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A look under the bonnet of an Essex used-car dealership. With money tight, can the customers give the dealers a run for their money?


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S01E01 Episode 1 - Jordan 01/08/2013 Jordan, who's 24, is taken by a Range Rover on the forecourt, but can Scott make the finances work? Meanwhile Katie has fallen in love with a Mini. But have she and her dad met their match in master salesman James?
S01E02 Episode 2 - Scott 08/08/2013 In this episode, junior salesman Scott's future is in question as he struggles to hit his sales target.
S01E03 Episode 3 - Greg 15/08/2013 The final episode of the series reveals the highs and lows of running a multi-million-pound business in your twenties. Greg shows off some of his team-building tactics, including group games of Twister and stare-offs. And he takes on a new recruit: 19-year-old Cormac. Cormac may never have sold a car before, but he's had experience selling ladieswear on a market stall. But as his first month unfolds Cormac's initial good impression start to sour. He's been late for work four times and phoned in sick three times. Greg says it's the worst first month he's ever seen and decides it's time for a disciplinary: the axe is hovering over Cormac's head and he needs to start performing. Meanwhile, the other struggling salesman, 21-year-old former window fitter Scott, is on a final warning. Greg and the MD have decided Scott must reach his sales target for this month or face the sack. It's a figure Scott has never come close to before. Finding good salesmen is a full-time job for Greg, but at least he can rely on his star man James. Or can he? James does have a habit of turning up feeling under the weather after a night on the town...

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