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Incorporating sharks, giant manta rays, tentacles, and ocean venom into its subject matter, BLUE REALM - UNDERWATER ADVENTURE is a fascinating guide to many of the creatures that lurk beneath the waves. Some stunning camera work combines with commentary from expert marine scientists, who weave some fascinating tales about these undersea wonders. Sharks are filmed during various patterns of behavior, with the seemingly fearless crew getting very close to a terrifying great white; the seas surrounding New Guinea and Australia are mined for the "ocean venom" that lay within their reefs; a look at the usage of tentacles provides an opportunity to learn more about squid and octopi; while, finally, giant manta rays are examined, with some amazing findings about their intelligence uncovered. It all adds up to a comprehensive guide to some of the awesome creatures we share the planet with.


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S01E01 Shark Business 00/00/0000 Shark Business unravels some of the mysteries surrounding sharks with controversial behaviorist Dr. Erich Ritter. You'll witness divers testing the limits of shark-human interaction outside of cages with dangerous sharks such as lemon, bull and even great white sharks! Recount the events that led to the attack that almost killed Dr. Ritter. Witness a feeding Frenzy of over 100 reef sharks in the Bahamas, and see a diver literally ride a Great White Shark in Gansbai, South Africa! This episode has shark action like you have never seen before!
S01E02 Miracle Venom 00/00/0000 Miracle Venom explores the strange, and often bizarre world of the oceans most venomous animals. Follow Dr. Glen Burns as he handles deadly Sea Snakes with only his bare hands. You'll be amazed at how a small Cone Snail hunts, paralyses and then eats it's prey alive. The waters of Papua New Guinea and Australia's Great Barrier Reef harbour an exceptional variety of venomous fish and invertebrates.The poisons of these animals are some of the most lethal known to man.They also, however, hold enormous potential in the development of therapeutic drugs.
S01E03 Tentacles 00/00/0000 Tentacles follows Dr. Jennifer Mather as she leads a team of renowned scientists to the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire.Their mission is to prove a controversial theory: reef squid speak to each other with a complex language they paint on their skin. The episode features the bizarre courtship and never- before-filmed egg-laying rituals of reef squid. Travel to the Pacific Northwest for an encounter with the world's largest Octopus . You'll also witness the fascinating hunting technique of the cuttlefish.
S01E04 Giants of San Benedicto 00/00/0000 Giants of San Benedicto features Dr. Robert Rubin and his ground-breaking research of giant Mantas. You'll travel to the remote Socorro Islands off Mexico's Pacific coast and see breath-taking encounters with enormous manta rays. You're sure to love these majestic giants as you see how they invite human contact, and encourage certain divers to ride them. The film crew also travels to the Bahamas to visit 'Bubbles', a fifteen foot Manta in the worlds largest aquarium, and witness her release back into the ocean.
S01E05 Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants 00/00/0000 They’re not whales at all, but by far the largest fish in the sea. Yet at nearly 50 feet in length and weighing 20 tons or more, they eat only the smallest marine animals. They are not a threat to humans, but their numbers are dramatically shrinking. Like elephants slaughtered for their ivory tusks, whale sharks are relentlessly pursued by poachers. From Africa to Asia, they are targeted for their meat and immense fins. Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants introduces us to this amazing creature through scientists who are racing against time to save the species. Utilizing space-age technology from NASA and the Hubble Telescope, researchers are able to identify, catalogue and track individual sharks. In Mexico and remote Western Australia, whale shark tourism has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, as more and more boats vie for fewer animals. The program also features the remarkable story of shark cowboys who captured and transported 4 live whale sharks (in customized jumbo jets) to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.
S01E06 Shark Divers 00/00/0000 Sharks are BIG business in adrenaline eco-tourism. And some thrill seekers deliberately pursue close encounters with deadly sharks – without the protection of a cage. The bigger and more dangerous the shark, the better. At Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, guests (including 5 & 7 year old siblings) come face to face with great whites. In the Bahamas, scuba divers pay big bucks to get up close and personal with tiger sharks. But have we taken this risky sport too far? Shark advocates Dr. Erich Ritter and Chuck Anderson have grave reservations about how far we are willing to go for a thrill. And they have intimate knowledge of the subject. Both men were brutally attacked by bull sharks. Shark Divers also examines the controversy surrounding a handful of high-profile attacks in 2008, including the first shark tourist killed while on a shark excursion.
S01E07 Humpbacks: From Tonga to Antarctica 00/00/0000 Singing louder than any animal on earth, humpback whales are famous for their haunting songs and jaw-dropping acrobatics. They were hunted to the brink of extinction until a moratorium on killing them was implemented in the 1960s. But after finally rebounding in numbers, whaling nations are exploring ways to re-open the hunt. In Antarctica, Japan is targeting minke, fin, and now... humpbacks. The tiny island nation of Tonga in the remote South Pacific is a haven for the magnificent mammals. With few natural resources or other means of income, the country is considering opening it’s waters to foreign whaling fleets in exchange for hard currency. The merits and legitimacy of scientific whaling by Japan and other nations is hotly debated. The iconic species is a favorite of whale watchers from Alaska to Mexico and the stage is set for an epic battle between whalers and conservationists. Humpbacks: From Tonga to Antarctica also features Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society.
S01E08 Manatees and Dugongs 00/00/0000 Each year, hundreds of critically endangered manatees are killed in U.S. waters by boats, disease and cold weather. 2006 was the worst year on record for manatee deaths – 416 animals perished. With only a few thousand remaining in the wild, mostly in heavily developed Florida wetlands, the clock is ticking in efforts to save this amazing mammal from extinction. Another rare species and close relative of manatees is the dugong. Dugongs cling to survival in a few isolated corners of the globe. In marine sanctuaries in Abu Dhabi, the bizarre animals have been notoriously difficult to find, let alone photograph. Manatees and Dugongs features exclusive HD imagery of the mammals in the wild and examines efforts of scientists to protect the two species. The program also includes thrilling captures and field exams of manatees in Florida.