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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Client

S01E19 Past Imperfect 00/00/0000 When Reggie is stalked by a crazy person, she and Foltrigg repeatedly fail to stop him. As the stalker becomes more and more aggressive and threatening, Foltrigg asks Reggie to use herself as bait to apprehend the man. Reggie thinks the stalker is someone she knew when she was drinking alcohol heavily. Meanwhile, Momma Love's cousin, Estelle, asks Reggie to settle a request in her deceased husband's will by giving a piece of property to a black woman who saved her husband's life years ago. However, Momma Love learns that Estelle's husband actually killed the woman's husband and wanted to make amends. Also, Clint enrolls in a dating service.
S01E20 The Good Samaritan 00/00/0000 When a church volunteer saves a woman from being raped, he doesn't want any publicity. After his picture is published in the newspaper, the volunteer is arrested for an accidental killing 30 years ago. Reggie defends the admittedly guilty man against Roy's prosecution. The jury declares him guilty but, in view of the volunteer's exemplary life ever since the incident, the judge orders him to perform community service--exactly what he has been doing. Meanwhile, Clint's mother dies. Without her help paying for his law studies, Clint cannot afford to stay in school on the salary Reggie pays him. He plans to leave school temporarily and work a second job to save money. Reggie anonymously donates money to the law school as a scholarship for Clint so he can stay in school. To afford that, she has to sell her car.
S01E21 Money Talks 00/00/0000 Due to money problems, Reggie accepts a job with a prestigious law firm. However, she soon realizes that the firm only wanted her to help defend a congressman, Jim Addison, on a sexual harassment charge. Because the case is politically volatile and the firm had no female attorneys, the firm's partners need Reggie to help win the case. When Reggie learns that the congressman is guilty, and that the firm's attorneys have paid off a witness, she threatens to expose them unless they can get Addison to plead guilty. Meanwhile, Momma Love takes a part-time job in Reggie's building and tries to match her boss up with a date.