer. P.C. Hollis is running a sweep on who D.I. Galloway's replacement will be - there are rumours it will be D.I. Burnside. At the hospital, a solid gold krugerand is found on the old man, and W.P.C. Ackland and D.C. Carver realise the body in the river is the old man's nephew, who was grassing on his accomplices in a krugerand robbery. Sgt. Penny is back at work on light duties, but he is clearly still deeply affected by his recent shooting.
S04E02 The Three Wise Monkeys 21/07/1988 D.S. Ted Roach and D.C. Mike Dashwood are on the trail of armed robbers who have taken a women hostage. Sgt. Penny is starting to stress out because of the guns involved, and his collegues are concerned about his reaction. Two D.C.s from Somerset arrive to take a prisoner back. P.C. Yorkie Smith and W.P.C. June Ackland chase the robbers with three members of T.S.G. in the back. After being shot at by the robber and nearly shot by one of the T.S.G. officers, Yorkie punches the officer on the nose.
S04E03 Good Will Visit 26/07/1988 P.C. Pete Ramsey arrives as Sun Hill, nearly running P.C. Taffy Edwards over with his Porsche and parking in the Chief Super's spot. He has been transferred from Barton Street CID for cheating at cards, and has been put back into uniform. Ramsey cops a warning from Ch. Insp. Conway to keep his nose clean, but he is clearly still up to his old tricks: taking a bribe from a street hawker and generally winding up his fellow officers. Sgt. Alec Peters and P.C. Malcolm Haynes go to the Royal Navy to arrest a group of sailors who trashed a nightclub, but are told they can't charge the sailors as they are due on an important naval exercise. D.C. Carver and D.C. Dashwood watch and arrest two Chinese men with a van full of an unidentifiable substance which they suspect may be drugs. Ramsey identifies it as the rare spice saffron, stolen from a warehouse the previous month. Ramsey takes his car to be repaired at a garage owned by a friend of Sgt. Cryer's, but takes it back without paying after f
S04E04 Home Sweet Home 28/07/1988 Sgt. Cryer leads a raid to enforce an eviction order on a squat occupied by upper-class kids, watched by Councillor Thomas who is in charge of housing in the area. The raid is successful, but Thomas makes himself scarce as soon as a journalist arrives. P.C. Smith and P.C. Haynes are called to the local library where a homeless woman, Marie Tucker, and her kids are sheltering. Haynes moves her along by giving her a council housing brochure, but when they are called to a break-in at Councillor Thomas' home, they realise Marie has locked herself in the bathroom. Insp. Frazer arrives with a social worker who had reported Marie missing and they try to talk her out. When she goes quiet, they break down the door only to find Marie has taken an overdose and died.
S04E05 All In Good Faith 02/08/1988 W.P.C. Viv Martella and W.P.C. June Ackland report entry by artifice involving a bogus gasman to Acting D.I. Ted Roach. As Ackland and D.C. Mike Dashwood investigate the two latest cases, the widow of a gas inspector locks the bogus gasman in her basement. Insp. Christine Frazer has a serious talk to P.C. Pete Ramsey. There is a weapons amnesty bin outside the station, and when CID discovers a gun that was used in a robbery five years ago, Roach is determined to nail the suspect, Pat Duffy. Ch. Insp. Conway seeks legal advice as to whether the gun can be used as evidence as it was handed in during an amnesty. Roach disobeys Conway's orders and arrests Duffy. Conway is furious, but Roach tells him that they're in the clear as Duffy's ex-wife handed the gun in.
S04E06 Just Call Me Guvnor 04/08/1988 Ch. Insp. Conway briefs the relief on a massive raid about to take place on Frontline, a gang of football thugs. Two police officers are undercover in the gang, and the relief are warned not to show them any signs of recognition, however Acting D.I. Roach and D.C. Carver are stunned when they see D.I. Frank Burnside in handcuffs, blowing his cover. Roach headbutts a suspect who spat at him. The suspect gives his name in custody as ""Get Stuffed"", and Burnside, who has arrived to take over Sun Hill CID, gives him a slap for his insolence. With no love lost between Sgt. Cryer and Burnside, Cryer threatens to report Burnside if he raises Roach's assault of the same prisoner, but Burnside shocks them all when he reveals that the unfortunate prisoner is the other undercover officer in the gang. Burnside catches up with his old flame, Insp. Frazer who later has a word with Cryer for spreading rumours that Burnside is corrupt. A chastised Cryer swallows his pride and apologises.
S04E07 Caught Red Handed 09/08/1988 P.C. Frank and W.P.C. Martella attend an incident where a pregnant woman has stabbed her husband with a bread knife. The husband doesn't want to press charges, and when he and his wife are re-united at the station, all is forgiven. Sgt. Penny and W.P.C. Ackland are at the local swimming pool to catch a thief stealing from lockers. When they apprehend a suspect, Penny starts to crack up when he realises he's failed to videotape the evidence properly, but the S.O.C.O. salvages the incident and gets a confession when she tells the suspect that one of the wallets was coated in a chemical marker. D.C. Carver watches P.C. Smith talking to a man in the pub and thinks he has stumbled on a drug deal in the toilets. He reluctantly informs D.I. Burnside who is delighted at the chance to get one over on Uniform. Pills are found in Yorkie's locker, and he admits they are anabolic steroids to help his rugby game. Smith is let off, but he is furious with Carver for grassing him up. CID raid the stero
S04E08 Homes And Gardens 11/08/1988 P.C. Yorkie Smith assists P.C. Taffy Edwards dealing with a traffic snarl-up caused by a young man, Mickey Cozens. Mickey's father is called to the station, and he tells the officers that Mickey has a mental age of 7. Smith drives them home, but when Mickey's dad tells his son off, Mickey lashes out and knocks Smith unconscious. His desperate father bundle's Smith into the panda car and drives away. A witness reports that a police officer has been kidnapped, and massive chase takes place until the car is stopped and Yorkie found alive but concussed. A couple come home from holiday to find their entire garden has been removed - trees, lawn and greenhouse. Turns out to be poetic justice as the husband is rumoured to have nicked the plants from the council in the first place.
S04E09 Country Cousin 16/08/1988 D.I. Burnside waits impatiently at the train station to pick up a D.S. Jarvis from one of the country forces, who is arriving in London to arrest a suspect believed to be living in Sun Hill. After warning Jarvis for punching the suspect in the face, Burnside takes Jarvis to an East End club where the badly-behaved country copper ends up fighting with the manager and bouncer over the cost of a prostitute. P.C. Edwards and P.C. Haynes attend a bus crash where the driver and several passengers are badly injured. Accompanying the driver to hospital, it is discovered he was suffering from epilepsy which he had not declared to his employers. W.P.C. Martella drives Sgt. Penny to a doctor's check-up to ascertain whether he can return to normal duties after his shooting.
S04E10 Alarms And Embarrassments 18/08/1988 Yorkie investigates a robbery of an off-licence. Penny is thinking of his holiday. Roach has a case thrown out of court. Stamp is in charge of organising a line up. Taffy investigates a mugging of a handicapped man. A bag lady brought in by Frazer sets fire to her cell.
S04E11 Stealing Cars And Nursery Rhymes 23/08/1988 Yorkie has problems with kids at a youth group. He chases a group of kids in a stolen car that ends up with 3 deaths after wrapping around a pole. Ramsey seems to have collected a stray dog which runs loose around the station. Haynes slags off the kids of Sun Hill in front of Yorkie. Ramsey investigates a UFO which turns out to be a satellite dish.
S04E12 Hold Fire 25/08/1988 P.C. Smith and P.C. Melvin are first on the scene of a traffic accident. The cars are on fire, and both officers risk their lives to rescue the occupants. One of the cars explodes, killing a passenger, knocking Smith unconscious and burning Melvin's hands. One of the men they rescued is a big-time villain, and the F.I.O. (Fire Investigations Officer) reckons he had explosives in the boot. D.C. Carver and W.P.C. Martella stake out a pub, but get distracted playing video games. They eventually follow and arrest a man who is ripping off his employer. D.S. Roach attends the Met's firearms training for renewal of his firearms authorisation. He fails spectacularly and his licence is revoked, but it's clear he failed deliberately. At the hospital, Martella arrives to help Melvin keep an eye on their suspect, but they are distracted when a man high on drugs runs through the ward, and their villain disappears.
S04E13 Bad Faith 30/08/1988 TSG, Haynes, Ramsey, Mike and Jim are staking out a tower block to bring in a burglary suspect. Bob and Taffy find some children on some waste ground. Mike's car get hit by a falling washer.
S04E14 Requiem 01/09/1988 P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Haynes attend a flat where the occupants have discovered a decayed skeleton in the wall where they were going to build a fireplace. Sgt. Cryer, D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood are called in, and a forensic expert soon arrives to examine the body. What looks like a baby's body is also found, but it turns out to be a doll. While CID search for former occupants and interview the Trants' obnoxious neighbours, a note is found in the wall from a merchant sailor who couldn't afford a funeral, so he put his dead wife's body in the wall.
S04E15 Trespasses 06/09/1988 P.C. Ramsey investigates noises in a rubbish chute, and finds a newborn baby which he rushes to hospital. In the CAD room, P.C. Haynes and W.P.C. Brind argue over why anyone would dump a baby. P.C. Edwards and P.C. Melvin follow up on the theft of items from a church, and Edwards is surprised when Melvin tells him he's a born-again Christian. D.C. Dashwood discovers the church property in an antique shop, and Sgt. Peters and D.C. arrests the culprits in another church. Edwards and Melvin catch a woman removing her property from her ex-husband's house.
S04E16 Save The Last Dance For Me 08/09/1988 A dangerous escaped prisoner is supposed to visit his girlfriend in Sun Hill, and a massive obbo is in place to catch him when he turns up. A bored relief waits in the canteen with P.T.17, and P.C. Ramsey suggests a little game of cards to pass the time. Sgt. Peters and D.C. Carver wait in a van, and while Peters is answering a ""call of nature"", Carver nicks a boy for damaging cars. D.C. Dashwood and W.P.C. Ackland wait in a dance school, where they each take a turn in partnering a dance student. The jealous husband of Dashwood's dance partner storms in and attacks them, taking Mike's gun, which fortunately is unloaded. Ch. Insp. Conway nearly blows the obbo when his impatience causes him to break radio silence, despite D.S. Roach's warnings, but his radio call is just the diversion Dashwood needs to overpower his assailant.
S04E17 Runaround 13/09/1988 Viv has hay fever and tries to get medication but is called to a café with a dead body and is man-handled by the deceased's son. Yorkie visits a lady with agrophobia who thinks her neighbour is being burgled. He gets on their truck and helps June and Haynes arrest them. Haynes and Ackland run into a drunken driver in a bus garage using a sledge hammer to break windows.
S04E18 The Trap 15/09/1988 D.I. Burnside sets up a trap on a residential street: an open vanload of video recorders. He, Carver, Roach and Dashwood sit in wait for some villains to take the bait. Eventually, a man pulls up in a BMW and takes one of the videos into his house. Roach and Dashwood arrest him, and back at the station he turns out to be Julian Pembridge, a slimy solicitor well known to Burnside. Pembridge claims he was merely exposing a police entrapment campaign, and manages to escape with a fine. With Sgt. Peters on leave, Sgt. Cryer and Insp. Frazer are concerned about Sgt. Penny's state of mind. Ch. Insp. Conway has a word with him and asks him to take some leave. Penny insists he's fine and refuses, but when the air conditioning breaks down in the CAD room, Penny's temper rises with the temperature. He spills a coffee on his keyboard, and tries to attack the electrician - taking leave is no longer optional.
S04E19 Community Relations 20/09/1988 P.C. Melvin and P.C. Ramsey are in a garden shed doing an obbo on a garage believed to contain with stolen motorbikes. Ramsey is winding Melvin up about being a Christian, when a ball is kicked through the window. The owner of the shed gets into a violent row with his family, and while Melvin and Ramsey are dealing with the domestic at the house, they miss the suspect arriving at the garage. Ch. Insp. Conway attends a meeting at the Town Hall with residents of the Jasmine Allen Estate, but the meeting degenerates into arguments and slanging matches. P.C. Smith brings in a violent prisoner from the estate who was high on cocaine, but Sun Hill faces a death in custody when the man dies of an overdose shortly after arrival. With a riot brewing outside, Insp. Frazer must convince the man's father to tell the mob to blame the drugs, not the police.
S04E20 A Dogs Life 22/09/1988 Taffy is trying to find someone to form a syndicate to buy ½ share in a greyhound which turns out to be stolen. Reg is keen on joining Taffy in syndicate. He is also very knowledgable about the dogs. Flytipping increases. Ramsey is asked to talk to his brickie mate. Mate says there is a war on with flytippers. New person is tipping all over the place and council can't accept quiet backhanders any more. Haynes and Ackland investigates vandalism at a renovation. Asks claimant about flytipping. Mother of one of the suspects comes with him to the station. Asbestos is involved in latest tipping. Other boy involved in vandalism has been beaten.
S04E21 Trouble & Strife 27/09/1988 P.C. Haynes and P.C. Ramsey attend a domestic where a pregnant woman, Joanna Mancini, has been beaten by her husband with a bike chain. As Haynes and Ramsey try to calm the Mancinis down, Joanna drives her husband's car into a wall, and he retaliates by dropping appilances like her sewing machine, television and vacuum cleaner out of the window. Ramsey breaks into the house, but the husband has disappeared. Ramsey climbs into the loft to look for him, and Antonio jumps him, causing them to fall through the ceiling. When Haynes and Ramsey go to arrest Antonio, Joanna attacks them. Both of them are arrested for assaulting police officers, but as they are being lead out, the Mancini's teenage son arrives...
S04E22 Running Late 29/09/1988 W.P.C. Brind is late for parade, and misses a warning to the uniform relief to stay away from the Dock Industrial Estate, where C.I.D. and a P.T.17 team are awaiting a security van robbery. While on foot patrol, Brind chases a young girl onto the estate and into the middle of the operation. Burnside stops a suspiscious van, but it turns out to be full of fish. Brind is yelled at by Burnside and Sgt. Cryer, but she has her suspiscions about the girl, Jane, and her family. Meanwhile, Burnside realises the security van visits the estate twice, and he races back with all the armed officers he can muster, just in time to catch the robbers. Brind returns to Jane's flat where she discovers a bedroom full of nicked goods. She arrests Jane's mother, who turns out to be one of Burnside's snouts.
S04E23 They Say We're Rough 04/10/1988 Viv and Ken go to an army surplus store that seems to be being supplied off the back of a lorry. Van used to deliver the gear was nicked from Yorkshire. 2 redcaps (who don't think much of police) turn up to collect squaddies. Cryer doesn't think they are kosher. Cryer wants someone for a p.a. job at local school and asks Ken to buy a flying jacket. An ice-cream van and a car cause a traffic snarl-up near the station. Roach sends a traffic warden to sort it out. Hollis is also sent out to deal with it. After walking around the block, Hollis comes back to find part of a funeral has now joined the bigger traffic jam.
S04E24 Blue For A Boy 06/10/1988 W.P.C. Martella and P.C. Edwards are on the beat, and intervene when they find a man arguing with a young mother. D.C. Dashwood goes to meet a snout, and is nearly run over by the man Martella and Edwards questioned before. The woman, Brenda Knight says he has abducted her baby, but claims she doesn't know him. Burnside is suspiscious, and puts the pressure on Brenda until she admits that the man who took the baby is Sam Rice, who paid her £2000 to bear his surrogate child, which she then refused to hand over. After questioning Rice's wife, W.P.C. Ackland finds him at the hospital with the baby who is in good health.
S04E25 Chasing The Dragon 11/10/1988 D.S. Roach spots a drug deal taking place on the Rochester Estate, but he, Carver and Dashwood fail to catch the dealers. P.C. Haynes and P.C. Ramsey spot the escaping car in their panda and give chase, but the dealers' car hits a little girl before crashing into a skip. Haynes loses one of the suspects when obstructed by some punks, but the driver of the car, Mickey Squire, is arrested. With Burnside on leave, Ch. Insp. Conway allows Ramsey and Haynes to continue with the case. Ramsey is pleased as he thinks it may get him back into C.I.D. He and Haynes play good-cop/bad-cop to get a confession, and Haynes goes undercover at a party to find the escaped passenger and the main drug supplier. C.I.D. raid the supplier's luxurious apartment and discover a huge amount of drugs and stolen goods in his garage. P.C. Melvin and W.P.C. Brind attend a fracas at a laundrette. Melvin slips on some soap, leaving Brind to take charge.
S04E26 The Coop 13/10/1988 P.C. Edwards and W.P.C. Ackland are on their lunch break, and they warn a man for flying a model helicopter too close to the road. They then investigate a terrible smell coming from a nearby property, and discover a shed full of the carcasses of battery hens. The smell is making Edwards sick, and he wants to get out and report it to the RSPCA. As he and Ackland are leaving, they are taken hostage by the deranged shed-owner armed with a shotgun. Sgt. Peters goes to look for them after dealing with the model helicopter crashing into a house. Peters, along with P.C. Stamp and P.C. Melvin dive for cover as the man starts firing his gun, but he is overpowered and arrested.
S04E27 The Quick And The Dead 18/10/1988 Sgt. Peters attends a physical fitness evaluation, but does not do too well. P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Frank gives chase when they witness a robbery. The robbers escape, but they manage to nick the driver, who insists his car was hijacked. Ramsey interrogates the boy, but Ch. Insp. Conway intevenes when Ramsey's heavy-handed approach becomes apparent. Conway releases the boy when he admits he was on his way to a job interview - as a male stripper. W.P.C. Ackland investigates the theft of a cat's gravestone, and finds it in the elderly cat-owner's rest home. A corpse goes missing when an undertaker's van is stolen by yobs, but P.C. Melvin tracks it down. Ramsey is giving everyone else a hard time about their fitness tests as he think's he's the fittest guy at the station, but when it comes to his test, he cannot sit it due to high blood pressure.
S04E28 Witness 20/10/1988 P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Smith are looking after a witness in a court case. Ramsey is amused that the witness, Andrew Pike, has a high opinion of the police and is applying to become a special constable. Ramsey gets bored at the flat, and convinces Pike to have a day out at the dog races. At the track, Ramsey throws a drunk out of the toilets, and Pike takes offence to his handling of the situation and threatens to report him. Smith goes to get a cuppa and Ramsey is watching the race. Pike disappears, and they manage to rescue him just in time. P.C. Edwards is in court, testifying in the case of an assault on a woman. His notes end up in the toilet and the case is dismissed as not proven.
S04E29 Here We Go Loopy Lou 25/10/1988 Bob. Claire and Taffy investigate the report of a man carrying a cross which is found hanging from a crane. They come across a lady driving a car with a small white dog on her knee which is knocked down by a truck after escaping from the car. Taffy swims across a canal after a religious nutter who tries to strangle Bob while thinking he is Christ.
S04E30 Stop And Search 27/10/1988 Sgt. Cryer introduces two special constables who will be joining the relief: Mary Kilnair and Brian Defoe. While on patrol with P.C. Edwards, Kilnair is pricked by a junkie's needle, there is grave concern she may have been infected. A man arrives at the station to confess to the murder of his wife - thirty years previously. D.C. Carver, and new D.C. Tosh Lines, investigate. A lawyer meets with the station top brass (Brownlow, Conway and Frazer) to discuss her client's claim of being stopped and searched thirteen times in two weeks. Lines recognises the M.O. from his last nick - several black men giving the same name and address whenever they are stopped by police. D.S. Roach asks Insp. Frazer out on a date, but Burnside finds out and makes fun of him.
S04E31 Spook Stuff 01/11/1988 W.P.C. Martella and P.C. Stamp take an American woman who has been caught shoplifting into custody. She is very insistent that the police contact her husband who is staying in a hotel. The husband, meanwhile, is reporting the theft of his briefcase from their hotel room. D.I. Burnside is warned off the case by a Special Branch officer and a C.I.A. agent, who are waiting for the man to sell top-secret papers. D.S. Roach is having money troubles, but when one of his snouts offers to sell him the secret documents, Roach and Burnside use the situation to clear up Roach's debt problem. Roach is furious when Burnside double-crosses his snout and the papers are returned to the Americans.
S04E32 Evacuation 02/11/1988 It's a busy day on the station front desk, and P.C. Smith fails to notice that someone has left a hold-all next to the desk. When it is discovered, Insp. Frazer orders the station evacuated as a safety measure while the bomb squad is called in. Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Martella have trouble getting a violent female prisoner into and out of her cell. D.C. Dashwood winds Smith up about not noticing the bag, and he conducts an interview with a suspect in a car. P.C. Edwards is acting oddly, arguing with W.P.C. Ackland and he keeps returning to the station looking for something. SO13 find an incendiary device in the bag, but it explodes, blinding an SO13 officer.
S04E33 Personal Imports 08/11/1988 P.C. Melvin sees a chemist being robbed, but he has powder thrown in his face and the thieves escape. D.C. Carver is conducting an obbo in the house of a lonely, amourous woman. He spots what looks like a drug exchange and pursues the car, but is told to relinquish the pursuit to the drugs squad from the Yard. W.P.C. Martella investigates a truancy case, where 14-year-old Turkish boy Omir is being looked after by his cousin ""Auntie"". D.S. Roach is pushed over in a public toilet by a man picked up by another bloke. He gets a tip-off from his transvestite snout, Roxanne, about a local barmaid running rent-boys in the area. Martella recognises the address as that of her missing Turkish boy, and she and Roach raid the flat and arrest Auntie.
S04E34 Paper Chase 10/11/1988 A schoolgirl has been abducted, and D.I. Burnside is determined to find her. The girl's father is reluctant to have the police involved, as the kidnappers have threatened to kill his daughter if the police are called. He gets £250,000 out of his company account to pay the ransom. A technical officer from the Yard is called in to bug the briefcase. C.I.D. wait and watch with binoculars, and after a decoy run, the father makes the drop. Immediately Burnside and his team raid the premises, but there is no one there and the briefcase is empty. The little girl turns up at home safe. Burnside smells a rat, and the technical officer finds the bugged briefcase and money in the father's car.
S04E35 Intruder 15/11/1988 While Melvin and Haynes are on the beat, they are nearly decoyed away from a robbery. Giving chase Haynes is diverted to an armed robbery while Melvin has to let his prisoner go so he can help Haynes. The armed robber is paranoid and thinks everyone is poisoning him.
S04E36 Conflict 17/11/1988 Lines and Carver are doing an obbo on a man who might lead them to an arms dump. June and Ramsey arrest him because he beat his girlfriend who didn't want him to go out. The doctor at the hospital is going to make a complaint against Ramsey because of the way he interogates the girlfriend.
S04E37 Duplicates 22/11/1988 Due to her slight resemblance to a missing woman, W.P.C. Brind reluctantly agrees to perform a reconstruction of her disappearance for television. D.S. Roach and D.C. Carver go to serve an arrest warrant for video piracy, but instead find the aftermath of a bare-knuckle boxing match and a critically injured fighter. The organiser tries to bribe Roach. Carver and Roach manage to locate their video pirate, but Dashwood shows up late to the raid as he is speaking to camera for the reconstruction. The missing girl's parents thank Brind for her help.
S04E38 Snout 24/11/1988
S04E39 Old Habits 29/11/1988 W.P.C. Brind is called to the house of an elderly lady, Mrs Lomax, who has just been robbed. The old lady is in such a state of shock, she attacks Brind and then suffers a heart attack and dies. It appears there's been a spate of burglaries against several old people from the Salisbury Day Centre, and Brind attends with Insp. Frazer to give a talk on crime prevention. D.C. Dashwood talks to the previous victims and comes up with a possible suspect: Terry Newton, a young lad doing community service at the centre. Terry's probation officer is obstructive to the investigation, and Dashwood is convinced they have their man. Terry admits to Brind that he thinks he knows who it was: Danny Harvey, the junkie newphew of one of the day centre members. D.S. Roach and Dashwood go to Maurice Harvey's flat - he's an old villain from the time of the Krays - and find that Danny has overdosed in the next room, but his uncle doesn't care.
S04E40 The Silent Gun 01/12/1988 P.C. Haynes arrives at a house to investigate what seems like a routine disturbance. Instead he finds a bailiff who has been shot in the hand while trying to evict the lodger in the upstairs room. Ch. Supt. Brownlow cancels his weekend away and takes charge of the siege, Ch. Insp. Conway and several armed police from Sun Hill and the TSG move in to try and negotiate the gunman's surrender with no response. A Polish interpreter is brought in when it is realised that the man is Polish, not Irish as reported by the landlady. There is still no response, and a local shopkeeper tells P.C. Smith that the man, Lublin, is also deaf. With no chance of him hearing them approach, armed police and a police dog storm the room and arrest the man. The local residents are getting antsy about being denied access to their homes. P.C. Edwards is sent to turn a woman's oven off, but he breaks into the wrong house.
S04E41 An Old-Fashioned Term 06/12/1988 P.C. Edwards and W.P.C. Morgan find the naked body of a young woman who appears to have gassed herself to death, but they notice the neighbour who reported the death wiping something from the dead girl's mouth. D.C. Carver can't believe D.C. Lines has been a D.C. for twelve years. Lines isn't convinced the girl's death was a suicide, and impresses Carver with his detective skills when he solves the case - the neighbour, Kelly, has knocked her out with chloroform, raped her, and then turned on the gas. Kelly finally admits it, but Tosh is upset when he won't admit why. D.C. Dashwood is furious when D.S. Roach stands him up on an obbo to have dinner with Insp. Christine Frazer.
S04E42 Getting Stressed 08/12/1988 Frazer is driving to work when she sees an accident. On informing the man she has rescued she is a police officer he hits her. Ramsey deals with a lady who was raped. An old lady helps Dashwood with info about motorbike muggers. After June brings in a lady drunk in charge of a baby, she goes to help CID as a decoy. After a chase Dashwood lets them get away. Ted is told to stop the relationship he has with Frazer.
S04E43 Tigers 13/12/1988 An asian lad rings Burnside about a big fight. After checking it out, Carver and Tosh's car get turned over. The lad ends up in a canal. An old girlfriend of Carver's turns up looking for him with a baby which she then leaves behind.
S04E44 Guessing Game 15/12/1988 Neighbours report an elderly man hasn't been seen for a couple of days, and P.C. Ramsey breaks into the house to find the man dead on the floor. A doctor confirms he died of natural causes. As W.P.C. Ackland checks the house, she is suspiscious of the pictures on the wall and some woman's belongings in a shoe box. It appears the man had a fetish for restraining women against their will, and a CRO check reveals that he had form for such crimes dating back for decades. The belongings found in the house are quite recent, so D.S. Roach suspects that he had captured another victim before he died. Roach, Dashwood and Carver investigate every possibility and finally find another flat owned by him, but no victim. They realise that the neighbour who reported him missing was his intended target, but Roach decides not to tell her about how close she came to danger.
S04E45 The Assassins 20/12/1988 Burnside and Tosh are in a cafe waiting to catch a group of people who take apart restaurants. They turn out to be upper class twits. One of them winds the magistrate up so much he is sentenced to 28 days in jail and the diplomat father of another waives his immunity. Yorkie and Haynes investigate a removal van. The elderly driver doesn't think the company is to be trusted and he is proven right after visiting the station three times. Tosh's wife turns up looking for housekeeping money from him, and she mentions it is their 15th wedding anniversary.
S04E46 Outmoded 22/12/1988 Sun Hill police are being called out to a series of bogus shouts which the Yard pins down to a computer hacker breaking into the police computer network. Sgt. Cryer investigates, and finds a former university student who has a acquired an ex-MOD computer which still had access codes to government and police networks on the hard drive. W.P.C. Ackland checks in with a woman who is too scared to leave her flat as she has been repeatedly mugged. Ackland convinces her to go out to get some cigarettes, but when they return, her flat has been trashed. June arranges for her to be moved off the estate. Roach, Dashwood and Carver watch as a car is pulled out of the river with the body of a young woman inside. They question the car owner who had reported it stolen, but he is clearly hiding something. D.S. Roach must inform Sgt. Cryer that it was his son, Patrick, who was driving the car when it went into the river, and that he'd left the scene.
S04E47 Digging Up the Past 27/12/1988 An excavator on a building site has uncovered some human remains, and Sgt. Cryer calls in C.I.D. Cryer is avoiding returning to the station, as his son Patrick is being charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Ch. Insp. Conway, Burnside and Roach have a word with Cryer, who is avoiding his family. On the building site, D.C. Dashwood and the S.O.C.O. wind up the site manager by saying it may have been a murder, although the bones are very old. A riot ensues as the men want to return to work. Burnside arrives and nicks the whole lot of them. The bones turn out to be from the Great Plague in 1665. P.C. Edwards is angry after being sold forger theatre tickets by Ramsey. Ramsey claims innocence, and the pair manage to locate the forgers. Unable to interest C.I.D. in the case, they investigate on their own and blow a joint Fraud Squad/U.S. Treasury operation to catch counterfeiters printing fake American dollars.
S04E48 Taken Into Consideration 29/12/1988 D.C. Dashwood and D.C. Carver are on an obbo in a street where a spate of burglaries has taken place. They see a young man, Kevin Boswell, climbing over a wall with a bag full of 50p pieces, and they arrest him for theft. They also take Kevin's girlfriend, Daphne, into the station as there is what looks like stolen goods in her house. Dashwood is positive Boswell is their man, and W.P.C. Ackland makes a complaint against him when he applies too much pressure to Boswell during interview. Boswell is either really smart and devious or not too bright and living an elaborate fantasy about being a criminal. Dashwood and Carver return to Boswell's flat and find out which...
S05E01 Getting It Right 03/01/1989 D.I. Burnside leads a raid on a hotel room to catch a man suspected of armed abduction, but due to Ramsey's duff info, they raid the wrong room. The man in the room threatens to make an official complaint against Burnside, who charges Ramsey with digging up some dirt on him. It turns out he's a doctor, and it appears he was having an affair with a patient. Burnside gleefully goes to tell the doctor to drop his complaint, but finds he and Ramsey got it all wrong again. Sgt. Cryer is heading to court to support his son, Patrick, and on the way he is followed by a girl who tells her that Bob found her as an abandoned baby 15 years ago. Patrick's case is thrown out of court, and the dead girl's father accuses Cryer of a police cover-up. In no mood to deal with her, Cryer tells Bobbi to go away, but back at the station sees she has been reported as missing.
S05E02 A Reflection Of Glory 05/01/1989 P.C. Ramsey is back in uniform and goes with P.C. Haynes to see about a shoplifter who claims she is innocent. While they are out the back, the shop is held up by armed robbers who shoot at Ramsey. D.I. Burnside thinks it is tied in with other robberies and sends D.C. Carver to have a word with his evasive snout, Leroy. D.C. Dashwood has a new suit much to the amusement of his collegues. It gets damaged while he is chasing one of the suspects in the robbery. Haynes later tails the other suspects, causing them to crash into a milk float. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Melvin are approached by a man who says his friend might be about to kill himself in the toilet of a gay club, and the friend is arrested for possessing an offensive weapon. While being charged, he punches Sgt. Peters who drops the knife. The other man goes for it, but is stopped by Ackland.
S05E03 One To One 10/01/1989 W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp arrive at a brothel, where they find Jo Whitney, the daughter of a prominent local councillor, soaked in paraffin and threatening to set herself and the building on fire. Jo is a prostitute and a drug addict - but she hasn't had a fix for three days, and is highly agitated and strung out. Ackland stays with her to try and talk her round, while Stamp calls the fire brigade. There is a struggle to gain control of the lighter, and as a result, the flat catches fire, but Stamp manages to get both women out. Almost immediately after this ordeal, C.A.D. asks June to move on to deal with a burglary (after a cup of tea of course).
S05E04 The Mugging And The Gypsies 12/01/1989 W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Smith attend a local gypsy campsite where residents are complaining. A social worker has a Place Of Safety Order on one of the gypsy children, Theresa Beecher, who was reportedly beaten by her parents. When the girl and her parents lock themselves in the caravan, Smith has the idea of towing the caravan to the station. A youth is found in possession of stolen credit cards, and the owner is located and confirms he was attacked and robbed the night before. He is about to do an identity parade, but his wife admits she was the one who hit him. The gypsies make a run for it, but when the little girl is taken into care, it is found the Beechers have swapped their daughter with another little girl.
S05E05 The Chain Of Command 17/01/1989 Ch. Insp. Conway is late for a meeting with a Mr. Trevelyan from the Department of Trade and Industry, who wants police help in shutting down Radio Sun Hill, a pirate radio station. Conway orders the winos who blocked his car taken off the streets, but when one of them tries to escape from his cell, Sgt. Cryer recognises him as an undercover cop. P.C. Smith asks W.P.C. Martella to talk to a lady who has been beaten up by her boyfriend. She changes her mind about pressing charges as she doesn't want her husband to know. She then explains the injuries by saying the police beat her up, and her husband turns up and attacks Yorkie. Despite D.S. Roach's objections that it's a waste of police time, Carver and Dashwood raid Radio Sun Hill, but they escape.
S05E06 Life And Death 19/01/1989 P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Brind arrest a man who is so drunk he can barely stand. Back at the station, the man collapses after a drug overdose, but not before implying that he's killed a woman. D.C. Lines and D.C. Carver race to find the man's identity through his dental records and the local jazz clubs, but the man's wife (and his mistress) are found safe and well. P.C. Melvin is sent to inform the wife of a man killed in a factory accident, but he radios in when he suspects that he has told the wrong person. D.C. Dashwood checks at the factory, and finds it was a similarly-named man who died, and the very-much-alive husband arrives at the station to make a formal complaint.
S05E07 Hothead 24/01/1989 W.P.C. Brind and P.C. Melvin are on foot patrol, but are seperated. Brind ends up dealing with a workplace dispute by herself, but the ringleader, Nobby Briggs, smashes her radio and locks her in a storeroom. When Melvin eventually turns up, he calls for assistance and Briggs is arrested. Sgt. Cryer is in a bad mood as he is suffering from a painful toothache, and he yells at a prisoner and pushes him. Lay visitors from the council arrive to inspect the station, and the prisoner accuses Cryer of assaulting him. His cellmate eventually clears Cryer, but he has to cancel his dentist appointment when he is called up to Ch. Supt Brownlow's office over the incident.
S05E08 Steamers 26/01/1989 D.S. Roach goes to the hospital to talk to a young man who was slashed in the face with a knife - the fifth is a series of ""steamer"" attacks, where knife-wielding youths have held up restaurant patrons. D.C. Dashwood receives a tip-off about the steamers' next target, and the restuarant is filled with undercover police officers. P.C. Edwards is jealous that he and Carver didn't get a free meal paid for by the Met, and the steamers are caught when they raid the restuarant. P.C. Melvin investigates a strange smell from a flat used by junkies, and finds the body of an elderly man who suffered a heart attack. Melvin can't believe the old man was a junkie.
S05E09 Duty Elsewhere 31/01/1989 P.C. Haynes volunteers for ""duty elsewhere"", undercover as a driver for Neville Tubbs, leader of a Yardie gang in South London. A man has just been murdered and mutilated, and Rita, a girl from Tubbs' club tells Haynes she witnessed the killing. Gaining Tubbs' trust, Haynes is asked to transport a package to a meeting across town. He is stopped by two police officers, but manages to get away after telling them he's in the Job. Haynes delivers the package, but is recognised as a cop by a Brixton Yardie. The police raid the place before Haynes is hurt or killed, but he is horrified to discover the package he carried contains the murder victim's hands.
S05E10 Saturday Blues 02/02/1989 A young woman is taken to hospital in a coma after a drug overdose - she is D.I. Burnside's god-daughter, Tracey. Burnside orders Tracey's boyfriend, nightclub manager Terry Palmer, brought in for questioning. Drugs are found in Palmer's flat but he denies giving them to Tracey. D.S. Roach tries to convince Burnside that he's too emotionally involved in the case. Tracey dies and it looks like she committed suicide. Burnside charges Palmer with possession and intent to supply. A wedding party is brought into the station after the bride assaults the bridesmaid for having sex with her husband. In addition to the assault charge, it appears some of the wedding presents are stolen goods.
S05E11 N.F.A. 07/02/1989 W.P.C. Brind chases two bag snatchers, but they get away. She later spots one of them crossing the road and nicks him. The victim, Mrs Foster-Adams, is taken to the station to make a statement, but ends up more trouble than she's worth - she eventually makes a complaint against Ch. Supt. Brownlow for ""gloating"". P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Melvin are paired together on patrol, a combination Brownlow warns Insp. Frazer not to repeat. Ramsey drives his car at some schoolkids ""for some sport"", and throws his truncheon at a can on a wall, setting off a burglar alarm. D.C. Lines investigates and finds the truncheon. Ramsey and Melvin catch a glue-sniffing prowler, who injures Ramsey's finger. Tosh recognises the man, and convinces Ramsey to drop the assault charge.
S05E12 The Price You Pay 09/02/1989 W.P.C. Martella visits a friend of hers, Alison Page, who has been badly beaten up. Alison is on the game, and her attacker was a client. D.S. Roach arrests the man, but he is a diplomat and the Home Office demands his release. D.I. Burnside tells Roach to warn Alison's father, George Page, not to do anything stupid, but when the diplomat is beaten up, it is clear Roach did nothing to stop him. P.C. Stamp and P.C. Haynes investigate when a bookie claims his door has been glued shut. His disgruntled clients claim he hasn't paid their winnings, but Stamp convinces them to go double or quits. The relief bets on the same dog, and it wins the race.
S05E13 The Key of the Door 14/02/1989 D.C. Dashwood investigates when a house which has recently been put on the market is burgled. He suspects that some prospective buyers are behind it, and gets a description of the couple who have looked at the houses from the real estate agents. The culprits turn out to be known to D.I. Burnside, and they are passing on details of the house to their son, who breaks in later. Sgt. Cryer chases a mugger, and takes the victim home to her flat which looks like it has been burgled. It turns out her son is the culprit, and he has been abusing her for a long time. Cryer gives the boy a warning, but arrests him when he returns to the flat to find the boy assaulting his mother. P.C. Ramsey is determined to catch a disqualified driver. Cryer tells him to chalk the footpath, but Ramsey has more luck by putting a stone on the wheel.
S05E14 Cock-Up 16/02/1989 P.C. Hollis is referee for a five-a-side football match between two schools organised by the Met. One of the players is Sgt. Cryer's son Danny, and Cryer breaks up a fight in the locker room when Danny accuses one of his team-mates of taking drugs. It turns out there is a big drug problem at Danny's school, Medway Comprehensive, and a local shopkeeper is found to have form for dealing. The shop is put under observation, and when two girls from Medway are seen leaving the shop, D.I. Burnside orders a raid. The girls are arrested and searched, but it turns out they were just buying fags, and they are also underage to consent to a search. No drugs are found in the shop, and the owner threatens to sue Burnside.
S05E15 Repercussions 21/02/1989 Because of a screwup, Burnside has put back community relations 30 years. Conway yells at Burnside before burnside goes to see Brownlow. Conway then goes to see Cryer who tells him what he thought the situation was. Yorkie is accused of making racist remarks while arresting one of the girls but Ramsey is the real culprit. The headmaster of the school comes to talk to Brownlow.
S05E16 A Death In The Family 23/02/1989 Taffy and June are talking to a lady when they are aware of shouts down the road. they find a man holding his dead baby. June takes it back into the baby's room to try to resuscitate it. She wasn't able to. This is not the first time the family has lost a baby. The daughter blames herself. A lady is talking to Tony at the front desk about the non-arrival at school of her 10 year old son.
S05E17 In The Frame 28/02/1989 Burnside is not only late for the weekly crime meeting with Brownlow, but is called out of it by an urgent phone call. Officers from Operation Backwoods ask Burnside to step outside. He appears to have been set up. Tosh returns to the office to find people going through the files. Cryer puts crime prevention leaflets on parked cars to prevent burglaries from them at Sgt. Penny's suggestion. After talking to a man he is walking away as the car explodes and he is sent flying. Members from the anti-terrorist squad arrive to talk to Brownlow and then try grilling Cryer.
S05E18 A Good Result 02/03/1989 Roache brings in a man suspected of handling stolen car radios. Yorkie and Reg are going to the soccer. Reg with the result of the relief and Yorkie undercover in a group of football thugs.
S05E19 Conscience 07/03/1989 Dashwood is moaning because Greig is playing his clarinet in the office. Roach is having a drink with a married woman and after she leaves, he recognises a man whose car has broken down as the ex-commander of the murder squad who roach is convinced convicted the wrong man. Meanwhile back at the station Dashwood discovers that Roach is due in court in the morning and approx 40 witnesses need to be warned.
S05E20 Sunday, Sunday 09/03/1989 Taffy and Viv are in a Sunday market when they are attacked by a group of white supremists. Viv is then teamed up with Haynes and investigates a broken window. A Black vicar talks to Frazer about racist threats to his parishioners. June is sent to a sudden death due to intestinal cancer. Her sons says he killed her.
S05E21 Climate 14/03/1989 June has been seeing a married man. Bob is worried about having his tires slashed during the night. Sgt. Peters has his own troubles and doesn't want to listen to Bob's. Roache talks to June about a witness in a case similar to two murders in Essex. The witness came forward with information about an attack on a young girl. His attitude when spoken to by Roache and Lines put their backs up as well as June's. They are only able to get further information out of the witness when they push him. Yorkie gets hit by an old lady.
S05E22 Bad Company 16/03/1989 Dashwood and Carver investigate a fight at a bail hostel. A man bailed for receiving has been beaten up and jumps off the roof and runs away. He is later found in a moneylender's basement badly beaten owing a couple of hundred pounds plus interest. Melvin is approached by a man on the street who tells him there is something dodgy going on by the old chocolate factory. On entering the factory, he is stopped by a man with a gun after he has radioed in his position. Turns out to be a gun deal. Taffy and Yorkie are sent to the factory to look for him.
S05E23 Suspicious Minds 21/03/1989 Sun Hill C.I.D. and the Vice Squad raid six flats to catch a pornography ring. All the flats are clean except one, and it is suspected that the targets were tipped off. D.C. Dashwood saw D.I. Burnside making a phone call just before the raid, and shares his suspicions with D.S. Roach who wants nothing to do with it. Dashwood informs Ch. Insp. Conway, who calls Burnside in. Burnside insists he was calling his travel agent, and Conway checks up on it. P.C. Smith and W.P.C. Ackland pull over a car for dangerous driving, and the driver is one of the suspects in the raid. He helps Burnside catch the head man, Collins, who puts Sun Hill in the clear for the tip-off, but Burnside warns Roach he'll find out who grassed him up. Smith and Ackland stop a man from filling another man's skip with rubbish. When the dumper fails to collect his rubbish, the skip owner dumps it outside the station.
S05E24 Intuition 23/03/1989 D.S. Roach is interviewing a suspect, Barron, about a cash and gold bullion robbery. There's not enough evidence to charge him, and Barron knows it. Roach is desperate to find the link, and he asks D.C. Lines to do some unpaid overtime to help him. Lines is reluctant, as his eldest son is ill, but manages to square it with his wife. Roach and Lines visit one of Barron's associates, Halloran, in his nightclub, and Halloran gives them a name of someone who may have laundered the cash for Barron. Finding a laundrette at the address, they realise they've been had. Seeing police outside the house of Barron's ex, Cheryl Maynard, they discover that a neighbour has reported a robbery but Cheryl's saying nothing - it looks like Halloran has taken the money and gold. Roach releases Barron with his apologies, but takes great pleasure in mentioning Cheryl's empty cellar.
S05E25 Loss 28/03/1989 Ch. Insp. Conway wants to see P.C. Smith and W.P.C. Martella about a special assignment: going through the missing persons register and following up some of the cases. A cynical Sgt. Penny tells them the initiative is politicially-motivated. A woman who has been harassing her local MP about her missing daughter only wants her back so she can get a three bedroom house. The girl turns up dead. The wife of a missing man who has been onto the Chief Constable is found to have killed herself after seeing his ad in a lonely hearts magazine. Smith is quite excited about his new role, and is hoping to set up a specialised missing persons unit at Sun Hill, but as soon as the politically-sensitive cases are solved, Smith and Martella's unit is disbanded.
S05E26 Procedure 30/03/1989 Cryer is filling up a car. Peters gives the relief a lecture about refilling area cars after using them. The fraud squad are visiting the station a day early. CID has Customs and Excise visiting. Peters and Haynes are told of a man who had a heart attack. The ambulance leaves before his belongings can be handed in which results in a complaint being laid. Burnside interviews a boy racer that Viv has arrested.
S05E27 Luck Of The Draw 04/04/1989 Ted goes undercover to catch a gang running a lottery scam. If the workers don't join, they have an industrial accident. An old lady comes to the station to pay a non-existant P.C. some money.
S05E28 No Strings 06/04/1989 Roxanne is helping Roach and Viv catch bag snatchers at a disco. They get barracaded in the ladies loo with the suspects. Lines investigates a break-in at a medium's who has lost both her crystal balls. She warns him to be careful on the stairs.
S05E29 Fool's Gold 11/04/1989 Carver, Yorkie and Ramsey bring in a suspect with a shooter. Suspect is tied in with Post Office jobs and cuts a deal with Burnside. A D.I. from Serious Crime comes to talk to suspect. Viv brings a boy who has been shoplifting condoms. His mum has been gone 3 days.
S05E30 The Visit 13/04/1989 Viv is visiting a remand prisoner in prison and ends up being held hostage. After being released she is told all his grievances are false. Melvin watches from a balcony in a shopping precinct as a man is approached by two black men and shot at point blank range. He was going to collect a sniper's rifle at Paddington station.
S05E31 One For The Ladies 18/04/1989 Tosh and Grieg investigate a death in a hotel. The manager treats them like scum. Man was a Polish travelling tie salesman and died of a massive heart attack. Reg pulls out 7 different addresses for him from the files. 4 wives turn up (separately). Hollis gets snapped at by Brownlow who won't let Reg get all the time off to attend a federation conference. Conway wants to see Ramsey about a missing keyring and Stamp about accidents in the area car. Claire and Ken are investigating locked fire doors at a bingo hall when they walk into an armed holdup.
S05E32 No Shelter 20/04/1989 An Italian turns up at the front desk asking for directions to the Blackball tunnell. Viv comes across a burglar with a gun who knocks her down and takes off. He was trying to break into a whole food warehouse. At the end of her shift he wants to apologise to her. Ramsey goes to a girlfriend's house to dry his trousers and gets to a riot at a party late where 2 people are arrested. When the sister of one comes to complain, Tosh sends a robot, with a policeman's hat on, out to talk to her.
S05E33 Out To Lunch 25/04/1989 Ramsey picks up Burnside, Carver and Lines just as they are leaving a resturant but before they get going, a lady (Mrs Mancini) comes along and says there are people in her car having sex. It is her husband. The other lady wants Carver to get her clothes out of the car. As the CID officers walk away talking about the other woman, they hear a scream and find her on the pavement. As Tosh and Carver go up the stairs, they are pushed back down by a group of Italians who have a punch up. They carry on the fight at the hospital where Mancini ends up being attacked. The officers pull a practical joke on Claire and leave her in a mortuary drawer.
S05E34 Free Wheel 27/04/1989 CID are keeping an eye on a man who is suspected of illegal shipment of arms to 3rd world countries. No one has been able to make a case against him in 8 years. A package gets delivered that could be for the suspect. A car is parked in the carpark overnight and it turns out to be the missing car Yorkie is dealing with. As the couple turn the key it explodes. Yorkie tries to explain to a couple 12 days after their car was nicked, that the chances of getting it back are low but he has no objection to them looking for it.
S05E35 Only A Bit Of Thieving 02/05/1989 Roache talks to a lady about a burglary. Melvin goes back with him that night. Teenage burglars return and during a struggle one of them falls. His mate, who can't read, originally says Roache pushed him off but later retracts the statement.
S05E36 Communications 04/05/1989 Conway visits the CAD room and others to try and encourage people to talk about their problems. June asks Conway what he thinks her chances are of becoming a Sgt. After being wound up by Sgt Penny, Taffy talks to Conway about getting a transfer out of Sunhill as his wife is not liking the city. Claire and Taffy visit the parents of a missing girl before they start on a door-to-door in the neighbourhood. Claire thinks she has found a witness until her son says she was in a home when the girl was last seen. While door knocking, a car alarm causes frayed tempers. When the owner refuses to turn off the alarm, the car is vandalised. Girl is later found in the market.
S05E37 Silver Lining 09/05/1989 Haynes is about to escort school childrenacross the road when a rolls roycecoming speeding down it. Haynes drives it back to the station after finding it outside the dole office. There is a load of silver bullion in the boot.
S05E38 Suffocation Job 11/05/1989 June calls on a lady who claims her husband wants to kill her but the threat is 4 years old. Her husband smothered the baby with a pillow. Melvin investigates a break-in of a building which has both outside doors wedged open and all the windows open including a display window. Melvin is called to another break-in with the same m.o. but the burglar was surprised before he could open all the doors.
S05E39 Mickey Would Have Wanted It 16/05/1989 Burnside goes to the funeral of an old villian, father of man suspected of the robbery. A dog digs up the loot. Melvin is talking to a boy playing hookey when he spota an armed robbery. He wrestles with the gunman but is knocked out. An Irish plumber in for drunk and disorderly offers to unblock the toilets. After unblocking them, he charges the station a call out fee.
S05E40 Blood Ties 19/05/1989 Tony and Claire are waiting for the area car. While waiting, they have to ring around to find a missing prisoner. They are called to a disturbance where the son smashes the windscreen of his father's car.
S05E41 You'll Be Back 23/05/1989 Tony is talking to s shopkeeper about graffiti when he notices a scruffle between a stallholder and some youths. The stallholder is a friend of Cryer. Frazer overhears Cryer and Lines talking about the case. Youths talk about compensation. Charge is later dropped but Frazer is worried Cryer put undue pressure on the youths. Ramsey and Claire investigate a shoplifting. Shoplifter slips her chequebook and credit cards out of her bag. She doesn't want to go to court becuase her husband is a solicitor. She slashes her wrists while in a cell. Ramsey doesn't take the case seriously and sides with the husband and tries to bribe Claire to play the husband's game but Claire thinks there is more to it.
S05E42 Fort Apache - Sun Hill 25/05/1989 Industrial dispute by prison officers put pressure on the holding cells. Roache is not happy that a murder suspect is mixing with other prisoners. The prisoners in one of the cells are caught smoking grass smuggled in a cup of coffee. A prisoner in another cell alledges rape. Roache's suspect punches him and tries to make his escape after tying Roache up. Melvin lets in a Chief Super from the Yard so he can check the books and the collator's office, upseting Reg in the process. Turns out to be bogus and there to spring Roache's suspect. Ramsey and yorkie are watching two suspects who change their car. Yorkie doesn't think they can handle it on their own but Ramsey thinks he is still in the CID and can. Egg smuggling of Peregine Falcons is what is going on.
S05E43 Waste 30/05/1989 A homeless lady's body is found on a building site. Haynes investigates. She died of chorine gas. The site is run by a man convicted of fly tipping a few months ago. He has let a mate dump cleansing agents down a man hole. Garfield is investigating a discharge of waste down by the river when the informant collapses. The fumes makes Garfield woozy as well. Informant died of cyanide gas poisoning. Dashwood and Lines want June to do 50 PNC checks but get diverted to the chemical tipping cases. Both cases are linked.
S05E44 The Strong Survive 01/06/1989 Jim is waiting in a car for the chemist to open and hungry. Meanwhile Mike is being fed breakfast and cups of tea. A man takes a club and breaks all the glass in the front door and then tries to run over Jim. False plates are on the van. Pressure is being placed on chemist to fill in blank prescription forms. Claire and Haynes are asked to investigate an all night party which is an Irish wake that gets out of hand.
S05E45 Loving Care 06/06/1989 Carver investigates a burglary and finds an unconsious girl at the bottom of the garden with the stolen property. Jim accuses home owner of lying about exactly what was taken. Girl is mentally handicapped and been missing from hostel for 2 months but staying with man with form for fencing. Jim finds where the girl was being held. Dashwood investigates theft from a club. Less money then was reported missing is found on the suspect (barman).Suspect's girlfriend turns up at the front desk but she is also the girlfriend of assistant manager from the club. Assistant manager admits to stealing rest of money.
S05E46 Back On The Streets 08/06/1989 Tosh and Carver are in a car waiting for a suspect who gets away after pinching a mailman's bike. Suspect's wife has been rumoured as doing modeling work. Suspect hangs off the balcony of a 5th floor flat and swings to the floor below. Taffy is sent to investigate an old lady who isn't answering her door. she died unexpectedly. Reg has been talking to Conway and then tries talking to Frazer. He wants to resign as collator. Reg has lovebites on his neck. He snaps at Taffy after Ramsey and Stamp have been having a go at him first. All for nothing as the lady he had been seeing didn't want to see him again. June is being encouraged to go for her sergeant's exams by all the sergeants on the relief.
S05E47 FAT'AC 13/06/1989 Yorkie is on hand at the scene of a fatal accident. Everyone is being held up and Yorkie is stressing out. Petrol is leaking from crushed car which has dead occupants. Sgt. Penny, when he finally arrives, tells Yorkie off for not blocking off the road. When Yorkie goes to move a bus on, he discovers the bus driver is the husband of the driver of the crushed car. Yorkie is in shock and Viv is worried about him. Cryer seems to be the only one who understands. Yorkie is talking about giving up.
S05E48 Somewhere By Chance 15/06/1989 Ramsey and Taffy investigate stolen credit cards in shopping precinct. While there a soldier says he has a bomb. The precinct is cleared and the relief check for the bomb. Taffy catches one of a pair of looters and while looking for the other looter he finds a rocket launcher in the toilet. Roach and Dashwood find a stolen car 2½ years after it was stolen. Claire goes to investigate a breakin but finds it strange that everything has been cleaned and the lady who supposedly reported it not there. Claire discovers the lady never existed and the man she saw has form for indecent assault. She also finds out how close she was to becoming a serial killer's 3rd victim.
S05E49 A Quiet Life 20/06/1989 Jim is at the hospital talking to the wife of the victim of a robbery who had a heart attack. It is the latest in a string of robberies. Tony finds a man clearing the skip he hired of other people's rubbish. Tony's card is eaten by an ATM before he is called back to the skip. June brings in a prostitute with an expensive watch. Her boyfriend is suspected of a jewel robbery.
S05E50 Tom Tiddler's Ground 22/06/1989 Viv and June are on park patrol. A lady runs into a shed and locks herself in. A man is looking for his dog that went missing a year ago. Jim and Dashwood are watching a man's movements to try and catch his son who is a villain that Burnside wants
S05E51 Make My Day 27/06/1989 Uniform are looking for someone who is letting off distress flares inside letterboxes. Melvin arrives on the scene of an attack. Householder wants something done. Hollis is back on the beat. As he is responding to Melvin's call to assist, he knocks into a rider of a moped who takes off. Fire Officer tells Cryer flares could be dangerous because of corrosion. Hollis is swinging bag around containing flare gun. Suspect has a thing about neighbourhood watch. An elderly betting shop owner(ex villain) tells Burnside about another elderly villain who has come out of retirement to out a contract on him. P.C. Turnham goes undercover.
S05E52 Provocation 29/06/1989 Mike Dashwood is investigating pilfering from a building site. Foreman is not cooperative. Roache gets him to interview a lad about a stolen moped. Father hits Mike and then follows him as he goes to met the foreman. Foreman tells Mike not to come onto the site again after handing over a list of names. Mike is beaten unconscious and list is missing. June is talking to Melvin about taking her Sergeant's exams. She tells two boys off for riding bikes on pavement. June and Melvin respond to call and find Mike.
S05E53 Overspend 04/07/1989 Taffy has come in for a shift before taking his holidays. He is worried he will miss his flight. He tries to saw a bed rail to remove a prisoner but ends up removing the bed head instead. Brownlow is trying to cut spending and tells Burnside that for the present they will have to use the buses. Carver misses his on the way to a supermarket to see about staff pilfering. He wrenches his ankle getting off the bus after a butcher smuggling meat out in his clothes. Penny is going by the PACE book
S05E54 Between Friends 06/07/1989 Dashwood and Roach investigate a break-in at an apartment on the Thames. The burglar is chased and caught by uniform. Claims chloroform was planted on him but later changes his story to finding it in the apartment. Brownlow is off to a meeting on a golf course, upset that his golf clubs are still missing from his car. Later offered a set of clubs at a discount by a shady member of the club. Complaints have been made about not flying the flag so Melville and Able are ordered to look for it. The flag pole is also missing.
S05E55 Traffic 11/07/1989 An artist is painting in the middle of the road while a lorry is blocking the road. The girl won't talk but doesn't appear deaf. Garfield is stopped because of a hit and run of a little girl. Later Claire notices children jumping on the roof of car that has been abandoned. Little girl dies. Grieg goes to see the owner of the car who is pregnant. Cryer is showing Turnham around the beat. When they go to arrest driver of car, Cryer is pushed down stairs and Turnham keeps hitting a suspect. Cryer is accused of being jealous.
S05E56 The Sacred Seal 13/07/1989 An armed robbery is in progress. Jim follows suspect, picking up starting pistol but loses him outside a church. A priest is found holding the money after suspect leaves during confession. Carver later arrests suspect after avoiding an iron bar. Suspect is convinced priest grassed him up so the church is vandalised. Taffy is moaning to Garfield about inefficiency of C.PS. (Crown Prosecuting Service) when they notice two men fighting over dogs in a car. The owner of the car has put his vicious rotteweilers in it to prevent it being repossessed. A young boy can control dogs. Repossession man turns out to be bogus and is caught respraying cars.
S05E57 Subsequent Visits 18/07/1989 Stamp brings in a biker and leaves Brind to bring up the motorbike. CID doesn't want to know. Tosh is getting ready for his holidays. Garfield and Stamp are competing for number of arrests - problem is Stamp nicks real villians and Garfield nicks daft ones. After chasing a suspect and getting diverted to an accident, suspect gets into Tosh's car. Greig advises Tosh to buy a car for his holiday. Previous driver of car looks like Tosh and might be connected to a robbery.
S05E58 User Friendly 20/07/1989 A plane has come down in a park. Pilot and passengers (1 injured) all took off. Dogs track injured man to a warehouse. The plane had taken off from Belgium. A wooden crate is found containing very sort oafter American computer. June is driving a prisoner and Ken back to London. They are being followed by a car. The prisoner keeps trying to wind Ken up. Prisoner is a terrorist and linked to a bomb in Dusseldorf.
S05E59 Don't Like Mondays 25/07/1989 PC Edwards and PC Smith are called to a disturbance at a local bank, where they are surprised to find Tosh Lines' wife and children causing a commotion as there is no money left in their account. Edwards makes a discrete call to Sgt. Peters, who suggests to Tosh that he head down to the bank and sort things out. As PC Ramsey and WPC Ackland also arrive, the bank is raided by an armed gang. Tosh Lines arrives and charges towards the bank, but as PC Ramsey runs to stop him, he is shot in the chest by one of the robbers. Ch. Insp. Conway negotiates with the gang as armed PT17 officers surround the building. Sgt. Cryer offers to drive the getaway car, but disconnects the ignition when he leaves it at the bank entrance. PC Smith and the other hostages are released, but PC Edwards is taken hostage. He manages to makes a run for it and the PT17 officers open fire on the car.
S05E60 Pickup 27/07/1989 Haynes and Martella follow a car which is being driven erratically. Viv is worried about Haynes because he is a friend of Ramsey. Frazer briefs uniform about how to pick up prostitutes who are suspected of rolling their punters but they are cover so a snout can talk to robbery squad.
S05E61 Kidding 01/08/1989 Inspector Frazer is moaning about expenses. Viv is given domestic violence cases to follow up. She can't understand why beaten women stay. One would rather put up with it than suffer consequences of reporting him. Another is staying for the children. Yet another decides to lay a complaint after Viv's visit. Tony is walking the beat with Richard Turnham and are sent to a shopping centre about allegations of shoplifting. They pick up 3 juveniles.
S05E62 Black Spot 03/08/1989 Tosh visits a family with some clothes and meets a man who is teaching his son bad attitudes regarding the police. He puts Tosh's back up and he is determined to nick him, although everyone warns him about the villian. Roach gets bitten trying to overpower thieves who have broken into one-armed bandits.
S05E63 Taken For A Ride 08/08/1989 Roach is meeting the Inspectors Promotion Board who made up their mind before the interview that he wouldn't be promoted. Carver is moaning to Burnside about going out in the evening. They are doing an obbo ona lorry with P.C.s Able and Turnham inside. Dashwood loses the lorry and the radiolink doesn't seem to be working. Burnside goes up in the police helicopter. Able is begining to be affected by the fumes when they find themselves back where they started from. The driver was listening to the police communications all the time.
S05E64 Time Out 10/08/1989 Burnside argues with a D.I. from robbery squad about using Greig and Lines on surveillance. They are sharing the house with a nosy lady. When the suspect is grabbed, the radio is not working. Greig suspects the suspect's wife knows who grabbed her husband. Ted is upset about the promotion board and wants to know if his cards are marked in regards to promotion. Claire is looking at greeting cards when she hears a shot. Money is taken from a security van and the guard is shot. Split groceries help solve the crime.
S05E65 Leaving 15/08/1989 Yorkie's last day. Ho goes to a suspected break-in at a video shop. Hollis thought he was going to Lombardy house instead. Yorkie has lost the area car but it turns out to be a prank. There is a scam concerning the video shop. Claire dresses very sexily for Yorkie's party.
S05E66 Street Games And Board Games 17/08/1989 June and Tony walk through a black community. Roach had raided a house selling intoxicating liquor. June and Tony are called to a disturbance at a house iwth white occupants. The father of the baby was nicked by Roach the night before. They are almost in a riot situation. The baby's mother is Roach's snout. Brownlow is at a role play for senior officers. It is about riots on the streets of London.
S05E67 Pressure 22/08/1989 Taffy and Stamp are on a shout when they come across an accident. They have to carry on. Taffy's wife thinks Cryer is stopping his transfer going through. A nasty atmosphere is developing at the scene of the accident. Haynes tells a witness how he feels about being black on the job. He is picked up by 2 coppers from another station. Frazer talks to Haynes about being sergeant material.
S05E68 A Little Knowledge 24/08/1989 Lines sits in on a poker game at a mini cab office. Illegal gambling is suspected. They raid the wrong place. Cathy moans to Taffy about putting the cards back. she is set up by Carver and Lines. She later gets her own back. Garfield is decoy for muggings on pizza delivery boys.
S05E69 Pathways 29/08/1989 While attending a traffic accident, Alex is approached about vandalism on an allotment but it is about couples coming in having sex in the sheds. Turns out to a prostitute known to Alex. Garden and allotment of missing teacher have been destroyed because she left her husband.
S05E70 Seen To Be Done 31/08/1989 Penny is kicking the drunks out of the cells. One of the drunks is very relucant to go. He is later found dead by a cleaner. Hollis is getting in the way as Federation rep because he is concerned about the men who were on duty. He is right to be.
S05E71 Tulip 05/09/1989 Roach and Dashwood arrest a man at an after match function. The suspect tries to help a girl and gets stabbed. Roach gets very little cooperation at another police station and has a run-in with the Inspector. The girl (Tulip) is a prostitute and they talk to her pimp to help look for her. They find her at the hospital when they go to pick up the suspect who turns out to have caused Tulip to miscarry.
S05E72 Nothing But The Truth 07/09/1989 Burnside is having problems with the C.P.S.(Crown Prosecuting Service). He asks Brind to check a warrant on a man asked after by the C.P.S. Carver is having a hard time in CID. He is told not towear his emotions on his sleeve. he is thinking about going back to uniform.
S05E73 It's Not Majorca 12/09/1989 Lay visitors are visiting the station. 30 prisoners are about to be transferred from Barton Street. Sgt. Peters processes a boy who has stolen insects from a pet shop. The lay visitors talk to Harry Thompson. Claire notices a foriegn policeman in Brownlow's car. The man attacked her and in the process of trying to help her, Peters knocks into the female lay visitor breaking her leg. Dashwood and Carver are talked to by Harry Thompson's brother who sprays the undercover van with graffiti with his mates as well as mugging a postman.
S05E74 Mending Fences 14/09/1989 After being raked over the coals by Brownlow for the accident in the custody suite. Sgt. Peters mows Mrs Gunn's lawn before taking her to the vicar's fete. Taffy talks to Thompson Jnr. and the rest of his gang. The gang later vandalises the school. Tony and Reg give chase into a car scrapyard where a car falls onto Thompson Jnr.
S05E75 Exit Lines 19/09/1989 Garfield is on the beat when he notices an old lady catching her breath. He drops in to see her later and Cryer is worried he is skivvying. Norika comes in a day early to see Cryer and puts Dashwood in his place. Carver and Tosh talk to a man who brought a homing pigeon that went back to its old home.
S05E76 That Old Malarkey 21/09/1989 Stamp calls on a lady who complains her neighbour is making noises. She has security bars on her door and loses the key. Tony calls the fire brigade to cut the bars and then she starts a fire. She is on medication.
S05E77 Greig Versus Taylor 26/09/1989 Greig interviews a suspect in an armed robbery. Most of the evidence is circumstantial but the suspect decides to confess.
S05E78 Tottering 28/09/1989 Turnham wants a name from Cathy but annoys her by whistling and then asks Reg who he thinks the suspect is. Cathy is rude to Roach later but he makes her feel better after talking to her. Able and Melvin see a rag and bone cart trotting down the road without a driver. Penny thinks the owner is in the pub. A man fitting the owner's description is found beaten. Reg stops a bloke parked on double yellow line who can't restart his newly purchased second hand car. The man later goes around to his friend who sold him the car and breaks his front window. June and Viv are called into a ladies loo to find a lady trapped by a superglued lock. The old lady gets upset.
S05E79 I Counted Them All Out 03/10/1989 Burnside, the rest of CID and some uniform assist Flying Squad thwart a hold-up on a security van at a supermarket. Carver is not happy that a shot was fired resulting in a villian later dying of injuries. There is a bag missing from the van.
S05E80 Zig Zag 05/10/1989 Mike and Tosh are looking for a private detective. His girlfriend is not saying anything about his whereabouts. A client is also looking for him as is the driver of a car.
S05E81 A Matter of Trust 10/10/1989 Burnside and Carver are doing a joint observation with Robbery Squad on a security van. Info seems to be incorrect as to time of holdup. Conway is on warpath. Burnside's snout is not prepared to him the correct time until her husband is safely out of the way. While trailing the husband, Greig is accosted by a man who recognises him as 'old bill' so he loses him. Viv and Melvin trail him from a pub and sets it up so he hits Viv with a car.
S05E82 Tourist Trap 12/10/1989 Dashwood and Ackland are on a tour in a graveyard. Garfield and Carver are in the hotel waiting to catch a thief. Greig is in the linen cupboard. Stamp is there also and is approached by a prostitute. The tour guide tells the thief who is on the tour so he can raid their rooms. Norika deals with a lady who won't pay for her meal and gets Insp. Frazer wound up when she won't respond. She had a shock and doesn't recognize her husband. Reg and Melvin notice a lady in a phone booth because of her small son. They later call to see her about a t.v. scam to gain entry to her flat. A large sum is stolen. Taffy and Suzanne have a similar case to deal with. Both ladies had big wins at a bookies
S05E83 The One That Got Away 17/10/1989 Brownlow is driving when he notices a driving erratically. He gives chase and catches the driver but can't reveal his location. The driver who was driving a stolen car, then nicks Brownlow's. He is the driver for an armed robbery and Roach lets him get away. Viv and June are walking the beat and are followed by a man who invites June out. They later nick him.
S05E84 Found Offending 19/10/1989 Stamp is near an underpass when he spots a girl begging. He brings her in to the station where it turns out that she was abused by her father. Lady outside a cafe is worried about cafe worker being terrorised by workmen from a building site. Taffy is called to deal. Reg goes to see a man who's neighbour is trying to knock down the new fence.
S05E85 All Part of The Job 24/10/1989 Brind sorts out a bit of bother in a pub. A man, who turns out to be from Special Branch, chats her up afterwards. Conway is not happy Brind is being put in dangerous situations and Frazer is not happy Brind radios the station in the middle of situations. Special Branch is trying to catch a villain coming from Spain on diplomatic passport to visit his sick mother. An asian girl has gone missing with her boyfriend, taking drugs with her.
S05E86 In the Cold 26/10/1989 Taffy and Tony go to a rail yard where a female body has been found. Burnside thinks the watchman fits the picture. It turns out she died of exposure.
S05E87 Just a Little Run Around 31/10/1989 Inspector Frazer is on a training exercise learning how to use long shields. They learn how to use shields against bricks, bats, bombs and violent thugs. During an exercise using petrol bombs she seemed to freeze although she thought she did alright.
S05E88 A Fair Appraisal 02/11/1989 Taffy is up for APA and is wound up by Tony. Taffy goes to deal with an alarm at a warehouse. Turns out to be an actual break in instead of a fault with the alarm. He refuses to anyone about his problems. Roach and Carver nick a couple for possesion of drugs. The man gives Burnside the name of the man who gave them to him and Conway pulls the men off the job before they can blow aCustoms and Excise operation.
S05E89 Visitors 07/11/1989 Sunhill has an open day and a sliver cup is nicked. Lines is having money problems. Reg is concerned about stress on the job. June and Tosh investigate a man who is running a 'disorderly house'.
S05E90 Private Wars 09/11/1989 Burnside is driving past an electricity substation when he sees someone climbing over the wall. While investigating he is beaten by security guards. Frazer is looking for blue movies that have gone missing from the property office. Brownlow is upset at an article Reg wrote for the Federation magazine.
S05E91 Feasting With Panthers 14/11/1989 A special constable gaves a ticket to a motorist. Penny warns a car owner to move his car and tells the special constable to destroy the ticket for the car. Penny loses it after reading something on the toilet mirror. Dashwood goes to see a man about a burglary. Dashwood is suspious because there are no signs of forced entry. Turns out to be an ex-lover. Burnside won't help because of armed robbers on the manor. Tony and Tosh watch in a pub while the man is approached by his ex-lover.
S05E92 By The Book 16/11/1989 Norika talks to a driver who parks illegally. She then deals with an upset drug addict at a chemist. The girl is later found badly beaten and her prescription missing. Dashwood is worried that there is something fishy about the prescription. Dashwood checks out her doctor. Tim Able is upset at how a father reacted to being asked about his son's tax disc. Frazer is concerned about Able and Garfield's statement taking. She sets up a role play situation so they can practice. It is interrupted by a gas mains leak.
S05E93 Beer And Bicycles 21/11/1989 Conway talks to the relief about image. ""Efficient service with a smile"". Martella is asked to do surgery that afternoon. Booze has been found in the locker room. Conway is on the war path. Edwards goes for counseling. Taffy thinks it will be a one-off but the counselor thinks different. The counselor thinks he made headway until Taffy makes a comment about wasting time. Taffy sends his wife to Wales to look for a house for them. Able on a bike catches a lady getting out of a car used in a wages snatch. Stamp is not happy he has to transport the dog handler around.
S05E94 Grace Of God 23/11/1989 A amn at a caryard has complaints about kids damaging cars and nicking car radios. The kids harass a man who has moved back into his old family home. The man snapped after the kids came back and grabbed one of them. Stamp and Melvin evict a retirement party from a pub. The workers return to the factory and continue the party there.
S05E95 Just Another Day 28/11/1989 A group of children are harassing a shop keeper but the real complaint is against a sax player. Melvin thinks there is a connection between the busker and someone called 'The Pied Piper'. Claire deals with a lady who has a court order about the destruction of a rotteweiler that belongs to her husband. She goes into labour and realises that she left a child at home which she fled when the dog tried protecting another child.
S05E96 Gone Fishing 30/11/1989 Carver goes to the hospital to see how a victim of a hit-and-run accident is. Roach thinks it is attempted murder and although she says her husband didn't do it she is lying.
S05E97 Early Bird 05/12/1989 Taffy and Claire find an old lady on the street with a bird cage and a suitcase. She has run away from a home and later dies in the canteen. Tosh and Jim stop and search a cat burglar who uses his socks to avoid leaving fingerprints. Dashwood and Viv try to catch, unsuccessfully, 2 pickpockets until Sgt. Peters gives them a hint.
S05E98 Just For The Crack 07/12/1989 Jim has brought a new suit. 27 motorbikes including a police bike have been nicked. Garfield and Viv notice 2 youths stealing a bike. When they raid the garage all they find is the license plate of the police bike. Able is assigned to deliver a notification of death. A case that Melvin spent 2 weeks on is going to be dropped before going to court. The man involved is going to complain about Melvin who nicks him for assaulting a police officer.
S05E99 Woman In Brown 12/12/1989 June and Melvin call at a school where a baby has been taken. June thinks she knows who took the baby. Viv and Able are called to a basement flat where the old lady has been conned by the 'maggot man'. He is a bogus water board worker who shows people maggots supposedly behind pipes. Tosh tries out a new car and then tells Jim about a car scam that is going on.
S05E100 Speaking Freely 14/12/1989 Frazer brings in a suspected shoplifter. Frazer is having her apprasial interview later. A woman comes in to inform Frazer that there might be problems at a talk given by a pro abortionist.
S05E101 The Return Of The Prodigal Son 19/12/1989 Greig has been made Acting D. I. and Ted takes it up with Conway when he gets back. Ted is bringing in a prisoner who has been on the run for 12 months. His mum and sister are coming in later to see him. His solicitor wants bail because he is terminally ill. They want his mum to take his cases home. A man from the Drugs Squad turns up looking for Burnside. Heroin is going to be delivered on the estate and they want help getting it. The drug dogs go berserk when they go pass the suspect's cases. While Susanne and Reg are out looking for a drunk, they nick another one. When they put him the van they notice a group of men who take off when they see the cops. Before they can give chase, they hear an explosion. Susanne goes into the caretaker's burning flat to rescue his daughter. The caretaker is dealing drugs
S05E102 Chinese Whispers 21/12/1989 Norika can't get her car started. A man helps who turns out to be the bogus repairman. Norika and Dave are on the beat together when they are told of a blind man who has been mugged by 3 men who had been drinking. Estate surveyor has been looking at the station so rumours start circulating. Dave Quinnan is trying to impress all the W.P.C.'s and asks June if he can buy her a drink later. She thinks it is a date. He solves a theft at a jewelers. Frazer is possibly up for an exchange trip to New York. Brownlow has an informal chat with Turnham who is spotted leaving by Quinnan who makes remarks about the Super's wife.
S05E103 Powers Of Exclusion 26/12/1989 The van brings in a Reverend with a sheath knife after a fight. Burnside has been after the Reverend for a long time. Reg recognises the law clerk send to represent the Reverend. He has to released and Burnside is not happy when he finds out. Taffy hears of an old lady possibly breaking in . The lady is concerned about a friend of hers who hasn't taken in his milk. It is a sudden death.
S05E104 Saturday Night Fever 28/12/1989 DC Carver is at the hospital checking on a stabbing of a drug dealer. WPC Martella has some info about the deceased which prompts DS Burnside to bring in a couple of suspects. Sgt. Peters is having a busy time in Custody. PC Garfield and WPC Brind bring in a girl who has knocked her mother out. Brind has to search her, and is hit by the girl who later tries to hang herself in her cell. It turns out she had stabbed her boyfriend, who turns out to be Carver's victim.
S06E01 By The Skin Of Our Teeth 02/01/1990 Hollis is gossiping in the locker room. Able is sent to a pub to deal with a man on valium. The man ends going to his mother-in-law's and trashes the place. Able sorts out a fight outside a pub and discovers the drunk he brought in had been robbed. Brownlow and Conway discuss starting wages before Brownlow goes to a board selecting candidates for a graduated entry scheme.
S06E02 Officers And Gentlemen 04/01/1990 D.C. Jim Carver and Ch. Insp. Conway face an embarrassing situation when a thief confesses to a crime that Jim has already cleared up... and Jim's having problems with the ladies too. Turnham talks to a pavement artist before he is called to a music shop and a shoplifter. He was told by Sgt. Peters to help Norika and Susanne at a pub but Frazer gives him a lecture about Woman's Lib and tells him not to go. A dog handler helps calm the situation. The landlord is not happy about W.P.Cs dealing with drunken disturbances and neither is Brownlow.
S06E03 Carry Your Bags, Sir? 09/01/1990 Conway talks to Brownlow about officers needed to escort a German police officer around London looking for stolen car engines. Burnside and Cryer are admiring a lady who turns out to be the German officer. Conway is not happy Stamp is going to be on holiday when a case of his comes up at court. A man wants detectives to deal with the fact he has been burgled 3 times in a week. Brownlow wants him kept sweet. June is pushed over on the stairs when the flat gets turned over again. Turnham gives chase and ends up in the canal. Cryer arrests 1 of the burglars later. Reg gets punched by the owner of a car showroom whose father died a couple of months ago in a car park. Brownlow wants the charges dropped.
S06E04 I Thought You'd Gone 11/01/1990 Inspector Frazer and Taffy Edwards are about to discover there is life after Sun Hill.
S06E05 C.A.D. 16/01/1990 Hollis is organising a blood bank at the station and Peters is not happy because Viv is lying down. She is sent to assist at an armed robbery and hits a radio black spot so no one at the station knows her whereabouts. Ken finds one of the robbers who shows him where she is but he also hits the black spot. Carver and Ted have a problem with their car. Tony feels unwell after giving blood and finds out why Hollis won't donate. Previously he started rumours about why ranging from STD to bovine TB.
S06E06 A Day Lost 18/01/1990 Garfield and Norika investigate a report of a man hanging round a school's gate. A boy is missing so they start a full scale search. Inspector Monroe thinks A relief has gone soft. Carver is told off by Greig about 2nd visits. He finds the boy in a garage. Greig picks up the man hanging around the school.
S06E07 A Clean Division 23/01/1990 D.I. Burnside is delighted to be called out of a boring meeting at Stafford Row police station, especially as he thinks it's D.C. Carver with a lead on an important drugs case. Burnside is horrified to find, however, that Carver has been arrested for drink-driving by an over-zealous Stafford Row officer named P.C. Horden. Since Carver's police career is on the line, Burnside and Horden's more sympathetic colleagues manage to delay Carver's breath test for a while, and Carver eventually passes the breath test and is released.
S06E08 Roger And Out 25/01/1990 Roach thinks Tosh has something going on the side. Penny is going to report Tosh for 'breach of regulations' by allowing a lodger to stay. Everyone from Cryer to Hollis feel Penny has gone too far.
S06E09 Addresses 30/01/1990 Viv and Sgt. Cryer are on night patrol. They stop a lady wheeling a suitcase looking for an address. They are asked to assist Tony and Dave at a house where a man is dropping the contents of his flat off the roof. They then attend a burglar alarm. The lady reappears followed by 3 youths. They take her to another address.
S06E10 Michael Runs The Family Now 01/02/1990 Burnside talks to his snout about the robbery of a video shop that was owned by the son of a dead villain who has taken over the family. An incident at a pub is thought of as being retribution of the robbery. Burnside's snout's wife is having an affair with the villain. A lady, who had been to self-defense classes run by Stamp, breaks a man's arm. Sgt. Cryer thinks she used excessive force but she tells Stamp she was being 'felt up'. Man has form for previous indecent assaults.
S06E11 Against The Odds 06/02/1990 Dashwood is walking through an old subway and is approached by a snout with info about a potential gang war on the plot. Burnside is off with a bad back and Greig is acting D.I. again. He takes Viv off earlies. Greig is not happy about the snout and makes Dashwood write everything down. Conway is pleased Burnside is off sick. He is in the custody suite checking on times prisoners have been held. Conway is also not happy about the info of the gang war.
S06E12 Blood Sucker 08/02/1990 Susanne and Ken investigate a domestic. The wife says she fell down stairs initially. Neighbour keeps interrupting. The wife owes money. The husband is suspected of slashing tyres. The wife's child benefit book was taken by the money lender. Munro talks to Cathy about regular updates of clear-up figures. Dave voices his opinion of battered women. The calculators he has been selling are wonky. Not only does he have to refund the buyers but the money he got initially he has to put into Brownlow's charity box. Brownlow asks about the money lender and states he would like to nick him as he is the money man behind a lot of crime. Ken and Susanne find the husband in the money lender's shop, having been hit by the putter Roach warned the money lender would be considered an offensive weapon.
S06E13 Workers In Uniform 13/02/1990 Able and Susanne moan about ruined weekend, so do Turnham and Hollis. A street festival that had been thought to have been cancelled is going ahead and the relief have to work. Hollis meets with Brownlow about the relief working at the street festival. Dave uses the area car to deliver some files to another station and causes some damage which he covers up. Turnham is blamed for the damage.
S06E14 Something To Hide 15/02/1990 Melvin is chasing a suspect and pulls his tracksuit top. The suspect had caused a disturbance after being caught fishing for something in a pond - a wrapped up gun shape but when the wrapping is removed it turns out to be a diamond necklace instead. Turnham talks to Norika on the way to a break-in although there are no signs of forced entry and the only thing missing is a ring. Tosh investigates and ties together both jewelry thefts. Turnham and Norika get involved in a fight in a pub.
S06E15 The Old Men's Run 20/02/1990 Cryer and Conway are training for the Divisional ¼ marathon. Cryer notices a man in a wheelchair being mugged by some youths and he pulls a muscle when he gives chase. Cryer is under pressure. Because Penny is sick, Cathy is acting sergeant and out on the beat. Quinnan and Stamp go to an accident. Two rival gangs are involved. Roach tries to take a witness statement from 2 Asians. Carver is interviewing one of the occupants of the car. Able tries to talk to an Asian neighbour of the injured man who dies in hospital.
S06E16 Legacies 22/02/1990 Tony and Viv are investigating a break-in. Tosh talks to the old lady after the SOCO has been. Tosh thinks it is part of a string by a burglar who has just got bail. The old lady's solictor is a partner of the suspect's solictor. The suspect's house has a fire set by the only straight member of the family. Brownlow and Burnside argue over clear-up figures. Burnside thinks Stafford Row have fiddled with their figures. Melvin brings in a man who claims to have lost his memory so he plays him some Roy Orbison tapes to help him regain his memory.
S06E17 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 27/02/1990 Burnside brings in a van of party goers involved with drugs. On the way up to tell Burnside he has to meet a snout, Tosh heard him trying Greig's clarinet. Tosh's snout is in hospital. His daughter has problems accepting what her father does and he dies of a stroke. Burnside also talks to a man who has lost 30 leather coats. Viv is going undercover in his factory. She is offered a dope cigarette and after the operation recuits the dealer as a snout. The boss's son is very interested in her. Roach and June interview a girl who had 'Class A' drugs in her pocession. Her father turns out to be a commander but she won't say who she is. Brownlow, who has known the family for a long time, is still going to charge the girl even if it means her father's career is ruined.
S06E18 Something Special 01/03/1990 Reg and Turnham chuck out the drunks. Sgt. Peters later discovers the cell keys missing and thinks one of the drunks may have them. Carver and Greig give Dashwood a hard time about buying a country cottage. A detective supt. comes and asks for 1 of Burnside's men for an operation that is going to last 6 months. Grieg thinks it is in Northern Ireland. Roach helps Norika bring in a street walker with a baby.
S06E19 Enemies 06/03/1990 A group of asian youths cause a diversion which one raids the till when Peters tries to stop them. His father is important in the community. The boy wanted to show off to his mates. A Supt. from Area (community liason officer) visits Sunhill to try to nip any racial problems in the bud. Norika brings in a man who has hit his daughter. Norika has nearly calmed the girl down but the Supt. gets her back up again. After further talking by Norika it ends happily. June is having problems getting crime victims answering a survey about stress.
S06E20 Safe Place 08/03/1990 Roach is not getting far after a bank robbery. It appears to be an exact copy of a robbery that occurred eight years before. The same employee was involved in both robberies and has signed himself into a psychiatric hospital. Viv goes undercover. He appears to be a natural born victim.
S06E21 Burnside Knew My Father 13/03/1990 Papa Reeves, an old friend from D.I. Burnside's uniform days, plans to end the life of his terminally-ill wife. Burnside takes time out from interviewing a suspected armed robber to convince Reeves that if he does so, not only will he be charged with her murder, but Burnside could also be charged as an accessory. With the robber's solicitor demanding his immediate release, Burnside has an ace up his sleeve: a surveillance photo of the man committing the crime. Meanwhile, W.P.C. Ackland deals with a domestic dispute between a mother and son when the boy is found locked out of the flat wearing only his underpants.
S06E22 Watching 15/03/1990 Garfield and Quinnan go to a school that reports an intruder. The intruder has been patrolling the school. Quinnan seems out to wind Garfield up. Stamp and Viv investigate some dumped rubble (fly tipping). There was a souvenir hanging from the driver's window. Cryer goes to a Senior Citizens Centre to talk to them about unsolved crime.
S06E23 University Challenge 20/03/1990 A lady approaches Tony and tells him there are men in masks in the supermarket. He goes in to see and radios in about a robbery. He chases them through the supermarket and notices the make of the getaway car. Burnside and Carver chases them in a car. They corner them but one of the robbers comes back to help the one held by Burnside and after giving Burnside a beating they get away.
S06E24 Growing Pains 22/03/1990 PC George Garfield gets a collar, and spends hours interogatting him - without the use of a tape machine! - only to discover he is a juvenile and should not have been interviewed without an appropriate adult. DC's Dashwood and Carver accompany DS Ted Roach to a factory where things have been going missing. They search for the thief in the warehouse, believing him to be from an air conditioning company. In the course of the search, Jim is attacked and left semi-concious beneath a pile of crates. It takes Dashwood a while to find him - Jim insists he is ""alright"", but later collapses in the factory foyer. He's taken - unconcious - to hospital where he's diagnosed with mild concussion and has to stay in over night - which is fine with him as his nurse is very pretty and friendly!! The case turns out to be one of industrial espionage, and Ted turns it over to the appropriate authorities. [Source: jimsgirl]
S06E25 One Of The Boys 27/03/1990 Viv is typing a report while Tosh and Carver are reading the paper. She seems to be considered office girl. Tosh asks her to pick up a prostitute for an alibi check who takes off when she sees Viv. Viv gives chase and tears her skirt. A car driver who gives her a lift thinks she is being a tease and makes her walk back to the station. After a lot of aggravation Viv brings the prostitute back to the station only to find CID doesn't need the alibi after all.
S06E26 Beggars and Choosers 29/03/1990 June and Tony walk through an underpass where the homeless sleep. There is a riot there later. The Surveyor's branch is visiting the station with their tape measures. Brownlow gives a speech about policing in the '90s.
S06E27 Citadel 03/04/1990 Brownlow is off to the Forward Planning Meeting. Brownlow is worried Sunhill could not cope in 10-20 with reduced resources. Sunhill is going to be refurbished and enlarged. Conway is given the job of overseeing the day-to-day refurbishment. Turnham is guarding a hole in the road and being harassed by an old man while his friends back at Sunhill are being questioned by a man from MI11 because of his application for a transfer to Special Branch.
S06E28 Blue Eyed Boy 05/04/1990 Burnside moans about the result of a court case. Melvin comes in late and forgot he was due in court the day before. Melvin's honesty is being questioned after a burglary. He is not behaving as usual. He is going on holiday to Hong Kong with a barrister.
S06E29 Full House 10/04/1990 Penny complains to Munro about the alterations. They move to Barton Street temporarily. Brownlow is complaining about sharing a portacabin with Conway. The toilets are blocked. Burnside wants a child molester caught. Monro recognises the identikit as the man thrown out of the club by the bouncer. Monro wants a crime sheet of an assault that was not followed up by Quinnan. Quinnan knows the bouncer who did the assault. Dashwood and Tosh catch a wanted man and get a ticket.
S06E30 Big Fish, Little Fish 12/04/1990 Burnside is talking to a snout about a delivery going through couriers. Tosh temporarily breaks the chain. The contents of the bag are guns not drugs as Burnside thought.
S06E31 Information Received 17/04/1990 When D.S. Roach's case against Mickey Owen, a protection racketeer, is thrown out of court, Roach comes under pressure from the Flying Squad to convince Roxanne, a transvestite informant, to give evidence against Owen. Roach is reluctant, as Roxanne was badly beaten when he failed to protect her the last time she gave evidence. In spite of this, Roxanne finally agrees to testify, considering she has nothing left to lose.
S06E32 Close Co-operation 19/04/1990 Brownlow is not happy about the office arrangements at Barton Street. Burnside brings in a drug dealer who gets tripped up by Hollis. Penny finds him beaten in the cells and Barton Street doesn't want it to go higher than sergeants. The constable in custody lent the cell keys to another sgt. and the custody sgt. wants to keep it 'in house'.
S06E33 Middleman 24/04/1990 Greig, Carver and Tosh arrest a man for burglary and drugs. Burnside recuits him as a snout and Operation Middleman is on. The operation to bust a crack house appears to be a stitch up for both Burnside and the suspects arrested. There is animosity between Burnside and the D.I. from the Drugs Squad.
S06E34 Corkscrew 26/04/1990 Burnside is not happy about Wray talking to his snout. Wray interviews the suspect at Barton Street but he won't talk in the station. While in hospital he tells Burnside that the snout is being protected by a sgt. from Barton Street. Conway thinks the leak must be in CID. Frank thinks the snout stitched him up. Wray tells burnside he has been promoted and will be stationed at Sunhill.
S06E35 Obsessions 01/05/1990 Martella is called to a solictor's house where one of his clients has come to see if he will keep his promise to marry her. The client has made threats to kill the solictor's wife and later attempts to run her down in a car park. June and Tony investigate a barking dog. Just after Tony breaks the glass in the door, the neighbour tells them she has a key. Conway thinks there are backhanders between the contractors and the clerk of works. Brownlow tries to get Conway to take leave.
S06E36 Small Hours 03/05/1990 Norika and Dave call at a flat that has graffiti on the door. Dave doesn't believe reports of harassment. Norika and Dave return to the flat. Dave is knocked down the stairs and the flat is set on fire. June is on patrol with Reg. Reg stops a car driven dangerously. the passenger strips off and takes off with Reg chasing him. Carver takes Norika with him as he needs a W.P.C. to bring a lady in. Norika tells Jim she is not interested. Tony hits a few cars chasing some kids. He also nearly hits the streaker.
S06E37 Victims 08/05/1990 Tosh talks to Conway about his report and later talks to a lady about being attacked and he thinks the attacks may be linked. Burnside is complaining about no money for the obsevation. A couple comes in and complains and they go to the head of the queue (according to tosh). They tell tosh they were about to complain to the paper. Munroe talks to Cathy about moving back to the beat.
S06E38 Somebody's Husband 10/05/1990 Start of the observation. Burnside briefs the men. The Cleghorns think they are involved because of their breakin. Ted and Mike nearly catch the burglars responsible for the Cleghorns breakin but they can't find their shoes. June would have liked to be involved but gets sent to a house where the woman claims her husband has threatened to kill her. He is out but June discovers a radio scanner. He was turned down for the force. June follows him. June is attacked herself in the cemetry after helping another attack victim.
S06E39 Canley Fields 15/05/1990 A child is reported abducted. D.C. Lines interviews one witness and D.S. Roach the other. Three dog teams and TSG are joining in the search, although there is a possibility it is a hoax. After calling off the search, Roach says the witnesses should be charged with wasting police time, but there is a call reporting a child missing matching the witness's description.
S06E40 The Night Watch 17/05/1990 Garfield and Young are called to a party at a squat. They call back and get attacked by the party goers. The man who answered the door the first time, is found in a cupboard. Roach offers Martella a drink. He gets a report of an attack. Viv takes the victim to the rape investigation suite. Roach and Viv clash over whether it was consensual
S06E41 Trojan Horse 22/05/1990 P.C. Ken Melvin and P.C. Reg Hollis stop a young man for erratic driving, and a PNC check reveals the expensive car is stolen. Stamp and Quinnan arrive to transport the prisoner to Barton Street, and Melvin and Hollis volunteer to drive the car back to Sun Hill. As Melvin moves some of the building materials from the station renovations so he can park, the car explodes in a huge fireball. Hollis, Conway and Melvin are rushed to hospital - but Ken Melvin soon dies from his injuries. SO13 arrive at Barton Street to interview the car thief, who it turns out stole the car from an army major who was a likely terrorist target. Sgt. Cryer is outraged that the disaster could have been prevented as SO13 had the major under surveillance and could have stopped the car being stolen.
S06E42 Rites 24/05/1990 It's the day of P.C. Ken Melvin's funeral, but the men and women of Sun Hill still have a job to do. P.C. Stamp volunteers to do a reading at the church service. W.D.C. Martella is annoyed when D.I. Burnside keeps CID out on an obbo when the funeral service is about to start. Two old friends turn up at the church: P.C. Taffy Edwards, now in the Wales Police, and Yorkie Smith, now working for a security firm. The funeral goes off without a hitch, as Sun Hill pays its last respects to one of its officers.
S06E43 Answers 29/05/1990 Tosh and Dashwood call at a house, where there seems to a party in the backyard, about an incident 2 years ago. The husband is trying to celebrate his wedding anniversary. It turns out to be revenge by his ex-wife but because of the questions his new marriage may be over.
S06E44 A Fresh Start 31/05/1990 Brownlow is photographed outside the completed building. There are 8 rooms uncompleted. Garfield stops the Mayor attending the function. Penny inspects the cells. A man trying to report a murder is manhandled to the cells. The body is linked to the murder of the abducted boy in Canley Fields. Brownlow won't stop long enough for Conway to tell him about the murder.
S06E45 A Case To Answer 05/06/1990 Martella is in court. The case is the rape allegation. Marie wants to drop the case. Carver and Dashwood surprise Lines. Lines is asking about stolen scotch. Burnside offers Lines some overtime. Burnside and Roach help Dashwood and Carver catch the gang. D.C.I. Wray talks to Brownlow about how he is going to run CID.
S06E46 Line-up 07/06/1990 Tony chases a suspect into a shopping precinct after a robbery. George stays with the victim. The foresnic evidence won't back up the positive id in the line up.
S06E47 Police Powers 12/06/1990 Bob arrests a soccer player at half time for GBH. Monroe wants to take the man to the station after the game. The two team chairmen are trying to keep the situation between the soccer federation. Garfield has been injured.
S06E48 Action Book 14/06/1990 Meadows is conducting the investigation of the murders of Jenny Price and Graham Butler. A car has been reported seen in the vicinity but the car had broken down. Paedophiles are being interviewed. Roach has been relieved of his role.
S06E49 Tactics 19/06/1990 A D.I. from Sheffield has information involving a big operation to catch a gang of five villains nicking heavy plant machinery. The snout the D.I. was using turns out to be one of Sun Hill's informants, and Ch. Supt. Brownlow has words at the Super's meeting after the operation. D.I. Burnside is told to take a backseat to the CID operation. D.C. Dashwood raids an empty house, and D.C. Carver can't get into the house he goes to. Two uniformed officers accompanying D.S Roach are assaulted.
S06E50 Scores 21/06/1990 Roach and Lines are watching a man. Burnside needs an arrest to make up his figures. The man watched is shot by another man Burnside had talked to. Burnside is after a man into hard core porn, vice and bribery. He has a score to settle. Burnside talks to both Cathy and Roach about his marriage.
S06E51 Witch Hunt 26/06/1990 6 weeks after the murder of Jenny Price, nothing seems to have happened. Wray thinks Lines should have followed up questioning of a school teacher. Wray thinks the man will tell them something if they keep asking. Lines loses it. The suspect is guilty because he sent the boy home before he was killed.
S06E52 Close To Home 28/06/1990 Ackland is called to a hospital where a doctor is concerned about child abuse. Another child could have done it. Cryer is having problems with his son.
S06E53 Breaking Point 03/07/1990 A girl has been knocked off her bike. The girl is worried her father will be cross. The girl has bruises on her back and the mother is powerless to stop her husband hitting the girl. Burnside and Dashwood go to see a burglar who takes off after they find coffee makers in a cupboard. The burglar threatens to jump off a roof. Cryer climbs up the building to get behind the burglar but he couldn't let Burnside know.
S06E54 Jumping The Gun 05/07/1990 There has been a holdup. W.D.C. Martella goes to with the victim to the hospital. Her daughter who is a witness is in shock. D.C.Dashwood has his identity questioned while door knocking. The suspect's sister later takes back the alibi she gave him.
S06E55 What Kind of Man 10/07/1990 P.C. Quinnan investigates a burglary at a school. He thinks a man with a dog talking to the children might be talking to in connection with the Canley Fields murders. Sgt. Penny is after him to serve warrants. The suspect opens up to Sgt Penny who looks shell-shocked after the interview.
S06E56 Beat Crime 12/07/1990
S06E57 Unsocial Hours 17/07/1990
S06E58 Interpretations 19/07/1990
S06E59 Angles 24/07/1990
S06E60 Watch My Lips 26/07/1990 Jim Carver is assaulted while trying to question a suspect - James Doyle - who is later revealed to be deaf. He firmly believes in his intial instinct that Doyle is a villian, and believes that he shouldn't get any special treatment. In the end, however, he changes his mind - only to discover that James Doyle is not James Doyle - and that his initial instinct was right. [Source: jimsgirl]
S06E61 Feeling Brave 31/07/1990 DC Jim Carver and PC Tony Stamp come across a Post Office burglary in progress. They take off in pursuit - and Jim finds himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. [Source: jimsgirl]
S06E62 Come Fly With Me 02/08/1990 June and Tony are called to a disturbance outside a travel agents who has gone bust. The landlord has a wounded hand from breaking in and June finds a man in the office. Tony has booked his holiday through the travel agents. Cathy and Stringer help an immigration official find an illegal immigrant. There is a diversion and she gets away. Reg asks if he can get time off so he can go on a cruise paid for by his lady friend.
S06E63 Attitudes 07/08/1990 Young, Garfield, Stamp and Loxton are playing cards. Young wins. The others decide to give Young a hard time as Garfield and Stamp are in CAD. It is Cryer's anniversary. He goes out with Young to an accident where a dog has been hit by a car. The flowers he brought his wife have been destroyed and due to a language problem June gets a wreath.
S06E64 Robbo 09/08/1990 Lines and Carver catch some lads changing number plates on a car. An ex-special who gave the tip off caused one of the villains to break his nose. It turns out he has been collecting his dead wife's social. He gives them some more info about a possible burglary but it turns out to be a man visiting his married girlfriend.
S06E65 Ground Rules 14/08/1990 D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood investigate stolen electrical goods. D.I. Burnside talks to Dashwood about interviewing a suspect in the back of a police car. P.C. Quinnan notices a man acting suspiciously in the market. He has stolen a charity jar from a pub. Ch. Supt. Brownlow is meeting with Ch. Insp. Conway and Insp. Monroe and tells them that the station is due a visit from the Inspectorate.
S06E66 Once a Copper 16/08/1990 Burnside briefs the troops about a raid. The informant is scared and wants to back out, and when the raid takes place, there is nothing there. Burnside visits an ex-copper in prison and makes a deal that he no intention of keeping.
S06E67 Vendetta 21/08/1990 Garfield is in a shop when he notices a kid acting suspiciously. Burnside recognises the boy as being from a family of villains. The front room of their house is fire bombed. CID are watching a CCTV tape of an armed robbery. Roach recognises one of the robbers as a member of the Lovett family who ends up stabbed. Burnside thinks there is a feud brewing between the two families.
S06E68 My Favourite Things 23/08/1990 Monroe is unhappy about Quinnan. Garfield is helping Conway in the Property Office and a jemmy was missing. Quinnan used it to open a door of a house with a chip pan on the stove. This was the reason for the locker search. Hollis and Ackland are on standby for a demonstration. Monroe instigates a locker search and the relief are not happy.
S06E69 Win Some Lose Some 28/08/1990 Some dustbins have been stolen. Stringer thinks there is something in it but Quinnan thinks it is a wind up. The bins are being used in a band. Martella follows up an indecent assault. Burnside is asked about it by Brownlow who wants the club closed. Carver interviews a man who was assaulted at the club. The club owner wants Burnside to get CID off his back. The bouncer wants to take over the club but the owner keeps denying all knowledge.
S06E70 Up The Steps 30/08/1990 Peters Loxton and Young go to court. The defendant says the police were heavy handed. A witness to a fraud is thinking twice about going through with the I.D. parade.
S06E71 Where There's a Will 04/09/1990 A solicitor calls at the station to ask Cryer to call to learn something to his advantage. Loxton was investigating a burglary and caught the burglar when he returned the stolen goods. The burglar had been threaten in jail by a heavy befriended by the house owner.
S06E72 Near The Knuckle 06/09/1990 Datta and Stamp investigate a domestic. The husband says his wife hasn't been herself lately. His wife tries to blame herself and is embarrassed about it. A man lays a complaint of intimidation against a police officer.
S06E73 Body Language 11/09/1990 Stamp and Stringer chase a group of black youths. Stringer's got away but Stamp corners one in a building who maintains he was trying to get to the chippy. Brownlow opens the mobile crime prevention unit. There is a disturbance at a meeting because of Stamp's stop and search. The unit later gets stolen.
S06E74 When Did You Last See Your Father? 13/09/1990 Cathy and Reg investigate an RTA involving a coachload of school children. The driver had been to an all-night party before he started work. One of the children recognises his dad on a wanted poster. Dashwood investigates a sighting of a large animal possibly a dog who killed a cat. Dashwood talks to an animal fancier about his panther.
S06E75 Eye-Witness 18/09/1990 Cryer investigates a fight at a petrol station between football supporters that results in the death of the driver. Brownlow informs next of kin. Wray thinks it could be racial. Martella talks to a witness who wants protection for his mum and who turns out to be lying.
S06E76 Sufficient Evidence 20/09/1990 Monroe talks to Garfield and Hollis about their arrest rates. Quinnan and Datta are sent to investigate a loud party where a fight breaks out. Quinnan sets up a prisoner with drugs. Garfield backs him up. Quinnan is very aggressive when interviewing the suspect. One of the party goers complains about Quinnan. Even though two other people say it wasn't the man Quinnan claims dropped the dope he is sticking to his story.
S06E77 Forget-Me-Not 25/09/1990 A D.S. from the Drug squad is looking for the D.C.I. Cathy recognises him. He is interested in Cathy and follows her on her beat as she checks a domestic. He turns out to be her ex-husband who wants her back. The wife involved in the domestic had been beaten regularly before she stabbed her husband. Quinnan is mouthing off in the canteen and Cathy takes offense. Later Dave wants to patch things up with her. When Dave goes to the hospital he comes across Cathy being threatened by her ex who takes a swing at Dave.
S06E78 Something to Remember 27/09/1990 Brownlow is off to area for the commendation ceremony. Dave is getting one for the arrest of the man who murdered 2 children. His mother and girlfriend go to the presentation. Penny is losing it because of the commendation Dave got and Bob tells him some home truths. Cathy and Tony are called to a domestic at the parents of one of the murdered children.
S06E79 Off The Leash 02/10/1990 Dashwood and Lines investigates a robbery. The witness is not prepared to give a statement until the gang is caught. Brownlow says CID have to liase with Monroe. An old typist starts work as a W.P.C. Sgt. Peters is puppy walking her. She loses it when she is checking car rego's and is videotaped by Roach and Lines. It is Lines's birthday.
S06E80 Family Ties 04/10/1990 Burnside is in court giving evidence. Because of flooding at the prison, the prisoners are brought back to Sunhill. Burnside's prisoner is in emotional shock and is taken to a mental health unit. He gives Barry and George the slip after a visit to the toilet. Ackland investigates thefts of drugs at a health clinic. June tries to find out why the thief stole the drugs. They were for the thief's son.
S06E81 Old Friends 09/10/1990 Ted is at the hospital seeing the 82 year old victim of a mugging. Her son is an ex-copper. It turns out that the son snapped and hit his mum. The abuse has been going on for a while. A girl is trapped down a pipe and Dave is cross with the spectators who are hampering the rescue effort.
S06E82 Pride and Prejudice 11/10/1990 Garfield and Stamp see a burning car and a man putting it out. The man has HIV AIDS and George is worried about to process him so rings the Chief Medical Officer. The result is Conway being embarassed who shouts at Cryer who in turn shouts at George. Cathy and Barry call at a house that has graffiti about AIDS written all over the house.
S06E83 Housey Housey 16/10/1990 Quinnan, Marshall and Monroe are on hand while squatters are evicted. One of the squatters takes a swing at the bailiff with a sword because he couldn't cope staying at another bed and breakfast. Monroe thinks Conway is in the councilor's pocket.
S06E84 Connelly's Kids 18/10/1990 Greig and Carver arrest a man on suspicion of handling stolen property. The priest thinks the father is beating the son who is found at the church after kicking Viv. The children are being charged with shoplifting. Greig is more interested in the men who stole the stuff in the first place.
S06E85 One of Those Days 23/10/1990 Loxton and Ackland argue about height requirements. They are called to an RTA where a pregnant woman was involved in a hit-and run at a crossing. She later loses her baby. The driver comes in to report the accident after he has sobered up. Brownlow is back from a conference and wants to interview all the female officers in the station.
S06E86 Jack-The-Lad 25/10/1990 Stamp and Datta call at a house where they find 2 women fighting because the woman being attacked is having an affair with the other woman's husband. Lines and Carver chase a man who is suspected of armed robbery. He goes to see the wife of another villain who is on the game and hides 3 objects in her toilet cistern which turns out to be a shotgun.
S06E87 Blue Murder 30/10/1990 The police are out on the streets of Sun Hill enforcing a crackdown on prostitution. P.C. Stamp nicks an underage tom named Suzanne, and W.P.C. Ackland cautions a would-be punter who mistakes her for a prostitute. An armed robbery at a local building society soon takes precedence. A security guard has been shot and wounded, and Ch. Supt. Brownlow, pending the arrival of PT17, authorises AFOs (Authorised Firearms Officers) Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Stamp to attend. P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Marshall locate the fleeing suspects and pursue them into a building site, but they come under fire from the shotgun wielding bandit. Cryer and Stamp arrive, and Cryer shouts a warning, but is forced to shoot and kill the robber (Skene) when he points the shotgun at Quinnan. It it later discovered by the S.O.C.O. that the shotgun was empty. Cryer's colleagues, including the police investigating the shooting are sympathetic and supportive of him, but Cryer seems deeply affected by the fact that he has taken a
S06E88 Effective Persuaders 01/11/1990 DC's Carver and Martella, DS Grieg, WPC Ackland, PC Quinnan and DI Burnside go on an interview technique training course. During role-play, Frank has to act as a knicker thief, while Jim takes his domestic problems out on Dave Quinnan - violently. [Source: jimsgirl]
S06E89 A Sense of Duty 06/11/1990 A drunk in a restaurant is arrested by an off duty Roach. Penny is not happy that Roach doesn't come in with the drunk who knows the commissioner. Monroe thinks Roach was drinking. After a lot of chasing around after Roach to sign the custody papers and a public telling-off of Roach by Monroe, the drunk is released.
S06E90 Lying-In-Wait 08/11/1990 Sgt. Peters is taking roll call. Cathy is acting sergeant. Sgt. Peters is asked to investigate a smell causing a disturbance. The smell is caused by a body. Tony is walking along the river when a child is tipped in the river by youths who mugged her mother. Steve is walking past a yard and notices a truck hi-jacking. He is knocked over by the escaping vans.
S06E91 Plato For Policemen 13/11/1990 A building site night watchman complains about illegal dumping on the site. Loxton pulls out a video from a bag. Roach and Lines investigate the owner of a van. the van was from a burglary. Brownlow, Conway and Greig attend a principles of policing meeting at the police college. Greig got the highest marks. Meadows is also in attendance along with other policemen. Brownlow thinks it was all a waste of money. Ackland and Hollis investigate non-appearance of neighbours and find a lady cowering in her bedroom. She has been burgled and tied up and gagged.
S06E92 Testimony 15/11/1990 Hollis and Ackland are at the hospital waiting to hear how the victim from the burglary is whether she was raped. She wants to discharge herself. Roach interviews the suspect in the dumping of rubbish case. The suspect thinks he is there about garden rubbish. Roach thinks he burgled the house.
S06E93 Decisions 20/11/1990 Reg welcomes Bob back from leave after the shooting. Top brass want to treat him with 'kid gloves' and don't want him to tkae his firearms refresher course. A social worker tells Bob of an old lady who had her purse snatched with her keys. She feels someone should visit her. On the way Bob finds obstruction at a market. At the house Bob finds weapons all around the house in case the thieves ise her keys. The old lady comes to the station with blood on her knife.
S06E94 Know Your Enemy 22/11/1990
S06E95 Lies 27/11/1990
S06E96 Old Wounds 29/11/1990 Tony stops the driver of an American car. His dad had died in custody. While Jim is interviewing a suspect he has a heart attack. Brownlow wants to minimise the damage. While Roach is checking into the arrest a lorry is stolen. Norika talks to a shopkeeper about stolen fireworks and deals with an old lady who doesn't want to move.
S06E97 Just For A Moment 04/12/1990 DC Jim Carver brings a suspect into custody, but while he is busy trying to charm WPC Norika Datta, the suspect grabs a knife and takes her hostage... [Source: jimsgirl]
S06E98 Market Forces 06/12/1990
S06E99 One For The Road 11/12/1990 Penny gets pulled over after being at the pub. He thinks it is a wind-up. The officers are from Barton Street.
S06E100 Start With The Whistle 13/12/1990 After the court case Sgt. Penny resigns for health reasons.
S06E101 Out of The Blue 18/12/1990 June is late for work. Monroe notices her arrival. Her friendship with Wray is the subject of station gossip. June thinks Monroe grassed them up. She is not the only one. Greig talks to Wray about a case. Wray wants to talk to him about CID is working. Wray is being transferred sideways careerwise. Wray talks to Conway who tells him the new D.A.C. got him transferred. Smollett chats up Delia.
S06E102 Street Smart 20/12/1990 Monroe has horsemanure in his driveway. Tony and Reg plan to plant something in his car. The relief are working to rule. June tries to call off the campaign. Wray tries to talk to Greig about the fraud case. Tosh goes to buy a suit. The new DCI arrives at the station after nicking a man in the street. She talks to Frank and Ted. Ted is going on the next interviewing course. June looks into a possible baby snatch.
S06E103 Safe As Houses 26/12/1990 Carver and Dashwood look after a very important witness. An attempted break-in could mean a move. Lines and Martella take over and there is a break-in by armed gunmen which turns out to be a fit up as the man is killed before he gets into the car.
S06E104 Friends and Neighbours 27/12/1990 Steve and Phil are called to a disturbance. They find two men attacking a car. One of the men was from Birmingham. Roach thinks the men could be linked to exhaust boxes. Burnside decides Carver has to move into the section house to avoid three misdemeanors. His room is across the hall from Hollis.
S07E01 Grief 01/01/1991 Norika and George are on traffic duty. He failed to see the D.A.C. so didn't salute him. Brownlow's wife is giving grief about the roof of his summer cottage.
S07E02 The Chase 03/01/1991 A man complains about his car being trashed. Norika goes to a service station which is being held-up by men with a machete. Steve and Dave give chase. During the chase Steve collides with a car.
S07E03 The Attack 08/01/1991 Cathy is on the beat and notices 2 men acting strangely. When she tries to arrest them, she is attacked. A black youth not involved tells George about it, who gives chase. Insp. Monroe takes an interest and wants it investigated as a sexual assualt. Burnside is watching a firm that could be done over by an ex-security guard. Tosh is worried about the security guard. When the raid does go down, Tosh can't get through to the security guard.
S07E04 Crown V. Cooper 10/01/1991 Loxton is going to court with Garfield. One of the witnesses is giving them a hard time. Dashwood is also there griping about missing paperwork. Garfield is worried about his notes and Loxton is very confident the attacker will get charged. Loxton and the defendant tell 2 different versions of the attack. The defendant gets off and he is last seen heading into a pub with a child left crying in the car.
S07E05 The Girl Can't Help It 15/01/1991 A girl is missing and Reg is moaning about his mealtime being curtailed. Dave finds an incriminating notebook that indicates the girl is on the game. When Dave goes to tell the family, he finds out the father already knows. Conway has an argument with Brownlow after he contacted a radio station about the missing girl. While Burnside is having lunch, he notices the girl lunching with a businessman.
S07E06 Machines 17/01/1991 Roach and Carver are in court where they find their defendant has not appeared because he is waiting for a kidney machine. Roach talks to an ex-copper who uses the same kind of machine. Tosh asks Stringer and Hollis to help take evidence upstairs. The equipment was stolen from a shipment going to American bases on the continet. When Tosh finds the seller he finds an aladin's cave.
S07E07 Loophole 22/01/1991 Brownlow gives Conway a hard time about sick figures. Young is not feeling well and June thinks it could be stress related. Loxton goes to investigate something suspicious in a scrapyard. CID helps uniform combat burglaries on an estate. Viv and Jim pay follow-up calls to the victims. Jim is told it is kids.
S07E08 Bottle 24/01/1991 Sgt. Maitland thinks there is a problem with a local pub landlord of the Overton Arms as well as drinking on duty. The prisoner makes allegiations about being threatened with a shotgun. It is possible that Sgt. Maitland is blowing a CID operation. When Roach is assualted at the pub, Maitland gets the attacker. Brownlow is getting a bee in his bonnet about wearing hats.
S07E09 Samaritan 29/01/1991 Stamp and Stringer come across a man and a woman struggling. Stamp grabs the woman who collapses. The man says he saw her wandering and went to help her and she attacked him with her nails. Initial reports from the hospital are that she was the victim of an attempted rape but the bruises were from an epileptic fit.
S07E10 Fear or Favour 31/01/1991 Jasmine Allen Estate representatives are visiting the station. Tony and Delia walk the Estate and talk to one of the residents. They chase a drug dealer to a club and the men on the door won't let them through. June and Steve arrest the dealer after he leaves the club but June is attacked when the men from the club turn up. The man who assualted her was one of the representatives from the Estate on the council.
S07E11 Start To Finish 05/02/1991 Brownlow is having transport problems to get to a meeting. He helps at an accident. Tom Penny who now is security guard comes in to check an arrest Dave made of a supposedly pregnant woman. He talks to Tad about the amount of stealing at the business he is now at.
S07E12 Night and Day 07/02/1991 Tony and Barry are stopped in the street by a man who says his flat has been burgled and the burglars are still on the premises. They surprise a flat owner who is in the bathroom. Tosh finds out the lady was lying about her whereabouts because she was with a married man. Delia visits an old man who wanted to report a prowler to an Inspector. He rings again and Delia chases a man to a car park on the Jasmine Allen. Delia and the old man are hit by a car.
S07E13 Favours 12/02/1991 Dashwood and Roach investigate a burglary at a scrapyard. Dashwood recognises the name of an ex-copper who knows Roach and Dashwood thinks Roach is prejudiced and too helpful. The ex-copper turned security guard's wife comes up with a possible suspect. Cathy investigates poison pen letters sent by the recipient's husband. Bob says the police can't do anything about them. the husband comes to the station and asks for protection.
S07E14 In Chambers 14/02/1991 Greig gets the evidence for an arson case from the property officer and goes to a conference in chambers and parks in the wrong space. The suspect is not responsible for his actions, according to pschriatics unfit to plead. Greig is not happy that the case he spent months on might be chucked out. Delia and Su are being given cheek by 2 black youths. Delia takes home leaving su to deal with an alleged shoplifting. Su wants to let the shoplifter off with a caution but, on taking home, finds a room full of goods stolen from supermarkets.
S07E15 Kids Don't Cry Anymore 19/02/1991 June sees a boy being bullied at a playground. On investigation she finds a lunch box with packets in it as well as a notebook with a list of names and some drawings. The list is of drugs but the prices are kids prices and the packets hold grass clippings and flour - almost like the children are playing shop. She goes to the local school to see if she can get some names. Dashwood's transfer has been turned down. Burnside thinks Brownlow stopped it because Dashwood is dressed smarted than Brownlow. The retired head of the murder squad offers to help Dashwood. Roach's ex senior officer comes into CID asking for help with a case. He is now head of a security firm and wants to impress the partners and wants Roach's help because Ted is a good thief taker. Roach doesn't want to help because he still hasn't forgiven his boss for putting an innocent man in prison. He nicks a man at the pub with stolen watches.
S07E16 Too Many Chiefs 21/02/1991 After dropping off a girl at a children's home, Dave and Cathy get called back in for a potential suicide. The girl Dave brought back in the morning seems to be the last person to see the dead girl alive. The man in charge of the home resigns. The dead girl had a boyfriend who, according to her diary, took her to Spain and Wales as well as other places. There was an unreported break-in. This and some photographs the disappearing girl had seem to be connected to the suicide.
S07E17 Every Mother's Son 26/02/1991 June, Tony, Dave and Reg are doing an obbo. Dave and Reg are lost while the doctor is attacked. The doctor was called to a hoax emergency call. The lady who was supposed to have made the call is being harassed since her son was arrested for murder. Reg comes up with a Trojan Horse idea to protect the doctor. The mother of the murderer commits suicide. Barry and Steve are called to a burglary at a chemists. One of the suspects collapses. Steve is getting cocky about his arrest.
S07E18 Furthers 28/02/1991 A man is murdered by a shotgun after talking to Dashwood. A man who has escaped from prison turns up in Dashwood's flat after he has put the safety chain on the door. A gunshot has been reported at Dashwood's because the escapee's girlfriend was shot. He turns the gun on himself after making Dashwood look like a prat.
S07E19 Closing The Net 05/03/1991 A young girl is approached by a man in a playground. Burnside thinks that they can't do anything until a crime is committed. tosh is noticing the suspect getting bolder. Ron has also noticed a pattern. A girl goes missing from a playground. A shop keeper is pushing the armed robbery button when he is being spat at by children.
S07E20 The Public Interest 07/03/1991 A man comes in to talk to someone in authority because an ex-employee is having sex with a 15 year old. CPS has thrown out June's assault case. She is thinking of taking a private prosecution and ends her shift feeling very cynical.
S07E21 Photo Finish 12/03/1991 Datta is watching a pub when a youth is seen leaving with drugs. While reading a playboy in the boy's room, Garfield finds over £200 hidden in the magazine and an acqinance of the boy is seen going into the pub and then arrested of possible possession. Garfield thinks the boy, whose room they are using for the obbo, is a dealer. Sue gets a hot tip for a double but Steve never placed the bet. Her first horse won and the second horse had a photo before being confirmed as coming second by a nose.
S07E22 Just Desserts 14/03/1991 burnside and Lines go for a lunchtime drink. Tony and George go to a building site where a self-employed tiler fell off the top floor. An eye witness says he was pushed. The victim had killed a woman about 5 years before in a drink driving accident.
S07E23 832 Receiving 19/03/1991 June and Delia catch a girl who has stolen a purse. June suspects the mother of fraud. Delia goes back out and watches 3 youths interfere with a car before she is told to investigate reports of screaming coming from a flat. The lady's baby has died. Delia is badly affected by the death.
S07E24 The Better Part Of Valour 21/03/1991 Burnside and Reed go to an accident involving a security van. Ted thinks it is an inside job. Ted finds a job application for a man with form. Tosh talks to the guard. Martella talks to a witness who is worried about the wrong people finding out. She is supposed to be in Scotland.
S07E25 Double Or Quits 26/03/1991 Delia and Viv talk about a perpetual villain before they go to court. Viv's witness is having second thoughts. D.C.I. Reed gets a phone call about Viv reading previous charges in court. Jim and Ted watch 3 men enter a house. A girl is hastily let out who turns out to be a friend of Ted. Jim watches 3 youths enter the house . Jim gets punched in the nose.
S07E26 We Could Be Heroes 28/03/1991 Tony and Dave rush an injured woman to hospital when the ambulance is delayed after an accident. They go to see the driver of the other car. He is a sales rep who hopes to be banned from driving. A man complains to Monroe about obstruction by Tony and Dave.
S07E27 Cold Turkey (1) 02/04/1991 Tony and Dave go to a sudden death. Monroe arrives and thinks it is a suspicious death. The man was a locum working at the doctors. Dave and Tony are called to a flat where arguments were heard. A man is holding a child hostage. June takes a mother to a chemist. While in the chemist a customer becomes abusive when his prescription is not filled. Greig thinks he might have killed once already. Reg talks to a doctor about a break-in at her surgery where prescription pads were missing. Conway is there to negotiate.
S07E28 Cold Turkey (2) 04/04/1991 Dashwood talks to one of his snouts to find out the name of the man. June talks to the man on the phone after George left a phone outside the flat. Conway negotiates for the man to be shot if all options fail. Brownlow gives the go ahead to shoot the man.
S07E29 Now We're Motoring 09/04/1991 Reg helps a man tow away a car. The owner comes to complain about the towing. Reg comes across another towing. Lines talks to a man about welding his car to make the MOT. He is getting grief from Reed. He seems to be setting up a deal where he delivers a car across the channel.
S07E30 Dead Man's Boots 11/04/1991 Sgt. Cryer tries to stop an elderly woman from being victimised on an estate. Ch. Supt. Brownlow offers the post of duty sergeant to Sgt. Peters, who declines the job, but Cryer accepts it.
S07E31 Caught Napping 16/04/1991 The Metropolitan Police Serious Crimes Squad sweep into Sun Hill and commandeer the station's briefing room, setting a few noses out of joint in the process. They are there to investigate the murder of a police informant, who at the time of his death was under the protection of Sun Hill CID. DI Burnside and DS Roach come to blows when Roach refuses to share the blame for withdrawing officers from the safe house, and accuses Burnside of corruption.
S07E32 Hammer To Fall 18/04/1991 In an attempt to end the rift between D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach, D.C.I. Reid partners them on a drugs operation.
S07E33 Cry Havoc 23/04/1991 Sgt. Peters is stabbed, and P.C. Stringer unwittingly finds the culprit.
S07E34 Rules Of Engagement 25/04/1991 Viv goes to a club. A bouncer is suspicious and when she goes outside to call in Burnside, he hits her over the back of the head. Her assailant is possibly involved with stolen property. Viv is worried her boyfriend is involved.
S07E35 Delivery On Time 30/04/1991 Barry and Cathy are walking the beat when they are called to a burglary. Cathy and Barry are doing follow up calls when they are told the van is back. Jim is hungover and goes with Tosh to investigate the burglary. It turns out to be someone conning their way into houses by claiming to have a parcel. Tosh is called to court although he wants to catch the delivery man. Tosh just catches sight of the delivery man when he is called back to court. Grieg, Martella and Dashwood investigate stolen motorcycles at a bike shop.
S07E36 Black Monday 02/05/1991 Tosh's car gets towed. He catches a bus and see a man who is supposed to have died 5 years ago. Burnside thinks it is a windup. After being spotted by Norika, he goes into the river for real this time. Carver brings in a car that is made up of 3 other cars.
S07E37 Jobs For The Boys 07/05/1991 Burnside investigates a break in at a cash and carry. Jim is suspicious of the security guard. Some meat as well as cash was taken. Hollis sees an old man trying to take a packet of meat out of a car. The custody Sgt. is having a bad day and doesn't like briefs who don't give trouble. Norika and Tony bring in a man for the burglary at a second-hand shop who turns out to have robbed the cash and carry.
S07E38 Without Consent 09/05/1991 A prostitute comes into the station to report a rape. Loxton tells her it is classed as non-payment of goods. June has problems making people treat it as a rape.
S07E39 Saints and Martyrs 14/05/1991 June investigates a break in and thief of a pension book. June is told CPS won't be taking up her assault case so she brings a private summons. Brownlow, surprisingly, defends June at a senior management meeting. Hollis goes to talk to Brownlow about the air conditioner in the custody suite. Tosh goes to talk to the victim and is told that one of the two men was caught dropping maggots out of a tin into the sink. The sick man recognises one of the men.
S07E40 Observation 16/05/1991 Reid takes over a joint surveillance operation. Burnside and Martella are asked to leave the flat they are observing from by the drunken tenet who then beats his wife. When he comes into the street after her, Burnside arrests him.
S07E41 The Greater Good 21/05/1991 Tosh and Jim are watching a wrecking yard. A car is seen driven into the yard stolen from a man who runs a youth centre. Tosh thinks it is an insurance fraud involving cars disappearing and claimed as stolen.
S07E42 The Best You Can Buy 23/05/1991 June's case goes to court. She gives evidence as does Tony who is questioned as to being prejudiced towards the defendant as is dave. The defendant also gives evidence. The rest of the relief arrive in time to hear a not guilty verdict. Tony is angier than June.
S07E43 Addict 25/05/1991 Quinnan arrests 2 men in the underground because 1 has a knife. Sgt. Peters' wife gives him a ride to work. Brownlow, Conway and Reid have a meeting with publicans.
S07E44 Black Mark 30/05/1991 Dashwood talks to one of his snouts, who has been charged with stealing, on the way to court. The prisoner makes a complaint against him. Brownlow thinks it is serious enough to bring in MS15. Roach is worried it is him. The snout later withdraws the complaint after Dashwood has been interviewed. Loxton brings in a joyrider who bursts into tears. Garfield is made to go back to a burglary to get full details of the stolen items.
S07E45 The Right Thing To Do 04/06/1991 Lines and Carver go to a club where they find drugs in the band's jackets. The manager thinks it is very funny that a paper is interviewing the band 5 minutes before they are raided. Tosh now thinks they were fitted up not by an ex-manager but present one who is also their publicist. A man charged with drink driving and hitting a girl on a crossing is making a racket in the cells. Sgt. Peters arrests his solicitor for drunk driving.
S07E46 The Harder They Fall 06/06/1991 Loxton is attacked after a break-in at a night club and helped by a cabbie who is a special constable. Loxton blacks out and can't remember the incident. One of his attackers later dies. Most of his collegues think Steve is lying about the memory loss. Meadows is back leading the murder squad.
S07E47 Something Personal 11/06/1991 Dashwood and Carver are driving along when they notice a man trying to break into a house. His girlfriend has overdosed. Dashwood spots a snout who tells him she took methamphenine. Mike is very relucant to hand it over to the drugs squad. Stamp chases a burglar and pulls his trousers off trying to stop him climbing over a wall. Datta and French spot the man jogging into a charity shop. The man denies knowing his trousers when interviewed in custody.
S07E48 Hijack 13/06/1991 Burnside talks to the driver of a lorry who was hi-jacked. Martella raids the house of the snout who complained about Dashwood. Burnside wants Dashwood to use him again as his snout. The driver says that the man who threatened him with a gun gave him a beating 18 months previously.
S07E49 With Intent 18/06/1991 Lines and Carver are going to court about a burglary case. CPS are reducing the charges against 2 of the defendants. Carver discovers documents are missing that are needed in court and is not impressed during the afternoon training session with CPS. Munroe organises a training session about treatment of prisoners in cells ans a further session with the CPS.
S07E50 Initiative 20/06/1991 George and Phil are talking to a lady about fireworks through her letterbox when they see a purse snatching. CID are working on a murder that might have occured during a street robbery. A man comes in after seeing a poster on the murder. His flat is later torched.
S07E51 Careless Whispers 25/06/1991 Burnside arrests a man on suspicion of robbery with violence. Tosh and Carver get given wrong addresses. Burnside's suspect is identified in an id parade but she tells Jim his snout told her the suspect is guilty. It turns out he is not guilty of robbery with violence but his mum brings in her vacuum cleaner with drugs in the bottom. Reg chases a mother who tried to buy a watch with a stolen credit card and recognises her as a habitual criminal.
S07E52 Minimum Force 27/06/1991 Tony and George go to a burglary. The home owner caught the burglar and beat him up. The wife comes back and says the burglar was a work mate collecting some pills for her. Viv and Jim check on the husband and find out that a work mate, who had his nose broken by him, has form for burglary. A drunken lady gets violent with some of the relief after making a disturbance outside a newsagent. She causes a nuisance while locked in the cells until she knocks herself out.
S07E53 Skeletons 02/07/1991 WPC June Ackland finds a man stabbed in his car, and DC Lines' investigation into the incident are impeded by the victim's unhelpful wife. PC Reg Hollis and PC Tony Stamp discover a number of human skeltons in a supposedly vacant flat. Hollis and DI Burnside think they have stumbled across a mass murderer on the manor, but upon arresting the flat's resident, they discover he has legally imported the skeletons from the Philippines in the hope of selling them to medical laboratories.
S07E54 Targets 04/07/1991 The D.A.C talks about street robberies and taking the streets. D.C.I. Reid talks about her pilot project on street robberies. Tony is at a traffic depot by a cemetery and talks to a youth he suspects of criminal damage. The boy talks about being bullied so carries a knife for self defense. Jim talks to Reg about the bullies. Jim and Tosh get the go-ahead from Burnside to do surveillance on them.
S07E55 The Negotiator 09/07/1991 Reg chases a man with a shotgun into a shop. Reg tries talking the gunman, who held up the building society. into letting the assistant go. June and George check at the man's house and find a body upstairs. the man talks to Reg about terms. Reg didn't think he had the bottle to shoot him.
S07E56 Reputations 11/07/1991 Carver talks to his snout about a security job and gets a name for a burglary instead. Tosh had made a bet with Burnside about the burglar staying straight. A bag is found in the man's shed who claims to have been fitted up. Jim's snout gives another name who is a psycho
S07E57 The Juggler and the Fortune Teller 16/07/1991 A court case is adjourned. Burnside and the defense council have an argument in the corridor. Viv goes back to the station to warn witnesses. The rape victim is upset. While Viv is making a car, her car is broken into and her case is stolen with the exhibits in it. while checking out a car park, Tosh and Carver catch a gang who turned over a post office.
S07E58 Joey 18/07/1991 June is watching a p.e. class at a school before talking to them about theft and robbery. Loxton chases a boy who has stolen a lady's chain. The boy appears too frightened to tell his name.
S07E59 Your Shout 23/07/1991 Cathy is spoken to by Brownlow about a promotion board. There is a possible child abduction and the mother is complaining they weren't fast enough. Cathy is feeling guilty about not noticing the call at shift change. Reters talks Monroe out of making an appearance at a pub where C relief is having a knees-up and trying to throw kegs over the wall.
S07E60 Ladykiller 25/07/1991 Martella drives to a car fire to find a lady was trapped in the car. A man who tried to get the lady out of the car saw a man watching as he arrived.
S07E61 The Corporal of Horse 30/07/1991 Cathy is acting Sgt. with C relief. She watches one of the relief drive away in an unmarked police car without wearing his tunic after Smollett pointed it out. She tries to sort out a problem without backup from C relief's inspector. Sgt. Cryer shows Brownlow the arrest figures for C relief.
S07E62 Cause and Effect 01/08/1991 Delia and Tony discuss the merits of follow up calls. They get a call out to research labs. Loxton finds a security guard on the floor.
S07E63 Getting Involved 06/08/1991 Stamp talks to a man about paint stripper on his car - 2nd time in a month. Ron knows him. Reg and June are later called to an industrial estate where a man is damaging the car. The man damaging the car turns out to be the son of a man supposedly killed by the owner of the car. Carver and Greig investigate a fight in a pub at closing time. The victim is not talking but the girlfriend knows who he might have been drinking with. Ron helps Carver and Greig catch him. The girlfriend wanted her boyfriend to stop thieving.
S07E64 Benefit of the Doubt 08/08/1991 A barrister is arrested for GBH on a prostitute. He uses his phone call to ring D.A.C. Hicks. Brownlow is concerned about wrongful arrest. Greig gives Mike some disturbing news about the witness who sticks to her story. After being informed the victim was HIV positive the man is let go because of circumstantial evidence.
S07E65 Crack-Up 13/08/1991 Reg is in a pawn brokers when a man wearing a hat, scarf, and glasses leaves carrying a bike helmet leaving behind a bag with a gun in it. The shopkeeper calls CID as he thought he was going to be held up. The gun is thought to be linked to the shooting of a P.C. Reg brings in a drunk for criminal damage but when asked to remember the man in the pawn brokers he can't. After being told about how close he was to being gunned down he talks to Sgt. Cryer
S07E66 The Last Laugh 15/08/1991 Quinnan and Garfield respond to an armed robbery. Turns out to be a wind-up. There was a struggle and the informant got injured. CID thinks he is very bent. Monroe thinks the informant has a case against Quinnan for assault. Quinnan thinks an earthmover is dodgy parked outside a transport cafe. A cafe owner comes in to see Inspector Monroe to try and become a snout. Reg investigates a noise complaint and finds out where the earthmover was resprayed.
S07E67 Access 20/08/1991 CID investigate a burglary of an O.A.P. who has an asthma attack. Stamp talks to a lady who turned away a man supposedly from the Gas Board. Stringer and Loxton finish dealing with a van and go to a domestic. The man later threatens his ex-wife's boyfriend with a cleaver.
S07E68 Six of One 22/08/1991 P.C. Stringer chases a girl, on foot, who has stolen goods from a jewellers but P.C. Stamp arrests her because she was in a car. Stamp gets bullied, as does Inspector Monroe, by the jeweller when he returns the jewelery. Stringer feels fingers pointing at him when a necklace is still missing. D.C. Dashwood investigates the theft of a hire car later used in a crime.
S07E69 Married To The Job 27/08/1991 Stamp and Ackland go to a domestic. they also deal with a burglary of a pub. Tony's girlfriend has broken it off after talking to other police wives. Sunhill is getting ready for visitors from area.
S07E70 Domestic 29/08/1991 Reid goes to see the CPS about a case. She is late for a meeting with Meadows from the Murder Squad. A rape victim says the allegation was false after CPS gave the go ahead for the case to go to court. Burnside doesn't believe her. Barry and Norika are called to her flat after reports of a woman screaming but she dies of injuries. Burnside talks to the manager of a furniture shop after a cashier is mugged on the way to the bank.
S07E71 Stress Rules 03/09/1991 Brownlow comes back from a conference and wants to startan anti-stress program. A boy is stabbed and Young and Marshall investigate. Young finds the suspected stabber who says he had been done over with some bad gear. Cathy and Barry chase a gang of youths who snatch bags in a market.
S07E72 They Also Serve 05/09/1991 The relief is reserve troops for a demonstration. It is very boring waiting on waste ground. At a meal break, Delia, Norika and June find a distressed probationer in the toilets. Tempers are getting strained. Young is starting to question why he is still on the job. On the way back to the station the van is attacked by youths with sticks and petrol bombs. All the windows are broken and someone's arm catches fire.
S07E73 Inside Job 10/09/1991 A shop assistant is attacked and robbed of the week's takings by thieves on a motorcycle.
S07E74 Bones of Contention 12/09/1991 Sgt. Cryer investigates when anonymous letters expose P.C. Stringer's affair, in police time, with a prisoner's wife. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Stamp lie in wait for a blackmailer. Ch. Insp. Conway is frustrated at a lack of promotion.
S07E75 Wide Off The Mark 17/09/1991 A professional hired killer is active in Sun Hill. A dubious informant provides a tip-off that divides D.I. Burnside and D.S. Greig.
S07E76 Hitting The Mark 19/09/1991 D.I. Burnside hunts for the hired killer to prevent him from making his next hit. This episode continues the storyline from the previous episode.
S07E77 Bending the Rules 24/09/1991 A yob arrested for shoplifting turns out to be a respected police officer. D.I. Burnside unravels the story of the change in his behaviour.
S07E78 Skint 26/09/1991 It's P.C. Garfield's birthday, but a party only adds to his money troubles.
S07E79 Friday and Counting 01/10/1991 D.I. Burnside is put in charge of a potential murder case but with no clues as to the victim or the attacker.
S07E80 Lest We Forget 03/10/1991 Ch. Supt. Brownlow is questioned by South Yorkshire Police about his involvement in a murder enquiry seventeen years before that led to a wrongful conviction.
S07E81 Nutters 08/10/1991 AMIP investigates the murder of a teenager at a night club.
S07E82 Downtime 10/10/1991 A suspected violent break-in begins to suggest more clues about the house's occupants than anything else – especially as they are missing. One of the women was murdered by her lesbian lover when she ended their affair.
S07E83 Out Of Order 15/10/1991 P.C. Young reaches out to W.P.C. Datta and, when she rejects his advances, he sexually assaults her. P.C. Hollis arrests a credit card fraudster, and ends up clearing up a number of recent burglaries.
S07E84 Empire Building 17/10/1991 Duty Sgt. Cryer sets up a major operation to arrest defaulters on fine payments. Sgt. Peters accuses him of empire building.
S07E85 Losing It 24/10/1991 P.C. Young discovers a suicide, and is deeply affected. Later, he visits Datta in the section house and attacks her.
S07E86 Innocence 22/11/1991 Following his interview about a wrongful conviction and allegations of corruption against a former colleague, Ch. Supt. Brownlow meets up with him. Two boys are reported missing, and are believed to have been abducted. P.C. Loxton witnesses an RTA on the way to deal with it. Ray Winstone guest stars as Simon Fielder in this episode.
S07E87 Shots 29/10/1991 Sgt. Cryer and Ch. Insp. Conway attend a briefing about the new Armed Response Vehicles. Meanwhile, P.C. Loxton takes the basic firearms training course, but shoots the wrong person in a training scenario.
S07E88 The Square Peg 31/10/1991 P.C. Young goes missing on his beat. Insp. Monroe orders a search. P.C.s Quinnan and Loxton find Young's body in his car. He has committed suicide by feeding exhaust fumes into the vehicle.
S07E89 A Question of Confidence 05/11/1991 D.I. Burnside investigates a series of attacks on prostitutes. A prison escapee is suspected.
S07E90 Balls In The Air 07/11/1991 On his first day at Sun Hill, Sgt. Matthew Boyden's past life catches up with him. Boyden shows that he knows all the angles, and Insp. Monroe is not impressed with the his casual approach. First appearance of Sgt. Matt Boyden (Tony O'Callaghan).
S07E91 The Taste 12/11/1991 Smollett discovers he still has the taste for action.
S07E92 Turning Back The Clock 14/11/1991 DI Frank Burnside is determined to clear up a three-year-old case of robbery and murder when an old acquaintance is released from prison. DCs Jim Carver and Tosh Lines begin to have their doubts when they learn their tailing operation is "unofficial".
S07E93 Discretion 19/11/1991 On his first day as Home Beat Officer, P.C. Smollett investigates the mugging of an old lady and discovers a rather unusual high-rise supermarket. Meanwhile, P.C. Stringer deals with a boy found unconscious by the canal. W.P.C. Donna Harris arrives at the station. First appearance of W.P.C. Donna Harris (Louise Harrison).
S07E94 Chapter and Verse 21/11/1991 D.I. Burnside wants to question a man about a missing girl, but he is "drunk and incapable" in the custody suite and Sgt. Maitland is determined to uphold P.A.C.E.
S07E95 The Whole Truth 26/11/1991 W.P.C. Datta is in court to testify in a drink-driving trial, but the case is complicated by a mouthwash that the defendant claims to have taken. P.C. Stringer catches a car thief in a multi-storey car park but is set upon by his accomplices.
S07E96 Profit and Loss 28/11/1991 Sun Hill C.I.D. investigate a suspicious death. The woman was an illegal Turkish immigrant coerced into prostitution to pay her boss's debts, and committed suicide.
S07E97 Thicker Than Water 03/12/1991 P.C.s Loxton and Stringer are called to a domestic disturbance. The man found beating his wife turns out to be a P.C. from Stafford Row. First episode written by Matthew Wingett, brother of Mark Wingett who plays Jim Carver in the series. Carver does not appear in this episode.
S07E98 On The Take 05/12/1991 D.S. Roach, along with the Robbery Squad, are staking out a security van, but the robbers never show up. Roach and D.I. Burnside believe that the robbers were tipped off. Meanwhile, Det. Supt. Meadows and AMIP are at Sun Hill dealing with an ongoing murder enquiry. One of Meadows' team comes under suspicion for corruption. A team from MS15 is brought in to investigate.
S07E99 Caring 10/12/1991 W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Smollett deal with a possible case of wife battering. The alleged victim, the mother of a schizophrenic son, is unco-operative.
S07E100 The Sorcerer's Apprentice 12/12/1991 D.C.I. Reid tries to overcome the continuing clash of personalities with D.I. Burnside, but finds support from the Assistant Commissioner. D.S. Roach has problems when a juvenile prisoner lies about his age, then has an epileptic fit in his cell. D.C. Carver finds himself in a conflict of loyalties: Reid wants him to finish a report, but Roach pushes him to interview his prisoner before Burnside drags him around after a suspected armed robber named Carson.
S07E101 Imposters 17/12/1991 Sgt. Maitland and Insp. Monroe investigate a pornography racket. W.P.C. Marshall and P.C. Stamp look for a beggar who seduced a mentally-retarded girl.
S07E102 A Woman Scorned 19/12/1991 June and Ron call on a lady about her husband's dog who has dug up a skeleton in the garden. There is a new D. Supt. of the Murder Squad replacing Meadows. Reid talks to Burnside about paperwork.
S07E103 Vital Statistics 24/12/1991 A Relief is stung into action on discovering that their arrest rate is inferior to that of B Relief. This was a one-hour Christmas special.
S07E104 Decent People 26/12/1991 P.C. Quinnan works undercover on a building site to investigate the theft of kitchen units, but finds himself in a compromising situation when he is immediately recognised by one of his old workmates from when he was an electrician.
S07E105 Breakout 31/12/1991 It's New Year's Eve. A learner driver backs into a prison van, allowing a dangerous prisoner to escape from custody. It's believed he may go after a witness, so WPC Ackland stays with her, but all is not what it seems. PCs Hollis and Stringer arrest a man on behalf of South Yorkshire Police. DC Carver has to accompany the man on the train to Sheffield.
S08E01 The Best Policy 02/01/1992
S08E02 A Friend in Need 07/01/1992
S08E03 Whose Side Are You On? 09/01/1992
S08E04 Lip Service 14/01/1992
S08E05 Illegals 16/01/1992
S08E06 Fair Play 21/01/1992 P.C. Quinnan investigates the illegal sale of steroids. P.C. Garfield is put on the spot when his old sparring partner is arrested. Alex Walkinshaw, who plays Steven Murray, would later join the cast as P.C. Dale Smith.
S08E07 Dinosaur 23/01/1992 D.I. Burnside's unorthodox policing methods, which include flushing an informant's head down a toilet, set him on a collision course with D.C.I. Reid, who has already received several complaints about Sun Hill officers. Reid fears the worst when she is called in to Scotland Yard for an urgent meeting with MS15.
S08E08 Joyride 28/01/1992 A girl is seriously injured in a joyriding incident. Ch. Supt. Brownlow must decide whether he is prepared to risk a riot by sending officers into an estate to round up the culprits.
S08E09 Not Waving 30/01/1992 A student nurse is sexually assaulted. D.I. Burnside arrests the obvious suspect, but he escapes from police custody.
S08E10 Mates 04/02/1992 Sgt. Cryer is finding being non-operational tedious. He goes undercover as a punter in a brothel, but his presence on the operation antagonizes Sgt. Peters. Cryer goes to sees Ch. Supt. Brownlow about giving up his job as duty sergeant and going back to the relief.
S08E11 Lost Boy 06/02/1992 A thirteen-year-old boy is missing. D.S. Greig, D.C. Dashwood and W.P.C. Ackland head to the West End to search for him. They are led to a vice ring and are brought into an operation against ponces running rent boys.
S08E12 Chicken 11/02/1992 P.C. Stringer tries to stop some children from playing 'chicken' on the railway line, but one of them is run down by a train. Following the accident, Sgt. Peters agrees to transfer "upstairs" to the post of Duty Sergeant, swapping roles with Bob Cryer.
S08E13 Somebody Special 13/02/1992 Acting D.I. Greig tries to recruit a hardened female thief as a snout, but finds her more than a match for him. D.C.I. Reid is promoted out of Sun Hill to MS15.
S08E14 Previous Convictions 18/02/1992 Investigating an apparent accident in which a man's hand is crushed in a car-breaker's yard, Sgt. Maitland uncovers years of animosity, neglect and revenge. Attempting to close the yard down, D.C. Lines finds himself negotiating between the police and the owner.
S08E15 Beggar My Neighbour 20/02/1992 A tramp is attacked, leading the police into a web of crime.
S08E16 It's a Small World 25/02/1992 Thinking of leaving the force, D.C. Dashwood is tempted by a lucrative business opportunity with a firm of security consultants. At the recruitment presentation his suspicions are aroused by the validity of the company in question, and he uncovers a con directed at retiring police officers. Meanwhile, Greig's attempts to stamp his authority as Acting D.I. are unpopular with the rest of CID.
S08E17 Licence 27/02/1992 A man convicted of strangling his wife has been released on licence, but the probation service fails to notify Sun Hill. His presence comes to light when his son causes a disturbance.
S08E18 Comeback 03/03/1992 With Sgt. Peters taking over as Duty Sergeant, Sgt. Cryer returns to the relief, but is unimpressed by the "charity mags" PC Hollis has produced. Whilst attending an incident at a local Shopping Centre, PC Loxton and WPC Datta wind up having the Area Car nicked by a pair of yobs. The newly opened Community Police Station run by PC Smollett is later firebombed.
S08E19 Fireproof 05/03/1992 Acting D.C.I. Burnside leads an investigation into the fire-bombing of the community police station. P.C. Smollett talks to his contacts on the estate and they lead him to the culprit.
S08E20 The Paddy Factor 10/03/1992 The Paddy Factor is the 416th episode of The Bill. D.C. Carver and W.D.C. Martella have a car thief under observation, and see him shot as he gets into a car. The Anti-Terrorist Squad is called in, and the IRA is suspected.
S08E21 The Wild Rover 12/03/1992 SO13, the Anti-Terrorist Squad, are investigating a possible IRA cell in Sun Hill. D.S. Ted Roach, however, has other ideas.
S08E22 Coincidence 17/03/1992 A small boy known for lying claims to have been the subject of an attempted abduction in an adventure playground. Investigating his claims, W.P.C. Ackland and Sgt. Maitland discover that the attacker is a friend of the family.
S08E23 Going Soft 19/03/1992 A routine trip to a magistrate for a warrant turns into a nightmare for D.C. Dashwood when he is taken prisoner by two hooded burglars.
S08E24 Re-Hab 24/03/1992 D.C.I. Jack Meadows arrives to take charge of Sun Hill CID. He becomes involved with a father suspected of murdering his drug addict son.
S08E25 Acting Detective 26/03/1992 A woman who collapsed at an airport is found to be a mule, smuggling drugs in her stomach. D.I. Burnside, with only limited time to mount an operation, gets W.P.C. French to take the courier's place in an attempt to uncover the dealer.
S08E26 Stopover 31/03/1992 P.C. Smollett tries to offer a follow-up service to victims of crime. A woman whose husband is in prison, and who runs a guest house, keeps reporting an intruder on the premises. Smollett gives her support, but P.C. Garfield thinks he is wasting his time.
S08E27 Suspects 02/04/1992 D.S. Greig arrests a suspect for an armed robbery, but is proved wrong.
S08E28 All the King's Horses 07/04/1992 A lorry overturns and sheds its load outside a school, burying a boy and girl and putting P.C. Loxton to the test.
S08E29 Party Politics 09/04/1992 W.D.C. Martella celebrates her birthday. D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach go to a party attended by a crooked businessman, who makes Burnside an offer he can't refuse.
S08E30 Trials and Tribulations 14/04/1992 W.P.C. Marshall becomes a vital witness in a murder trial. She soon realises that someone is trying to intimidate her, when her flat is smashed up and her car wrecked. D.I. Burnside investigates, and discovers the defendant's wide has a violent psychiatric history.
S08E31 A Can of Worms 16/04/1992 A traffic accident draws attention to a minicab firm. P.C. Stringer discovers that the owner is using young boys as thieves.
S08E32 Timing 21/04/1992 D.C.I. Meadows tries to find the link between three arson attacks. D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood track down an escaped prisoner, but Roach seems more interested in his beautiful wife.
S08E33 A Nice Little Line in Plastic 23/04/1992 P.C.Quinnan and W.P.C. Datta arrest a girl using stolen credit cards and uncover a major racket.
S08E34 Trial and Error 24/04/1992 An armed robber who put an innocent bystander in an wheelchair has his house firebombed by the victim's son. D.I. Burnside is determined to see justice done.
S08E35 Owning Up 30/04/1992 P.C.s Loxton and Stringer follow up on a mugging but their case is nearly ruined when it collides with an investigation by D.S. Greig and D.C.I. Meadows. Can W.P.C. Ackland crack the case?
S08E36 Up Behind 05/05/1992 It's Saturday night, but CID are at work trailing a known criminal suspected of burglary. D.C. Carver could be in trouble if the operation is a failure. Meanwhile, W.D.C. Martella is after the man responsible for a series of artifice burglaries involving pensioners, but finds herself locked in a room by one of the victims.
S08E37 Appearances 07/05/1992 Following an argument with a drunken pub customer, a young barman is hit by a car and later dies. P.C.s Quinnan and Stringer have their suspicions about the customer. Could it be manslaughter?
S08E38 Principled Negotiation 12/05/1992 D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach look favourably on an ex-villain with a loan-shark problem, but they expect favours in return.
S08E39 Sign of Our Times 14/05/1992 An armed robber admits to D.C. Lines that redundancy and the repossession of his house made him take to crime to solve his problems.
S08E40 Priorities 19/05/1992 P.C. Stringer and P.C. Loxton attend to an allegation of theft at an old people's home. Stringer begins to suspect that the ex-policeman who runs the home is ill-treating residents, while Loxton is more interested in joining a CID observation.
S08E41 Users 21/05/1992 W.D.C. Martella arrests a woman for drug dealing. D.I. Burnside suspects that she is using teenage girls as couriers by offering them free holidays in Spain, but she is being exploited by a bigger dealer.
S08E42 Man of the People 26/05/1992 P.C. Stringer wins the election for the post of Federation Rep, beating the incumbent P.C. Hollis by fifty-eight votes to two. Ch. Supt. Brownlow decides to eat in the canteen with the other ranks, much to their discomfort. Stringer's first job as Fed Rep is to persuade him to stop.
S08E43 Runaway 28/05/1992 D.S. Roach investigates the beating of a teenage girl, and tries to establish if his suspect is also responsible for a number of murders being investigated by AMIP.
S08E44 Exposures 02/06/1992 A 14-year-old model claims that she was sexually assaulted during a photographic session. W.D.C. Martella discovers that every picture tells a story. Meanwhile, P.C. Hollis drives everyone to distraction with his plans for a station newspaper.
S08E45 Better the Devil 04/06/1992 P.C. Stringer gets involved with a bizarre household, and discovers a horrifying case of parental cruelty in the attic. W.P.C. Marshall goes on attachment to the Domestic Violence Unit at Stafford Row.
S08E46 Prisoners 09/06/1992 Sgt. Boyden and P.C. Hollis are hoping for a quiet night in the custody suite at Sun Hill, but that's not how it turns out. Hollis has to resuscitate a drunk who swallows his own vomit, and Boyden is sympathetic to a prostitute called Gloria.
S08E47 World To Rights 11/06/1992 W.P.C. Marshall, on attachment to the Domestic Violence Unit at Stafford Row, makes an error of judgement and is attacked by a woman's husband.
S08E48 Do the Right Thing 16/06/1992 P.C. Stringer is mugged by a gang, and is determined to get his own back. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Quinnan arrest a woman for using a stolen credit card. D.C. Lines traces the muggers and stolen credit cards back to a villain's pregnant wife.
S08E49 Hiding to Nothing 18/06/1992 P.C. Stamp is ambushed by a gang of youths on a local estate. In trying to assist him, W.P.C. Ackland crashes the Area car, much to P.C. Loxton's delight.
S08E50 Punching Judy 23/06/1992 A woman lies critically injured in hospital, beaten up by her husband. D.S. Greig and D.C.I. Meadows interview the husband. W.P.C. Marshall decides to quit the Domestic Violence Unit.
S08E51 Vicious Circles 25/06/1992 P.C. Hollis arrests a woman for being drunk in charge of a baby, and finds himself drawn into a complicated family set-up.
S08E52 Up All Night 30/06/1992 P.C. Garfield pursues a burglar and is beaten up. Sgt. Boyden's inaction brings hostility from the relief and trouble for D.S. Roach.
S08E53 Part of the Furniture 02/07/1992 D.C. Dashwood is to be transferred to the Art and Antiques Squad. D.S. Roach hands him a burglary at an infants' school as a wind-up, but it develops into a case that allows Dashwood to show the others a thing or two. Final regular appearance of D.C. Mike Dashwood (Jon Iles).
S08E54 Snakes and Ladders 07/07/1992 It's P.C. Garfield's first day back after the attack. The relief place bets on the likelihood of Garfield punching Sgt. Boyden, but Garfield eventually takes his revenge.
S08E55 Street Cleaning 09/07/1992 Sgt. Cryer gets the relief to put the Garfield-Boyden conflict behind them and get back to work, to sort out the takeover of genuine beggars' pitches by violent professional thieves.
S08E56 Hands Up 14/07/1992 Ch. Insp. Conway decides he needs to get back on the beat, and arrests a drunk for criminal damage. D.C. Carver deals with a building society robber, a woman who wants the money for a good cause. First appearance of D.C. Alan Woods (Tom Cotcher).
S08E57 A Scandalous Act 16/07/1992 P.C. Garfield brings in a teenage girl arrested a drugs party, and she accuses him of sexually assaulting her. This episode sees a guest appearance by Det Supt. Kim Reid (Carolyn Pickles) who was, as D.C.I. Reid, a Sun Hill regular 1990-1992.
S08E58 Raiders 21/07/1992
S08E59 Talk Out 23/07/1992 A middle-aged couple arrive at the front desk and report their neighbour missing, but W.P.C. Ackland isn't sure that they are telling the whole truth.
S08E60 True Confessions 28/07/1992 D.S. Roach is put under pressure when a suspect retracts a confession and accuses the police of oppression.
S08E61 Private Enterprise 30/07/1992 D.C.I. Meadows tackles CID about passing intelligence to the collator; but D.S. Roach is reluctant to share information relating to his current operation. P.C. Garfield stops a minicab over a minor traffic offence, but there is a surprise in the boot.
S08E62 Getting Through 04/08/1992 The night shift is saddled with a feud between two men who come to the front desk with allegations of GBH against each other. Police and criminals alike doubt the ability of the new young duty solicitor, but Ms Bryant can give as good as she gets.
S08E63 Last Night of Freedom 06/08/1992 Someone is stabbed on a stag night, but the likely suspect can't remember a thing about it.
S08E64 Cutting Loose 11/08/1992 D.I. Burnside and D.C. Lines are returning a chief suspect to prison when they are ambushed by a gang of masked men, who spring him.
S08E65 Soft Targer 13/08/1992 P.C. Smollett discovers that a local villain is driving people out of their flats and re-letting them to squatters. At Sun Hill, a civilian typist is discovered to be having an affair with a known villain.
S08E66 I've Never Been to Harrogate 18/08/1992 D.S. Greig and D.C. Woods investigate the mysterious collapse of an old lady who has been burgled. They are led to a man who thinks he is helping elderly people with nothing to live for by killing them.
S08E67 Human Resources 20/08/1992 Two con men are preying on women through the small ads in the local paper. Lack of personnel for D.S. Roach's operation places W.D.C. Martella in danger.
S08E68 Exit 25/08/1992 A loan shark is attacked. D.S. Greig has a vital witness who is young, blonde and pretty, but she keeps stringing him along, and then disappears.
S08E69 Loyalties 27/08/1992 Acting on information from a snout, D.I. Burnside mounts a raid on crack-houses. When details of the raid are leaked, D.C.I. Meadows challenges Burnside over the trustworthiness of his team.
S08E70 Snapshot 01/09/1992 A complaint over loud music quickly escalates into an armed siege, as a man waves a gun at PCs Stamp and Quinnan.
S08E71 Letting Go 03/09/1992 Reg is playing with a train set before going out. He is looking for a place to live as he is moving out of the section house but ends up moving to a different corridor instead. Greig and Tosh investigates a stabbing in a station car park. The case is being dropped but Greig goes to see the widow and finds a new lead. June and Reg act as back up to bailiffs trying to evict a family. The case is turned over to Tosh.
S08E72 Travelling Light 08/09/1992 Viv helps Donna dress up for a reconstruction of a murder case. They find a man who spoke to the dead woman and gives them a new lead. The ex-boyfriend of the murder victim asks to see Burnside protesting his innocence.
S08E73 Radio Waves 10/09/1992 Monroe talks to Conway about a problem with a car chase. Tony and Dave were chasing joy riders with Ron in the back. Norika and George help catch the children who were joy riding. CID think they might be part of a gang knocking off car stereos. The fathers have a fight in custody after their children were interviewed.
S08E74 A Blind Eye 15/09/1992 Viv brings in an elderly mugging victim who helps make an identikit picture. Boyden gets spoken to by Monroe about working with the relief. Tony assists George with a disturbance when there is another mugging which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Tony see what he thinks is a mugger getting beaten up but the suspect turns out to be an off-duty copper.
S08E75 Sympathy For the Devil 17/09/1992 Tosh is at the building society waiting for an armed robber. Dave and Barry assist CID and they catch an old age pensioner. Steve goes to a disturbance behind a pub. He finds an attacked man. He thinks it might be racially motivated. It turns out to be a revenge attack.
S08E76 Force Is Part of the Service 22/09/1992 Brownlow and Conway have a meeting with councillors about the changes in the police force. Conway gives them a tour of the station. Steve brings in a man suspected of street robbery. The man accuses Steve of harassment. Reg tells Steve the bad news that he brought in the wrong man. The man makes a complaint against Steve and Brownlow wants it sorted honestly. Steve is trying to get George to back up his story.
S08E77 On the Record, Off the Record 24/09/1992 CID investigates a break-in at a warehouse which resulted in the theft of personal CD players. Steve spots the van used in the robbery. After talking to a worker with form, fingers start pointing at the security guard. Jim gets spoken to by Meadows about complaints. He gets into further trouble after arresting a man on information received.
S08E78 Stoning the Glasshouse 29/09/1992 Bob visits a friend who is the head of a neighbourhood watch. His son is stealing to support his drug habit. Bob's friend thinks the police are turning a blind eye towards the Cockcroft Estate. Conway gets a report on the Cockcroft Estate and a visit from the head of the Cockcroft Action Committee complaining of harassment.
S08E79 Tip-Off 01/10/1992 Tosh is asked for by a burglar whom he put inside. He gives Tosh information that there might be a bank robbery. CID catches the robbers after the job but when Tosh tries to arrange protection for his informant he is too late as the man has had his face slashed. Reg talks to Donna for an article in the station newspaper.
S08E80 Open to Offers 06/10/1992 Monroe and the relief go to a pub where some men are damaging it. One of the men tries to blackmail Dave over some moonlighting Dave did to get off the charge. Monroe thinks the men might be involved in protection. Dave tells both Sgts Boyden and Maitland who advises him to tell Monroe. Dave asks Barry's advice as Fed Rep. Barry asks Reg's advice as he was previous Fed Rep.
S08E81 Playing God 08/10/1992 CID are tied up with a court case. A burglary suspect of Ted's may have to be released as he is at court. Tony brings in an old lady who has been abusive in the street. Dave and George find a man in the street who might have killed his wife who had terminal cancer.
S08E82 Crack of Doom 13/10/1992 There is a search of people looking for crack. A man has a scuffle with another man and claims a piece of crack was planted on him. Tony discovers the man, an ex-boxer, lives over the road from the crack house and CID ask if they could use it as a base for an obbo.
S08E83 Spit and Polish 15/10/1992 Steve is late for shift. Just as Steve is about to arrest a fine defaulter Dave is nearly run over by a speeding BMW. Steve really wants to arrest the fine defaulter, who has already left by the time he gets back, but Dave wants to deal with the driver. They find the body of the car owner's lover in the boot of the car.
S08E84 Overdue 20/10/1992 Burnside talks to a snout in a bus queue about a delivery. Woods and Carver observe the delivery and CID raid the premises. The cartons contain bricks and motor parts instead of the stolen goods expected. Burnside goes to a promotions board and is passed over.
S08E85 We Should Be Talking 22/10/1992 George is following a silver car that might have been involved in a ramraid. While checking in with the station, his radio goes dead. Sgt. Cryer discovers the radio link is down. June is investigating a failure to stop and enlists the help of people on the estate to help find a hurt kid.
S08E86 Reasonable Grounds 27/10/1992 Norika goes to see a man about a missing child. Barry has to tell a man his brother is dead after complaining of having to let a suspected burglar go with a caution. the man takes off as soon as he sees Barry.
S08E87 Discipline 29/10/1992 An obbo on a club nearly goes wrong when a fight starts outside it. The man who started the fight turns out to be a D. S. suspended from the Drug Squad.
S08E88 Minefield 03/11/1992 Sgt. Maitland finds himself in the wrong when he discovers a serious procedural error meant that a dangerous and possibly psychopathic man has been arrested twice for the same offence and released.
S08E89 Gamers 05/11/1992 Tosh investigates a fire bombing of an Asian shop. Dave and Cathy investigates an Asian lady accused of shoplifting. Cathy thinks there is something going on. Her husband is gambling. Dave and Sgt. Boyden join the game.
S08E90 Occupational Hazard 10/11/1992 When sex appeal doesn't get him what he wants, Harry Osborne turns vicious. W.D.C. Martella has to pick up the pieces.
S08E91 Just Send Some Flowers 12/11/1992 W.D.C. Martella investigates a burglary that occurred during a funeral. D.C. Carver links it to previous burglaries and an employee with a criminal record who claims to be innocent.
S08E92 Waifs and Strays 17/11/1992 A missing girl's blood-stained book leads D.C. Lines to uncover the family's dark secrets and come up with an unexpected result. P.C. Hollis has to deal with a lost dog. P.C. Loxton discovers the dog has been beaten and decides to keep it.
S08E93 Happy Families 19/11/1992 What's a smart girl like Sharon doing with a villain like Daniel Batt? D.I. Burnside thinks it's all to do with female hormones, but W.D.C. Martella isn't so sure.
S08E94 Well Out of Order 24/11/1992 Meadows and Burnside want to go in force to the Tankeray estate to root out the criminal element, but Brownlow is committed to a softer approach. P.C. Smollett proves more effective than C.I.D. at catching a dangerous mugger.
S08E95 Into the Mire 26/11/1992 CID receive information that leads to the arrest of a prolific handler of stolen goods. D.I. Burnside has more success than P.C. Smollett in exposing a squatting scam on the Tankeray estate, and arrests a corrupt housing official.
S08E96 Master of the House 01/12/1992 The body of a respectable family man is found on a notorious patch of wasteland. His son confesses to the killing.
S08E97 Fireworks 03/12/1992 P.C. Stamp uses some old-fashioned policing methods to tackle the problem of children playing with railway detonators
S08E98 Cold Shoulder 08/12/1992 A local youth with form is stabbed in the centre of a densely populated housing development. D.C.I. Meadows investigates when no witnesses come forward.
S08E99 Safety First 10/12/1992 Following an armed robbery, D.I. Burnside confronts the problems caused by the widespread ownership of shotguns, and discovers just how easy it is for shotguns to get into the wrong hands.
S08E100 Counting the Cost 15/12/1992 A local hero who prevented a robbery, and was severely injured in the process, but received no compensation, is being harassed by a scrap dealer until W.P.C. Ackland turns the tables with some harassment of her own.
S08E101 Compassion 17/12/1992 A probation officer seems eager to assist D.I. Burnside over the murder of a prostitute, but how close is she to the murderer?
S08E102 Finders Keepers 22/12/1992 D.C. Carver finds a buried treasure and the glory should be his. However, D.C. Dashwood, now with the Art and Antiques Squad, takes the case away from him and gets a result.
S08E103 Return Match 24/12/1992 When a collection of valuable dolls is stolen, D.C. Dashwood from the Art and Antiques Squad turns up, wrong-foots D.C. Lines and gets a result.
S08E104 High Places 29/12/1992 An ex-criminal who used to be part of a circus high-wire act is found dead, apparently from a fall, but the pathologist says he died elsewhere. Then reports of a series of bizarre burglaries come in.
S08E105 When Push Comes To Shove 31/12/1992 Sun Hill officers are drinking after shift when a some troublemakers arrive at the pub. W.P.C. Ackland tries to calm the situation, but P.C.s Quinnan and Loxton decide that she needs their protection, and provoke a fight with a violent thug.
S09E01 Dying Breed 05/01/1993 D.C. Carver becomes involved in an armed robbery while buying a watch.
S09E02 Fact of Life 07/01/1993 The law allows a burglar to go free, but D.S. Greig and P.C. Quinnan try to pin him down again.
S09E03 All Through the Night 08/01/1993 P.C. Stamp expects a dull evening on the party patrol until he is paired with a pretty young female Environmental Health Officer.
S09E04 New Tune, Old Fiddle 12/01/1993 Ch. Insp. Conway learns that a chief inspector is to be posted to Sun Hill as Community Liaison Officer. He feels that he has been overlooked and applies for the post himself, without telling Ch. Supt. Brownlow.
S09E05 Delinquent 14/01/1993 A persistent young offender is arrested for burgling his parents' house.
S09E06 Bringing Up Baby 15/01/1993 A new-born baby is missing and CID are working against the clock to find it.
S09E07 Rainy Days and Mondays 19/01/1993 The warden of a hostel calls the police when one of the girls claims to have been sexually assaulted by the night security man.
S09E08 Supply and Demand 21/01/1993 A complaint about a 'pornographic' home video of a housewife in a bubble bath leads to a result for D.S. Greig and the burglary team.
S09E09 On the Cards 22/01/1993 W.D.C. Martella is taken off a two-week-old murder hunt to work on a case involving obscene phone calls, but soon stumbles on to evidence that leads to her killer.
S09E10 Shock to the System 26/01/1993 Ch. Supt. Brownlow returns from holiday to discover that Ch. Insp. Conway is to be the new Area Community Liaison Officer.
S09E11 Living It Down 28/01/1993 The search for a missing victim of abuse uncovers a child pornography ring.
S09E12 Heat of the Moment 29/01/1993 A woman admits to killing her husband, but insists that she did it in the heat of the moment. W.D.S. Martella believes her but D.C.I. Meadows is convinced that the crime was permitted.
S09E13 Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll 02/02/1993 Ch. Supt. Brownlow loses his temper with Insp. Monroe.
S09E14 No Thanks To You 04/02/1993 P.C. Garfield has a bad day. First, he fails to save the life of a glue-sniffer and then allows a bail absconder to escape.
S09E15 A Better Life 05/02/1993 An elderly woman disturbs an intruder in her home, D.S. Greig is convinced that a known villain has committed the burglary, but the victim insists that he is not the culprit.
S09E16 Echo 09/02/1993 A girl goes missing and D.C.s Carver and Woods suspect a known villain of murdering her until another man walks into another station and confesses.
S09E17 Fagins 11/02/1993 D.I. Burnside lets Sun Hill's burglars know he means business.
S09E18 Cried Too Late 12/02/1993 An arrested woman shoplifter refuses to talk to the police. When W.P.C. Datta finally breaks through the wall of silence a tragic tale of domestic violence unfolds.
S09E19 Gone for a Soldier 16/02/1993 Ackland is teamed up with a military policeman who has come to Sun Hill to find a young soldier who has gone A.W.O.L. with a gun.
S09E20 Persuasion 18/02/1993 A female drug dealer is attacked by another dealer to get off his patch.
S09E21 Hard Man 19/02/1993 Greig investigates a stabbing and uncovers benefit fraud at a bed-and-breakfast establishment.
S09E22 Missionary Work 23/02/1993 As Community Liason Officer Ch. Insp, Conway has to decide which of two bids for grant he should recommend to the Commissioner. He an P.C. Garfield want to use police funds to support a local youth club, while Ch. Insp. Cato and Ch. Supt. Brownload have their own ideas,
S09E23 Hypocritical Oath 25/02/1993 The overdose of a boy on the Cockcroft Estate enables D.C.s Lines and Carver to link registered addicts to a doctor.
S09E24 Trivial Pursuits 26/02/1993 P.C. Loxton dismisses a call to a domestic argument between two lovers as a waste of time, but when he is called back to the same address he finds himself staring down a barrel of a gun.
S09E25 Out of the Mouths 02/03/1993 Hollis takes the Bumblebee message into a local school asking for help in the fight against burglary. One of the boys asks him to help end a domestic nightmare.
S09E26 Keeping In Touch 04/03/1993 An employee of a private security firm is identified by the elderly blind woman he assaulted.
S09E27 If It Isn't Hurting 05/03/1993 New trainee investigator Suzi Croft learns some old-style policing methods from Burnside.
S09E28 Keeping Out of Trouble 09/03/1993 A woman claims to have inside information about a series of violent raids on petrol stations.
S09E29 School of Hard Knocks 11/03/1993 D.I. Burnside investigates the abduction of a villain's son.
S09E30 A Little Family Business 12/03/1993 D.C.I. Meadows investigates a burglary fine wrong. Ch. Insp. Cato is gunning for P.C.s Loxton and Stringer.
S09E31 Breaking the Chain 16/03/1993 Sgt. Kendall tries to keep a young offender from a life of crime.
S09E32 The Fortress 18/03/1993 The owner of an off-license makes a citizen's arrest of a young shoplifter, Maitland arrests the shopkeeper for use of unreasonable force.
S09E33 In Broad Daylight 19/03/1993 On the trail of two rapists, W.D.C. Morgan investigates an attempted abduction and put her life in danger.
S09E34 Credible Witness 23/03/1993 P.C. Stringer feels discredited when his description of a thief fleeing from a jeweler's shop conflicts with that of the main witness, who works in the shop.
S09E35 The Price of Fame 25/03/1993 Pages goes undercover as a model to investigate a possible scam at a modelling agency.
S09E36 The Short Straw 26/03/1993 When her car breaks down on the way to the station, DC Viv Martella misses an important CID briefing about an obbo on a suspected armed robbery, and is furious when she is taken off the case by DI Frank Burnside. As CID and SO19 wait outside the target, Martella and PC Tony Stamp follow up a simple case to arrest a suspected bag snatcher. As they wait outside the suspect's house, a van pulls up, obscuring their view. Having missed the briefing, Martella fails to recognise the van's occupants as the armed robbers, and when she approaches their van she is shot and killed. Stamp is wounded, but manages to give a description of the van which is spotted by a traffic police motorcycle. As the India 99 police helicopter and SO19 cars pursue Martella's killers across London, PC Loxton and WPC Ackland disobey Ch. Insp. Cato's orders and pursue the suspect vehicle in the Area Car. The vehicle hits a bulldozer and explodes, killing all inside.
S09E37 Missing 30/03/1993 A mentally retarded young man goes missing. Burnside has to deal with the consequences for the parents.
S09E38 Goods Received 01/04/1993 Greg investigates the burglary of an ailing business, a case that leads him to a missing schoolboy.
S09E39 Double Enmity 02/04/1993 Woods goes undercover as a contract killer to expose a woman who wants her husband killed.
S09E40 Hard Evidence 06/04/1993 A murder investigation team from AMIP arrives at Sun Hill. D.C.I Meadows is uneasy at the approach taken by the detective Superintendent, who seems willing to exploit his relationship with D.C. Woods to get a result regardless of the evidence.
S09E41 High Hopes and Low Life 08/04/1993 D.C. Carver and W.D.C. Morgan investigate a career-ending attack on a promising young boxer.
S09E42 On the Loose 09/04/1993 Loxton and Garfield corner a savage pit bull terrier at an illegal dog fight. Boyden tracks down a pensioner who has turned to crime.
S09E43 Out of Court 13/04/1993 Stamp and Ackland are keen to get a conviction against a woman for assault on a minicab driver, but she is acquitted.
S09E44 Bedfellows 15/04/1993 Chief Inspector Cato arrests two youths, actions which cause a riot outside Sun Hill station.
S09E45 Cat and House 17/04/1993 A woman is keen to get rid of her burglar boyfriend and his fence, with whom she has been having an affair.
S09E46 Brothers 20/04/1993 Two young brothers are suspected of burglary. W.P.C. Croft discovers that they were deserted by their mother and left to fend for themselves.
S09E47 Playing Away 22/04/1993 W.P.C. Ackland arrests a fifteen-year-old boy for shoplifting, and finds herself investigating his relationship with a woman twenty years his senior.
S09E48 Coming To Terms 24/04/1993 The parents of a young man awaiting trial for the murder of a child are distressed when their home is broken into and they received threatening phone calls. W.P.C. Ackland discovers the connection.
S09E49 Return To Sender 27/04/1993 A young postwoman is beaten up, but the motive is unclear and she seems unwilling to talk to the police.
S09E50 Sticks and Stones 29/04/1993 When Lines hits the jackpot during a raid, it makes an already difficult court case for Greig even harder.
S09E51 Tangled Webs 01/05/1993 A mysteriously unmotivated break-in at a garage leads D.I. Burnside to a web of sexual deception and a jealous husband's rampage
S09E52 Recruiting Officer 04/05/1993 Sgt. Maitland enlists P.C. McCann's help in reassuring a young black applicant whose wife has serious misgivings about the job. But McCann is discovering racism withing the force for himself.
S09E53 Give 'em an Inch 06/05/1993 Ch. Insp. Cato allows a demonstration to go ahead, despite being warned that it could be hijacked by racists. When things turn ugly, he is forced to reverse his previous orders.
S09E54 By Hook or By Crook 08/05/1993 D.S. Roach is disgusted when a judge halts the trial of a man accused of crippling a police officer, and decides to take matters into his own hands.
S09E55 Home to Roost 11/05/1993 P.C.s Stamp and Quinnan attend to Ray Hickey, the Victim of an assault at Sun Hill supermarket. W.P.C. Datta and P.C.s Loxton and Stringer accompany some local children to Chessington.
S09E56 In Safe Hands 13/05/1993 D.C. Lines and W.D.C. Morgan arrest two members of a shoplifting team.
S09E57 Punch Drunk 15/05/1993 Called to attend to a pub brawl, PC Tony Stamp and PC Dave Quinnan are stunned to find one man unconscious and the other Sun Hill's own DS Ted Roach. Roach is taken back to the station, and while DI Frank Burnside manages to pursuade the victim to drop the charges against him, nothing can be done when Roach headbutts Insp. Andrew Monroe during a heated argument. Ch. Supt. Brownlow calls in MS15 to investigate him, but Roach turns in his warrant card and walks out of the station.
S09E58 Fall Out 18/05/1993 With the departure of D.S. Roach, one of his informants wants out. Burnside and Monroe investigate threats against her.
S09E59 Awaydays 20/05/1993 An elderly ex-copper is in London to seatch for his estranged daughter and claims that he has been robbed in his hotel. D.C. Lines investigates.
S09E60 Pride and Joy 22/05/1993 When a young woman's car is stolen with a baby on board, CID fear an abduction and mount a search. P.C. Garfield tries to mediate with a private clamping firm.
S09E61 Fast Food 25/05/1993 D.C.s Carver and Woods are caught napping when a street robber escapes from under their noses, but uncover a drugs operation at a takeaway restaurant. P.C. Loxton and Sgt. Maitland are in trouble when Loxton is accused of stealing money from a drunk in the cells.
S09E62 Soft Touch 27/05/1993 P.C. Stamp's driving prowess is questioned when he fails to stop a runaway road-roller. P.C. Jarvis finds a revolver in a rubbish bin. D.I. Burnside investigates a murder confession.
S09E63 We Gave Him All Our Love 29/05/1993 The body of a 14-year old boy is washed up by the tide. Sgt.Cryer feels that he owes the parents an explanation.
S09E64 Hearts and Minds 01/06/1993 D.I. Burnside disagrees with Ch.Insp Conway's approach to a young offender.
S09E65 Cry Baby 03/06/1993 W.P.C. Page and Insp. Monroe attend what appears to be a cot death, but it transpires that the baby has a head injury. D.C.I. Meadows investigates.
S09E66 A Willing Victim 05/06/1993 P.C. Garfield introduces a boxer friend to a business manager, but D.S. Pearce has the manager under investigation.
S09E67 Rank Outsider 08/06/1993 P.C. Loxton's prisoner is released after W.P.C. Page makes a mistake in the CAD room. Loxton and P.C. Jarvis try to get the prisoner back before Ch.Insp. Cato finds out.
S09E68 Tender Mercies 10/06/1993 W.P.C. Datta assists a woman who has reported her husband missing. D.C. Lines uncovers a loan-sharking operation.
S09E69 Double Take 12/06/1993 D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft investigate a burglary. The property is found in a garden shed, but was it stolen?
S09E70 Mouth and Trousers 15/06/1993 P.C. Stringer clashes with Ch.Insp. Cato about a serious shortage of officers and the ban on overtime. Meanwhile, two families fight out their differences.
S09E71 Uses and Abuses 16/06/1993 A woman walking home late at night thinks she is being followed by a young man and blinds him with oven cleaner. Is it self-defence or assault?
S09E72 Picking a Winner 19/06/1993 P.C. Quinnan goes undercover as a refuse collector to investigate a series of burglaries.
S09E73 Broken 22/06/1993 Insp. Monroe deals with the case of an alcoholic former coal miner who tries to organise exploited workers.
S09E74 Insider Dealing 24/06/1993 A prisoner admits to crimes he didn't commit in order to gain a transfer.
S09E75 To Have and To Hold 26/06/1993 A woman alleges rape by her estraged husband, but he insists that she consented. D.I. Burnside investigates.
S09E76 Honour Among Thieves 29/06/1993 D.I. Burnside questions three robbers after a botched getaway, and is given conflicting stories as they try to incriminate one another.
S09E77 Somebody To Love 01/07/1993 W.P.C. Datte tries to help a battered wife. W.P.C. Ackland and D.S. Greig find some strange connections when a housebreaking is linked to a lonely hearts advert.
S09E78 Morning Has Broken 03/07/1993 Monroe acts quickly after a tip-off about a robbery at a supermarket. Meanwhile CID try to foil a kidnapping and robbery plot, only to be impeded by lack of resources.
S09E79 Swaps 06/07/1993 P.C.s Loxton and Garfield swap jobs. Loxton has to deal with the new screen 'phones in the CAD room, while Garfield attends a fatal RTA.
S09E80 Trust 08/07/1993 D.S. Greig suspects that his informant is giving him the run around, but it becomes clear that she is being fed false information.
S09E81 Divided We Fall 10/07/1993 A man found knocking on old people's doors turns out to be suffering from a paranoid schizophreni, and attempting to contacting family members. Sgt. Cryer realises that one old lady has cause to be affraid.
S09E82 A Duty of Care 13/07/1993 Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Garfield attend a warehouse where a seventeen-year-old boy has fallen from a fork lift truck to his death. Cryer is convinced it was no accident.
S09E83 Family Values 15/07/1993 P.C. Jarvis assists the investigation into a violent lorry hijack, where the driver suffered a fatal head injury.
S09E84 A Matter of Life and Death 17/07/1993 An elderly man is arresteed for beating his wife, but the couple have a bigger secret to hide. P.C. Quinnan is guilty of dangerous driving.
S09E85 Kith and Kin 20/07/1993 When a woman is hospitalized, her son burgles her house and steals money, and her daughter starts to strip the house of its contents. Garfield and Marshall are forced to change their minds about a young offender who has befriended the woman, and to whom she has bequeathed her house. The grumpy new sergeant Ray Steele arrives at the station.
S09E86 Part of the Family 22/07/1993 The theft of a necklace reveals a case of domestic violence against a young Bangladeshi woman. Police examine immigration laws and find that she has no freedom at all.
S09E87 Mighty Atoms 24/07/1993 Hours after a tough warning from Ch. Insp. Conway, a notorious young offnder is in trouble again. He holds the clue to the whereabouts of a missing teenager.
S09E88 A Malicious Prosecution 27/07/1993 A civil action is brought against P.C. Garfield, W.P.C. Marshall and Sgt. Cryer for wrongful arrest, malicious prosection and false imprisonment. Meanwhile, P.C. Quinnan is accused of assaulting a college student.
S09E89 Outbreak 29/07/1993 A violent remand prisoner escapes from hospital. W.D.S. Morgan and W.P.C. Croft question the prison officers who fell asleep while guarding him.
S09E90 Unreliable Witness 31/07/1993 A timid music teacher is intimidated by a violent ex-pupil. Ch. Insp. Cato is furious when P.C. Garfield lets a theif get away.
S09E91 Sweet Charity 03/08/1993 P.C.s Hollis and Stamp are caught in the crossfire when a mother and daughter fall out over a mutual boyfriend. Sgt. Cryer pursues bogus charity work.
S09E92 David and Goliath 05/08/1993 A mother refuses to testify against her husband, accused of abusing their 14-year-old son. P.C. Jarvis intercedes on the boy's behalf.
S09E93 What a Pair 07/08/1993 A man working for an illegal escort agency seems to be stealing cash and credit cards from his female clients. W.P.C. Ackland arranges a date with him.
S09E94 Desirable Property 10/08/1993 There is a series of break-ins at properties sold through a single agency. P.C. Quinnan enlists the assistance of an estate agent.
S09E95 Blind Spot 12/08/1993 P.C.s Jarvis and McCann know who is guilty of assault, but can't prove it. D.S. Pearce suggests that they should claim to have witnessed the incident.
S09E96 Carrying the Load 14/08/1993 W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Lines investigate a lorry hijack. The husband of the depot owner is seriously assaulted.
S09E97 Deadly Weapon 17/08/1993 The life of an unknown child hangs in the balance following a road traffic accident. The investigation oncovers a trail of corruption.
S09E98 All the Wrong Connections 19/08/1993 A girl is accused of knocking down a young woman in the street has an alibi. D.C.I. Meadows crosses swords with an old enemy.
S09E99 Give and Take 21/08/1993 W.P.C. Polly Page sees W.D.S. Sally Johnson from Stafford Row plant drugs on a known dealer.
S09E100 Desperate Measures 24/08/1993 A 15-year-old boy is driven to desperate measures. W.P.C. Ackland has to decide whether he or his mother is at risk.
S09E101 To Catch a Thief 26/08/1993 D.C. Carver arrests a pickpocket.
S09E102 Natural Reaction 28/08/1993 D.C. Carver catches a fourteen-year-old thief. He and D.C. Lines question a man about his releationship with the girl.
S09E103 Desperate Remedies 31/08/1993 PC Garfield is tasked with retrieving an ill boy's inhaler, but comes up against a series of other problems whilst doing so.
S09E104 Bright Lights 02/09/1993 CID investigate attempts at sexual assault by an electrician who turns out to have connections with the local psychiatric hospital. W.D.S. Morgan puts herself on the line to catch him.
S09E105 Bare Faced Lies 04/09/1993 CID investigate the sale of stolen cigarettes and alcohol to pubs in the Sun Hill area. D.I. Burnside come to the aid of an old friend, and D.S. Pearce goes to see a stripper.
S09E106 But Not Forgotten 07/09/1993 An important visitor comes to Sun Hill to see D.I. Burnside, but he is mysteriously absent.
S09E107 Push 09/09/1993 W.P.C. Page gets stuck in a lift with a pregnant 15-year-old girl and has to assist with the birth.
S09E108 Bad Reaction 10/09/1993 Det. Insp. Harry Haines arrives for his first day at Sun Hill and helps track down a drug dealer who is distributing dangerous tablets.
S09E109 Compliments of the Service 15/09/1993 A public relations exercise by Ch. Supt. Brownlow is threatened by a drugs raid on the Jasmine Allen estate.
S09E110 Game of Two Halves 16/09/1993 W.P.C. Croft is back in uniform for the day, Ch. Insp. Cato's delight.
S09E111 The Knowledge 18/09/1993 D.I. Haines gets involved in a war between an Asian minicab firm and a black cab operator.
S09E112 No Place Like Home 21/09/1993 Residents from the Greenfield Estate protest about the presence of an absconder from a nearby unit for young offenders.
S09E113 Customer Care 23/09/1993 D.I. Haines is annoyed by a young man who refuses to take an allegation of rape seriously. P.C. Loxton looks after two children left alone by their mother and who have stolen £100 from a neighbour.
S09E114 The Right Man For The Job 25/09/1993 Sgt. Boyden deals with a case of joyriding which ends with a crash and uncovers an insurance fraud.
S09E115 A Life In The Day Of 28/09/1993 A woman parks her car with P.C. Loxton's permission, but it gets clamped. Loxton is unable to prevent a young man from commiting suicide, and blames Ch. Insp. Conway's parking initiative.
S09E116 Having What It Takes 30/09/1993 When the youngest member of a notorious crime family comes into the station to confess to a three-year-old murder, D.C.I Meadows hopes he will be able to clear up a case from his time at AMIP.
S09E117 Play the Game 02/10/1993 Chief Inspector Cato's bullish tactics put noses out of joint, after a pub brawl turns into a murder enquiry.
S09E118 Unlucky For Some 05/10/1993 One of the employees at a bingo hall reveals that a robbery there wan an inside job. Ch. Insp. Conway's car is stolen.
S09E119 Gift of the Gab 07/10/1993 D.S. Pearce and W.P.C. Croft investigate bogus callers who are stealing people's pension money.
S09E120 A Class Act 09/10/1993 When a drugs raid fails to deliver, it is D.C. Carver's dislike of a customer that reaps unexpected results.
S09E121 Dangerous Trade 12/10/1993 A tragic accident involving a teenage boy alerts W.P.C. Page and P.C. Quinnan to an illegal trade in imported alcohol.
S09E122 Cheating Heart 14/10/1993 A man has persuaded two women to lend him money for a bar in Spain. The trouble starts when they find out about one another. Sgt. Boyden deals with the consequences.
S09E123 Somewhere To Hang My Hat 16/10/1993 An old soldier is found at the bottom of a flight of stairs, but did he fall or was he pushed? D.C. Lines and W.D.S. Morgan have their suspicions.
S09E124 No Comment 19/10/1993 An old man has been murdered in his flat. D.C.I. Meadows has two suspects in custody, but both claim the right to silence.
S09E125 Shrinkage 21/10/1993 Sgt. Cryer convinces Ch.Supt. Brownlow of the virtues of an arrest referral scheme offering counselling to those arrested on drugs offences. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Quinnan act to stop a gang of professional shoplifters.
S09E126 Street Legal 23/10/1993 P.C. Loxton investigates an assault and uncovers a ring of a car thieves. P.C. Hollis launches a one-man public relations drive.
S09E127 The Green Eyed Monster 26/10/1993 D.I. Haines works with AMIP on a murder investigation and uncovers some secrets in the victim's past.
S09E128 Behind Closed Doors 28/10/1993 An Indian woman is the victim of domestic violence. The husband is arrested, but the community leaders attempt to secure his release so that they can be dealt with by the woman's family.
S09E129 Links in the Chain 30/10/1993 Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Garfield invetigate a break-in at a storage warehouse, putting Meadows on the trail of a small-time drug dealer with heavyweight connections.
S09E130 Care in the Community 02/11/1993 An old woman is found dead in an empty house and Quinnan and Garfield are called in to investigate. Jarvis arrests a violent youth for assault.
S09E131 You Don't Always Get What You Want 04/11/1993 Quinnan and Ackland support a C.I.D. raid on the house of a burglary suspect. Croft and Greig persuade a young mother to help with their inquiries.
S09E132 Reason To Believe 06/11/1993 Haines and Morgan work on a murder investigation with AMIP when a body is found after an office party.
S09E133 Let Slip 09/11/1993 Page and Jarvis are called to deal when two rottweilers terrorise a shopping centre and attack a young girl.
S09E134 Until Proven Guilty 11/11/1993 Steele and Ackland find a man who has been beaten up to dissuade him from testifying against a vicious loan shark. The C.P.S. suggests dropping the case but Meadows secures the assistance of a lesser villain to get the evidence for a prosecution.
S09E135 The Hard Sell 13/11/1993 Quinnan withnesses a robbery. He suspects that a derelict shop is being used as an auction house for stolen property.
S09E136 Consequences 16/11/1993 Meadows and Morgan lead a raid on a club in pursuit of a drug dealer who is laundering money through car sales.
S09E137 A Question of Identity 18/11/1993 A neighbour spots an HIV-positive drug addict breaking into a house.
S09E138 Cutting Edge 20/11/1993 Polly and Gary are called to the Parkmead Estate about a burglary at a flat which results in the wife assaulted and taken to St Hughes. The husband came home and discovered the burglar still there. When Polly talks to the husband at the hospital, he is very upset. He tells Polly and Gary what happened when he saw the burglar and says he chopped off 3 of the burglar's fingers when they were in the kitchen. the fingers were put into a jar of gherkins. Alan Woods tries to get the jar put into the canteen fridge but one of the canteen workers threatens to close down the canteen if it goes into the fridge. So he puts them into the fridge in the conference room. Tosh and Jim interview a patient who has lost 3 fingers who claims his fingers were caught in a lorry door.
S09E139 Put Down 23/11/1993 An invalid is found dead in bed, and the wife is charged with aiding and abetting a suicide.
S09E140 Left Behind 25/11/1993 A convicted wife-beater has been released on parole. He, his wife and son all end up in Sun Hill on suspicion of violent assaults.
S09E141 Real Villains 27/11/1993 Croft and Cryer examine the remains of a burned-out car on the Whitegate estate, where residents are concerened about the increase in lawlessness.
S09E142 Questionable Judgement 30/11/1993 A homeless man is found murdered and a teenage girl has gone missing.
S09E143 Taking Care of Business 02/12/1993 A store participating in Conway's business watch scheme has been burgled, and one of the suspects is beaten up.
S09E144 The Law In Their Hands 04/12/1993 Steel and Garfield arrest a father and son who assaulted the man they beleive burgled their house. Loxton and Quinnan catch the real thief.
S09E145 Cause For Complaint 07/12/1993 Monroe invetigates a complaint about an unattended emergency call, which the victim attributes to racial prejudice.
S09E146 Blood Counts 09/12/1993 A postman is attacked, and Carver discovers the remains of a mailbag in the embers of a fire. Pearce struggles with a false confession. McCann is in trouble over a false arrest.
S09E147 Hurting Inside 11/12/1993 A convicted burglar absconds while on day release from prison.
S09E148 Corroboration 14/12/1993 Carver and Jarvis are in court, but the case against a man accused of robbing a couple at knife point may fall because of poor identification evidence.
S09E149 Death of a Ladies' Man 16/12/1993 A woman reports her husband missing. Greig and Croft establish that the man is a bigamist and an armed robber.
S09E150 An Ill Wind 18/12/1993 A body is retrieved from a building yard after a deadly toxic gas was fed through the building.
S09E151 Keep On Trucking 21/12/1993 While Garfield is giving tickets, a truck does a right hand turn and then the driver does a runner leaving the truck in the middle of the road. Tony and George have an argument after the truck is parked in the yard blocking access. Cato gets the truck moved back out. George checks the truck's travel disk. Tony and Norika find a front door open and find the house burgled and the occupants on holiday. A lady reports a burglary next door while the occupants are on holiday. It is the 3rd holiday burglary this month. CID are trying to find the link between the 3. Dave is told that a truck fitting the description was seen at the burglary. Donna finds out that all 3 holiday goers used the same coach firm to get to the airport.
S09E152 A Family Trait 23/12/1993 A house is broken into and Greig thinks he knows who did it. Greig visits the suspect's house. The injured boy's watch turns up in the bed of the suspect's son's. Polly is sent to St. Hughes to investigate an assault. The mother of the boy thinks it is bullying and that her son is not the only one. Her son's watch is missing. The school is unco-operative with D. S. Morgan. The injured boy gives Morgan the name of Greig's suspect's son.
S09E153 Paid In Full 24/12/1993 Ram raiders attempt to break into an Asain electrical store. Sgt. Boyden and George stop ithile Dave gives chase to another of the raiders. One of the neighbouring store owners brings in a bottle of stotch for Sgt. Boyden and the store owners give him a CD player. Monroe is not happy that Boyden was given something. Woods is sent to check on stolen money at B.P.C. Software. The suspect is an ex offender. When interviewed, the suspect claims she was set up because the security officer tried to assault her like he had with another employee.
S09E154 Cause For Concern 28/12/1993 Steve and Dave are talking when a speeding driver goes past. The driver tells Dave that the hospital had just rang and her husband was critical. Suzy calls on the driver because she returned home to find it burgled. Dave and Steve are sent to check out the address of the lady at the hospital(that Danny overhears) and surprises 2 blokes. While Tony is driving the burglars' van, one of them get into the van and tells Tony to get a move on. Tony and Norika are called to check a domestic disturbance. Norika is concerned about the asian wife. The husband is very dominating. The domestic starts again. On entering the house Norika and Tony find the husband stabbed and his wife in shock with a knife in her hand. Norika didn't notice the knife at first. The wife claims it was an accident. While Danny is at the hospital checking on the victim, he overhears a lady asking about her husband who is supposed to be injured at the hospital. Woods talks to friends of the couple and their d
S09E155 Nothing Ventured 31/12/1993 George is chasing a suspect but loses him. Steve searches the area and spots him. When caught he has just dropped some LSD tabs. The suspect tries to do a deal with the D.I. about getting bail to attend his brother's wedding. Regional Crime Squad:Drugs are in the station and organising a raid on the factory. Meadows gets upset because of a missing witness and Meadows wants the D.I. to go and talk to the witness. The D.I. wants to be in on the drug raid. Haines talks to the very scared witness. Haines is head hunted back to the drug squad. Meadows is not happy when told by Brownlow.
S10E01 Games 04/01/1994 Steve radios in details about a missing juvenile. The mother is more worried than the father. The boy was supposed to be at a friend's house. The missing boy and his friend are into computers. Steve has to look through the pedophile register to see if they can find a man matching the description given by the boy's friend. It turns out to be the man complaining about Tony. Although he denies knowing the boy, objectionable material is found on his computer. Before he is let go, he gives Monroe a name that does fit the man who was last seen with the missing boy. Tony and June take a call about children causing a disturbance playing football in the street. The man who complained keeps the ball and wants Tony's number so he can complain about his attitude.
S10E02 Second Sight 06/01/1994 Jim is moaning about a tom(prostitute). Tosh and Jim are told to keep on the case. they go to a shop where they climb on the roof to observe the tom. While on observation they notice she has 2 visitors - 1 a biker, the other a known drug dealer. They bring in the tom and when he goes upstairs, Jim discovers the biker is wanted for the robbery everyone else was working on. The new D.I. walks up the stairs with Conway. as she arrives in the office she takes a phone call telling her there is a robbery in progress at a pub with the robbers still on premises. CID head down there leaving Tosh and Jim to deal with the tom. Steve and Polly arrive to find an injured man outside. George and Tony arrive in the area car as two men take off on a motor bike. Crofts has noticed a pattern emerging in the money snatches.
S10E03 Darkness Before Dawn 07/01/1994 Sgt Boyden and Polly are on patrol and discuss Reg's plans for a parachute jump. Polly takes a visit to a tower block where a domestic has been reported. There doesn't appear to be anyone in although the tv is still on. A body is noticed under the balcony and on checking they discover she jumped with her baby. Inspector Monroe comes down and talks to the man who reported the disturbance. Meadows and Carver also come down. Boyden finds a man sitting by the side of the road, who turns out to be the baby's father. When interviewed he has problems answering the questions. He came down from Scotland to try to be a family.
S10E04 He Who Waits 11/01/1994 George tapes off an area around a house where a body has been found. AMIT turns up. There is a way through the attic into the empty house next door. The murdered man is supposed to have no money and is not very popular. There is a local tom's wallet in the next door house. George is asked about the dead man by a lad who has been primed by a man in a van which takes off when he sees George approaching. The new owners of the house arrive as the body is removed.
S10E05 Mix and Match 13/01/1994 Pearce and Steele are looking for a stolen car that has a tracking system installed. The car is not there. The rep from the tracking company is very enthusiastic about the system. Pearce and Steele find a range rover in a lockup that is stolen along with the missing car. They think the garage could be a good spot for an observation. Monroe is not too happy but Cato is all for it. Tony and June are part of the surveillance team. A car drives into the yard and June recognises one of the men that Pearce then follows.
S10E06 Dealer Wins 14/01/1994 A tom is in family court on trial to work out whether her daughter should stay with her althought she was charged with possession. Jim and Suzy talk to some of the tom's friends to be able to help her. They are told that the tom's boyfriend is trying to put her daughter on the game and she doesn't know. Meadows organises teams to lead raids on 4 different targets.
S10E07 No Job For an Amateur 18/01/1994 June and Adam go to a nurse's home where a nurse was attacked. They discover a door wedged open. A nurse told June the man had called earlier to see another nurse. June calls Adam a narrow minded bigot in the canteen. The nurse who had the male visitor the night before is attacked and turns out to be moonlighting as a tom. Tony and Mike are told to go to a hotel where a woman was assaulted. Boyden talks to the injured woman before her pimp appears. He talks to Monroe about a pattern appearing of toms being beaten as soon as they get into a room.
S10E08 Judge and Jury 20/01/1994 Quinnan brings in a shoplifter. A woman talks to Jim and Suzy about being mugged. Jim thinks he knows who the mugger is. They go to talk to the suspect. The duty solicitor is not happy about how Jim conducted the interview. On checking an acquaintance of the suspect, they find designer jackets in his lock-up. He is brought in under suspicion of receiving stolen goods. June and Tony talk to a service station owner who had a car drive off without paying for the petrol she had put into the car. Her husband is the duty solicitor. Driving off is not an arrestable offense. June is concerned that this is not the first offense the suspect has committed.
S10E09 The Mourning After 21/01/1994 Tony and Reg are called to a stabbing in canley fields. Sgt. Cryer and June arrive to help. the victim is DOA at the hospital. The doctor thinks he was attacked 3 hours previously. D.S. Morgan goes to see the victim's mother and discovers she is blind. When the mother checks the body, she discovers it is not her son. Alan talks to a shopkeeper who saw a group of men chasing another one. tosh talks to the party thrower and finds a leather jacket similar ro the one on the body. The wallet inside belongs to the owner of an incorrectly parked mini who never came home the night before.
S10E10 Just Say No 25/01/1994 Conway is at a meeting when he sees a girl kicking a car and then tells Conway about the murder of a crack dealer. The girl is scared of her parents. Meadows and Conway are arguing over the girl's info. Tony and Reg are in an electrical store dealing with a shoplifter who gave her name as Elizabeth Barrett. She has a passbook in her possession belonging to the girl connected with the dead crack dealer. She turns out to be the girl who was being raped by the dealer when he was killed.
S10E11 Mud Sticks 27/01/1994 Morgan goes to interview a stabbing victim who was going to see a prostitute. The victim tells her there was a man with a camera taking photos of the cars stopping down the street who just turned his back. Jo talks to some of the prostitutes who say that phone boxes where their cards have been left have had their cords cut possibly by the photographer. She also talks to a passerby about it and she says the feeling in the street has changed.
S10E12 One Bad Turn 29/01/1994 Norika and Steve are patroling 9 beat and later will be taking Ch. Insp. Cato out. They put out signs and caution kerb crawlers. They nick the tom when she is brought back and caution the punter who turns out to be a supplier of drugs. She is later found beaten in an alley. Dave and Mike are also patrolling 9 beat and removing cards from phone boxes. They talk to one of the toms. Driving around Dave spots a man wanted for jumping bail and lose him in the market.
S10E13 Faith in the System 01/02/1994 Jim and Tosh are in a transit van when they hear shouting. Jim goes to investigate and finds a man being beaten up by D.C Boulton from Barton St. Jim is not prepared to lie for D.C. Boulton about the arrest. The suspect makes a complaint against Boulton. Boulton is not happy Jim won't back him up as a witness to the arrest. Monroe is pressurising Jim into turning Boulton in and Pearce is pressurising him to back up Boulton. The suspect is also pressurising Jim. Jim and Tosh catch a girl breaking into a car and talk to Conway about her. Jiom gets a place in a house for the girl via Conway. She gives the name of the man who told her to get the BMW.
S10E14 Keeping Mum 03/02/1994 Greig and Crofts call on a boy, who had been nicked previously as a pick pocket, because they want to talk to him about burglaries. When they arrive, the boy calls them in because his mother has been assaulted by his father. The boy sold a stolen brooch to a man so he could use the money for his mother. Donna comes up with a link with the burlaries to an alarm firm - 3 of the houses only had dummy boxes. Greig and Crofts visit the security firm manager who mentions a lad in the firm also plays with the boy with the brooch. Lines talks to the mother as he is now handling the assault case. The victim couldn't give a reason for the attack but previous attacks have been over very little. Her son was also hit. Lines and Woods talk to a publican to find out where the husband lives. During the interview the husband says he had no respect from his family and denies the assault. The victim wants to drop the charges because it turns out the son has learnt from his father and is now hit
S10E15 Double Vision 04/02/1994 D.C.s Skase, Lines and D.I.Johnson along with Morgan, Pearce and Woods watch a man get into a vasn to do a deal to buy wine that had been hi-jacked. DCI Meadows thinks this arrest of the men in the van has stopped some hi-jacks. Steve is not happy he was left out after feeding Pearce the information. Steve goes and complains to the man who gave him the info. Pearce also gets into trouble because he had got the info from a man he had never seen. Meadows talks to the man watched in the morning who has a license in a false name but he is not prepared to grass on the man they believe was behind the hi-jacks. Monroe argues with Johnson about holding the prisoners. Their mother comes to check on them. Johnson talks to Loxton about running a snout and she apologises. They then go to talk to the snout and find out he had told the other men held about the deal.
S10E16 No Access 08/02/1994 A boy has been assaulted and Donna comes up with a possible suspect. Another boy has been reported missing and his mother is concerned because of the attacks. The boy was last seen near to where the suspect lives. Morgaqn and Carver talk to the suspect who denies doing anything. Carver then goes to talk to a counsellor at the sunhill Men's Group. Morgan talks to some boys who saw the missing boy go off with a man. The man turns out to be his dad. The suspect admits to assaulting two boys but denies abducting the missing child. He was very upset about visits with his children.
S10E17 Ways and Means 10/02/1994 Carver and Lines are on the way to speak to witnesses when they see a man wrestling with a woman who is known to the police. She has some info about shoplifters which she gives to Boyden. Cathy and Dave deqal with a break-in which turns out to be a boy gaining entry to his own home because his mum isn't home. Polly arrested her for shoplifting. Norika and Cathy talk to a complaintive who is being intimidated by her husband into dropping the case. Her husband is released on bail and later stabbed.
S10E18 Cutting It 11/02/1994 Bevis accuses Kegan of sexual harrasment.
S10E19 Secrets 15/02/1994 Pressured by Boyden's questions, Linton reveals he is serving a community sentence for sexual offences.
S10E20 Bin-Men 17/02/1994 A 17-year-old boy is caught riding a stolen motorcycle.
S10E21 Ducking and Diving 18/02/1994 McCann is beaten up by two men after being called to a warehouse burglary by Jarvis.
S10E22 Gone Away 22/02/1994 Meadows and Johnson investigate couriers smuggling in heroin.
S10E23 Dead Men Don't Drive Cars 24/02/1994 Monroe and Cryer investigate a man who is taking driving tests for dead men.
S10E24 Saturday Night's All Right 25/02/1994 Monroe and his officers are called to a rent party where the organiser has been seriously assaulted.
S10E25 Ranks and Files 01/03/1994 Stamp and Garfield are called to an incident between an ex-copper and a teenager.
S10E26 Business As Usual 03/03/1994 A clothing store gets broken into.
S10E27 Root of All Evil 04/03/1994 Johnson and Woods investigate a scene of an arson attack.
S10E28 Man To Man 08/03/1994 A man reported missing by his wife, is found shot dead the next day.
S10E29 Menace 10/03/1994 Greig and Croft visit Sally Firth who has been burgled.
S10E30 Killjoys 11/03/1994 A pirate radio station interferes with police radio transmission.
S10E31 One of Them 15/03/1994 A father beats up his son for being gay.
S10E32 Day of Reckoning 17/03/1994 As CID resign them selves to losing Grieve, Bannon's daughter calls to report that two men have abducted her father.
S10E33 Sleeping With the Fishes 18/03/1994 A boat is reported drifting down the Thames, and a body is found in the river.
S10E34 Fair Exchange 22/03/1994 Monroe and Woods arrive at a burnt-out house which may have been started deliberately.
S10E35 Last Rights 24/03/1994 A mother suffering from a rare spinal tumour takes an overdose.
S10E36 Mean Streak 25/03/1994 Lines, Garfield and Bostock go undercover at a milk depot.
S10E37 Pig in the Middle 29/03/1994 Woods and Carver receive a tip-off to a crack dealer's house on the Bronte Estate.
S10E38 House Arrest 31/03/1994 Meadows and Woods investigate a robbery. Meadows enlists the assistance of an ex-con to deal with a young vilain.
S10E39 Clubbing Together 01/04/1994 A doorman is arrested for assault for an incident outside a nightclub.
S10E40 Pals 05/04/1994 Area Complaints want to speak to Jarvis after some foul play during a rugby match. Stamp and Marshall deal with a case of double identity.
S10E41 Sold Out 07/04/1994 Greig uncovers a crime of passion. Morgan goes after a man handling stolen car parts.
S10E42 Last Orders 08/04/1994 Meadows works with a brewery security guard involved to solve the theft of kegs of beer after another guard is assaulted by the thieves.
S10E43 All the Comforts of Home 12/04/1994 Marshall deals with a teenage runaway found sleeping rough and showing signs of a beating. Ackland and Quinnan are called to a distrubance at the home of the girl's mother. Pearce and Carver make an embarrassing mistake.
S10E44 Wild Justice 14/04/1994 A burglary suspect is positively identified by a witness but has a solid alibi. Johnson, Greig and Croft uncover an elaborate scheme of revenge.
S10E45 Give Away 15/04/1994 Morgan and Lines clash with a vicious thug. Hollis and Boyden are on the trail of stolen koi carp.
S10E46 Nowhere to Run 19/04/1994 Datta deals with a complex case of domestic violence. Quinnan and Greig act on a tip-off from a local jeweller.
S10E47 Final Straw 21/04/1994 Greig suspects a caretaker of burgling his own school, but his attempt at suicide makes the case a difficult one.
S10E48 Bodyguard of Lies 22/04/1994 Ackland uncovers a series of muggings. Johnson is unimpressed, but Monroe, acting on Ackland's information, organises an observation on a pub.
S10E49 Friends Like That 26/04/1994 Quinnan finds himself drawn into the problems of a man whose life is falling apart.
S10E50 Disclosures 28/04/1994 Greig is confident of securing the conviction of a violent burglar, until a witness arrives in court and alleges that Ackland did not record her complete statement.
S10E51 Big Eagle Day 29/04/1994 Boyden, Garfield, Datta and Hollis respond to a noise nuisance complaint and find two known villans in a room littered with thousands of pounds of banknotes.
S10E52 Bottleneck 03/05/1994 Conway arranges a party and plans to sound out the Deupty Assistant Commisioner about changes to senior ranks, but Meadows, and Brownlow take the oppertunity to do the same. While the top brass play politics, Johnson sets about trapping an escaped prisoner.
S10E53 Honour and Obey 05/05/1994 Skase betrays a mysoginist attitude when he and Croft investigate a series of thefts of wedding gifts.
S10E54 Hot Off the Press 06/05/1994 Cato wants to find out who is behind printing racist leaflets. A campaing to rid the streets of illegally parked vehicles uncovers the distributor.
S10E55 Killing Time 10/05/1994 An angry, young boy with a gun roams the streets. Can Cryer get to him in time?
S10E56 Butter Wouldn't Melt 12/05/1994 Quinnan and Cato close in on a den of theives, centred around an ageing hippie inciting youngsters to steel car radios.
S10E57 All Things Nice 13/05/1994 A drugs raid on a pub is a great success until Lines finds a body. Johnson has to move fast to achieve a result.
S10E58 No Way to Treat a Lady 17/05/1994 Page is assaulted during a domestic. Cato is furious that Sgt. Steele has included some off-the-record remarks in the minutes of meeting. Carver acts on information received to catch a villan.
S10E59 The Price 19/05/1994 The key witness to an attempted murder vanishes.
S10E60 Old Scores 20/05/1994 Boyden receives an annonymous tip-off but suspects that he has been set up. His suspicions are confirmed when MS15 turn up at the pick-up point.
S10E61 Branded 24/05/1994 Meadows interrogates a convicted sex offender whose father can't face the truth about his son.
S10E62 Good Friends 26/05/1994 A seemingly straight forward burglary becomes complicated when one of Johnson's informants is given an alibi.
S10E63 RTA 27/05/1994 Monroe investigates a fatal road traffic accident and begins to suspect the driver may of crashed the car in purpose.
S10E64 No Marks 31/05/1994 Meadows and Cryer try to gain the trust of a small boy from Devon found wandering about in his pyjamas.
S10E65 Sweetness and Light 02/06/1994 A gang of teenagers cause a nuisance on an estate, and a boy on a scrambling bike is almost decapitated.
S10E66 Hey Diddle Diddle 03/06/1994 Meadows receives a tape of a deathbed confession to murder.
S10E67 Funny Money 07/06/1994 Lines and Meadows uncover two counterfeiters who haven't quite been clever enough.
S10E68 Till Death Do Us Part 09/06/1994 Loxton and Quinnan are called to a canal where a familiar tramp claims to have fished out a DSS Inspector.
S10E69 All Along the Watchtower 10/06/1994 Stamp is called to deal with a 14-year-old car thief who has badly injured a young girl. Conway and Monroe deal with the consequences.
S10E70 Snowblind 14/06/1994 Skase investigates some crack dealers but bites off more than he can chew and faces a mauling from Meadows.
S10E71 Lesson To Be Learned 16/06/1994 A young black student is accused of a savage attack on a schoolmaster, but Lines thinks that the teachers have something to hide.
S10E72 Dear John 17/06/1994 Meadows investigates when a man who appears to of fallen to his death from a block of flats is found to have a knife wound in his back. Investigations lead to a second body.
S10E73 Within Limits 21/06/1994 Boyden investigates an assault and helps a former lover deal with here violent husband. Garfield thinks the Sergeant may be up to his old tricks again.
S10E74 Tails You Lose 23/06/1994 Skase's informant needs protection, but he is compromised when he uncovers the full extent of her criminal activities.
S10E75 Gate Fever 24/06/1994 A murdered is released from prison on licence. Cryer deals with the victim's parents, who are unable to accept that their other daughter befriended him while he was in prison.
S10E76 The Road Not Taken 28/06/1994 Page finds her loyalties tested when she arrests an old school friend in a drugs raid.
S10E77 Fallen Angel 30/06/1994 Woods investigates the activites of a cowboy builder, and uncovers a customer's scheme to exact revenge.
S10E78 A Touch of Braid 01/07/1994 D.I. Johnson's raid on a flat goes wrong when a young boy flees and falls from the third-floor balcony. Brownlow has to pick up the pieces.
S10E79 Masquerade 05/07/1994 Greig realises that a house has been burgled twice. Conway helps to arrest a most unusual burglar with a very special talent/
S10E80 Good Days 07/07/1994 Lines and Woods attempt to solve the mysterious disappeareance of an armed robber, and eventually uncover the answer after calling on his mistress.
S10E81 Banned 08/07/1994 Johnson's methods are called into question when she removes an aggressive solicitor's clerk from an interview with a robbery suspect.
S10E82 Parental Guidance 12/07/1994 Lines helps Ackland track down a delinquent son but he should be worrying about his own.
S10E83 Settling the Score 14/07/1994 Quinnan chances his arm in order to get an arrest. Carver realises that one of his informants has set up a suspect to clear way for an affair with his wife.
S10E84 High Drivers 15/07/1994 Monroe is called to a fatal traffic accident than deals with a case of mistaken identity.
S10E85 Personal Space 19/07/1994 Croft and Woods interview a man suspected of abducting a girl.
S10E86 Public Spirit 21/07/1994 A businessman seems unconcerned after one of his employees is fatally injured in a street fight over drug-dealing territories.
S10E87 Dirty Laundry 22/07/1994 Johnson tries to stop a drugs war from developing after a crack addict is shot.
S10E88 Paying the Price 26/07/1994 Conway clips the wing-mirror of a car and finds himself listening to a man's confession to an attempted armed robbery.
S10E89 Best Interests 28/07/1994 Morgan has to choose between heart and head when trying to track down a boy who has been abducted by his father.
S10E90 Easy Prey 29/07/1994 Meadows investigates when a recluse is found dead in his flat. He appears to have been assaulted but may of taken an overdose.
S10E91 Unfinished Business 02/08/1994 Johnson attempts to track down a violent escaped prisoner. The arrival of Chris Deakin is delayed as he has to give evidence in court.
S10E92 War of Nerves 04/08/1994 Datta has a difficult case, unfriendly colleagues and Cato's support.
S10E93 Legacy 05/08/1994 Deakin shares information that Johnson needs to solve her case, but on his own terms.
S10E94 Death and Taxes 09/08/1994 Ackland and Quinnan investigate a break-in at a pharmacy. Cryer unearths extortion among the young homeless.
S10E95 In Too Deep 11/08/1994 Meadows and Deakin investigate the fatal shooting of a young windscreen washer and uncover a link to a local drug dealer.
S10E96 You Belong To Me 12/08/1994 Datta and Cryer investigate the disappearance of a seventeen-year-old girl and find that her half-sister and brother-in-law have something to hide.
S10E97 Looking For Mr Right 16/08/1994 Morgan and Woods investigate a serious assault and are led to a case of kidnap and extortion.
S10E98 Skinning Cats 18/08/1994 Meadows and Conway fall out over the handling of an informant. Quinnan traces a van-load of stolen meat.
S10E99 Full Contact 19/08/1994 Meadows is annoyed when a lorry carrying cigarettes is hi-jacked. Stamp and Ackland intervene in a fight in a pub car park between two thieves who have fallen out over the landlady.
S10E100 Threats and Promises 23/08/1994 When a young man is stabbed by Warren Judd, youngest brother in a notorious family of criminals, witnesses are too scared to speak. Morgan and Lines draw a blank until they realise that Diane, Warren's fiance, may not be as respectable as she appears.
S10E101 On the Latch 25/08/1994 Meadows and Morgan investigate what appears to be the violent death of an old soldier in a drugs-related burglary.
S10E102 Wall of Silence 26/08/1994 Stamp and Ackland respond to an anonymous call and find a man in a curious state of undress.
S10E103 Business Opportunities 30/08/1994 Hollis investigates the theft of a bowling green.
S10E104 A Little Learning 01/09/1994 When a teacher seems reluctant to bring a charge of indecent assault against a pupil, Woods has to question her motives. Is Stephanie telling the truth or is she being used to get at the boy?
S10E105 Right Way, Wrong Way 02/09/1994 Steele and McCann investigate a hit-and-run incident as violence between the West Indian and Chinese communities leads to tension between Cato and Conway.
S10E106 Instant Response 06/09/1994 A couple of kids in a stolen Jaguar are causing all sorts of trouble and accidents throughout Sun Hill. PC Tony Stamp and PC Reg Hollis pursue in the Area Car, but all police efforts to stop the car fail. The kids seem to always be one step ahead of the police, until Stamp realises they must have a police radio or scanner. Changing frequencies, they force the Jag into an abandoned bottling plant, where the driver, Rob Orme, has vowed to 'teach the police a lesson' after his father has been sentenced to twelve years in prison. Climbing to the roof of the building, Rob taunts Stamp and Ch. Insp. Derek Conway as they try to talk him down, but accidentally slips and falls to his death.
S10E107 Washback 08/09/1994 Investigating a sawn-off shotgun found in a house fire, Lines is led to Lee Ruddick, a crack dealer. When Lines and Johnson team up to raid him, Ruddick eats the evidence, with fatal consequences.
S10E108 Kickback 09/09/1994 When Lee Ruddick dies at St Hugh's, CIB is called in and DI Johnson is accused on manslaughter. Claudia Morris, the complainant and chief witness, later withdraws her allegation, but just as Johnson seems to be in the clear, Ruddick's family serves her with a private prosecution for manslaughter.
S10E109 Birthright 13/09/1994 Ackland and Datta are drawn into the past when a couple are pestered by a young woman claiming to be a long-lost daughter. Meanwhile, a death message to an old lady reveals a relative she had forgotten she had.
S10E110 Partners 15/09/1994 A young man is stabbed by a member of a notorious family of criminals, but no witnesses are prepared to come forward.
S10E111 Inside 16/09/1994 A man holds a woman hostage in a flat. Jarvis is faced with the task of talking him out. As Jarvis builds a rapport with him, the investigation led by Monroe constructs a worrying picture of the hostage-taker. Can he be talked out or will force be necessary?
S10E112 Back on the Chaingang 20/09/1994 Morgan owes an old villan a favour, but pays a heavy price for her loyalty.
S10E113 Out in the Cold 22/09/1994 Jarvis, Loxton, Page and Cato deal with a trio of squatters and a violent landlord.
S10E114 Living Legend 23/09/1994 When Meadows arrests notorious robber Kenny Stone in a drugs-for-money exchange, Stone isn't in possession of the drugs. Meadows fails to detain Stone long enough to charge him, but he dies in his cell as he is about to be released.
S10E115 Runners and Riders 27/09/1994 Meadows is worried that a vicious attack was meted out in revenge for the conviction of a loan shark.
S10E116 Down and Out 29/09/1994 Johnson's seeking vital information concerning a gang of payphone thieves. She comes into conflict with Custody Sergeant Boyden when she asks to speak to a prisoner with a history of mental illness.
S10E117 Inquest 30/09/1994 Sun Hill are at the Coroner's Court for the inquest on Stone, who died in custody. Did the Great Bullion Robber die of natural causes or are Sun Hill officers in some way to blame for his death?
S10E118 Grey Matter 04/10/1994 Johnson investigates an apparently racially-motivated attck.
S10E119 Blackout 06/10/1994 Lines retraces the steps of an alcoholic who comes out of a two-day blackout and believes that he has commited a crime.
S10E120 The Cold Consumer 07/10/1994 Page deals with the sudden death of a unidentified man in the bathroom of a high class prostitute.
S10E121 Saving Face 11/10/1994 Carver ends up leading "Operation Cock-up" and is determined not to look an idiot infront of Deakin.
S10E122 Silent Partner 13/10/1994 Pearce and Croft investigate a burglary at a block of flats for the elderly, and she becomes suspicious of a woman who claims to be from a befriending charity called Here to Help.
S10E123 One Born Every Minute 14/10/1994 A rape allegation send Deakin into the murky world of pimps and prostitutes.
S10E124 Backlash 18/10/1994 Johnson stands trial for manslaughter of Lee Ruddick, and allegations of a police cover-up.
S10E125 Taken On Trust 20/10/1994 An unexploded German WW2 bomb is discovered on the riverside right in then middle of CID's surveillance operation. As the evacuation gets underway, a bunch of squatters refuse to leave thinking it's an attempt to evict them. After Monroe assures the bomb threat is geniune they leave but Carver and Pierce then sneak into the squatter's house and discover hidden drugs. They then arrest the squatter.
S10E126 Bridgework 21/10/1994 Meadows and Cato are at loggerheads, but Conway couldn't care less: it's his birthday!
S10E127 Land of the Blind 25/10/1994 Deakin and Meadows are prosecuting a teenager for assault but McCann thinks he is innocent.
S10E128 Indecent Exposure 27/10/1994 Pearce and Croft fall out over the arrest of a disabled drugs dealer.
S10E129 Pass the Parcel 28/10/1994 It seems that Ch. Supt. Brownlow is about to be retired, but is he ready to go?
S10E130 Cheap at Half the Price 01/11/1994 Deaking goes undercover as a professional hitman and is asked to kill the wife of a failing businessman.
S10E131 The Sixth Age 03/11/1994 Loxton and Quinnan are drawn into a world of romance, intrigue and violent affections when called to attend an incident at a local tea dance.
S10E132 Pipped at the Post 04/11/1994 Chief Superintendent Charles Brownlow is transfered to Area. while is he is there Chief Inspectors Derek Conway, Phillip Cato and DCI Jack Meadows all vie for the promotion to Acting Superintendent in charge of opperations at Sun Hill. Conway is succesful and is promoted
S10E133 Mischief 08/11/1994 Cryer and Garfield are called to the scene of a suicide.
S10E134 Taking Stock 10/11/1994 Morgan's ambitiion brings her into conflict with Johnson.
S10E135 The Melting Pot 11/11/1994 Conway has a hectic first day in his new job as he deals with the aftermath of a senior officers' night out, absentee inspectors and burglars that need babysitting.
S10E136 No Name, No Number 15/11/1994 Meadows blames a leak when a witness is threatened. Stamp and Boyden come under suspicion.
S10E137 Make Believe 17/11/1994 Monroe and Cryer investigate an old man who has been giving expensive toys to young children.
S10E138 Sleeping Dogs 18/11/1994 A young girl reports a rape a year after it happened. Can Johnson and Pearce dig up enough evidence to make the charge stick?
S10E139 Beg, Borrow or Steal 22/11/1994 Ch. Insp. Cato's anti-vagrancy initiative draws WPC Page's attention to the plight of a young mother, who along with other hostel residents are being threatened by a short-tempered loan shark with violent tendancies.
S10E140 Work Experience 24/11/1994 Carver goes undercover as a mechanic to frustrate a garage owner's plans to commit a robbery.
S10E141 Down a Blind Alley 25/11/1994 Cato brings in a mugger with a bloody nose.
S10E142 Creating a Market 29/11/1994 Greig and Deakin set up shop in an attempt to trap mobile phone thieves in a sting operation.
S10E143 Fly on the Wall 01/12/1994 Pearce and Croft investigate when rivalry between gangs of fly-posters escalates to assault.
S10E144 King of the Hill 02/12/1994 Boyden has a lonely night in custody, with only a villain for company.
S10E145 Fathers and Sons 06/12/1994 Pearce and Croft investigate an assault, but the victim's father seems reluctant to help.
S10E146 A Feeling For the Job 08/12/1994 Cryer suspects the worst when a young wife goes missing.
S10E147 Closing Time 09/12/1994 Cato organises a raid on a pub and plans to take away the landlady's licence, but Cryer is not impressed.
S10E148 Blood Pressure 13/12/1994 A Jehovah's Witness is seriously assaulted, but his mother refuses to let him have a blood transfusion.
S10E149 Appropriate Adults 15/12/1994 Cato goes undercover to investigate a pimp.
S10E150 Throw the Key Away 16/12/1994 Deakin bends the custody rules, leaving Boyden to carry the can.
S10E151 An Unconventional Approach 20/12/1994 Ackland and Loxton get caught up in violent competition between rival bailiffs.
S10E152 Fall Guy 22/12/1994 Croft is horrified when Skase goes over the top to get a result.
S10E153 Stuffed 23/12/1994 Ackland and Quinnan are led on a wild goose chase by two juveniles, while Stamp thinks he's going to pull at the Sun Hill Christmas bash.
S10E154 Dearly Departed 27/12/1994 Greig investigates the theft of a series of corpses.
S10E155 Returning the Call 29/12/1994 Hollis outsmarts C.I.D. to make two arrests.
S10E156 Licensed To Kill 30/12/1994 Hollis assists a woman who is the victim of obsession.
S11E01 To Crack a Nut 05/01/1995 Quinnan goes undecover as a prostitute's punter. Does he let things go too far?
S11E02 Hot Stuff 06/01/1995 Haines, now with the Drugs Squad, returns to Sun Hill to help Meadows track down a consignment of heroin.
S11E03 Hit and Miss 10/01/1995 Lines investigates the assault and robbery of a youth, but the prime suspect is an ex-colleague.
S11E04 Hard Cases 12/01/1995 Meadows and Johnson investigate the murder of a man, apparently killed for his wallet and his car.
S11E05 The Protection Racket 13/01/1995 Conway orders the release of a prisoner, who is then beaten up.
S11E06 Crossfire 17/01/1995 Woods investigates the assault of a young woman who is reluctant to reveal the identity of her assailant.
S11E07 Little Boy Lost 19/01/1995 Greig investigates a child abduction.
S11E08 Hard Knocks 20/01/1995 Johnson gets the blame when Marshall is assaulted during an undercover operation.
S11E09 New Management 24/01/1995 Cato's abrasive style of management leads to a confrontation with Brownlow.
S11E10 Powerless 26/01/1995 Jarvis and Marshall catch a thief red-handed, and get dragged into his marital problems. Sgt. Boyden investigates a missing daughter.
S11E11 Done Is Done 27/01/1995 Johnson finds that she run out of friends at Sun Hill.
S11E12 Getting Even 31/01/1995 Deakin's new role as acting D.I. brings conflict with Monroe and the rest of C.I.D.
S11E13 Taking the Blame 02/02/1995 Jarvis blames himself when a teenager is killed in a car crash.
S11E14 Expert Witness 03/02/1995 New arrival D.S. Don Beech proves to be more than a mtach for Skase.
S11E15 Just Another Caution 07/02/1995 Stamp and Page deal with an ex-con who delivers his own kind of justice and public order.
S11E16 Uncle Bob 09/02/1995 Cryer's exemplary record is threatened when a professional litigant brings a complaint against him for swearing.
S11E17 Street Life 10/02/1995 Brian Elliot, a friend of Ch. Insp. Conway, has been robbed by a prostitute and her accomplice, but does not help the investigation when he refuses to make a formal statement or testify in case his wife finds out about his indiscretion. CID launch an undercover sting, which fails, but Elliot arrives at the station with his wife to make a statement, and it is quite clear she knows the truth.
S11E18 A Fighting Chance 14/02/1995 Marshall breaks the arm of a suspect, but he may be an innocent man.
S11E19 High Score 14/02/1995 Deakin enlists the help of a schoolboy to solve a case of computer crime.
S11E20 Going Home 17/02/1995 Garfield and Page protect a mugger from a gang seeking revenge.
S11E21 Throwback 23/02/1995 Woods and Croft investigate a series of vicious robberies on petrol stations, but the prime suspect has been dead for years.
S11E22 Eyes and Ears 24/02/1995 A pedestrian is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident, and a withness seems overly keen to help.
S11E23 Good Housekeeping 28/02/1995 Meadows clashes with Conway when finances threaten an operation to catch a dangerous thug.
S11E24 Is That The Time? 03/03/1995 Cato considers his future at Sun Hill.
S11E25 New Moves 07/03/1995 Probationery constables Nick Slater and Debbie Keane have different fortunes on their first day at Sun Hill.
S11E26 Flora and Fauna 09/03/1995 Hollis thinks that Sun Hill could do with a Face-Lift, and turns his hand to gardening.
S11E27 Loose Cannon 10/03/1995 Deakin seems to be undermining a uniformed operation against under-aged prostitutes.
S11E28 Count To Ten 14/03/1995 Ackland looks to Slater for support when she is accused of preverting the course of justice after attending an R.T.A.
S11E29 Alone 17/03/1995 Deakin and Greig are held hostage in a nightclub by a desperate gunman.
S11E30 Quits 21/03/1995 Stamp makes Slater a laughing stock.
S11E31 Stopping Time 23/03/1995 Page tries to trace a hit-and-run driver who knocked down a man in her care.
S11E32 Value For Money 24/03/1995 Acting D.I. Deakin is offered a bribe by a dodgy television dealer.
S11E33 Little Green Apples 28/03/1995 A series of blunders by Slater put him on a collision course with Stamp and the new Chief Inspector.
S11E34 Never Too Young 30/03/1995 When Cryer tackles a gang of thieving schoolgirls he discovers that it is not only the policemen who are getting younger, it is the criminals too.
S11E35 Lost and Found 31/03/1995 Loxton shows a lack of sensitivity over an attack on a homosexual man, while C.I.D. find an unexpected ally as they attempt to solve an armed robbery.
S11E36 Hair Trigger 04/04/1995 Acting D.I. Deakin investigates the fatal shooting of a mother by her teenage son.
S11E37 Learning Curve 07/04/1995 Deakin and Carver find some buried treasure in a Chinese takeaway, while Nick Slater shows his caring nature - with disastrous results.
S11E38 Not Just For Christmas 11/04/1995 P.C. Hollis is on the trail of some canine kidnappers.
S11E39 Swan Song 13/04/1995 W.P.C. Harris is approached by a flirtatious informant. W.P.C. Page and P.C. Garfield learn that love is never short of passion, even in old age.
S11E40 In On The Game 14/04/1995 Sgt. Boyden and probationer PC Nick Slater are called to the house of an elderly lady who claims a couple are fornicating in her garden. A search of the surrounding area turns up the guilty parties: a wealthy local businessman and his companion, Lisa Royle. Drugs are also found in their car, so the two are taken into custody. Lisa flirts with Boyden, and gives him a phone number to call to vouch for her identity. She turns out to be DS Lisa Holm on an undercover operation, and an angry DI Raymond turns up at Sun Hill to ensure the operation is not further compromised. Slater is confused when Boyden suddenly releases the pair and demands to know why, but Boyden tells him that as a probationer, there are a lot of things he doesn't need to know.
S11E41 Your Witness 18/04/1995 D.I. Deakin pressurises a witness to testify, but D.C. Woods is worried about her safety.
S11E42 Life's a Bitch 21/04/1995 D.S. Beech and D.C. Carver investigate a case of vandalism and are drawn into a gangland war.
S11E43 Old Habits 25/04/1995 W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton discover some long-hidden secrets when a tower block is stripped prior to demolition.
S11E44 Baby Face 27/04/1995 W.P.C. Page tries to help a young boy.
S11E45 Deeds of Mercy 28/04/1995 Deakin gambles to win back his rank as Detective Inspector. Meanwhile, Beech and Pearce inadvertenly ruin any chance he has of rejoining the Flying Squad.
S11E46 Damage 02/05/1995 D.S. Pearce and D.C.I. Meadows investigate an alleged attempted murder, where the weapon is a slice of quiche.
S11E47 When Opportunity Knocks 04/05/1995 A series of unexplained robberies are cracked when one of the victims reveals she was seduced by a handsome freelance car washer, who copied her keys and arranged to meet her later, but robbed her house while she was waiting for him. Despite Insp. Monroe's objections that she is too inexperienced, DC Skase arranges for probationary WPC Debbie Keane to go undercover as a lonely housewife to catch the thief at work. The plan goes well, but at the expense of Skase's car when he uses it to block the driveway to prevent the thief's getaway.
S11E48 Have a Go Hero 05/05/1995 P.C. Slater comes face-to-face with a violent criminal.
S11E49 Memorial 09/05/1995 A high-rise estate is demolished, provoking mixed reactions from the former residents.
S11E50 Good Intentions 11/05/1995 P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Page respond when a small boy falls from a window, and uncover some family secrets.
S11E51 Losing Streak 12/05/1995 D.S. Beech and Insp. Monroe are at loggerheads following the recovery of the body of a drowned bookmaker from the Thames.
S11E52 In the Midnight Hour 16/05/1995 Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Page uncover some painful family secrets when they try to find a lost little girl.
S11E53 Never Forget a Face 18/05/1995 W.D.C. Croft reaches for a high-tech solution when the only witness to a brutal attack cannot identify the assailant.
S11E54 A Quiet Night In 19/05/1995 Sgt. Boyden decides to liven up a night shift by holding a competition to see who can get the most arrests, with a bottle of scotch as the prize. P.C.s Loxton and Hollis deal with a young woman who doesn't want to go home.
S11E55 Looking After Your Own 23/05/1995 W.P.C. Ackland is attacked by a drug dealer and ends up in hospital. Her colleagues are determined to see justice done.
S11E56 Four Walls 25/05/1995 D.S. Greig and W.D.C. Croft uncover love and prejudice when a family of gypsies is accused of robbery.
S11E57 O.T.S. 26/05/1995 W.P.C. Keane confronts a prostitute and finds her with D.S. Beech. Is he working under cover or between the sheets?
S11E58 Unfamiliar Territory 30/05/1995 P.C. Slater and W.P.C. Keane wonder whether they can handle the job.
S11E59 Feeling Guilty 01/06/1995 A pregnant woman is mugged and assaulted.
S11E60 See No Evil 02/06/1995 P.C. Hollis is the only witness to a fight between two of his colleagues. Ch. Insp. Stritch is determined to prove that police officers are not above the law.
S11E61 Looking For Justice 06/06/1995 D.C. Carver deals with a family angered when a criminal is allowed to walk free.
S11E62 Other Voices 08/06/1995 W.P.C. Keane and P.C. Slater deal with a violent stabbing but their investigation is hampered by hidden loyalties.
S11E63 Water Wings 09/06/1995 P.C. Slater, on attachment to Thames Division, investigates when a member of the local chapter of Hell's Angels has gone missing.
S11E64 They All Look the Same 13/06/1995 P.C. Loxton is furious at being tricked by an illegal immigrant.
S11E65 Trying It On 15/06/1995 W.D.C. Croft and D.S. Greig investigate a cat burglar who claims he cannot walk. P.C. Quinnan is hung over after a drunken party.
S11E66 Better Off Dead 16/06/1995 W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Slater try to find out why a little girl is wandering the streets late at night. W.P.C. Keane gets trapped when trying to arrest a suspect.
S11E67 Today and Tomorrow 20/06/1995 D.S. Pearce and D.I. Deakin clash over conflicting information from their respective informants.
S11E68 Upstairs Downstairs 22/06/1995 Ch. Insp. Stritch goes out on the beat with P.C. Garfield.
S11E69 Bedside Manner 23/06/1995 D.S. Pearce ignores the advice of the new F.M.E., putting a prisoner's life on the line.
S11E70 Who Cares? 27/06/1995 W.P.C. Keane and Sgt. Cryer uncover a case of elder abuse.
S11E71 Kicking 29/06/1995 P.C. Jarvis and W.P.C. Page investigate the death of a martial arts student.
S11E72 Big Hitters 30/06/1995 D.S. Beech helps W.D.C. Croft investigate a violent assault case, but she is uncomfortable with his methods.
S11E73 Picking Up the Pieces 04/07/1995 Cryer investigates when a disturbed young man claims to have assaulted someone.
S11E74 Big Boys' Rules 06/07/1995 Carver and Skase look into the hi-jacking of a lorry and realise that their investigation is being shadowed by a violent gang.
S11E75 Woman of Substance 07/07/1995 Datta and Jarvis try to track down a missing girl and fear she has been kidnapped.
S11E76 With Friends Like These 11/07/1995 Pearce is furious that Jarvis and Ackland may have unwittingly freed a child abductor.
S11E77 No Choice 13/07/1995 Ackland and Garfield become involved in an unusual case of life and death.
S11E78 The Lives of Brian 14/07/1995 Garfield and Marshall have to decide if a suspect is an innocent philanderer or a ruthless criminal.
S11E79 Skin Deep 18/07/1995 McCann finds himself in the frame for robbery. A young black youth with a grudge and a family of racists both have reason to set him up.