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The Celts were the first European people north of the Alps to rise from anonymity. We reflect on the enigma of the Celts and examine the roots of their culture, unveiling its complex characteristics.


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S01E01 In the Beginning 01/04/2001 For 800 years, one of the greatest barbarian races swept ruthlessly across Europe. Follow the fascinating journey of the Celts from their earliest roots 2,500 years ago through the flowering of their unique culture and their enduring heritage today.
S01E02 Heroes in Defeat 08/04/2001 At the height of the La Tene era of the Celtic movement, women were often the leading warriors, bards, druids, artists and craftsmen. Their settlements and forts show that they traded within and beyond Europe until their culture was decimated.
S01E03 Sacred Groves 15/04/2001 This episode discusses Celtic mythology, legend, and belief, namely the pagan religion, Druidism, and then the introduction of Christian faith to the Irish and Scots.
S01E04 From Camelot to Christ 22/04/2001 The collapse of the Roman Empire saw the arrival of new cultures that threatened the Celts. This program claims that the British king, Vortigern, invited the Anglo Saxons into Britain to help fight the Picts but they betrayed his trust to take over the island.
S01E05 Legend and Reality 29/04/2001 From the 8th century onwards invasions by the Vikings and the Normans threatened the Celts. Following the Reformation in the 16th century, Celtic communities in Wales, Ireland and Brittany were marginalized in the push for unity in England and France.
S01E06 A Dead Song? 06/05/2001 To what extent can modern people view themselves as Celts? This segment considers modern Celtic-inspired practices like military discipline, the Welsh Eisteddfod, modern Irish music and art, and the efforts to preserve the native languages.

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