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Howard Booth is a small time con who has recently been released from prison. Prison doesn't seemed to have reformed him though.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Bounder

S01E01 He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother-In-Law 16/04/1982 Howard Booth, a smoothly plausible former investment manager, emerges from prison after serving two years for fraud. Having nowhere to go and no funds, he imposes himself on his trusting younger sister Mary and her cynical estate agent husband, Trevor Mountjoy.
S01E02 Howard at the Majestic 23/04/1982 Determined to treat Trevor and Mary to a wedding anniversary dinner at a posh hotel, Howard cons his way into a private party, pretending to be a school old boy. After being exposed by the manager, he attempts to impersonate the head waiter. Despite his initially successful plan, he comes badly unstuck.
S01E03 We'll Go No More a' Roving 30/04/1982 Howard romances Laura, a well-off widowed neighbour. Having done some creative writing whilst in prison, he pretends to be a dashing novelist and romantic poet. But she soon learns the truth.
S01E04 Raising the Wind 07/05/1982 When Trevor won’t advance Howard a small loan, he cons a bank manager into investing in an African diamond mine he claims to have discovered during a fictitious trip to Africa. But the scheme is quickly exposed as a fraud.
S01E05 On Approval 14/05/1982 Howard gives Laura a £7000 diamond bracelet, which he’s obtained on approval using Trevor’s name. Laura likes it and Howard has to face paying for it or persuading her to reject it.
S01E06 Suspicion 21/05/1982 Howard and Trevor are shopping at an expensive clothes shop, but Howard spots his former cellmate ‘Greasy” at his usual occupation - shoplifting. When Greasy slips the purloined items into Trevor’s shopping bag, Howard has to do some quick thinking, including impersonating a police officer.
S01E07 The Rival 28/05/1982 Laura is being wooed by an Italian, Count Montefiore, which leads Howard to jealousy. He engages an enquiry agent to check up on the Count and see if he’s really who he claims to be. But the investigator mistakenly checks Howard out, rather than the Count.
S02E01 A Tale of the Unexpected 16/09/1983 Mary has left Trevor and the house is a mess. Trevor engages a cleaning woman, but Howard thinks she’s Trevor’s girlfriend and scares her into leaving.
S02E02 Matchmaker 23/09/1983 Howard starts the HB Matrimonial Agency, but the first (and only) two clients are dissatisfied with his bumbling efforts and demand their money back.
S02E03 Raffles 30/09/1983 Laura’s house is burgled and her jewellery stolen. The police suspect it’s the work of a known thief, nicknamed ‘Raffles’, but Howard’s criminal record causes them to suspect him instead. Howard discovers Raffles breaking into Trevor’s house, but realises it’s really ‘Greasy’, who he shared a cell with in prison.
S02E04 Love Me, Love My Dog 07/10/1983 Howard is still smitten with Laura, but she isn’t as gullible as he supposes and resists his advances. To compound her resistance, she acquires ‘Sabre’, a German Shepherd Dog, who takes Howard’s presence as a threat.
S02E05 Third Party 14/10/1983 Howard and Laura believe that Mary is seeing another man, but it turns out that he’s only trying to sell her insurance. But then Laura falls for him – or does she?
S02E06 A Genuine Simpson 21/10/1983 Howard meets ‘Softly’ Simpson, a painter and forger he knew in prison, and persuades him to paint Trevor. But the painting looks more like the portrait of the Duke of Wellington on a five pound note (withdrawn in 1991) than Trevor.
S02E07 Unreasonable Behaviour 28/10/1983 Mary sues Trevor for divorce. Laura is attracted to Trevor, but Howard sets him up with Gloria, Trevor’s secretary, who is already engaged. They all meet at a social function where Trevor is due to speak, and it’s a disaster. Mary phones to ask to see Trevor, and he hopes for reconciliation, but the situation is left unresolved