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Each Challenge pits numerous cast members from past seasons of Real World and Road Rules against each other (only the Fresh Meat Challenge has introduced new cast members that have never appeared on either The Real World or Road Rules), dividing them into two separate teams according to different criteria, such as by gender, which of the two shows they first appeared on, whether or not they're veterans or rookies on the show, etc. The two teams compete in numerous missions in order to win prizes and advance in the overall game.


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S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Five Easy Pieces 01/06/1998 Five The Real World alumni gather together to travel across the world for a handsome reward. The cast mates were given enough money for nine days and the keys to the winnebago. Rachel and Sean connect instantly and begin to flirt. The cast mates are given their first clue from infamous The Real World: San Francisco alum David "Puck" Rainey. The cast mates are given instructions to drive to Connecticut where they meet two demonologists and are informed that they will have to spend the night in a supposedly haunted mental hospital. During their mission, the boys decide to play a prank on the girls by pretending to be ghosts. Eric upset one of the demonologists because of his immaturity, but he later apologized. It's later revealed that they did, in fact, catch a ghost on camera and have completed their mission. The episode ends with Puck informing the group that they will be going to New Zealand for their next mission.
S01E02 Shear Madness 08/06/1998 The cast mates head to New Zealand for their next mission where they receive a clue that they will be going to a sheep farm. Rachel opens up about her accident as things continue to heat up between her and Sean. The cast mates stop to get breakfast and arrive at their mission an hour late. They're immediately put to work: sheep shearing. The girls are assigned to milk cows which they complete and manage to make up for the loss time. The cast mates are paid and are told they won't be getting any money for another twelve days. Sean gets annoyed when the rest of the cast go out to eat. Eric begins to gain the ire of some of his cast mates for his personality. The cast mates are given their next clue and are told to drive outside Wellington to participate in "Fly By Wire", which they complete. The episode ends with the cast reflecting on the relationships they have with each other.
S01E03 A Radish in a Salad Spinner 15/06/1998 The cast are given their next clue where they're told to write a new theme song for Road Rules. Eric chose to isolate himself from the project because he was afraid it would conflict with his record deal contract. The cast drive to a field to compete against each other in a sport called "zorbing". During the mission, Jon gets hurt, but turns out to be fine. When it comes down to Rachel and Cynthia to compete against each other, Cynthia bows out, allowing Rachel to win $150. Eric gets into a fight with Cynthia, Rachel, and Sean when he wants to stay. Cynthia and Rachel get into an argument over Eric and Cynthia's alleged "connection" in Connecticut. When the cast arrives in Auckland, Eric tries to make amends by suggesting they go horseback riding. The cast have a good time in New Zealand and things begin to look more positive for the group.
S01E04 How to Eat Fried Worms 22/06/1998 The cast arrive into town where they are told that they will be jumping off the side of a building. Cynthia is terrified to jump, but does it anyway for the bragging rights. The cast are given their next clue and are told they will be going to Los Angeles next. They head over to The Real World: Los Angeles alum Beth Stolarczyk's house to rest before receiving their next clue which is working at "Hot Dog on a Stick". Rachel initially refuses to wear the uniform because she finds it embarrassing, but agrees to do it for the good of the team. The breeze through the mission and get paid. Their next clue tells them they will have a cook off. That night at Beth's place, Beth begins making advances at Sean, but he doesn't give in. The men face off against the women in the cook off. The guys cook up insects in their meal, which they serve to the girls and when they reveal the ingredients, Cynthia gets really upset. The episode ends with Cynthia wanting to leave the show.
S01E05 Fresh Squeezed Creative Juices 29/06/1998 The morning after, Cynthia decides that she is going to stay. The cast mates meet with actress Mindy Sterling where she teaches them how to perform improvisation. After performing their comedy routine, the cast are instructed to play parodies of their old The Real World cast members, which goes off splendidly. Other actors present in the performance include Jennifer Coolidge and Cheryl Hines. Their next clue has them recording the song they were told to write a while ago. They meet with a recording producer to record the song. Sean initially becomes embarrassed by his lack of singing talent, but manages to pull through and complete the mission. The cast go out to party where Rachel and Sean hook up. Their final clue tells them they will be taken by limo to their handsome reward. Puck arrives on the scene to drop off their handsome reward, which is a paid trip for two to San José, Costa Rica. Sean and Rachel affirm their attraction to each other. The episode ends with the cast reflecting on their adventure together and the full theme song that they wrote together.
S02E01 Money Changes Everything 00/00/0000 We start off with six ex-Real Worlders and six ex-Road Rulers being led into a baseball stadium blindfolded. We then see a limo being followed by a armored truck. Inside the limo is this year's Mr. Big - David from the Real World Los Angeles. We are introduced to our teams- Real World Beth from Real World Los Angeles Neil from Real World London Jason from Real World Boston Montana from Real World Boston Janet from Real World Seattle Nathan from Real World Seattle Road Rules Mark from Road Rules 1 Kayle from Road Rules Islands Kefla from Road Rules Australia Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Roni from Road Rules Northern Trail Noah from Road Rules Northern Trail From his limo, David is patched over the PA system in the stadium. He tells the players that they can take off their blindfolds and they have to look for the gold dollar. A helecopter flys over with a bag and drops thousands of fake money with David's picture on it. They have to find the one Gold
S02E02 Bed Sores 00/00/0000 They arrive in Mammouth Lakes CA, where their next mission will take place. In their campsite, they find a newspaper that has a article about their mission. It says that casts of the Real World and Road Rules will take part in the yearly Frontier Day's Bed Race. There is talks about whether Beth should stay in the challenge or not. Beth wants the cash so she is gonna stay, but Neil says she better work if she wants a piece of the cash. The Real World team is starting to get close to their rundown RV which they have now named ""Bessie"". So, they take it to a gas station and they buy lots of spray paint and both teams leave their marks on the RV. They arrive at the mission site, they are told they will be taking part in a Bed Race. Each team must dcorate a bed as wild as possible and then it will be placed on wheels and they will have to race it down a hill. The team with the best of out 3 races will win a minute in the Money Chamber and the luxory bus. The teams head back to go p
S02E03 Getting Drunk 00/00/0000 They are heading to the Hollywood YMCA where both teams know they have to work, but not sure on what they'll be doing. The Real World team is tired of losing and Neil is wondering why he even decided to do this challenge. They arrive at the YMCA, and the ladies and men are seperated in different locker rooms. They are given basketball jerseys to change into. The teams walk out on a basketball court where Kobe Bryant and Reggie Miller are playing. The only ones that recognize them are Kefla, Roni, and Nathan. Since Road Rules has ""Japenese Pacers"" they get to play against Kobe and Reggie in a basketball match. Their special referree is Syrus from Real World Boston. For each time Road Rules scores a basket, they receive $20. But for each time Kobe or Reggie score a basket, $10 of Road Rules money goes to them. Real World has ""Snoop Doggy Doggs"" where they have to bathe Kobe Bryant's dogs. They are each given one of his dogs to take to ""U-Wash Doggie"" and if the dogs are groomed,
S02E04 The Joint is Jumping 00/00/0000 We start back with Janet still freaking out at the top. Her hands have formed into fists and they won't open. The Bungee Master tells her that she is having some sort fo spasms. She still wants to jump but he tells her to go back down, rest alittle, and she can come back up. Back on the boat, Kefla and Roni start freaking out that it isn't fair that Janet got to come back down. The Bungee Master finally stops all the fighting by telling them that it wasn't her choice to come back down, it was his. Kayle goes up and gets no rings. Nathan tells Beth and Montana that if Anne gets any rings they're gonna have to jump and they refuse. Anne jumps and gets one ring giving Road Rules a one ring lead. Janet finally recovers and jumps, she doesn't get a ring, but that doesn't matter to the team who is happy that she faced her fear. The pressure has come down to Beth and Montana, Montana doesn't want to jump cause it's her worst fear and Beth doesn't want to do a one legged jump. The tea
S02E05 Shall We Play a Game? 00/00/0000 After the Talent Show, Real World is on Cloud 9 cause they finally have won a mission. Backstage they receive their next clue - ""Left, Left, Left, Right, Left. I don't know if it's been said, this mission can make you dead. Sound off, Real World, Sound off, Road Rules, Sound Off, Let's Fight!"" Nathan is excited cause he knows it has something to do with the Military which he is actively involved in. The girls seem to be upset cause they know it'll involve physical strength. They are told they need to be at Camp Pendelton in Southern California by 6pm the following day. Since it's their final night in Vegas, they decide to hit the town again. Flirtation continues between Montana and Noah. The following morning, Roni looks for Noah, but can't seem to find him. Nathan tells her to look in the girls room and see if Montanas there. She all of a sudden appears from the bathroom and says Noah is sleeping in the bus, people are wondering what happened between them that previous night
S02E06 Handsome Reward 00/00/0000 We start right back in at the Playboy Mansion. The Playboy Bunny tells them to leave their stuff on the front lawn cause she's gonna take them on a tour of the property. They see exotic birds, monkeys, and other animals. She takes them by the famous pool and grotto, she also tells them that they will be spending the night in the game room where there are seperate beds bracnhed out of the main room. They arrive in the room to find there are special Hef P.J.s each with their name on it for each of the castmates. The Playboy Bunny invites them all out to the pool where all the guys socialize with the Bunnies while the girls sit back and talk trash. The man himself - Hugh Hefner comes out and welcomes them all to the Mansion. Noah finds a playmate that he could talk to and Montana gets jealous, she finds them alone and insults the both of them which extremely pisses off the playmate. She takes off to try and find Montana and confront her, but Noah holds her back. The rest of the cas
S03E01 Stratos-Fear 00/00/0000 Welcome to the Real World / Road Rules Challenge 2000, we start off with helicopters arriving with cast members blindfolded. They are dropped off atop a parking garage in Vegas. When all have arrived, they take off their blindfolds and meet their teammates. On the Real World Team- Amaya from Real World Hawaii Kat from Real World London Heather from Real World New York David from Real World Seattle Teck from Real World Hawaii Mike from Real World Miami On the Road Rules Team- Holly from Road Rules Latin America Piggy from Road Rules Australia Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Yes from Road Rules Semester at Sea Dan from Road Rules Northern Trail Carlos from Road Rules 1 They are met by this season's Ms. Big- Gladys from Road Rules Latin America She then shows them that they're next to the tallest tower in North America, the Stratosphere. Their mission? To bungee off a platform extended off the tower. If a whole team jumps , their team will win $10,000
S03E02 Demolition Derby 00/00/0000 To get thier next clue they went to Nike Town in Vegas. They are greeted by Roy Jones Jr.(professional boxer) who tells them that one of them will have to fight him to get the clue. Noone on either team didn't feel like getting beat up but finally David decided to take the challenge only to find out he only has to play a kid's toy boxing game with him. David lost after several rounds but Roy felt sorry for the team anyways and gave them their clue. They're off to Nashville, on the way we see Real World living it up in their bus while the Road Rulers and more quiet and low key. When they arrive, they're given their next mission which is entitled ""Bumper Cars"" which is just another name for Demolition Derby. There will be 6 teams of two members. One being the driver and the other a passenger equipted with a super soaker filled with paint to shoot at the opposing team's driver. The teams are- Real World-Amaya & Kat, David & Mike, Heather & Teck. Road Rules-Yes & Veronica, Los & Pig
S03E03 Wheel of Wrestling 00/00/0000 We start off with Piggy still upset about being caught smoking and losing the money for her team. They arrive at their next mission where they find out they will be wrestling, either eachother or professional wrestlers(guys, gals, ad midgets) depending on what they spin on a wrestling wheel. Heather and Piggy go first, spinning the wheel to discover they have to wrestle each other. Piggy is determined to beat Heather cause Heather caught her smoking but ofcourse Heather is quite a bit larger and just kills Piggy. On to Dan and Mike who spin the wheel and discover they have to wrestle female wrestlers. The guys take advantage of the situation and play with the girls abit but obviously each of them easily wins the match. Next is Amaya and Veronica who spin the wheel to find out they have to wrestle midgets. Veronica goes first and after a good few battles gets pinned by the midget. Amaya goes next and after running around the ring like a girl, gets caught by the midget and pinned ve
S03E04 Snake Wrangling 00/00/0000 We start off with both teams heading to Lexington Kentucky for their next mission. At the mission they are greeted by Keefla from Road Rules Australia. They are told they are gonna participate in a challenge that Keefla hated the most during his Road Rules taping. They have to deal with snakes, actually they have to go in a cage filled with hundreds of different kinds of snakes and wrangle out the particular ones their team is assigned. Amaya continues to aggrivate the Road Rules team, this time she admits to kicking their snakes into bushes. But the Road Rules team overcomes Amaya's attacks and wins the mission anyways! Back in the bus, the teams find their second ""Bonus $6,000"" challenge. The challenge gives both teams a list of six different tasks where they can pick 3 to complete. The first team to complete the 3 tasks wins the bonus $6,000. Both teams start off with the same first task, to find someone that will allow two team members of their team to skinny dip in their poo
S03E05 Redneck Games 00/00/0000 We head into this episode with Amaya flirting to a truck driver over the busses CB radio. He tells her that he loves big ol' boobies and she said she has plenty of those. He tells her to meet him at the next truck stop only to see him drive by and honk, she waves as he drives away. They head off to Dublin Georgia to battle the next mission which they find out will be the Redneck Games. Both teams crack up as they hear the competitions and both are confidant that they will win. Round 1- ""Greasy Pig Catch"" In which the team that catches a greased up pig out of a pin first wins. Winners=Real World Round 2- ""Pie Eating"" The team that has the most members eat their whole pie in 5 minutes wins. Road Rules decides to make as much off a mess as possible and push as much of the pie on the floor as possible without being noticed. Road Rulers ""supposedly"" finshed all their pies first but the Real World team states that most of their pie is all over the floor and on the table. Winners=Roa
S03E06 Mud Football 00/00/0000 We start off with the teams finding out that their next mission will be a football game. David immediatly goes out and teaches Kat and Amaya some tips since they have no football experience at all. The Road Rulers are in their bus cracking up at Kat and Amaya dropping the ball every 2 seconds and they know they got this mission nailed. We then see Piggy on the phone with her boyfriend from home, they have a argument and she hangs up the phone crying. Holly takes her back to the bus but Piggy stops at the tent Teck had set up and climbs in. We hear her pour out to him about her jerky boyfriend and how much she wants to find the right man. The camera pulls away which makes viewers wonder if they messed around in the tent. On the Real World bus, Amaya makes sure that her team is not that hard on Kat and her since they've never played football. While on the Road Rules bus, they want to see Amaya leave the game on a stretcher. After some practice with the NFL football player mission
S03E07 Swamp Buggy Racing 00/00/0000 We start off with Holly and Dan hanging out with each other. Holly calls her mom and tells her how great he is, we also learn that Dan has a girlfriend at home who he's been with for a year and a half. Holly admits she has never gotten close to anyone as she has with Dan in a time-span of 5 weeks. We move foward to the mission ""Swamp Buggy Racing"". The teams learn they will have to be driving stick shift buggys around a two feet deep muddy water track. Heather quickly tries to learn how to drive a stick getting barked orders by David which only aggrivates her. Heather and Kat are both sick and tired of David's competitive attitude. Round 1- Road Rules wins it as Amaya and Heather both have trouble catching on to driving a stick. Winners=Road Rules Round 2- They have to drive the buggies around the track while catching inflatable animals through the way. Holly and Yes get stuck and then David and Kat get stuck and David continues to yell at Kat which causes Kat to forcefully hol
S03E08 Sweet Revenge 00/00/0000 Finally receiving a day off from missions, the Real World team decides to pull a prank on the Road Rules team as revenge for their constant winning. They decide to come up with a fake scavenger mission. Since they're down in Miami, Mike still had his connections from his Real World days. They went to Ocean Drive Magazine where they use the magazine's resources to make a whole mission package up for the Road Rules team look as official as possible. We go to the Road Rules bus where Holly and Piggy discuss how fed up with Los they are. They believe he's rude and the whole team is just getting sick of him. The Road Rules are delived the fake mission and at first they do not want to do the scavenger hunt, they thought they finally get a day off and just wanted to keep the day free instead of having to work. So, they decide to just let Real World have the prize, but then their greediness rose and they don't want to just hand the money to Real World, so they decide to go for it. While R
S03E09 Homemade Swimsuit Contest 00/00/0000 We start off with the Real World having a meeting, they're all sick of Amaya's complaining. They feel they could have won more missions had it not been for her. Over on the Road Rules bus, tension is higher then ever with Los. They get their next mission which involves making home-made bathing suits, nothing can be part of a store-bought swimsuit. They each have to be paired up and do themed suits between the two person teams. Amaya is overwhelmed with excitement stating that this mission could give the team more respect for her since she can excel at this kinda stuff. Over on the Road Rules bus, Piggy is upset that she has to be paired up with Los. Holly and Los get into a fight and Holly says she's just going to stop being nice. The following morning, the Real World girls get to work on their costumes while the guys took off to go play all day. When they return that night, the girls go off. They finally all complete their costumes, the show is ready to begin. Amaya and Mike, th
S03E10 Stir Crazy 00/00/0000 We start off with Piggy still mad at Los. We hear about how much she hates him. Dan steps in and decides he wants a peaceful last five days, so he goes to the hotel to talk with Los. Dan tries to see if he'll just try to cooperate for the last five days, but Los says he couldn't do that cause he would feel like he's lying to the group and to himself. Dan finally gets him to go back to the bus where Piggy and him completely ignore eachother. Dan lets the group know that they don't have to kiss Los's butt but just try not to upset him. Dan's actions only makes Holly love him more and in a interview she states that he's the greatest guy she has ever met. With Los back, they head off to the next mission. The teams are given money and told to get food for all them that will last 48 hours. They arrive at the site of a college where they are blindfolded and told to take off any watches and that they're not allowed to have anything on them at all. Each team is led up in a chain to the
S03E11 Handsome Reward 00/00/0000 We start off the the final episode with both teams at dinner playing the question game. We see only 5 of the questions. Yes is asked how big his member is, Dan is asked who out of both teams he would like to go out with and he refuses to answer, Veronica is asked if she would be Amaya for a day and she quickly replies no, and lastly Amaya is asked if she would do the wrestling match over again and would she win. She basically said she'd kick Veronica's butt!!! The following day the teams are off to meet Gladys. She tells them their final mission would be skydiving, and reveals their handsome reward will not be money but brand new 2000 Nissan Xteras. The teams are excited and both want to win. They later find out they won't be diving tandem and they have to sign releases that warn them that they could be killed. They get to the field where they see they won't just have to skydive, but they have to skydive, manuever themselves to land in a huge dartboard-like scoring table that was
S04E01 Ring of Fire 00/00/0000 This season opens up in Maine on two docks by the ocean. One reunites The Real Worlders- -Julie from Real World New Orleans *Using the challenge as a vacation after the RW. -Jamie from Real World New Orleans *Moved to San Francisco, financed some websites and made a name for himself. -Dan from Real World Miami *Been working as a model, and was once a spokesperson for the AIDS walk. -Syrus from Real World Boston *Been living life with no regrets after the RW -Rebecca from Real World Seattle *Went to Europe, cut off her hair off, and ""discovered herself"". -Kameelah from Real World Boston *Learned to be more patient after the RW. And the other reunites the Road Rulers- -Ayanna from Road Rules Semester at Sea *Took care of her mother until she passed away, using the challenge as a escape from regular life. -Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour *Learned since his season that he can't make anyone think the sameway he thinks. -Emily from Road Ru
S04E02 Blimp Water-Skiing 00/00/0000 We open the episode with Syrus still hanging on to dear life on the third rope course. Syrus gains his balance back and makes it through the course edging Real World closer to a win. But the Road Rulers came through at the end and won with a 17 to 16 lead. The Road Rulers got to spend the night in the Yacht while the Real Worlders had to spend the night(probably for the first time) outside. They wake up the following day to face their third and last mission on the island. They are told by Ramona to pick the best male and female skier off each team. Real World picks Jamie and Julie while Road Rules picks Emily and Christian. Both pairs go out on seperate boats to practice their sking; Jamie, Emily, and Christian have it down while Julie seems to be struggling alittle bit. The teams then learn that they will have to ski though a slalom course but not by a boat, but by a blimp. The team with the lowest combined time to get through the slalom wins. Julie breaks into tears worrying abo
S04E03 Wharf Games 00/00/0000 We start with another clue, this time narrated by Melissa from Real World New Orleans. They are told to go to a Fisherman's Wharf in Boothbay Harbor, Maine and wear bathing suits under their clothes. We start to learn about Rebecca and James past relationship experiences and what their desires are for future romances. We also find out that they think eachother are ""cool"". Fast foward to the mission, the first part consists of a ""Lobster picking and eating"" contest where the team that eats the most lobsters in 5 minutes wins, but the catch is their arms are tied together. Real World takes it with 29 lobsters eaten to the 28 that Road Rules eat. On the next part, ""Lobster Crate Crawing"". The goal is for each team member to put on the oil jacket, sow westo(hat), and hook a fish on their arm and then run across lobster crates that are tied together floating across the water. The team to have all their member to go across the crates and back the fastest wins. Road Rules takes the seco
S04E04 Improv Games 00/00/0000 We start off with James and Rebecca long fest going on more. They both like what it is right nom but don't know what it's going to be in the future. We move on to James complaining more about losing and how he hates it so much. Christian believes that Real World has a better team spirit then the Road Rules team. They receive the next clue narrated by Devin from Road Rules 2. They learn that they're going to have to due standup comedy/skit at a Comedy in Festival in Montreal. On the way there, they start to straganize on how they're gonna crack people up. They are met in Montreal by the stars of the Comedy Central show ""Upright Citizen's Brigade"" where they learn they'll have to learn several improve games and perform them tonight in front of a audience. They split off in different rooms where coaches teach them some hints on better improving. Kameelah feels confidant about the Real World team while Road Rules is freaking out. In the first skit ""Who, What, and Where"" James and Chr
S04E05 Rollerball Games 00/00/0000 We open up with Real World partying cause of all their wins. They receive the next clue which is narrated by Flora by Real World Miami. They're told that they will need to be rolling well and not drop the ball. Christian and Laterrian have a communication barrier and Christian blames it on Latterian's ""jive"" talking while Laterrain blames Christian for being from Norway. They arrive at a warehouse only to find out it's the movie set for the movie ""Rollerball"" They finally notice that they're standing next to the two stars - LL Cool J and Chris Klein. The two stars take them over to meet with the stunt coordinator to learn how to inline skate on a big ol course. They get all geared up and watch some professional skaters do some impressive stunts, all while hoping they won't have to try any of those stunts. They go out on the track and play out alittle bit trying to perfect their skating. Meanwhile, Christian is doing laps around everybody showing off that he is a skilled skater. T
S04E06 Ayanna's Departure 00/00/0000 We start right off with Christian being interviewed by the producer, he's asked if he was ever confronted by Ayanna in a physical manner. And then we flash to Ayanna who is talking to a friend on the cell phone saying that she never just snaps like the way she did for no reason, she is only provoked to do that. We then flash foward to 24 hours prior where we find Ayanna crying to Christian about her mother's loss to cancer several months earlier. Christian comforts her and Ayanna is extremely appreciative. Flash foward to cast mates partying at a bar. Ayanna is back at the bus where she is greeted by Shawn from her season on Road Rules. After catching up with him, Ayanna goes to sleep in the back of the bus. At about 5:30am the guys come back and Ayanna wakes to hear them but tries to fall back asleep. Laterrian says ""Hey white boy"" to Christian and Christian follows back with ""Hey (N-Word)"" All of a sudden Ayanna comes flying from back of the bus and supposedly attacks Christian
S04E07 Wheel of Wrestling 00/00/0000 We start off with Julie on the phone with Ayanna while looking at her picture on the Road Rules bus. She says that she feels that she shouldn't be there and that she can't do the challenge without her. Jamie tries to tell her to let it go and enjoy the trip. She tries to go around and get her team to boycott Ayanna leaving, but Road Rules lets her know it's not thier control. The Road Rules team goes on and realizes they need to stay unified as a team and keep Ayanna in their spirit. The next clue arrives narrated by Chris from Road Rules Europe. He explains that they will be sticky and they'll have to pin down the situation, the group believes it has something to do with stripping. They arrive at their mission and the organizers provide them with shoes and wrestling spandex outfits. They find out they will have to spin a wheel which will reveal who they will have to mud wrestle against, whether it's the other team, a Elvis impersonator, a midget, a diva, male models, or a Suma Wr
S04E08 Human Foosball 00/00/0000 We dive right back into Jame's struggles with losing and Rebecca losing respect for him and his childish ways. James is still attracted to her but doesn't know if he should go all the way in fear of screwing it up. Since James is so competitive, Dan decides to make a wager. Who can blow a bigger bubble? James attempts and gets not one bubble. Dan goes and ofcourse gets like 10 big bubbles out of one blow. James punishment? To run around the Real World bus naked. Syrus received the next clue in their cellphone, it says something about kicking tricks at a college complex in Conn. Susie is the most excited out of the two teams cause it's her first mission. They arrive to find 4 professional soccer players who help them learn the basic moves of soccer. James and Jamie seem to be the best so far. After practice they arrive at the mission site to find a inflatable ring where they will be playing ""Human Foosball"" where players will be attached to ropes that sting acoss the field and
S04E09 Sub-Standard 00/00/0000 We go right into Road Rules happy about their winning marathon and Real World hating to lose. The next clue comes narrated by Mssada from the Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. She says that the next mission will be ""Sub-Standard"". They all guess that it will have something to do with Submarines only to find out that they have to go to the Navy's Submarine school. They arrive and are given 15 minutes to change into naval outfits. They gather in a class where they learn they'll how to survive in a submarine compartment while it's flooding. They're given different techniques on how to stop leaks. After the class, they're given 10 minutes to quickly eat. James is already complaining about having a commander barking commands at him. The guys and gals are given seperate rooms to sleep for the night. The guys of Road Rules get in alittle bit of trouble when Christian and James fool around after hours. They are demanded to go into the hallway and since Laterrian was the quiet one he got
S04E10 Cheer Leaders 00/00/0000 A clue arrives narrated by Teck from Real World Hawaii. He asks them a riddle- ""What do egyptians and Football players have in common?"" They both like pryamids. They know right off the bat that it has something to do with cheerleading. Road Rules is already full of them self as Susie did some cheerleading in her highschool days and Michelle was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for two years. Dan is trying to keep the spirit alive on the Real World team as they all think they're gonna get killed by Road Rules in this mission. Emily has flashbacks of her high school days where she tried out for the cheerleading squad and didn't make it. They arrive at the field to find their mayors who state they will perform 3 different cheers, one is a themed competition, second is a sideline cheer, and lastly is a perfect cheer where they get to pick the music and do what they please. They have to pick a leader and ofcourse Road Rules picks Michelle and Real World goes with Dan. They all believe they wi
S04E11 Tight Rope Walk 00/00/0000 We start off with Emily telling the story of her accident to Susie. Emily had gone on a vacation to Europe and ofcourse she wanted to visit Christian. They went out and had a few drinks and on the way back their car was hit broad-sided by a tractor trailer. Everyone survived but lots of damage was done. Christian cannot go a day without thinking about the accident and he still has two metal plates in his chin to remind him. Emily has major face scaring which has been fixed by plastic surgery. Their next clue arrives, this time narrated by Christina from Road Rules Australia. She tells them they will need lots of balance and they will be given enough rope to hang themselves. They arrive at their practice site for the mission where they find out that they will be tight rope walking 100 feet in the air over concrete floor. Their mission mayor this time is Jay- a profesional skywalker who doesn't seem so bright but that is only due to a accident on one of his walks where he fell 90
S04E12 Tough Guy 00/00/0000 The teams are excited cause they're off to London where the next part of the challenge will take place. Both teams receive new double decker buses with their pictures on the side. They start off by doing some site seeing. At lunch, Susie tells Emily that she really wants the money and she thinks the Road Rules team is more into the challenge for the friendships then the money. They receive their next clue narrated by Timmy from Road Rules 2. He says they need to be pumped up and tough for the next mission. They arrive at the mission site and find out that they're taking part in a ""Tough Guy"" competition obstical course that involves about everything that a body can handle including climbing, swimming, crawling, etc. They start- Obstacal 1 - The Tiger Tail They have to climb up a net ladder and then go through a electrical fence that actually shocks James. Real World in the lead. Obstacal 2 - The Behemoth They have to climb up a tire ladder to a top of the tower and then c
S04E13 Extreme Sports 00/00/0000 We go right in with the teams receiving their next clue narrated by Amaya from Real World Hawaii. She tells them that their world will be turned upside down. Amaya also makes a comment about Julie staying strong, in a interview Emily tells everybody that Julie and her don't get along at all and they just try to stay away from each other. On their phones, it tells them that they will be going to Germany. They arrive at the next mission site. The new mission mayor does not speak english well, but she tries to tell them that she works for a bungee/extreme sports company. Todays mission will consist of three different challenges, the team with the most points after the three challenges wins $10,000 dollars. Challenge 1 is a 'Vertical Bike System'. Each team will pick a guy and girl to compete, they will have to bike as fast as they can. The faster they go, the faster the bike climbs the wire. Once at top, they have to ring a bell, the team to do this the fastest wins 50
S04E14 Couple Fashion Show 00/00/0000 Note: Some consider this episode the ""Lost Mission"" episode. It only aired the first time and has never aired in reruns or in any Extreme Challenge marathons. The teams receive another clue to be at the world-famous Kit Kat Club in Berlin. They arrive to find Gloria Viagra, a tall blue wigged tranvestite who will be their mission mayor. She tells them that each team must pair up in three teams and do a Famous Couples Fashion show. There's a catch through, they won't be just wearing what their famous couple wore, they must transform their characters into a fetish theme. Julie being the downhome Mormon that she is freaks out. She knows her parents especially her Dad will be watching the challenge and she is afraid of what they'll think. James tries to comfort her the best he can aswell as Syrus letting her know she can just do it and never have to worry about doing it again. Road Rules knowing that Julie is having problems with this mission see a brighter hope of taking their first
S04E15 Grossout Games 00/00/0000 Emily invites Julie out for a shopping trip around Germany in hopes that they can get along better. Julie says they are alright together now but 'The trip is not over yet'! They receive their next clue narrated by Gladys from Road Rules Latin America. She says that they will be going ""medieval"". They receive another clue on their cell phones saying to meet their torture master at a castle. They arrive at the castle and meet their mission mayor who is in cloaks aswell as his assistants. They find out their mission will be ""The Grossout Games"". They are told there will be 4 challenges - Scrap Eating Contest, Eel Bath, Needle in a Haystack, and Bug Spitting Contest. The bonus is the teams get to pick who they want on the other team to compete in which mission. Event 1: Scrap Eating Each team is given a basket full of meat of some animal that is not recognizable. The basket includes meat covered bones, livers, and brains. The team that finishes the whole basket first wins. Real
S04E16 Paintball / Judge Mills Lane 08/05/2001 We continue right back in with Syrus holding James shirt up around his neck, Kameelah runs in and breaks them apart. We find out that after all the fighting, noone was awarded the $10,000. That night, Susie admits that she is bitter and speaks for the Road Rules team that they are tired of losing, tired of the challenge, and ready to go home. Laterrian tries to keep the positive attitude but it is even getting hard for him to do that after all the losing. The following morning, they receive a clue on their phones saying to take a bite of the Big Apple and that they will be going to New York and there will be a mission the following morning. They are head to the airport and arrive in New York. They receive another clue, it says they will have to fight a legal battle in court. They head to the municipal court in New York meet Michael who is the assistant to Judge Mills Lane. He tells them that Judge Mills Lane will be doing a hearing to determine who deserve the $10,000 Monster.Com c
S04E17 Handsome Reward 00/00/0000 We start off with James and Rebecca on a walk. Rebecca mentions that she loved James at the beginning of the challenge and now that the Road Rules team continously loses, she finds his hard to be around. James mentions that he is tired of losing and doesn't want to be around anyone, Rebecca or his team. They receive a clue on their phones that they're heading to California. On the van ride to the next mission, both teams are playing with eachother. Road Rules is bound to take this last mission while Syrus says that he is leading the Real World team to victory. They arrive at a race track out in the desert to find ""Raced-Up"" Toyota Celicas for each of them. Their mission mayor arrives and announces that their last mission will be ""Toyota Motorsports"". There will be two events, the team with the best times overall wins the last $10,000 Monster.Com paycheck. Event #1: Skid Pad Four people from each team are chosen to race their car into a wet area of the track and then skid the ca
S04E18 Real World/Road Rules Extreme Challenge: Cease Fire (Reunion Special) 22/05/2001 Reunion Special featuring the whole cast even Ayanna who was sent home from the challenge mid-way through the season. Highlights: *Dan worked out every day for a month prior to the challenge with a Marine to prepare. *Kameelah claims the Real World girls are tougher then the Road Rules girls. *James claims Real World paid more attention to what wasn't in the rules then what was. *Road Rules admits that Ayanna would have been a better asset to the team then Susie. *Ayanna is still not sorry for her reaction to Christian's comment. *Christian wishes he could take the whole Ayanna incident night away. *James admits that being 3000 miles from Rebecca doesn't help take their relationship to the next step. *Dan admits that he had a crush on James. *Susie says she wasn't crying over being in the bath with eels, she was actually hit in the head with the mission mayor's weapon and was in pain. *Kameelah says the last two weeks of the trip both teams would not even look at ea
S05E00 DELETE THIS 18/03/2002
S05E01 Hang Man 00/00/0000 We start off this season with the cast diving into Caba San Lucas...literally! Each of the castmates sky dive onto a beach where they greet their seasons partner. We have on Road Rules- *Timmy and Emily from Road Rules 2 *Chris and Belou from Road Rules Europe *Dan and Tara from Road Rules Northern Trail *Chadwick and Piggy from Road Rules Australia *Josh and Holly S. from Road Rules Latin America *Yes and Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea *Theo and Holly M. from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour *Adam and Jisela from Road Rules The Quest On Real World, we have- *Norman and Becky from Real World New York *Jon and Beth from Real World Los Angeles *Mike and Sharon from Real World London *Mike and Flora from Real World Miami *Sean and Elka from Real World Boston *Stephen and Lindsey from Real World Seattle *Danny and Kelley from Real World New Orleans *Mike and Coral from Real World Back 2 New York After all teams landed safely at the beach and chan
S05E02 Hurricane Juliette 00/00/0000 We start off with some clouds coming in and the wind getting alittle stronger by the minute. Theres talk of a Hurricane coming but they all hear that it's just suppose to swing past them and head east. But the waves continue to get bigger and it gets uglier and uglier outside. Jisela goes off about Chadwick and Holly, saying that if she gets the chance to get in the Inner Circle, one of them are going home. The Road Rulers are tired of the villa saying that the tone set in the first Inner Circle has ruined the team, even Belou is crying to the Real World team beging to stay in their Villa. At Breakfast, darker clouds continue to roll in. Mark and Eric come in and say that rain is on the way, and the next mission doesn't work well in the rain, so it has been cancelled and they just get to hang out for the rest of the day. Mike decides to be a Jack-A** and play in the 20 feet high waves, which scared Kelley to death and they scream for him to come out. Some of the team members decid
S05E03 Who to Vote Off? 00/00/0000 We start off with shots of Cabo San Lucas and how Hurricane Juliette has destroyed alot of it. The teams go back to visit the villas to find everything including the beach has been destroyed. Kelley says ""Thank-God"" that Hurricane came cause it really brought everybody closer together. The Real World team is kinda stressed on how or who they will vote next. So, they decide, If Real World wins, to have the winning team kick back some of the money to the previous teams that were booted and then just get rid of the weakest team each elimination round. That way Real World will have the strongest team. Stephen suggests that they all put a signature down on paper, but the team says they all trust eachother. Sean is on a porch stating their stagedy is to vote off the lowest scoring team but there is alot of people who want to get rid of Stephen, allwhile Stephen is peaking around from the other porch listening. Jisela and Piggy play a game of Scrabble and Jisela decides to ask Piggy what
S05E04 Musical Inner-Tube Tango 00/00/0000 We start right back in with the Inner-Tube Tango! People are going crazy, several people yell at Stephen cause he's hitting to get to the tubes, even getting to the point where noone want to stand next to him in the dance line. Piggy and Chadwick were the first eliminated followed by- *Becky and Norman *Danny and Kelley *Mike & Coral, and Adam & Jisela are disqualified, due to the men holding onto another tube for their teammate. *Chris and Belou *Holly and Josh *Theo and Holly, Holly had a innertube and Stephen ripped it out of her hands and threw it away from her. *Timmy and Emily *Mike and Sharon are disqualified since Mike held onto a tube for Lindsey. *Dan and Tara *Mike and Flora We're down to Sean & Elka and Stephen & Lindsey. Lindsey says she would be happy for Sean & Elka to take the guitar package, but Stephen wants it for himself. Elka said she would love the guitar for the love of her life- Walter. Stephen & Lindsey end up winning the competition and
S05E05 Vertical Limit 00/00/0000 At Breakfast, they are told to pack up their bags cause they are moving back to the villas and the next mission will be at 5pm that evening. They are told to wear sneakers, no bare-feet or sandals. Each team has one cell phone to share and finally the service has gone back up since the Hurricane. They all fight to see who could take turns calling back to civilization first. Holly says that even though her team believed she would crumble without Chadwick, het determination has only doubled since his eviction. Stephen confronts Coral to let her know there will be no more effort on his half to try and be friends with her, but all he asks is that he'll be civil with her aslong as shes civil with him to make it through the final 3 weeks. Coral tells him that she doesn't understand him and doesn't like him and if he'll just leave her alone, she'll be happy. Coral says she feels sorry for Lindsey to have to be paired up with this weirdo. Road Rules tries to make a pack like the Real Worl
S05E06 Slam Dunk 00/00/0000 We start off with Real World still in their Inner Circle, debating on who to vote off. Becky is busy talking to Lindsey, cause Lindsey knows it's her going. Becky says 'no' cause the agreement is to get rid of the lowest scoring team which would be Mike & Flora. Coral wants Stephen gone due to his moral and unsportsmanship affecting the team. They all decide against Kelley's wishes to vote off Stephen & Lindsey. Kelley just asks that they each go up and tell Lindsey how much she rocks and it's not cause of her that they are eliminating that team. The elimination proceedings begin and Mike speaks on behalf of the Real World Inner Circle declaring that Stephen and Lindsey are eliminated. Stephen says that the Real World team is dishonest and rotten at the heart, while Flora believes the decision was wacked cause her team was the lowest scoring and deserved to go home. The Road Rules Inner Circle goes up next and Emily makes the announcement that Chris & Belou will be going home that
S05E07 Montezuma's Revenge 25/03/2002 We start off with sounds of vomit in a toliet. It seems several of our cast has caught the good ol' classic Montezuma's Revenge. Becky goes to the hospital to come back with tons of medication. Norman hopes a good night of sleep will help Becky get better for the next mission, since this is their only chance of getting in the Inner Circle and staying to compete for the final Handsome Reward. Meanwhile, Mike and Tara grow closer. Mike explains ""The Miz"" to Tara. Tara explains to Mike that she just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years only a week before coming to the challenge. Mike and Tara continue to flirt and play around outside where Tara pushes Mike into the pool and Mike picks up Tara and launches her into the pool. Mike doesn't understand the attraction cause they're complete opposits but they click. We then see two of them in the kitched trying to be secretive but the camera catches Mike doing a slick little hand across the breast move on Tara. The following morning a c
S05E08 Ladder of Doom 01/04/2002 We start right back in with Elka, Kelley, and Coral descending the Ladder of Doom. Each contestant completes the ladder, times go as- 1)RR-Holly= 3:20 Theo= 3:01 Total= 6:21 2)RR-Holly= 3:40 Josh= 3:14 Total= 6:54 3)RW-Elka= 4:03 Sean= 3:30 Total= 7:33 4)RW-Coral= 3:41 Mike= 4:02 Total= 7:43 5)RW-Kelley= 3:33 Danny= 5:08 Total= 8:41 6)RR-Tara= 6:21 Dan= 3:10 Total= 9:31 7)RW-Becky= 5:57 Norman= 3:42 Total= 9:39 8)RR-Emily= 4:20 Timmy= 5:25 Total= 9:45 With the shortest time, Theo & Holly from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour win the Vail Ski Equipment and Trip. Sean and Mike make Theo feel bad by saying he should share the prizes with the poor kids. Holly lets him know he shouldn't have to appologize for playing the game well. Holly S. walks off to the beach front to watch the sunset and cry, she's not use to failing and it aggrivates her that they didn't make it in the final Inner Circle. Josh tells her that they made it, they didn't get voted off, they lived thro
S05E09 Round 'Em Up 08/04/2002 Now...The Real Challenge Begins!!! In the Real World villa, the team is starting to stress out knowing they are now only fighting to win the $$$. Over in the Road Rules villa, the team is finally starting to have fun and smiling, which shocks Theo when Holly smiles. Holly says she's no longer mad at Emily since the whole conspiring against Chadwick leading to his elimination. They get the clue for the next mission. It states they will need to be wearing jeans. Right away, they know they will be riding something, they just don't know if it's a bull, horse, etc. The Real World team, now that the elimination process is off their shoulders, feel they can beat the Road Rules team. They arrive at their mission site and find out their next mission will be ""Round 'Em Up"". The team will be riding horses and will be timed on who can get a calf in their pin first. The team with the lowest score wins a $2,000 shopping spree to Urban Outfitters. Each team is given two hours to pick a horse and
S05E10 Rush Hour 15/04/2002 We start off with Sean talking about how he met his wife Rachel on the first challenge- Road Rules: All Stars. He says they got married and have a beautiful daughter named Evita and another one on the way. He says he has huge debts with law school, and their bank account is pretty much running low. We also see Elka talking to her now fiance Walter. She says she loves him so much and can't wait to start her life with him. At dinner, each team is given a kid's puzzle called Rush Hour. This puzzle is the clue for their next mission. In the puzzle, there are cars lined up vertically and horizontal in a grid. The goal of the puzzle is to move the cars until you can get the specific colored car outta of the grid. Emily and Timmy feel they can kick butt at this competition. Playing the game, they get the car out first before everybody else. The following morning both teams are all still playing with the kids game. They receive a message on their phones that they'll be picked up at 9:
S05E11 Hands on Saturn 22/04/2002 We start off with Coral & Mike, Timmy & Emily, and Dan & Tara upset cause they have yet to win a prize. They are pumped to win the next mission. It's 11:59pm and only one minute to Mike's 21st Birthday. Mike is all excited to be turning 21 while the rest of the teammates are happy for him. Mike wants to party, but the rest of the team all want to rest for the following day's mission. The following morning, the teams get a message on their phone saying the next mission will be at 9:45am. They are told to wear their uniforms, sandals, and plenty of sunblock. Emily & Timmy are upset cause they were in second place out of all the teams and now they're in dead last. Coral wants to kick butt on the next mission and win Mike a birthday gift. They arrive at the mission site to find three cars under silk tarps and a bar with lots of chairs set up around it. They learn the next mission will be ""Hands on Saturn"". All teams will put a hand on a car made of Ice. After 2 hours, they will ha
S05E12 Sidekick Showdown 29/04/2002 We start back in with Mike as 'The Miz' screaming. He says to Coral that he thought she was the weak link, but he has only proved to himself that he's the weak link. Coral tells Mike that he is capable of doing anything he wants, she gets him to settle down and come to dinner. After dinner, Mike appologizes to each of the teams. Tara understands his anger and his reaction, but is still alittle scared of the new side she saw. The following morning, they received the next clue for their message on their phone. It says that the next mission will be that night and they need to wear something ""dressy"". Mike woke up the following very energized and relaxed. Tara thought there would be weirdness between them after what happened the prior evening, but there wasn't! The Road Rules team is jealous of Real World's togetherness. They decide from now on to work together. After dinner, they head down to find out their mission is ""Sidekick Showdown"". This is just a form of the Newlywed Game w
S05E13 Blockhead 06/05/2002 We start off with the Real World team at breakfast. When they first started the challenge, they all thought they had no chance at all to win. But now that they're getting close to the end, they believe they can take it home! Sean comes up with the idea of a Real World person will team up with a Road Rules person, so that way if one team wins, they will share the chili's money with their partner. That way everyone will walk home with something. Since Sean is a lawyer, the teams have picked him to draft up a contract. Tara says she's so sure they're gonna win that she doesn't know if she wants to give up any of her money. That night, they get a message that their next mission will be at 10am tomorrow and they need to wear bathing suits, shorts, and sunscreen. We then see Emily talking on the phone with James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. She says after the last challenge they hooked up and been with eachother ever since. The following day, they arrive at the beach to find t
S05E14 Siamese Wrestling 13/05/2002 We start off with Mike acting like 'The Miz' and Timmy and Theo just making fun of him. At breakfast, they are told their next mission will be that night and they will be given their outfits shortly. They're also told they will need to be weighed in. From that, they already know that involves some sorta battle, either boxing or wrestling. They are then given their outfits which lets them know that they will be wrestling. Mike is excited saying this is the mission he's been waiting for. They receive a message saying the mission will be at 6pm. They arrive at the mission and discover that they will be doing ""Siamese Wrestling"" where teams will be tied back to back with a corset and then have to wrestle the opposite team in a ring covered in bubbles. A match will have a winner when they can get one of the opposing team member's shoulders down on the mat for 3 seconds. The team that can pin the other team the fastest will win a ""Mild n Wild"" White Water Rafting trip, bikes, cameras,
S05E15 Handsome Reward 20/05/2002 The day has arrived...tis the day of the Final Mission. Each of the teams wake up nervous yet excited to win the handsome reward. The Road Rules team wonders what the last mission will be, Emily hopes it has nothing to do with luck, cause she doesn't believe it's fair to win $300,000 off luck. They discuss the deals they have, we learn there is a deal between- Emily & Elka Theo & Mike Tara & Danny Timmy & Kelley Dan & Sean The only two not to reach a agreement is Holly & Coral. Coral has tried, but Holly denied cause she believes she'll put 100% in this final mission and take the money home. The vans pick them up bright and early and they arrive at the final mission site. As the Ultimate Teams, Sean & Elka and Theo & Holly must deligate the rest of their teams during each part of the final mission. They also learn that the Ultimate Team that wins the final mission will not just get the $50,000 each but they also will each get a 2002 Saturn Vue SUV. They are given their f
S05E16 Inside the Inner Circle 27/05/2002 The two final Inner Circles get together to discuss the challenge. We learn that all of the Real World teammates have stayed to their promise and has given the money deserved to the Road Rules teammates they paired up with and the other Real World teammates that were eliminated. They do a final challenge, a tug-o-war over a pool. Road Rules wins and they each receive a Playstation 2 package.
S05E17 DELETEME 00/00/0000
S06E01 DELETEME 00/00/0000
S06E03 Dead Man's Drop 13/01/2003 We start off this week with all the ladies having a battle of their own to fight right now and that is not against the guys, but with Mr. Diarrhea. While all the women are trying to gain enough strength for the next competition, the guys are living it up in their now ""peaceful without David"" villa. The mission phone lets them know that they should be ready by 10:30am and wear swimsuits and have plenty of sunblock. On the way to the mission the guys try to form a ""voting-off"" plan to keep their team more organized and civil than the ladies. With David withdrawing himself from competition in the previous episode, the guys have yet to have to vote someone off. The guys finalize a plan to vote off the male player with the lowest commulative score which leaves Latterian the team mascot fearing his departure. The teams arrive to find trapeeze bars hanging above the water. Jon announces ""Dead Man's Drop"", where each team member will have to hand upside-down with their legs over the bars
S06E05 Breath-Hold Bungee 27/01/2003 We start off finding out that the next mission will be tomorrow and they need to wear swim-suits and sunscreen. We also learn that Puck's son Bogart and future wife Betty will be arriving tomorrow aswell. We then see David and Ayanna talking, sharing everything about eachother, and just growing closer. They both love how they have clicked with eachother and look foward to what the future has for them. Bogart and Betty arrive, they stay up in in a tree-house bedroom above the villas. Puck and Betty go on to tell how they met 6 years ago in a pet store. Puck lets Betty know that Ellen is getting on his nerves and she'd better watch out. The teams all meet Bogart and believe he's the cutest kid around. Tonya and Ellen go off about how disgusted they are with Puck's behavior. The teams are off for their next mission. The girls are up two missions to one and the guys are determined to get this game tied. They learn the next mission is ""Breath-Hold Bungee"". Each team will be lowered
S06E07 Seven Rings of Saturn 10/02/2003 At the Girl's Villa, they learn on their phones that the next competition will be the following day and they must pair up in teams. The rule with the teams as the challenge goes along, is that once two people are teamed together for a challenge, they cannot be teammates again for the rest of the challenge. Immediatly the girls start to pair up, all while Amaya is taking a nap. The pairs end up with Amaya and Veronica left, but the problem is that they have already been paired. Ellen starts to complain about team unity when noone wants to give up their partner to team up with Amaya or Veronica. Rachel believes Ellen is making the situation bigger then it is. Tonya suggests Ellen should just sit back and let them figure it out cause supposedly Ellen is always trying to solve the problems. The following day, Eric makes some potion and rubs it on Colin's ankle in hope to numb it for he can make it through this next mission. Back at the girl's villa, Amaya says Veronica and her need a
S06E09 People Mover 24/02/2003 Darkness has fallen over the villas and Puck is upset. It seems that Betty (Puck's wife) is not a US citizen and she has forgotten her green card, so Betty and Bogart aere detained in Immigration for a few days. Puck has decided he's done with the challenge and wants to leave, a camera films Puck as he tells the guys and Puck tells them to remove the camera from filming him. Glass is heard breaking and Puck is seen with a machete knife. He packs his bags and leaves. Holes in the walls, broken glass, and a broken guitar are later seen and we are meant to believe this was all cause by Puck on his last night. The following day, Ellen asks some of the guys what they're going to do now that they're down one man. Ellen later talks to Emily and tells her that she thinks the girls should have a meeting and discuss how they feel about the last elimination. Emily states that if the girls don't like what is happening in the Inner Circle, then maybe they should work harder and get in the In
S06E11 Leaky River 17/03/2003 Eric receives a call from home, his sister has been in the hospital for over a week with a horrible fever and the doctors still cannot figure out what is wrong. The following morning, they receive a clue on their phone stating that the next mission will be that day and they need to wear a swim suit, shorts, and bug spray. Ayanna knows she has to do the best she can cause since herself and a few others did not participate in the 'Battle of Opposite Sexes', their score has plummeted and they are in danger of being sent home. Anne, Christina, and Emily have started a group against Veronica. They believe she in nothing but negativity to the girls' team. Veronica believes even though the past several eliminations have been the lowest scoring girl, that won't last too much longer due to several ""alliances"" forming. They arrive at the mission site, Johnny congratulates them for making it through the first half and welcomes them to the second half. The mission is called ""Leaky River"". Each
S06E13 Collision Course 31/03/2003 The girls are coming to a conclusion that most of the past challenges have been male oriented. They don't believe it's fair and the believe that is the reason why they keep losing. Ellen and Ruthie know they are the two strongest competitors on the female team and they know they have to start showing that this is the Battle of the Sexes. Ayanna has found herself drifting away from her team, she is not happy with the performances and attitudes of everyone on the women's team. It's the following day and it's mission day. They receive a clue on their phones telling them to wear boots and shorts and be well hydrated. The guys just believe the women should quit, they are in too deep and the guys just got it together. They arrive at their mission site, where they see a line of laser vests and gun. Ofcourse, they all realize they will be playing laser tag. Johnny explains the mission is called ""Collision Course"" where each team member will earn points by shooting and elminating people of
S06E15 Human Aquarium 14/04/2003 It's mission morning, James and Shane know they have a fight today to make sure that they don't end up in last place after the mission. Emily comments about how James was born for competition. They receive their next mission clue on their phone, it says the girls must wear a two piece bathing suit and the guys must wear their speedos. The girls believe it will be something humiliating. They arrive at the mission site to find a big tank of water. Johnny announces that the next mission will be Human Aquarium. Everybody will be given a snorkel and will have to lay in a 2 foot deep pool of water. They must stay submerged under the water, only their knees and one hand may come above the water. The catch is every 5 minutes, they will dump buckets of different sea creatures on them and around the pool. The person to stay completely submerged while holding a cup of water with a fish in it upright the whole time wins a Vail Ski Trip for their team and ofcourse the Ion Lifesaver. They all g
S06E17 Maximum Velocity 28/04/2003 TV Guide Listing: The girls find out the grand prize and try to redeem themselves.
S06E19 Hot and Bothered 12/05/2003 Battle of the Sexes Reunion that featured- Genesis from Real World Boston Ellen + Blair from Road Rules The Quest Melissa + Jamie from Real World New Orleans Lori from Real World Back 2 New York Mark from Road Rules 1 Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Antoine from Road Rules Europe Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Colin + Ruthie from Real World Hawaii Highlights include- *Guys had naked water sking *Veronica and Eric made out *Ellen believed the mission weren't fair *Veronica claimed nothing ever happened between her and James *Ruthie appologized to Veronica for the time she voted her off, Ruthie regrets it. *Veronica tells Ellen and Ruthie that she has no hard feelings. Jonny gives the girls one last chance. Both sexes pick one person to compete. They choose Veronica against Antoine. The competition is one of those knock-em sock-em games where you press the button as fast as you can to knock the opponents head off. The winner takes a Game Boy
S07E01 Showdown at the Real World/Road Rules Corral 22/09/2003 Jonny Mosely (Host of The Gauntlet and Battle of the Sexes) and Coral (Real World: Back 2 New York) introduce the new cast for the Real World vs Road Rules: The Gauntlet and also reveal the new twist which is a castmate from each show will be voted to fight in the Gauntlet mini mission. Whomever loses will be sent home and the winner will return back to their team.
S07E02 Snake Soup 29/09/2003 Mission: ""Snake Soup""- Tread as long as you can in 48 degree water full of snakes. Mission Winner: Elka for the Real World Team Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: David (RW 9) Road Rules: Sarah (RR 11) Gauntlet Mission: ""Dead Mans Drop""- Hang upside down aslong as you can 10 feet above a pool of water. Sent Home: David from Real World New Orleans Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $0
S07E03 Masquerade 06/10/2003 Mission: ""Masquerade""- Rearrange a puzzle of ""Happy and Sad"" Masquerade masks to create a different puzzle. Mission Winner: Road Rules Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Montana (RW6) Road Rules: Katie (RR10) Gauntlet Mission: ""Ride 'em Cowboy""- Stay on a mechanical bull the longest. Sent Home: Montana from Real World Boston Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $10,000
S07E04 Mud Bath 13/10/2003 Mission: ""Mudbath""- A ""Musical Chair"" type competition involving a declining number of balls in a mud pit. Mission Winner: Road Rules Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Tonya (RW11) Road Rules: Steve (RR10) Gauntlet Mission: ""Perfect Fit""- Must collect all pieces of a puzzle out of 'The Gauntlet' pool and complete the puzzle. Sent Home: Tonya from Real World Chicago Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $20,000
S07E05 I Scream 20/10/2003 Mission: ""I Scream""- To eat a huge bowl full of Ice Cream completly clean with their hands tied behind their back. Mission Winner: Road Rules Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Rachel (RW10) Road Rules: Katie (RR10) Gauntlet Mission: ""Hang Man""- To hang 10 feet over a pool the longest. Sent Home: Katie from Road Rules The Quest Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $30,000
S07E06 Holey Canoe 27/10/2003 Mission: ""Holey Canoe""- Both teams race by paddling down and back up a river in canoes that have holes in the bottom. Mission Winner: Road Rules Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Coral (RW 10) Road Rules: Tina (RR 12) Gauntlet Mission: ""Dead Man's Drop""- Hang upside down aslong as you can 10 feet above a pool of water. Sent Home: Tina from Road Rules South Pacific Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $40,000
S07E07 Heavyweight Hustle 03/11/2003 Mission: ""Heavyweight Hustle""- To traverse a uphill Obstacle Course in heavy Sumo-type costumes. Mission Winner: Real World Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Matt (RW10) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) Gauntlet Mission: ""Dead Man's Drop""- Hang upside down aslong as you can 10 feet above a pool of water. Sent Home: Matt from Real World New Orleans Score Board- Real World: $20,000 Road Rules: $40,000
S07E08 Sink My Ship 10/11/2003 Mission: ""Sink Your Ship""- Try to sink the other teams boats by pulling the plug. Mission Winner: Road Rules Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Norman (RW1) Road Rules: Dave (RR12) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Elka (RW6) Road Rules: Cara (RR12) Gauntlet Mission: ""Knock Your Block Off""- Knock your opponent off a balance beam by joulsting with a giant foam Q-Tip Sent Home: Elka from Real World Boston Score Board- Real World: $20,000 Road Rules: $50,000
S07E09 Red Barron 17/11/2003 Mission: ""Red Barron""- To aim and shoot the opposite team's plane first. Mission Winner: Road Rules Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Nathan (RW7) Road Rules: Adam (RR10) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Trishelle(RW12) Road Rules: Steve (RR10) Gauntlet Mission: ""Perfect Fit""- Must collect all pieces of a puzzle out of 'The Gauntlet' pool and complete the puzzle. Sent Home: Steve from Road Rules The Quest Score Board- Real World: $20,000 Road Rules: $60,000
S07E10 Inferno 24/11/2003 Mission: ""Inferno""- To climb a spinning ladder to rescue a cat from flames the fastest while being sprayed by a fire hose. Mission Winner: Real World Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Alton (RW12) Road Rules: Theo (RR9) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Trishelle(RW12) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) Gauntlet Mission: ""Perfect Fit""- Must collect all pieces of a puzzle out of 'The Gauntlet' pool and complete the puzzle. Sent Home: Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Score Board- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $60,000
S07E11 Rolling on the River 01/12/2003 Mission: ""Log Roll""- To stay on a spinning foam log the longest. Mission Winner: Road Rules Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Mike (RW10) Road Rules: Roni (RR5) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Rachel (RW10) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) Gauntlet Mission: ""Ride 'em Cowboy""- Stay on a mechanical bull the longest. Sent Home: Rachel from Real World Back 2 New York Score Board- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $70,000
S07E12 Turntable 08/12/2003 Mission: ""Turntable""- To last the longest on a spinning disk. Mission Winner: Road Rules Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Theo (RW11) Road Rules: Veronica(RR8) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Alton (RW12) Road Rules: LT (RR9) Gauntlet Mission: ""Pole Climb""- To climb a pole in the middle of the Gauntlet pool the fastest. Sent Home: Laterrian from Road Rules MVT Score Board- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $80,000
S07E13 All or Nothing 15/12/2003 Mission: ""All or Nothing""- To jump off a dock onto a rope hanging from a helicoptor and climb as fast as possible. Mission Winner: Real World Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Alton (RW12) Road Rules: Theo (RR9) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Mike (RW10) Road Rules: Abram (RR12) Gauntlet Mission: ""Knock Your Block Off""- Knock your opponent off a balance beam by joulsting with a giant foam Q-Tip Sent Home: Abram from Road Rules South Pacific Score Board- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $80,000
S07E14 Vertical Sweep 29/12/2003 Mission: ""Vertical Sweep"" - To rapell a rock wall while collecting flags the fastest. Mission Winner: Real World Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Alton (RW12) Road Rules: Adam (RR10) Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Irulan (RW12) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) Gauntlet Mission: ""Dead Man's Drop""- Hang upside down aslong as you can 10 feet above a pool of water. Sent Home: Irulan from Real World Las Vegas Score Board- Real World: $50,000 Road Rules: $80,000
S07E15 Dukes of Saturn 05/01/2004 Mission: ""Dukes of Saturn""- To Climb out of one car, crawl across a ladder, and climb in another car thats hanging 100 feet above the ground. Mission Winner: Real World Freshlook Eyesaver Winner- Real World: Alton (RW12) Road Rules: Veronica(RR8) Score Board- Real World: $60,000 Road Rules: $80,000 To Be Continued...
S07E16 Gold Rush Part 1 12/01/2004 Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Theo (RW11) Road Rules: Cara (RR12) Gauntlet Mission: ""Ride 'em Cowboy""- Stay on a mechanical bull the longest. Sent Home: Theo from Real World Chicago Final Mission: ""Gold Rush""- A 4-mile obstical course that includes uphill climb, 12-foot wall, net crawl, hole dig, tire crawl, boat retrieval, unlocking cars, and a final puzzle.
S07E17 Gold Rush Part 2 19/01/2004 Handsome Reward: 2004 Saturn Ions Handsome Reward Winner: Road Rules Final Score Board- Real World: $60,000 Road Rules: $240,000 Earnings Per Player- Real World: $12,000 each Road Rules: $26,666 each
S07E18 Handsome Reward 19/01/2004 Handsome Reward: 2004 Saturn Ions Handsome Reward Winner: Road Rules Final Score Board- Real World: $60,000 Road Rules: $240,000 Earnings Per Player- Real World: $12,000 each Road Rules: $26,666 each
S07E19 Battle Scars: From the Gauntlet to the Inferno 26/01/2004 This was a Gauntlet Wrap-up / Inferno Preview special. It showed flashbacks from past challenges aswell as clips from the upcoming ""Inferno"". Gauntlet Wrap-Up featured- Coral and Mike from Real World Back 2 New York Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Katie from Road Rules The Quest Sarah and Rachel from Road Rules Campus Crawl Abram from Road Rules South Pacific Inferno Preview featured- CT and Leah from Real World Paris Highlights included- *Coral was actually bitten by a spider on her butt while peeing in some bushes before the ""Gold Rush"" mission. *There were alot of behind the scenes tantrums from Alton and Irulan towards production which led to Road Rules celebration when Irulan was sent home. *Trishelle and Mike broke up right after The Gauntlet. *Mike will be hooking up with Kendal in The Inferno aswell as a hookup between Darrell and Leah. *Veronica and Katie's feud from The Gauntlet will continue into The Infer
S08E00 DELETE THIS 00/00/0000
S08E01 Grope The Rope 02/02/2004 Mission: ""Grope The Rope""- To traverse a wire hanging 17 stories above the ground faster than your opponent on a opposing wire. Mission Winner: Road Rules Guy's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Syrus + Ace Road Rules: Timmy + Jeremy Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Syrus Road Rules: Jeremy Bank Totals- Real World: $0 Road Rules: $10,000 Piggy from Road Rules Australia was actually chosen for the challenge and actually arrived on the Road Rules boat, she later overdosed on medication and was removed from the cast. She was replaced by Christina from Road Rules South Pacific.
S08E02 Birdfeeder 02/02/2004 Mission: ""Birdfeeder""- To transport as many worms as possible in your mouth to a baby bird all while wearing a chicken suit. Mission Winner: Real World Aztec Lifesaver Winners: Real World: Syrus Road Rules: Darrell Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Ace Road Rules: Jeremy Inferno Mission: ""Bug Helmet""- To last the longest in a glass case helmet filled with different bugs while your head has been lathered with syrup. Sent Home- Ace from Real World Paris Bank Totals- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $10,000
S08E03 Wreck n' Roll 09/02/2004 Mission: ""Wreck n' Roll""- To smash a mock hotel room up with a guitar and fit as much of the remains into a 8"" diameter hole box. Mission Winner: Road Rules Girl's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Leah + Trishelle Road Rules: Holly + Katie Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Trishelle Road Rules: Holly Bank Totals- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $20,000
S08E04 Climbing Wall 16/02/2004 Mission: ""Climbing Wall""- To climb a climbing wall that is hanging 50 feet in the air as fast as you can. Mission Winner: Road Rules Aztec Lifesaver Winners: Real World: CT Road Rules: Timmy Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Trishelle Road Rules: Holly Inferno Mission: ""The Chili Counter""- To eat as many chili peppers in a one hour sitting. Sent Home- Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Bank Totals- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $30,000
S08E05 Disco Domino Derby 23/02/2004 Mission: ""Disco Domino Derby""- To set up 110 dominos in a order that they will knock eachother down as fast as possible while wearing roller skates. Mission Winner: Real World Guy's Inferno Nominees- Real World: David + Mike Road Rules: Abram + Jeremy Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Mike Road Rules: Jeremy Bank Totals- Real World: $20,000 Road Rules: $30,000
S08E06 Balls Out 01/03/2004 Mission: ""Balls Out""- To peddle a stationary bike as fast as possible which blows a ping pong ball up a tube and keep it there while the opposite team throws water at you and the tube to knock the ball out. Mission Winner: Real World Aztec Lifesaver Winners: Real World: CT Road Rules: Veronica Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Mike Road Rules: Jeremy Inferno Mission: ""Human Candlelabra""- To hold a candle up in each hand straight out to your side the longest. Sent Home- Jeremy from Road Rules South Pacific Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $30,000
S08E07 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip 08/03/2004 Mission: ""Ultimate Saturn Road Trip""- To traverse a net wall and unhook two bags then climb down, get the key out of the bag and drive a Saturn SUV through a curved course the fastest. Mission Winner: Road Rules Girl's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Coral + Mallory Road Rules: Christena + Katie Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Mallory Road Rules: Christena Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $40,000
S08E08 Don't Yank My Chain 15/03/2004 Mission: ""Don't Yank My Chain"" To hold both arms straight in the air as long as possible to avoid dumping Nacho ingredients on fellow teammates. Mission Winner: Road Rules Aztec Lifesaver Winners- Real World: Mike Road Rules: Veronica Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Mallory Road Rules: Christena Inferno Mission: ""Noise Pollution""- Each player must stand on a 2 foot platform wearing headphones that will be blasting annoying noise and sounds. Sent Home- Mallory from Real World Paris Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $50,000
S08E09 Come Sail Away 22/03/2004 Mission: ""Come Sail Away""- To sell as much of a table full of odd merchandise to a large group of people disembarking from a cruise ship. Mission Winner: Road Rules Guy's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Abram + Shane Road Rules: CT + David Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: David Road Rules: Shane Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $60,000
S08E10 Bungee Bound 29/03/2004 Mission: ""Bungee Bound""- To bungee jump from 160 feet with you hands hooked together- Unhook your hands, grab the flag on your stomach the fastest. Mission Winner: Road Rules Aztec Lifesaver Winners- Real World: CT Road Rules: Holly Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: CT Road Rules: Shane Inferno Mission: ""Don't Toss Your Cookies""- To eat cookies and whole milk all while riding a spinning disk without puking. Sent Home- Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $70,000
S08E11 Twist and Shoot 05/04/2004 Mission: ""Twist and Shoot""- To shoot as many targets as possible while standing on a spinning platform 50 feet in the air. Mission Winner: Road Rules Girl's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Julie & Leah Road Rules: Katie & Veronica Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Julie Road Rules: Veronica Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $80,000
S08E12 Balcony Swing 12/04/2004 Mission: ""Balcony Swing""- To repell down a building while collecting flags the fastest. Mission Winner: Real World Aztec Lifesaver Winners- Real World: CT Road Rules: Veronica Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Julie Road Rules: Katie Inferno Mission: ""Scratchathon- To outlast your opponent on a treadmill while covered in itching powder. Sent Home- Julie from Real World New Orleans Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $80,000
S08E13 Fallen Angels 19/04/2004 Mission: ""Fallen Angels- To climb a rope and reach a lever which will drop a platform containing a member of the opposite team. Mission Winner: Road Rules Guy's Inferno Nominees- Real World: David + Syrus Road Rules: Darrell + Timmy Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: David Road Rules: Timmy Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $90,000
S08E14 Saturn Valet Ballet 03/05/2004 Mission: ""Saturn Valet Ballet""- To transport 6 cars from point A to point B as fast as possible. Mission Winner: Road Rules Aztec Lifesaver Winners- Real World: David Road Rules: Kendal Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Leah Road Rules: Kendal Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $100,000 Inferno Mission: ""Brick by Brick""- To transport as many bricks back and forth over a plank without falling or dropping a brick in a three hour period. TO BE CONTINUED...
S08E15 Window Washing 10/05/2004 Sent Home- Leah from Real World Paris Girl's Inferno Nominees- Real World: Coral Road Rules: Katie + Veronica Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Coral Road Rules: Veronica Mission: ""Window Washing""- Wash windows revealing numbers as you repell down a building which are used to as a combination to a lock Mission Winner: Road Rules Aztec Lifesaver Winners- Real World: Coral Road Rules: Veronica Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $110,000
S08E16 The Final Burn 17/05/2004 Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: David Road Rules: Katie Inferno Mission: ""Smell you later!""- To sit in a coffin as long as possible while it's full of the items that have bad odor. Sent Home- David from Real World Seattle
S08E17 Handsome Reward 24/05/2004 Mission: ""7 Deadly Sins""- An obstacle course featuring seven different sections. Mission Winner: Road Rules Handsome Reward: Brand new Saturns for each teammate. Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $260,000 Remaining Players Real World: Coral, CT, Mike, + Syrus Road Rules: Abram, Christina, Darrell, Holly, Katie, Kendal, Timmy, + Veronica Winnings Per Player- Real World: $10,000 per player Road Rules: $32,500 per player
S08E18 Handsome Reward 24/05/2004 Mission: ""7 Deadly Sins""- An obstacle course featuring seven different sections. Mission Winner: Road Rules Handsome Reward: Brand new Saturns for each teammate. Bank Totals- Real World: $40,000 Road Rules: $260,000 Remaining Players Real World: Coral, CT, Mike, + Syrus Road Rules: Abram, Christina, Darrell, Holly, Katie, Kendal, Timmy, + Veronica Winnings Per Player- Real World: $10,000 per player Road Rules: $32,500 per player
S08E19 Montezuma's Revenge: Inside The Inferno 31/05/2004 Reunion Special featuring the remaining teammates in the Final Inferno. Real World Syrus from Boston Coral from New York Mike from New York CT from Paris Road Rules Timmy from USA:2 Holly from Latin America Veronica from Semester at Sea Katie from The Quest Darrell from Campus Crawl Kendal from Campus Crawl Abram from South Pacific Christina from South Pacific Some interesting things we learned: *Kendal and Mike decided that they are better off friends *Julie urinated on Coral's bed *The house they lived in was haunted *Veronica and Katie still aren't friends *Abram hated throwing the missions and felt he was forced into it *Katie said she knew they were going to throw the missions They also introduce the season 13 cast of Road Rules- Road Rules: X-tream
S09E01 Battle Lines 11/10/2004 Mission: ""Dangle Drop"" - To hang on to a boxing bag as long as possible Team Leaders- Guys: Abram, Adam, + Eric Girls: Genesis, Rachel, + Tina To Be Continued...
S09E02 Dangle and Get Dropped 11/10/2004 Winners: Guys Sent Home- Guys: Jacquese Girls: Genesis
S09E03 Gamblin' on Love 18/10/2004 Misson: ""Snake Pit Poker"" - To collect exactly 175 poker chips from a tank full of snakes Team Leaders- Guys Brad, Frank, + Theo: Girls: Coral, Cameran, + Irissa Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Ace from Real World Paris Girls: Cameran from Real World San Diego
S09E04 Anger Management 25/10/2004 Mission: ""Melt With You""- To melt a block of ice with only your body to get a cell phone in the middle Team Leaders- Guys: Dan, Shane, + Shawn Girls: Aneesa, Ibis, + Kina Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Adam from Real Worls Paris Girls: Kina from Road Rules X-treme
S09E05 Melt With You 25/10/2004 Mission: ""Melt With You""- To melt a block of ice with only your body to get a cell phone in the middle Team Leaders- Guys: Dan, Shane, + Shawn Girls: Aneesa, Ibis, + Kina Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Adam from Real Worls Paris Girls: Kina from Road Rules X-treme
S09E06 Les Miz-erables 08/11/2004 Mission: ""Junk Boat"" - To collect as many pieces of junk to create a boat and paddle around a boey and back Team Leaders- Guys: Derrick, Mike, + Randy Girls: Robin, Ruthie, + Veronica Winners: The Girls Sent Home- Guys: Derrick from Road Rules X-treme Girls: Cynthia from Real World Miami
S09E07 Behind Enemy Lines 15/11/2004 Mission: ""High Noon"" - To have an old fashion showdown with paintguns Team Leaders- Guys: Brad, Eric, + Randy Girls: Angela, Arissa, + Tonya Winners: The Guys Sent Homes- Guys: Shawn from Road Rules Semester at Sea Girls: Angela from Road Rules X-treme
S09E08 Fill'er Up 22/11/2004 Mission: ""Fill'er Up""- To chew up cockroaches and worms and then fill a cup with the remains Team Leaders- Guys: Eric, Frank, + Nick Girls: Rachel, Sophia, + Tonya Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Mike from Real World Back 2 New York Girls: Rachel from Road Rules Campus Crawl
S09E09 Wedding Bells 29/11/2004 Mission: ""Sa-Wing""- To swing from one rope to another without falling Team Leaders- Guys: Brad, Shane, + Theo Girls: Ibis, Katie, + Ruthie Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Chris from Road Rules South Pacific Girls: Katie from Road Rules The Quest
S09E10 Electric Youth 06/12/2004 Mission: ""Electro Shock"" - To transport a metal pole through a electrified course without being shocked Team Leaders- Guys: Dan, Randy, + Steven Girls: Aneesa, Coral, + Robin Winners: The Guys Sent Homes- Guys: Nick from Road Rules X-treme Girls: Aneesa from Real World Chicago
S09E11 Tonya From the Block 13/12/2004 Misson: ""Pop Culture Bike Ramp""- To answer a pop culture question and then jump a ramp on a bike Team Leaders- Guys: Brad, Frank, + Theo Girls: Arissa, Sophia, + Tina Winners: The Girls Sent Home- Guys: Frank from Real World Las Vegas Girls: Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea
S09E12 Beauty & Ibis 20/12/2004 Mission: ""The Shredder""- To catch as much trash being shredded and then thrown in the air Team Leaders- Guys: Eric, Mark, + Shane Girls: Ibis, Robin, + Ruthie Winners: The Guys Sent Homes- Guys: Randy from Real World San Diego Girls: Ibis from Road Rules X-treme
S09E13 The Big Hit 27/12/2004 Mission: ""Cast a Spell""- Without speaking the teams must spell as many words as possible with the letters given to them Team Leaders- Guys: Dan, Shane, + Theo Girls: Coral, Ruthie, + Tonya Winners: The Guys Sent Homes- Guys: Steven from Real World Las Vegas Girls: Tonya from Real World Chicago
S09E14 Semi-Tough 03/01/2005 Mission: ""Semi-Cross""- To complete a obstical course while staying a speed of 30 miles per hour. Team Leaders- Guys: Brad, Dan, + Mark Girls: Robin, Sophia, + Tina Winners: The Guys Sent Homes- Guys: Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Girls: Robin from Real World San Diego
S09E15 Excess Baggage 10/01/2005 Mission: ""Car-Go""- Using pulleys, pull a car full of luggage 10 feet in the air Team Leaders- Guys: Dan + Eric Girls: Ruthie + Tina Winners: The Guys Sent Home- Guys: Brad from Real World San Diego Girls: Ruthie from Real World Hawaii
S09E16 I Won't Look Down 17/01/2005 Mission: ""Vertigo""- To stand on a skinny plank hanging off a side of a tall building Team Leaders- Guys: Mark + Theo Girls: Arissa + Coral Winners: The Girls Sent Homes- Guys: Mark from Road Rules 1 Girls: Tina from Road Rules South Pacific
S09E17 And the Winners Are... 24/01/2005 Mission: ""Escape from Santa Fe"" - To be dropped off in the desert and use a tracking device to find your way to three seperate obsticals Final Contestants- Guys: Dan, Eric, + Theo Girls: Arissa, Coral, + Sophia Winners: The Guys Handsome Reward: $180,000
S09E18 Handsome Reward 24/01/2005 Mission: ""Escape from Santa Fe"" - To be dropped off in the desert and use a tracking device to find your way to three seperate obsticals Final Contestants- Guys: Dan, Eric, + Theo Girls: Arissa, Coral, + Sophia Winners: The Guys Handsome Reward: $180,000
S09E19 Secrets from Elimination Hill 31/01/2005 Battle of the Sexes 2 Reunion Special Cast Members That Attended- Arissa - RW Las Vegas Brad - RW San Diego Coral - RW Back 2 New York Dan - RR Northern Trail Eric - RW New York Mark - RR USA Mike - RW Back 2 New York Sophia - RR Thw Quest Steven - RW Las Vegas Theo - RR Maximum Velocity Tour Tina - RR South Pacific Tonya - RW Chicago Veronica - RR Semester at Sea Some interesting facts we learned- *Coral believes the whole concept of ""Battle of the Sexes"" is unfair. She says there is no way they can have missions that are fair for both sexes *Sophia believes the real name of the challenge should have been ""Old vs New"" *The guys had as many shady alliances as the women did *Mark + Robin have an off and on again relationship *Abram + Coral are just friends *Arissa's marriage has ended *The boys not only took the toliest seats from the lady's house but they all pooped and pissed in the toliets aswell as turn off the water in the house so they couldn
S10E01 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Uncensored 28/02/2005 Half-Hour special packed with interviews of several cast members and crew. They show the behind the scenes of how the challenge was created and special footage of all the many fights and romances. They also show an unseen mission which was cancelled before they cast members even tried it. The missing mission was part of the ""Extreme Challenge"" and it envolved a huge wood catapult that would throw castmembers 200 feet into a large net. The crew decided it would be too dangerous and cancelled it.
S10E02 Juice It Up 14/03/2005 Mission: "Juice It Up"- To run on stilts to collect grape fruits which you will need to squeeze in a glass.
S10E03 X Marks The Spot 21/03/2005 Mission: "X Marks The Spot"- To swing out and drop your partner into a target.
S10E04 Run For Your Money 28/03/2005 Mission: "Run For Your Money"- To catch and accurately count all money collected as it falls from a helicopter
S10E05 Shirt Off My Back 04/04/2005 While standing on a balance beam, remove articles of clothing and replace them with the person next to you.
S10E06 Dodge Yer Balls 11/04/2005 Mission: "Dodge Yer Balls" - To compete in a dodge ball game on floating platforms.
S10E07 Fill In The Gaps 18/04/2005 Mission: "Fill in the Gaps"- To plug as many holes up as possible on a wall leaking water.
S10E08 Zip Up 25/04/2005 Mission: "Zip Up"- To climb up a inclined rope as far as possible in 2 minutes.
S10E09 Never Ending Climb 02/05/2005 Mission: "Never Ending Climb"- The team to collect 40 beads off a hanging ladder contraption the fastest.
S10E10 What A Drag 09/05/2005 Mission: "What a Drag" - To race hotrod down a path and stop as fast as possible without hitting a tower of glasses at the end.
S10E11 Riddle Me This 16/05/2005 Mission: "Riddle Me This"- To answer a riddle and transport several pinatas across a lagoon.
S10E12 Time To Ride 23/05/2005 Mission: "Time To Ride"- To ride a mini motor cycle across a choice of two paths the fastest
S10E13 If Memory Serves 30/05/2005 Mission: "If Memory Serves"- To study a room for 5 minutes and then recreate it as closely as possible.
S10E14 Crab Grab 06/06/2005 Mission: "Crab Grab"
S10E15 Heart Rate Bungee 13/06/2005 To get your heart rate below 100 beats per minute so yourself and tangem bungee partner can be released to bungee.
S10E16 Montezuma's Revenge 20/06/2005 Mission: "Montezuma's Revenge"- To pattle 2K in a boat, then bike ride 10K, and end with a 5K run before solving a riddle to let you into The Inferno.
S10E17 To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno II 27/06/2005 Reunion Special
S10E18 To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip from the Inferno II 27/06/2005 Reunion Special
S10E19 The Inferno 2 Reunion Special 00/00/0000 moved date
S11E01 Throwing Down the Gauntlet 05/12/2005 The new cast of The Gauntlet 2 arrive to Trindad and Tobago. Their newest host, BMX rider T. J. Lavin, informs them that they would be competing for a spot as team captain. While the captain position comes with perks, it also comes with a price—the captain of the losing team would be forced to go into the Gauntlet (the elimination round) where they will face-off against another challenger from their team. Jo finds the living conditions too much to handle.
S11E02 Derrick Steps It Up 12/12/2005 Facing off in their first challenge, "Chock Full o' Coconuts," the Veterans set out to prove whether prior challenge experience will prevail over the Rookies' youthful enthusiasm. Later, at the first men's Gauntlet showdown, a heated battle results in the first player to be eliminated from the game.
S11E03 We Can Work It Out 19/12/2005 Rookie female team captain Kina is worried how her vulnerable position will affect her relationship with her teammate and boyfriend, Randy. The teams are forced to work together to come out on top at the "Team Builders" challenge. The first female Gauntlet ends with a surprising outcome.
S11E04 The $10,000 Pyramid 26/12/2005 A long-standing rivalry between Danny and Jodi erupts in a heated confrontation. At the "Moving Pyramid" challenge, the teams must literally carry the weight of their teammates. And the Gauntlet sets the stage for one player's angry departure.
S11E05 Sloppy Seconds 02/01/2006 The players set out to soak their competition at the "Spongeworthy" challenge. The Gauntlet sends home another victim. In addition, a complicated love triangle between Mark, Robin and Jodi results in an emotional breakdown.
S11E06 Watching Paint Dry 09/01/2006 Tension is high among the team captains, as Alton struggles with the tough responsibility of the job and Derrick's abrasive behavior causes strife between him and Brad. The "Body Painting" challenge finds the teams in a colorful mess as they battle for victory. And two quick climbers race for survival at the Gauntlet.
S11E07 The Heat is On 16/01/2006 Notorious trouble-maker Beth is back in action as she feuds with teammate Montana. The heat is on as the teams go the distance at the "Rickshaw Races" challenge. And a stunning Gauntlet upset leaves one team worried about their dubious new captain.
S11E08 Rookie Moves 23/01/2006 Accusations of an alliance with the other team send the Rookies into a state of chaos. The players put their muscles to the test at the "Team Strength" challenge. A costly mistake at the challenge results in a beloved castmember being sent to the Gauntlet.
S11E09 Walking the Line 30/01/2006 With suspicion still clouding their team, the Rookies struggle to come together for a win. The Veterans grow frustrated with the performance of their controversial captain, Beth. At the "Balancing Act" challenge, the teams must face a nerve-wracking tightrope walk. And the Gauntlet is the stage for the settling of a long-standing grudge.
S11E10 Bucked! 06/02/2006 The competitors face the ride of their lives at the "Buck-A-Neer" challenge. Derrick must once again fight for survival in the Gauntlet. An island romance blossoms between Alton and Jodi.
S11E11 Victory At Last 13/02/2006 Cara and Susie worry how their alienation from the other women on their team will affect their chances in the game. The Veterans set out to end their four-game losing streak as they struggle to hold their own at the "Pull Me" challenge. The Gauntlet heats up as two fiercely competitive women face off in a grueling battle.
S11E12 Tire Me Up, Tire Me Down 20/02/2006 Beth's lackluster performance at the challenges continues to frustrate the Veterans. The teams must make their way through a dangling obstacle course at the "Spare Tires" challenge. The Gauntlet claims another victim.
S11E13 Mac-Beth 27/02/2006 The pressure of being team captain takes its toll on Kina. Beth continues to wreak havoc on the Veteran team. At the "Easy Does It" challenge, the players race to cross a swinging platform. A sudden twist brings a surprise ending to a highly anticipated Gauntlet showdown.
S11E14 The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly 06/03/2006 The teams must work together to pull themselves to a victory as they face their latest challenge-"The Pit." Two friends face a difficult situation as they must compete to send one another home at the Gauntlet. And Jodi and Alton wonder about the future of their relationship as the Challenge nears its end.
S11E15 Blind Panic 13/03/2006 The Veteran women fear their male teammates may throw a challenge in order to send one of the girls home. The players put their faith in each other's hands as they walk blindfolded across a suspended balance beam in the "Blind Trust" challenge. Kina must make a difficult decision as she selects an opponent to compete against in the final women's Gauntlet.
S11E16 Last Men Standing 20/03/2006 With the last men's Gauntlet in front of them, the men worry about the possibility of being sent home the day before the Final Challenge. At the "Piece By Piece" challenge, the teams put their mechanical skills to the test. And one team must watch as two of their most beloved players go head-to-head to make it to the end in the most emotionally charged Gauntlet yet.
S11E17 Don't Bet On It 27/03/2006 The last male Gauntlet comes to a shocking end. The Rookie women have decided that losing is not an option, while Veteran team remain confident that they will pull an upset and take it home. The final challenge comes to a close in an unusual way.
S12E01 Kickin' Things Off 22/05/2006 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat head down under as a pack of eager hopefuls try to make a name for themselves against alumni in Australia. The twist? Each new cast member is paired with an alumni creating 12 individual teams. The four remaining teams will duke it out in the final challenge in hopes of heading home with a $250,000 cash prize. The first challenge begins on the 175th floor of the famous Q1 building where the teams go against each other in a battle of time and speed.
S12E02 Anxieties Run High 29/05/2006 Anxieties run high when the rest of the cast decides to break up the Austin couples- Danny and Melinda and Johanna and Wes- and send Danny and Ev to compete against Wes and Casey in the Exile. The Challenge "stumps" a few teams as they test their balance on tree stumps. They are not only balancing but each team must dodge a medicine size swinging ball being wailed at them from other cast members. Coral and Evan once again come out as the winners and the two teams prepare for Exile. Emotions flare when the cast finds out they are not allowed to watch the challenge and the Austin couples say their goodbyes. The two teams head to the challenge blindfolded and are welcomed by four large bags- the same amount of weight as their luggage! Each team must carry the bags through the entire challenge and are given the option to complete puzzles for prizes. Wes and Casey skip out on the puzzles and come out as the winners. According to Tina this is no longer a game, this is politics.
S12E03 Hanging Tough 05/06/2006 Trust and support go hand-in-hand this week on the challenge when Diem confesses to her partner Derrick that she is suffering from ovarian cancer. The tragic news drives Derrick to give his all and make a difference in Diem's life. At the challenge it is a test of strength: The male on each team must hang upside down from a crane, holding their partner's arms as they dangle over water. Coral and Evan, yet again, choose the line-up and, yet again, target the Austin cast as they send Melinda and Ryan alongside Wes and Casey to be the first on the crane. Water becomes the main factor as each team's grip slowing breaks apart. When Coral and Evan come out as the winners again, Evan wonders, "Why do they even bother showing up?" They decide to send Melinda and Ryan into exile... what a surprise! Later that night at Deliberation, it's a battle of love as Wes decides to vote himself into Exile and asks everyone else to do the same instead of sending Johanna. There are waterworks when Johanna bursts into tears, asking how could she possibly stay knowing Wes went home for her? The rest of the cast obliges though, and sends Wes into Exile. The dramatics may never end, even down under!
S12E04 Jailbirds 12/05/2006 Ryan begins to feel his partner, Melinda, doesn't have her head in the game after she talks to Danny and confesses she would rather be with him at home than at the challenge. Team work is key at the next challenge as each team is handcuffed, shackled, and locked in a jail cell and must sift through several pales of "slop" using only their faces and mouths. Three keys must be found: two unlock their handcuffs and one unlocks the jail cell. Once released, they must sprint to the finish line. While the pails of slop make some sick and others "sloppy," all teams quickly find the keys. All teams except Coral and Evan that is, who decide they are going to let this one go to another team and laugh their entire way to the finish line. In the end Theo and Chanda are the winners and its exile time for Melinda and Ryan and Wes and Casey. At Exile, the teams are instructed to grab a flag at each checkpoint while carrying bags of sand equivalent to their luggage weight. Ryan and Melinda complete the first puzzle which allows them to drop their bags. This may look like a step ahead for the team but Melinda realizes they forgot to grab the first flag! As each team struggles to the finish line, Wes and Casey come out the winners and head back to the house, but Wes' overconfidence is starting to wear on the other teammates as he proclaims he is just "too good."
S12E05 Climber's Paradise 19/05/2006 Tina is full of opinions, calling Wes sexist and saying her partner Kenny is only here for fun and games. At the "Climber's Paradise" challenge each team must climb a wall while carrying a bag full of pegs for one another. The pegs will then be used to make it up the wall and two flags must be captured at the top to complete the mission. But there is a 10-minute time limit and falling off of the wall you means you are automatically disqualified. The first batch of teams finds themselves disqualified, leaving only six teams that actually capture their flags. Coral and Evan come out the winners. When Wes finds out, he goes straight to Coral attempting to sway her vote away from him or Johanna. Coral entertains Wes as if he has a logical point, but laughs behind his back when she and Evan decide to send Wes and Casey into Exile. Feeling like he got stabbed in the back, Wes tells Johanna "you have to fight for your right to be here." When Johanna tells him she is not going to go crazy in deliberation, it escalates into a screaming match, with Wes proclaiming she is stupid in front of everyone. At deliberation everyone decides to send Johanna and Jesse into Exile against Wes and Casey. After the outcome, Johanna is still not talking to Wes. She thinks he takes the game too seriously and Wes confesses this game has the power to break them up.
S12E06 Costume Extravaganza 26/05/2006 The cast members decide to spice things up and have a costume extravaganza. Tonya lets loose and Johanna realizes that this challenge shouldn't come between her and Wes. They apologize to one another and Johanna tells him there will be no second chances. At the challenge it is a battle of oats as each team must sprint to a tub full of rolled oats, collect as many as possible, sprint over to another bucket, and drop off what they have collected in a matter of two minutes. The teams soon learn that the oats are just like quick sand and this won't be half as easy as expected. During the challenge each team tries their hardest to come up with an unique plan but Johnnie and Tonya find themselves fighting more than working together. Coral and Evan, yet AGAIN, come out the winners! After the challenge Wes and Casey and Johanna and Jesse head to Exile. Like every other Exile, both teams must carry their combined luggage weight through the mission. The challenge turns into Johanna and Jesse's favor until they realize they forgot to pick up both flags. With this huge disadvantage Casey and Wes end up the winners. Before Johanna and Wes kiss and say their goodbyes Johanna tells Wes she was disgusted with his behavior and the way he treats Casey (after he shared a few harsh words with her during the mission). Before heading back to the house, Casey lays it on the line to Wes saying she is sick of being in the Exile and to stop making everyone so mad! He apologizes but admits he now feels alone.
S12E07 Crossing Paths 03/07/2006 While out on the town Tonya and Johnnie discuss how to work better with one another and Wes confesses to Johanna via phone that he feels alone at the challenge. Evan, on the other hand, finds out that he has an athletic hernia -- a torn muscle in his stomach -- and he fears what Coral will think. At the challenge each team must "cross paths": Starting at opposite ends of a rope that hangs 25 feet above water, they must get across the rope by passing one another and reaching the other side -- all without a harness! While it seems to be one of the hardest challenges, most teams come out "swinging" and make it across. The result is a refreshing surprise as Theo and Chanda win the challenge. They contemplate for quite some time before ultimately deciding to send Wes and Casey in to Exile. At deliberation each team goes back and forth deciding between Tina and Kenny and Tonya and Johnnie. When the latter are voted in, Tonya wonders why no one admits they sent them in because they don't like her. She pulls Derrick aside to state she thought he was her friend, but he realizes there he couldn't overturn the majority decision.
S12E08 Kayak Challenge 10/07/2006 With Tonya heading into Exile, she admits that she has three years of animosity built up toward Tina. Meanwhile, Linette finds herself forming more than just a crush on Theo when the two get close. At the challenge, each team must blow up an inflatable kayak, paddle it across the river, grab their flag, paddle back to shore, and then deflate and bag their kayak. The twist? Their hands and feet are not allowed outside of the kayak. Everyone makes it across, save for Wes and Casey who decide to forfeit since they are going into the Exile anyway. The first team to go, Linette and Shane not only end up the winners of the challenge but also win a trip to Costa Rica! Reality sets in for Johnnie and Tonya, who realize they are going to Exile against Wes and Casey, but they keep their heads high and remain confident -- until they realize they will be carrying the weight of their luggage, that is. With almost twice what Wes and Casey will carry, it seems hopeless from the beginning. Indeed, Wes and Casey fly past the puzzles, as well as Tonya and Johnnie, and end up the winners. Back at the house, Wes expresses no fear of returning to Exile and he hopes he can be the one to send Tina and Kenny in next!
S12E09 Kenny VS Tina? 17/07/2006 Tina and Kenny come away from a team meeting with an understanding that they need to avoid Exile at all costs -- and must work together more than they have been doing so far. The night before the challenge, Coral and Evan fear they are blending in and both feel they need to push for a first-place finish to keep the other teams from targeting them. Meanwhile, Evan is holding back a secret: he is suffering from a sports-related hernia. He is constant roaring pain and if his condition worsens, he could be forced to pull out of competition. In the challenge, the teams are literally thrown to the sharks. They must collect puzzle pieces scattered across a tank while avoiding multiple types of sharks. Of the eight teams, five teams are disqualified and Shane and Linette again pull off a victory. After a team meeting, they choose Eric and Katie to go into Exile. At the deliberation, Tina and Kenny are voted into Exile with one of those votes coming from Kenny. His act of voting against his own team sends Tina into the stratosphere.
S12E10 Game Over? 24/07/2006 Evan finds his calling for the night when he enters a contest at a local club called Cheeky Monkey. The object of the contest is to blow up a condom to the point where it bursts. Believe it or not...Evan comes out the winner! Back at the house Wes is devising a plan to keep Katie and Eric around so he gives them advice to help them beat Tina and Kenny in the Exile. At the challenge the teams are divided into two large teams chosen by Shane and Linette and Theo and Chanda. Each team must pull an 850-pound sled full of hay. Theo and Chanda's team win phase one and then must break up into their individual teams and tow a 350-pound sled as fast as possible to the finish line. Evan begins to worry about his hernia but through the agonizing pain and sweat most teams make it across and Darrell and Aviv come out the winners! Unfortunately for Coral, her knee cap has popped out of place during the mission so she and Evan head to the hospital. The doctor tells Evan he is hemorrhaging and that it is "game over" time for him. Then he decides to send Coral to another hospital that is nearly two hours away. The future of their team is up in the air. At the Exile, Katie and Eric have a slow start as Tina and Kenny jet off to the puzzles. The bags become the worst part of the mission for the teams but when Tina solves the puzzle, she and Kenny get to drop their bags. Even after forgetting a flag the two emerge victorious. br> Back at the house, Wes is fully expecting to see Eric and Katie. He doesn't. Looks like his strategy didn't work.
S12E11 Money or Friendship? 31/07/2006 Evan returns from the hospital with bad news: his hernia has a 99% chance of causing permanent damage if not healed properly. Coral joins him shortly after, knee cap back in place, but on crutches. The two decide to downplay their injuries in fear that the others will think they are weak and send them to Exile. On the other end of the house Diem, Linette and Aviv grow close and admit that they have each others backs. At the challenge T.J. drops shocking news when he tells the cast that due to doctor's orders, Coral and Evan must leave the challenge for good. In tears, Coral attempts to change the executive producer's decision but soon realizes they must leave Australia. The rest of the cast see this decision as an advantage. Batten Down the Hatches is the name of the game as each team must climb down two ladders hanging 25 feet in the air out of a dive boat. Once at the bottom of the ladders, they must swing to one another, trade ladders, then make it back up to the boat as fast as possible. After a few tries and shaky ladders, most teams figure out the perfect strategy and make it back up to the boat. Diem and Derrick come out the winners and Diem is filled with excitement until she realizes she is sending one of her friends to Exile. Derrick convinces her that the best bet for them is to send Linette and Shane into Exile. Linette is overcome with anger and Diem feels horrible. Before deliberation, Wes yet again tries to sway votes but everyone catches on to his plan. At deliberation, Wes' actions play against him and he and Casey are sent to Exile.
S12E12 Jump Down Under 07/08/2006 Linette and Aviv talk to Diem about her decision to send Linette into Exile. They make Diem promise that she will not put Linette and Shane first for the mission the next day. Linette is trying not to get too attached to Theo because she fears that something will happen that she won't be able to control. The Fresh Meat cast is told to be ready by 8 am for their next challenge. Their challenge is called "Jump Down Under." They will have to jump off a 12-meter platform--the same height as a 4-story building--into the water, swim 20 feet, crawl up a giant raft, grab the flag and swim 30 feet to finish the challenge. Though Diem promised not to put Shane and Linette first, she feels that Linette and Aviv ganged up on her the night before. So she goes back on her word. Casey is terrified of the mission and is trying to calm herself down. When it's her turn to jump off the platform, she turns and walks away, telling Wes to call her whatever he wants, but she won't jump. Though Wes and Casey were disqualified, Shane and Linette came in last place, losing the possible pardon. Both Wes and Casey and Shane and Linette are sent into Exile. It's a close race in Exile with Shane and Linette taking the lead early on. Back at the house, everyone wants to see who's coming back. The black van pulls up and Wes and Casey step out, back from Exile for the fifth time.
S12E13 Diving In 14/08/2006 Diem admits to having a crush on Derrick, but she tries to ignore it because she needs to keep her head in the game. Tina is feeling sick, but Kenny tells her that the mission won't wait for her. And it won't--the message comes that they need to be ready by 5am. The next morning, they are informed of their challenge--Deep Blue. Four nautical miles off the coast of Australia, the teams have to dive 30 feet into the ocean to capture their team flag and hold their breath for as long as possible. The teams are getting nervous and Wes even tells Casey he doesn't mind if she is terrified and they are disqualified. Theo doesn't feel as if he has anything to worry about because he has made an alliance with Derrick, but Chanda is of the opinion that nothing short of first place will keep them out of Exile. Tina and Kenny can only make it for a few seconds before heading to the surface. Darrell bails on Aviv, but Aviv is able to capture the flag. Theo and Chanda do well by floating to the top where there's more oxygen in the water. But nobody is able to beat the new "dream team" of Derrick and Diem, who must now decide who to send into Exile. Though Derrick has aligned with Theo, Diem wants to put Theo and Chanda into Exile since they came in second place and could eventually beat Derrick and Diem. Derrick tries to convince Diem to put in Tina and Kenny, but in the end, Derrick allows Diem to choose and Diem chooses Theo and Chanda. After the vote, Darrell and Aviv are placed in Exile as well. This hurts Derrick since Darrell and Theo were his best friends in the competition. Derrick is feeling terrible about the decision, but Wes tells him that he shouldn't because there have been "shadier" things happening. Later that evening, to Wes's excitement, Derrick decides to align with Wes. Wes has been angling to become allies with the strongest team, to no avail--until now. Diem finds herself getting closer and closer to
S12E14 Kenny and Tina's Triumph 21/08/2006 Theo and Chanda discuss Exile. Theo is almost excited about it, but wishes Derrick would own up to wanting him in there. For her part, Chanda understands why Derrick and Diem would want them in Exile--they feel threatened by them. Derrick feels terrible about the decision and Diem feels like there is some animosity from Derrick about her choice. The clue comes and the group finds out they need to be "dressed sharp" for their next challenge. Turns out they'll be doing "Target Training." After running through a training course and taking aim with some paintball guns, they teams have to grab a 70-lb aboriginal "artifact" and run back through the obstacle course. When the dust settles and all the groups have finished, Darrell and Aviv have come out on top--and "for the first time in Fresh Meat history," received a pardon. Darrell and Aviv choose Tina and Kenny to head into Exile. Since Tina and Kenny know what the Exile's about, they run off, leaving Theo and Chanda in the dust. Tina and Kenny solve the first puzzle quickly, grab the flag, and are off. When they get to the second puzzle, they can't get it and run off without realizing that they don't have their flag. They run back and grab the flag, but Tina swears she can get the puzzle. When Kenny switches two of the rocks, the pair jump into a waiting van--the prize for solving the puzzle--and drive to the finish line far in front of Theo and Chanda.
S12E15 The Death Roll 28/08/2006 Each team realizes that time is almost up and everyone discusses how important it is to win the upcoming challenge--a crocodile death roll. As the fake croc spins faster and faster, each team struggles to hold on. It's not so easy. After a few rounds of spinning Kenny and Tina edge out Diem and Derrick for victory. Not only do they get to decide who goes into Exile, they also win a Kicker car audio system. With revenge in mind, Kenny and Tina decide to send Derrick and Diem in against Darrell and Aviv. When Diem hears she is being sent in she goes ballistic. She tells Tina that it was she and Derrick who got Tina and Kenny as far as they did and calls her heartless. Tina, being the person she is, laughs at Diem's accusations and calls her anorexic. In Exile, Derrick decides that they should drop their bags from the beginning. The puzzles will say to drop them anyway, right? The first puzzle comes up and it says to drop one bag but with two bags each that still leaves one puzzle that they hope will say to drop the other bag. When the teams arrive at the second puzzle they realize they didn't grab the flags, so the boys run back but only to find that each teammate must be there to pick up the flag. With this huge disadvantage, Aviv and Darrell decide to forget the second puzzle and just go to the finish line. Diem and Derrick stick to the puzzle but soon learn that they lost the Exile. Derrick feels like he let Diem down but the house is excited to see Aviv and Darrell get out of the car. They all hug and scream in excitement that they are going to receive money regardless.
S12E16 And the Winners Are... 04/09/2006 On the final Challenge, the teams will need to stop at series of checkpoints along a 10 mile run. When things start off, Kenny and Tina are in the lead and it looks like they have a good chance of winning. But when they hit the puzzles that are in between checkpoints, they have more trouble than usual. Wes and Casey are going strong for the first part of the mission, but Darrell and Aviv are able to complete their puzzle and drop their weight, enabling them to run much faster then the other teams. Darrell and Aviv pull off a big win, winning the long-awaited prize of $200,000 to be split between them both. Kenny and Tina come in second place, winning $30,000 and Wes and Casey are last, winning $30,000.
S12E17 Handsome Reward 04/09/2006
S12E18 Well Done: Fresh Meat Reunion 11/09/2006
S13E01 Welcome to Brazil 12/10/2006 On the season premiere, Tyler sends his Key West roommie John packing,
S13E02 The First Female Duel 12/10/2006 Beth orders up a knuckle sandwich a la Tina.
S13E03 Goodbye Tina and Tyler 19/10/2006 This week, Tyler gets sent home after losing to Derrick in The Duel and Tina faces the post-punch facts.
S13E04 Paula vs. Aneesa 26/10/2006 This week on The Duel, the competitors face off in a roller derby competition and a teary-eyed Paula says goodbye.
S13E05 The Drama Mafia 02/11/2006 This week on The Duel - When Nehemiah defeats Kenny in the Duel, it leaves a troubled Beth behind.
S13E06 Goodbye Casey 09/11/2006 On this episode of The Duel - Sparks fly between Diem and CT, Evil Beth creates her own alliance and the girls face The Duel.
S13E07 Nehemiah's Last Day 16/11/2006 This week on The Duel - A disappointed Beth faces the news Nehemiah is going home after losing to Eric in The Duel and more.
S13E08 What Goes Around, Comes Around 23/11/2006 This week Beth tries to sabotage Svetlana's reputation with other cast members, and winds up facing her in The Duel.
S13E09 Until Next Time Derrick 30/11/2006 Wes and Derrick put each others strengths to the test when they go head-to-head in The Duel.
S13E10 Harsh Words 07/12/2006 This week Robin tries to instigate a fight by verbally assaulting Aneesa which leads to Aneesa pulling her into The Duel.
S13E11 Friend or Foe? 14/12/2006 As a male Duel day approaches, the guys worry who will be sent home next while CT and Diem take things to the next level.
S13E12 Two for Two 21/12/2006 As the remaining contestants begin to make new alliances, Svetlana wonders if she can survive round two of The Duel.
S13E13 Fallen Alliances 04/01/2007 When Evan is put in a position to hold up his end of his alliance with Wes, he picks CT to go into the Duel with him.
S13E14 The Big Split 04/01/2007 When Aneesa is put in a position to make a difficult decision, she winds up betraying the trust of Diem.
S13E15 The Final Four 11/01/2007 With their final challenge just around the corner the remaining contestants battle to decide who will advance to the last round.
S13E16 The Big Payoff 18/01/2007 The final four remaining contestants of The Duel compete in their last challenge for a chance to win $150,000.
S13E17 The Reunion Special 18/01/2007 Watch your favorite Duel players reunite as Wes and Jodi talk about life after winning, Tina talks about the infamous punch and we reveal more house hookups.
S14E01 Welcome to Africa Part 1 10/04/2007 Players from each team are tangled together from multiple ropes hanging from a platform 30 feet above the water. After grabbing a team flag, each player must untangle themselves and maneuver their way around their teammates before detaching from a harness that will drop them into the water. A team is disqualified if even one player is detached from their harness before untangling themselves. The team that properly untangles their entire team in the fastest time wins
S14E02 Welcome to Africa Part 2 10/04/2007 Players from each team have to race a ladder up and down a two-story, 40-foot tower as fast as possible. First, each player will race 20 yards to the base of the tower, then use the ladder to climb to the second story, and raise their ladder to the stop of their designated towers in order to climb to the top. Next, each player will use their ladder as a "bridge" to advance from one tower to another, then race back down an adjacent tower by using their ladder to downclimb to the second story, and finally back to ground level, then race back 20 yards to the beginning of the course. One player at a time races against a player from the opposite team – guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls, with a 15-minute time limit. If a player drops a ladder, or falls off the ladder, a 2-minute penalty will be added to the team's slowest time. The team with the fastest combined time wins.
S14E03 The Good Guys Strike Back! 17/04/2007 Things are really heating up this week with the first men's Inferno at hand. Tyrie is now the competitor for the Bad Asses after Abram, who received the life shield, decides not to go in. Alton gives his life shield up for Davis, so now he is competing for the Good Guys. For their challenge, they must hang upside-down from their ankles and gather puzzle pieces and put them together properly the fastest. Although being upside-down negatively affected his equilibrium, Alton has a much easier time maneuvering around the match and wins -- sending Tyrie home. The Bad Ass girls decide to have a mini, unofficial deliberation before the next day's challenge so they can have an idea of who they want to send into the women's Inferno. Ev expresses her feelings about Susie and Paula going into the Inferno. Aneesa, bothered by Ev's tone, attacks and tries to put the not-so-fresh meat back in her place. The two get into a yelling match and Ev storms out. The next morning, the Good Guys and the Bad Asses show up for their next challenge at a castle. There, they learn that they must use a battering ram to knock down the castle door. Once this is done, one member of the team must run in and grab the flag before the other team. The first to get in and get out with the flag wins. The Bad Asses come up with a strategy to put all their team's weight and strength (the guys) in the back and put the girls in the front of the ram. The Good Guys do the opposite, putting the guys in front and the girls in back -- which is apparently the best decision. The Good Guys get in and out of the castle first, taking home $10,000 for their team's bank account. Bad Ass Danny gets enraged by the loss and begins to place blame on everyone else. The teams go back to the house to deliberate on which girl to send in. The Good Guys choose Jenn from the Bad Asses to go in, while the Bad Asses choose Susie. Neither Jenn nor Susie is upset by the selection. In fact, both girls ar
S14E04 Playing the Game 24/04/2007 Susie brings the heat back to the Good Guys, as she shows the players how to fight dirty. Conniving to keep herself out of the Inferno, she asks Paula and Colie to take a back seat in the next group challenge, so she can win the life shield -- helping her secure a spot in the challenge, but possibly hurting her team. When some of the Good Guys gather around to talk about whom they should send into the Inferno if Susie gets the life shield, Rachel seems to be the most popular choice. For their next individual challenge, the girls must use a cord to spin back and forth across a platform lifted over a 1000 feet in the air above a range of mountainous cliffs, while the boys just stand steady on the other end and look pretty. If the cord touches the ground or if any safety harnesses are touched, the boy-girl team is disqualified. After nine teams have been disqualified with only one team left to go, it is up to Alton and Susie to win the group challenge for the Good Guys. The pair is the only team to complete the challenge, and Susie gets the coveted life shield. Having lost the challenge, the Bad Asses are not pleased. Once back on the bus, Abe confronts Aneesa about giving up and costing him money. Ev jumps in the argument, and she and Aneesa are at it again. With some chatter about the mission being thrown so that Jenn could get a life shield, Jenn gets upset -- saying that she is totally prepared for the Inferno and doesn't need any help. Once the Good Guys and the Bad Asses have gathered at the Inferno, it's time for the games to be begin. In this Inferno, both opponents must use jousting sticks to hit each others' targets -- which in turn causes their opponent's platform to tilt 15 degrees each time the target is hit until the opponent falls off. The first person to knock their opponent off three times wins. Rachel scores one point, and then another after Jenn breaks the rules -- socking Rachel in the face with her jousting stick. Jenn catche
S14E05 Kicking Ace 01/05/2007 With one female member down, there's a storm brewing in Good Guys' camp. After last week's Inferno, and the departure of Rachel, its back to business as usual for both teams, which means partying till the late hours of the morning. When Johnny Bananas and Ace invade the bedrooms of some of their female teammates in the middle of the night, it causes Colie, Susie, and Cara to sound off the next day. Johnny tries to argue that it was meant to be a joke, but the girls don't want to hear it. Ace is particularly upset with Susie who slapped him several times during the incident. Later on, Timmy tries to intervene between Susie and Ace, and while Susie is willing to find a way to get along, Ace tells Timmy he is over it. The following morning both teams meet up for the next group challenge, which is called Rope Burn. During Rope Burn, both teams must start a fire in order to burn through a rope that is supporting a platform that is holding several of the opposing team's members. In order to start the fire both teams must swim across the lake and under the platforms, to an island where flammable materials are being kept. The trickiest part of Rope Burn is not starting the fire, but keeping the materials dry as your transport them back across the lake. To make it even more difficult, the opposing team's members that are stranded on the platforms are equipped with buckets of water that they can dump off of the side in order to ruin any fire building resources. Once the challenge begins, both teams are able to build up a good amount of firewood and hay quickly. Unfortunately, neither team can figure out how to get their first small fire started. After some time, Johnny Bananas and Danny both remember that you can create a fire rubbing steel wool on the top of a charged battery. Shortly after, Johnny is able to get small fire started and soon the Good Guys have a bonfire lit that quickly burns through The Bad Asses' rope. That night, both
S14E06 Off the Wall 08/05/2007 After literally smoking the Bad Asses during last week's "Rope Burn" challenge, the Good Guys now have three consecutive victories under their belt on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3. Meanwhile, at The Inferno deliberations, the Good Guys chose hothead Danny and the Bad Asses voted in Davis for the second time. Davis is feeling good about his odds against Danny in The Inferno. Plus, the Good Guys' Alton thinks getting Danny kicked off the Bad Asses is instrumental to the Good Guys winning the final $150,000 challenge. But the Bad Asses aren't feeling so confident about the impending Inferno. Danny hasn't been able to get his mom out of his mind since she died during his stay on The Real World: Austin, and who can blame him? Well, apparently Aneesa and the rest of the Bad Asses, who think his feelings are affecting the team. But while Danny admits that he wants to go home, he says he "didn't come here to lose." Danny quickly puts his game face back on when the Good Guys and the Bad Asses are told to grab their tennis shoes and wear their team colors because it's time to "step it up a notch" at the next challenge. They meet host T.J. Lavin at the Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, South Africa, where they will have to tackle a reversible climbing wall. Towering in front of the Good Guys and the Bad Asses is a 40-foot wall with moveable pegs scattered all over it. The teams must break up into guy-girl pairs, which will be put on either side of the wall. To successfully climb the wall, they'll have to communicate with their partner on the other side and tell them what peg they need in order to scale the wall. When pushed, the pegs will disappear from one side and appear on the other. At the top, they'll have to pass a flag and come back down. If either teammate falls or drops the flag, the pair is immediately disqualified. The fastest pair to tackle the reversible climbing wall will sn
S14E07 Sour Grapes 08/05/2007 Players from each team have to fill up a series of team-designated glass bottles with grape juice on one side of a course, by transferring handfuls of grapes from the bed of a classic truck to a wine tub, then smashing the grapes, which will send juice through a spigot, where players have to transfer the juice with their mouths to the glass bottles. The team that transfers the most juice into their designated bottles within 30 minutes wins. Note: Host T. J. Lavin explained to each team that each player was required to wear speedos and bikinis, resulting in Ace, Alton and Timmy refusing to participate.
S14E08 Walk This Way 15/05/2007 Teams have to build walkways, by using three 8-foot logs for the girls on each team to advance from one platform to another that is separated by 60 feet. If a player falls off the logs, or uses their safety harness to catch their fall, a 15-minute disqualification will be added to their team time. The team that advances their girls from one platform to the other in the fastest average time wins.
S14E09 Bouncing Back 15/05/2007 Players have to advance on a series of five platforms, with trampolines located in between. Each platform decreases in size as each team tries to advance to the end. To start, one player at a time will jump from a trampoline to a platform, without their hands or arms coming in contact with the platform, which would result in a player having to start over. Once players from a team have made their way to the final platform, their team time will stop when they hold their pose for three seconds. The team that advances o the last platform in the fastest time wins. Note: Aneesa was prohibited from participating in this challenge due to a knee injury. As a result, the Good Guys were forced to sit out one player (Paula) in order to even out the teams.
S14E10 Pane in the Glass 22/05/2007 Teams compete in a 50-yard dash, using dog sleds. The challenge is played in male/female pairs, with each pair dragging sleds with a male/female pair from the opposite team sitting on the sleds. The team that completes the challenge in the fastest average time wins. Note: Two girls from the Good Guys team (Paula and Susie) were required to compete twice, while two girls from the Bad Asses team (Aneesa and Jenn) were forced to sit out the challenge.
S14E11 Workin' on the Railroad 29/05/2007 Teams have to race on a 300-yard railroad track on a "hand car." To start, two players per team will pump their hand car from one end of the track to the other and pick one teammate, then race back to the opposite end of the tracks and pick up another teammate, and the process will continue, until each team picks up all of their teammates, and reaches the stop zone. A hand car must come to a complete stop within the stopping zone before a teammate can climb into the hand car, and each player is required to pump the hand car least once throughout the challenge. The first team to pick up all of their teammates and reach the stop zone wins. Note: Since the Bad Asses had one more player than the Good Guys, one player from the Bad Asses team (Jenn) sat out this challenge.
S14E12 Match Point 05/06/2007 Players from each team have to transfer hand-carved wooden giraffes across a lake, to one of 15 cages that contains an identical twin giraffe. There are numerous giraffes on the shore across the lake that are in different shapes and sizes, and before advancing across the lake, each player has to randomly uncover one of 15 cages at the start of the course that are covered with white tarps, then memorize the details of the caged wood-carved giraffe inside, then swim across the lake to find the identical matching twin, with a key that will unlock a player's designated cage at the start of the course. Each player will have a 30-minute time limit, and the team that completes the challenge in the fastest average time wins.
S14E13 High Voltage 12/06/2007 Players from each team are asked a series of ten trivia questions regarding information related to the Inferno 3 challenge. One girl from each team is designated by the opposing team as the "Captain," and will be strapped into an African throne, and be connected to designated electric shock boxes. T. J. Lavin will ask the remaining players from each team trivia questions. Each player will write down an answer on an oversize card, and if a player is correct, he/she accumulates points for their team, but if an answer is wrong, the captain will get "zapped." The team that accumulates the most points wins, and a team wins if the captain from the opposing team decide that she can no longer handle the shocks.
S14E14 Hook The Man 19/06/2007 The male players on each team are positioned on opposite fishing boats, with each boat containing a deep-sea fishing pole. One girl per team will be in the water, attached to the ends of the fishing poles. Each girl will have 30 seconds to swim as far away as possible from the boats, then T. J. Lavin will signal one guy from each team to pick up the fishing poles, and try to reel in their female teammate out of the water. The process continues, until the team whose male players reel in all of their female teammates out of the water in the fastest average time wins.
S14E15 Team Girl Squad 26/06/2007 Players from each team have to climb up a cargo net that is hanging from a platform above water, retrieve one team flag, then unhook a rope in order to swing themselves toward another cargo net and retrieve another flag. The process continues until a player retrieves four flags. If a player falls off the rope or the net into water, he/she will be imposed a time of 15 minutes. Each player will have a 15-minute time limit to retrieve four flags, and the team that completes the challenge in the fastest average time wins. Note: Tonya received a medical exemption from this challenge due to dehydration, and did not participate.
S14E16 The Big Five 03/07/2007 The final challenge revolved around the idea of "The Big Five", which is a reference to the top five animals for hunting in the region. Contestant had to carry square tile puzzle pieces throughout the entire mission, accumulating more pieces along the way to complete bigger puzzles, each being a picture of an animal. The first puzzle is that of a water buffalo, after which each team has to swim across a lake with their puzzle pieces, before reaching the second puzzle station, which is a leopard. After the leopard puzzle station, each team must retrieve puzzle pieces by digging through a pit with a gurney at the bottom that will aid in each team carrying their respective puzzle pieces, before reaching the rhino puzzle station. The fourth puzzle station is that of an elephant. The remaining puzzle pieces for the final checkpoint — a lion puzzle station — are hanging overhead in a net, and players from each team must stay within a designated safe zone in order to untie the knots, which will release the pieces. After each team solves their final puzzle, they will no longer be required to carry any puzzle pieces to the finish line.
S15E01 Viva Mexico 23/01/2008 Watch the madness unfold as the Rookies and Veterens go head to head in the first episode of The Gauntlet III.
S15E02 It's Personal 30/01/2008 The Rookies continue to struggle for a victory as the fear of entering the Gauntlet starts to cause trust issues.
S15E03 Less Is More 06/02/2008 Having less players than the Vets gives the Rookies some advantages this week, and bad news from home has Tyrie thinking about leaving the game.
S15E04 It's Not Fair 13/02/2008 Frank and Jillian start to feel like everyone, on both teams, are out to get them.
S15E05 Match-Up of the Century 20/02/2008 The Veteran boys follow through on their plans to throw a mission and force one of the most exciting elimination rounds in RW/RR Challenge history.
S15E06 All Alone 27/02/2008 As the weeks roll on and the Rookies team dwindles in size, the cast members from RW: Austin can no longer keep each other safe.
S15E07 What Goes Around 05/03/2008 Coral catches wind of the Vets plan to throw her into the Gauntlet and decides to take the game into her own hands.
S15E08 Cold Blooded 12/03/2008 With only two gauntlets left before the final challenge backstabbing and fighting abounds on both teams.
S15E09 The Finale 19/03/2008 The final mission has arrived and the last 10 Vets and 6 Rookies battle it out in the ARMY Strong Challenge for all of the 300k.
S15E10 Trim the Fat: The Gauntlet III Reunion 26/03/2008 All of the winning rookies plus a bunch of the Vets are back to talk about one of the most exciting Challenges ever. Find out some inside dirt, get relationhip updates and more as the cast of Gauntlet III air out their dirty laundry.
S17E01 Damned If You Duel... 08/04/2009 Twenty six competitors arrive in New Zealand, where a night of partying leads to a violent brawl before the first challenge of the season.
S17E02 Duel Unto Others 15/04/2009 The challengers find themselves on thin ice for the 'Freezing As Puck' challenge and Evan and Paula's alliance comes into question because of a rogue vote.
S17E03 Duel What You Gotta Duel 22/04/2009 The contestants compete in the All Shook Up challenge as Evan must choose between his alliance with Paula and his own standing in the game
S17E04 Duel-ality 29/04/2009 The challengers find their inner-bobbleheads during the 'Lugging My Mind' challenge and one of the top dogs is stunned to find himself called into a duel.
S17E05 Duelers On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown 06/05/2009 The duelers' fears of heights are put to the test in the Don't Let Go challenge as the pressures of the duel start to affect the strongest of relationships.
S17E06 Dueling For Dunbar 13/05/2009 Teamwork becomes an issue when the partners must work together on the Dangle Duo challenge and Paula gets jealous over Dunbar's new cuddle-buddy, Kim.
S17E07 Deja Duel 20/05/2009 A longtime rivalry is reignited in a fresh duel faceoff and Paula and Dunbar struggle to get their friendship back on track.
S17E08 If These Duels Could Talk 27/05/2009 The competitors have to hang in for survival in the Upside Downer challenge as three of the duelers find themselves in the middle of a complicated love triangle.
S17E09 Til Death Duel Us Part 03/06/2009 Engaged couple, Brad and Tori, have an emotional argument that not only threatens their game, but their relationship as well. The 'Spelling Air' challenge leaves the players breathless.
S17E10 Duel Or Die! 10/06/2009 The remaining eight players must fight it out for the remaining six spots, with the victors competing in the grueling final challenge for their share of three hundred thousand dollars.
S17E11 The Duel II: The S#!t They Should Have Shown 10/06/2009
S17E12 The Duel II Reunion Special 17/06/2009 Maria reunites the duelers to discuss the challenges, love triangles and broken alliances.
S18E01 Wes Side Story 00/00/0000 Twenty-eight excited Challenge competitors arrive in exotic Thailand and learn that they will be competing in a brand new Challenge -- The Ruins, where the players will be broken up into two teams: the Champions and the Challengers, while competing for their share of $300,000 to be banked in their own individual bank accounts. One trouble-making player causes chaos for his team when he tries to throw the first challenge. Later, two men and two women enter the Ruins, where they must fight for survival.
S18E02 The Booby Trap 00/00/0000 Teamwork becomes essential at the "Swing On By" challenge, where one player injures herself in an unexpected way and is forced to leave the game with a medical emergency. When both teams conspire to pit two best friends against each other in the "Shadow Fighter" Ruins, chaos erupts and the house is turned upside down forever.
S18E03 The Road to Ruins 00/00/0000 The Champions wonder if their rogue player, Wes, is genuine when he approaches them with a peace treaty. Demoralized from back-to-back losses, the Challengers vow to take home a victory at the "Repo Race" challenge. Two players' spots in the game are extinguished during the "Burnout" Ruins. An unlikely romance is sparked between two Champions.
S18E04 Girls Gone Wild 00/00/0000 When Katie discovers a dirty plunger in her bed, she goes ballistic in her hunt for the prankster. A longstanding feud between Champions Tonya and Veronica meets a shocking end. One team's hopes for a win go down in flames at the "Burning Bridges" challenge, when a careless player blows it for their entire team.
S18E05 Reversal of Fortune 00/00/0000 Wes makes a drastic move when he senses that his girlfriend, KellyAnne, is getting too close to her ex-boyfriend, Cohutta. A crafty competitor manages to escape being voted into the "Spool" Ruins, while another is completely blindsided by her team's decision.
S18E06 Ruining On Empty 00/00/0000 Controversial Champion Johnny realizes that his biggest hurdle in the game is himself. Veronica is rattled when she learns of Susie and Johanna's plot to send her into the Ruins for the rest of the game. The teams fight for sweet victory at the "Fruits of Your Labor" challenge.
S18E07 Silence Of The Ruins 00/00/0000 Brad becomes increasingly frustrated with his team's losing streak and hopes to lead his team to victory at the "Rotary Club" challenge. A Champion makes a deal with his teammates that could keep him out of the Ruins for the rest of the game. After flying under the radar for the entire game, Casey is finally called out by her aggravated team.
S18E08 Thai Me Up! Thai Me Down! 00/00/0000 A night of drunken partying turns violent when two players from opposing teams get into a fistfight. Susie finds herself at odds with her male teammates. Old tensions between Dunbar and KellyAnne are reignited and threaten the foundation of the Challengers' team.
S18E09 Muay So-Called Ruins 00/00/0000 Dunbar struggles with being the last remaining man on the Challenger team and must fight for survival in the game. Johnny contemplates drastic measures to get rid of one of his own teammates. Players battle in the last Ruins to secure a spot in the finale.
S18E10 Good Thai and Good Luck 00/00/0000 The Champions become paranoid that they could lose in the end if one worrisome team member fails to pull their weight. Finally, the Champions and the Challengers take part in a nail-biting finale -- a grueling race for the $300,000 prize!
S18E11 The Ruins Reunion 16/12/2009
S18E12 The Ruins: The S#!t They Should Have Shown 23/12/2009
S19E00 Fresh Meat II: Meet the Meat 01/04/2010 The newest crop of 'Fresh Meat' arrives in British Columbia to compete in a grueling combine day.
S19E01 Nice to Meat You 00/00/0000 Thirteen Challenge alumni arrive in British Columbia and learn that they will be paired up with brand new players -- Fresh Meat -- and compete together for a share of the $300,000 grand prize. But can these veteran competitors tame their overzealous new partners? Two archrivals, Kenny and Wes, make an unholy alliance in order to annihilate their competition. One pair becomes the first to be eliminated at The Exile.
S19E02 Meating of the Minds 14/04/2010 The "I'll Be There For You" challenge yields surprising results when one team seizes control of the game, forcing the house to split into two powerful rival camps. Theresa walks a dangerous line when she seduces Wes -- while he has no clue that she has already thrown herself at his mortal enemy, Kenny. Close allies face each other in the grueling "Weight for Me" Exile.
S19E03 Sloppy Ho's 00/00/0000 Fearing that she may be next to face The Exile, a worried Paula takes her frustrations out on her partner, Jeff, and then hopes to gain immunity at the "Water Logged" challenge. When Mandi calls out Jenn for her questionable voting record, Jenn flips out, and in the process, her true allegiance is revealed. Two powerhouse teams are sent into the "Lost & Found" Exile, and the results are unforgettable
S19E04 Meats 'N Potatoes 00/00/0000 At the "King of the Hill" challenge, one player faces an injury that could potentially take their team out of the game. Wes and Evelyn successfully lure a member of Kenny's alliance into becoming a double agent. The winners of The Exile return to the house with a secret that could shock the entire house.
S19E05 Road Kill 00/00/0000 The pressures of the game take their toll on one extra-paranoid player and things go from bad to worse when he is later betrayed by his best friend. Players take a nerve-wracking leap of faith at the "Drop Out" challenge. Two teams race for survival at the "Lost and Found" Exile and the results are the closest yet.
S19E06 Checkmeat! 12/05/2010
S19E07 Trimming The Fat 19/05/2010
S19E08 Spoiled Rotten Meat 26/05/2010
S19E09 All U Can Eat Stakes 02/06/2010
S19E10 Well Done, Meat 09/06/2010
S19E11 Fresh Meat II Reunion Special 09/06/2010
S20E01 Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself 06/10/2010 The season kicks off with 30 fan favorites heading to Prague, where they're divided into three player-selected teams. After each challenge, the losing teams must send a girl and a guy to the Gulag battle arena to determine who remains in the competition.
S20E02 Newbie Doobie Doo 13/10/2010 A Brain Busters challenge puts Abram's leadership to the test; Chet must choose between his loyalty to his team and his new crush; the Gulag threatens two budding romances.
S20E03 Karma's A Bitch 20/10/2010 Katie gets a black eye during a Bedhead challenge, while Johnny gets one in a bar brawl in Prague.
S20E04 Swat the Hell 27/10/2010 The Red Team worries that one of their members is forming an alliance with the enemy. Meanwhile, members of the Blue Team are willing to sacrifice friendships for cash.
S20E05 Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal 03/11/2010 A "Surf's Up" challenge is featured.
S20E06 Where the Red Team Blows 10/11/2010 Infighting on the Red Team threatens to tear it apart; Camila makes the mistake of revealing her secret vote.
S20E07 Hell Hath No Fury 17/11/2010 A terrifying challenge takes place 100 feet in the air. Later, things get personal when the teams decide who to send to the Gulag.
S20E08 Back With a Vengeance 01/12/2010 Laurel and Sarah consider throwing a challenge so they can get rid of their weakest player. Meanwhile, the game starts to take its toll on Brad and Tori's relationship.
S20E09 Always a Bridesmaid 08/12/2010 Johnny and CT face off in the Gulag; Sarah and Laurel hatch another plan to get rid of Cara Maria.
S20E10 Czechmate 15/12/2010 Two popular players head to the last Gulag in the finale. Then, the remaining competitors race for the grand prize in a grueling final challenge that sends two players to the hospital.
S20E11 The Challenge: Cutthroat Reunion 15/12/2010 The "Cutthroat" cast reunites to dish about their stay in the Czech Republic.
S20E12 Cutthroat: The S#!% They Should've Shown 22/12/2010 Watch all the footage that didn't make it to air on The Challenge: Cutthroat.
S21E01 Welcome to the Jungle 22/06/2011 Twenty-eight Challenge competitors arrive in Costa Rica only to find out that they will be teamed up with their biggest rivals. And a fight on night two sends one Challenger home early.
S21E02 Through The Looking Glass 29/06/2011 On the first men's elimination day, the competition is crushing, and everyone is surprised at who ends up fighting for their lives in the Jungle. Jonna and Camilla have it out, but it's Jasmine who takes the fight to the next level.
S21E03 Underdog Day Afternoon 06/07/2011 A strong team struggles on the girls' elimination day. Meanwhile, the guys hatch a plan to get rid of CT
S21E04 D-DAY 13/07/2011 The guys plot to send CT home, while Laurel and Mandi vie for his attention. Also: Kenny worries that he's lost his competitive edge.
S21E05 Ill-Communication 20/07/2011 Things get heated between teammates Jasmine and Jonna, and a blowout between the girls changes the game. Meanwhile, Adam pursues Jenn.
S21E06 Blow Up 27/07/2011 Evan considers throwing a challenge as part of the guys' plan to get rid of CT. Meanwhile, CT finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with Mandi and Laurel.
S21E07 Blood on the Dance Floor 03/08/2011 One alliance begins to crumble after a brawl between Jenn and Cara Maria. Later, a surprise twist changes the game.
S21E08 Cry for Me, Argentina 10/08/2011 Some players crack under pressure as the final challenge approaches; Laurel defends Cara Maria after Wes and Paula drive her to tears.
S21E09 The Storm Before the Storm 00/00/0000 Two strong male teams fight tooth and nail in "T-Bone," the last elimination of the season. A clue sends the remaining twelve Challengers off to another destination, where they begin the toughest Final in Challenge history.
S21E10 At the End of the World 00/00/0000 With the Final underway, teams thrive or fail based on their ability to work together. One male team and one female team will claim the title of Challenge champions.
S21E11 The Challenge: Rivals Reunion 31/08/2011 The "Rivals" cast reunites and dishes about what went down on the 21st season.
S21E12 Rivals: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown 07/09/2011 Outtakes and previously unseen footage for the 21st season.
S22E00 Battle of the Exes: The Pre-Game 11/01/2012 Kenny Santucci joins former Challenge competitors Mike, Laurel, Tyler and Jenn to introduce this season's group of exes and all the drama they bring down to the Dominican Republic.
S22E01 Love Is a Battlefield 25/01/2012 Season 22 opens as 26 players arrive in the Dominican Republic and learn they'll be paired up with their exes to compete for their share of a $300,000 grand prize.
S22E02 What's Love Got to Do With It? 01/02/2012 Unrequited love is in the air as Wes pines after Mandi; a drunken action by one player has devastating consequences.
S22E03 Where Did Our Love Go? 00/00/0000 Abram is insecure about his relationship with Cara Maria; Paula and Dunbar appear to be getting over their issues; two teams may go home.
S22E04 Love the Way You Lie 15/02/2012 Robin has an emotional breakdown; CT and Diem try to repair their relationship; bad blood resurfaces.
S22E05 Crazy in Love 22/02/2012 A jealous Camila goes on a drunken rampage; the relationship between Paula and Ty heats up; Abram and Cara Maria continue to struggle with their undefined relationship.
S22E06 Tainted Love 29/02/2012 Paula and Ty take their flirtation to the next level, creating tension with his teammate, Emily. Also: CT and Diem tear each other down; Rachel and Aneesa struggle with trust issues.
S22E07 Love and Marriage 07/03/2012 The exes compete in a wedding-theme challenge. Then, things take a dark turn when a racially charged incident occurs, tearing the house apart.
S22E08 On the Wings of Love 14/03/2012 The Top 4 teams are revealed before the penultimate challenge, where the players nearly get blown away while fighting for a spot in the finals.
S22E09 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 21/03/2012 The final three teams are revealed after a grueling battle in the Dome. The players then travel to Iceland, where the final challenge will be held.
S22E10 I Will Always Love You 28/03/2012 In Iceland, the Top 3 teams embark on a rigorous, long-distance race for the $300,000 grand prize in the Season 22 finale.
S22E11 Battle of the Exes: The S#!@ They Should Have Shown 28/03/2012 Outtakes and previously unseen footage from the "Battle of the Exes."
S22E12 The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Reunion 04/04/2012 The "Battle of the Exes" cast reunite to dish about their stay in the Dominican Republic.
S23E01 Tis the Season 19/09/2012 Cast members from seven memorable seasons of "The Real World" reunite in Bodrum, Turkey, and begin competing for a $250,000 grand prize in the Season 23 opener. Players include Melinda Stolp and Danny Jamieson (Austin); Trishelle Cannatella and Alton Williams (Las Vegas); Sarah Rice and Chet Cannon (Brooklyn); Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carroll (New Orleans); Frank Sweeney and Sam McGinn (San Diego); Trey Weatherholtz and Laura Waller (St. Thomas).
S23E02 The Perks of Being a Rookie 26/09/2012 Exes Danny and Melinda struggle to work together while shedding light on Knight and Jemmye's similarly fractured relationship. Also: major alliances are revealed.
S23E03 What Happens in Vegas... 03/10/2012 Two new couplings threaten to break apart a team and ruin an alliance.
S23E04 The Dark Knight 10/10/2012 Ryan launches a psychological attack on Nany.
S23E05 N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C 17/10/2012 A trivia competition is held; a team sends members of its alliance into elimination.
S23E06 Going Insane 24/10/2012 Tensions mount between Frank and Alton. Later, Alton asks to be sent into the arena.
S23E07 I Do Not Like You Sam I Am 07/11/2012 Frank and Zach berate Sam for her poor performance in a challenge; a surprising romance takes shape.
S23E08 Honey, I'm Homeless 14/11/2012 Team members compete in an eating challenge.
S23E09 The Chronicles of Nanyia 28/11/2012 Two teams face off in a diving competition.
S23E10 A Woman Scorned 05/12/2012 The teams take desperate measures.
S23E11 I Like to Move It, Move It 12/12/2012 The final four teams travel to Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa.
S23E12 Operation: Desert Scorn 19/12/2012 Three teams compete in the final challenge.
S23E13 The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons Reunion 19/12/2012 The cast discuss the final challenge. Also: additional footage from the series.
S24E01 Rumble in the Jungle 00/00/0000 16 pairs of rivals arrive in Thailand and the rookies cause trouble quickly, leading to a fight in the pool, two surprising hookups involving bad boy CT, and one competitor going home early- the fate of her partner up in the air.
S24E02 New Girl 00/00/0000 The rivals get closer than ever before in a sexy challenge that has each contestant literally tied upside down to each other. And one of the new girls has a freak out when her hookup with a veteran bad boy doesn't go as planned.
S24E03 The Dark Knight Rises 00/00/0000 Just when one competitor gets comfortable exploring his sexuality, another person mocks him and sets off a huge fight. And when two Veteran girls get into it, one may end up leaving prematurely and could bring her partner with her.
S24E04 Mortuusequusphobia 00/00/0000 When one competitor's ex starts flirting with another challenger, he gets jealous and throws her biggest phobia, ketchup, in her face, leading to an epic meltdown. The contestants face the most dangerous elimination ever.
S24E05 What the Phuket?! 00/00/0000 One challenger gets homesick and takes his frustration out on everyone around him. A strategic fumble in voting leads one challenger to accidentally send her hookup into elimination.
S24E06 Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve 00/00/0000 In tonight's challenge, competitors are forced to reveal their true feelings about each other, creating tension amongst the contestants. One team backstabs another, leading the whole house to wonder if they're trustworthy.
S24E07 Crossing Jordan 00/00/0000 Frank unleashes his fury on Jordan causing uproar in the house, and at the challenge, the teams are physically SHOCKED into trusting each other.
S24E08 Thrilla in Camila 00/00/0000 After a high-flying challenge a team goes ballistic when pushed by their exes. A surprising vote at deliberations breaks an alliance and questions one player's motives.
S24E09 Diemnesia 00/00/0000 CT and Diem's romance ignites; the final guys challenge starts a war of intimidation among Johnny, Wes and CT.
S24E10 True Colors 00/00/0000 A game-changing win at the challenge has the losing female teams desperate to secure their spots in the final. After deliberations, Diem unravels when she realizes she had been manipulated throughout the entire game.
S24E11 Final Destination 00/00/0000 The girls give it their all in the last elimination challenge. As the final six teams prepare for the final, TJ throws a curve ball, and two teams are sent home before the end of day one.
S24E12 The Island of Misfit Challengers 25/09/2013 Day two of the final challenge forces the teams to leave the luxury of TJ's yacht and battle through the physically and mentally excruciating obstacles on Nightmare Island to rightfully earn the grand prize of $350K.
S24E13 The Island of Misfit Challengers 00/00/0000 Day two of the final challenge forces the teams to leave the luxury of TJ's yacht and battle through the physically and mentally excruciating obstacles on Nightmare Island to rightfully earn the grand prize of $350K.
S24E14 The Challenge: Rivals II Reunion 25/09/2013 The competitors reunite to discuss the season.
S00E01 Champs vs. Pros: Secrets and Limes 16/05/2017 Host and NFL star Victor Cruz introduces 10 Challenge Champs to their newest competition: a collection of 10 world-class professional athletes, including Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, MMA star CM Punk, and NFL star Shawne Merriman.
S00E03 Champs vs. Pros: Watch Out for the Wolfpack 31/05/2017 In a brutal brawn challenge, the players get to choose their own match-ups when the Champs go one-on-one with the Pros; and a shocking last-minute proposal puts one Pro in a real bind.
S00E04 Champs vs. Pros: A Cold Day In Hell 06/06/2017 A Pro turns to a Champ for advice as the politics of the game intensifies; and a tricky brain and communication challenge turns testy when both teams try to get an edge by engaging in dirty tricks.
S00E05 Champs vs. Pros: Immovable Objections 13/06/2017 A twist in the endurance challenge catches all the players by surprise. When one of the players hits their lowest point in the game, another player responds with an act of generosity.
S00E06 Champs vs. Pros: No Guts No Glory 20/06/2017 A gut-busting challenge to determine who goes to the final tests the players’ strategy and endurance. One player struggles to keep anything down, while another is forced into a make-or-break decision.
S00E07 Champs vs. Stars: Tow Big, or Tow Home 21/11/2017 Challenge All-Stars meet a new group of professional athletes, Olympic medalists, and entertainment high rollers in a high stakes competition all in the name of charity…and their own personal bragging rights. One contestant gets taken out of the competition earlier than expected. A surprise voting twist sends an unlikely candidate to elimination, and potentially divides the team. The Miz hosts.
S00E08 Champs vs. Stars: Parkour All Obstacles 28/11/2017 Tensions arise when one star declares he wants nothing to do with the Champs team. An injury threatens to jeopardize one players standing in the game, while a family crisis may decide another’s fate. Two contestants come face to face in a heated argument.
S00E09 Champs vs. Stars: Slamballs and Elbow Brawls 05/12/2017 After a heated fight, one player makes a surprise decision, while another receives a disturbing call from home. One of the Champs is accused of playing too dirty during the challenge. An elimination threatens to pit two friends against each other, and sends another competitor completely MIA.
S00E10 Champs vs. Stars: When Push Comes to Shoving Stars 12/12/2017 A new player arrives to join the competition, while one of the teams struggle to keep themselves together. The Champs and Stars partake in an extremely physical challenge. Meanwhile, a newly formed alliance threatens to change the course of the game.
S00E11 Champs vs. Stars: Playing Me for the Foos 19/12/2017 A representative from one player’s charity makes a visit to the challenge. An old rivalry once again resurfaces, sending an entire team in a downward spiral. While one team is united with their vote for elimination, another is torn apart, with one competitor betrayed and out for vengeance.
S00E12 Fresh Meat 00/00/0000
S00E17 The Top 10 Moments from the Inferno 3: Blazed and Confused 10/07/2007
S00E255 We Heart Diem 09/12/2014 Since debuting on MTV's The Challenge in 2006 and battling cancer three times in the public eye, Diem Brown has become a role model for her courage and positivity to thousands of fans.