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The series is about boys being boys, with Larry, George and Carlos Garcia put brotherly love to the test. The Brothers Garcia - which makes television history as the first English language sitcom with an all Latino cast and creative team of writers, directors and producers -- recounts the everyday, coming-of-age stories of three brothers growing up in San Antonio, Texas. From his witty, now adult perspective, Larry Garcia fondly recalls his quest as an 11-year-old to fit in with his older brothers - 13-year-old athletic Carlos and George, a l2-year-old walking encyclopedia - and to assert his individuality, despite the attention-getting melodramatic behavior of his fraternal twin sister Lorena. Ray, a hard-working, proud father, and Sonia, a compassionate yet pragmatic mother, instill family values and morals of their strong Latino heritage while closely managing the chaos and helping to build the foundation of the unbreakable


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S01E01 Best Laid Plans 23/07/2000 When Ray has to sell the tickets he bought for the boys to see the ""Astro Nut"" wrestle, the boys find a creative way to earn the money themselves. The boys have a wrestling match: Son of the AstroNut VS El Gordo. Larry gets injured, and Sonia doesn't let him go. Sonia and Lorena discover the joy of Bingo.
S01E02 Love Me Tender 30/07/2000 Carlos and George fall for the same girl and they wage a war against each other to win her affection. And Lorena experiences her first crush. Lorena loses her shoe, and Mario Wopple, the boy she has a crush on, returns it to her.
S01E03 The Right Stuff 06/08/2000 Larry submits his dads name for a Space Shuttle mission. When Ray makes it to the final selections he doesn't know how to tell his son he doesn't want to go in to space with out breaking his heart. Carlos also with great difficulty tries to teach his Dad how to use the internet.
S01E04 No Hablo Espagnol 13/08/2000 When Carlos fails his Spanish test, his dad makes him watch a soap with Lorena. However, he was originally going to stay at his weird uncle's house, but Ray changed his mind. He then at dinner time, has to report in total Spanish to the family about the show. Larry gets involved as well, by going a little too far, trying to help Carlos with his Spanish, by stealing $20 from his mom's purse to get Spanish helping tapes. Then when he admits he stole it, his mom makes him work 5 hours at her salon for $4 an hour, to pay back the $20 he stole from her.
S01E05 Bad Hair Day 20/08/2000 When Larry decides he is too old to have his hair cut by his mom, Ray and the boys take him for his first ""grown up"" hair cut to a nutty haircuter. Also, Sonia decides she needs a new look.
S01E06 A Hunting We Will Go 27/08/2000 The boys learn a lesson in peer pressure when they stumble their way in to a hunting trip. Larry also learns to overcome his fears with a little help from his brothers. And the girls stay in by themselves at nite, to do ""girl things"".
S01E07 A Day in the Life 03/09/2000 Larry is asked to a film documentary on his family for school. The family gets a rude awakening in what they look like to the outside world but realize the only thing that matters is what they look like to each other.
S02E01 Love is Very...Confusing 21/04/2001 coming soon!
S02E02 Band on the Run 28/04/2001 coming soon!
S02E03 Lotto Bucks 05/05/2001 coming soon!
S02E04 Big Winner 12/05/2001 Lorena enters a contest and wins a trip to Hollywood to meet her favorite novella star. Carlos sees the girl of his dreams and drags George and Larry all over Hollywood looking for her. Then, they run in to trouble about getting back in. Also, Lorena gets to be in her favorite soap as a small part and realizes her favorite soap star is not all what Lorena expected. Then, Larry bumps into his old friend the AstroNut. And George meets Vitamin C.
S02E05 Meal Ticket 19/05/2001 coming soon!
S02E06 You Go Girl 02/06/2001 coming soon!
S02E07 But Football Is a Religion 09/06/2001 Ray and the boys are thrilled their team is in the playoffs, but face a tough decision when the game is at the same time Sonia is being honored at church. Lorena smuggles a hamster into the house to prove she could be responsible for a bigger pet... a dog, because she found a dog in the park and Sonia wouldn't let her keep it because it had an owner. And when Ray and the boys decide whats right, they make the right decision, they go to see Sonia being honored at church. After the service, the whole church watches the playoffs.
S02E08 Over Extended Family 16/06/2001 In an effort to earn money for a new drum set, Carlos secretly sells meal tickets to his friends to eat Sonia's Mexican home cooking, but in the end, gets caught. And George and Larry take in a neighborhood kid that has run away from home, Carlie Torrance, because her father got a promotion and has to move, but she doesn't want to move. Carlie moves into Larry's room, and Larry sneaks food into his room for her. Lorena blackmails George so she won't tell Sonia about Carlie.
S02E09 Cold Turkey 23/06/2001 When Tia Gaby comes to visit, she gives the kids advice about their careers. She told Lorena about her friend who didn't talk for a year to become a better actress, Larry about her friend who used a training method to become an astronaut and drank a power drink made of cod liver oil and eggs, gave George an African amulet to protect him from a bully, and gave Carlos a hat that his father wore to protest. However, when they used the methods at school, they get sent to the principal's office.
S02E10 Larry's Curse 30/06/2001 When Larry breaks a statue his abuela gave the family, which she said would bring bad luck, weird things begin happening. Carlos loses his touch, Sonia screws up on a famous model's hair, closing the beauty shop in the process, and the computer gets worms. Larry thinks it might be bad luck. His dad doesn't think so, but Larry doesn't believe him. His abuela comes over to break the curse, and Larry admits he broke it.
S02E11 The Student Buddy 07/07/2001 Larry is named a student buddy to a hearing impaired student named Tami. One day, Tami's hearing aid goes off, and everyone starts howling like dogs, Larry staring it. Even though Larry apologizes, Tami is still mad at him and Lorena is named student buddy. Carlos is working on a family tree for school, and makes up stuff from the web because he is worried his family would be too boring.
S02E12 The Sub 14/07/2001 Ray becomes a substitute teacher in Carlos and George's art class, and gives the class an assignment for every prank they pull. This gives Carlos a hard time, and so he tries harder. Sonia is fixing hair every day for clients that were in a school that messed up, so a friend of their aunt is their female parent for a few days.
S02E13 The Crib 21/07/2001 It is the last week of school for the Brothers Garcia, and Carlos wants to act like a man, including trying to shave, eating his father's salsa and asking for his own room. Sonia and Ray give him Larry's room, thus making Larry angry. Lorena tries to get Carlos a graduation gift by getting candy bars out of a vending machine and selling them. She sells them to a group of women, Sonia among them, saying they were for Kids at Risk, and Sonia catches her.
S03E01 School Daze 03/03/2002 The Brothers Garcia learn what it's like to grow up.
S03E02 Tamale Follies 10/03/2002 Ray invites the dean from his university to come and have dinner, and he is allergic to almost everything. Sonia comes up with tastless tamales, but the boys eat them all. So they turn to Abuela for help, not knowing he was allergic to everything. Carlos applies for a job at the university mailroom to earn money for his date with Raquela.
S03E03 Brother's Keeper 17/03/2002 A bully bugs Larry because he has made friends with the bullies girlfriend.George and Lorena are selling Homework in Spanish Class.
S03E04 West Side Stories 24/03/2002 In this episode, the kids are forced to visit there cousin in the other side of San Antonio. Lorena works at a coffee shop all day with hopes of a boy calling. Larry helps his cousin paint with hopes of him getting his work displayed in New York. Carlos and George try to impress a girl and show her that kids from the suburbs have creativity.
S03E05 Maybe, Baby 31/03/2002 After the kids find infant supplies, they think their mom is pregnant. Lorena has an audition to sing the theme song for one of her favorite novelas.
S03E06 Don't Quit Your Day Job 07/04/2003
S03E07 Space Race 14/04/2002 Larry is competing against a kid at school to sell the most candy bars in order to win a trip to space camp. Ray and Lorena paint the beauty shop as a surprise for Sonia.
S03E08 Hot Today, Chili Tommorow 21/04/2002 Lorena scores a position on the co-ed soccer team, while Larry fails to make the lineup. Also: Sonia pits her salsa against Abuela's.
S03E09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? 28/04/2002 While playing host to a bishop, Sonia is annoyed that Carlos won't attend church; Larry and George sneak an armadillo into the house.
S03E10 When the Cat's Away 05/05/2002 Carlos sell French perfume to earn money to a concert with a girl.
S03E11 Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover 12/05/2002 Carlos learns that Looks aren't everything afer he finds out the most snobby girl at school has a wig. Carlos soon learns the horrid truth when he learns she has Cancer. Carlo then befriends the girl and makes her see having no hair isn't such a bad thing, and to convince her shaves his own beloved hair.
S03E12 When the Time Comes 00/00/0000
S03E13 Mama's Friend 00/00/0000
S03E14 Use Your Head 00/00/0000
S04E01 Mysteries of the Maya Part 1 21/06/2003 The Garcias travel to Mexico for vacation, but end up trying to solve a mystery instead.
S04E02 Mysteries of the Maya Part 2 21/06/2003 The Garcias travel to Mexico for vacation, but end up trying to solve a mystery instead.
S04E03 Mysteries of the Maya Part 3 21/06/2003 The Garcias travel to Mexico for vacation, but end up trying to solve a mystery instead.
S04E04 Mysteries of the Maya Part 4 21/06/2003 The Garcias travel to Mexico for vacation, but end up trying to solve a mystery instead.
S04E05 New Man on Campus...Sorta 29/06/2003 Carlos teaches George how to be cool.
S04E06 New Tunes 06/07/2003 Larry goes into pubertiy and carlos get a job.
S04E07 Novelathon 13/07/2003 Lorena attempts to break a world record by watching 48 straight hours of novellas.
S04E08 Right Place, Right Time 20/07/2003 Carlos comes to regret sending George to cover his shift at the CD store. Larry joins Lorena's all-girl community group to learn more about the opposite sex.
S04E09 Big Break 27/07/2003 Family Priorities get tested when George gets his big chance to Interview a music star. And Sonia has to put Ray on a Special diet to lower his High Cholesterol.
S04E10 Sisters Garcia (1) 03/08/2003 Sonia and Ray think that a foreign exchange student is just what the kids need, however Larry, Carlos and Lorena all have doubts. And when Alex arrives, she's not what the Garcia's expected.
S04E11 Sisters Garcia (2) 10/08/2003
S04E12 Models, Inc. 17/08/2003 Alex has to go home to El Salvador suddenly, leaving Lorena feeling a bit overwhelmed because it was the foreign-exchange student who'd been doing most of the fundraising in their joint campaign to help underprivileged kids attend camp. In another plot, Carlos comes to regret bragging to his friends about a modeling job when merely his feet are photographed.
S04E13 It Was Fun While It Lasted 24/08/2003
S04E14 Two Left Feet 12/10/2003 Carlos takes dance classes to get closer to a girl. A boy who can't read tries to threaten Larry to do his school work for him.
S04E15 Drive Me Crazy 19/10/2003 Carlos gets his first driving lesson. Lorena tries to organize a variety show to raise money for charity.
S04E16 The Spin Zone 14/09/2003 Larry's friend Luis decides to run for class president, and Lorena decides to be the campain manager. George is assigned to be a buddy to an old person, and discovers that even thought he is irritable and mean, he was once a great muscician. If you have any questions about this episode, I'm sure I can answer them for you because I was in this episode. Haha i was the girl in the green shirt at the end, and i wore blue in the other scenes. Cool, huh? Lol
S04E17 Moving On Up 21/09/2003
S04E18 Carmen De Lovely 08/08/2004