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The Brothers Grunt is an animated comedy television series that originally aired from August 15, 1994 to February 20, 1995 on MTV. The series centered around Frank, Tony, Bing, Dean and Sammy, an ensemble cast of pale, rubbery humanoids distantly related to human beings, all of them ostensibly male, wandering around in their underpants, in search of their lost brother Perry.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Brothers Grunt

S02E01 The Detective 00/00/0000 The Detective tries once again to catch the Grunts, going through many failed schemes and hilarious hijinks.
S02E02 If I Could Grunt to the Animals 00/00/0000 Dean is at the worst zoo of all of time, Uncle Stumpy's. Dean, being the stupidest of the Grunts, is naturally impressed by the fake animals of Uncle Stumpy's. However, the FBI shows up and arrests Stumpy and shuts down his zoo. Thinking Dean is one of Stumpy's animals, they place him in a normal zoo.
S02E03 Paging Dr.Grunt 00/00/0000 Tony is in a hospital, and they want to fix his crooked neck. The surgeons try all kinds of painful and expensive cures on Tony, but none of them seem to work. They decide they must surgically fix his neck. Tony, terrified, runs about the hospital in a doctor's disguise, resulting in him having to preform surgery on a dude.
S02E04 Perry's Appliance Repair 00/00/0000 Perry, trying to fit into human society, opens up his own repair shop. An old lady drops off her old record player to be fixed. Perry tries playing one of his favorite records, "Hooked On Grunt", on the record player. However, this attracts Satan's minions. Can Perry turn off the record before all humanity is destroyed?
S02E05 Timmy's Best Friend 00/00/0000 Timmy is lonely and searches for a friend. He finds Sammy, and declares that he is his best friend. Timmy holds him captive, forcing him to play. Sammy tries to escape and reach Perry, but Timmy doesn't let him. Can Sammy escape Timmy's clutches?
S02E06 No Quest Today 00/00/0000 In this episode Gruntus Poobah gives you a tour of the Monestery, showing you where the Grunts eat, sleep, bathe, etc.
S03E01 Grunt Moments In History 00/00/0000 Like the season finale before it, this episode kicked off season 3 with yet another episode of Gruntus Poobah explaining the way of the Grunts. In this one, he explains how the Grunts evolved into what they are today and how the Monestery was built.
S03E02 Perry Molo 00/00/0000 Perry is the jungle and comes down with a horrible jungle disease that makes him crap a lot. The jungle natives find him and worship him like a god, trying to cure his stinky illness. In the end they are successful, but at the cost of their god being propelled from their village by the force of his own excrement.
S03E03 Tony and Salsa 00/00/0000 Tony is in Mexico and accidentally insults a huge wrestler. Tony and the wrestler have a match, and Tony wins by eating his opponent.
S03E04 A Call To Grunts 00/00/0000 Bing joins the military and hilarity ensues. Can he survive his tough instructor?
S03E05 Clean Up in Aisle Grunt 00/00/0000 Tony and Dean are in the supermarket and notice Perry. They get close to catching him, but were sold to two customers.
S03E06 Land of the Midnight Grunt 00/00/0000 Tony is in the arctic and is skinned alive for Grunt skin boots. He escapes but is freezing and lonely. He calls to his brothers but can they reach him in time?
S03E07 Close Encounters of the Grunt Kind 00/00/0000 Frank is abducted by aliens and is almost sold as fresh meat. He manages to escape and plummets back to Earth.
S03E08 The Scent of Grunts 00/00/0000 The Detective finds the Monestary at the very end of the episode but ends there in a cliffhanger.
S04E02 They Stole Tony's Veins 00/00/0000 Tony's veins are stolen by a mysterious stranger on his way back from the movie theater. The stranger attempts to ransom the veins back, but the veins escape on their own and find Tony.
S04E03 Not My Potato 00/00/0000 Perry goes to Ireland and fights an Irishman over who gets to eat a potato. The fight grows increasingly ridiculous until finally the potato is eaten by a horse.
S04E04 Squeal Like a Grunt 00/00/0000 Dean spots Perry on an Evangelical television show but gets distracted by two guys driving a pick-up truck. They tie Dean up and drag him behind their truck until they are distracted by a cow, leaving Dean behind.
S04E05 The Big Crapple 00/00/0000 All the brothers go looking for Perry in the city. They cram into a phone booth and call information to look Perry up. The operator patches them through, but Perry is sitting by the pool in his mansion and the call goes to the answering machine.
S04E06 Sammy in a Varicose Vein 00/00/0000 Sammy's search for Perry leads him to a nursing home where he's mistaken for a resident. He's forced to go through the normal routines until he incites a riot by unintelligibly calling bingo numbers. He eventually ends up in the building's dungeon for causing trouble. He escapes when a fly lands on the torture wrack and stretches his limbs beyond recognition.
S04E07 Grunt Fare 00/00/0000 Frank and Tony take a cab ride through the city. The cab driver tries to take them where they want to go but can't understand them. He decides they are playing a joke on him and takes them for a long drive and runs up the fare. Perry tries to hail the cab but gets ignored.
S04E08 To Hell with Bing 00/00/0000 Bing ventures through a nightmarish landscape where the flora attacks him, the ground crumbles beneath his feet, and demons eat soup garnished with the souls of the damned. The episode ends with no resolution and Bing left in hell.
S04E09 Cream Style Tony 00/00/0000 Tony is surrounded by people talking about corn in the city. He snaps and begins spreading a strange message of corn which somehow brings peace to all who hear it. Anyone who supports potatoes is rounded up and Tony becomes the supreme leader of a corn-based dictatorship. It all comes undone when he utters potato in front of a crowd of supporters.
S04E10 The Ugly Gruntling 00/00/0000 Sammy somehow hatches from a chicken egg and his new chicken mom shows him the ropes around the farm. He plays with a milking machine and gets sucked into it, he's subsequently processed as cheese and left to age on a shelf. He ends up being such a ripe cheese that he's entered into the county fair. Perry turns out to be the judge, but Sammy is unable to communicate as a block of cheese and ends up being munched on by his lost brother.
S04E11 5 Card Grunt 00/00/0000 Sammy and Frank find a pair of Dean Martin tickets belonging to some mobsters. The mobsters challenge them to a game of five card stud in the trunk of a car with the tickets on the line. Sammy lays out a winning hand (three Sammy cards) and they both escape by sliding down a pile of money that floods the car and into a sewer.
S04E12 The Stench of Grunts 00/00/0000 This picks up where season three's cliff-hanger finale leaves off. The detective recounts the events after he discovered the monastery, but he's come unhinged. Through the flashback you learn that he snooped around building but all his attempts to get in were unwittingly thwarted by the Gruntus Poobah and his servant, Ringo.
S04E13 Grunt Games 00/00/0000 The Gruntus Poobah presides over the Grunt Games. The games are watched and played by unnamed Grunts.The games culminate with a relay race to make the Gruntus Poobah a martini.
S04E14 Requiem for a Sammy 00/00/0000 A man with an eye patch is looking for a lamp. Sammy almost nabs Perry in a bathroom by emerging from a faucet with his lamp, but narrowly misses. The man spots Sammy's lamp and challenges him to a staring duel for it. Through flashbacks its revealed that both Sammy and the man with the eye patch went through childhood training for staring contests. Sammy ultimately wins by making his left eye grow as large as his entire upper body. The man with the eye patch awakens in a doctors office where two doctors determine he needs a lucrative heart transplant.
S04E15 Smells Like Dean Sprit 00/00/0000 Perry briefly appears diving into a mirage in the desert. Dean comes across a stranded Frenchman and offers him a drink from his canteen. The Frenchman becomes addicted to the drink which turns out to be Dean's sweat. He ends up turning it into an industry, bottling Dean's sweat en masse and selling it.
S04E16 Perry Come Home 00/00/0000 Perry is haunted by visions of the Gruntus Poobah as he goes through his day. He does everything he can to escape but everywhere he turns the Poobah's face is waiting. Behind it all seems to be the Gruntus Poobah using a radio transmitter of some sort.
S04E17 Bring Me the Head of Perry the Grunt 00/00/0000 Perry masks are the in costume this Halloween and Dean runs through town chasing after the Perry-faced children. There are so many of them that Dean snaps and collapses in the street. He ends up with a Perry mask and thinks he's killed his lost brother. This is a "lost episode"
S04E18 Black Balled Grunt 00/00/0000 Gruntus Poobah flashes back to Perry's childhood. A baby boy was left on the monastery's doorstep. Gruntus Poobah took the baby in and he was raised alongside Perry and the rest. The baby grows into a bully and is cast into the monastery's steam room. He incites a rebellion and almost overthrows the Poobah, but Ringo beats the truth out of him and drops him down a pipe.
S04E19 Perry's Day Off 00/00/0000 Perry spends a day trying different professions and in each one he's almost found and captured by one of his brothers. Each time he unwittingly escapes.
S04E20 Tony & Lace 00/00/0000 Tony comes across Perry working as a park ranger. His attempts to capture Perry are foiled by an untied shoelace. When he finally ties his shoe he's taken captive by a she-bear. They have three horribly ugly children.
S04E21 The Filling of the Shorts 00/00/0000 Dean returns to the monastery to get a refill on cheese. Gruntus Poobah recounts the story of Brother Wayne, the Grunt who invented special shorts for carrying cheese when leaving the monastery. Dean is loaded up with cheese and sent on his way.
S04E22 Poobah Blues 00/00/0000 Gruntus Poobah recalls his days as a beatnik.

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