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The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary television series that was hosted by Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. The show became a popular franchise due to its unconventional approach and Irwin's approach to wildlife. It spawned a number of separate projects, including the feature film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course and two television spinoffs: The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and Croc Files. The series has been presented on Animal Planet and has been in international syndication on networks worldwide.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Crocodile Hunter

S02E01 Return to the Wild 10/03/1998 Steve attempts to capture a 14-foot long "nuisance" crocodile and relocate it away from a busy Australian waterway.
S02E02 Outlaws of the Outback (1) 17/03/1998 Steve takes a look at the damage caused to Australia's ecological balance by creatures introduced by early European settlers, including mice, pigs and cane toads.
S02E03 Outlaws of the Outback (2) 17/03/1998 Non-indigenous animals threaten Australia's native population.
S02E04 Crocodile Hunter Wildest Home Videos 29/04/1998 The Irwins get snapped at by crocodiles, bitten by snakes and chased by furry things.
S02E05 Island of Time 17/05/1998 Beautiful scenery and adventure are encountered during a visit to the isolated inhabitants of the world's largest sand island.
S02E06 Reptiles of the Deep: Turtles 24/05/1998 A report on green and loggerhead sea turtles includes segments on the females' struggle to lay eggs on land and the hatchlings' fight to reach the ocean. Also: an annual scientific-and-medical survey of the creatures conducted off the east coast of Australia.
S02E07 Where Devils Run Wild 18/06/1998 Steve and Terri seek the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct since the 1930s; Tasmanian devils; copperhead snakes; black-face shaggs; Paddy Mellon joeys; wombats.
S02E08 Last Waterholes of the Outback 08/08/1998 Steve travels to the Australian Outback to show us the unique Australian freshwater crocodile, and the last remaining major sources of water in this dry area.
S02E09 Sharks: Outside the Cage 24/12/1998 Steve studies some of the more placid and harmless sharks living in the waters around Australia.
S02E10 Freshwater Crocodiles 00/00/0000 Steve and Terri witness a freshwater crocodile laying her eggs and defending her nest; Steve saves a crocodile entangled in a fishing net.
S03E01 Legends of the Galapagos 01/02/1999 Steve and Terri study the Galapagos on their 168-year-old tortoise's birthday.
S03E02 America's Deadliest Snakes 12/05/1999 Steve travels to the United States where he researches the remarkable rattlesnakes, the most venomous serpents of all, to show how placid they can be when unprovoked. In Florida, he finds snakes as diverse as the pygmy rattler and Eastern diamondbacks. He also has a close encounter with timber rattlers in Virginia.
S03E03 Reptiles of the Deep: Sea Snakes 20/06/1999 Steve films the deadly sea snake in its underwater environment.
S03E04 Reptiles of the Deep: Saurians 20/06/1999 Reptiles still living in the sea include saltwater crocodiles and lizards that can dive deep.
S03E05 Steve and the Dragon 06/07/1999 Steve comes face-to-face with a Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, on a remote Indonesian island.
S03E06 Australia's Wild Frontier 18/09/1999 Steve travels to Queensland's Cape York, which is considered one of the last wild frontiers of Australia.
S03E07 Faces in the Forest 01/10/1999 Falling in love with the orangutans of Sumatra, Steve helps in their rehabilitation process.
S03E08 Wild River of Africa 04/11/1999 Steve travels the Luangwa River in Zambia, observing hippos, Nile crocodiles and monitor lizards. Included: a crocodile feeding frenzy.
S03E09 A Handful of Elephants 09/01/2000 Steve tracks wild elephants in Sumatra, crocodiles, water monitors and wild boars.
S03E10 Jungle In The Clouds 29/01/2000 Steve journeys through the wilderness of New Guinea, moving through the mangroves of the coast, jungles, valleys, and mountains toward his destination: a rare equatorial glacier.
S03E11 Wildest Baby Animal Videos 22/02/2000 Steve and Terri visit the small, cute and entertaining world of baby animals, including possums, bears, snakes, bison, crocs and tigers.
S03E12 Wildlife in Combat 15/04/2000 Steve and Terri help U.S. Army Rangers remove venomous snakes from a training course at Elgin Air Force Base, Fla.
S03E13 Forces of Nature 15/04/2000 Steve travels to Florida's Eglin AFB to help remove poisonous snakes from the base. He also catches rides in an F-15 and an F-16.
S03E14 Africa's Deadliest Snakes 30/07/2000 Deadly snakes of Africa include Egyptian cobras, boomslangs, carpet vipers and green mambas. Also: scorpions and chameleons.
S04E01 Crocodiles of the Revolution 11/12/2000 Steve and an Australian zoo team participate in a wildlife rescue mission staged in the wake of a war for independence in East Timor.
S04E02 Journey to the Red Center 19/12/2000 Steve and Terri journey to the red desert at the heart of Australia. They examine venomous snakes, lizards and endangered mammals as they make their way to the world famous Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock.
S04E03 Sidewinders Of Arizona 25/12/2000 The sidewinder, a venomous snake of the Southwest U.S., is examined at an Air Force base in Arizona. Also: Steve flies in an F-16.
S04E04 Swimming with Alligators 15/01/2001 Steve goes to Florida's Eglin Air Force Base to remove an alligator from a missile-testing zone, and travels through the Everglades, where he has a close encounter with a cottonmouth and an alligator snapping turtle.
S04E05 Surfing Snakes 31/01/2001 Steve heads to Indonesia where he looks at venomous snakes, lizards and monkeys.
S04E06 Last Primates of Madagascar 28/04/2001 Steve looks for lemurs in remote areas of Madagascar and tours the countryside on bicycle while meeting townsfolk.
S04E07 Reptiles of the Lost Continent (Madagascar) 05/05/2001 Steve investigates the unusual reptiles of Madagascar, including many species of chameleon and cave-dwelling crocodiles.
S04E08 Graham's Revenge 13/04/2001 Steve and the team at Australia Zoo successfully transfer the ornery crocodile Graham and his girlfriend Bindi to a new enclosure. Not long after, Steve and Wes have to enter the enclosure. Graham gets his revenge by attacking Wes. Steve saves the day by jumping on Graham, although Wes suffers severe injuries.
S04E09 Spitting Cobras of the World 13/05/2001 Steve examines spitting cobras, which shoot venom into their prey's eyes from up to 6 feet away. Included: Steve seeks medical assistance at a Masai village after coming into contact with the venom.
S04E10 Dangerous Africans 07/02/2002 Steve goes on an African safari that features his being charged by elephants and chased by hippos. Also: snakes, spiders, scorpions, lions and buffalo.
S04E11 Operation Bunya Rescue 14/02/2002 Steve and Terri are faced with the daunting task of relocating an entire zoo full of animals from a failed business operation. Included: birds, kangaroos, koalas, snakes and crocodiles.
S04E12 Steve's Story: Home Video 21/02/2002 This episode contains clips from Steve's early crocodile captures as well as more recent wildlife encounters. His father Bob and his mother Lyn describe what it was like to raise the nature enthusiast.
S04E13 Steve's Most Dangerous Adventures 12/03/2002 Steve looks back on his most dangerous encounters, including those with Komodo dragons, various crocodiles and venomous snakes.
S04E14 Steve's Greatest Crocodile Captures 12/03/2002 Revisiting some of Steve and Terri's most hair-raising crocodile captures of the past.
S04E15 Big Croc Diaries 14/04/2002 Steve and Terri show off their favorite crocodiles at Australia Zoo. The action includes shots of the biggest crocodiles eating pigs whole. High-speed film techniques highlight the power of the mighty creatures.
S04E16 Captured on Camera 14/04/2002 A compilation of the best moments of the series up to this point.
S05E01 Africa's Final Frontier 24/08/2002 Steve travels to Namibia, where he experiences close encounters with a variety of dangerous animals and plants, including a tree with inch-long poisonous spines, a feisty viper and a cranky cobra.
S05E02 Graham's Revenge 00/00/0000 Remodeling at the zoo means Steve has to relocate some of the crocodiles, including a large pair named Graham and Bindi.
S05E03 Wild Surf of Indonesia 00/00/0000 Steve Irwin treks through Indonesia and attempts surfing while he's there.
S05E04 Whale Sharks of the Wild West 12/07/2003 Steve, Terri and Bindi sail along the west coast of Australia in a luxury cruiser. Included: swimming with dolphins, seals and sharks. Also, a trip inland to observe wallabies and pythons.
S05E05 Crocodile Coast 04/08/2003 A helicopter trip along Australia's Kimberly Coast includes crocodile encounters. Also: reef diving among sea snakes and sharks.
S05E06 Tigers Of Shark Bay 19/03/2004 Steve observes the tiger sharks of Western Australia's Shark Bay. He helps to release a captive tiger shark back into the wild, and he hand feeds bull sharks.
S05E07 Crocs In The City 26/03/2004 Steve Irwin works with the Mexican government to solve croc problems in the resort towns of Tampico and Cancun.
S05E08 Island Of Snakes 21/06/2004 A trip to Sri Lanka, off the southern coast of India, finds Steve Irwin studying venomous snakes with help from rice-paddy farmers, tea plantation workers and buffalo herdsmen. Also: a look at Mugger crocodiles and angry elephants.
S05E09 They Shoot Crocodiles, Don't They 28/06/2004 Steve gives the viewers a look at the seven cameramen who have captured his encounters with wildlife throughout the years.
S05E10 Search For Super Croc 28/06/2004 A look at the 60 million year history of the crocodile.
S05E11 Ice Breaker 15/11/2004 Steve looks at the wildlife of Antarctica, including penguins, leopard seals and humpback whales.
S05E12 Confessions Of The Crocodile Hunter 22/11/2004 This episode takes a look at the accomplishments of Steve and Terri Irwin. The infamous "Baby Bob incident" is explored in detail as Steve and Terri explain the events of that day.
S07E01 Steve's Dream 00/00/0000 Construction at the zoo means moving the residents, so snakes, alligators, crocodiles and lizards must be relocated. Also: a two-headed snake gets Brendan's attention; and Kelsey puts in her notice.
S07E02 Croc Hunter Live 00/00/0000 The team attempts to relocate a crocodile named Monty at the Australia Zoo. The animal is so big it must be airlifted from one side of the zoo to the other.
S07E03 Casper: The White Crocodile 00/00/0000 Eleven crocodiles must be relocated at the zoo, so Steve develops a new method to capture them. Also: a white crocodile is introduced at the zoo and proves to be aggressive towards a female.
S07E04 Whale Sharks of the Wild West 00/00/0000 Steve, Terri and Bindi sail along the west coast of Australia in a luxury cruiser. Included: swimming with dolphins, seals and sharks. Also: a trip inland to observe wallabies and pythons.
S07E05 Crocodile Coast 00/00/0000 A helicopter trip along Australia's Kimberly Coast includes crocodile encounters. Also: reef diving among sea snakes and sharks.
S07E06 River of the Damned 00/00/0000 Steve is the special guest of the Belize Zoo as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. He also travels up the Macal river to observe a controversial dam project; and tangles with a highly poisonous fer de lance snake while searching for Morelet crocodiles.
S07E07 Australia's Wild Frontier 30/09/2003 Steve and Terri venture out to Cape York in Queensland, Australia, one of the most remote areas in the country. Among the creatures they spot are the Scrub Python, the Slately Grey Snake, feral pigs, a Rusty Monitor Goanna and the tree-jumping Canopy Goanna, the rarest goanna species in the world.
S00E01 Steve Irwin's Most Dangerous Adventures! 00/00/0000
S00E02 Wildest Home Videos 00/00/0000
S00E03 Wildest Baby Animals Videos 00/00/0000
S00E04 Ocean's Deadliest 21/01/2007 Steve Irwin is joined by oceanographer and adventurer Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, in OCEAN'S DEADLIEST as they explore the waters between Australia's Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout this expedition, Philippe and Steve come face to face with venomous fish, huge great white sharks and amazing saltwater crocodiles as they search for the region's most dangerous animal.
S00E05 From Outback to Hollywood 00/00/0000
S00E06 My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter 00/00/0000
S00E07 Wildest Animal Encounters 00/00/0000
S00E08 Great Escape Australia 00/00/0000
S00E09 Great Escape USA 00/00/0000

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