Affiche The Boy from Space

Concerns a young brother and sister DAN & HELEN, who discover aliens, notably a strange silver looking boy (who they name PEEP-PEEP, due to his garbled backwards alien-speak). Unfortunately, another alien (scarily referred to as THE THIN SPACE MAN)is after PEEP-PEEP. When the kids protect the alien-boy, THE THIN SPACE MAN comes looking for all concerned. What should have been a fairly straightforward children's caper, becomes something altogether creepy (this is mostly due to JOHN WOODNUTTS terrifying performance of THE THIN SPACE MAN) and as with most LOOK AND READ stories, the kids never seem to have any real parental figures around. This element of hopelessness, matched by an extremely eerie music score, make THE BOY FROM SPACE the most intense kids TV show ever.

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