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The Devil's Crown was a BBC television series which dramatised the reigns of three medieval Kings of England: Henry II and his sons Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland. It is also known as La couronne du diable in french. The series was written by Jack Russell and Ken Taylor. It was shown in the United Kingdom in thirteen 55-minute episodes between 30 April and 23 July 1978. A full set of tape copies exist at the British Film Institute, where they can be viewed on request. It has never been released on DVD, although a French dubbed version, called "La couronne du diable", is available as a paid (legal) download.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Devil's Crown

S01E01 If All the World Were Mine 30/04/1978
S01E02 The Earth Is Not Enough 07/05/1978
S01E03 A Rose, a Thorn 14/05/1978
S01E04 The Hungry Falcons 21/05/1978
S01E05 Before the Dark 28/05/1978
S01E06 Richard Yea and Nay 04/06/1978
S01E07 Lion of Christendom 11/06/1978
S01E08 When Cage-Birds Sing 18/06/1978
S01E09 Bolt from the Blue 25/06/1978
S01E10 In Sun's Eclipse 02/07/1978
S01E11 The Flowers Are Silent 09/07/1978
S01E12 Tainted King 16/07/1978
S01E13 To The Devil They Go 23/07/1978