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Gordon Brittas is a Leisure Centre manager with a dream. Due to the unexplained collapse of his last Leisure Centre during his time in temporary charge, he was given a glowing reference and 'encouraged' to take up a managerial position at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. His 'loyal' staff have stories of their own, like Carole Parkinson, the receptionist, whose husband has left her, forcing her to keep her baby in the drawer under her desk. Also Tim Whistler and Gavin Featherly, the fitness instructors whose relationship Brittas always seems to be oblivious to. Julie Porter, Brittas' secretary, is always 'too busy' to do anything for him, and constantly looking for chances to show him up. Linda Perkin, the ever-ready staff member who always believes what Brittas says is best. Laura Lancing, Brittas' hard-working deputy manager is in and out of relationships with her estranged husband, Michael T. Farrell. Finally, Colin Weatherby, Brittas' deputy manager is keen and devoted to anything Brittas says is best, but isn't the cleanest or healthiest of people and always has a bandage over the wound on his hand. Whatever chaotic incidents occur, Brittas and his staff emerge unscathed, from ceiling collapses, rooms full of ice, other world invaders, tropical spiders and propane gas explosions.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Brittas Empire

S01E01 Laying the Foundations 03/01/1991 Gordon Brittas is the manager at Whitbury Leisure Centre. The builders are laying the foundations but Gordon is very rude to one of the workers and they go on strike. He causes more trouble when he upsets one of the staff members and he's in for it when he is having a meeting with the staff.
S01E02 Opening Day 00/00/0000 I'ts Opening Day at Whitbury Leisure Centre and Gordon is getting ready to meet the Duchess of Kent. But things are going wrong when the electric doors aren't working properly and the water from the swimming pool is disappearing and the temperature rises. Will Gordon sort it all out before the Duchess of Kent arrives?
S01E03 Bye Bye Baby 00/00/0000 Carole has heard that her husband Derek is coming back, after what happened a long time ago. After all these years she will not have to work, Ben will have a father and she will feel much better. Meanwhile her baby goes missing and reception is getting crowded. Gordon tries to help tells Colin to find the baby and return it. Unfortunately Colin ends up returning the wrong baby. Then Gordon sorts out a man who has escaped a lot of stress. Will everything go right?
S01E04 Underwater Wedding 24/01/1991 While doing an interview with Beverly, Gordon realizes that the best man for the underwater wedding that is happening in the pool is in trouble. Gavin is asked to help and then a disabled man in an electric wheel chair ends up getting drunk and starts causing trouble. Gordon is ready to stop the drunk but his ends up sending Gavin to hospital. Will Gordon stop the drunk?
S01E05 Stop Thief 00/00/0000 Things have gone missing and Gordon has closed the centre for the day. He explains that there could be a thief about and sets a trap to catch the thief. The plan is to hide in a locker and sees who takes the bait (his wallet). Meanwhile Helen is suffering more stress then ever and takes Gordon to see the doctor leaving Colin to hide in the locker. That afternoon it turns out there isn't a thief but Colin is left hanging on the rail still in the locker.
S01E06 Assassin 00/00/0000 Gordon is dealing with two problems today. He has heard that the centre is getting low on visitors and that someone is trying to kill him. All over the centre the killer is still trying to kill Gordon, but each time it goes wrong. Then the most dangerous attempt is going to be made. Who is the killer and what will happen to Gordon?
S02E01 Back from the Dead 02/01/1992 Gordon is away at a conference in Bulgaria. Meanwhile the Leisure Centre is low on visitors, then news spreads that Gordon is dead. Everyone is happy and the centre is pouring with visitors. All goes well until Gordon comes back, which gives everyone a shock - especially Carole, who thinks that Gordon is back from the dead.
S02E02 Temple of the Body 09/01/1992 Brittas is horrified to discover women's underwear in his office, and is convinced that a staff member is using the facilities to have sex. He segregates the sexes and bugs Linda; the evidence gathered leads him to Gavin. The real culprit is in fact Helen, who discovers Gordon unknowingly had sex with Carol at a fancy dress party. Simultaneously, Julie is being hounded by reporters for rescuing a dog from a river in the nude..
S02E03 An Inspector Calls 16/01/1992 Brittas fears for his job when the Southern Area Inspector visits, fully aware that visiting figures are poor. Colin accidentally causes a pigeon to roost in the gymnasium, leading to a chain of chaotic trivialities threatening the inspection. Helen meanwhile has been insulted by a badly chosen birthday present, a moped with a yellow helmet reading "Hi I'm Helen", thus she decides to leave Gordon.
S02E04 Set In Concrete 23/01/1992 An extreme argument with the Rotary Club has caused Brittas's feet to be set in concrete, who after frequent fights breaking out, considers if the centre has Sick Building Syndrome; a Specialist arrives. However Laura tries to explain to Brittas that it is he who is the cause of the centre's problems.
S02E05 Mums and Dads 30/01/1992 The centre is preparing for a concert by Vladimir Petrov, a visiting pianist from the Leningrad Conservatory. Brittas’s father arrives with an old piano, which after being dropped knocks the pianist unconscious. As a result, Gordon decides to perform the concert himself.
S02E06 Safety First 00/00/0000 Gordon is practicing a fire drill and makes it more complicating then ever. Meanwhile Helen is planning a picnic in Gordon's office and wants Gordon to be at the picnic. But Gordon seems to be very busy which makes Helen very upset. Mrs Dapping has come and Gordon tells her about the faulty fire exit. Mrs Dapping takes no notice until a fire erupts from the Lost Property cupboard which causes disaster.
S02E07 New Generations 20/02/1992 A pregnant cow, loose in the centre, accidentally eats some of Colin's "herbs", sending it into labour on the squash courts. Carole has also eaten the leaves, and her babies end up being delivered by the vet who had originally come to assist the cow.
S03E01 The Trial 00/00/0000 The staff of Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre have sent Gordon to Coventry because Gordon is on trial for murdering strange people. The prosecutor explains that there is someone in the Centre who doesn't like Gordon and will stick glue to anything he touches. Two cases of money have been found in a locker and locker keys end up behind the toilets. When Gordon switches on the chainsaw he is sure to be guilty not until Eddie comes to the rescue.
S03E02 That Creeping Feeling 00/00/0000 After the trial the Staff are ignoring Gordon and Laura explains why. Gordon decides to arrange an appointment with a phychologist. Meanwhile he also gets a parcel from and old rival which is strange because all there is is leaves and even Gavin discovers a half eaten spider. Linda goes to find out why and then she comes up with the answer. It gets worse when Colin gets bitten by a poisonous spider.
S03E03 Laura's Leaving 00/00/0000 Laura is going for a job interview and Helen is not happy about it. She is worried because what is Laura is takes the job and has to resign. Gordon is busy because people from Church are going the do a baptism session. A customer is trying to get a cup of coffee but has a problem every time. Meanwhile Colin feels different somehow and ends up causing a very disastrous situation by electrocuting the people from Church. Colin is given his punishment then Carole gets fired and everyone is very cross with Gordon. Then a surprise comes when Laura comes back.
S03E04 Two Little Boys 00/00/0000 It's Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre's Birthday today and Gordon has done some birthday specials for the centre although some of them have gone wrong. Meanwhile the oil which has been delivered 3 weeks ago has disappeared. It turns out that there's a hole in the tank, Gordon tells Colin to put the oil somewhere safe which turns out to be a very small cupboard. A group from another leisure centre to do the activities so they can have some fun. Horatio talks to Gordon that he doesn't want to go to his new job, Gordon however tells him that it's important until a nasty explosion causes everyone to be injured.
S03E05 Sex, Lies and Red Tape 00/00/0000 Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre are trying to raise money so they can buy a new trampoline. Gavin and Tim are doing a sponsered sponge throw and Gordon is doing a sponsered silence. It's also Laura's birthday and her husband Michael has come from America to see her. He ruins Gordon's sponsered silence and spoils the charity. Helen is acting suspiciously because she is being accused of shoplifting which is in fact true. Gordon tries to sort everthing out and completely upsets himself when Michael turns out to be Laura's Husband.
S03E06 The Stuff of Dreams 11/02/1993 Gordon spends the day by pretending to be an old man Mr Derek Didcot. Laura discovers him straight away and Gordon tells her that what will happen when he gets old and has to retire and all about the dream he had last night. Colin is taken by surprise when he discovers that Mr Didcot is accually Gordon. Gordon has an interview with Linda and then the time has come when Helen goes into labour. Gordon has trouble getting to the hospital and then gets stuck in traffic. What will happen to Helen and her babies?
S04E01 Not a Good Day ... 00/00/0000 It's Life Cycle Week at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre and Sebastian Coe MP has come to the centre to broadcast the news on this occasion. Then there's a shock when a cyclist dies and the cyclist's wife gets very upset. Meanwhile Ben manages to make his way to the vents and Carole and Helen try to get him out of there. Then a centurion has a fight with Gordon because his son has be arrested. Then the centurion and the 'Classical War Society' start a war which brings disaster to the centre.
S04E02 The Christening 00/00/0000 Gordon and Helen are having their children being baptised on their big day. The practicing somehow goes wrong and then Carol has a problem with the Christening cake, getting dirty water on it. Meanwhile Heratio comes to see Gordon and tells him that he is in love with a girl he has meet. Gordon is very proud and then there's a shock when the babies go missing. Will the Christening go well?
S04E03 Biggles Tells a Lie 00/00/0000 It's Gordon's day off and Colin puts on a suit, but it looks like he is the manager of the centre. This is because Colin's daughter Stephanie is coming to Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre so she can see her father. He wants everyone to think that he is the manager for just one day. Everyone agrees and soon everything is running well, that is until Gordon turns up and then things go from right to wrong. Soon everyone learns that telling lies is the wrong thing to do.
S04E04 Mr Brittas Changes Trains 00/00/0000 Things are getting rather strange at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. Carole seems to be croaking a lot while talking, Linda does nothing but bark about a lot and keeps talking in dog language and Colin keeps telling everyone that he loves everyone and keeps taking his trousers off. All of this is making Gordon very cross so he decides to call the hypnotist and put everyone back to normal. This then gets Laura thinking.
S04E05 Playing with Fire 07/02/1994 Gordon is doing a survey on how much electricity is being used and writes out a lot of forms for the staff. Colin meanwhile does an experiment which involves using the lavatories. Then Gavin gets a big shock when his old girlfriend Jenny comes to the centre to see him, but it comes as a surprise to Gordon which really upsets Tim a lot. Then Gavin tells the secret to Laura and to everyone and then realises that she came from a clinic. It also comes to a shock when he finds out she isn't cured. Then Gordon gets things out of control when he makes Jenny very angry.
S04E06 Shall We Dance? 00/00/0000 Gordon seems to be spending a lot of time with Laura while Helen and the children are on holiday. Everyone thinks that there is something going on between Gordon and Laura. Gordon is planning to take Laura to the dance which is being held at the centre. Then Laura's ex-husband Michael unexpectedly turns up and it looks like he wants to see Laura. Gordon gets very cross and thinks that things might go wrong with his plans. What will happen?
S04E07 The Chop 00/00/0000 Gordon is teaching the staff how to play the 'Game of Life' which actually is a real game. Then Councillor Drugget arrives to the centre and tells Gordon that he is going to be given the sack. Gordon is cross and ignores him, then Councillor Drugget finds out that Helen borrowed £300 pounds for a dog that then causes trouble around the centre. Now Gordon has to choose: either he quits his job or Helen goes to jail.
S04E08 High Noon 00/00/0000 One day Laura arrives at a gas station and discovers that Gordon is now working there. He is causing more trouble then ever and is holding up lots of people. Meanwhile the new manager Alan Digby is having trouble when Gordon gets on his nerves. Gordon has brought a present for the staff, a clock which came all the way from Italy. Then a gas leak is found and then there's a large explosion which brings the entire centre down. Everyone is clear but Gordon is no where to be seen, Could this be the last of Gordon Brittas?
S05E01 The Old, Old Story 00/00/0000 After the building was destroyed by a large fire. Gordon is now back as Manager of the centre. 'Songs of Praise' is going to be held at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. Gordon is very excited and he and Helen are going for a review with the presenter of 'Songs of Praise'. But then trouble starts when a serial killer maybe on the lose after a few accidents happen. Gordon is determined that the recording of 'Songs of Praise' must go on. But then he ends up face-to-face when the verial killer turns out to be an ostrich.
S05E02 Blind Devotion 00/00/0000 Gordon Brittas is thinking of going to Brussels for European Commissioner. Colin gets blinded when his garden explodes and starts causing trouble when he can't see where he is going. Gordon is thinking of giving Colin the sack because of his ways. Then he kills Colin's pet bird and tells Tim to get another one. It turns out that it's also Colin's birthday and that the saddest thing is that his aunt died. Gordon decides not to give Colin the sack and promotes him to deputy manager.
S05E03 Brussels Calling 00/00/0000 Gordon Brittas is in Brussels being interviewed for European Commissioner of Sport. He keeps calling Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre to see how things are going. Laura is in charge and things aren't going well. A children's birthday party goes wrong and Tim is very upset. Then a load of mice turn up and Gordon tells Gavin on the telephone that he must throw the ingredients away. Meanwhile Helen is being accussed of attacking Mr Furber, one of her child's school teachers. Will things turn out well at the centre?
S05E04 The Lies Have It 00/00/0000 Gordon Brittas is explaining about safety at the building site where a new room is being made. Michael T. Farrell comes to Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre for a job which is advertised in the newspaper. Gordon is not at all pleased but gives Michael an application form for the job. Carole is upset because no one remembered her birthday, Michael starts to make lies about her party and everyone agrees but Colin tells the truth from his point of view. Gordon is confused and soon realises what's been going on.
S05E05 The Boss 00/00/0000 Gordon Brittas explains that Gavin will be taking over as trial manager for one day. Gavin is really excited and soon starts enjoying it. But then he is told about emergency situations like pregnences, marooned school buses and poisonous gas leaks. Gordon is testing out his abilities and Tim is not to pleased. Being tired and worried Gordon takes over when things start to go wrong. Meanwhile Carole is going out for the day but is shocked to discover that her friend is dead.
S05E06 Pregnant 00/00/0000 Gordon Brittas is doing Urine tests on his staff. He thinks that the women in the centre are pregnant. Everyone is shocked and surprised especially Carole when she can't believe what she has heard. Gordon tells her that she may have to marry Colin if he's the father of Carole's child. Then disaster strikes when Gordon tells Tim that he might be pregnant. Tim is shocked and denies that he isn't a women. Gavin rescues Tim and punches Gordon in the nose. Meanwhile Julie is feeling very happy when she finds someone that she loves, but then she gets the blame when it turns out the urine samples were dropped and disarranged.
S05E07 UXB 00/00/0000 Colin discovers an unexploded missile in the basement and tries to warn Gordon but he takes no notice and tells him to sort out his problems on his own. While doing this on his own Gordon is packing his things away for his departure for Brussels. Then Colin gets hit on the head by a croquet ball by Gavin and Tim and Colin ends up being rushed to hospital. Then no one knows but Colin had put the missile in the racket box and tries to warn everyone but everyone is having a party for their new futures.
S05E08 The Last Day 00/00/0000 Gordon is ready to leave for Brussels but Helen isn't to keen on going. Then she sees Gordon's pictures and the hotel and decides to go with him. Gordon offers his Management to Laura but she is going to America for he baby to be raised. Everyone is excited but Gordon then says that due to an unreplied message he won't be going. An emergency water tank is installed and then makes the ceiling collapse. Carole is on trouble when she gets stuck in her toy car. Then Gordon pushes Carole but is too late to get himself clear. This then means the end for Gordon Brittas.
S05E09 In the Beginning ... 27/12/1994 It's Christmas time and everyone is coming to Colin's Scottish Castle to celebrate the man who gave them everything at Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. Laura tells the story about one Christmas holiday that went wrong. Things weren't going well and the staff were trapped in the centre and weren't allowed out until the snow had cleared.
S06E01 Back with a Bang 27/02/1996 After being crushed to death Gordon Brittas has been returned to earth by St. Peter and rebuilt at a Swiss clinic. He returns a day early and misses the red carpet welcome prepared by his staff.
S06E02 Body Language 00/00/0000 Gordon tries to explain benefits of matching and mirroring body language. Colin suspects alien invasion when a green block of ice crashes through the roof, and Helen mistakenly sells the house to a member of the U.S. military
S06E03 At the Double 26/03/1996 Gordon invites members of the Ruthenian State Circus to perform at the center. A group of US evangelists want to baptize Gordon in the pool after reading of his coming back from the dead. (
S06E04 A Walk on the Wildside 02/04/1996 Brittas proves he's not always a walking disaster when his new campaign becomes a European Directive
S06E05 We All Fall Down 00/00/0000 Whitbury is celebrating World Peace and Hunger Day, Helen plans revenge on a nappy co that didn't use her children in a TV commercial and Tim discovers the rest of the staff earn more than him...
S06E06 Mr. Brittas Falls in Love 16/04/1996 - Tonight Mr. Brittas falls in love. He believes that swimming with a dolphin at the leisure center will bring peace, relaxation and happiness to all the inhabitants
S06E07 Snap Happy 00/00/0000 When Brittas tries to organize a simple staff photograph, what can possibly go wrong? Last in present series.
S06E08 Surviving Christmas 24/12/1996 It's Christmas time and Gordon has decided, rather than to keep the centre open in the weeks surrounding Christmas, to take the staff on a survival course in Wales. Closing the centre for Christmas angers the usual 'Father Christmas' character, who is told he is out of a job this year. Meanwhile, Colin decides to give out Christmas cards early. Due to a mix-up involving the recycled paper the cards are made of, Helen assumes that Gordon is having an affair with Carole the receptionist. To prevent Gordon from getting close to Carole, Helen decides to join the staff on the survival course. During a constantly interrupted survival briefing, a rock is thrown through the window with the note 'You're going to die' tied to it. Gordon assumes this is all part of the course and continues as normal, but the rest of the group remain shaken and scared. When a survival exercise involving camping in the mountains begins, the group are faced with many life-threatening hazards, all the while Gordon calm with the thought that it is all part of the course.
S07E00 Surviving Christmas 00/00/0000 Gordon takes the staff for a military-style team-building exercise into Wales. While dealing with the rigors of the wild, they are relentlessly pursued by would-be assassins. Gordon's well-intentioned motivational skills make things worse.
S07E01 The Elephant's Child 00/00/0000 Situation comedy. Brittas organizes a sponsored bungee jump and expects his staff to take part. Helen Brittas plans a burglary to fund her bid for the franchise for the sauna solarium and Carole returns from her assertion course. (44)
S07E02 Reviewing The Situation 00/00/0000 Sitcom based in a leisure center with a manic manager, Gordon Brittas. He initiates a staff review which causes some antagonism; Julie is enjoying armed police protection after threats, which includes body searches
S07E03 http://etc. 00/00/0000 The center enters the 21st century as Brittas has everything computerized, which causes huge problems. Drugget is convinced it is a waste of money and will be Brittas' downfall. Helen's therapy course seem only to appeal to staff
S07E04 Wake Up The Lion Within 00/00/0000 Brittas returns from a course which teaches executives how to release inner powers by roaring like a lion. He encourages his staff to try it out. The Leisure Center has been nominated for the 'European Award for Excellence
S07E05 The Disappearing Act 00/00/0000 The staff at the leisure center compete for Employee of the Month award though Brittas is not convinced of the wisdom of the competition; Colin brushes up his magic act for Julie's niece's birthday party; Helen holds dream workshop
S07E06 Gavin Featherly RIP 00/00/0000 Comedy set in a leisure center. Gavin is feeling depressed and is receiving therapy from Helen Brittas. He joins the rest of the staff on their annual weekend break to Burbidge-on-Sea and goes missing so Brittas arranges a funeral
S07E07 Exposed 00/00/0000 Investigative journalist, Roger Ferguson, is preparing to make a television expose of the goings on at Whitbury Leisure Center. Gordon is led to believe this will be a serious documentary. An outbreak of Bobula fever causes panic.
S07E08 Curse of the Tiger Women 24/02/1997 Last in the series of sitcom about Whitbury Leisure Center. Brittas prepares to celebrate seven wonderful years since the center opened, but Druggett tells him he has been chosen for early retirement. Carole reveals he's the father of her twins!