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Captain Dan Tempest was an ex-pirate who received a pardon from the King and turned privateer after his stronghold of New Providence was taken over by Crown soldiers. Tempest and Lt. Beamish, the Crown-appointed deputy governor, were uneasy allies, fighting the Spanish privateers who were ravaging the Caribbean.


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S01E01 Blackbeard 19/09/1956 Captain Woodes Rogers travels to the Bahamas to accept his new position as Governor. With him he brings a King's pardon to all who will give up piracy. Blackbeard is not convinced and suspects a trap.There is dissension among the pirates between who wants the pardon and who does not. In the confusion Blackbeard makes his escape.
S01E02 The Raiders 26/09/1956 The island of New Providence is in danger from pirate raiders led by Charles Vane. Governor Rogers must decide on whether to go after Vane, thus leaving the island unprotected, or repairing the damaged fort and waiting for Vane to return and strike again.
S01E03 Captain Dan Tempest 03/10/1956 Captain Dan Tempest arrives at the island of New Providence. He is several weeks late to accept the pardon and is promptly arrested by Governor Rogers for piracy. He is later approached by Rogers and given a chance to redeem himself by delivering cargo to Charleston. Lt. Beamish accompanies him on the voyage. When they are met on the open sea by Blackbeard, will Tempest fight him or join hi
S01E04 Dan Tempest's War with Spain 10/10/1956 Gov. Woodes Rogers has left the Island of New Providence and left Lt. Beamish in command as Acting Governor. Meanwhile a Spanish Galleon has sailed into the harbor presumably with peaceful intentions. While Beamish believes their message of peace the one group that does not is languishing in jail...Dan Tempest and his men arrested for a barroom brawl. Beamish is soon betrayed by the Spaniard Captain and it's up to Tempest to save the Island from the Spanish.
S01E05 The Wasp 17/10/1956 A raiding party of pirates led by Blackbeard is looting the storehouse of New Providence. They leave behind one teenage lad to cover their retreat. Tempest is frustrated that raids like this can happen and wants Beamish to supply him with weapons to arm his sloop so he can go to sea and take the fight to them. Beamish sees to it and the captured boy is pressed into service as Tempest's cabin boy and they head out to sea to search for Blackbeard.
S01E06 Whale Gold 24/10/1956 A crew are at sea in search of Ambergris, better known as whale gold. A substance worth 5 times its weight in gold. When a number of the crew find a deposit on an island things get difficult when they try to hide their find from the rest of the crew.
S01E07 The Slave Ship 31/10/1956 Three slaves escape to sea and in turn discover and capture a slave ship themselves. They know the British will be coming after them and so begins a desperate bid for freedom.
S01E08 Gunpowder Plot 07/11/1956 Tempest is tasked with securing extra gun powder from the Admiralty after a succession pirate raids. The Admiralty refuses to give him the gunpowder and Tempest has to resort to some unconventional tactics.
S01E09 The Ladies 14/11/1956 Word comes through that a promised shipload of women is approaching New Providence. Tempest and the island administration have a concern that Blackbeard may be aware of the ship and decide to lay a trap for him if he attacks.
S01E10 The Surgeon of Sangre Rojo 21/11/1956 When a typhus outbreak hits New Providence, Captain Tempest must launch a desperate mission to bring relief to the dying inhabitants.
S01E11 Before the Mast 28/11/1956 A pirate ship is seen in the waters around New Providence, with a Spanish blockade already in place, Tempest concocts an audacious plan to not only stop the pirate but destroy his ship.
S01E12 Dan Tempest and the Amazons 05/12/1956 A French Privateer arrives in New Providence with a very strange cargo. As discussions continue the prospective cargo decide the matter for both parties.
S01E13 Articles of War 12/12/1956 The island is running out of food. The situation becomes even more desperate when a Spanish naval ship arrives insisting that if Spanish prisoners are not released then an expected food ship will be attacked and destroyed.
S01E14 The Hand of the Hawk 19/12/1956 The authorities are trying to drum up more business for the colony. The first merchantmen to arrive has a crew member killed with a warning, "beware the mark of the Hawk". Dan needs to try and figure out who the murder might have been and what us the significance of the warning.
S01E15 Marooned 26/12/1956 The colony is celebrating the Kings birthday when a raiding party led by pirate Clip West attacks and steals most of the supplies. Once the authorities become aware of the situation, Dan is sent in pursuit of the raiding party.
S01E16 Gentleman Jack and the Lady 02/01/1957 Tempest's ship clashes with another privateer over a prize. Capt Gentleman Jack issues a warning of revenge to Tempest and his crew. But Gentleman Jack is not the person people expected him to be.
S01E17 Mr. Beamish and the Hangman's Noose 09/01/1957 A new acting governor arrives at the colony and immediately arrests Beamish on a string of charges that will require him to return to London for a court marshal. Tempest is convinced there is a political motive behind the act and sets out to discover who is behind the action.
S01E18 Dead Man's Rock 16/01/1957 With the Sultana out of action a Spanish warship takes the opportunity to attack the colony and arrest Governor Beamish. Tempest must find a way to rescue Beamish and stop the Spanish incursion.
S01E19 Blood Will Tell 23/01/1957 A lawyer arrives at the colony looking for the last reaming heir to the Gresham fortune. A lad appears that everyone assumes is lying, but doubts begin to rise over the lad's true origins.
S01E20 Dangerous Cargo 30/01/1957 Tempest is tasked with transferring an important passenger from a passing British warship to Barbados all under the watchful eye of the Spanish.
S01E21 The Return of Calico Jack 06/02/1957 Calico Jack arrives in the colony while Tempest is away on business. This leads to tension between the two crews, and inexperience in dealing with conflict leads to some difficult situations.
S01E22 Ghost Ship 13/02/1957 Captain Tempest on board the Sultana encounters an abandoned Dutch ship. Tempest sees a prize, but a number of the crew fear it is a ghost ship and the spirits are restless.
S01E23 Conquistador 20/02/1957 A series of attacks are blamed on Dan Tempest and the crew of the Sultana. Beamish refuses to believe the situation till he sees Tempests actions with his own eyes.
S01E24 Mother Doughty's Crew 27/02/1957 A series of pirate raids puts Dan Tempest under pressure to catch the perpetrator. Tempest has to also dampen down rumors his own crew may be behind the attacks.
S01E25 Conquest of New Providence 06/03/1957 While at sea, Tempest discovers that New Providence has been invaded by a Spanish force. Tempest heads back to port and begins putting together a plan to return the island to English control.
S01E26 Hurricane 13/03/1957 As New Providence is recovering from a hurricane, word comes through that a Spanish treasure ship has sunk nearby. Tempest decides to try and recover the gold as a way to finance the rebuilding of the town.
S01E27 Cutlass Wedding 20/03/1957 Taffy backs out of marriage with one of the colony girls. In retaliation the girls threaten to leave. Tempest tries to broker a new proposal before the women follow through with their threat.
S01E28 Aztec Treasure 27/03/1957 NO DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE
S01E29 Prize of Andalusia 03/04/1957 NO DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE
S01E30 Dan Tempest Holds an Auction 10/04/1957 Captain Tempest comes across the survivor of a pirate attack. Using the information supplied by the man, he goes in search of the pirates to either destroy them or recover the stolen gold.
S01E31 Spy Aboard 17/04/1957 Captain Tempest is robbed by the ruthless pirate Peg Leg. He comes to the realization there must be a spy aboard his own ship the Sultana. He decides the only way to get his fortune back is get a spy onto the pirate ship.
S01E32 Flip and Jenny 24/04/1957 Tempest finds two children stowed away on his ship. They tell a story of their father, an indentured slave, being thrown in jail for his refusal to work until the local land owner agrees to educate the children.
S01E33 Indian Fighters 01/05/1957 Tempest returns famous Indian fighter Understandable Perkins to his home town. Instead of an expected heroes welcome Perkins is charged with treason and thrown in jail. Tempest sets out to right the wrong.
S01E34 Mistress Higgins' Treasure 08/05/1957 Captain Tempest is smuggling a load of farm tools to a group of desperate farmers when he encounters a strange woman at sea. She tells a tale of buried pirate treasure she has discovered in a cave on an island.
S01E35 To the Rescue 15/05/1957 Tempest arrives at Savannah in the promise of a valuable cargo. Local politics make moving a load of tobacco very risky, with so much at stake Dan rolls the dice and takes the load.
S01E36 The Decoy 22/05/1957 Tempest is sailing for Charleston with a valuable load of furs. While trying to avoid a pirate "The Turk" he finds a strange woman alone in a dingy at sea, who tells an even stranger story.
S01E37 Instruments of War 29/05/1957 Tempest arrives at Prisioner's Island to pick up a valuable cargo. He becomes concerned when he discovers the cargo is a single Scottish Highland Chief.
S01E38 Pirate's Honour 05/06/1957 Tempest tries to save a young boy who's knowledge of buried gold makes him a valuable target of the famed pirate Black Bart.
S01E39 Printer's Devil 12/06/1957 Captain Tempest becomes involved when he sees a printer shut down for spreading stories of corruption amid the government. Tempest thinks there is some truth behind the story and decides to make a stand

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