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The Brak Show is about the daily adventures of Brak and his best buddy Zorak prior to meeting Space Ghost. Brak lives with his family in a lovely suburb somewhere in space. Brak gets advice from Mom (a nice lady who keeps a clean house) & Dad (a human with a Latin accent that is rather short due to a shrink-ray accident), and gets corrupted by Zorak. Brak is an honest and somewhat dumb kid, and Zorak is a foul-mouthed, destruction-loving mantis. Brak's brother Sisto is also around from time to time. Their neighbor is Thundercleese, a giant robot with massive armaments, who likes maintaining his lawn. The Brak Show is a spin-off of Cartoon Planet, which was a spin-off of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast. Confused yet?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Brak Show

S01E01 Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk 21/12/2000 Zorak convinces Brak he will be more popular at school if he steals the mascot from rival Jerkwater High School.
S01E02 Goldfish 02/09/2001 Brak promises to take care of Mr. Thundercleese's goldfish, Mr. Tickles, while he is away. Goldfish eat ham don't they?
S01E03 War Next Door 09/09/2001 Zorak makes Brak jealous when he develops a wonderful singing voice after accidentally having a pink lump knocked out of his throat.
S01E04 Time Machine 02/09/2001 Brak and Zorak didn't finish their homework on time, so they borrow Thundercleese's time machine to go back in time to set things right.
S01E05 Hippo 09/09/2001 Brak is upset because Zorak made him get rid of his lobster doll, Hippo.
S01E06 Mobab 21/10/2001 When an alien blob named Mobab falls in love with Mom and takes her away to his home planet, Dad realizes how much he needs her and he and Brak go into outer space to save her.
S01E07 Expiration Day 04/11/2001 Thundercleese finds his powers have been deactivated by his creators, which is a bad thing as there is an asteroid heading for Earth. Dad and Brak go off to get Thundercleese's powers back in time to save the world, and blast Zorak to pieces.
S01E08 Psychoklahoma 02/12/2001 Brak and company attempt to raise money to save Senor Science by putting on a musical.
S01E09 The Eye 30/12/2001 Brak's father reads that a huge staring contest is in town. He tells Brak of how he was the best starer in the 70's. Brak wants to be a good starer too. Brak loses to his dad and trys again. He loses, again. Then, Zorak comes in and challenges Brak's father to a staring contest. Zorak doesn't fall for dad's tricks. A few minutes later, a wasp comes in the house and stings Zorak's eye. Zorak won't blink anyway. Even more wasps come in and sting Zorak's eyes and he still won't blink. Brak's mom calls an ambulence and they take Zorak away. Suddenly, a huge eye comes in. It's the eye. After a to be continued, Brak's dad refuses to stare.
S02E01 Poppy 14/04/2002 While watching his favorite cop show, 'Schnozzo', Brak tells Zorak that he wants to get some action. Brak asks Dad and Mom for some advice. They give Brak some help passed down from Brak's Grandfather, Poppy, which Brak puts to use.
S02E02 Bully 28/04/2002 Zorak has set up a booth were children give him money to beat them up. Unfortunately, the business has been taken over by Butch.
S02E03 Mother, Did You Move My Chair? 12/05/2002 Brak tries to get out of going to school to avoid dissecting a clam in Biology class.
S02E04 President Dad 26/05/2002 Dad decides to run for President of the neighborhood association. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that the incumbent Galrog, used to be a terrible planet-eating monster.
S02E05 Brakstreet 03/11/2002 With high hopes of winning a fabulous spa resort vacation, Brak enters a rap contest. Rapper Cee-lo guest stars.
S02E06 Feud 10/11/2002 Dad and Thundercleese are in the midst of a neighborhood feud. Weird Al Yankovic guest stars.
S02E07 Runaway 17/11/2002 Brak gets grounded and decides to run away from home. Special guest Space Ghost arrives at the house to arrest Brak for crimes he has committed in the future.
S02E08 The New Brak 24/11/2002 Brak has a devoted admirer which is initially quite flattering. But, when the admirer starts imitating him, Brak worries that he might be replaced.
S02E09 Pepper 01/12/2002 Dad believes the Mothership will take him away to be king of the alien world. Meanwhile, Zorak begins a relationship with an interesting alien named Pepper. Sisto joins the aliens on the Mothership for dinner.
S02E10 Dinner Party 15/12/2002 Brak, Mom, Dad and Thunderclese have been inivited over to dinner at the neighbor's house. The neighbor include Franklin (A nervous dad whose nose always seems to be growing) Rhodna (A mother who lives in a steel box that keeps talking about everyone's judgement) and the son (A big fat guy that looks like a baby that can barley move around).
S02E11 We Ski in Peace 29/12/2002 Brak wants to go to work with Father for ""Go To Work with your Father Day"". Brak's mom tells Brak the truth that Father doesn't work. Father shows mother a secret underground base, where he works for no money keeping Earth safe. Brak's mom forces him to get a real job at the local Ice Cream Shop. Meanwhile, Alien Ants from Outer Space attack while Father is away from his old job...