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Perrier Award nominated for her performance in Lee Mack's sketch show at The Edinburgh Festival 2000 and critically acclaimed for her one-woman sketch show at Edinburgh 2001, Catherine Tate now writes and stars in her own sketch show. Catherine's irreverent characters include the rancid pensioner, the overprotective new parents and the randy nurse. The show's theme tune is "In These Shoes?" by Kirsty MacColl.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Catherine Tate Show

S00E01 Comic Relief (McFly) 11/03/2005
S00E02 Children in Need 23/10/2005 In this special for Children in Need, Lauren (Am I Bothered) meets some of Albert Square's most dodgy women, including Stacey Slater and Peggy Mitchell.
S00E03 Christmas Special (2005) 20/12/2005 The Old Woman meets up with Charlotte Church, and Lauren prepares a rather special 'X Factor' performance.
S00E04 Sport Relief 15/01/2006 A short sketch featuring Nan Taylor and her grandson watching the world cup.
S00E05 Comic Relief (David Tennant) 16/03/2007 Lauren Cooper meets David Tennant)
S00E06 Comic Relief (James Bond) 16/03/2007
S00E07 Comic Relief (Tony Blair) 16/03/2007
S00E08 Comic Relief (Lenny Henry) 16/03/2007
S00E09 Comic Relief (Noel Edmonds) 16/03/2007
S00E10 Christmas Special (2007) 25/12/2007 Catherine Tate may be Doctor Who's new assistant, Donna, but Catherine Tate has found time to do a Christmas special too. Highlights include Irish nurse Bernie duetting with famous patient George Michael at the hospital karaoke party, Nan cooking Christmas dinner for her daughter (Kathy Burke), and gobby teenager Lauren showing off her rapping skills to her mates and getting into trouble on a school outing.
S00E11 Nan's Christmas Carol 25/12/2009 It's Christmas Eve and Nan receives some unexpected visitors, in the form of Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. In this comic retelling of Dickens A Christmas Carol, Nan is shown the error of her ways, but is it too late for her to swap her Scrooge- like misery for some seasonal goodwill?