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In 1938, The Katzenjammer Kids were adapted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, becoming the studio's first self-produced series of theatrical cartoon short subjects, directed by William Hanna, Bob Allen and Friz Freleng. The series was unsuccessful, ending after one year and a total of 15 cartoons. Following that cancellation, Freleng returned to Warner Bros., where he had earlier been an animation director. The Captain was voiced by Billy Bletcher, and John Silver was voiced by Mel Blanc.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Captain and the Kids

S01E01 Cleaning House 19/02/1938 Mama has everyone working on spring cleaning, or so she thinks; in fact, everyone's slacking off in various ways. The Captain is the only one to get caught and face her wrath, though. To escape, he fakes illness, but the boys catch him at it. Mama calls the doctor; the boys intercept him and impersonate him. They get revealed, but so does the Captain, and Mama puts him to work doing everyone's job.
S01E02 Blue Monday 02/04/1938
S01E03 Poultry Pirates 16/04/1938 The ducks and chickens next door eye the Captain's garden covetously through a poorly mended fence. The Captain, armed with a board, is standing guard (but not fixing the fence). He falls asleep, and the poultry attack, stripping the garden methodically.
S01E04 The Captain's Pup 30/04/1938
S01E05 A Day at the Beach 25/06/1938 The whole family is at the beach for an outing, and each is having their own little adventure. The Captain fights the sun with his beach umbrella, in an attempt to nap. Grandpa tries to build a sand castle, but the waves keep wiping it out. Mama, after trying to defend her picnic basket, tries dipping a cautious toe into the big bad ocean, eventually needing to be rescued by the Captain.
S01E06 What a Lion! 06/07/1938
S01E07 The Pygmy Hunt 06/08/1938
S01E08 Old Smokey 03/09/1938
S01E09 Buried Treasure 17/09/1938
S01E10 The Winning Ticket 01/10/1938
S01E11 The Honduras Hurricane 17/10/1938
S01E12 The Captain's Christmas 17/12/1938 The Captain is playing Santa; John and his henchmen stick him up and take over, but John breaks all the toys. They go into town and sing, so badly that people throw things at them to get them to to stop.
S01E13 Petunia Natural Park 04/01/1939
S01E14 Seal Skinners 28/01/1939 A trained seal has escaped from the Jingling Brothers circus; there's a $100,000 reward. Both the Captain and John Silver hear this news, as does the seal. They show up, offering the seal a ride to wherever she wants to go; home to the arctic, as it happens. The Captain wins round one, grabbing the seal while John is engaged in a fight with yet another reward seeker. But John's got a few tricks up his sleeve, primarily the seal suit he dresses up in that fools the seal briefly and the Captain for a bit longer.
S01E15 Mama's New Hat 11/02/1939 The boys buy mama a new hat for Mother's Day, but on the way home, fall in the mud and ruin it. They swap the bad hat with one that a nearby horse is wearing and head home, with the horse in pursuit. Mama loves her new hat, and sets out to show her friends, but encounters the horse, who goes after the hat.

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