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Jane March est engagée comme employée de bureau dans un cabinet juridique lorsqu'on lui apprend qu'elle remplace, en réalité, Rose, une femme décédée peu avant. La meilleure amie de cette dernière, Linda, tente de convaincre Jane que sa mort est le résultat d'un assassinat malgré ce qu'en a conclu la police. Ensemble, elles s'entourent d'amis pour monter la Society of the Blue Rose chargée d'élucider des affaires criminelles.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Blue Rose

S01E01 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out 04/02/2013 Temp, Jane March (Antonia Prebble) takes over from dead PA Rose. But if Rose's death was no accident - then who killed her and why? And how far does this conspiracy go?
S01E02 What Difference Does It Make? 11/02/2013 Jane and Linda find the truth behind Davyhulme Investments - but how can they get justice for Rose?
S01E03 Sheila Take a Bow 18/02/2013 Jane finds she has a powerful enemy, Sonya faces ultimate betrayal, and Linda is on a crash course for vengeance.
S01E04 This Charming Man 25/02/2013 Jane goes up against her nemesis, as Ganesh applies Blue Rose force to an important application.
S01E05 Pretty Girls Make Graves 04/03/2013 Jane's work crisis leads to shocking discoveries, while Sonya tries to save a lost soul with dark secrets.
S01E06 Paint a Vulgar Picture 11/03/2013 Rose's phone reveals vital clues, including the last person she spoke to, but just how far are the Blue Roses prepared to go to get information?
S01E07 Money Changes Everything 18/03/2013 Jane finds Linda has secrets, as Simon wants her to go away with him. For work, or something more? Linda is appalled to find Grant is going for a DNA test to get custody of Nina, and wants to contest the will.
S01E08 Half a Person 25/03/2013 When Linda finds the truth about Ben, she knows Jane needs The Blue Roses' help. Jane is threatened, but who should she trust?
S01E09 Suffer Little Children 01/04/2013 Peterson's charity ride throws up a few choice gifts, but has Linda blown things? And what will be the fallout?
S01E10 Handsome Devil 08/04/2013 Linda seems to have a deal with the devil, and a sex scandal at Mosely’s leads Jane to defend the enemy.
S01E11 This Night Has Opened My Eyes 15/04/2013 A party and a tragedy lead the Blue Roses to crisis, but Sonya is certain of one thing: in the middle of an investigation, you don’t go around sleeping with the suspects.
S01E12 Girl Afraid 22/04/2013 The Blue Roses seek the evidence they need to find Rose's killer, but this only leads them into deeper danger.
S01E13 Hand in Glove 29/04/2013 The Blue Roses are at the wire. Their mission: protect the innocent; expose the guilty; save the bunny. But above all, they want justice for Rose.