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THE BROTHERS was a compelling TV series about the bedroom and boardroom strife endured by three conflicting brothers at the family trucking business Hammond Transport, running for an impressive 92 episodes between 1972 and 1976. It gave a big break to future household names like Kate O’Mara, Liza Goddard, Gabrielle Drake and Colin Baker. The gritty BBC serial, created by Gerard Glaister and writer NJ Crisp, caught the attention of the viewing public to such a large degree that Colin Baker’s loathsome city banker Paul Merroney was voted the ‘Most Hated Man In Britain’ by readers of The Sun newspaper.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Brothers (1972)

S02E01 A Family Gathering 14/01/1973 Mary Hammond returns from recuperation abroad, determined to drive a wedge between Edward and Jennifer. Harry Carter, of Carter’s Express Deliveries, puts in an impressive offer for land adjoining the Hammond depot - land Edward thought was already promised to his firm.
S02E02 Wheels and Deals 21/01/1973 When Mary finds a phone number in Edward’s pocket she learns an ex-girlfriend is back on the scene. It is another weapon in her war against Jennifer. The Board have to vote on a take-over bid for Carter’s firm. Edward will be against it. Or will he ?
S02E03 The Trojan Horse 28/01/1973 Hammond Transport plans to take over Carter Express. However, Harry Carter knows more about the Hammond family than they think. Mary continues to manipulate the lives of her children but with Edward she may have gone too far.
S02E04 Snakes and Ladders 04/02/1973 The Hammond family is divided over whether to take on Carter. It's in a deadlock, unless somebody changes sides. Ann confronts Brian about his new lady friend.
S02E05 Labour Pains 11/02/1973 Harry Carter has cunningly invited all the Hammonds around to his apartment for drinks. One by one the brothers drop out, which leaves Mary and Jennifer the only guests that turn up ! Barbara is in awe of her new art tutor Nicholas Fox and at the depot trouble is brewing between the Carter and Hammond drivers…
S02E06 Negotiations 18/02/1973 With strike action threatened, the Union is called in to settle the conflict with the two sets of drivers. Carter is determined that the Union won’t have a say in the way he handles the unrest, but Ted is a much more experienced negotiator. David falls for the charms of Jill’s flatmate Julie.
S02E07 Declaration of Independence 25/02/1973 Ann’s continued bating of Brian reaches a climax when she interrupts his evening with Pamela. The firm sinks deeper into debt, Ted pressures Brian into keeping them afloat. Barbara and her mother clash over her friendship with Nicholas.
S02E08 Errors of Judgment 04/03/1973 Hammond Transport is struggling to complete it’s delivery commitments. Barbara intends to go to Paris with Nicholas and Ann is using all her wily skills to gain Mary’s support as she makes a move to keep Brian onside. A Board meeting reveals the extent of Hammond’s troubles. The cash flow is perilous. They need to recoup their debts urgently.
S02E09 Storm Birds 11/03/1973 The drivers strike continues over the use of Harry Carter’s non-Union drivers. A full meeting of the Board members and Union representatives is made more difficult by Carter antagonising the Union. Jill and Julie call on Mary but Julie does not endear herself to the Hammond matriach. Negotiations falter and Hammond Transport is starting to flounder under the weight of the problem. Brian discovers Ann has been making secret visits to the family home.
S02E10 Tightrope 18/03/1973 Whilst Harry wines and dines Jennifer, Ted arranges a late night meeting with Reg Turner and Bill. Ann arrives home unexpectedly to find Pamela waiting for Brian. Tom Parker has left the country, he owes Hammond Transport a lot of money. Without it they are sunk. Jill receives some devastating news. Carter plays a masterstroke to end the stalemate.
S02E11 A Marriage is Arranged 25/03/1973 With the lorries back on the road, concern grows about the whereabouts of Tom Parker. Barbara is finding her trip to Paris with Nicholas Fox is not all she wanted it to be. Mary invites Jill to lunch and together they conspire to get David to the alter. Brian’s discreet enquiries about Parker shows that he is in trouble, making finding him more urgent. Ted flies out to Parker’s last known whereabouts in Corfu in a desperate bid to sort out the debt. Whilst he is away Carter makes a move for the Chair in the Board meeting.
S02E12 Women are Trumps 01/04/1973 Edward has returned with grave news - Parker is going bankrupt. He also decides Carter has to go and gives him three options on which he can leave the company. But Carter wants buying out and cash is the one thing Hammonds do not have. Jill reveals the extent of her inheritance - £250,000. It occurs to Jill she might have the means to save Hammond Transport. With Pamela out of the picture, Ann and Brian start rebuilding their marriage.
S02E13 No Hard Feelings 08/04/1973 The Hammond Board vote to buy out Harry Carter. He parts company on good terms with everyone - except Mary Hammond. David is not happy that Jill’s money alone is keeping the business afloat. Ann plays her final hand in her game to get husband Brian to take her back. Despite constant bating from Julie, David marries Jill.
S03E01 The Hammond Account 03/02/1974 The Hammonds are finding their feet and, with Jill’s financial backing, can think of expansion again. They turn their attentions enthusiastically to Europe but David is strangely opposed to the idea.
S03E02 The Newly Weds 10/02/1974 Barbara’s marriage causes a stir. Why all the haste? And why the secrecy? No-one knows Johnny – but he knows that Barbara is a heiress.
S03E03 Suspicions 17/02/1974 With their sights set on Europe, the Hammonds need a depot on the coast. So, at any rate thinks Brian. David, for reasons of his own, feels otherwise…
S03E04 Tug of War 24/02/1974 Brian and David come into conflict, a new depot means more dependence on the guarantee provided by Jill, and there is enough tension already between her and David.
S03E05 Hijack 03/03/1974 The Dover depot has started to operate. Edward and Riley go to Boulogne to collect a valuable load, but their every move is being watched…
S03E06 Riley 10/03/1974 Riley is charged with conspiracy! Edward believes him innocent, despite his criminal record. But Jennifer reveals that is not his only secret.
S03E07 Trade Wind 17/03/1974 The brothers prepare for a boom in business. But are they equipped to cope with it? More to the point is Edward?
S03E08 Echoes 24/03/1974 With Edward away in Dover, Brian and David fail to agree. Meanwhile Julie is still on the scene and Ann’s thoughts turn to Nicholas…
S03E09 An Impossible Debt 31/03/1974 Jennifer guesses the source of Barbara’s loan and suddenly Johnny’s debts assume unimagined importance. Soon the whole Company is concerned…
S03E10 Power for Sale 07/04/1974 The sale of Jennifer’s shares gives Brian and David an opportunity – but can they agree terms?
S03E11 Conspirators 14/04/1974 Brian and David start dealing for Jennifer’s shares, and Edward’s position is challenged. But both brothers find they need their wives’ support.
S03E12 Perchance to Dream 21/04/1974 A party to celebrate David’s birthday creates a convivial atmosphere. But for Brian the evening ends with a shock…
S03E13 Return to Nowhere 05/05/1974 Ann is taken to hospital and an anxious period ensues… Meanwhile, Edward and Jennifer get away from it all, and Julie surprises David.
S04E01 Emergency 01/09/1974 Edward and Jennifer return from holiday, anxious to acquaint Mary with their marriage plans but find her collapsed with another heart-attack. The Hammonds prove their ability to rally round in a crisis. A good time for Riley’s wife, Gwen, to lend her assistance.
S04E02 Secret Meetings 08/09/1974 As the debate about going public begins, manoeuvres are made for control of the board. In readiness Brian meets merchant banker Martin Farrell, while Edward sounds out Riley.
S04E03 Investigations 15/09/1974 The first steps are made for the Hammonds to go public. Farrell prepares the investigations, and in the process notices the company’s organisational weaknesses.
S04E04 Happy Anniversary 22/09/1974 Riley and Farrell join the Hammonds’ Board. At once Brian and Riley come into conflict. But Brian’s behaviour is really a reaction of his worsening relationship with Ann.
S04E05 Partings 29/09/1974 Edward and Brian attend a lunch in the city with Paul Merroney, a merchant banker, to launch Hammonds as a public company. Edward begins to act the role but Brian looks far from the part.
S04E06 Loneliness 06/10/1974 Brian and Ann apart face the problems of loneliness; by contrast Martin Farrell and Jennifer enjoy dinner together. Meanwhile the Hammonds are invited to a shoot – on business.
S04E07 Hit and Miss 13/10/1974 The procedure for making Hammonds a public company get underway, and the directors attend a shooting party to meet Sir Neville Henniswode – the chairman of their merchant bank.
S04E08 Public Concern 20/10/1974 A local petition protesting about Hammonds lorries coincides with the firms moves to go public. But it is not only the residents the Board has to face.
S04E09 The Race 27/10/1974 David, with the company’s sponsorship, has his first experience of driving in a race. In an atmosphere of tension and excitement, Jill watches his performance.
S04E10 Saturday 03/11/1974 The men want a share of the fat profit they think Hammonds will make when they go public – if not, they may strike at a vital moment. Brian is involved in a serious car accident.
S04E11 The Guilt Behind the Gingerbread 10/11/1974 The unrest at the depot continues – is Bill Riley behind it, trying to jeopardise the share issue ?
S04E12 A Bad Mistake 17/11/1974 Edward meets prospective business-world share holders, but his frankness causes a set back.
S04E13 The Fall Guy 24/11/1974 The company goes public – in an atmosphere of tension the share issue is placed on the market.
S04E14 The Crucial Vote 08/12/1974 Edward fights for survival as Chairman and Managing Director of Hammond Transport Services Limited – and everyone’s loyalty is tested to the full.
S05E01 Life Goes On 06/04/1975 The Hammond family has changed considerably in recent months – both publicly and privately – their future is wholly uncertain.
S05E02 The Self Made Cross 13/04/1975 David finally comes to terms with Jill’s death but the effects of Brian’s divorce are about to reverberate into the future…
S05E03 Tiger by the Tail 20/04/1975 Paul Merroney is proving to be a man of determined ambition with confident plans for Hammond Transport. Brian however is less sure of himself.
S05E04 Breakdown 27/04/1975 Combining business and pleasure during a skiing holiday in Switzerland, Edward checks out a depot in Geneva which Merroney is keen to buy. Jennifer interviews potential staff.
S05E05 Special Licence 04/05/1975 While everyone’s attention is on Edward and Jennifer’s wedding, Paul Merroney tries to manipulate Brian’s business affairs.
S05E06 Flight of Fancy 11/05/1975 During an early morning Board meeting, the Hammonds and Bill Riley learn that Merroney intends to bid on the same day for the ailing company. His work will be made difficult by a very tough lady – Jane Maxwell.
S05E07 A Very Short Honeymoon 18/05/1975 On the surface, Mary seems to have accepted Jennifer as her daughter-in-law, but Edward doubts his mother’s ability to avoid causing trouble.
S05E08 Big Deal 25/05/1975 The alterations of Edward and Jennifer’s new home are well in hand, but however much they would like to relax in their new home, the demands of business are never far away.
S05E09 Package Deal 01/06/1975 While Edwards settles comfortably into marriage and David starts to enjoy life again, Paul Merroney quietly and skilfully begins to feather his own nest…
S05E10 End of a Dream 08/06/1975 Edward and Jennifer move into their new home. The furniture has been delivered, ad the alterations are complete. All they need now is the go-ahead to start a family…
S05E11 The Judas Sheep 15/06/1975 Having settled into their new house and discovering they cannot have children, Jennifer and Edward decide to adopt. They little realise the difficulties they must first overcome.
S05E12 Jennifer's Baby 22/05/1975 Merroney returns from the Lebanon, bringing with him the man he hopes will finance a new business deal. His interests seem to be with Clare Miller. Edward and Jennifer’s only interest is their new baby.
S05E13 Warpath 29/06/1975 An attempt by the Hammonds to oust Merroney is doomed to failure from the start. Is Merroney a natural winner or are the Hammonds born losers ? There is plenty of evidence to support both points of view…
S06E01 Red Sky at Night 25/01/1976 Life has changed dramatically for the Hammond brothers. Edward is the father of an adopted son, Brian recovers from his divorce and a breakdown in Italy and David is finding his social feet.
S06E02 A Clean Break 01/02/1976 Edward and Jennifer’s worst fears have been realised and William’s natural mother has asked for him back. Jennifer is determined to keep him.
S06E03 Red Sky in the Morning 08/02/1976 Hammond Transport is on the threshold of expansion into Europe beginning in France. David’s enthusiasm for the place has more to do with Therese d’Alembert than with business opportunities.
S06E04 Oranges and Lemons 15/02/1976 On their way back from France, David and Stacey have been searched by Customs Officials at Dover. Everyone – particularly Paul Merroney – wonders why ?
S06E05 When Will You Pay Me? 22/02/1976 Paul Merroney considers it is high time Edward resumed his responsibilities as Managing Director of Hammond Transport. He enlists Riley’s help in the endeavour.
S06E06 Tender 29/02/1976 News that RAI Transport is going into liquidation smothers the Hammond grapevine and Jenny decides that here is her chance to prove what form she is in.
S06E07 The Mole 07/03/1976 Griffith Trevelyan, Chief Sales Executive of RAI Transport, the collapsing firm for whose oil rig installation the Hammonds wish to bid for, decides to play one contender off against another.
S06E08 The Chosen Victim 14/03/1976 Jane Maxwell senses trouble when a small aircraft belonging to Luxury Air, part of John Kirkman’s vast private company, stops at Dover airfield ostensibly to refuel.
S06E09 Blood and Water 21/03/1976 John Kirkman has made an offer of 80p a share for Hammond Transport. The level has been cleverly pitched: not too high to arouse suspicion, not too low for Paul Merroney to ignore.
S06E10 The Devil You Know 28/03/1976 Since the Hammond Board is evenly divided about Kirkman’s offer, the final decision seems to rest with Paul Merroney. But can Sir Neville influence him ?
S06E11 Try, Try Again 04/04/1976 The Hammond Board has rejected Kirkman’s offer for the company and this has meant quite a victory for Paul Merroney. But Brian feels that Hammonds need help if they are to function in Europe.
S06E12 The Bonus 11/04/1976 Although Brian and Edward have been discouraged from the idea of Hammonds merging with Van der Merwe, Paul Merroney is determined to find out exactly what the advantages would be.
S06E13 Birthday 18/04/1976 Two important occasions: the first is Mary’s birthday, the second is a SGM of the Hammond share-holders whose support for the merger with Van der Merwe,
S07E01 To Honour and Obey 05/09/1976 Hammonds Transport has merged with Van der Merwe. Merroney is marrying a bankers daughter and today is the wedding day…
S07E02 Home and Away 12/09/1976 The honeymoon is over and its business as usual. Ann Hammond visits and wants to see Brian, but Edward is not so sure.
S07E03 Invitations 19/09/1976 Ann turns up to see Brian and all the family is pulled into her search for reassurance.
S07E04 The Female of the Species 26/09/1976 Jenny’s off to Canada, Merroney to Amsterdam again, leaving Edward and April at a lose end.
S07E05 Manoeuvres 03/10/1976 David makes another attempt to get the better of Paul Merroney… all he needs is Simon Winter’s backing…
S07E06 Arrivals and Departures 10/10/1976 Merroney pushes Hammond Brothers into further plans for expansion, but a family bereavement reveals a new callous aspect to his character.
S07E07 The Distaff Side 17/10/1976 A premature Board meeting is far from being a routine matter. It holds several surprises… David has sent a letter of resignation!
S07E08 Cross Currents 24/10/1976 Mary returns from convalescence to find her family united in their opposition to Merroney’s expansionist plans for the company – but emotionally in disarray…
S07E09 Ripples 31/10/1976 Merroney, aware that the majority of the Hammond Board will vote against his scheme, decides to pre-empt them and Jennifer’s outburst has unforeseen consequences.
S07E10 Celebration 07/11/1976 The new freight planes are ready for delivery. To celebrate this Jane throws a party, at which April seems to get on well with her escort, them Merroney arrives…
S07E11 Windmills 14/11/1976 One of the new freight planes has failed to reach its destination. The loss is covered by insurance – or is it?
S07E12 The Golden Road 21/11/1976 Hammond Board members cast their votes to the Middle East project. The line up is 2 – 4 against and Merroney needs to level the odds.
S07E13 Out of the Blue 28/11/1976 Will the bank lend Hammonds the money they need? Or will Merroney have to put into action Plan No. 2? The family could finally lose control of the company.
S07E14 The Knock on the Door 05/12/1976 Mary fights a last-ditch battle to prevent the Hammonds losing control of their company. She calls a family meeting. Merroney may lose a more personal battle though…
S07E15 The Ordeal 12/12/1976 Gwen is summoned to hospital when her son is involved in an accident. Will his injuries be serious? And where is Bill?
S07E16 The Christmas Party 19/12/1976 The firms Christmas party makes Mary realise how the firm is changing. The business is slipping away from family control, as is the family from Mary.