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Considered to be one of television's classics, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" centers on the personal and professional lives of Rob Petrie, a writer for the fictional "Alan Brady Show". The non-stop laughs revolved around Rob's relationships with with fellow writers Buddy Sorrell and Sally Rogers, and producer Mel Cooley. At home, we also got to chuckle (and sometimes cry) over Rob's antics involving his wife, son, and neighbors.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Dick Van Dyke Show

S01E01 The Sick Boy and the Sitter 03/10/1961 Rob talks Laura into going to a party at Alan Brady's penthouse even though she'd rather stay home and look after their ailing five-year old.
S01E02 My Blonde-Haired Brunette 10/10/1961 Feeling old and unloved, Laura decides to try to dye her hair blond.
S01E03 Sally and the Lab Technician 17/10/1961 Laura set up her quiet cousin Thomas with Sally, but when Sally arrives Thomas doesn't get to say much.
S01E04 Washington vs. the Bunny 24/10/1961 Rob must decide whether to see his son's play or go out of town for his job.
S01E05 Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced 31/10/1961 Rob and Laura Recall how they met.
S01E06 Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo. 06/11/1961 Harrison B. Harding shows up, claiming to be an old friend of Rob's, and seems to know everything about Rob.
S01E07 Jealousy! 07/11/1961 Laura wonders if Rob will still love her while working with a lovely TV star.
S01E08 To Tell or Not to Tell 14/11/1961 Rob wonders if Laura will go back into show business after she's offered a dancing job on the Alan Brady Show.
S01E09 The Unwelcome Houseguest 21/11/1961 Laura sets up a quiet weekend away, but Rob comes home with Buddy's dog for the weekend.
S01E10 The Meershatz Pipe 28/11/1961 Rob starts feeling jealous after Alan gives Buddy a nice gift.
S01E11 Forty-Four Tickets 05/12/1961 Rob forgets to reserve 44 tickets to the Alan Brady Show, for the PTA group.
S01E12 Empress Carlotta's Necklace 12/12/1961 Rob buys an ugly necklace that he thinks Laura will love.
S01E13 Sally Is a Girl 19/12/1961 Laura encourages Rob to start treating Sally like a lady after seeing her treated like a guy around the office.
S01E14 Buddy, Can You Spare a Job? 26/12/1961 Buddy wants to leave the show to become Head Writer of another show. Mel can't release Buddy from his contract, so he helps Rob and Sally write a memo to Alan to encourage him to fire Buddy.
S01E15 Where Did I Come From? 03/01/1962 Ritchie asks the age old question Where Do I Come From? Rob and Laura tell the story.
S01E16 The Curious Thing About Women 10/01/1962 Rob uses Laura's habit of opening his mail as the basis for a sketch on The Alan Brady Show.
S01E17 Punch Thy Neighbor 17/01/1962 Jerry makes one too many jokes about the "bad writing" on the Alan Brady Show, to which Rob takes deep offense.
S01E18 Who Owes Who What? 24/01/1962 Rob tries to collect a debt from Buddy, but isn't sure how he should broach the subject.
S01E19 The Talented Neighborhood 31/01/1962 The Alan Brady Show is looking for talented kids and Rob is asked to get auditions for practically every kid in the neighborhood.
S01E20 A Word a Day 07/02/1962 Richie begins using "certain four letter words", and Rob and Laura try desperately to get him to stop.
S01E21 The Boarder Incident 14/02/1962 Buddy's wife is out of town, so Rob invites Buddy to stay at his house for the duration. Disaster ensues.
S01E22 Father of the Week 21/02/1962 Rob is invited to talk to Richie's class about what he does for a living. However, Richie hates the idea, thinking the other kids will be bored listening to his dad talk about comedy writing.
S01E23 The Twizzle 28/02/1962 Sally brings the gang down to the bowling alley to experience the latest dance craze.
S01E24 One Angry Man 07/03/1962 Rob gets called for jury duty and finds himself doubting the attractive defendant's guilt.
S01E25 Where You Been, Fassbinder? 14/03/1962 An old high school friend visits Sally on her birthday.
S01E26 I Am My Brother's Keeper 21/03/1962 Rob's shy brother Stacey comes for a visit, but he has a problem: he is a sleepwalker.
S01E27 The Sleeping Brother 28/03/1962 Since Stacey is such a great performer while he's sleeping, Rob tries to get him an audition for The Alan Brady Show.
S01E28 The Bad Old Days 04/04/1962 Rob starts to feel like he does too much housework when Buddy warns him about the decline of the American male.
S01E29 Sol and the Sponsor 11/04/1962 Rob's old Army buddy Sol shows up just as the Petries are preparing for dinner with an important sponsor. Gregarious, hyper and obnoxious, Sol insults the sponsor's taste.
S01E30 The Return of Happy Spangler 18/04/1962 Rob convinces his old mentor, Happy Spangler, to join the writing staff of The Alan Brady Show; but Happy seems more interested in telling about his life than in doing any work.
S02E01 Never Name a Duck 26/09/1962 Rob brings home two baby ducks, and Richie becomes very attached to them.
S02E02 The Two Faces of Rob 03/10/1962 To prove a theory that a wife can't always recognize her husband on the phone, Rob call Laura and disguises his voice, but he becomes obsessed with whether she's playing along with the joke.
S02E03 The Attempted Marriage 10/10/1962 Rob and Laura tell Richie about their attempts to get married.
S02E04 Bank Book 6565696 17/10/1962 Rob is surprised to find a bank book in one of Laura's gloves.
S02E05 Hustling the Hustler 24/10/1962 Rob engages in a game of pool with Buddy's hustler brother Blackie.
S02E06 My Husband Is Not a Drunk 31/10/1962 Rob falls under a hypnosis spell meant for Buddy - he keeps acting drunk every time a bell rings.
S02E07 What's in a Middle Name? 07/11/1962 Rob and Laura must explain to Richie why his middle name is Rosebud.
S02E08 Like a Sister 14/11/1962 Rob thinks Sally is falling for the latest guest star on The Alan Brady Show: crooner Ric Vallone.
S02E09 The Night the Roof Fell In 21/11/1962 Rob and Laura have a terrible fight, after each has experienced a difficult day - and each remember the fight very differently.
S02E10 The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally 28/11/1962 Rob suspects Buddy and Sally of having an affair.
S02E11 A Bird in the Head Hurts 05/12/1962 Rob and Laura assume Richie's claims of being pecked by a giant woodpecker are just a way of getting attention - until Millie says she's seen the woodpecker herself.
S02E12 Gesundheit, Darling 12/12/1962 Rob comes to believe he's allergic to his family when he can't stop sneezing.
S02E13 A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own 19/12/1962 With Jerry at a dentist's convention, Rob is forced to see another dentist after breaking his tooth on a chicken bone.
S02E14 Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra 26/12/1962 Dreading the thought of being forced to direct a fund-raising show by Mrs. Billings of the PTA, Rob remembers the previous year's show when he tried to cast the role of Cleopatra.
S02E15 The Cat Burglar 02/01/1963 A cat burglar in the neighborhood has Rob and Laura on edge.
S02E16 The Foul Weather Girl 09/01/1963 An old high school flame of Rob's drops by looking to make it in show business.
S02E17 Will You Two Be My Wife? 16/01/1963 Buddy and Sally find Rob's memoirs and read about the time Rob had to break off his engagement with an old girlfriend before marrying Laura.
S02E18 Ray Murdock's X-Ray 23/01/1963 Rob goes on Ray Murdock's X-Ray where he inadvertently describes Laura as a nut.
S02E19 I Was a Teenage Head Writer 30/01/1963 Thinking his own friends betrayed him in an argument with Mel over a sketch, Rob remembers his first day as the head writer of The Alan Brady Show.
S02E20 It May Look Like a Walnut! 06/02/1963 In this classic, Rob has a dream - inspired by a late-night horror movie on TV - involving walnuts, missing thumbs, and a space alien who looks like Danny Thomas.
S02E21 My Husband Is a Check-Grabber 13/02/1963 Laura is angry with Rob always picking up the check whenever they go out with friends.
S02E22 Don't Trip Over That Mountain 20/02/1963 Rob hurts himself on his first skiing trip with Jerry - just as Laura predicted.
S02E23 Give Me Your Walls! 27/02/1963 The Petries hire an Italian painter to paint their walls.
S02E24 The Sam Pomerantz Scandals 06/03/1963 Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally must perform in a show for Rob's friend Sam Pomerantz after Rob accidentally injures comedian Danny Brewster.
S02E25 The Square Triangle 20/03/1963 Rob and Laura are both surprised that the latest guest star on The Alan Brady Show is someone from their past - French star Jacques Savon.
S02E26 I'm No Henry Walden! 27/03/1963 Rob and Laura are invited to a dinner party for all the top writers in various fields, but Rob is the only writer in comedy, and is lost in the others' intellectual conversations.
S02E27 Racy Tracy Rattigan 03/04/1963 British actor 'Racy' Tracey Rattigan is filling in as substitute host for The Alan Brady Show - and he seems to have an interest in Laura.
S02E28 Divorce 10/04/1963 Rob gets caught in the middle when Buddy declares his intention to divorce Pickles for supposedly cheating on him.
S02E29 It's a Shame She Married Me 17/04/1963 Rob gets envious when he learns that sponsor Jim Darling is an old beau of Laura's.
S02E30 A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise 24/04/1963 Rob nearly ruins his own surprise birthday party after Laura finds out Rob already knows.
S02E31 Jilting the Jilter 01/05/1963 Sally may have found a fella but he wants to take Sally away from The Alan Brady Show, so she can write for him.
S02E32 When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen 08/05/1963 Rob needs an idea for a sketch for the show; Richie gives him an idea for a talking bowling pin - unfortunately, Rob doesn't ask where he got the idea.
S02E33 All About Eavesdropping 00/00/0000
S03E01 That's My Boy?? 25/09/1963 All about about the day Richie came home from the hospital. With so much stuff to take home, and so many mix ups with the items of the Peters (a couple in another hospital room), Rob begins to wonder what else could have gotten mixed up.
S03E02 The Masterpiece 02/10/1963 Rob, Buddy, Laura & Sally go to an auction. Rob shows Buddy & Sally how people use different gestures to make bids - unfortunately, while bidding is actually going on.
S03E03 Laura's Little Lie 09/10/1963 When Rob asks Laura to sign some insurance forms, Laura does everything she can to avoid signing, as Rob becomes more and more suspicious.
S03E04 Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice 16/10/1963 Rob and Laura have trouble keeping their promises not to tell anyone that they may need to get legally married.
S03E05 All About Eavesdropping 00/00/0000 While getting ready to go to Jerry and Millie's party, Rob and Laura overhear them on their kids' walkie talkies.
S03E06 Too Many Stars 30/10/1963 Rob is roped into directing another PTA show for Mrs. Billings.
S03E07 Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius? 06/11/1963 While working out details for a joke, Rob hits himself on the head with a violin, causing temporary amnesia.
S03E08 Uncle George 13/11/1963 Uncle George drops by the Petries, looking for a wife, and Sally tries to fix him up with Herman Glimpscher's mom. But Uncle George has other ideas.
S03E09 Big Max Calvada 20/11/1963 Gangster Big Max Calvada asks Rob, Buddy, & Sally to write an act for his nephew.
S03E10 The Ballad of the Betty Lou 27/11/1963 Rob and Jerry buy a boat, despite Laura's warning that it could impact their friendship.
S03E11 Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors 04/12/1963 Rob hires a Spanish maid, but when she arrives, not only does she not speak English, but she has a broken arm.
S03E12 The Sound of Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears 11/12/1963 Rob thinks he's just seen the suspects of a recent jewelry store holdup and wrestles with his conscience about informing the police.
S03E13 The Alan Brady Show Presents 18/12/1963 The staff has to plan a Christmas show.
S03E14 The Third One from the Left 01/01/1964 Rob tries to stop a guest star from falling in love with him.
S03E15 My Husband is the Best One 08/01/1964 A reporter interviews Rob for a cover story she's doing about Alan Brady. Laura also comes to the restaurant, and chimes in just a little too much.
S03E16 The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer 15/01/1964 Laura wants to setup a new bachelor neighbor with her cousin, but Rob wants to set him up with Sally.
S03E17 The Life and Love of Joe Coogan 22/01/1964 While golfing, Rob meets a man named Joe Coogan – who turns out to be an old boyfriend of Laura's.
S03E18 A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards 29/01/1964 Rob and friends accidentally play poker with marked cards that Rob was using to teach Richie some magic tricks.
S03E19 Happy Birthday and Too Many More 05/02/1964 Laura & Rob have to decide when to have Richie's birthday party, and what to do for it, because most weekends are already booked with other kids' extravagant parties.
S03E20 The Brave and the Backache 12/02/1964 Laura wonders why Rob never wants to go away on a romantic weekend with her.
S03E21 The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth 19/02/1964 Rob and Buddy help Sally write some jokes to go on a late night talk show, taking up most of their work day.
S03E22 My Part-Time Wife 26/02/1964 Rob has to find a replacement for Sally while she's away. Each replacement they try is worse than the last ... but Rob would rather try anyone than follow Laura's suggestion that she fill in.
S03E23 Honeymoons Are for the Lucky 04/03/1964 Rob recalls a time when he tried to get out of Camp Crowder to spend his honeymoon with Laura.
S03E24 How to Spank a Star 11/03/1964 Rob's favorite star guests on the Alan Brady show but starts causing problems right away.
S03E25 The Plots Thicken 18/03/1964 Rob and Laura hope each other's parents don't find out that both sets of parents have bought burial plots for them.
S03E26 Scratch My Car and Die 25/03/1964 Rob buys a new car that he loves but won't let anyone touch, but an emergency forces Laura to use the car.
S03E27 The Return of Edwin Carp 01/04/1964 Rob puts together an episode of the Alan Brady Show using old radio stars.
S03E28 October Eve 08/04/1964 When Sally spots a painting in an art gallery, Laura's past comes back to haunt her.
S03E29 Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband is in Jail 15/04/1964 Rob ends up in jail after contacting an army buddy.
S03E30 My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life 22/04/1964 Rob and Laura see Jerry at a restaurant with a woman - who's not Millie.
S03E31 I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All 29/04/1964 Another classic; in this episode, Rob finds a hair or two in his brush; of course he assumes he's going bald. His barber (Ned Glass) tells him to use a concoction on his head, right before bed. The fact that it smells alot like salad dressing has an interesting effect on Rob's dreams that night.
S03E32 Teacher's Petrie 13/05/1964 Laura takes a writing class, but Rob becomes suspicious when the teacher seems to like her writing just a little too much.
S04E01 My Mother Can Beat Up My Father 23/09/1964 When a drunk gets too rowdy at a bar, Laura's talent for judo surfaces.
S04E02 The Ghost of A. Chantz 30/09/1964 Rob, Buddy, Laura, and Sally spend the night in a creepy cabin.
S04E03 The Lady and the Babysitter 07/10/1964 Roger, Richie's Babysitter wants Laura's help with a girl that he likes. Little does she know who the girl turns out to be.
S04E04 A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat 14/10/1964 A disagreement over a neighbor's lawn almost breaks up Rob and Jerry's friendship.
S04E05 The Man from Emperor 21/10/1964 Rob is offered a job at a "men's" magazine but Laura isn't crazy about like the idea.
S04E06 Romances, Roses, and Rye Bread 28/10/1964 Sally gets roses every day from a secret admirer, but when he lets her know who he is, he doesn't get quite the response he was hoping for.
S04E07 4 1/2 04/11/1964 Rob tells Buddy and Sally the story of how they became friends with a convict.
S04E08 The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail 11/11/1964 Rob and the gang go to perform at a prison, but their prison uniform costumes cause confusion.
S04E09 Three Letters from One Wife 18/11/1964 Rob writes an episode of another show, but after presenting the script to Alan, isn't sure whether he really wants him working on it.
S04E10 Pink Pills and Purple Parents 25/11/1964 In a flashback to when they were first married, Laura is nervous about meeting Rob's parents. Millie gives her some pills that could help her relax, but Laura doesn't really want to try them.
S04E11 It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise 02/12/1964 Rob tries to help get a raise for Buddy and Sally but finds that hard to do after talking with Alan Brady's accountant.
S04E12 The Death of the Party 09/12/1964 After golfing against Laura's wishes, Rob tries to hide the fact he is sick as he helps Laura prepare a party.
S04E13 My Two Show-Offs and Me 16/12/1964 When a writer comes to do a piece on the Alan Brady Show, Rob is worried about how Buddy and Sally will act in front of her.
S04E14 Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk 30/12/1964 An old army buddy comes looking for a job and hopes Rob will return an old favor.
S04E15 Brother, Can You Spare $2500? 06/01/1965 Rob,Buddy, & Sally have just spent 11 hours finishing a script, but on his way home, Rob is so tired, that he leaves the only copy at Grand Central Station.
S04E16 The Impractical Joke 13/01/1965 After Buddy plays a practical joke on Rob, Rob tells him that he'll get even.
S04E17 Stacey Petrie (1) 20/01/1965 Sally is asked to help Rob's brother Stacey (Jerry Van Dyke) go out on a practice date.
S04E18 Stacey Petrie (2) 27/01/1965 Stacey finally meets the girl he's been corresponding with while he was in the army - except he's been signing someone else's name.
S04E19 Boy #1, Boy #2 03/02/1965 Laura & Millie drive Rob crazy when their sons are cast in a commercial.
S04E20 The Redcoats Are Coming 10/02/1965 Rob offers to hide rock and roll stars The Redcoats at his home.
S04E21 The Case of the Pillow 17/02/1965 Rob takes a pillow salesman to court after buying pillows that smell like chickens.
S04E22 Young Man With a Shoehorn 24/02/1965 Rob and Buddy invest in Uncle Lou's shoe store.
S04E23 Girls Will Be Boys 03/03/1965 Richie keeps getting beat up at school, and Rob and Laura have to figure out why he won't defend himself.
S04E24 Bupkis 10/03/1965 Rob can't figure out how an old song he wrote is being played as a radio commercial.
S04E25 Your Home Sweet Home is My Home 17/03/1965 A flashback episode about Rob and Laura's long search to find their house, with Millie and Jerry looking too.
S04E26 Anthony Stone 24/03/1965 Rob and Buddy are suspicious when Sally won't tell them much about her new fella.
S04E27 Never Bathe on Saturday 31/03/1965 Laura and Rob plan to spend a romantic weekend in the city and see a play, until Laura runs into a little problem at the hotel.
S04E28 Show of Hands 14/04/1965 When Rob and Laura are asked to fill in for Alan Brady at a banquet in his honor, they run into a mishap at home with a pot of dye.
S04E29 Baby Fat 21/04/1965 Alan Brady is rehearsing for a Broadway show, but the script needs work, so he asks Rob to help punch it up - without the author's knowledge.
S04E30 One Hundred Terrible Hours 05/05/1965 In a flashback episode, Rob does a stunt on his radio show where he tries to stay awake for 100 hours - right before being asked to interview with Alan Brady.
S04E31 Br-rooom, Br-rooom 12/05/1965 Rob's new motorcycle causes him more problems than he bargained for.
S04E32 There's No Sale Like Wholesale 26/05/1965 Rob learns a lesson after letting Buddy get him a deal on a fur coat for Laura.
S05E01 Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth 15/09/1965 A TV show host gets Laura to reveal some information she wishes she hadn't.
S05E02 A Farewell to Writing 22/09/1965 Rob finds out trying to write a novel all by himself is a bit harder than he thinks.
S05E03 Uhny Uftz 29/09/1965 While working very late, Rob thinks he hears and sees a small flying saucer outside the office window.
S05E04 The Ugliest Dog in the World 06/10/1965 Rob finds a dog for a sketch on The Alan Brady Show. After the dog's part is cut, Rob is stuck with the Ugliest Dog in the World.
S05E05 No Rice at My Wedding 13/10/1965 Rob recalls a time when a date with Laura was a raffle prize.
S05E06 Draw Me a Pear 20/10/1965 Laura talks Rob into going to her art class, but the art teacher seems to like Rob a little too much.
S05E07 The Great Petrie Fortune 27/10/1965 Rob's Uncle Hezekiah leaves him a movie, with a clue.
S05E08 Odd But True 03/11/1965 Richie finds out the freckles on Rob's back form the shape of the Liberty Bell. Millie wants to send a picture in to Odd But True.
S05E09 Viva Petrie 10/11/1965 Maria (the Petrie's previous maid) tells her friend Manuel to go to the Petrie's so that Rob can help him find him a job.
S05E10 Go Tell the Birds and Bees 17/11/1965 Rob and Laurie Petrie are asked to Richie's principal's office to discuss things that Richie has been telling the other kids.
S05E11 Body and Sol 24/11/1965 Rob tells Buddy and Sally of the time he became the middle weight champion of his Army Camp.
S05E12 See Rob Write, Write Rob, Write 08/12/1965 To help sell a local artist's illustrations, Rob and Laura each write wildly different children's stories to go along with them.
S05E13 You're Under Arrest 15/12/1965 After fighting with Laura, Rob is arrested at a bar for scuffling with an old lady.
S05E14 Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work 29/12/1965 In a flashback episode, The Alan Brady Show goes on summer hiatus and Rob is worried how he'll support Laura (who is pregnant with Richie).
S05E15 Who Stole My Watch? 05/01/1966 After losing his new watch at his birthday party, Rob begins to wonder if one of his friends took it.
S05E16 I Do Not Choose to Run 19/01/1966 Rob gives a speech at council meeting that impresses the nominating committee for city councilman of New Rochelle.
S05E17 The Making of a Councilman 26/01/1966 Rob wonders if he has enough experience to run for city councilman, after meeting his opponent.
S05E18 The Curse of the Petrie People 02/02/1966 Rob's mother gives Laura a family heirloom - a huge brooch in the shape of the United States.
S05E19 The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart 09/02/1966 Alan humiliates Mel after Mel forgets to tell him about a change in this week's script. Rob tries to get Mel to stick up for himself, but his efforts backfire.
S05E20 Remember the Alimony 16/02/1966 In another flashback episode, Rob and Laura take a romantic trip across the border to Mexico only to find out that the hotel they are staying in is where couples go to get divorced.
S05E21 Dear Sally Rogers 23/02/1966 Sally needs some material for her guest spot on "The Stevie Parsons Show", so she decides to "advertise" for a husband, but the results are unexpected.
S05E22 Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy 02/03/1966 With all of his recent unexplained disappearances, Rob & Sally wonder if Buddy is having an affair.
S05E23 Bad Reception in Albany 09/03/1966 While Rob and Laura are attending a wedding in Albany, Rob is asked by Alan to watch a fashion show to assess a possible guest star - but finding a TV proves to be difficult.
S05E24 Talk to the Snail 23/03/1966 Rob worries he's going to be fired after reading a memo that Alan threw out, so he starts looking for other work.
S05E25 A Day in the Life of Alan Brady 06/04/1966 Jerry & Millie are having their anniversary party, on the same day that Alan Brady wants Rob to appear in his documentary, so Alan invites himself to the party.
S05E26 Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc. 13/04/1966 In a hurry to go to the theatre, Rob, Buddy and Sally forget to cross out all the insults about Alan they wrote in this week's script.
S05E27 The Man from My Uncle 20/04/1966 A government agent wants to use Ritchie's room to stake out a house across the street.
S05E28 You Ought to Be in Pictures 27/04/1966 Rob gets cast as a lead in a movie, but Laura isn't too thrilled when she finds out he'll have a love interest.
S05E29 Love Thy Other Neighbor 04/05/1966 After Laura and Rob spend some time with their new neighbors, Jerry and Millie feel left out.
S05E30 Long Night's Journey into Day 11/05/1966 Laura spends the night alone (terrified) while her family is on a fishing trip.
S05E31 The Gunslinger 25/05/1966 As Jerry is extracting a tooth, Rob dreams that he lives in the old west and is a sheriff who has to save the town from Big Bad Brady.
S05E32 The Last Chapter 00/00/0000 Rob finally finishes his memoire after 5 years. As Laura begins to read it, we see flashbacks from all the previous shows, starting from when Rob met Laura.
S00E01 Head of the Family (Unaired Pilot) 19/07/1960 Rob tries to tell his son that comedy writing can be fun and he shouldn't feel bad about telling his friends.
S00E02 Carl Reiner Remembers Head of the Family 00/00/0000
S00E03 Carl Reiner and Sheldon Leonard Remember the Pilot 00/00/0000
S00E04 Cheer Advertising Spot 00/00/0000
S00E05 CBS Promo 00/00/0000 Aired during PASSWORD.
S00E06 The Cast Remembers My Blonde-Haired Brunette 00/00/0000
S00E07 The Cast Remembers Buddy 00/00/0000
S00E08 Carl and Dick Remember Where Did I Come From 00/00/0000
S00E09 The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited 00/00/0000 40 years after The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961), Allan Brady wants to hire Rob and Sally to write his eulogy - in order to win a bet with his wife. Although they don't want to do it, he offers them a huge amount of money. If Rob takes the job, Laura could open her dream dance studio.
S00E10 The Cast Plays Stump the Stars 00/00/0000 Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie appear on "Stump the Stars", as they challenge regulars Sebastian Cabot, Beverly Garland, Ross Martin, and Diana Dors.
S00E11 The Dick Van Dyke Show Remembered 00/00/0000
S00E12 The Making of It May Look Like a Walnut 00/00/0000 A retrospective of the famous "It May Look Like a Walnut" produced by the people at The Walnut Times. We get to see the cast here discuss the episode in great detail.
S00E13 The Danny Thomas Show 00/00/0000
S00E15 Carl Reiner Remembers Baby Fat 00/00/0000
S00E16 A Celebration of Television Music Hollywood Bowl-2001 00/00/0000
S00E17 Cartoon-TV Land Alan Brady Show 00/00/0000
S00E18 Cast Members Remember Never Bathe on Saturday 00/00/0000
S00E19 Diagnosis Murder-Sloan Meets Petrie 00/00/0000
S00E20 Dick and Mary Remember the Motorcycle 00/00/0000
S00E21 Dick Remembers Don Rickles 00/00/0000
S00E22 Emmy Awards 1946-65 00/00/0000
S00E23 MTM Commentary 00/00/0000
S00E24 Mary Remembers the Pink Pills 00/00/0000
S00E25 Now...In Living Color! (2016) 11/12/2016 Two remastered fan-favorite episodes were colorized and shown on TV: "That's My Boy??" (Original Airdate: 9/25/1963) As Rob and Laura host a dinner party with a few friends, Rob recalls the hectic days after their son, Ritchie, was born, when he was sure the hospital had given him and Laura the wrong baby. "Coast to Coast Big Mouth" (Original Airdate: 9/15/1965) Laura Petrie blurts out a top secret on a national television quiz show, revealing that comedian Alan Brady wears a toupee.
S00E26 The Cast Remembers That's My Boy??? 00/00/0000
S00E27 The Cast Remembers Coast to Coast Big Mouth 00/00/0000
S00E28 TV Academy Tribute to Carl Reiner 00/00/0000
S00E29 50th Anniversary Q & A 00/00/0000 50th Anniversary Q & A with Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner and Garry Marshall
S00E30 TV Land Awards 2003 03/02/2003 TV Land Awards Legend winner for 2003: The Dick Van Dyke Show.
S00E31 Remembering Dick's Physical Comedy 00/00/0000
S00E32 Now...In Living Color! (2017) 22/12/2017 Two additional remastered fan-favorite episodes were colorized and shown on TV as part of a 2017 Christmas special: "My Blonde-Haired Brunette" (Original Airdate: 10/10/1961) Laura dyes her hair blonde when she suspects Rob is losing interest in her. "October Eve" (Original Airdate: 4/08/1964) Laura once commissioned an artist for a fully clothed portrait of herself, which he, taking artistic license, rendered nude and now has standing in an art gallery for all to see.