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Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters


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S05E01 Episode 1 30/05/2010 Evan Davis is joined by a panel of top executives to discuss the current economic climate. With the crisis in the Eurozone adding to economic uncertainty around the world, how are companies planning for the short and long-term? As decisions by governments begin to bite, Evan finds out how political risk is factored into political decisions. The panel also talks about Google's 20 per cent policy, under which engineers are given a fifth of their time to work on their own projects - and about how to make the most of downtime. Evan is joined in the studio by Matt Brittin, managing director of Google UK; Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of VistaJet; and Irwin Lee, vice president and UK and Ireland general manager of Procter and Gamble.
S05E02 Episode 2 05/06/2010 Evan Davis is joined by three top executives from a broadcaster, an industry group, and a circus company. Lobbying is the first item on the agenda, and the guests give their views on how loud business should shout, both in the media and when trying to influence government. Is the popular portrayal of lobbying as a somewhat shady occupation close to the truth - and how much time and effort do the guests devote to trying to capture the attention of politicians and civil servants? They also discuss the phrase 'new and improved'. It's a much used label, but Evan finds out how the guests develop new products, how they improve their existing lines, and whether they resist the temptation to hype up their next big thing. Evan's guests are Daniel Lamarre, president and chief executive of Cirque du Soleil; Helen Alexander, president of the CBI; and Jeremy Darroch, chief executive of BskyB.
S05E03 Episode 3 12/06/2010 Three top executives join Stephanie Flanders in the studio to talk about playing the long game and scouting for talent. Nearly all business gurus recommend thinking in strategic terms rather than concentrating on short-term gains. But is this really possible in today's business environment, where a constant flow of news affects markets every second of every day? Stephanie finds out how the bosses on the panel keep their eyes on the long game. How much will they give up today to reap rewards down the line? Stephanie’s guests this week are Ellis Rich, chief executive of Independent Music Group (left); Jayne-Anne Gadhia, chief executive of Virgin Money (centre); and Peter Hambro, chairman of Petropavlovsk (right).
S05E04 Episode 4 20/06/2010 Evan Davis is joined in the studio by three top guests to talk about organic growth and information technology disasters. Business owners have two main ways to make their companies bigger. One way is to expand incrementally, bit by bit, over time. The other much faster way is to buy up your competitors. In this edition of the programme, the panel weighs up the merits of organic growth versus growing by acquisition. When does it make sense to go slow and steady, and when do bosses decide to go on a buying spree to expand? Also up for debate - IT disasters. We have become so reliant on information technology that it causes serious problems when, for whatever reason, the computers cease to work. Our guests tell their horror stories and offer some solutions for tackling IT projects. Evan's guests are Luke Johnson, chairman of Risk Capital Partners; Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy; and Jacqueline de Rojas, UK and Ireland vice president of McAfee.
S05E05 Episode 5 26/06/2010 Evan Davis is joined in the studio by three top business guests to talk about property management and trends in the leisure industry. Some say that when a company invests in a flashy new headquarters, it's good time to sell your shares in it. The theory goes that splashing out on a new building means a firm is at the peak of its overconfidence and its downfall is imminent. In this edition of the programme, Evan finds out what drives decisions about property management. When is it better to lease, and when is it better to buy - and which tasks do our guests choose to outsource? The panel also discusses leisure. It may seem like we're working harder than ever, but the statistics say we're not - the average UK employee works an hour less a week than they did 10 years ago. So why do so many people think they are strapped for time - and how does this affect what we do when we're not at work? Evan and his guests look at the different ways we're using our free time. Evan's guests are Manny Fontenla-Novoa, chief executive of Thomas Cook Group; PY Gerbeau, chief executive of X-Leisure; and Ruby McGregor-Smith, chief executive of MITIE.
S05E06 Episode 6 03/07/2010 In a special programme recorded at the Design Museum in London, Evan Davis and his panel of top business guests discuss economic recovery in Britain and design. There's been a lot of debate about what we need to do right now to get out of the economic doldrums. But in this edition we'd like to take a longer-term view - what competitive advantage does the UK have on the global economic stage, and what will the mix look like in ten years or more? Evan discusses manufacturing, financial services and the creative sector with the panel. Also on the agenda, design. Many people are familiar with the two aspects of good design - form and function. Both are undoubtedly important - but can we go further than considering only what a product looks like, and how it works? We scratch the surface and find out what makes good design - and bad design as well. Evan's guests are pottery and tableware designer Emma Bridgewater; John Hitchcox, chairman of property developers Yoo; and Brent Hoberman, executive chairman of
S05E07 Episode 7 10/07/2010 Evan Davis is joined in the studio by top business guests to discuss the fear of technology and the difficulties of working with people you don't like. When we constantly hear about revolutionising effect of technology on the business world, it's easy to forget that many people are suspicious of new innovations. Technophobia may stem from legitimate concerns, and it can hit companies working in the high-tech sphere, especially when communication doesn't keep pace with invention. The panel discusses fear of genetically modified crops, internet security and more. Also on the programme: working with people you don't like. They are the tricky ones, those with tough personalities and idiosyncratic habits. We hear how the bosses on our panel have dealt with difficult characters throughout their careers and how they manage these types today. Evan's guests are John Atkin, chief operating officer of Syngenta; Eric Grosse, president of Expedia Worldwide; and John McLaren, chairman of Barchester Group.
S05E08 Episode 8 17/07/2010 Evan Davis is joined in the studio by top business guests to discuss the art of reviving brands and to chat about conferences. Like everyday products such as milk and bread, brands themselves have a shelf life. What was trendy and coveted a few years ago – or even a few weeks ago – can seem tired and stale now. Guests talk about reviving a brand and remaking old products for new consumers. What's at the top of the to-do list when moving in to carry out a brand refurbishment? Plus discussion about nostalgia value versus fresh thinking, and how fashionable brands survive in a crowded marketplace. The panel also chats about business conferences. Is jetting off somewhere to meet competitors and customers useful, or are those big gatherings just a boring waste of time? We'll go behind the scenes and find out what the guests really think about corporate events. Evan's guests are Rita Clifton, chairman of Interbrand; Rupert Gavin, chief executive of cinema chain Odeon; and Crispin Tweddell, founder and chairman of Piper Private Equity.
S06E01 Episode 1 25/09/2010 The view from the top of business. Presented by Evan Davis, The Bottom Line cuts through confusion, statistics and spin to present a clearer view of the business world, through discussion with people running leading and emerging companies. Evan Davis is joined by a panel of chief executives to discuss the US economy. There was concern over the summer that the world's economic powerhouse could be about to enter a double-dip recession, dragging rest of the world down with it. Those fears may have now subsided, but how is the US economy actually faring? And can the rest of the world thrive without a booming America? The panel also discusses sponsorship - how companies decide which events to back, and how much to spend. Evan is joined in the studio by Nani Beccalli-Falco, President and Chief Executive of GE International; Trevor Matthews, Chief Executive of Friends Provident; Mike Lynch, founder and Chief Executive of Autonomy.
S06E02 Episode 2 02/10/2010 Evan Davis and a panel of guests from the worlds of civil engineering, hedge funds and investment discuss the art of staying ahead of the competition. The ruthless former chief executive of General Electric, Jack Welch, often held up as a model of business leadership, pursued a strategy to establish each of General Electric's businesses as either number one or number two in the market. Without this approach, he believed the company's prospects would be bleak. Some companies will do anything to be big, even if it means cutting prices and making less money. Other businesses are happy to be smaller and more profitable. Which strategy wins? The panel also discusses corporate claptrap. Silly jargon, faddish ideas and vacuous ideas - why is the business world so keen on nonsense? Evan is joined in the studio by Deborah Meaden, entrepreneur and business investor; Keith Clarke, chief executive of FTSE 250 civil engineering and design consultancy Atkins; Hugh Hendry, hedge fund manager and co-founder of Eclectica Asset Management.
S06E03 Episode 3 09/10/2010 The view from the top of business. Presented by Evan Davis, The Bottom Line cuts through confusion, statistics and spin to present a clearer view of the business world, through discussion with people running leading and emerging companies. Evan and a panel of guests from the worlds of advertising, branding and lifestyle management discuss viral videos, social networking and some of the other methods companies now employ to reach out to their customers. The panel also discusses positive thinking. Is better to be optimistic in business, or realistic? Evan is joined in the studio by Alex Cheatle, chief executive of the lifestyle management company Ten Group; Jasmine Montgomery, co-founder of branding consultancy Seven Brands; Robin Wight, president of communications group Engine.
S06E04 Episode 4 16/10/2010 Evan and a panel of guests from the worlds of electronic components, online groceries and information technology discuss the exacting science of business logistics. The panel also discusses customer service. Just how high should a company aim in trying to satisfy its consumers? Evan is joined in the studio by Tim Steiner, co-founder and chief executive of online supermarket Ocado; Nick Wilson of Hewlett-Packard UK; Ian Mason, chief executive of electronic components company Electrocomponents.
S06E05 Episode 5 23/10/2010 Evan and a panel of guests from the worlds of farming, packaging and investment discuss the importance of raw materials - and how the price of commodities affects their companies. The panel also discusses emotion. Evan asks his guests how 'touchy feely' they are, as they consider whether business is a place for emotion and sentimentality. Evan is joined in the studio by William Chase, farmer and entrepreneur; Miles Roberts, chief executive of FTSE250 packaging company DS Smith; Colin Melvin, chief executive of Hermes Equity Ownership Services.
S06E06 Episode 6 30/10/2010 Evan and a panel of guests from the world of digital publishing, security and spirits discuss the special relationship between the two people at the top of a company: the chairman and chief executive. Is it a recipe for tension, or a sensible balancing of responsibilities? The panel also discusses the merits of youth versus experience in the workplace. What qualities do young people bring to a business compared with their older colleagues - or is there no difference? Evan is joined in the studio by Seamus McBride, President and Chief Executive of spirits company Bacardi Limited; Nick Buckles, Chief Executive of security company G4S; and Anthony Habgood, Chairman of digital publisher Reed Elsevier and the hotel, coffee shop and restaurant company Whitbread.
S06E07 Episode 7 06/11/2010 Evan and a panel of top guests from the worlds of online retail, investment and utilities examine how young upstart companies can outsmart their well-established incumbent opponents, and how those opponents can defend themselves. The panel also discuss company names. What makes a good one? And why the business obsession with changing them? Evan is joined in the studio by Katherine Garrett-Cox, Chief Executive of FTSE100 Alliance Trust, an investment trust; Brent Hoberman, serial internet entrepreneur and founder of web-based furniture company; Phil Bentley, Managing Director of utility company British Gas.
S06E08 Episode 8 13/11/2010 In the week that former BP boss Tony Hayward admitted that the company had been unprepared for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April, Evan and his panel of top business executives consider how companies plan for unexpected events. How prepared actually are they for a crisis or a disaster? And dressing up, dressing down, power dressing, smart casual - they also discuss what to wear at work. Evan is joined in the studio by Neil Gaydon, chief executive of set-top box maker Pace, Sara Weller, managing director of retail chain Argos, and Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks.
S07E01 Episode 1 29/01/2011 Evan consults the oracle by asking his panel of top executives to fast-forward five years and forecast how they see the economic landscape in 2016. They discuss raw materials and inflation, and debate who will look stronger - will it be China or India? The panel also discuss the value of networking - both real and virtual - for your business and your career. Evan is joined in the studio by Andy Street, managing director of high street retail chain John Lewis; Nicola Horlick, founder of Bramdean Asset Management; Simon Woodroffe, entrepreneur and founder of YO! Company.
S07E02 Episode 2 05/02/2011 In this edition Evan asks his panel of top business executives how they manage to adapt their companies and remain relevant in the modern world. What do you do when technology changes, or fashions move against you? What are the challenges of rejuvenating and transforming a mature business to keep ahead of the curve? The panel also discusses which laws get in the way of running a business smoothly and reveal which ones they would most like to scrap. Evan is joined in the studio by Anne Murphy, UK managing director of frozen foods company Birds Eye; Norbert Teufelberger, chief executive of online gaming firm Bwin; Efrat Peled, chief executive of the fund Arison Investments.
S07E03 Episode 3 12/02/2011 The view from the top of business. Presented this week by Stephanie Flanders, The Bottom Line cuts through confusion, statistics and spin to present a clearer view of the business world, through discussion with people running leading and emerging companies. This week, Stephanie and her panel of top executives discuss the impact of political instability on the way they do business. They also talk about their employees - many chief executives will say their workers are the company's "most valuable asset", but is it really true? Stephanie is joined in the studio by Tim Watkins, vice president of the western arm of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei; Richard Fenning, chief executive of global security consultancy Control Risks; Vineet Nayar, chief executive of Indian IT services company HCL Technologies.
S07E04 Episode 4 19/02/2011 This week, Stephanie and her panel of top executives discuss hyperconnectivity - the idea that there are more devices in use around the world than there are people actually using them. How do the panel cope with the sheer mass of incoming information, and devices to carry it? Does more technology mean better communication, or just less time to think? They also talk about the role of intuition in making important decisions. Is there still room in modern business for the good old-fashioned hunch, or do decisions these days always need to be backed up by solid analysis? Stephanie is joined in the studio by Dominic Taylor, chief executive of payment services company PayPoint; Rita Clifton, chairman of branding consultancy Interbrand; Sir Michael Rake, chairman of telecoms company BT Group.
S07E05 Epidode 5 26/02/2011 Evan is joined in the studio by Ian Cheshire, chief executive of home improvement retail company Kingfisher, Cilla Snowball, group chief executive and chairman of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, and David Jones, global chief executive of Havas Worldwide.
S07E06 Episode 6 05/03/2011 Stephanie's top business guests hail from the worlds of retail, IT and pizza. They swap thoughts on the business of timing. Are modern businesses now so obsessed with doing things quickly that they fail to do it well? And as political turmoil continues in the Middle East, the panel debate whether it's important for businesses to keep up with what's happening around the world. How isolated from current events can they be? Stephanie is joined in the studio by David Wild, chief executive of car accessories company Halfords; Mike Norris, chief executive of IT services firm Computacenter; Chris Moore, chief executive of Domino's Pizza UK and Ireland.
S07E07 Episode 7 12/03/2011 Presented by Stephanie Flanders. Stephanie's top executive guests hail from the worlds of mobile energy, sanitary fittings and business services. They discuss how businesses cope in a 'slow growth' environment. Could years of slow growth be more challenging than a short sharp shock? Not so long ago, the slow coach economy in Europe was Germany - and now it's steaming ahead of everyone. What's gone right for Germany, and what lessons could other countries learn? Stephanie is joined in the studio by Rupert Soames, chief executive of mobile energy group, Aggreko; Neal Gandhi, chief executive of international business services company Quickstart Global; and David Haines, chief executive of German bathroom fittings company Grohe.
S07E08 Episode 8 19/03/2011 The view from the top of business, presented by Evan Davis. The Bottom Line cuts through confusion, statistics and spin to present a clearer view of the business world, through discussion with people running leading and emerging companies. This week, Evan's top executive guests include two hoteliers and a soft drinks manufacturer. They discuss recent events in Japan, and explore to what extent companies can really prepare for major disasters. They also reveal how much they know about life on the shop floor and where the problems lie.
S07E09 Episode 9 26/03/2011 Evan's guests this week are Jane Shepherdson, chief executive of Whistles; Simon Berwin, managing director of Berwin & Berwin and Kim Winser, fashion & retail expert with private equity group 3i.
S08E01 Episode 1 04/06/2011 Evan's guests this week are Sir Terry Matthews, serial technology entrepreneur, Harriet Green, chief executive of electronic components distributor Premier Farnell and Geoff Cooper, chief executive of builders merchant Travis Perkins.
S08E02 Episode 2 11/06/2011 With so many people now living in high-consuming industrial nations, and with many commodity prices increasing, Evan asks his business guests how they plan to economise in their use of raw materials. They also discuss building design and appraise the importance of form and function. Evan is joined in the studio by Eugene Kohn, co-founder and chairman of architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates; Mark Price, managing director of supermarket chain Waitrose; Andy Bond, former chief executive and chairman of Asda.
S08E03 Episode 3 18/06/2011 Evan and his guests swap thoughts on contacts and contracts. Is it who you know that counts in business? Are informal networks the way business is allocated? Or do more formal arrangements now apply? Evan also asks his guests to reveal their greatest business regrets. Evan is joined in the studio by Will Butler-Adams, managing director of folding bicycle manufacturer Brompton Bicycle; Charles Cohen, chief executive of mobile gaming company Probability plc; Ralph Oppenheimer, chairman of steel trading company Stemcor.
S08E04 Episode 4 25/06/2011 This week Evan's executive guests hail from the worlds of banking, headhunting and advertising. He asks them about loyalty - or rather the seeming lack of it in business. Are companies generally looking for short-term relationships of convenience, with loyalty gone and promiscuity the rule? Evan also asks them how they measure how well they're performing. Evan is joined in the studio by Michael Morley, chief executive of private bank Coutts & Co; Robin Wight, president of communications agency Engine; Alistair Cox, chief executive of global recruitment firm Hays.
S08E05 Episode 5 02/07/2011 Evan's guest this week are Michael Birch, internet entrepreneur and founder of social networking website Bebo; Laura Tenison, founder and managing director of maternity and babywear retailer Jo-Jo Maman Bébé; Justin King, chief executive of supermarket chain Sainsbury's.
S08E06 Episode 6 09/07/2011 This week Evan asks his panel of top executives about the perils and the possibilities of running a fast-growing business. Many a company has spiralled out of control because of a failure to manage rapid growth - but what are the speed limits? They also chew over the role of the business lunch. Evan is joined in the studio by Clive Schlee, chief executive of sandwich retail chain Pret A Manger; Peter Bamford, chairman of SuperGroup, the fashion retailer behind the SuperDry brand; Giles Andrews, founder and chief executive of Zopa, an online lending service.
S08E07 Episode 7 16/07/2011 This week Evan asks his panel of top executives about the limits of automation. How far can they go in removing human beings from their business? Which processes are beyond automation? The panel also swap thoughts on the benefits of the corporate awayday. Evan is joined in the studio by Mike Lynch, founder and chief executive of the software company Autonomy; Colin Drummond, chief executive of waste management firm Viridor; Douglas Anderson, president and chief executive of the global travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel.
S09E01 Episode 1 24/09/2011 Evan asks his guests whether it's time to declare a state of emergency in the world economy and to adopt extreme measures to sort out the euro crisis and the lack of economic activity in the West. They also discuss rumours, hearsay and speculation, and the role they play in business. Evan is joined in the studio by: Guy Berruyer, chief executive of global business software supplier Sage Group; internet entrepreneur Brent Hoberman, founder of online interior decoration business; Hugh Hendry, co-founder of hedge fund Eclectica Asset Management.
S09E02 Episode 2 01/10/2011 Evan and his guests discuss McDonald's. After a rocky period in the middle of the last decade, how well has the global burger chain managed to revive its famous fast-food formula? They also debate whether the progress of radical new technology has slowed down. Evan is joined in the studio by: Greg Lucier, chief executive of US biotechnology company Life Technologies; Rita Clifton, chairman of branding consultancy Interbrand; Jill McDonald, chief executive of McDonald's UK.
S09E03 Episode 3 08/10/2011 Evan asks his panel if it's getting easier to create a new business in the wired world, or does a lower barrier to entry mean it's more difficult to get noticed? They also consider how good businesses are built on the back of mistakes. Evan is joined in the studio by Matt Brittin, managing director of Google, UK and Ireland; Lara Morgan, founder of Pacific Direct and Company Shortcuts; Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur and chairman of Risk Capital Partners.
S09E04 Episode 4 15/10/2011 Stephanie asks her panel about the dos and don'ts of marketing. They also talk about messiness in the workplace. Is there any truth to the claim that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind? Stephanie is joined in the studio by Richard Harpin, chief executive of emergency home repairs business Homeserve; Nick Wheeler, founder and chairman of shirt company Charles Tyrwhitt; Charles Cohen, chief executive of mobile gaming company Probability Plc.
S09E05 Episode 5 22/10/2011 With protests continuing around the world against the financial sector, three guests from that industry swap candid thoughts about it. Evan puts to them a fundamental question: is their industry creating genuine wealth, or is it essentially parasitic, finding clever ways of distributing other people's wealth to its own workers? Joining Evan in the studio are Ken Olisa, chairman of boutique technology merchant bank Restoration Partners; Ian Gorham, chief executive of financial advisory firm Hargreaves Lansdown; Julian Roberts, chief executive of savings and investment group Old Mutual.
S09E06 Episode 6 29/10/2011 This week Evan and his guests serve up a smorgasbord of topics, from Swedish business and the IKEA model, to the crisis in the Eurozone crisis. They also discuss proliferation - how many different products should a company sell? Joining Evan in the studio are John Vincent, co-founder of Leon Restaurants; Helena Morrissey, chief executive of global asset manager Newton Investment Management; Peter Jelkeby, senior vice president of Swedish chain store Clas Ohlson.
S09E07 Episode 7 05/11/2011 Evan Davis and the panel consider the secrets of a happy business marriage - those key symbiotic partnerships companies have with each other. They also discuss whether flat organisations work best. Joining Evan in the studio are Mike Roney, chief executive of business supplies distributor Bunzl; James Reed, chairman of recruitment specialist Reed; and Nicola Shaw, chief executive of HS1, the fast rail link from London to the Channel Tunnel.
S09E08 Episode 8 12/11/2011 After a week of turmoil in the bond markets, Evan and his panel discuss the importance of bonds in business. The boss of Heathrow talks about the trials and tribulations of running one of the world's busiest airports, and the panel swap thoughts on whether a good business manager can run any company of any type. Joining Evan in the studio are Mark Elborne, president and chief executive of multinational conglomerate GE (UK and Ireland); Alison Carnwath, chairman of property company Land Securities; and Colin Matthews, chief executive of airport owner and operator BAA.
S09E09 Episode 9 19/11/2011 Evan and his panel debate whether now is the time for companies to pursue big, ambitious ideas - or is it a time for more modest aspirations? They also discuss banking with the boss of retail banking at Royal Bank of Scotland, and take stock of the consumer sector in the run-up to Christmas. Joining Evan in the studio are Brian Hartzer, chief executive of RBS UK Retail, Wealth and Ulster; David Martin, chief executive of transport company Arriva; Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, founder and managing director of WOW toys.

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