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The Dumping Ground is a BAFTA-winning British children's television series, which premiered on CBBC and BBC HD on 4 January 2013. The series is a spin-off from Tracy Beaker Returns which itself is a spin off The Story of Tracy Beaker.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Dumping Ground

S01E01 Freedom: Home Alone 04/01/2013 While Mike is on holiday, Gina ends up in hospital after an accident with a grenade meaning the Young People get a taste of freedom and decide to fend for themselves. Anarchy quickly breaks out and as the rules fly out of the window, Gus is pushed to breaking point, leaving everyone in danger…
S01E02 Liberty in the DG 04/01/2013 Mike is still away, Gina is in hospital and now food and money is in short supply, and the Young People start to turn on each other. Elektra is convinced Mike wants to get rid of her and so has created an escape route out of the Dumping Ground for herself. To protect her plan Elektra tries to capitalise on the fractures within the group and when Johnny crosses her she is forced to take drastic action.
S01E03 Baby 11/01/2013 Feeling pushed out when her dad Steve’s heavily pregnant girlfriend Shannay moves into their flat, Lily goes back to The Dumping Ground, declaring that she’s moving back. Steve tries to convince her to come home but tensions rise, and Lily blows her top. When Shannay goes into early labour, Lily fears the worst; if anything happens to the baby, it will all be down to her.
S01E04 SOS 18/01/2013 Jody is back with her family and on the surface all seems well, but when she turns up at the Dumping Ground with a bag full of swag it’s clear that her brother, Kingsley, has been out stealing. When Kingsley comes to collect her, terrified Jody is forced to return home. So it’s up to a worried Carmen to mount a rescue mission for her friend.
S01E05 What Would Gus Want? 25/01/2013 The Dumping Ground is divided when a same-sex couple show an interest in fostering Gus. As Johnny and Elektra come to blows about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt, Gus is in turmoil about leaving the Dumping Ground and father figure Mike behind.
S01E06 The Real Faith Davis 01/02/2013 When the police turn up at Elm Tree House looking for Faith, wicked whispers fly. But Faith won’t give anything away, preferring to focus on her training for a charity run. The Young People are shocked to learn the brutal truth and rally round to support Faith, while the new girl in the house, Floss, wonders where on Earth she’s been dumped.
S01E07 The Truth Is Out There 08/02/2013 After getting bad exam results Frank denounces school and gets a job in the local café. He develops a full-blown crush on the waitress, Jade, and when she introduces him to a psychic medium it seems like Frank has finally found some answers about his future. But his Dumping Ground friends worry that he’s been taken for a ride. Who is telling the truth?
S01E08 Dreamland 15/02/2013 Rick gets a huge shock when he finds his dad, disguised as a boiler man, right inside the Dumping Ground. Gerry insists that he's above board now and promises Rick a happy family future, but it quickly becomes clear that Gerry still loves the buzz of a hustle, and Rick is distraught. Meanwhile, Tee takes a shine to Gina's mum, Hattie, and is furious to hear Mike suggest that Hattie should move into a care home for the elderly, However, all is not what it seems, as Tee soon finds out.
S01E09 A Day In The Past 22/02/2013 It's the Dumping Ground annual trip out and the Young People finds themselves living like Edwardians for the day in the country estate, to learn about history by experiencing it. Resentment and tensions build as they split off into servants and masters, and soon boundaries between real life and make-believe become very blurred. A class war begins between the slaves and the Earl, Johnny, who begins to take his power way too seriously. Meanwhile, Elektra knows a secret...
S01E10 Oh, Mo! 01/03/2013 Mo is the Dumping Ground’s new eccentric resident and everyone thinks he’s a bit strange, especially Tyler - who has to share a room with him. Tee takes pity on him and helps him with his arty creations, but poor Mo has never had a real friend before and it’s not long before Tee starts to feel suffocated. Mo can’t take a hint and pushes Tee right to her limit, with dangerous consequences.
S01E11 Seriously Funny 08/03/2013 A classic Tyler practical joke backfires, causing irreparable damage and Tyler is forced to re-evaluate himself; maybe it’s time he grew up. Without his comedy to fall back on, he finds himself in a dark and scary place. It’s up to his friends to try their best to convince him to be himself but will they succeed? Lily, Carmen and Tee fall out at an unsupervised sleepover at Lily’s flat. Have they all just grown apart?
S01E12 Esme 15/03/2013 A beautiful stranger named Esme visits Elm Tree House and soon Carmen's head is turned by tales of a glamorous live in Rio. However, the rest of The Dumping Ground is more divided, with many kids thinking she's a snob. However, Mike soon falls ill and now Carmen has a choice: stay at Elm Tree, or run away to Rio?
S01E13 Scary Beasts 15/03/2013 A face from the past comes back to haunt Faith, and brings danger right inside the Dumping Ground. Mo buys a magic egg which hatches… into a snake! Elektra thinks it’s cool and decides to keep it as a pet. Meanwhile Faith’s missing brother Razz turns up on the run and she hides him in the attic, but what will happen when his gang members come looking for him?
S02E01 Booting Up, Part 1: Kick Off 10/01/2014 When young Bailey Wharton is found living on his own, he is summarily placed in the Dumping Ground where his arrival has quite an impact on the rest of the residents.
S02E02 Booting Up, Part 2: Quitters 10/01/2014 Faith's homecoming doesn't quite go to plan, and when Bailey's father finally turns up, will there be a happy reunion?
S02E03 The Dumping Ground Experience 17/01/2014 A buzz is created when the Dumping Ground residents are asked to star in a film.
S02E04 The Barbecue 24/01/2014 Lily has some news that she must break to Carmen - but she knows it will test their friendship to the core.
S02E05 Finding Frank 31/01/2014 When Frank finds himself in need of help, will the Dumping Ground residents come to the rescue?
S02E06 Holding On 07/02/2014 Expectations are high when Tyler's mum comes for a visit.
S02E07 Endurance 14/02/2014 A very long night ensues when two opposing Dumping Ground teams take up a bizarre telly challenge.
S02E08 I Have a Dream 21/02/2014 Faith and Rick are at loggerheads, while Mo and Bailey become unlikely allies.
S02E09 Sticks and Stones 28/02/2014 Bailey's dreams are thrown into jeopardy when his football coach shows his true colours, whilst Floss' background is revealed when she steals Carmen's nail products.
S02E10 G.I. Johnny 07/03/2014 When Johnny tackles a mugger, he discovers hidden talents that point to a possible new future for him.
S02E11 Be My Girl 14/03/2014 Floss meets some prospective parents and Rick and Carmen's friendship might reach breaking point...
S02E12 Hope 21/03/2014 Johnny and Tee have very different reactions when their mum arrives at the Dumping Ground.
S02E13 Face the Music 28/03/2014 Frank's new job is jeopardised when he is reunited with an old friend.
S03E01 Party Games 16/01/2015
S03E02 Grand Theft DG 16/01/2015
S03E03 Stuck with You 23/01/2015
S03E04 Mischief 30/01/2015
S03E05 Now You See Me 06/02/2015
S03E06 It's Not about the Money 13/02/2015
S03E07 Fake it to Make It 20/02/2015
S03E08 Breaking In 27/02/2015
S03E09 Long Way Home 06/03/2015
S03E10 Dragon Slayer 13/03/2015
S03E11 Three Days 06/10/2015
S03E12 Free to Good Home 13/10/2015
S03E13 Better Than You 20/10/2015
S03E14 Who Are You? 27/10/2015
S03E15 Where is Love? 03/11/2015
S03E16 The Goodbye Girl 10/11/2015
S03E17 Something Borrowed 17/11/2015
S03E18 What Matters? 24/11/2015
S03E19 Coming Round 01/12/2015
S03E20 Refuge 08/12/2015
S04E01 Lost and Found 30/01/2016 Bailey's world is rocked when his mum turns up at Ashdene Ridge. Can he forgive her for abandoning her as a toddler?
S04E02 Bear-Faced Liar 06/02/2016 Bailey has to break some bad news to his mum - but what is she hiding from him? And what has it got to do with the play the young people are staging?
S04E03 Stepping Up 05/02/2016 Sparks fly when Tee recruits Jody to help her and Carmen win a street dance competition. But who's more out of their depth - Carmen, or Jody?
S04E04 They Walk Among Us 12/02/2016 Mo's convinced that there are aliens in the neighbourhood - and when he finds a prime suspect, he's determined to prove his sceptical friends wrong.
S04E05 Hold the Front Page 19/02/2016 There is a shock in store for Ryan when his sister Chloe comes to the Dumping Ground. They share a traumatic secret in their past.
S04E06 Growing Pains 26/02/2016 Tee gets a taste of what life outside care might be like when she goes for her first college interview, but her day does not go according to plan.
S04E07 Submarine 04/03/2016 Unsure of where she fits in, Sasha is glad when an old friend seems to show an interest in her. But does he really have her best interests at heart?
S04E08 First past the post 11/03/2016 Election fever strikes the Dumping Ground as Tyler and Floss battle it out over a place on a forum for children in care.
S04E09 Survivors 18/03/2016 Everyone's missing Mike, so Kazima suggests a trip out to raise the young people's spirits - but can she save the day when they get lost in the countryside?
S04E10 The End of it All 25/03/2016 With the clock ticking, Ryan pursues a high-risk strategy to get Mike reinstated at Ashdene Ridge. But can he pull off his master plan?
S04E11 Perfect Match 30/09/2016 Upset by a surprise her mum springs on her, Sasha asks to be put up for fostering - but she's shocked when she learns a couple want to adopt her. Are they the fit she's hoping for?
S04E12 Doris 07/10/2016 Series 4: 12. Doris When Carmen opens a makeshift salon in the Dumping Ground garage, she gets Doris, a sharp-tongued pensioner, as her first customer. Carmen warms to Doris as she learns more about her - but then she learns Doris needs her help in a way she hadn't expected.
S04E13 Risky Business 14/10/2016 Bailey's dreaming big with his pet care business, and when he joins forces with a friendly rival in a Young Entrepreneur competition, he thinks his chances of success will increase. But business and pleasure don't necessarily mix.
S04E14 Troll 21/10/2016 Fearing she is being overlooked, Floss comes up with an idea that will put her centre stage. But is she so desperate for the limelight that she will forget who her friends are?
S04E15 It Takes Two 28/10/2016 New boy Sammy starts to get on people's nerves, and Tyler steps in to defend him. Grateful Sammy is determined to impress his new friend.
S04E16 Getting To Know You 04/11/2016 Tyler is delighted at the prospect of a new future with his mum - but, after years apart, they soon find out they have a lot to learn about one another.
S04E17 Two Camps 11/11/2016 The DG residents are excited about the prospect of going camping, so why is Ryan so anxious to sabotage it? Chloe stands by her brother, but soon discovers that she and Ryan have quite different ideas about loyalty.
S04E18 How to be Perfect 18/11/2016 When Kazima starts behaving strangely, her friends don't understand what's got into her. Then the truth emerges, the Dumping Ground descends into chaos and Kazima's left with a tough decision to make.
S04E19 One for Sorrow 25/11/2016 Things start disappearing on Carmen and Tee's last day at the Dumping Ground. Some of the residents decide to track down the thief - but they're not the ones who catch them.
S04E20 Two for Joy 02/12/2016 Jody finds out that following your heart can lead to danger - will her friends be able to save her? Meanwhile, Ryan confesses his darkest secret.
S00E01 Jody in Wonderland 16/12/2013 Faced with a momentous dilemma, Jody retreats into the fictional Wonderland.
S00E02 Liam's Story, Part 1 17/01/2014
S00E03 Liam's Story, Part 2 24/01/2014
S00E04 Liam's Story, Part 3 31/01/2014
S00E05 Liam's Story, Part 4 07/02/2014
S00E06 Liam's Story, Part 5 14/02/2014
S00E07 Liam's Story, Part 6 21/02/2014
S00E08 Liam's Story, Part 7 28/02/2014
S00E09 Liam's Story, Part 8 07/03/2014
S00E10 Floss the Foundling 25/03/2016
S00E11 Dumping Ground Island 22/12/2017 Tyler caves under the pressure of dealing with everyone's problems, and escapes to his safe-space - a desert island. However, an island invasion means his peace is short-lived.