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The Clandestine is 13 x 5 minute episode web-series about a group of geeks and one smoking hot chick who form an outlaw motorcycle club. It's Sons of Anarchy meets The Office.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Clandestine

S01E01 Power Ranger 25/03/2013 Bored nerds Marcus and Freddie hate their dead-end office jobs, so they form The Clandestine, an outlaw motorcycle club, to live life in the fast lane.
S01E02 I Feel Dirty 25/03/2013 Nerds Marcus and Freddie have formed the outlaw motorcycle club, The Clandestine, but they need a few more members, and the applicants are a bit... odd.
S01E03 Thundercats 25/03/2013 Alfie joins The Clandestine, an outlaw motorcycle club, and along with nerds Marcus and Freddy, robs a shop, where they meet sexy biker chick Anna.
S01E04 Witch's Tit 25/03/2013 Sexy chick Anna brings nerds Marcus, Freddy, and Alfie to a biker bar, where they get into a fight. Then another motorcycle club, the Widow Kings, arrives.
S01E05 Cheeky Finger 25/03/2013 Nerds turned outlaw motorbikers Marcus, Freddy, and Alfie rob an ice cream van. Sexy chick Anna rides in on her motorcycle to warn them of the police.
S01E06 MILF 25/03/2013 Wannabe biker outlaws The Clandestine rob an armoured van. Anna says she dated a member of the Widow Kings motorcycle club, and they are looking for her.
S01E07 Patched 25/03/2013 Will blackmails Marcus to join the nerdy motorcycle gang The Clandestine against sexy chick Anna's wishes. Freddy hands out waistcoats with back patches.
S01E08 Sexy Fox 25/03/2013 The Clandestine's nerdy members run into another motorcycle club, the Widow Kings. A chase ensues. The Widow Kings later kidnap sexy biker chick Anna.
S01E09 Chinatown 25/03/2013 Nerdy motorcycle club The Clandestine wonder how the Widow Kings kidnapped sexy biker chick Anna. They search for her, and somehow lose their trousers.
S01E10 Banshee 25/03/2013 Wannabe motorcycle outlaws The Clandestine search for the cash they hid from the robbery, so they can pay off the Widow Kings and get sexy chick Anna back.
S01E11 No Anna No Money 25/03/2013 Nerdy Marcus meets outlaw motorcycle club the Widow Kings to pay them off and get sexy chick Anna back. Then Freddy and Alfie uncover Will's dark secret.
S01E12 Balls 25/03/2013 Freddy confesses the robbery to the cops. Alfie follows the Widow Kings motorcycle club to where nerdy Marcus and sexy biker chick Anna are held captive.
S01E13 Vroom 25/03/2013 In the season finale, a showdown ensues between nerds turned outlaw bikers The Clandestine, the bad boy motorcycle club the Widow Kings, and the cops.