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Believe Everything. And we mean everything. That's what down-on-his luck journalist Tucker Burns learns when he takes a career detour to join the staff of one of the world's least reputable tabloids The World Chronicle. Tucker soon discovers that everything The Chronicle writes about, under the guidance of his mysterious boss Donald Stern, is 100% true. Teamed up with photographer Wes, and occasionally aided by fellow reporter and alien-abductee Grace Hall, Tucker investigates strange but true stories of ghosts, dragons, rejuvenation clinics, mermaids, and more.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Chronicle

S01E01 Pilot 14/07/2001 Reporter Tucker Burns finally gets a job at a tabloid, The World Chronicle, and soon finds himself on the the trail a real-life monster.
S01E02 What Gobbles Beneath 14/07/2001 After a media mogul disappears, the reporters discover a monster living under Manhattan attrcted to the radiation emissions of its victims' cell phones.
S01E03 Here There Be Dragons 21/07/2001 Tucker gets the surprise of his life when he goes to investigate the existence of a dragon underneath Chinatown and finds a woman pregnant with the ""dragon's"" baby.
S01E04 Baby Got Back 28/07/2001 An abandoned baby is left at the Chronicle, the reporters investigate and find that the father, the CEO of a marketing company, has made a deal with the Devil - literally.
S01E05 He's Dead, She's Dead 04/08/2001 A mysterious scientist, purported to have died, has perfected a way to bring people back to life, including himself.
S01E06 Bermuda Love Triangle 11/08/2001 Tucker's story about a mermaid and Grace's story about a missing Naval pilot cross when it turns out the mermaid is seeking out the pilot to fulfill their romance.
S01E07 Only the Young Die Good 18/08/2001 Staff at a Longevity institute and old folks' home are being used as host bodies of rich old people.
S01E08 Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns 25/08/2001 An outlaw biker returns from the grave to severe the heads of escapees from Hell.
S01E09 Let Sleeping Dogs Fry 08/09/2001 A ghost begins killing the opulent residents of North Hampton using their electrical appliances.
S01E10 Take Me Back 15/09/2001 Grace becomes the target of aliens who were responsible for her original abduction, and are targeting members of her abduction support group.
S01E11 Touched by an Alien 04/01/2002 Stern is targeted by an alien assassin who jumps from body to body through sexual contact.
S01E12 Pig Boy's Big Adventure 11/01/2002 The reporters go off on the trail of a ""savage simian"" and find themselves on a trail of a doctor performing animal/human hybrid experiments.
S01E13 The Cursed Sombrero 18/01/2002 The team are on the trail of a cursed sombrero, while Kristen tries to deal with her exposure to the strange events in Tucker's life.
S01E14 Tears of a Clone 25/01/2002 Grace must cope with an electrocution, a disinterested editor, a badgering mother, and an evil clone of herself running around.
S01E15 I See Dead Fat People 01/02/2002 The reporters investigate a report of a house haunted by...overweight ghosts.
S01E16 Man and Superman 08/02/2002 A superhero begins flying the skies of New York City, and while the Chronicle reporters investigate, the police begin taking an interest in them.
S01E17 Hot from the Oven 15/02/2002 The reporters investigate an oven that is actually a cursed entrance to Hell.
S01E18 The Stepford Cheerleaders 22/02/2002 Grace, Wes, and Tucker go undercover at a local high school where strange things are occurring.
S01E19 The Mists of Avalon Parkway 01/03/2002 A strange mobile mist is killing people in New Jersey, and has a connection a local boy.
S01E20 The King is Undead 08/03/2002 Grace's vampire case and Wes & Tucker's Elvis impersonator interview cross paths when the guys find out the Elvis impersonators are vampires.
S01E21 Hell Mall 15/03/2002 Tucker investigates a series of strange deaths and acts of possession at an upscale mall.
S01E22 A Snitch in Time 22/03/2002 Grace is stalked by members of the Swedish Mafia while investigating cases of spontaneous combustion. And the future of the Chronicle is threatened.