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"The Black Box" revolves around Elizabeth Black, a famed neuroscientist who seems to have it all, with a job at the Center for Neurological Research and Treatment (otherwise known as The Cube), but struggles with mental illness -- one of many secrets she keeps from her fiancé and family.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Black Box

S01E01 Embrasser le ciel 24/04/2014 Neurologue reconnue, Catherine Black exerce avec passion dans un hôpital de New York. Surnommée par ses confrères la «Marco Polo» du cerveau, elle propose à ses patients des méthodes innovantes, qu'ils soient atteints de démence ou de tumeur du cerveau. Selon elle, il n'y a pas de «normalité». Mais Catherine Black souffre elle-même d'un profond trouble : bipolaire, elle est régulièrement atteinte de crises d'angoisse, d'altération du comportement voire de désinhibition. Secrètement suivie par le docteur Hartramph, elle essaie de juguler sa maladie au quotidien en suivant un traitement pesant. Elle redoute que son mal l'empêche d'exercer son métier si l'ordre des médecins en prenait connaissance...
S01E02 Petits mensonges 01/05/2014 Durant une intervention menée sur le cerveau d'un patient, un chirurgien exerçant à l'hôpital rencontrant de graves difficultés. Les conséquences s'avèrent dramatiques. De son côté, le docteur Catherine Black essaie de venir en aide à une patiente qui souffre de terribles hallucinations : en effet, cette femme est convaincue que sa tête explose. Parallèlement, la Catherine est confrontée aux doutes de son petit ami. Il a la nette impression qu'elle ne lui dit pas toute la vérité à son sujet...
S01E03 Qui est-ce ? 08/05/2014 Le docteur Black s'intéresse à une patiente qui ne voit que la moitié des images. Parallèlement, la neurologue est persuadée de l'infidélité de son petit ami. Très sûre d'elle, elle décide de rencontrer celle qu'elle a identifiée comme étant sa maîtresse. Mais Catherine Black est très sollicitée. En effet, une personne souffrant d'un délire d'illusion des sosies est prise en charge à l'hôpital...
S01E04 Exceptionnel 15/05/2014 Catherine introduces Will as her fiancé to Dr. Bickman. During a moment alone, Dr. Bickman tells Catherine they are more alike than what meets the eye. He explains neither one can ever really find happiness in monogamy. Meanwhile, Ali wonders if she has chosen the right career path when she sees Leo is constantly firing on all cylinders. After a closer look, Ali is certain that something is not quite right about Leo and it’s not his superior memory. Dr. Morely admits a patient that he suspects is having a manic episode, and Dr. Lolita Mahmoud arrives as The Cube’s medicating psychiatrist
S01E05 Jerusalem 22/05/2014 Catherine shares a moment of tenderness with Esme when she turns to her for help with winning over the heart of a boy. A close friend comes to Bickman at the Cube after she discovers her husband Jacob gave away his car, liquidated his assets, and has given his penthouse away to his maid. During an examination with Dr. Black, Jacob reveals symptoms of a centuries old condition called Jerusalem Syndrome. Catherine and Owen use unconventional methods to help Dr. Reynaud deal with his crippling fear of death so that he can be at peace in his final days.
S01E06 Oubliez-moi 29/05/2014 Catherine and Joshua have different ideas about how the past unfolded after their father made the decision to leave them. Hunter Black is ready to reconnect, though Catherine is reluctant to allow him back into her life. Meanwhile, a decorated soldier is struggling with a war wound that has left him miserable. Another patient is admitted to the Cube with macular degeneration after she falls off the side of a mountain. To her surprise, she begins to see vibrant visions of snow leopards and landscapes that she could have never imagined. Elsewhere, Will discovers that he can't get rid of Delilah without risk of losing his restaurant.
S01E07 Kodachrome 19/06/2014 A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist arrives at The Cube after being hit by a stray bullet in Syria. The pressure is on when Dr. Bickman and Dr. Black embark on a procedure to remove the live ammo without the help modern technology. A high-profile make-up artist suffers a minor stroke leaving him color blind. Catherine is determined to find a cure when she discovers that this could end his career. Catherine meets Will’s parents and begins to panic at the thought of turning into a boring housewife.
S01E08 Libre arbitre 26/06/2014 Doctor Hartramph refers a patient to The Cube after he complains of headaches and hearing voices. His vivid hallucinations take control of him driving him to strike out with a violent intrusion on the hospital. Catherine takes on a patient diagnosed with Alien Hand Syndrome and struggles to get her relationship back on track with Will.
S01E09 Chanter contre moi 03/07/2014 Dr. Black begins work on a music study where her patients range from a popular music competition winner that has lost her ability to recognize music pitch, to a man that has developed Acquired Savant Syndrome after being struck by lightning. Elsewhere, a street musician suffering from tremors requires Catherine to turn to an unlikely source for help in getting him the treatment he needs. Catherine realizes her feelings for Dr. Bickman might be mutual though he makes her a proposal that shocks her.
S01E10 Liberté 10/07/2014 Dr. Morely admits a patient who is convinced he is dead. Doomed to enduring the advanced onset of the hallucination, he reluctantly agrees to some tests that reveal he has Cotard’s Syndrome. A mother is at the end of her rope when her daughter displays signs of meningitis and fails to be diagnosed by several other doctors. Esme is hired at Will’s restaurant to help out, and it isn’t long before she discovers the truth about Delilah. Will confronts Catherine when he thinks she is hiding a secret. In a panic, Catherine reveals the truth only, not the one he was looking for.
S01E11 Émotion 17/07/2014 Dr. Bickman rushes his doorman to The Cube after he sees him collapse from a buried aneurysm. With a second bleed imminent, he makes a choice to perform an alternative procedure to repair it. After revealing a difficult diagnosis to a young mother, Catherine finds herself sinking into a deep sadness. In her desperation, she misleads a nurse into supplying her with oxycodone. Catherine turns to her brother for help, though he begins to wonder if he’s become an enabler. Catherine reveals to Will that their relationship is over.
S01E12 Peur 24/07/2014 Catherine is experiencing hallucinations and refuses Dr. Hartramph’s urging to be admitted into a hospital. Her behavior is becoming increasingly manic and it isn’t long before Mahmoud begins to piece together what she’s seeing. Meanwhile, Bickman is reluctant to go back into the operating room after Joey’s botched surgery. Catherine encourages Bickman to see Lina so that she can re-wire his brain. A woman confronts a knife-wielding man on the street and the team wonders if it’s really a display of bravery or if she has an absence of fear.
S01E13 Conséquences 24/07/2014 After undergoing treatment in rehab, Catherine returns to face the fallout at home and at The Cube. While trying to get her life back on track, Esme's biological father arrives and is in desperate need of a transplant. Catherine is faced with the difficult decision of having to reveal the truth to Esme about who her real parents are. Owen is agreeable to having Catherine back at work, though it isn't without strict parameters, making it a challenge for Catherine to earn her credibility back.