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From 1949 until its cancelation in 1971, the show ran on CBS every Sunday night from 8–9 p.m. E.T., and is one of the few entertainment shows to have run in the same weekly time slot on the same network for more than two decades. (During its first season, it ran from 9–10 p.m. E.T.) Virtually every type of entertainment appeared on the show; opera singers, popular artists, songwriters, comedians, ballet dancers, dramatic actors performing monologues from plays, and circus acts were regularly featured. The format was essentially the same as vaudeville, and although vaudeville had died a generation earlier, Sullivan presented many ex-vaudevillians on his show.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Ed Sullivan Show

S09E01 Robert Mitchum / Lillian Gish / Rocky Marciano 25/09/1955 Guests: --Robert Mitchum, Lillian Gish and Peter Graves perform a scene from their film ""Night of the Hunter."" (Shelley Winters was also scheduled to appear) --""Night of the Hunter"" director Charles Laughton and producer Paul Gregory were scheduled to appear. . --Red Skelton (comedian) --Pearl Bailey (singer) --Lily Pons (soprano) --Rocky Marciano (boxer) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Archie Moore (boxer) --The All-American Baseball Team --The Obernkirchen children's choir of Germany
S09E02 Nat King Cole / Fanny cast / Josh Logan 02/10/1955 Guests: --Nat King Cole - ""Forgive My Heart"" & ""Someone You Love"" --Opening number from ""Fanny"" performed by the Broadway cast (which should include Ezio Pinza, Florence Henderson and Walter Slezak.) --Sullivan interviews Josh Logan, who talks about his Broadway musical ""Fanny."" Followed by more scenes from ""Fanny."" --Dick Shawn (comedian, tells jokes about growing up in the south) Audience bows: Ronald Reagan, Walter Alston, Clem Labine, Johnny Padris, Billy Martin, Tommy Burns, Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball (Followed by clip from earlier show with Ed Sullivan visiting Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball at home). On film: Message from President Eisenhower talking on behalf on the United Way.
S09E03 Johnny Carson / June Valli / on film: Frank Sinatra; Marlon Brando 09/10/1955 On film: Ed visits the set of ""Guys and Dolls."" (1) Frank Sinatra sings ""Adelaide."" (2) Marlon Brando is shown beating drum + Ed interviews Brando. (3) Ed introduces some of the cast including Jean Simmons. (4) Romantic ""Guys and Dolls"" scene with Brando & Simmons. (5) Sullivan & Sam Goldwyn walk around the Samuel Goldwyn Studios. (6) The Goldwyn Girls are introduced. Other guests (live from New York): --Johnny Carson (stand-up comedy routine: impersonation of Steve Allen, circling football plays on chart, etc.) --June Valli - Can't Help Lovin' That Man"" --George Feyer (piano player) - ""Continental"" --Les Compagnons de la Chanson (French singers) - ""King Tagobert"" (in French) & ""The Three Bells"" Audience bows: Mrs. Crytser (""Bible Lady"" of ""The $64,000 Question""); Lloyd Nolan
S09E04 scheduled: Edward R. Murrow; Dave Brubeck; Ed Begley; Tony Randall 16/10/1955 Scheduled guests: --Edward R. Murrow --Dave Brubeck and his quartet (jazz musician) --Melvyn Douglas, Ed Begley and Tony Randall appear in scenes from their Broadway play ""Inherit the Wind"" --Rosemary Clooney --Liberace --Andre Kostelanetz (orchestra leader) --Robert Lamouret and his talking duck (novelty act)
S09E05 scheduled: Nat King Cole & wife Maria; Jack Palance; Rod Steiger 23/10/1955 Scheduled guests: --Nat King Cole and his wife Maria --Jack Palance, Rod Steiger, Wendell Corey and Everett Sloane perform a scene from their film ""The Big Knife"" --Arthur Worsley (ventriloquist) --the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company --The Charlivels (bicycle act)
S09E06 Andy Griffith / Jean Simmons / Orson Bean 30/10/1955 Guests: --Andy Griffith, Roddy McDowell and Robert Webber (actors, from the ""No Time for Sergeants"" Broadway cast) - perform a scene from the play. The scene runs approx. 10 minutes. --Senor Wences (Ventriloquist with hand puppet) --Orson Bean - Stand Up Re: Correspondece Courses --Marion Marlowe - ""Begin the Beguine"" --David Whitfield (British singer) - ""Never Stop Loving You"" --Marion Marlowe & David Whitfield - ""This Is My Beloved"" --Dick Shawn (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about schizophrenia) Audience bows: General Omar Bradley; Jean Simmons (followed by film clip of Ed interviewing her); Stubby Kaye; Corinne Griffith (cookbook author, early film actress); Gera Lynn Tyler (USC homecoming queen); Dr. Baxter (TV personality); Angel Valenzuela (jockey); and Fred Russell & E B Stone (journalists)
S09E07 scheduled: Phil Silvers; Liberace; Rise Stevens 06/11/1955 Scheduled guests: --Phil Silvers (comedian) --Liberace --Rise Stevens (operatic soprano) --David Whitfield (British singer) --Linon (Belgian circus clown).
S09E08 Edith Piaf / Shirley Booth / Al Hibbler / Arthur Worlsey 13/11/1955 Guests: --Edith Piaf (French chanteuse) - ""If You Love Me"" --Shirley Booth - does scene from ""The Desk Set"" (This scene might also include the other cast members Byron Sanders, Dorothy Blackburn, Clarice Blackburn and Anne-Marie Gayer). --Al Hibbler - ""Unchained Melody"" & ""He"" --Arthur Worlsey (ventriloquist, dummy does all the talking, says the alphabet) --Joyce Grenfell (English comedian) - introduces dancers Paddy Stone, Beryl Kaye, Irving Davis, then Joyce does comic routine as nursery school teacher. --Earl Sande & Eddie Arcaro (Jockeys Hall Of Fame Awards) --Christmas Doll Contest Winners: Alice Adams, Barbara Webb & Judy Poucher --Purdue University Glee Club - sing religious songs incl. ""Glory, Hallelujah"" Audience bows: Marie Sabret & Jaques Tosha (from Comedie Francois, on-stage bow); Governors Happy Chandler & Oval Freeman
S09E09 Bo Diddley / Laverne Baker / Five Keys / Rod Steiger & Jack Palance 20/11/1955 ""Dr. Jive's Rhythm and Blues"" sequence: --Bo Diddley - ""Bo Diddley"" --LaVern Baker - ""Tweedlee Dee"" --The Five Keys - ""Ling Ting Tong"" --Willis ""Gater Tail"" Jackson & his Band (instrumental song with saxophone solo) Note: The above acts were all part of a revue of rhythm & blues acts introduced by Tommy ""Dr. Jive"" Smalls, a New York disc jockey. (""Dr. Jive's Rhythm and Blues"" was a revue at New York's Apollo Theater.) Additional guests: --Film clip from ""Big Knife"" with Rod Steiger & Jack Palance --Ted Lewis (bandleader-singer) - ""How Long Is He Gonna Last?"" & ""Me And My Shadow"" --Suzanne Brooks & Ted Lewis - ""After You've Gone"" --Jack Carter (comedian, stand-up routine) --Caesari Siepe (of the Met opera) - ""Na Voce'na Chetarra"" (in Italian) and & ""Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"") --Wandy Tworek (Danish violinist, does a comic musical act) --Vicente Escudero (69 year old Spanish Flamenco dancer) Audience bows: Helen Hayes, Robert Dowling, Farley Granger
S09E10 scheduled: Pearl Bailey; Dick Shawn; Licia Albanese 27/11/1955 Scheduled guests: --Pearl Bailey --Dick Shawn (comedian) --The Goofers (comedy vocal-instrumental group) --opera star Licia Albanese & her three-year-old son do a scene from ""Madam Butterfly."" --The Princeton Triangle Club --Collier's All-American football team
S09E11 scheduled: Abbott & Costello; Lillian Roth / Burt Lancaster (on film) 04/12/1955 Scheduled guests: --Bud Abbott and Lou Costello --Lillian Roth --Kate Smith --The Three Houcs (comedy juggling team) --Andre Eglevsky and Diana Adams (ballet stars) On film: Ed visits with Burt Lancaster, Gina Lollobrigida and Tony Curtis while they were in Paris filming the movie ""Trapeze"" (10-minute film)
S09E12 Sugar Ray Robinson / Teresa Brewer / Joyce Grenfell 11/12/1955 Guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""There'll Be Some Changes"" & ""A Good Man Is Hard To Find"" --Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer) - Talks about his comeback & thanks Ed for his support. Robinson's manager Joe Glaser makes an appearance. --Ed presents Lambert Trophy to Coach Olson on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh. Also on stage: Sugar Bowl Queen Dawn Aber & the co-captains. --Judy Tyler & William Johnson - ""All At Once You Love Her"" (from play ""Pipe Dream"") --Joyce Grenfell (English comedian) - sings an old English folk song and does a stand-up comedy routine (with sympathetic mother talking to her teenage daughter). --The Grenfell Dance Team (Irving Davis, Patty Stone & Beryl Kaye) dance to ""Basquette"" --Wandy Tworek (comic concert violinist from Denmark) --Mimi Benzell (opera star) - ""Autumn Leaves"" (in French) --Oberkirchen Choir sing ""God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,"" a German carol & ""Deck the Halls"" --The Three Markays (comic acrobats, contortionists with parallel bar
S09E13 scheduled: Orson Welles; James Mason & daughter; Orson Bean 18/12/1955 Scheduled guests: --Orson Welles --James Mason and his daughter Portland --Orson Bean (comedian) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Marion Marlowe (vocalist) --Les Compagnons De La Chanson --Kirby's ""Flying Ballet"" aerial act
S09E14 scheduled: Gary Cooper & Rod Steiger; Jay Nemeth / Also: Ice Show remote 25/12/1955 Scheduled guests (from New York): --Gary Cooper and Rod Steiger re-enact scenes from ""The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell"" --Michigan State University Glee Club --Jay Nemeth (puppeteer) --Clauson Bears --The Three Merkeys (bar acrobats) --Pianists from the Sabback School of Music in Charleston, S.C. --A bell-ringing youngster from the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, Ga. Also: In a remote from New York's Roxy Theater: Scenes from the ice show ""Happy Holiday, Anywhere, U.S.A."" starring Sonya Kaye and Miroslava Nachodska (Czech skating champion)
S09E15 scheduled: Roger Williams; The Dreamweavers; Dick Duane 01/01/1956 New Year's Day show with scheduled guests (a ""Stardust Parade"" of young and up-and-coming talent): --Roger Williams (pianist) --The Dreamweavers --Dick Duane (singer) --Joan Maize and the Chordsmen (singing-instrumental group) --Amru Sani (singer from India) --Cook and Corey (comedy act) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --Barry Blake (impressionist) --the Pickerts (10 jitterbugs on stilts) --Kodell (magician)
S09E16 schedul: Pearl Bailey; Lily Pons; Lone Ranger & Silver 08/01/1956 Scheduled guests: --Pearl Bailey --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Lily Pons (opera soprano) --The Lone Ranger (Jay Silverheels?) and his horse Silver --Al Hibbler (singer) --Joyce Grenfell (British comedian)
S09E17 schedul: Jean Carroll; Billy Williams Quartet; The Matchmaker cast 15/01/1956 Scheduled guests: --The Broadway cast from ""The Matchmaker"" performs scenes from the play. --Jean Carroll (comedian) --The Billy Williams Quartet --Jose Greco (Spanish dancer) --Amru Sani (India's top vocalist) --Ricky Layne (ventriloquist)
S09E18 ASCAP salute: Cab Calloway; John Raitt; Helen Kane; Mitch Miller 22/01/1956 A salute to ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) with guests: --Cab Calloway (with daughter Layla) - ""Little Girl"" --Mitch Miller - ""Yellow Rose Of Texas"" --The Whiting Sisters (Richard Whiting's daughters Margaret and Barbara) - medley: ""Ain't We Got Fun,"" ""Sleepy Time Gal,"" ""Louise,"" ""He's Funny That Way"" & ""Too Marvelous"" --John Raitt & Claramae Turner - ""The Song Is You"" (from ""Music In The Air"") --Frank Silver - ""Yes We Have No Bananas"" --Jack Norworth (composer) - ""Shine On Harvest Moon"" & ""Take Me Out To The Ballgame"" --Ernie Burnett - ""Melancholy Baby"" --Jule Styne - medley of movie tunes: ""I Don't Want To Walk Without You,"" ""Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend,"" ""It's Been A Long, Long Time,"" ""It's Magic,"" ""I'll Walk Alone,"" ""Never Never Land"" & ""Three Coins In A Fountain"" --Billy Daniels - ""Easy To Love,"" ""My Blue Heaven"" & ""That Old Black Magic"" --Helen Kane - ""I Wanna Be Loved By You"" (The original Boop-Boop-A-Do girl)
S09E19 scheduled: Kim Novak & Susan Strasberg; Gracie Fields 29/01/1956 Scheduled guests: --Kim Novak and Susan Strasberg perform scenes from their movie ""Picnic"" --Gracie Fields (English singer-comedian, in a remote from Madison Square Garden) --Helen Traubel --The West Point Glee Club
S09E20 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz / Rodgers & Hammerstein / Orson Welles / Ames Brothers 05/02/1956 Segements with Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and the Four Ames Brothers: --Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz - with scene from their new movie ""Forever Darling"" --Ames Brothers join Desi Arnaz and Ed on stage, Lucy is disguised as 5th Ames brother. --Desi Arnaz & the Ames Brothers - ""Forever Darling"" --The Ames Brothers sing ""I'm Gonna Love You"" then do vocal impressions: ""Whole World Shines"" (Laine), ""Everything I Have Is Yours"" (Epstein), ""Too Young"" (Cole), ""Some Enchanted Evening"" & ""If I Didn't Care"" (Ink Spots) --Lucille Ball still dressed as the 5th Ames Brother comes out for a bow, she talks to Ed who presents her with a trophy. Rodgers and Hammerstein / ""Pipe Dream"" segment --Ed interviews composers Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. They talk about illustrations of character portrayal through the medium of music. As an example, they use songs from the Broadway musical ""Pipe Dream"": (1) Judy Tyler - ""Everybody's Got A Home But Me"" (2) William Johnson - ""The Man I U
S09E21 Shirley Jones / Pearl Bailey / Carl Sanberg / Hal Holbrook 12/02/1956 Guests: --Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra - ""Saturday Night"" --Pearl Bailey - ""Something's Got To Give"" & ""Ma He's Making Eyes At Me"" --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about Saturday Night, losing weight, kids, etc. --Carl Sandberg - reads ""A Lincoln Portrait"" as Andre Kostelanetz's orchestra plays. --On stage bow: Lt. Col. Frank Everest (scientist preparing for space flight) --Shirley Jones (singer-actress) - ""Many A New Day"" & ""If I Loved You"" --Corey, Herb & Mildred Cook - country hicks routine --Hal Holbrook (actor) - classic reading from Mark Twain --Audience bow: Marlon Brando --Clayton Moore (actor) - ""Lone Ranger"" actor in costume, twirls guns on stage --The Armandis (5 man acrobat team) - teeter board & tumbling act
S09E22 scheduled: Hermione Gingold; Billy DeWolfe; The Goofers; Jean Madeira 19/02/1956 Scheduled guests: --Hermione Gingold (British comedienne) --Billy DeWolfe (comedian) --The Peters Sisters (vocal group) --Jean Madeira (from the Metropolitan Opera Company) --Winifred Atwell (European concert pianist) --The Goofers (comedy instrumental group) --The Tucson Boys Choir --Opal (a performing elephant)
S09E23 scheduled: Fred Waring; Lilian Roth; Al Capp, Rube Goldberg 26/02/1956 Scheduled guests: --Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians --Lillian Roth (singer) --Carol Haney (dancer) --Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act) --Nick Noble (singer) --The Percellis (an aerial act) Also scheduled: cartoonists Al Capp (""Li'l Abner""); Milton Caniff (""Terry and the Pirates"" & ""Steve Canyon""); Rube Goldberg, Willard Mullin; Gurney Williams; Whitney Darrow, Jr.; Barney Tobey; and Virgil Partch.
S09E24 Edith Piaf / Walt Disney; James Cagney; Jack Lemmon; Susan Hayward 04/03/1956 Guests: --Edith Piaf - ""Merry Go Round"" & ""Padame"" --Senor Wences (ventriloquist with hand puppet & head in box) --Dick Shawn (comedian) - stand-up: tells jokes about childhood & sings ""16 Tons"" (with new lyrics) --Marion Marlowe (singer) - ""Mrs. Noah"" --Dieter Tasso (announced by Scampy) - high wire walker catches & balances cups & saucers --Marion Marlowe sings an Italian song (title unknown) Look Magazine Awards"" segments (some of the awards presented from Hollywood): --Film clip: Frederick March in scene from his 1941 film ""One Foot In Heaven"" --Frederick March presents Jimmy Cagney with Look Award for ""Love Me Or Leave Me"" --Edmond O'Brian presents Jack Lemmon with award for ""Mr. Roberts"" --Film clip from earlier Sullivan show: James Cagney & Jack Lemmon perform scene from ""Mr. Roberts"" (where they dance) --Ed presents Jo Van Fleet with award for ""I'll Cry Tomorrow"" --Gregory Peck presents Susan Hayward with award for ""I'll Cry Tomorrow"" --Film clip f
S09E25 scheduled: Roger Williams; Dick Duane; Jimmie Komack; Enzio Stuarti 11/03/1956 Scheduled guests: --Roger Williams (pianist) --Dick Duane (singer) --Jimmie Komack (comedian) --Amru Sani (singer from India) --Enzo Stuarti (singer) --Dorothy Hayden's champion Irish Steppers --Lynda-Lynch and her dance trio --Unus (balancer) --The Schaludis (bicycling acrobats) --the Marvellos (variety act) --Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act)
S09E26 sched: Marcel Marceau; Eli Wallach; Nat King Cole; Cesare Siepe 18/03/1956 Scheduled guests: --Marcel Marceau --Eli Wallach (actor, performs a scene from the Broadway play ""Teahouse of the August Moon"") --Nat King Cole --Joe E. Lewis (entertainer) --Roberta Peters and Cesare Siepe (from the Metropolitan Opera) --The Charlivels (a novelty act)
S09E27 scheduled: Nat King Cole; Jack Carter; Reese & Davis 25/03/1956 Scheduled guests: --Nat King Cole --Jack Carter (comedian) --Helen Traubel (opera star) --Ande Segovia (guitarist) --Reese and Davis (comedy team) --Montes de Oca (circus act) --The Jackson Zouaves American Legion drill team (of Jackson, Michigan)
S09E28 scheduled: Bob Crosby; Lili Palmer; Gloria & Carter DeHaven 01/04/1956 Scheduled: --Bob Crosby and his singing daughter Cathy --Lilli Palmer --Teresa Brewer --Gloria DeHaven and her father Carter DeHaven (song-and dance man) --Harry Secombe (British singer) --Mata and Hari (dance team) --The Georgetown University Glee Club --Alberto Zoppe's midget act
S09E29 scheduled: Noel Coward; Mitzi Gaynor; Andre Kostelanetz 08/04/1956 Scheduled guests: --Noel Coward --Mitzi Gaynor --Andre Kostelanetz and his orchestra --General Carlos Romulo (of the Philippines) --Erlinda Cortes (actress) --Richard Hearne (English comedian) --Yana (English actress-singer) --Roger Quaino (balancer) --Evy and Everetto (unicyclists)
S09E30 scheduled: Helen Traubel; Ed Gardner / On film: Grace Kelly & Ralph Meeker 15/04/1956 Scheduled: --On film: Grace Kelly and Ralph Meeker do a song-and-dance number (possibly a clip from the October 18, 1953 ""Toast of the Town"" show). --Helen Traubel (opera star) --The U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club --Ed Gardner (comedian, ""Archie"" from ""Duffy's Tavern"") does a baseball comedy sketch --Former stars of the Philadelphia Athletics appear on the program in honor of the late Connie Mack --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy ""Oiving"")
S09E31 schedul: Ames Brothers; Senor Wences; Marion Marlowe; Sam Levenson 22/04/1956 Scheduled guests: --The Ames Brothers (singing quartet) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Marion Marlowe (singer) --Sam Levinson (comedian) --Enzo Stuarti (singer) --The Three Goetschis (unicyclists) --Alcetty (a European balancing act)
S09E32 scheduled: Kate Smith; Eve Arden; Peters Sisters; Jean Carroll 29/04/1956 Scheduled guests: --Eve Arden (guest hosting, while Ed Sullivan is in Japan) --Kate Smith (singer, celebrating her 25th anniversary in show business) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --The Peters Sisters - ""Merci Beaucoup"" & ""Old Man River"" --Richard Hearne (British comedian known as ""Mr. Pastry"") --The Goofers (an instrumental-comedy group) --The Luvas
S09E33 scheduled: Tony Martin; Nat King Cole; Edie Adams; the Lovers; Will Jordan 06/05/1956 Scheduled guests: --Tony Martin (singer) --Nat King Cole --Edie Adams (singer) --The Lovers (singing group) --Will Jordan (comedian) --Ricky Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --The Linda Lynch Trio (dancers) --The Rich Township Choir (top high school singing group from Chicago) --Nino Nanni (listed as a ""keyboard jester"")
S09E34 Robert Young with the Mother of the Year Awards / Carlos Ramirez 13/05/1956 Mother of the Year Awards (the City of Hope Hospital awards to the outstanding Hollywood mothers of the year): --Robert Young presents Mother Of The Year Awards to June Allyson, Ann Blyth, Betty Grable, Deborah Kerr, Betty Hutton, Rosemary Clooney. Other guests: --The Barry Sisters (singing duo) - ""It's All Right With Me"" & ""Yiddish Mama"" --On film: Louis Calhoun is interviewed on the set of ""Tea House Of The August Moon"" --Carlos Ramirez (singer) - ""Granada"" --The Three Markeys (acrobats on parallel bars) --Ed talks with Don Farresse (of the Baltimore Orioles) --Gene Wesson & Gordon Polk (comic duo, sing ""You Gotta Have It"" & ""Sunny Side Of The Street"") --Ving Merlin & his Blonde Violins (girl violinists) - ""12th Street Rag"" --Jay Marshall (stand-up comedy routine: jokes with rabbit hand puppet. The puppet sings ""If I Had My Way"" & ""Just One Of Those Things"") --Jose Greco (Spanish dancer, with 3 other male dancers) --The Fredonia Family (acrobats, might be Th
S09E35 Marcel Marceau / Jack Paar / Teresa Brewer / David Whitfield 20/05/1956 Guests: --Marcel Marceau (mime) - does ""Butterfly"" & ""David and Goliath"" routines. --Teresa Brewer - ""Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl"" & ""Take Me Away on a Phaeton"" --Jack Paar - stand-up comedy routine about live television bloopers. --David Whitfield (tenor) - sings ""The Rudder and the Rock"" --Maria Tallchief and Nicholas Magallanes (ballet dancers doing a pas de deux) --Smith and Dale (comedy team) - perform a comedy routine about tax collector. --Les Petits Chanteurs de Granby / Little Singers of Granby (32 member boys' choir from Canada) - ""Sur Le Pont D-Avignon"" & ""O Canada"" --The Alcettys (German acrobats) --John Landy (athlete) - film clip shown of race where Landy helps out another runner and still wins. --Rheingold Girls (includes Dianne Baker, Marie McNalley, Tammy Connor, Beverly Christianson, Susie Ruehl, Kathleen Wallace). --Audience bows: Gracie Fields; Melody Sacco (spelling bee winner)
S09E36 scheduled: Kate Smith; Senor Wences; David Whitfield; Marion Marlowe 27/05/1956 Scheduled guests: --Kate Smith --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --David Whitfield (tenor) --Marion Marlowe --Dick Shawn --The winners of the Harvest Moon Dance contest --The Haslevs (acrobats)
S09E37 scheduled: Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis; Helen Wood; Lily Ponds 03/06/1956 Scheduled guests: --Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis re-enact scenes from their movie ""Trapeze"" --Lily Pons (Metropolitan opera star) --Helen Wood (dancer) --Joey Clay (singer) - ""Only You"" --The Lovers (singing group) --Benny Fields (veteran ""minstrel man"" making his first Sullivan appearance) --Larry Griswold
S09E38 scheduled: Nat King Cole; Bob Hope (on film); Jack Carter / film: A Short Vision 10/06/1956 Scheduled guests: --Nat King Cole --A filmed segment with Bob Hope --Edie Adams (singer) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Carol Haney (dancer) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --Joey Clay (rock ‘n' roll singer) --The Half Brothers (jugglers) --On film: ""A Short Vision"" - described as ""an animated fantasy which depicts abstractly the effects of the H-bomb.""
S09E39 All-Army Talent Show with Gary Crosby, Charlie Applewhite & Richard Hayes 17/06/1956 The Annual All-Army Talent Show Guests: --Charlie Applewhite, Richard Hayes and Gary Crosby - ""This Is The Army"" (All three singers were Army privates at the time). -- Ertel & Scott (piano duet) - ""The Man I Love"" --Field Artillery Gospel Singers - ""You Better Run"" --The Polka Dots (clarinet polka) - ""Chicken Polka"" --Pete Palmer - ""Granada"" --The Four Gleemen (vocal quartet) - ""Down On 33rd & 3rd"" --Trampoline Act (2 people leap through flaming hoops) --Roger Lehman (tap dancer) - ""I've Got Rhythm"" --Les Garcons De Paris - sing ""C'est Si Bon"" --Hip Cat Hillbillies - sing ""We're Getting Out"" --Tamtettes (5 man jazz combo, wearing shades & berets) - unknown song --Gen. John A. Klein introduces Secretary of the Army Brucker --William Brucker presents Army plaque to Ed. New army flag unveiled. Finale: Army Drill Team (at attention) - ""The Army Goes Rolling Along"" Audience bows (all news correspondents): Joe Wilkes; Hal Boyle; Larry Laseur; Walter
S09E40 8th Anniversary: Harry Belafonte; Shelley Winters; Gregory Peck; Phil Silvers 24/06/1956 Guests (8th Anniversary show): --Ethel Merman, Shelley Winters, Ruth Gordon, Sam Levy - sing ""Sullivan for Me"" --Teresa Brewer (singer) - medley including ""Put Another Nickel in In the Nickelodeon,"" ""My Guiding Light,"" ""Richochet Romance"" & ""Sweet Old Fashioned Girl"" --Ronald Reagan, Natalie Wood, Robert Walker, Walt Disney, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - sing ""Happy Anniversary"" in a tribute to Sullivan. --Kate Smith - medley: ""Live til I Die,"" ""I Hear a Rapsody"" and ""World on a String."" --Jack Paar (stand-up comedy routine) - mail order skit --Phil Silvers with Sgt. Bilko cast - sings a tribute to Ed. --Harry Belafonte - ""Jamaica Farewell,"" ""Hold ‘Em Joe"" & ""Lemme Go, Melda Marcy"" (Note: another source listed the songs as ""Take My Mother Home"" and ""Jamaica Farewell"") --Gregory Peck - previews next week's show --Louis Armstrong - surprises Ed and sings ""Happy Birthday"" --UCLA sports all-stars --The Klausen Bears (Klauson's Bears) - animal act, bear rides b
S09E41 John Huston salute: Gregory Peck; Orson Welles; Lauren Bacall; Edward G. Robinson 01/07/1956 A Salute to John Huston --On film: Ed interviews John Huston & Gregory Peck on the set of ""Moby Dick"" --Gregory Peck (live on stge) appears with Ed & introduces a scene from ""Moby Dick"" (with Orson Welles) --On film: clip from ""Moulon Rouge"" --Split screen: Ed interviews Jose Ferrer --Jose Ferrer (on film?) - applies make up & transforms himself into Toulouse Letrec --Mary Astor & Peter Lorre - talk about John Huston --On film: clip from ""The Maltese Falcon"" --On film: clip of John Huston & Walter Huston receiving Academy Awards. --On film: clip from ""Treasure of Sierra Madre"" --John Huston walks on stage and introduces a film clip from ""Battle of San Pietro"" --Sketch: Edward G. Robinson and Ed Sullivan do a gangster-style dialogue --On film: clip from ""Key Largo"" where Edward G. Robinson is cruel to a drunk woman. --Edward G. Robinson, John Huston, and Ed (on stage) introduce Lauren Bacall --Lauren Bacall talks about how Humphrey Bogart & John Hust
S09E42 scheduled: Constance Bennett; Senor Wences; Cell Block 7; Patachou 08/07/1956 Scheduled guests: --Constance Bennett --Senor Wences --Cell Block Seven (instrumental group) --Patachou (French chanteuse) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Reese and Davis (comedy team) --Scipini's chimps (animal act) --Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants
S09E43 Julie Andrews / Louis Armstrong / Bing Crosby (on film) 15/07/1956 Guests: --Bing Crosby - filmed interview with Ed + clip from ""High Society."" --Julie Andrews - ""I Could Have Danced All Night"" & ""Show Me"" (both songs from ""My Fair Lady"") --Louis Armstrong - ""Muskrat Ramble,"" Faithful Hussar,"" ""Stompin' at the Savoy"" and ""Basin Street Blues"" --Harold Long and Joan Holloway (dancers) - ""Talking with Feet"" (with the Toastettes) --Shirley Yamaguchi (Japanese singer wearing kimono) - ""Cha Cha, Cio Cio San"" & ""We Kiss in Shadow"" --Wesson and Polk (comedy team) - collegiate humor --The Iowa Highlanders (Scottish Highlanders with bagpipes, from Iowa State University)
S09E44 Jack Paar (guest host) / Ames Brothers / Ted Lewis / Prof. Backwards 22/07/1956 Guests: --Jack Paar (guest host) - At end of show, does a routine about phobias. --Ames Brothers - ""Autumn Leaves,"" ""Dry Bones"" and ""It Only Hurts For A Little While"" --Ted Lewis and chorus - Chorus sings ""Me & My Shadow"" (as Lewis and his ""shadow"" dance) --Ted Lewis - ""Memories"" --Professor Backwards (comedian) - Southern storyteller wearing graduation cap & gown, tells jokes, plays with words by writing letters on classroom chalkboard. --Larry Daniels (stand-up comedian, does an Edward Morrow imitation & routine about airplane travel) --Elaine Malbin (operatic soprano) - ""This Is My Beloved"" --T. C. Jones (female impersonator) - does singing impressions of an American singer in Paris: ""Two Loves Have I"" (in French & English). At end of routine, reveals himself as a man in drag. --The Moscow Bears - starts with film clip of a performance in Russia. Bears ride a merry-go-round, bikes. --The Fredonias (acrobatic team) --Audience bows: a group of circus performe
S09E45 sched: Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus' Top Acts (incl. Emmett Kelly) 29/07/1956 Top acts of the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Scheduled circus performers: --Emmett Kelly (clown) Also: Tito (acrobat); Cordons (whip act); Reberte Trio (knockabouts); Miss Mara (trapeze act); Two Marilex (plate spinners); Pinito de Oro (aerialists); Burtons (hand-balancing act); Al De Gong (chimpanzees); Dschapur and Rutha (jump act); Tonito (wire artist); Adnos (jugglers)
S09E46 scheduled: U.S. Air Force talent show 05/08/1956 U.S. Air Force talent show (broadcast from McGuire Air Force Base at Wrightstown, N.J.). Scheduled to appear: --The Air Force fencing team --The Air Force judo team. Also: the Strolling Strings, Singing Sergeants, Keesler Chorus, the Westerners and airmen Dick Miller, Alfred King, Sherry Simms, Donald G. Baduria, Donna Byers, Ronnie Evans, Donald Pyburn, and William Dupree.
S09E47 A Tribute to the Yankees / Phil Silvers / Teresa Brewer 12/08/1956 Much of this show is a tribute to The Yankees (baseball team) and their wives. Guests: --Phil Silvers (guest host, filling in for Ed who had just had his auto accident) --Phil updates the viewers on Ed Sullivan's condition --Phil introduces no one from the audience, then introduces Maurice Gosfield who plays Private Doberman on Phil's show --Phil introduces the wives of the New York Yankees baseball team --Teresa Brewer, Dick Shawn, Charlotte Rae - ""You Gotta Have Heart"" (with unknown male lead singer) --Charlotte Rae - comedy monologe - dieting --Julia Meade reads a letter from Ed Sullivan then shows video of Ed's trip to Paris which is also a Lincoln commercial. --Teresa Brewer - ""When I Leave The World Behind"" & ""I Love Mickey"" which she says she is going to record ""tommorrow!"" The voice of Mickey is coming from off stage and we're not sure if it's Mickey or not. Following this Mickey Mantle comes out and talkes to Phil. --Phil Silvers speaks to Mickey Mantle
S09E48 scheduled: Frank Sinatra; Jeannie Carson; Don Cornell 19/08/1956 Scheduled guests: --Frank Sinatra (guest host) --Jeannie Carson (singer-comedian) --Don Cornell (singer) --Kovac and Rabovsky (dance team) --Pinto Del Oro (aerialist) --""Little Mo"" (performing elephant) --On film: several Japanese acts that Sullivan filmed during his recent trip to Asia.
S09E49 scheduled: U.S. Navy talent show - with guest host Kirk Douglas 26/08/1956 U.S. Navy talent show with scheduled guests: --Kirk Douglas (actor, appearing as guest host) --The Continentals (novelty instrumental) --The Jumpin' Jacks (vocal combo) --The Four Bits (vocal quartet) --Individual performers: John Amoni, James Bowers, Herman Dean, James Dillworth, Ted Forte, William Hrynkiw, Jac Imel, Leslei McCann, Dick McMeekin, Elmer North, Robert Rodifer, Patricia Ryall, Randy Sparks, Alan Wagner and Danny White.
S09E50 Patti Page (guest host) / Kay Ballard / Maria Neglia 02/09/1956 Guests: --Patti Page (guest host) sings ""Deed I Do"" & ""Allegheny Moon."" And, at end of show, sings ""Father, Father, Father"" --Kay Armen (vocalist) - ""I Could Have Danced All Night"" & ""St. Louis Blues"" --The Jones Boys (vocal group) - ""Marry A Rich Woman"" & ""The Jones Boy"" --Maria Neglia (violinist) - ""Rumanian Rhapsody"" --Kay Ballard (comedian doing a routine about singer w/hiccups & jokes about boyfriend Albert) --Al Bernie (comedian, pokes fun at game shows, the United Nations, Russians, the Chinese, and Elvis) --Bob & Betty Hightower (dancers, doing circus style acrobatics - lots of lifting. Woman bends over backwards while on thin bar- Dancers Circus Style, Lots Of Lifting. Woman, on thin bar, bends over backwards and picks up napkin with teeth). --Al Sturm (novelty act, does tricks with torn newspaper) --Mr. Ballantine (magic and comedy act) --Miss Mara (Circus trapeze artist) --Carolyn Willis (National champion baton twirler) Preview of Neiman Marc
S09E51 Elvis Presley (1st appearance) / Charles Laughton / Dorothy Sarnoff 09/09/1956 Elvis Presley (1st appearance) - ""Don't be Cruel"" (with the Jordanaires), ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Ready Teddy"" and ""Hound Dog."" --Charles Laughton (guest host) - reads limericks, poems & does stand-up comedy routine titled ""Little Girl And Wolf"" (about the sadistic side of Little Red Riding Hood). --Dorothy Sarnoff - sings ""Something Wonderful"" (in a scene from the ""King And I"") --Amru Sani (female singer from India wearing traditional Indian clothes) - ""I'm In The Mood For Love"" and ""My Bolero"" --The Vagabonds (novelty quartet) - ""The Queens Ruler,"" ""I Wonder"" & ""How You Gonna Keep Em' Down on the Farm,"" followed by comedy routine. --Conn And Mann (duo tap dances to ""Tea For Two"") --Amin Brothers (acrobats)
S09E52 The Four Aces / Marion Marlowe / Brooklyn Dodgers, Milwaukee Braves 16/09/1956 --The Fujiwara Opera (Japanese opera group) - perform ""Three Little Maids"" (from ""Madame Butterfly"") --Ed introdues individual members of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Milwaukee Braves and the Cincinatti Reds --Sports announcers Vin Scully; Earl Gillespie; Blaine Walsh; George Bison and Mark Scott --The Milwaukee Braves appear with manager Fred Haney --The Four Aces - ""Love Is a Many Splendored Thing"" & ""Thee I Love"" --Richard Hearn (""Mr. Pastry"") - skit set in a drapery shop. --Marion Marlowe - sings medley of songs from ""The King & I"" (""Hello, Young Lovers,"" ""Getting to Know You"" and ""I Have Dreamed"") --Harvest Moon Ball dancers - various catagories --On film: clip from ""The Best Things in Life Are Free"" starring Ernest Borgnine, Gordon MacRae, Dan Dailey, Sheree North and Ed Sullivan (as himself). --Ed introduces Carmen Basilio (Welterweight Boxer) --The Goofers - ""Pogo Stick""
S10E01 scheduled: Edward G. Robinson; Edith Piaf; Helen Traubel; Jean Carroll 23/09/1956 Scheduled guests: --Edward G. Robinson (actor, in scenes from Paddy Chayefsky's Broadway show ""Middle of the Night"") --Edith Piaf (French singer) - ""Poor People Of Paris"" and ""Black Denim Trousers"" --Helen Traubel --Jean Carroll
S10E02 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz / Yogi Berra / Gisele MacKenzie / Joyce Grenfell 30/09/1956 Lucy & Desi sketch: Ed Sullivan calls Desi at home to arrange interview, but Lucy thinks Edward Morrow is coming. (Sketch runs approx. 12 minutes) Other guests: --Yogi Berra (Ed interviews baseball player Berra) --Gisele MacKenzie - sings ""Delightful To Be Married"" & ""Canadian Sunset"" --Sal Maglie (Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher talks about baseball) --Joyce Grenfell (stand-up comedian: nursery school routine & tells jokes about cocktail parties) --Stockholm Gosskor - ""Goethewaltz"" & ""Swedish Marching Song"" (boys choir from Sweden) --Lilly Yokoi (Bicycle Acrobatics) Cameos: Baseball Managers & Players: Hank Aaron, Frank Torre --Benson Ford (Ford family member promoting United Charity Work) --President Dwight D. Eisenhower (on film, promoting charity work) Audience bow: Dr. Albert Jorgensen
S10E03 scheduled: Eartha Kitt; Kate Smith; Joe E. Lewis; Ricky Layne;Richardi 07/10/1956 Scheduled guests: --Eartha Kitt --Kate Smith --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) --Richardi (illusionist) --Royal Danish Ballet
S10E04 Dedication of the Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium / Johnny Carson 14/10/1956 Dedication of The Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium Show (broadcast from the Edsel Ford Memorial Auditorium in Detroit). Guests (on last 20 minutes of show): --Johnny Carson - impersonates Ed Sullivan and Edward R. Murrow. --Richiardi (illusionist) - Richiardi levitates a woman --On film: The New York premiere of the movie ""Giant"" with Jack Warner, George Stevens, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson. Includes scene from ""Giant."" --Audience bows: Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Winslow (James Dean's Aunt and Uncle, who raised the late actor); Mayor of Detroit, Albert E Cobo (spelling?); Members of the Detroit Memorial Hall commission; Ford family memebers; Ford Dealer representatives (on-stage bows); --William Clay Ford (Ford rep) & dealer reps deliver keys to new theater. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Vivian Blaine --Nanci Crompton (ballerina) --Takeo Usui (Japanese aerialist) --Jinx (performing monkey)
S10E05 scheduled: Jack Paar / On film: Robert Mitchum; Rita Hayworth; Jack Lemmon 21/10/1956 Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Marion Marlowe --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Salvador (French comedian) --The Bokaras (acrobats on teeterboard) --The Sciplini chimps (boxing chimps) --On film: interviews with Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemmon and Robert Mitchum.
S10E06 Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) / Senior Wences / Joyce Grenfell 28/10/1956 --Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) - ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Love Me"" (with the Jordanaires) and ""Hound Dog"" (with the Jordanaires). Other guests: --Senor Wences - ventriloquist with Pedro (head in box) and Johnny (hand puppet) --Joyce Grenfell (comedian) - sings ""Countess of Cotlet"" --Scene from Broadway show ""The Most Happy Fella"" (including songs ""Happy to Make Your Acquaintence"" and ""Big D"") --Little Gaelic Singers (children's chorus from Ireland) - ""Dancin' Song,"" ""Dandlin Song"" and ""Believe Me"" --Unus - Circus act in top hat & cape (introduced by Scampi - little boy in top hat) Audience bows: Robert Webb; Earl Wilson; DJs from Ottawa
S10E07 scheduled: Maurice Evans; Nelson Eddy; Patti Page; Henri Salvador; Elliot Reed 04/11/1956 Scheduled guests: --Nelson Eddy --Maurice Evans (Broadway star) --Patti Page (singer) --Elliot Reed (comedian) --Richiardi (illusionist) --Henri Salvador (French singer-comedian) --Toriani (juggling act)
S10E08 Life Magazine Tribute with Julie Andrews; Bing Crosby; Phil Silvers 11/11/1956 Tribute to Life Magazine --Bing Crosby - sings ""True Love"" --Julie Andrews - sings a medley of ""Wouldn't It be Lovely,"" ""I'll Follow My Secret Heart"" and ""Someone to Watch over Me"" --Kate Smith - sings ""God Bless America"" --Phil Silvers Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Louis Armstrong --Marcel Marceau --Michael Redgrave and Barbara Bel Geddes appear in a scene from their Broadway play ""The Sleeping Prince.""
S10E09 Fats Domino / Guy Mitchell / Elvis Presley (film clip) 18/11/1956 Guests: --Fats Domino - ""Blueberry Hill"" --Guy Mitchell - ""Singing the Blues"" --Don Rondo (singer) - ""Two Different Worlds"" --Mitzi Green - talks about the Palace Theater, sings ""Two A Day,"" then imitates Joe E. Lewis --Lou Nelson (stand-up comedian & song and dance man) - tells jokes about smiling, laughter, traffic regulations. --Sid Fields (comedian) - appears with Ben Blue as ""Shando,"" the mind reader --Ben Blue (comedian doing a pantomime sketch, Charlie Chaplin-type character) --Elsa And Waldo (woman in tutu pulls strings of a puppet) --Conn and Mann (tap dancing duo from the Copacabana) --On film: clip from the Elvis Presley's film ""Love Me Tender"" (Elvis' debut as a movie star). --Also: Ed introduces newest Air Academy military uniforms designed by Cecil B. De Mille & Henry Wilcoxon.
S10E10 Maria Callas & Rudolf Bing / Clark Gable (filmed interview) 25/11/1956 Guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""Mutual Admiration Society"" & ""Gonna Get Along Without You Now"" (clip with polo player, sword fighters, and dancer superimposed at bottom of screen). --Rudolf Bing (Patron of the Arts from the Metropolitan) - explains ""Tosca"" --Maria Callas & Rudolf Bing - ""Tosca"" (huge operatic production number, Maria's television debut) --Dick Shawn (comedian, Civil War routine & song about the war) --1956 Colliers All American Football Team (film footage of football games. Footage of Governor Gary of Oklahoma introducing two players on Colliers list from Oklahoma). Ed Interviews Players --The Barbour Brothers & Jean (two men & a woman do dance routine on stilts) On film: Clark Gable - Ed Goes to New Mexico to meet Clark Gable in a ghost town, the set of ""The King and Four Queens."" Raoul Walsh, the director, is also shown on the set. Mom McDade aims gun at Clark & shoots Ed. Audience bow: Arnold Tucker (quarterback on Army team, bomber pilot in Korea)
S10E11 Rosemary Clooney / Sophie Tucker / Anthony Newley / Modern Screen Awards 02/12/1956 Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""April In Paris"" --Cranks (British comedy review) - (1) Anthony Newley sings ""I'm The Boy You Should Say Yes To"" & ""I'm In Love"" (2) Anthony Newley, Annie Ross & Gilbert Vernon perform a magic gloves sketch --Princeton Triangle Club (men in drag, in tutus) - Twelve players do comic ballet titled ""Goose Lagoon,"" then present Ed with an award. --Sophie Tucker (with Ted Shapiro?) - medley: ""I Always Have A Special Song,"" ""You Made Me Love You,"" """"Mama Goes Where Papa Goes,"" ""Put You're Arms Around Me Honey,"" ""You Made Me Love You,"" ""Mama Goes Where Papa Goes (Holding A Gun),"" ""La Vie En Rose,"" ""Rock Around The Clock"" and ""Some Of These Days"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --On film: clip from ""The Teahouse Of The August Moon."" Followed by footage of Ed Sullivan visiting Marlon Brando, Michiko Kyo and Glen Ford on the movie set. --Liselote Kuester & Jockel Stahl (dance team) - couple dressed in matching suits do a dance routine. --Audience b
S10E12 sched: Kate Smith; Sam Levenson; Joyce Grenfell; Gaelic Singers 09/12/1956 Scheduled guests: --Kate Smith --Sam Levenson --Joyce Grenfell --The little Gaelic Singers of Ireland --Dario Cassini (singer) --Klauson's Bears --A group of women gymnasts from Finland --The United Press awards for the ""Football Team of the Year"" --On film: Ed visits the Israeli Theatre in Paris.
S10E13 scheduled: Rise Stevens; Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy; Jack Paar; Jo Sullivan 16/12/1956 Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Rise Stevens --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy --Art Lund, Jo Sullivan and the three Abbondanza boys performing scenes from their Broadway play ""The Most Happy Fella."" --Baby Opal (performing elephant)
S10E14 scheduled: Gracie Fields; Kaye Ballard; Dolores Wilson; Annie Cordy 23/12/1956 Scheduled guests: --Gracie Fields (actress) --Kaye Ballard (comedian) --Dolores Wilson (opera singer) --Annie Cordy (chanteuse) --Varvel and Bailey & Les Chanteurs de Paris (French singers) --The Half Brothers (juggling unicyclists) --Victor Julian and his performing dogs
S10E15 scheduled: Look Award winners: Sid Caesar; Edward R. Murrow; Walt Disney 30/12/1956 Scheduled: --The Annual Look magazine TV awards including winners Sid Caesar, Perry Como, Walt Disney, Red Grange, Garry Moore, Edward R. Murrow, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and Phil Silvers. Other scheduled guests: --The Vagabonds (comedy singing group) --LuAnn Simms (singer) --Ernesto Lecuona (Cuban songwriter) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist, with his dummy Velvel) --Piet Van Brecht (European comedy act) --The Alcettys (novelty act) --The Mills chimpanzees
S10E16 Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) / Carol Burnett / Sugar Ray Robinson 06/01/1957 --Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) - ""Hound Dog,"" ""Heartbreak Hotel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Too Much,"" ""When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again"" and ""Peace in the Valley."" Other guests: --Carol Burnett (stand-up comedy) - re: different types of singers at auditions: a nervous girl singing ""Paper Moon"" & an overly confident woman singing ""I Feel A Song Coming On."" --Sugar Ray Robinson (interviewed by Sullivan after losing title fight, in jest Ed shows him how to box) --Arthur Worlsey (British ventriloquist) - dummy recites the alphabet --Lonnie Satin - ""I Believe"" (from ""Cotton Club"") --Leny Eversong (singer, from Brazil) - ""El Cumbanchero"" and ""Cante Afre Cubano"" (powerful gutsy singer) --Nancy Crompton (dancer, does hyper ballet) --The Six Gutis (Clowns & Men In Gorillas Suits) --Bory & Bor (sight gag - a man is wearing a costume which makes him looks like 2 people dancing) Audience bows: Don Budge; Jackie Robinson (newly retired); Gene Ward; Jimmy Lanno
S10E17 scheduled: Imogene Coca; Kate Smith; Professor Backwards 13/01/1957 Scheduled guests: --Imogene Coca (comedian) --Kate Smith (singer) --Jim Edmondson (comedian known as ""Professor Backwards"") --Fernanda Montel (South American singer) --The Dam Brothers (Danish comedy performers) --The Ballet Basque (a company of singers, dancers and musicians from France)
S10E18 Sonny James / Fess Parker / Ivory Joe Hunter 20/01/1957 Singers / musicians: --Sonny James - ""Young Love"" --Ivory Joe Hunter (at piano) - ""Since I Met You"" --Betty Johnson - ""I Dreamed"" (or ""I Dream) --Fess Parker (with guitar) - ""Wringle Wrangle"" --The Tarriers - ""The Banana Boat Song"" --Russell Arms - ""Cinco Robles"" --Jill Corey - ""I Love My Baby"" --Marion Marlowe - ""True Love"" --Mattiwilda Dobbs (Metropolitan Opera star) - ""Summertime"" Other guests: --Ben Blue (pantomime act) - (1) Cafe sketch with ""live"" lobsters (2) quick change sketch portrait comes to life --Three Markays (3-man acrobatic team, contortionists do routine on parallel bars) --On film: Ed at annual banquet for the Indianapolis 500 auto race. --Women modeling gowns from past inaugurations. Models: Jo Sullivan, Marion Marlowe, Gena Rowlands, Gretchen Wildler, Julia Mead, Edith Adams, Jill Corey. --Audience bows: Edward Mulhare (actor); John Cassevetes
S10E19 scheduled: Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald; Dorothy Kirsten; Mario del Monaco 27/01/1957 Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong --Ella Fitzgerald --The West point Glee Club --Dorothy Kirsten and Mario del Monaco (Metropolitan opera stars performing scenes from the opera ""Madam Butterfly."") --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --The Szonys (dancers)
S10E20 scheduled: Vic Damone; Jose Greco; Al Hibbler 03/02/1957 Scheduled guests: --Vic Damone (singer) --Al Hibbler (singer) --Jose Greco - singer, with his troupe of Flamenco dancers --Willie, West and McGinty (comedy trio) --Bas Sheva (Israeli singer) - ""Sheibone Beis Hamikdesh"" (possible song) --Estelita (Cuban singer) --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Ruwe and Louie (ventriloquist act)
S10E21 scheduled: Benny Goodman; Victor Borge; Charlotte Rae 10/02/1957 --Benny Goodman (with his big band and trio) - ""Let's Dance,"" ""Memories of You"" and ""Just One of Those Things"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Johnny Carson --Charlotte Rae (comedian, then appearing in the Broadway musical ""Li'l Abner"") --Victor Borge (comedian) --Benny Fields (vaudevillian) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) --Rene's Puppets --Tonito (high wire performers) On film: The screen tests of two of four actresses trying out for the lead in the movie ""Marjorie Morningstar.""
S10E22 scheduled: Hugh O'Brian; Robert Wagner; Jeannie Carson 17/02/1957 Scheduled guests: --Cecil B. DeMille (producer of the film ""The Ten Commandments"") --Robert Wagner --Hugh O'Brian --Jeannie Carson --Peter Gennaro and Ellen Ray (dancing duo from the Broadway production of ""The Bells Are Ringing."") --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --The Harlem Magicians (comedic basketball team which includes Goose Tatum and Marques Haynes) --Hilde Gueden and Jussi Bjoerling (opera singers)
S10E23 Lena Horne; Xavier Cugat; Abbe Lane; Doretta Morrow 24/02/1957 Scheduled guests: --Lena Horne --Abbe Lane (singer) --Xavier Cugat --Doretta Morrow (from the Broadway show ""Kismet"") --Eddie Mayehoff
S10E24 Lerner & Loewe Tribute: Gene Kelly; Leslie Caron; Fred Astaire 03/03/1957 Tribute to Alan Jay Lerner & Fritz Loewe - presented in connection with the first anniversary of their Broadway hit ""My Fair Lady."" Lerner and Loewe appear on this show. Songs from ""My Fair Lady"": --Edward Mulhare (temporary replacing Rex Harrison) sings ""What Can't the English?"" --Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth and Rod McLennan sing ""With a Little Bit O' Luck""--Michael King sings ""On Street Where You Live"" (from the original cast) Guests (performing songs from other Lerner-Loewe plays): --Fred Astaire & Jane Powell - perform a tap dance routine from ""The Liar's Song"" --Gene Kelly & Leslie Caron - dance to ""Love Is Here To Stay"" --Tony Bavaar sings ""I Talk to the Trees"" (from ""Paint Your Wagon"") --Jane Morgan sings ""Almost Like Being in Love"" (song and dance number from ""Brigadoon"") Also: --Stanley Holloway - recites poem, a sequel to ""Albert & The Lion"" --Marie Wilson (actress from ""My Friend Irma"") - interrupts Ed early in program and, later, does a mon
S10E25 scheduled: Henry Fonda (on film); Wilt Chamberlain; Don Ameche 10/03/1957 On film: An interview with Henry Fonda including clips from his film ""Twelve Angry Men"" Other scheduled guests (live on stage): --Associated Press All-American college basketball team led by Wilt Chamberlain --Don Ameche --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Charlie Gracie (singer) - scheduled to sing his hit recording ""Butterfly."" --Richard Tucker (opera singer) --Renata Tebaldi (opera singer) --Ben Blue (pantomimist) --The Wiere Brothers
S10E26 scheduled: Robert Mitchum; Ames Brothers; Edie Adams 17/03/1957 Scheduled guests: --Robert Mitchum (actor) - turns singer & dancer as he performs a medley of calpyso tunes that he recently recorded. --Beatrice Lillie and Billy De Wolfe - perform scenes from the Broadway musical ""The Ziegfeld Follies,"" including dancing numbers led by Harold Lang and Helen Wood. --Edie Adams (actress, then appearing on Broadway in ""Li'l Abner"") - does impressions of Shirley Temple, Marlene Dietrich, Jeanette MacDonald, Ruby Keeler and Marilyn Monroe. --The Ames Brothers (singing quartet) - sing a medley of Irish songs and are joined by Mitchum in one tune. --Connie Towers (singer) --Robert Briscoe (Lord Mayor of Dublin) --Joe, Jack and Joanie (acrobatic trio)
S10E27 scheduled: Julie London; Rodgers and Hammerstein; Ella Fitzgerald 24/03/1957 Scheduled guests: --Julie London sings the title song from the movie ""Boy On a Dolphin"" --On film: Clips from ""Boy On a Dolphin"" starring Sophia Loren, Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein - appeared to promote their musical ""Cinderella."" --Ella Fitzgerald (singer) --Giulietta Masina (Italian movie star) --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --The Ohio State Glee Club --Paul Hahn (comic golfer) --Miss Mara (Spanish aerialist)
S10E28 Fred Astaire / Fredric March / Peggy Wood / Buddy Knox / Ferlin Husky 07/04/1957 Guests: --Buddy Knox (singer) - ""Party Doll"" --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Byron Nelson (golf pro) and Ken Ventura appear with Julia Meade --Paul Douglas, David Burns, Kay Medford and Tommy White (11 years old) perform a scene from their Broadway show ""A Hole in the Head"" --Fred Astaire - is interviewed by Ed. Fred then lip-synches his latest Verve recording ""That Face."" --Jacqueline Francois sings ""Love Is a Child."" --American actors Fredric March, Florence Eldridge and Peggy Wood meet with French stars: Gerard Philipe, Micheline Presle, Jean Marais, Francoise Arnoul, Juliette Greco and Jacqueline Francois. --Jacqueline Francois sings an uptempo French song --Abbe Lane - ""Arriverderce Roma"" --Xavier Cougat - uptempo Latin instrumental --Ferlin Husky (singer) - ""Gone"" --Jimmy Bowen (singer) - ""I'm Stickin' With You""
S10E29 scheduled: Judy Holliday; Henry Fonda; Alan King; Alma Cogan 14/04/1957 --Judy Holliday (actress) - sings ""I'm Going Back"" (from her Broadway musical ""Bells Are Ringing"") and ""Full of Life,"" the title song from her 1957 movie. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Henry Fonda introduces film clips from his new movie ""Twelve Angry Men"" --Alan King (comedian) --Kay Thompson (actress, whose current movie was ""Funny Face"") - sings ""Quelle Joie"" and ""Bozazz."" --Alma Cogan (English singer & pianist) - performs a song from the TV musical ""Cinderella"" --Roy Campanella (catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers) --Smith and Dale (comedy team doing an income-tax sketch) --Jack Harris (radio singer) - sings ""Sweet and Lovely"" and ""Maybe It's Because I Love Too Much"" --Linon (comedy wire-walker) --Paul Anderson (1956 Olympic weight lifting champion) - shown lifting 20 people (in a remote from Reno, Nevada)
S10E30 scheduled: Buster Keaton; Donald O'Connor; Chester Gould 14/04/1957 Scheduled guests: --Buster Keaton (comedian) --Donald O'Connor (dancer & actor, in a remote from Las Vegas) - O'Connor does a portion of his Vegas night club act. --Chester Gould (""Dick Tracy"" artist and creator) --Charlotte Rae (comedian) - plays the Grand Duchess in a satire of ""Anastasia."" --Gale Gordon and Bob Sweeney (comedians) - do a comedy sketch about refinishing the attic of their home. --Don Murray (movie actor, from ""The Bachelor Party"") - does a special dance number.--Roberta Sherwood (singer) - sings ""Easter Parade"" --Marion Marlowe - sings ""Ave Maria."" --Mitzi Greene (comedian) - shows film clips of the highlights of her movie career as a youngster, and sings a medley of her early song hits.
S10E31 Bill Haley & the Comets / Lena Horne / Tony Perkins 28/04/1957 --Bill Haley & the Comets - ""40 Cups Of Coffee"" & "" Rudy's Rock"" (instrumental - 2nd song) --Lena Horne - ""From This Moment On,"" ""I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face,"" ""Day In Day Out"" & ""From This Moment On"" --Tony Perkins - ""Rover's Lane"" --Ed introduces Tony Perkins to Jimmy Piersall (whom Perkins played in ""Fear Strikes Out"") --Jack Paar (stand-up, talks about art, commercials & his comeback) --Alfred Apaka (Hawaiian singer) - ""Speak Love"" and, earlier in show, sings 2 songs as part of Polynesian production number. --The Happy Jesters - ""Your Cheatin' Heart"" --George Dewitt (stand-up comedy, tells jokes about regional differences) --Senator George Smathers (Florida Senator gets award for fighting mental illness) --Barbara & Her Dog (novelty act, dog performs math tricks) --Pee Wee Hockey Team (presents Ed with stuffed baby seal) Audience bows: Henry J. Kaiser; Barney Ross (boxer); Jim Spaulding (bowler); Helen Landon (Carnival Cotton Queen); Hy Gardner -
S10E32 Johnnie Ray / Walter Pidgeon / Sugar Ray Robinson 05/05/1957 Guests: --Johnnie Ray - ""All Of Me"" and ""Yes Tonight Josephine"" --Johnnie Ray (later in show) - medley: ""Cry,"" ""Just Walking In The Rain"" and ""Should I Reveal?"" --The Vagabonds (instrumental/comedy group) - ""Lazy River"" --James Melton (singer) - ""Almost Like Being In Love"" (with female violinists) Other guests: --Boxers Sugar Ray Robinson and Gene Fulmer meet on stage. --Walter Pidgeon & Ruth Mayyeson - appear in scene from ""The Happiest Millionaire"" (Note: Ruth Mayyeson is listed as ""Ruth Matteson"" on the transcript.) --Walter Pidgeon joins Ed, Sugar Ray & Gene Fulmer on stage. They talk about Walter's boxing techniques. Then Ed interviews the boxers. -- Dewey Pigmeat Markham (comedian) - routine: Dewey & Shorty argue about mathematics. (Boy wonder Robert Strom who won $192,000 on ""$64,000 Question"" joins Pigmeat & Ed Sullivan in mathematics sketch) --Ballet performance choreographed by Nina Novak --Audience bows: Abba Eban; General Burnell; Governor Lane
S10E33 scheduled: Navy talent show / Bob & Ray / Jack Dempsey 12/05/1957 All-Navy talent program (talent chosen from Navy personnel from all over the country) Scheduled guests: (1) Navy talent includes: --The Four Palms (Marine vocal quartet) (2) Civilian talent: --Jack Dempsey (former heavyweight boxing champion) --Harvey Stone (comedian) --Bob and Ray (comedy team)
S10E34 scheduled: Tommy Sands; Rise Stevens; Glenn Miller Band (led by Ray McKinley) 19/05/1957 Scheduled guests: --Tommy Sands - ""Teenage Crush"" and ""Goin' Steady"" --Tommy Sands, Rise Stevens and Julie Wilson - ""Drop That Name"" (from the Broadway musical ""Bells Are Ringing"") --Rise Stevens (opera star) --Julie Wilson (nightclub singer) --The Glenn Miller Band (led by Ray McKinley) --Judge Dewey ""Pigmeat"" Markham (comedian) --Lou Holtz (comedian) --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Georges Ulmer (comedy singer from London) --The Maxwells (comedy balancers)
S10E35 Jayne Mansfield / Jack Webb / Sam Snead / Dolores Grey / Gene Austin 26/05/1957 --Jayne Mansfield - plays violin and, later in show, plays ""Malguena"" on the piano --Jack Webb talks with Ed about his new film ""The D.I."" --Bill Kenny (formerly of the Ink Spots) - ""The Best Way You Know How"" --Sam Snead (gives golf lesson on stage) --Phil Foster sings ""Let's Keep The Dodgers In Brooklyn"" --Ricky Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - also did a bit about the Brooklyn Dodgers and baseball immediately following Phil Foster. --Dolores Gray - ""Fool's Errand"" & ""There'll Be Some Changes Made"" --Gene Austin (1920's recording artist) - plays piano and sings show tunes. (Scheduled to perform a medley of his hits including ""My Blue Heaven."") --Will Jordan (comedian, impersonates Ed Sullivan, Robert Mitchum, Bing Crosby & Jack Benny) --The Three Cottas (acrobatic act with two men, one woman & two dogs) --Martha Ann Bentley (ballet dancer) --Ed Introduces Martha Ann Bentley to Red Skelton & daughter (on stage).
S10E36 scheduled: Tony Martin; Sarah Vaughn; Janet Blair 02/06/1957 Scheduled guests: --Tony Martin (singer) --Sarah Vaughan (singer) --Janet Blair (singer) --Lily Pons (singer) --Tony Martin, Sarah Vaughn, Lily Pons and Janet Blair - sing ""Sunshine Girl"" (from the Broadway musical ""New Girl in Town"") --Bob Lewis (comedian) --The Maxwells (billed as a ""basket-balancing act"") --Piet Von Brecht (novelty act) --A presentation of the Clarence Derwent Awards for the theater's best supporting performances.
S10E37 scheduled: Joni James; Alan King; Harry Belafonte (on film) 09/06/1957 Scheduled guests: --Joni James (singer) --Alan King (comedian) --On film: Harry Belafonte is shown singing ""Lead Man Holler"" in a clip from his movie, ""Island in the Sun."" --Judge Dewy ""Pigmeat"" Markham and Company (comedians) --The Malagon Sisters (vocal group) --Frances Faye (singer-pianist) - possible songs: ""Too-ra-loo-ra-loor-al (That's an Irish Lullaby)"" and ""Darktown Strutters Ball"" --Lou Nelson (comedian) --Joyce's camels, llamas and zebra
S10E38 Johnny Mathis / Polly Bergen / Rusty Draper / Bing Crosby (on film) 16/06/1957 --Johnny Mathis - ""It's Not For Me To Say"" --Rusty Draper - ""Freight Train"" --John Raitt - soliloquy from ""Carousel"" --Polly Bergen - ""Can't Help Lovin' that Man"" & ""Just in Time"" --Victor Julian & Pets (trained animal act with dancing poodles) --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian) --Paul Anderson (1956 Olympic weight-lifting champion) --Don Rondo - ""White Silver Sands"" --Page and Bray (ballroom ""adagio-dance"" duo) --Col. Ed Eagan presents an award to Alan Villiers, the captain of the Mayflower II (Mayflower replica) which sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Mass. On film: --Film clip of Bing Crosby singing ""Temptation"" --Ed interviews Bing Crosby and Inger Stevens on set of the movie ""Man on Fire""
S10E39 scheduled: Burt Lancaster; Gene Kelly; Helen Wood 23/06/1957 Ninth Anniversary special broadcast from the Outdoor Marine Theater at Jones Beach, N.Y. Scheduled guests: --Burt Lancaster and Barbara Nichols (actors) - appear together in a comedy sketch. --Gene Kelly - does a soft shoe duet with Ed Sullivan. --Guy Lombardo (bandleader) - ""Show Boat"" medley. (Note: Guy Lombardo takes over the orchestra during this medley.) --Harold Lang and Helen Wood from the Broadway show ""The Ziegfield Follies"" --David Atkinson and Gloria Hamilton (performers from the Broadway show ""Show Boat"") - ""You Are Love"" --Julie Wilson (singer) - ""I'm a Bad Bad Girl"" & a Cole Porter medley --Dick Contino (accordion player) - ""Around the World"" & ""Granada"" --Lou Holtz (comedian) - tells Sam Lapidus stories --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Elliott Murphy's Aqua Belles --The Cypress Garden (Florida) Water Skiers
S10E40 Everly Brothers / Frances Farmer / Nancy Whiskey / Prince & the Showgirl premiere 30/06/1957 Guests: --Everly Brothers - ""Bye, Bye Love"" --Frances Farmer - ""Aura Lee"" --Nancy Whiskey & The Charles McDevitt Skiffle Group - ""Freight Train"" --Bonnie Guitar - ""Dark Moon"" (sings and plays guitar) --Kaye Ballard (stand-up comedian, topic: Mothers are always right) --Kirby Stone Four (vocal impressionists) - sing a comic version of ""Lazy River"" while imitating other singers. -- Jo, Jac, And Joni - (3 person British comedy troupe) - troupe uses musical instruments as props --Davis and Reese (stand-up comedians doing impressions) --Jackie Pung (Female golfer who lost the US Open on a technicality) --University Of Georgia Glee Club - sings ""June Is Bustin' Out All Over,"" ""Hand Holdin' Music,"" ""If I Loved You"" and the Georgia School Song (conducted by Byron Warner) --Barber And Manselle (former Harvest Moon Dancers perform) --Ed Talks To Michael Mark (boy contestant on the ""$64,000 Question"") --Audience bow: Rex Smith --On film: ""Prince and the Showgirl""
S10E41 Louis Armstrong / Teresa Brewer / Jack Paar / Gary Cooper / Betty Madigan 07/07/1957 Guests: --Gary Cooper - Gary Cooper and Ed Sullivan watch a clip from ""Love In The Afternoon."" Ed talks with Gary Cooper. --Louis Armstrong - ""Beautiful Dreamer"" --Betty Madigan - ""Lets Dance"" --Teresa Brewer - ""Teardrops In My Heart"" and a medley of Jimmy McHugh songs (""When My Sugar Walks Down The Street,"" ""Lonesomest Gal In Town"" and ""Maggie Blues"") --Enzo Stuarti - ""Drink, Drink"" (listed as ""Enzo Duarte"" on transcript) --""Glee Club"" (Louis Armstrong, Teresa Brewer, Pat Rooney, and Enzo Duarte) sings ""Sweet Adeline"" --Jack Paar (stand-up comedian) - fashion display ""I Remember"" routine --Dewey Pigmeat Markham (The Judge & Shorty) - African-American comedy team, sketch: Civil defense men in graveyard. --Farley & combo (standing on huge trumpet) - ""Music Goes Round and Round"" --Pat Rooney - tap dances to ""When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"" --Alan and De Wood (comedy team) - topical humor, current events, Japanese soldier routine --Gardner Guards - 40 members play ""
S10E42 scheduled: Sal Mineo; Diahann Carroll; Don Cherry 14/07/1957 Scheduled guests: --Sal Mineo sings ""Start Movin"" --Diahann Carroll --Don Cherry --Marvin Rainwater sings ""Gonna Find Me a Bluebird"" --Sue Carson (comedian) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --Art Mooney and his band --Willie Mosconi (pocket billiards champion)
S10E43 scheduled: Ernie Kovacs; Myron Cohen; Four Aces 21/07/1957 Scheduled guests: --Ernie Kovacs and his Nairobi Trio --The Four Aces --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Ted Lewis (bandleader) --Hurricane Jackson (heavyweight challenger) --Connie Boswell and the original Memphis Five --Barbara Hall (billed as a ""showgirl-Shakespeare expert"") --The Molidor Trio (European novelty act)
S10E44 scheduled: Dan Dailey (guest host); the Crew Cuts; Roger Williams 28/07/1957 Scheduled guests: --Dan Dailey (guest host for this week and next) --The Crew Cuts (vocal group) - ""My Blue Heaven"" --Roger Williams (pianist) --Toni Arden (singer) --Don Tannen (ventriloquist) Circus acts --Dan Dailey takes part in a trick-horse act --The Wallendas (high wire performers) --The Zacchinis (flying trapeze artists) --Victoria Zacchini (girl shot from cannon)
S10E45 Dan Dailey (guest host) / The Everly Brothers 04/08/1957 --Dan Dailey (guest host) --Everly Brothers - ""Bye, Bye Love"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Marion Marlowe --Cesare Vallett (opera singer) --Herb Score (Cleveland Indians pitcher) --Jay Lawrence (comedian) --The Kirby Stone Four (musical imitators) --Chiquita and Johnson (dance team) --The All-American Chorus (from Colorado, led by Roger D. Fee of the University of Colorado) --Venetia Stevenson (starlet, chosen by Ed Sullivan as ""The World's Most Photogenic Girl"" for a photography magazine)
S10E46 U.S. Army Show with Jayne Mansfield; Carol Burnett; Buddy Knox 11/08/1957 Guests: --Jayne Mansfield - Ed talks to Jayne about her favorite movie stars. Jane sings ""The Army Goes Rolling Along"" with the Army Chorus (later in show). Ed flirts with Jane. --Buddy Knox - ""Party Doll"" & ""Hula Love"" --Carol Burnett - ""I Fell in Love with John Foster Dulles"" & ""Puppy Love"" --Peter Palmer - ""I Hear Music When I Look At You"" Army talent: --The Texans (dance the Texas two step) --Privates Norbert Chrison and Freddie Engel (acrobat act) --Buddy Dee and the Fort Dix Six (New Orleans style jazz musicians) -- Burke Twins - dance and acrobatics routine ---Carl Rice (hoofer routine) --The Cavaliers - Barbershop-style singing group --James Tiliman (comedy routine) --Karl Milliken - ""The House I Live In"" --Major Samuel Tyson - Ed interviews hero --Tommy Hufstaedler - guitar folk riff --Sullivan introduces Army brass in audience. --The Under Secretary of the Army Fenuki presents Ed with an award (replica of Nike Missile) for presentin
S10E47 scheduled: Cab Calloway; Janet Blair; Sue Carson; Dick Contino 18/08/1957 Scheduled guests: --Cab Calloway --Janet Blair (actress-singer) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Connie Towers (singer) --Dick Contino (accordionist) --Elizabeth and Collins (acrobatic-knife-throwing team) --The Trio Molidors (novelty act from Europe) Athletes (scheduled to appear): --Otto Graham (former football star) --Bob Cousy (basketball star) --Gil McDougald (baseball player) --Cary Middlecoff (golfer) --Vic Seixas (tennis star) --Ted Atkinson (jockey)
S10E48 Sal Mineo / Guy Mitchell / Carman McRae / Wes Harrison 25/08/1957 --Sal Mineo (actor-singer) - sings ""Lasting Love"" (and possibly ""You Shouldn't Do That"") --Guy Mitchell sings ""Call Rosie on the Phone"" --Paul Gilbert (comedian) - does a doctor routine. --Carmen McRae sings ""Skyliner"" (with band) --Wes Harrison (sound effects comedian)
S10E49 The Del Vikings / Joe Dimaggio / Mickey Mantle / Willie Mays 01/09/1957 Guests: --The Del Vikings - ""Jitterbug Mary"" (listed as a ""military quartet"") --Nipsey Russell (stand-up comedian, topic: how slender his girlfriend is) --Sports writers Joe Trimble, Frank Graham, Jimmy Cannon ask Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays questions. (Sports Round Table) --Floyd Patterson (heavyweight champion) - Ed asks him why he eases up on his opponents. --The Famous Strolling Strings (orchestra violins) --The Copycats - ""Great Pretender"" (duo - one sings the other plays the piano) --Richardi (illusionist-magician, doing a ""disappearing woman"" trick) --Karen Laporte - ""Tammy"" --Danny Dillon - impersonates Bing Crosby, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Mr. Magoo --Don Baduria - Hawaiian ukulele player --Ronnie Evans - Air Force tap dancer --Bob Kearns (a technical sergeant who sings opera) --Richard Best - So in Love"" (ballad winner of Chicago Tribune singing contest) --Josephine Busilaki - ""My Hero"" (winner of Chicago Tribune singing contest
S10E50 1958 Ice Capades / Della Reese / Jimmie Rodgers / Paul Anka 08/09/1957 Broadcast from Madison Square Garden. Guests: --Della Reese - ""Miss You So"" --Jimmie Rodgers - ""Honeycomb"" --Paul Anka - Diana"" --The Chordettes - ""Just Between You And Me"" --Marion Marlowe - ""One Night Of Love"" --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian tells jokes about domestic life, makes fun of husband) --Jackie (correct name might be ""Jickie the balancer"") - acrobat, builds blocks while standing on his head --Ed introduces Tennis Champion Mel Anderson --On tape: Ed with Miss America Pageant Contestants Ice skating segments (all of these acts are probably from the 1958 Ice Capades): --""Fantasia"" Disney ice-skating production number with dancing hippos on ice. --Freddy Trenkler - does a slapstick skating routine --Helga (German ice skating champion) --Ronnie Robertson (ice skater) --Porgy And Larson - men playing badmitton on ice skates (with narration by Herb Kaumann) --La Bracque and Gray - ""The Dumbells"" (Ice Clowns as waiters on ice skates. One pre
S10E51 Andrews Sisters / Nick Todd / Billy Ward & the Dominos 15/09/1957 --The Andrews Sisters - ""By His Word"" and a medley of hits --Billy Ward and the Dominos (vocal group) - ""Stardust"" --Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother) - sings ""Plaything"" Complete Show: --Mildred Miller (opera singer) - sings ""Around The World In 80 Days"" --Florian Zabach (violinist) - plays ""Hot Canary"" --The Andrews Sisters - sing ""By His Word"" --Judge Dewey Markham and Shorty (comedy team) - argue mathematics --The Jackson Zouaves American Legion Drill Team (from Jackson, Michigan) - does marching maneuvers with rifles. --Ronnie Sweetz (national champion accordian player) - ""And That Reminds Me"" --Billy Ward and his Dominoes - ""Stardust"" --The Three Cottas (acrobats) - 2 men, 1 girl and 2 large dogs. (Note: might be The Carters, dance trio.) --Jill Corey - sings ""Love Me to Pieces"" --Joe E. Lewis (stand-up comedian) - routine about the Copacabana. --Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother) - sings ""Plaything"" --Jules Munshin (Shakespearean actor) - does a tr
S11E01 Betty Grable / Carol Channing / Harry James / Bobby Helms / George Raft 22/09/1957 Guests: --Betty Grable - ""Put Your Arms Around Me"" --Harry James (trumpet player) - ""You Made Me Love You"" and ""Two O'clock Jump"" --Bobby Helms - ""My Special Angel"" --Carol Channing (comedian) - does an impression of Sophie Tucker --Jo Stafford – medley: ""You Belong To Me,"" ""Make Love To Me"" and ""Jambalaya (On The Bayou)"" --Jo Stafford (later in show) - ""Star Of Love"" --On film: clip from ""Bolero"" with Carol Lombard & George Raft. --George Raft - ""Sweet Georgia Brown"" (Raft dances) --George Raft, Jack Durant & Ed Sullivan talk about George Raft's life. --Jack Dempsey and Ed Sullivan talk about the long count fight of 1927. --Paul Anderson (Olympic champ weight lifter) - lifts stars from their seats --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) - with puppet who sings ""There Was A Boy"" --Jack Durant (comedian) - does impression of Clark Gable & sings ""When You're Smiling"" --Jimmy Roselli - ""Give My Regards To Broadway"" --Alfred Apaka & Nalani - Alfred sings Hawaiian songs
S11E02 scheduled: George Burns & Gracie Allen; Johnnie Ray; Ida Lupino & Howard Duff 29/09/1957 Scheduled guests (broadcast from Hollywood): --Johnnie Ray (singer) --George Burns and Gracie Allen (comedy team) --Della Reese (singer) --Ida Lupino and Howard Duff (husband and wife acting team; stars of the TV series ""Mr. Adams and Eve"") - sing ""Geymore"" (with Ed Sullivan) --Carla Alberghetti (singer) --Sally Forrest (dancer) --Richard Hearne (comedian, England's ""Mr. Pastry"") --George Sanders (actor) --The Happy Jesters (instrumental impressionists)
S11E03 scheduled: Eva Marie Saint; Everly Brothers; Danny Thomas; Bob & Ray 06/10/1957 Scheduled: --Eva Marie Saint (actress) --The Everly Brothers - ""Wake Up Little Susie"" --Danny Thomas (comedian) --Bob and Ray (comedy team) --Alan King (comedian) --Kate Smith (singer) --The Mambo Aces (dancers) --The Harvest Moon Ball contest winners (dancers) --The Dancing Gordons (ballroom dancers) --Edoardo Raspino (juggler)
S11E04 The Sparkletones / Mills Brothers / Georgia Gibbs / Sammy Kaye 20/10/1957 Scheduled: --The Mills Brothers (vocal group) --Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones perform ""Black Slacks"" --Georgia Gibbs (singer) --Mickey Rooney (actor) --Sammy Kaye and his band --Carol Lawrence (actress from Broadway's ""West Side Story"") --Hildegarde (singer) --Tippy and Cobina (trained monkey act)
S11E05 The Platters / Frances Farmer / Jane Morgan 27/10/1957 ASCAP Show with guests: --The Platters - The Great Pretender"" (on film, Ed in Paris at Platters concert) --Frances Farmer - ""Down in the Valley"" (performed towards end of show) --Ed Presents Maurice Chavalier with Actors Award plaque --Jane Morgan - Fascination"" --Andy Quinn - ""Rock-A-Boogie --Constance Towers - ""You"" & ""The Night & The Music"" --Joe Howard - ""Hello My Baby"" & ""Goodbye My Lady Love"" --Gene Austin (sings & yodels) - medley: ""Lonesome Road,"" ""How Come You Do Me Like You Do,"" ""When My Sugar Walks Down The Street All The Birdies Go Tweet-Tweet,"" ""Melancholy Baby"" & ""Blue Heaven"" --Blossom Seeley - ""Teasin' Rag"" & ""Somebody Loves Me Rag"" --T C Jones (female impersonator) - ""Catch"" & does a satire of old musicals --Dario Cassini - ""Thine Alone"" (written by Victor Herbert) --Don Rondo - ""Bring Back My Summer Love"" --Rudolf Friml (pianist) - plays medley --Frank Faye (comedian) - chats with audience. Later in show, Faye jokes around with Ed. F
S11E06 Sam Cooke / Jimmie Rodgers / Paul Anka / Sparkletones 03/11/1957 Musical acts: --Sam Cooke - ""You Send Me"" (excerpt performed at end of show) --Paul Anka - ""Diana"" --Jimmie Rodgers - ""Honeycomb"" and ""Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"" --The Sparkeltones (Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones) - ""Black Slacks"" --Patachou - ""Paris Looks at Herself"" and ""Jambes Roses"" Alberghetti Sisters segment -- Anna Marie Alberghetti sings ""Fa La Mana Bambin"" --Alberghetti Sisters (Anna Maria & Carla duet) - ""Mutual Admiration Society"" --Carla Alberghetti - ""Mi Amore Sorento"" (Anna Maria's Sister singing an Italian folk song)--Carla introduces Mother Alberghetti who plays piano. Piano solo. --Carla Alberghetti - ""Fascination"" Other guests: --Joy Kay (clown act slapstick) - Man's body is shoved into trunk, comes out as woman in bathing suit. --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist, the dummy does all the talking) --The Latinos (Three Italian dancers) --Sue Carson (comedian/impressionist, imitates teenagers) --The Dancers Of Bali (ethnic dance
S11E07 Robert Wagner & Joan Collins / Sarah Vaughan / Roger Williams / Billy Eckstine 10/11/1957 Guests: --Ed talks with Robert Wagner & Joan Collins. A clip from the movie ""Stop Over Tokyo"" is shown. --Sarah Vaughan - ""Lucky In Love"" --Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine - ""Passing Strangers"" --Billy Eckstine - does impressions of other singers (Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong) then plays trumpet solo. Later in show, Billy Eckstine sings ""If I Can Help Somebody"" --Roger Williams - Till"" and ""St. Louis Blues"" --Charlotte Rae (stand-up comedian, jokes about her diet routine) --Helen Woods - ""Love Is A Many Splendid Thing"" (Ziegfeld Follies girl dances & plays violin) --Katina Ranieri - ""Arrivaderchi Roma"" & ""Kanaya"" --Gaby, Fofo, & Miliki (musical/comedy routine) --Fernanda Montel - ""Melodie D'amour"" --June Taylor Dancers (from ""The Jackie Gleason Show"") dancing girls with hula-hoops. --Inia Tewiata (singer from New Zealand) - ""Waiata Poi"" --Ed Introduces Seventeen Magazine Doll Making Contest Winners. Ginger Christensen, Fannee Fields, Sharon Rae Robinson
S11E08 Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps / Georgia Gibbs / Carol Burnett 17/11/1957 Guests: --Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps - ""Dance to the Bop"" --Georgia Gibbs - ""Great Balls of Fire"" & ""Rock A Bye My Baby"" --Carol Burnett - ""Careless"" --Johnny Carson (stand-up comedy, does a routine about a children's show host who's suffering from a hangover) --Julius LaRosa - ""You Make Me Feel So Young"" and ""Just Forever"" --Kate Smith - ""All the Way"" & ""When Lover Has Gone"" --Harvey Stone (stand-up comedian) --Jose Melis (pianist from Jack Paar's show) - ""Tamanoco"" --Wally Griffin (stand-up comedian, jokes about Boston, does a routine about delinquents) --Les Garcons Delarue (French novelty act) --Vic & Adio (acrobats) --Latinos (3 male dancers, doing leaps and athletic dancing. Dancer dances on his head). --On film: Ed visits the set of ""Big Country."" Ed jokes around with the director (William Wyler) and the actors (Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Jean Simmons, Burl Ives). Chuck Connors pretends to rough Ed up.
S11E09 scheduled: Rex Harrison; Kay Kendall; Tony Martin; the Four Aces; Barbara McNair 24/11/1957 Scheduled: --Rex Harrison (star of Broadway's ""My Fair Lady"") --Kay Kendall (comedian, wife of Rex Harrison) --Tony Martin (singer, in a remote from Boston) --The Four Aces (vocal group) --Barbara McNair (singer) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Lu Ann Simms (singer) --The West Point Glee Club European acts (scheduled): --Les Garcons de la Rue (a French comedy singing group) --The Morlidor Troupe (novelty act) --Holger and Dolores (dance team)
S11E10 Buddy Holly and the Crickets / Sam Cooke / Bobby Helms 01/12/1957 --Buddy Holly and the Crickets - ""That'll Be the Day"" and ""Peggy Sue"" --Sam Cooke - ""You Send Me"" and ""For Sentimental Reasons"" --The Rays - ""Silhouettes"" --Bobby Helms - ""My Special Angel"" --Polly Bergen - ""Mean To Me"" and ""Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"" -- Ray McKinley & the Glenn Miller Orchestra (with guest singers) - perform a medley --Douglas Fairbanks (actor) - appears in a comedy sketch and, later in show, recites the Rudyard Kipling poem ""If"" --The Colliers All American Football Team (General Mills) introduced by Ed Sullivan and Lefty James. --Martha Ann Bentley (ballerina, dressed as a jockey) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Tony And Sally Demarco (couple dancing to ""White Christmas"")
S11E11 The Platters / Noel Coward / Ray Peterson 08/12/1957 --The Platters - ""Only You"" and ""Indiff'rent"" --Ray Peterson - ""Fever"" --Noel Coward - sings medley of his own songs (please see Recap for titles) --Noel Coward sings ""What's Going To Happen To The Children"" (When There Are No More Grown Ups) --Eric Brenn - Plate juggler --See Hee Family - Acrobats --Sealy Wang (?) - puppet act --Jean Medeira (Metropolitan Opera Star) sings ""Sygoyna"" Ed Sullivan presents football awards --Princeton Triangle Club (men in drag) dance ""The Charleston"" --Cara Philano and Maria Rose (dancers) --Eileen O'Dare (dancer) --On film: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine and Janet Leigh on location in Munich, Germany: --Jackel Mac Kensie (British Television star)
S11E12 scheduled: Tony Bennett; Della Reese; Eddie Foy; Barbara Perry 15/12/1957 Scheduled guests: --Tony Bennett (singer) --Della Reese (singer) --Eddie Foy and Barbara Perry (from the Broadway musical ""Rumple"") --Lo, Hite and Stanley (comedy team) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Rita Streich (soprano, from Vienna) --The Konyots (comedy dance team) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler) --Paul Sydell and Spotty (animal act) --Baby Opal (performing baby elephant)
S11E13 10th Christmas Show - Frankie Lymon; Rise Stevens; Carol Lawrence 22/12/1957 --Frankie Lymon - ""Goody Goody"" and ""It's Christmas Once Again"" Other guests: --Mary Knoll Seminarians - ""Mary Had a Baby"" --Parade Of The Snowmen - skate to ""Winter Wonderland"" --Skaters to ""Sleigh Ride"" (vocal) --Robert Maxwell (harpist) - ""White Christmas"" --Carol Lawrence - ""The Christmas Song"" sung to Jill and Dolly Davis who are dressed as rabbits --Jill and Dolly Davis tap dance to ""It's beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas"" --Shirley Reid (ventriloquist) - ""Santa Claude Is Coming To Town"" (doll is shown singing) --Rise Stevens - ""Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"" and ""Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"" --Skaters to ""Sleigh Ride"" --William Syrone speaks: theme praying --Joey Alfidi - 8 year old piano player ""The Minute Waltz"" while 3 beauty queens look on. --Audience bow: Wayne Morris --Rise Stevens with Mary Knoll Seminarians - ""I Wonder As I Wander""
S11E14 scheduled: Red Buttons; Roberta Sherwood / John Wayne (on film) 29/12/1957 --Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five - ""Caldonia"" & ""Peace Of Mind"" Scheduled guests: --Red Buttons --Roberta Sherwood --Victor Julian and his pets --Jo Hanwey (comic juggler) --Norbu (comedy act) --The DeCastro Sisters (vocal group) On film: a clip from the movie ""Legend of the Lost,"" with John Wayne, Sophia Loren and Rossano Brazzi.
S11E15 scheduled: The Everly Brothers; Johnnie Ray 05/01/1958 Scheduled guests: --Johnnie Ray (singer) --The Everly Brothers --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist) --Bambi Linn (dancer) --Rod Alexander (dancer) --The ""Vienna on Parade"" orchestra --The Amandis (acrobats/teeterboard act) --Tex Barton and his horse (novelty/trained animal act)
S11E16 Bing Crosby (on film) / James Arness / Mike Kellin & Sondra Lee 12/01/1958 Guests: --On film: Clip of Bing Crosby playing golf. --James Arness - appears on stage to talk with Ed. Then a film clip from the TV series ""Gunsmoke"" is shown (Marshall Dillon's office) --Mike Kellin & Sondra Lee - perform a scene from Ben Hecht's ""Winkleberg"" --Cesare Siepi - April Love"" --Marimba Masters (percussion group from the Rochester School Of Music) - ""Yesterdays"" and ""What Child Is This?"" --Jay Marshall (stand-up comedy, does tricks with golf tricks, tells jokes, makes things from folded paper). Later, Lefty the Hand puppet sings ""If I Had My Way."" --Elena Guest - ""Arrivederchi Roma"" --Peg Leg Bates & Jimmy Valentine (two tap dancers with peg legs) --Marcel Marceau - excerpt from David & Goliath routine --Texas Tommy - Novelty Act: Dog Act, Form Pyramid & Ride Bicycle --Roger Bannister, Johnny Podres, Bobby Morrow & Stan Musial - ""Sports Illustrated"" Sportsmen of the Year, clips of select plays are shown. --Sid James (Sports Illustrated represent
S11E17 Mario Lanza (on film, interview) / Kirby Stone Quartet / Marissa Alotsio 19/01/1958 Guests: --On film: Mario Lanza - (1) In Rome, Lanza talks to Ed about the film ""7 Hills of Rome"" (2) Film clip: Lanza sings ""Arrivaderci Roma"" --Marisa Allasio (Italian actress from ""7 Hills of Rome"") - appears on stage with Ed. (Listed as ""Marissa Alotsio"" on transcript.) --Kirby Stone Quartet - ""It's A Really Big Show"" (performed with Ed Sullivan at opening of show) --Kirby Stone Quartet - ""It's Wonderful"" (song performed towards end of show. This version of ""It's Wonderful"" is about 2 snakes.) --Julie Wilson - ""I've Got To Sing"" and ""All The Way"" --Ballet De Florence & Frederick (3 men and women ballet dancers) --Valerie Clark - ""You're The Greatest"" --Clifford Guest (ventriloquist) (1) Dummy trapped in suitcase; (2) He re-appears later in show pretending to hold a baby in his arms. Makes a crying noises, belches. --Harrison And Kossi (ice skaters) - skate to ""Midnight In Paris."" Also, re-appears later in show. --Dario Cassini (opera singer) - ""Could My Heart Still
S11E18 Buddy Holly & the Crickets (2nd appearance) /Jimmie Rodgers / Ted Lewis 26/01/1958 --Buddy Holly and the Crickets (their 2nd Sullivan appearance) – ""Oh Boy"" (performed towards end of show) --Jimmie Rodgers - ""Oh, Oh, I'm Falling In Love"" and ""Long, Hot Summer"" --Ted Lewis - ""Steppin' Out With A Memory,"" ""K-K-K-Katy"" (with Eddie Chester and Beverly Marshall) and ""Tiger Rag"" --Joyce Grenfell (comedian doing a nursery school routine) --Billy Myles - ""The Joker"" --Andre Moon & his Puppets - 8 Dancing Puppets --Japanese film actresses Hediko Takimini, Shiro Kido (approximate spellings) and other Japanese female stars appear in recognition of Japanese Film Week. --Duke University Glee Club - ""Prayer"" & ""Alma Mater"" --Wally Griffin (stand-up comedian) --Gartner and Landry (judo) --Kovach & Rabovski (jazz / ballet) --Japanese Dance Group - Japanese dancers and singer appear in production numbers at the beginning and end of show.
S11E19 scheduled: Ted Lewis; Helen Gallagher; Georges Guetary 02/02/1958 Scheduled guests: --Ted Lewis (bandleader) --Beverly Marshall (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Helen Gallagher (dancer) Georges Guetary and Helen Gallagher perform ""Isn't It Wonderful?"" - a song from the Broadway show ""Portofino"" in which they both appear. The theme of this show was the Brussels World's Fair (scheduled to open in April 1958). Guests from various nations of the world were to appear.
S11E20 scheduled: Gina Lollobrigida; Sally Ann Howes; Jack Carter; Billy Kenny 09/02/1958 Scheduled guests: --Gina Lollobrigida (actress) --Sally Ann Howes (musical-comedy star who replaced Julie Andrews in Broadway's ""My Fair Lady"") --Billy Kenny (singer, formerly of the Ink Spots) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Goose Tatum and the Harlem Basketball Stars --The Three Bragazzis (an Italian comedy act) --Rolly and Arry (pantomime artists)
S11E21 scheduled: Vic Damone; Anna Magnani (on film, tour of Rome) 16/02/1958 Scheduled guests: --Vic Damone sings ""Gigi"" and ""Gift of Love"" --On film: Anna Magnani (actress, takes Ed on a filmed tour of Rome) --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Willie, West and McGinty (vaudeville comedians, doing a ""House-building"" sketch) --The Four Esquires (vocal quartet) --The Little Gaelic Singers (from Ireland) --George Carl (pantomime artist) --Toni Dalli (singer from Italy) --Rochiardi (illusionist / magician from Spain) --The Three Szekelys (a ""hand-balancing"" act)
S11E22 LaVern Baker / Victor Moore / Tina Robin 23/02/1958 --The Happy Jesters (comedy singing male trio) - ""Somebody Stole My Gal"" --Radio City Music Hall Symphony [song - unknown] --Victor Moore (veteran actor, celebrating his 82nd birthday) - sings 3 songs --Jack Sharkey (heavyweight boxing champ) - Fishing exhibition --Joe Kirkwood - Trick Golf shots --Tina Robin - sings ""Imagination,"" does imitations of other singers, and ""Melancholy Baby"" --Martin Brothers (jugglers) --Gino Donati (opera singer doing a balancing act) --Michelle Boston - young girl - mentalist --Jack Warden --The Happy Jesters - ""Your Cheating Heart"" --La Vern Baker - ""Substitute"" --Cornelis - silent act as patient in dentist's office
S11E23 scheduled: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.; The Everly Brothers; Charles Manna 02/03/1958 Scheduled guests: --Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (actor) --The Everly Brothers (singers) - ""This Little Girl of Mine"" --Charles Manna (comedy singer) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) --The Bonny Sisters (vocal trio)
S11E24 Everly Brothers / Jo Stafford / The Sparkletones 09/03/1958 Guests: --The Everly Brothers - ""Wake Up Little Susie"" & ""Be Bop a Lula"" --Jo Stafford - ""Anything Goes"" & ""Tomorrow Mountain"" --The Sparkletones - ""Cotton Pickin' Rockers"" (Rockabilly band) --Lonnie Satin & Barbara McNair (of the Broadway musical ""The Body Beautiful"") - ""All Of These & More"" --Cyril Ritchard - ""Opportunity Knocks But Once,"" ""Mother Comes Too"" and ""Come To The Supermarket"" --Carol Heiss (ice skater, live from Madison Square Garden) --David Jenkins (figure skater, live from Madison Square Garden) --Dick Shawn (comedian, during act puts on ""blackface"" make up & becomes Othello) --The Vagabond Painter (Tour-bier) - Parisian painter creates Folies Bergeres dancer out of map of Paris --The Samy Brothers (acrobatic act from Egypt) --Harrison & Fisher (ballroom dancing) --Los Trianos (or ""Los Triannas"" - Spanish Flamenco dancers)
S11E25 St. Patrick's Day / scheduled: Mickey Shaughnessy; Myron Cohen; Sue Carson 16/03/1958 St. Patrick's Day show with scheduled guests: --Mickey Shaughnessy (actor, appeared in the 1957 movie ""Don't Go Near the Water"") --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Darryl Stewart (Australian singer) - ""When Irish Eyes are Smiling"" --The McNiff Irish Dancers --The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (a glee club) - ""Eileen Allana"" and ""O'Donnell Aboo"" --Eddy Manson and his harmonica group - playing an Irish medley --Martin Granger and his puppets --The Mascots (balancing act) --Also: Ed presents the second Championship Performance Award to the outstanding athlete of the 1930-45 era.
S11E26 Rodgers & Hammerstein / Bert Lahr / The Rays / Four Preps 23/03/1958 Guests: --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II promote their film ""South Pacific."" A film of the NYC premiere of the movie is shown. Rodgers and Hammerstein appear on stage with Ed. --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - ""Younger Then Springtime"" (with Richard Rodgers playing piano). --The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act) --Bert Lahr (comedian) - baseball sketch with sportscaster David Burns. --Michael Hale (singer) - ""Luck Be A Lady Tonight"" --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro (dancers) --The Four Preps"" - sing ""26 Miles (Santa Catalina)"" --Dickie Henderson (British singing comedian) --Wally Griffith (comedian) --Roberta Peters (opera singer) - ""The Shadow Song"" --Torakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono (Japanese golfers) --Cameo: Frank Pace (former US Secretary Of War) --Audience bows: Herb Cups; Mrs. Richard Rodgers; Mrs. Oscar Hammerstein; Charles Silvio --The Rays"" (vocal group) - sing ""The Man Above""
S11E27 scheduled: Della Reese; Frankie Vaughan; Jane Morgan 30/03/1958 Scheduled guests: --Della Reese (singer) --Roger Williams (pianist) --Frankie Vaughan (singer from England) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Sam Levenson (comedian) --Georges Guetary (French singer) --Anton Dolin and his London Festival Ballet (with John Gilpin, Louis Godfrey, Michael Hogan and Andre Prokovsky) --George Shearing (pianist) --Dorothy Donegan (pianist) --O'Brady (novelty puppet act from Europe) --The Three Brazzazzis (European comedy act)
S11E28 Maurice Chevalier / Carol Burnett / Conrad Hilton 06/04/1958 Guests: --Carol Burnett (comedian, doing a tribute to the Emmy Awards) --Maurice Chevalier - ""Gigi"" & ""Quay De Bercy"" --Conrad Hilton (reads a poem he wrote) --Guy Lombardo - ""Everywhere You Go"" and ""Over & Over"" (Note: The singer is either Kenny Gardner or Bill Flanagan) --Nell Rankin (mezzo-soprano) sings ""Pace, Pace"" --Chicago Opera Ballet - ""The Merry Widow Waltz"" --The Johnson Family - medley of religious songs --Regine & Andre Berny (dancing team) --Les Marquis Markays (acrobats, two brothers perform balancing tricks) --Clarence Willard (contortionist, called ""The Man Who Grows Before Your Eyes"") - appears to grow taller on stage --Joe Castor (puppet show, puppet paints a picture) --Audience bow: Mrs. Wendell Willkie --On-stage bows: Don Kerr, Linley Ruddock, Jerry Wald --Dr. Everett Clinchy, of the National Conference Of Christians & Jews, presents Ed with an award.
S11E29 scheduled: Nat King Cole; Mickey Mantle; Yogi Berra; Jack Norworth 13/04/1958 Scheduled guests: --Nat King Cole (singer) --Mickey Mantle (of the New York Yankees, was the American League's most valuable player of 1957) --Yogi Berra (catcher) --Whitey Ford (pitcher) --Jack Norworth (composer, wrote ""Take Me Out To the Ball Game"") --Joyce Grenfell (British comedian) --Laurie London (14-year-old singer)
S11E30 The Champs (Tequila) / Vivian Blaine / Hermoine Gingold 20/04/1958 Guests: --The Champs - ""Tequila"" --Hermoine Gingold & Billy Dewolfe - ""Careless Talk"" --Kathy Linden - ""Billy"" --Vivian Blaine - ""Say, Darling"" (from the Broadway show ""Say, Darling."") --David Wayne - ""River"" and a number from ""Say, Darling"" --Scenes from the University Of Pennsylvania Mask and Wig Club (men in drag, chorus line). --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --Martin Granger puppets --Helene & Howard (comedy dance team) --Miklos Gafni (Hungarian tenor) - ""E. Lucevan E. Stelle"". --Annapolis Glee Club - ""Navy Song"" --Anna D'Angelo - ""Kansas City"" --Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys (vocal group) - ""Saints Ding, Dong"" and ""Say Darling"" --D'Angoly's (juggling act) --Audience bows: Will Jordan, Bill Gunn, Mary Martin
S11E31 Everly Brothers / Sal Mineo / Patachou / Teresa Brewer 27/04/1958 Guests: --The Everly Brothers - ""All I Have To Do Is Dream"" --Sal Mineo (actor) - sings ""A Couple Of Crazy Kids"" & ""Baby Face"" --Patachou - ""Poor People Of Paris"" & ""Wonderful Guy"" --Georgia Gibbs - ""Today I Love Everybody"" and ""Melancholy Baby"" --Teresa Brewer - ""I Think The World Of You"" --Maria Neglia (novelty voilin act) - ""Plink Plank Plunk"" --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --Arthur Worsley (ventriloquist act) --Art Todd & Dotty Todd - demonstrate multitrack tape recording --Julius Sundman (magician) --Trio Hoganis Acrobats (highwire act) --Keoni Dancers (acrobatic dancers) --Cameos: Muriel Abbott (talent agent); Gladys Robinson (artist)
S11E32 Lillian Roth / The Chordettes / David Seville / Helen Gallagher / Denise Darcel 04/05/1958 Guests: --The Chordettes - ""Lollipop"" --David Seville - ""Witch Doctor"" --Lillian Roth - ""How About You"" & ""Sing You Sinners"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - Julius Caesar sketch --Amru Sani (singer from India) - ""I Remember You"" --Carol Haney & Peter Gennaro - ""On The Sunny Side of the Street"" --Denise Darcel - ""Mam'selle"" --Helen Gallagher - ""Something's Coming"" --Ed Townsend - ""For Your Love"" --The Kims (3 men comic acrobat act) --Gaston Palmer (French comic juggler) --The Clementi Twins (Australian bicyclist balancing act) On-stage bows: Captain Zohar (Israeli pilot) & Milo Valenzuela (Kentucky Derby jockey); Bob Mathias --Audience bows: BPOE National Youth Leadership contest Winners; winners of the 15th Annual National Press Photographers News Picture award; Pakistan's cricket team.
S11E33 scheduled: Eleanor Roosevelt; Connie Francis; Tony Martin 11/05/1958 --Connie Francis - ""Who's Sorry Now?"" Scheduled guests: --Eleanor Roosevelt - pays tribute to Israel's 10th anniversary --Tony Martin (singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Benny Fields and Blossom Seeley (vaudeville team) --Al Hibbler (singer) --Don Rondo (singer) --Art & Dotty Todd (singer) --Dick Contino (accordian player) --George Givot (entertainer, show business veteran) --The Trio Rayros (comedy tumbling act)
S11E34 scheduled: Maurice Chevalier; Sophie Tucker; Carol Lawrence; Jack E. Leonard 18/05/1958 Scheduled guests: --Maurice Chevalier (star of the new movie ""Gigi"") --Sophie Tucker --Carol Lawrence (of ""West Side Story"") --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) --The West Point Glee Club --The Kim Sisters (singing trio from Korea) --Georgie Tapps and his dancers --The Wake Forest College majorettes, Winston-Salem, N.C. --John Risko (plate spinner)
S11E35 scheduled: Frankie Lymon; Alan King; Hermione Gingold 25/05/1958 Scheduled guests: --Frankie Lymon (singer) --Alan King (comedian) --Hermione Gingold (actress-comedian) --Allan Drake (comedian) --Althea Gibson (tennis star, making her TV singing debut) --Zizi Jeanmaire and Roland Petit (husband & wife ballet performers from France) --The Three Edwards (Canadian balancing act) --The Theda Sisters (European trapeze performers)
S11E36 scheduled: Wayne and Shuster; Jimmie Rodgers; Edie Adams 01/06/1958 Scheduled guests: --Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster (guest hosts, taking over while Ed was at the World's Fair in Brussels) --Edie Adams (singer-comedian) --Jimmie Rodgers (singer) - ""Secretly"" --Doretta Morrow (singer) --Sallie Blair (singer) --Mario Del Monaco (singer) --Jeanmarie and Roland Petit (French ballet stars) --The Amin Brothers (Egyptian novelty act)
S11E37 scheduled: Alan King; Hugh O'Brian; Jack E. Leonard; Roberta Sherwood 08/06/1958 Scheduled guests: --Della Reese --Hugh O'Brian (star of ""Wyatt Earp"") --Alan King (comedian) --Carol Haney and Peter Gennaro (dancers) --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) --Roberta Sherwood (singer, accompanied by her three sons, who play guitar, drums and trumpet.) --Noelle Adam (dancer, star of Francoise Sagan's ballet ""The Broken Date"") ""King's Castle"" sketch performed by Alan King and his comedy troupe. Cast: --Alan King (as the husband) --Georgann Johnson (as the wife) --Ruth McDevitt (as the mother-in-law) --Bernie West (as the brother-in-law) --Chris Snell (as the boy)
S11E38 The Brussels World's Fair / Sophia Loren / The Platters 15/06/1958 The Brussels World's Fair (a filmed tour of the fair) Guests (also on film): --The Platters - probably ""Twilight Time"" --William Holden --Sophia Loren --Brigitte Bardot --Maurice Chevalier --Jacques Tati --Mitzi Gaynor --The Nitwits (British comedy troupe) --The Bayanihan Troupe (Philippine folk dancers)
S11E39 10th Anniversary Show (clips from past shows) 22/06/1958 Note: The 10th Anniversary Special is made up of clips from the past 10 years of ""Toast of the Town"" & ""The Ed Sullivan Show."" Clips: --1948 highlights: The June Taylor Girls (chorus line); Patsy Flick --1949 highlights: First TV ice show, Carol Lynn, Ed In Fur Coat Tries To Ice Skate, falls / Luise Rainer / Teresa Brewer's Debut / Charles Laughton reads from the Bible / Harry Armstrong / Maude Nugent Jerome / W. C. Handy / Bill Bojangles Robinson / Rosemary Clooney's debut --1950 highlights: Babe Didrikson Zaharis, Margaret Truman, Perry Como / Audience Bows: Roy Campanella, Mrs. Knute Rockne / Mayor O'Dwyer makes Gordon Jenkins cry. / Scene from ""Member Of The Wedding"" --1951 highlights: Moira Shearer, Gertrude Lawrence / Helen Hayes Talks About. ""Victoria Regina"" & Theater Life / Oscar Hammerstein Recites ""The Last Time I Saw Paris Lyrics (TV's first split screen) / Yul Brynner, Sugar Ray Robinson Kids Sam Snead --1952 highlights: Jackie Gleason & Art Carney; Audrey He
S11E40 Moscow's Moiseyev Ballet 29/06/1958 Newspaper description #1: Hour-long show devoted to Moscow's famed Moiseyev dancers, with Ray Bloch and his orchestra. Newspaper description #2: Tonight's show should fare considerably better than last week's 10th anniversary program. This one should be a real knock-out with the famous Moiseyev Ballet from Russia as the singular attraction. This will mark the first time that the frenzied folk-dancers have appeared on American TV.
S11E41 Esther Williams / Frank Sinatra (on film) / Princess Grace (film) 06/07/1958 Program broadcast from Las Vegas: Esther Williams swimming segments: --(1) Esther introduces ""Water Babies"" (children diving into swimming pool). Esther Williams gives little girl piggy back ride in swimming pool. --(2) Esther Williams announces Junior Champion Swimmers. Joe Monahan on high board. Papsy Georgian in pool with children swimming and diving. The AAU Champion Synchronized swimming team. Esther Williams emerges from a circle of swimmers, she swims, approaches side of pool, then blows a kiss to the viewer. --On film: Clip of Frank Sinatra in Monte Carlo, Monaco for the world premiere of ""Kings Go Forth."" Sinatra appears with Prince Ranier, Princess Grace & Caroline. Other guests: --Carol Burnett (stand-up comedy routine about braces) --Professor Backwards (stand-up routine about Las Vegas) --Kirby Stone Four - ""Lazy River"" --Sally Blair - ""Witchcraft"" --Duke Lloyd - Gigi"" (incomplete, interrupted by a Mercury commercial) --Joe Cook, Jr. (comedian
S11E42 scheduled: Ann Blyth; The Four Preps; Anna Maria Alberghetti 13/07/1958 Scheduled guests (from the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada): --Ann Blyth (movie star) - might have performed ""Little Girl Blue"" on this date. --The Four Preps (vocal group) - ""Big Man"" & ""Lazy Summer Night"" --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer, movie star) --Pat McCormick (Olympic diving champion) --Ramine (Hawaiian dancer, appears in the movie ""South Seas Adventure"") --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --Bennett and Patterson (comedy duo) --Richiardi (magician)
S11E43 scheduled: The 5th Annual Army talent show; Teresa Brewer (guest host) 20/07/1958 The 5th Annual Army talent show: --Teresa Brewer (scheduled guest host) Scheduled Army talent: --Pfc. Constantine Cassolas (operatic tenor from Brooklyn, NY) --The Second U.S. Army chrous, directed by Rinaldo Massimino --The Circle (a country and western trio) with Sfc. Horace Burns (Knoxville, Tenn.), Sgt. Ervin Elswick (Cromona, Ky.) and Sgt. Thomas Parker (Kannapolis, N.C.) --The Cold Cuts with Sp-1 Ernest Calla (East Boston, Mass.), Pfc. Howard Garfin (Flushing, N.Y.), Pfc. John Guthman (Stowe, Vt.), Pfc. Stan Kletkewicz (Philadelphia, Pa.) and Pfc. Robert Runion (Bluefield, W.Va.)
S11E44 Ernie Kovacs / Sheb Wooley / Gordon MacRae / Bobby Van 27/07/1958 Guests: --Ernie Kovacs - conducts the Nairobi Symphony (with musicians in monkey costumes). --Sheb Wooley - ""The Purple People Eater"" --Gisele MacKenzie - ""All The Way"" --Bobby Van - ""Too Darn Hot"" (sings and dances to song from ""Kiss Me Kate"") --Gordon MacRae - medley: ""Moonlight Bay,"" ""Tea For Two,"" ""Stranger In Paradise"" and ""If I Loved You"" --Paul Hampton - ""Let's Fall In Love"" --George Givot (Italian comic) --Jean Wald (orchestra made up of elderly women) - Grandma Orchestra plays 1920's medley. --Julia Mead - impersonates Ertha Kitt, Ray Bolger, Ethel Merman --Jimmy and Mildred Mulcay (harmonica players) - ""Caravan"" --Frisco Four (barbershop quartet) --The Goofers (comical musicians) - ""Flying Blues"" & ""Man On the Flying Trapeze"" (musicians goofing around, on pogo sticks, doing cartwheels, one swings upside down while playing bass, etc.)
S11E45 scheduled: Wayne and Shuster; Dolores Gray; Margaret Tynes 03/08/1958 Scheduled: --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Dolores Gray (musical-comedy star) --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) --Margaret Tynes (singer) --Dieter Tasso (juggler)
S11E46 scheduled: 4th Annual U.S. Navy Talent Contest with guest host Sam Levenson 10/08/1958 Scheduled: The 4th Annual U.S. Navy World Wide Talent Contest --Sam Levenson (comedian, appearing as guest host) Guests include --Rear Adm. Dan Gallery's steel drum band (from the San Juan, Puerto Rico Naval Base)
S11E47 Gregory Peck (cameo) / Teresa Brewer / Carol Lawrence 17/08/1958 Guests include: --Gregory Peck (cameo, introduces Judy White, burn victim) --Teresa Brewer - ""Don't Bring Lulu"" and ""I Wouldn't Trade The Sliver"" --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Near You"" --Domenico Modugno (Italian vocalist) - ""Volare"" --Carol Lawrence & Peter Gennaro - ""Shine On My Shoes"" --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedian doing jokes about life's most embarrassing moments) --Ted Williams (makes an appeal for the Jimmy Fund, for children with cancer) --Perez Prado - ""Patricia"" --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance routine, woman in tutu) --Jackie Cannon (stand-up routine) --Marquis Chimps (trained monkey/chimp act) --Audience bows: Max Case, Harry Dekay, Emmy Wideman & Anthony Marsello, Dana Andrews, Jack Sterling
S11E48 scheduled: Frankie Lymon; Georgie Kaye; Wayne & Shuster 24/08/1958 Scheduled guests: --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team, appearing as guest hosts while Ed was in Israel) --Frankie Lymon (singer) - ""The Only Way To Love"" --Georgie Kaye (comedian) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Charlie Applewhite (singer) - ""Stormy Weather"" --Ann Leonardo (singer) - ""You, You Romeo"" --Althea Gibson (tennis champion & singer) --Elisa Jayen (dancer) --Janik and Arnaut (dancers, doing their ""Snake Dance"")
S11E49 Dick Powell / Jack E. Leonard / Air Force Talent Show 31/08/1958 The Air Force Talent Show Civilian guests: --Dick Powell (actor, appearing as guest host while Ed was in Israel) --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) --The Air Force talent consisted of winners of the Annual All Air Force Talent Contest. (The grand finals were held in May 1958 at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.) Also appearing: Contestants in the Miss America Pageant, including --Anita Bryant (Miss Oklahoma) --Mary Ann Mobley (Miss Mississippi, later became Miss America 1959)
S11E50 Georgia Gibbs / Ice Capades / scheduled: Johnny Ray; Jane Morgan 07/09/1958 Broadcast from Madison Square Garden --John Harris's Ice Capades --Georgia Gibbs - sings ""The Hula-Hoop Song"" Scheduled guests: --Johnny Ray (singer) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Professor Backwards --Jill Corey (singer) --Jinx (a chimpanzee that performs on skates)
S12E01 Tommy Edwards / West Side Story Broadway cast / Mickey Rooney 14/09/1958 Guests: --Tommy Edwards - ""It's All In the Game"" --Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman - appear together in a ""Candid Camera"" parody. --Mickey Rooney - talks about the film ""The Last Mile"" in an interview with Ed. --Jacquelyn McKeever (musical-comedy star) sings ""I Feel Pretty"" (from ""West Side Story"") --Domenico Modugno (Italian vocalist) sings ""The Coffee Song"" and ""Drunken Donkey"" in Italian. (Note: Domenico Modugno was the composer of ""Volare."") --The Marilicks (correct spelling?) - plate juggling & spinning act --Audience bows: Jerome (Jerry) Robbins / Stuart Granger / Col. Greg Pappy Boyington (WWII hero, leader of the Baa Baa Black Sheep Squadron) --On stage intro: Major Johnson (commander of Grenadier Band, The Scotguard Pipers) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - does his famous drunk ""act"". --Pinky and Perky (a puppet act from Europe) - does a humorous version of ""Volare"" --Jaye P. Morgan (singer, scheduled to appear with her four brothers) Additional guests
S12E02 scheduled: The stars of the upcoming TV season 21/09/1958 Scheduled guests: --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) --Alan King (comedian) Also, these stars of CBS's programs for the upcoming season were scheduled: --Steve McQueen (""Wanted-Dead or Alive"") --Jackie Gleason (""Jackie Gleason Show"") --Art Carney (DuPont Show of the Month's ""Harvey"") Gleason and Carney appear together in a filmed sequence. --Raymond Burr (""Perry Mason"") --Edward R. Murrow (""Person to Person"" and ""Small World"") --Phil Silvers (""Phil Silvers Show"") --Red Skelton (""Red Skelton Show"") --Gale Storm (""Gale Storm Show"") --Ronald Reagan (""GE Theater"") --Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin (from ""Father Knows Best""). --Arthur Godfrey (Arthur Godfrey Show,"" appearing on tape) --Dorothy Collins and Johnny Desmond (""Your Hit Parade"") --Spring Byington (""December Bride,"" appearing on tape) --Richard Boone (""Have Gun Will Travel"") --Warner Anderson (""The Lineup"") --Robert Culp (""Trackdown"")
S12E03 Shecky Green / Mickey Mantle / Yogi Berra / Sacha Distel 28/09/1958 Guests: --Julie Wilson - ""It's Great To Be Alive."" --Bobby Van (dancer) And Robert Maxwell (harpist) --Shecky Greene (Las Vegas comedian) - jokes about boxers, intellectual comics, Danny Thomas. Shecky then sings ""Autumn Leaves"" and lampoons band singers. --Los Chavales with Trini Reyes (Flamenco-style Spanish dancing) --On film: ""Early Morning Mist."" - A sight-seeing movie of New York narrated by Ed (runs approx 2.5 minutes). --Wayne and Shuster (Canadian comedy team) - do a baseball parody sketch: The New York Yankees vs. The Liverpool Whitespats. --Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle appear with Ed. --Sacha Distel (French actor engaged to Brigitte Bardot - they never married) - following film of Ed interviewing Brigitte Bardot, Sacha Distel sings ""Please Don't Tell Bridget."" --Ballet Español (bullfighting ballet) --Julie Wilson - ""I Could Write A Book"" --Audience bows: Gregory Peck and wife. ""The Big Country"" is plugged. --Jim O'Toole is introduced (O
S12E04 scheduled: Danny Thomas; Frankie Laine; Milwaukee Braves players 05/10/1958 Scheduled guests: --Danny Thomas --Frankie Laine (singer) --Patachou (French singer) --Tina Robin (singer) --Little Buck (dancer) --Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander (dancing team) Baseball segment: --Milwaukee Braves: Warren Spahn, Henry Aaron, Eddie Matthews, Red Schoendienst and Del Crandall. --Joe Garagiola (Sportscaster and former St. Louis Cardinals catcher)
S12E05 scheduled: Carol Channing; Genevieve; Line Renaud 12/10/1958 Scheduled guests: --Carol Channing (musical comedy star) --Genevieve (French singer) --Line Renaud (French singer) --The Talbot Brothers (vocal-insturmental trio from Bermuda) --George and Lydia (novelty ladder act from London, England)
S12E06 Tony Martin / Roger Williams / Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane 19/10/1958 Guests: --Tony Martin (singer) - ""Gigi"" & ""Fire Down Below"" --Benny Fields, Blossom Seeley, Tony Martin - ""My Blushin' Rosie"" (Note: Benny Fields & Blossom Seeley were vaudevillians) --Xavier Cugat and his band with Abbe Lane - ""Dengoza I,"" ""Ain't Misbehavin'"" & ""Rockin' The Mambo"" --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Tico Tico"" & interview with Ed (talks to Ed about honorary degree). Roger Williams (later in show) - ""Near to You"" --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) - does stand-up routine & sings ""When You're Smiling"" --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedy team doing a storytime sketch) --Marvin Roy (magician known as ""Mr. Electric"") - pops a string of lights out of his mouth --Leonard & Leonard (tap dancing duo) --Dolores Vargas and Jose Castellon Batista (Spanish dance team with guitar accompaniment) --On film: clip from ""Roots Of Heaven"" with Trevor Howard (elephant scene) --Audience bows: Miss By-Line; Mercury dealers (followed by Ed promoting the 1958 Mercury) --
S12E07 Esther Williams (guest host) / Johnny Mathis / Janet Blair 26/10/1958 Guests: --Esther Williams (guest host) --Lisa Kirk - ""Anything Goes"" --Bob Hammond's Birds --Johnny Mathis - ""The Lady Is A Tramp"" & ""Call Me"" --The Martin Brothers (South American juggling act) - Esther Williams assists the jugglers. --Imogene Coca (comedian) - performs a scene from ""The Girls In 509"" (where spinsters hold a man captive). --Janet Blair - ""Last Night When We Were Young"" --Shecky Greene (comedian) - jokes about Chinese restaurants; night clubs, etc. Greene plays ""Taps"" with Ray Block. --On film: Esther Williams swimming production number with a team of swimming ladies (reminiscent of Williams' MGM movies) Filmed the previous day at Queens College. --Lisa Kirk - ""Far Away Places"" & ""Riviera"" --Audience bow: Jacques Tati (French comedian-film maker) --Terry Hall & ""Lenny the Lion"" (British ventriloquist act) --Johnny Mathis - ""Sweet Lorraine"" (cover of a Nat King Cole song)
S12E08 Itzhak Perlman / Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert / Film: Ed Sullivan Visits Jerusalem 02/11/1958 Guests: --Itzhak Perlman (violinist, then a 13-year old child prodigy) - plays ""Polonaise Brilliante"" --Carol Lawrence (as Maria) and Larry Kert (as Tony) sing ""Tonight"" (the balcony scene from Broadway's ""West Side Story""). --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian; performs a comedy routine about teachers) --Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing ""Hallelujah Chorus"" (from Handel's ""Messiah"") --Great Shadow Puppet Act --Coal mine disaster survivors are introduced Winners of the First Israeli Talent Contest (judged by Ed when he was in Israel) --On film: Ed Goes To Jerusalem (Note: The transcript doesn't mention which Israeli acts were on film and which ones performed live in New York.) --Itzhak Perlman (violinist, then a 13-year old child prodigy) - plays ""Polonaise Brilliante"" --Yona Cohen and Miriam Paskalsky (Israeli singers) perform operatic Jewish folk songs. --Suzanna Ruben (or Reuben, known as ""The Israeli Ethel Merman"") sings Ethel's ""Getting To Know You"" (in Hebrew)
S12E09 Friar's Club roasts Ed Sullivan w/Walter Cronkite; Maury Amsterdam; Joey Bishop 09/11/1958 ""The Friar's Club"" roasts Ed Sullivan Guests: --Joe E. Lewis - roasts Ed --Jack Carter (host / master of ceremonies, appears throughout the show) --Walter Cronkite (newsman) - tries to give Ed's history but is interrupted by Maury Amsterdam and Jack Carter. --F. M. Flynn (Ed's publisher at N.Y. Daily News) --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team, make jokes about their exclusive contract with Sullivan) --cameo: Sylvia Sullivan (Ed's wife, waves) --Joey Bishop (comedian) - gives a short speech --Rocky Graziano (prizefighter, is heckled by comedians) --Abbe Lane (wife of Xavier Cugat) - presents Ed with a painting of Steve Allen --Jacob Javits (New York Republican Senator) - politician making a serious speech --Jack E. Leonard (comedian, roasting Ed) --Phil Silvers - gives speech & presents Ed with a Golden Friar Award
S12E10 scheduled: William Shatner; Lou Costello; Dody Goodman 16/11/1958 Scheduled guests: --William Shatner and France Nuyen (from the Broadway musical ""The World of Suzie Wong"") - appear in scenes from ""...Suzie Wong"" --William Shatner and France Nuyen, and members of the show's cast - perform a song written by Josh Logan, based on the Rodgers and Hart song ""How Can You Forget?"" --Lou Costello (comedian, formerly of Abbott and Costello) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Roberta Peters (soprano) --Dody Goodman (comedian) --Arnold Stang (comic actor) --Dody Goodman, Arnold Stang, and Ed Sullivan do a comedy sketch about TV ratings--The Impero Brothers (balancing act) --Joe Noble Trio (dancing and fire-eating act) --Baby Opal (elephant act)
S12E11 Kathryn Grayson / Herb Shriner / The Four Coins 23/11/1958 Guests: --Beryozka Dance Company (Russian folk dancers in peasant costumes) --The Four Coins (vocal group) - ""World Outside"" --Pat Stanley & Russell Nype - ""All for Love for a Lady Like Me"" (song from Leroy Anderson's Broadway musical ""Goldilocks"") Staged by Agnes De Mille. --Teddy Randazzo (teen idol playing the accordion) - ""Lumana"" --Marco (sword-balancing act) - from a ladder balances tray of glasses on a sword --Herb Shriner (stand-up comedian) --Kathryn Grayson (Hollywood actress) - sings ""Sempre Libre"" --Beryozka Dance Company --Shelley Berman (stand-up comedian) - jokes about airline safety --Audience bow: Leonard Bernstein --The Impero Brothers (acrobatic trio, brothers)
S12E12 scheduled: Teresa Brewer; Hal March; Jean Carroll 30/11/1958 Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Hal March (comedian) --Monique Van Vooren (singer) - ""Thank Heaven"" --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist ) --The Keigo Imperial Japanese Dancers --Eddie Seifert and Company (balancing act)
S12E13 From Alaska: Dody Goodman; Jill Corey; Dick Lord Buckley 07/12/1958 Show filmed in Alaska (when Ed was in Alaska a few weeks earlier): Guests: --Dody Goodman (comedian) --Jill Corey (singer) - ""Sitting on Top of the World"" --Dick ""Lord"" Buckley (nightclub comedian) - ""Shooting Dan McGrew"" --Little Buck (dancer) --George Bruno (aerialist) --Piet Von Brechts (comedy contortionist) --Jinx the monkey Alaskan features / performers: --Ceremonial dances --A ""blanket-toss"" by Eskimos of the town of Kotzebue --The Anchorage Community Chorus - sings ""Alaska's Flag"" --A salute to the U.S. Alaska command
S12E14 scheduled: Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane / Flower Drum Song cast 14/12/1958 Scheduled guests: --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II (appear to promote their new musical ""Flower Drum Song""). --The entire cast of ""Flower Drum Song"" perform scenes from the play. --Xavier Cugat and his orchestra with Abbe Lane --Mario Del Monaco (Metropolitan Opera tenor) --John Gilpin (dancer from the Anton ballet company) --Holger and Dolores (dance team from Europe)
S12E15 scheduled: Jose Ferrer & Lois Smith; David Seville; Rise Stevens 21/12/1958 Scheduled guests: --Jose Ferrer and Lois Smith - in scenes from their Broadway play ""Edwin Booth"" --Rise Stevens (operatic soprano) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --David Seville (singer) --Dick Button (champion ice skater) - performs on the Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink --Bob Considine (journalist) --Betty Johnson (singer) --Luis Mariano (singer) --Vic Julian and his French Poodles
S12E16 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward / Maurice Gosfield & Joe E. Ross 28/12/1958 Guests (first half of show): --Maurice Gosfield (Private Doberman) and Joe E. Ross (Sgt. Ridzik) from ""The Phil Silvers Show"" (a.k.a. ""You'll Never Get Rich"" & ""Sergeant Bilko"") --Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward (actors) - in New York for the opening of their movie ""Rally Round the Flag Boys!"" (Joan Collins and director Leo McCarey were also scheduled to appear.) --Ed appears with Alan Ameche (football player of the Baltimore Colts) --Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act) --The Great Norberti (novelty act) - Comic Acrobat --Jane Morgan (singer) - ""Fascination"" & ""The Day The Rain Comes Down"" --Marvin Roy (magician known as ""Mr. Electric"" with his light bulbs) Scheduled guests (second half of show): --Della Reese (singer) --Sam Levenson (humorist) --Dario Cassini (singer) --Harry Mimmo (comic pantomimist) --Tom Garey (novelty act)
S12E17 Imogene Coca / Shelley Berman / Trude Adams / Phil Ford & Mimi Hines 04/01/1959 Guests: --Imogene Coca plays an opera singer in a comedy routine --Ivry Gitlis (Israeli violinist) --Trude Adams (singer) - ""He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"" & 1 other song. --Shelley Berman (stand-up comedian) --Phil Ford and Mimi Hines (night club entertainers) --Ray MacDonald (tap dancer) - dances to ""Blue Skies"" --Athlete Rafer Johnson (athlete) receives the 1958 ""Sportsman of the Year"" award from Sid James (managing editor of Sports Illustrated). --Dickie Henderson (comedian from England) --Pinky and Perky (British puppet act) - puppets sing ""Fever"" and ""Chantilly Lace""
S12E18 Fidel Castro (on film) / Jason Robards / George Grizzard / Alan King 11/01/1959 --On film: Fidel Castro - 25 second clip at beginning of show. Later in show, a 6-minute film is shown: Ed introduces Castro, calls Castro and his soldiers ""Revolutionary Youngsters."" Film includes appearance by Che Guevara. Ed wishes Castro luck in his revolution. Other guests (live): --Jason Robards & George Grizzard - perform scene from the Broadway play ""The Disenchanted."" --Alan King (comedian, talks about house party directions) --Little Gaelic Singers (from Ireland) - ""The Faughan Side"" --Professor Backwards (comedian, talks about Texas, psychiatrists.) --Victor Julian (animal act) - man with two poodles. After the commercial break the dogs appear in clothing for a ""Poodle Fashion Show"" --Helen Halpin - does impressions of Della Reese, Sarah Vaughan, Judy Garland. --Francis Brunn (juggler) (listed on transcript as Francis Burn) --The Gutis (acrobatic-comedy act) - 4-man act (2 of them are wearing ape costumes) --Tina Louise (cameo, appears with Ed at end of s
S12E19 Edith Piaf / Celeste Holm / Betty Comden & Adolph Green / Pat Suzuki 18/01/1959 Guests: --Edith Piaf (French singer) - ""Carousel"" and ""Gypsy and the Lady"" --Celeste Holm (actress) - scene from ""Third Best Sport"" (Comical scene with salesman & customer) --Pat Suzuki (musical-comedy star) - ""I Enjoy Being A Girl"" (from ""Flower Drum Song"") --Antonietta Stella (operatic soprano) - ""Un Beldi"" (from ""Madame Butterfly"") --Betty Comden & Adolph Green - medley of classic show tunes: ""Just In Time,"" ""The Party's Over,"" ""It's Love,"" ""New York"" and ""The Inspiration."" Also: ""Captain Hook Waltz"" (from ""Peter Pan"") & ""The French Lesson"" (from ""Good News""). --Alan Drake (stand-up comedian) - monologue about marriage, kids, friendship, relatives, corruption, childhood, and sings ""Sunny Side Of The Street"" --Murray Hill & Chatter (monkey act with trainer) --Audience bows: Marie Torres; Nancy Rideout (with film clip of Rideout water skiing)
S12E20 scheduled: Charlton Heston; Eartha Kitt; Georgia Gibbs 25/01/1959 Scheduled guests: --Charlton Heston (actor) --Eartha Kitt (actress-singer, star of the movie ""Anna Lucasta"") --Georgia Gibbs (singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Noelle Adam (French dancer) --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist)
S12E21 Johnny Cash / Frankie Laine / Richard Boone 08/02/1959 Guests: --Johnny Cash - ""Don't Take Your Guns to Town"" --Miyoshi Umeki (star of Broadway's ""Flower Drum Song"") - ""Hundred Million Miracles"" and ""In My Own Little Corner"" --Frankie Laine - ""You Can Depend On Me,"" ""Then I Should Fall In Love,"" ""Last Night,"" ""That Old Feeling"" and ""The Rose"" --Frankie Laine - ""The Gettysburg Address"" (Civil War pictures shown) --Jan Murray - sings ""Love Is A Treasure Hunt,"" then banters with Frankie Laine & sings ""Jamaica"" (Lena Horne song). --Richard Boone and Nancy Kelly (actors) - perform scenes from the Broadway play ""The Rivalry"" --The Jamaica Dancers (Broadway dancers) - perform ""Jamaica"" --Trude Adams - ""Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"" & ""Josuha"" --Wally Griffin (comedy routine)
S12E22 scheduled: Itzhak Perlman; Dody Goodman; Jack Carter; Jane Morgan 15/02/1959 Scheduled guests: --Itzhak Perlman (18-year-old violinist from Israel) --Dody Goodman (comedian) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Luise Rainer (actress) --Flaviano Labo (Metropolitan opera tenor) --Hubert Castle (wire-walker) --Latonia, Graham and Chadel (novelty act from Europe)
S12E23 scheduled: Dennis Weaver; Roger Williams; Pat Henning 22/02/1959 Scheduled guests: --Dennis Weaver (actor, played Chester on ""Gunsmoke"") --Roger Williams (pianist) --Roberta Peters (opera singer) --Arnold Stang (comic actor) --Teddy Randazzo (singer) --Pat Henning (comedian) --Little Buck (dancer) --Jackie Cannon (comedian) --The Ballet Florence and Frederic de Paris --The Happy Jesters (comedians) --Ugo Frediani (novelty act from Europe)
S12E24 The Platters / scheduled: Abbe Lane; Xavier Cugat; Carol Lawrence 01/03/1959 The Platters - ""Sound & The Fury"" and ""Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"" Scheduled: --Abbe Lane with Xavier Cugat and his orchestra --Carol Lawrence --Pat Suzuki (musical-comedy star) --Shelley Berman (comedian) --Ford and Hines (comedy team)
S12E25 Fred MacMurray / Jane Russell / David Seville / Samuel Goldwyn (on film) 08/03/1959 --Chris Barber's Jazz Band - ""Petit Fleur"" (played while Ed announces guests) and ""Diga, Diga Do"" --Schaller Brothers (comedy trampoline act) --Joe Howard (vaudevillian) and his son Joe Howard Jr. - medley of Vaudeville songs --Fred MacMurray (actor) - appears on stage with dog from ""The Shaggy Dog."" Plus, a clip from the movie. --Dewey ""Pigmeat"" Markham and Shorty (comedy team) --On film: Samuel Goldwyn and Ed Sullivan present awards to Rajaram Vankudre (Indian filmmaker); Buddy Adler; Maurice Chevalier and David Niven. --Jane Russell and her brother Kevin - sing Gospel medley. --The Martin Brothers (acrobats with flaming clubs) --Jan Murray (comedian) --David Seville and the Chipmunks (Chipmunks played by puppets) - probably ""Alvin's Harmonica"" --Shecky Greene (comedian) --Audience bows include Claire Ruth (wife of Babe Ruth); Edith Head and Van Heflin.
S12E26 Edward Mulhare / Myron Cohen / Paul O'Keefe 15/03/1959 Guests (St. Patrick's Day show filmed in Ireland): --Liam DeVally - ""The Gentle Maiden"" (a traditional Irish folk ballad) --Cork Choir (a.k.a. The Corkish Glee Club) - ""Bells of Shandon"" --Maureen Potter (comedian) - stand-up comic baby routine --The Harmonichords - ""Danny Boy"" (3-man harmonica playing band) --Joe Lynch - ""Cockles and Mussels"" --Robert Briscoe (former Lord Mayor of Dublin) - interviewed at the ""Taxi Cab Shrine"" in Ireland --Irish Prime Minister Eamon De Valera - talks with Ed Sullivan. --Three Harpists - ""Castle of Dromore"" --Edward Mulhare segment: (1) interview; (2) Ed shares tea with Mrs. Mulhare; (3) Ed Mulhare sings ""I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face"" & ""Let A Woman In Your Life"" --Paul O'Keefe (seven-year-old singer from ""The Music Man"") - sings ""Dear Old Donnegal"" --Ed kisses the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle --Irish Steppers (possibly the Comerford Dancers) - do traditional Irish jigs --Also: Scenes from the new James Cagney movi
S12E27 From Portugal: Maurice Chevalier; The Ames Brothers 22/03/1959 Guests (show filmed in Portugal): --Maurice Chevalier - ""This Is My Lucky Day"" & ""Quai de Bercy"" --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - ""Petticoats of Portugal"" --Jacquelyn McKeever (singer) - ""April in Portugal"" --Richard Hearne (British comedian ""Mr. Pastry"") --La Chunga (Flamenco dancer from Spain) --John Gilpin and Marilyn Burr (British ballet dancers) CBS repeated this show on July 23, 1961.
S12E28 scheduled: Shelley Winters; Connie Francis / James Stewart & Lee Remick (on film) 29/03/1959 Scheduled guests: --Shelley Winters (actress) --Connie Francis (singer) --Luise Rainer (actress) --Richard Boone (from the TV series ""Paladin"") --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Jaye P. Morgan (singer with her four brothers) --Mischa Elman (violinist) --Carol Heiss (champion ice skater) --The Bizzaro Brothers (bell-ringing musicians) --On film: A visit to the ""Anatomy of a Murder"" movie set on the first day of shooting. The movie stars James Stewart, Lee Remick and attorney Joseph N. Welch.
S12E29 The Fleetwoods / Billy Williams Quartet / Jean Carroll 05/04/1959 Guests: --The Billy Williams Quartet - ""Goodnight Irene"" --Helene and Howard (comic dancers) --Jean Carroll (comedian) - domestic life humor. --Domenico Modugno (Italian crooner) - ""Piove"" --Flying DePauls (female acrobats) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Wayne and Shuster (comedians) - ""Mark of Zero"" sketch --Life Magazine film on ""Zero Gravity"" --The Fleetwoods - ""Come Softly to Me"" --Paul Levee (introduced as ""the man who discovered Brigitte Bardot"") Other guest (scheduled to appear): --Dick Button (Olympic ice skating champion)
S12E30 Johnnie Ray / Brook Benton / Gertrude Berg / Teresa Brewer 12/04/1959 Guests: --Brook Benton - ""It's Just A Matter Of Time"" --Johnnie Ray - ""All Right, OK, You Win"" and ""Here & Now"" --Teresa Brewer - ""Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady"" & ""Heavenly Lover"" --Gertrude Berg, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Michael Tolan - perform a scene from their Broadway comedy ""A Majority of One"" (ship deck scene) --Patachou (Singer from France) - ""Les Innocents"" --Smith & Dale (comedy duo) - tax consultant routine --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedy) - tells jokes about Gertrude Stein & plays a man with hangover making a phone call (routine about what happened the night before) --Phil Foster (stand-up comedian doing a monologue about dogs) --Don McNeil (of Chicago's WBBM-TV ""Breakfast Club"") - introduces Jinny Teal. --Jinny Teal (5-year old girl piano prodigy) - plays ""The Bridge over the River Kwai"" theme on piano. On-stage bows (at beginning of show): Moose Skowron (N. Y. Yankee) & Rod Steiger
S12E31 scheduled: Tallulah Bankhead; Della Reese; Betty Comden & Adolph Green 19/04/1959 Scheduled guests: --Tallulah Bankhead --Della Reese (singer) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Betty Comden and Adolph Green (musical-comedy team) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --Toni Arden (singer) --Martha Ann Bentley (dancer) --Maggie Sarragne (singer) --Augie and Margo (dance team) --The Shellys (listed as a ""variety act"")
S12E32 Johnny Mathis / Rod Steiger / Henny Youngman 26/04/1959 Guests include: --Johnny Mathis - ""Lover,"" ""Someone"" & ""From This Moment"" --Rod Steiger - performs a scene from ""Roshomon"" (Samurai sword fight) --On film: Clip from ""Al Capone"" starring Rod Steiger --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian with violin) --Dody Goodman (comedian doing a routine about the differences between men and women) --Jan Clayton - ""If I'd Loved You"" --Jan Peerce - The Teamsters --Darvas & Julia (ballroom dancers) --The Dukes Of Dixieland - ""76 Trombones"" (Dixieland style band)
S12E33 scheduled: Lionel Hampton; Gogi Grant; Billy Daniels 03/05/1959 Scheduled guests: --Lionel Hampton and his band (jazz musicians) --Gogi Grant (singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - present a comedy sketch titled ""Bell, Bag and Canvas"" --Billy Daniels (singer) --Professor Backwards (comedian) --Ford and Hines (comedy team) --The Keynotes (female singing group) --Les Mathurins (European novelty act)
S12E34 Louis Prima & Keely Smith / Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy / Andy Griffith 10/05/1959 Segment with Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera: --Louis Prima sings ""When You're Smiling."" --Prima, Keely Smith & Sam Butera - ""Oh Marie"" medley --Sam Butera – ""Old Man River"" (sings with combo) --Keely Smith sings ""Oo Lee Oo"" --Louis Prima & Keely Smith sing ""I've Got You Under My Skin"" (do vocal trade-offs) Additional guests: --Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, George Matthews - perform a scene from the Sean O'Casey play ""A Pound On Demand"" --Broadway cast of ""Destry Rides Again"" (1) Dolores Gray, Andy Griffith, Scott Brady sing ""Gyp Watson"" number. (2) Dolores Gray sings ""I Say Hello"" --Charles Davis sings ""Hawaiian Wedding Song"" --Arnold Stang (comedian) - routine: tip to the dentist with Ed as his straight man. --unknown ballet duo - perform a Pas De Deux
S12E35 Louis Prima & Keely Smith / Shelly Berman / Jack Carter 17/05/1959 Segment with Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera & the Witnesses: --Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera & The Witnesses - ""When You're Smiling,"" ""Just A Gigolo,"" ""I Aint Got Nobody"" & ""Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee"" --Louis plugs the movie ""Hey Boy Hey Girl"" --Sam Butera - ""Fever"" --Keely Smith - ""Nighty Night Little One"" --Keely Smith, Louis Prima, Sam Butera & The Witnesses - ""Old Black Magic"" Other guests: --Frank Libuse (piano playing comedian) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Shelly Berman (comedian) --Al Hibbler sings ""He Is Always There?"" & ""If you Love Your Neighbor"" --West Point Glee Club - sings a Civil War medley (""When Johnny Comes Marching Home,"" ""Battle Cry Of Freedom,"" ""The Old Camp Ground"" and ""Dixie"")
S12E36 Fabian / Myron Cohen / Ed Wynn / Carol Lawrence 24/05/1959 Guests: --Fabian - ""Turn Me Loose"" & ""Tiger"" --Carol Lawrence - ""10 Cents A Dance"" (from ""West Side Story) --Ed Wynn - jokes with Ed --Ed Wynn & Carol Lawrence - ""Tea For Two"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --The Goofers - ""Mutual Admiration Society"" (comedic musicians, Drummer wears goofy mask, musician swinging upside down) --Billy Storm - ""I've Come Of Age"" --Kyle McDonnell - The Best Thing For You --Rhonda Fleming - short interview With Ed --Owen Mcgivney, Jr. - Plays 5 characters with costume change. --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer) --Bobo Barnett (Clown & animal circus act) - Big clown gets out of tiny car --Baron Bweakas (spelling?) - Comedic violin player, plays 2 violins at same time
S12E37 Bobby Darin / Edith Piaf / Wayne & Shuster 31/05/1959 Guests: --Bobby Darin - ""Mack the Knife"" & ""Dream Lover"" --Edith Piaf - ""Milord""/""M'Lord"" (& possible 2nd song: ""Come On Let's Hear It"") --Peter Fit (magician) - floating cane trick & trick with bottles --Trude Adams - ""Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"" --Jackie Kannon & Jerri Bergen (comedy team) - play piano, sing parodies --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) Crime syndicate sketch, take off on crime TV shows. --Ed appears with Rhesus Monkey from space program (at beginning of show). --Rex Ramer (comedian) - ""Cocktails for For Two"" (Spike Jones impression) --Pompoff and Thedy (Vaudeville performers doing a comedy-magic act) --Lord Buckley, Ed Sullivan, Wayne & Shuster, and Trude Adams do a pantomime act. Audience bows: Judge John, Carol Ralphs
S12E38 James Cagney tribute / Johnny Horton / Al Martino 07/06/1959 James Cagney segment: --Montage of Cagney movie clips: ""Public Enemy,"" ""Angels With Dirty Faces,"" ""Oklahoma Kid,"" ""The Fighting 69th,"" ""Yankee Doodle Dandy"" & ""Mr. Roberts"" --James Cagney talks about his career (remote, possibly from California) --Film clip: ""Shake Hands with the Devil"" Additional guests: --Johnny Horton - ""The Battle of New Orleans"" --Al Martino - ""I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart"" --The Barry Sisters - ""Man Man"" & ""Come Prima"" --Maria Neglia - ""Hot Canary"" (on violin) --Dewey Pigmeat Markham - Dewey & Shorty argue mathematics --Jack Carter (stand-up comedy) - ""Frontier Junkman"" sketch with Ed playing ""Dirty Eddy."" They sing a few bars of ""Bye Bye Love"" --Chiquita & Pedro (dog act with 2 dogs dancing in Mexican clothing) --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedians) - do their impressions of ""The Year In Television"" Audience bows: Lt. Peter Dalkin & Eddie Regan (West Point Rhodes Scholars); Art Wahl --On stage bows: Johnny Horton (prio
S12E39 Brook Benton / Connie Francis / Wayne & Shuster / Henny Youngman 14/06/1959 Guests: --Brook Benton - ""Endlessly"" --Connie Francis - ""Lipstick on Your Collar"" & ""Mammy"" --Henny Youngman (comedian doing a professor routine) --Robert Merrill - ""Vesta La Giuba"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedians doing a ""Professor In The Jungle"" routine) --Jackie Miles (comedian) - does a going to the movies routine with Sullivan --Augie & Margo (dance team doing the Mambo) --Marvin Roy (magician known as ""Mr. Electric"") - uses scarves & light bulbs, a string of lights come out of his mouth --Remote from Liberty Island - fireworks display in tribute to Henry Hudson. Audience bows: Jule Styne (Broadway composer); Paul Ford (film and TV actor); Joel Montgomery (12 year old spelling bee champion)
S12E40 Fabian / Georgia Gibbs / Kirby Stone Four / John Wayne (on tape) 21/06/1959 Guests: --Jack Benny cameo: After Ed claims to have found a one-dollar bill in the lobby, Benny comes on stage to claim it. --On tape: John Wayne & Constance Towers wish Ed a happy 11th Anniversary --Georgia Gibbs - ""Once Upon a Nickel"" --Fabian - ""Tiger"" and ""Mighty Cold"" --Kirby Stone Four - ""It's A Really Big Show (Shoe)"" (with Ed joining them on song) --Wayne And Shuster - comedians do a Julius Ceaser sketch titled ""Rinse The Blood Off My Toga"" --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedy: child psychology & flying). --Will Jordan (comedian) - does a Sullivan impersonation and sings ""Bye Bye Love"" --The Shirleys (a Balloon Sculpting Group) - throw balloons into the audience. Audience bows (at beginning of show): Billy Casper (tennis player); Sylvia Fine (wife of Danny Kaye); and three heroes of French Resistance movement.
S12E41 Duke Ellington / Lloyd Price / Frankie Avalon / Jean Carroll 28/06/1959 12th Anniversary Show with guests: --Lloyd Price - ""Personality"" --Duke Ellington - ""Anatomy of a Murder"" & ""Flirty Bird"" --Otto Preminger - director of the film ""Porgy & Bess"" (90-second segment, probably an interview) --Frankie Avalon - ""A Boy without a Girl"" & ""That's Jazz"" --The Armstrong Band (without Louis) - plays untitled song --Ingemar Johansson (boxer from Sweeden) - new Heavyweight Boxing Champ shows knockout punch to Ed. --Italian Modern Jazz Dancers --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedy: teenage dates & modern times) --Little Dane & Mason - ""That's Plenty"" and ""Can Do"" (comic demonstration of invention of the fugue form in music) --Rickie Layne & Irving - do a beatnik ventriloquist routine with the puppet harassing Ed.--Tina Robin - ""Splish Splash"" & ""Hound Dog"" --Eric Brenn (plate spinner) Audience bow: Fred Astaire
S12E42 scheduled: Ames Brothers; Patachou; Alan King; Ford & Hines 05/07/1959 Scheduled guests: --The Ames Brothers (vocal group) - medley (""Too Young,"" ""Paper Doll,"" ""Everything I Have is Yours,"" ""Seems Like Old Times,"" ""If I Didn't Care"" and the Lawrence Welk theme). --Patachou (French singer) - ""Time After Time"" --Alan King (comedian) --Ford and Hines (comedy team) --Helen Halpin (vocal impressionist) --Ivry Gitlis (Israeli violinist) - ""Paganini Violin Concerto"" --Pinky and Perky (puppeteers)
S12E43 Carol Channing / Georgia Gibbs / Wayne & Shuster / Bob Lewis 12/07/1959 Guests: --Carol Channing - ""Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend"" (Carol gives a phony diamond to Ed, then throws phony diamonds out to audience members). --Georgia Gibbs - ""Arrivaderci Roma"" and ""Rock-A-Bye-Baby"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedians performing sketch: ""The Hula Hoop Murder Case"" with Inspector Johnny Chan) --Dukes of Dixieland (jazz group) - perform two songs --The Three Wiles (dance trio) --Bob Lewis (comedian, doing magic and comedy tricks) --Francis Brunn (juggler) --Noelle Adam (dancer from France) - does a dance number with many other dancers.
S12E44 Spoleto Festival (taped in Italy): Sir John Gielgud; Eileen Farrell 19/07/1959 ""Spoleto Festival"" (filmed at various locations in Spoleto, Italy) Guests: --Sir John Gielgud – reads from Shakespeare (filmed at Gian Carlo Menotti's palace) --Eileen Farrell (American soprano) sings ""Pace, pace, mio Dio"" (from Verdi's opera ""La Forza del Destino,"" filmed at the ancient amphitheater) and Verdi's ""Requiem Mass"" (filmed at the Duomo square). --Eileen Farrell and the Armstrong Band – ""Sunny Side of the Street"" (Louis Armstrong's jazz band without Louis, who was ill.) Filmed at the market place. --Nora Kaye and Scott Douglas (ballet dancers) - ""Romeo and Juliet"" by Herbert Ross, at the Duomo Cathedral steps and square. --The Jerome Robbins Ballets U.S.A. - dance to ""Five Senses"" by John Butler. (Filmed at the Little Theater) --Ornelle Vavone (Italian singer) - ""Strada n'foza"" (filmed at a restaurant) --Orchestra conducted by Thomas Schippers (American maestro) and singers - selections from Donizetti's opera ""The Duke of Alba"" performed at the opera hou
S12E45 Eartha Kitt / Charlton Heston (on film) / Roger Williams 26/07/1959 Guests: --Eartha Kitt - ""Little White Lies"" & ""What More Is There To Say."" --Eartha Kitt (later in show) - ""Turkish Rendition of CBD"" & ""Hora Ki Mi Tsion"" (in Hebrew) Note: Another source listed the songs as ""Uska Dara"" and ""Ki Mi Taion"" --On film: ""Ben Hur"" film clip with Charlton Heston riding chariot. Also: Ed on movie set riding in chariot with Heston. --Jamaica Dancers (dancers from Broadway play ""Jamaica"") --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""The Flight of the Bumblebee"" & ""Oh Come All Ye Faithful"" --Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) - rolls up a handkerchief to make it look like a dancer & does impressions of E. G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, Charles Laughton. --The Happy Jesters (comedy-musical trio) - ""Your Cheatin' Heart"" and, later in show, ""Heart Of My Heart"" --Phil Foster (stand-up comedy, topics: The Dodgers team & marriage) --The St. Clairs (family of tap dancers) - appear twice in show. Later in show, group tap dances to ""Louise."" The first number might
S12E46 The Platters / scheduled: Roberta Peters; Shelley Berman 02/08/1959 The Platters - ""Dance With Me, Henry,"" ""Remember When"" and ""Darktown Strutter's Ball"" Scheduled guests: --Roberta Peters (opera star) - ""Laughing Song"" (from the ""Fledermaus"") --Shelley Berman (comedian) --Jill Corey (singer) - ""I Want to be Loved"" & ""Bye, Bye, Blackbird"" --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --Helen Wood (dancer) --Judge Dewey Markham and Shorty (comedy team) --The Bizzaro Brothers (comedy trio) --Ugo Frediani (juggler from Italy) --The Alcettys (plate spinning act)
S12E47 Jane Russell / Sid Kroft / Shecky Greene / Toni Arden 09/08/1959 Guests: --Jane Russell - ""Say It Isn't So"" --Jane Russell and her brother Kevin - perform an unidentified song (possibly titled ""Dearie"") --Toni Arden (singer) - ""Non Dimenticar"" --Toni Arden and her brother Jan Arden - ""Ain't She Sweet,"" ""Yes Sir, That's My Baby"" & ""Pigalle"" --Sid Kroft and his marionettes --Keefe Brasselle (actor) - plays a song and does impressions of Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor     --Shecky Greene (comedian) - comedy routine: jokes with Ed Sullivan (who appears on stage throughout most of routine). Shecky then impersonates a German coed. --Sabicas (flamenco guitar player) --Helene and Howard (dancers) - add slapstick comedy to their dance routine --The Martin Brothers (flame throwing juggling act) - the team perform their flaming club routine with the lights out. --Miss Mara (trapeze artist) - circus act --Shaller Brothers (jugglers) - trampoline act
S12E48 scheduled: Lionel Hampton; Teresa Brewer; Jan Murray 16/08/1959 Scheduled guests: --Lionel Hampton (jazz musician) - ""Ain't Got That Swing"" and ""Lady Be Good"" --Teresa Brewer - ""There'll Be Some Changes Made,"" ""Melancholy Baby"" & ""When My Sugar Walks Down the Street"" --Jan Murray (comedian) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Joe Howard and son Joe Jr. (singing-comedy team) - ""I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"" --Jan Peerce (opera singer) - ""Vesti La Glubba"" & ""You'll Never Walk Alone""
S12E49 scheduled: Luise Rainer; Alan King; Dolores Wilson 23/08/1959 Scheduled guests: --Luise Rainer (actress, filmed interview) --Alan King (comedian) --Dolores Wilson (Metropolitan opera singer) --Johnny Haymer (comedian) --Turk Murphy and his band --Althea Gibson (singer, tennis champion) --Ben Bennett and Dick Patterson (comedy team) --The Smyth Brothers (Irish singing group) --John Gilpin and Marilyn Burr (English dance team, ballet)
S12E50 Army Talent Show with Steve Lawrence; Henny Youngman 30/08/1959 The Annual Army Talent Show Civilian talent (scheduled guests): --Henny Youngman (comedian) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --Modern Jazz Dancers (from Italy) - ""Zabandara"" Army talent (scheduled): --Steve Lawrence (singer, serving in the Army at the time) - ""Day In, Day Out"" --Peter Duchin (pianist, son of pianist Eddie Duchin) - ""To Love Again"" and ""Summertime"" --Alan Cohn (singer) - ""Nessun Dorma"" --Boyd Dounveor (singer) - ""Danny Boy"" --The Fort Sheridan Chamber Quintet including Alan Marlowe of Encino (instrumental group) --The Jamaicans (vocal group) - ""Jamaica Farewell"" --Jack Larson (impressionist) - ""Catch a Falling Star,"" ""King Creole"" and ""Hound Dog""--Eugene Misirowski (dancer) - ""Lover"" --John Park (singer) - ""Flamingo"" --Darrell Porter (singer) - ""Lonesome Road"" --The Second Army Band and Chorus - ""This Is It,"" ""Caught in the Act"" and ""Army Goes Rolling Along"" --The Troubadours (instrumental group) - ""Drunken Soldier""
S12E51 Bobby Darin / Frankie Laine / Teresa Brewer 06/09/1959 Broadcast from Madison Square Garden: Guests include: --Bobby Darin - medley: ""Swing Low Sweet Chariot,"" ""Lonesome Road"" and ""When The Saints Go Marching In"" --Frankie Laine - ""Someday"" & ""Rocks and Gravel"" --Teresa Brewer - ""How Could Belive"" and ""Diamond"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian: Irishman Vs Jewish man in an election, Rabbi and Priest in auto accident, etc.) --Will Jordan (impressionist) - does an impression of Ed Sullivan, Ed singing ""Bye Bye Love"" Plus, Ice Capades performers
S12E52 scheduled: Edith Piaf; Itzhak Perlman; Jack Carter 13/09/1959 Scheduled guests: --Edith Piaf (French Chanteuse) - ""You Are My Carousel"" (in French and English) --Jack Carter (comedian) --IItzhak Perlman (Israeli pianist) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Flaviano Labo (opera tenor) --Arnold Stang (comedian) --Harrison and Fisher (dance team) --Ricky Layne (ventriloquist) --Latona, Graham and Chadel (acrobats) --Hubert Castle (tightrope performer)
S13E01 Louis Armstrong / Rosemary Clooney / Jose Ferrer / Alan King 20/09/1959 Special 90-minute episode (live from New York & Chicago with a taped sequence from Las Vegas). Guests include: --Jose Ferrer (actor) - makes a cameo dressed as a cowboy, riding a horse and speaking in Shakespearean English. --Rosemary Clooney - ""I Wish I Were In Love Again"" and ""For You"" --Louis Armstrong - ""When the Saints Go Marching In"" (from the Stardust in Las Vegas) --Audience bows: Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox), Moss Hart and Kitty Carlisle Hart --Eileen Farrell (opera singer) - ""Un Bel Di"" --Alan King (comedian) Please see ""Recap"" for more details.
S13E02 Invitation to Moscow 27/09/1959 ""Invitation to Moscow"" - Special 90-minute episode taped in and around Moscow. Guests: --Marge and Gower Champion (dancers) --Rise Stevens (mezzo-soprano opera singer) - ""Getting to Know You"" --The Barry Sisters (vocal group) - ""Dark Eyes"" --Charles K. L. Davis (Hawaiian tenor) - ""He Ono"" --Margaret Tynes (gospel singer) - ""Every Time I Feel the Spirit"" & ""Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child"" --Dick Contino (accordion player) - ""Hucklebuck"" --Eddy Manson (harmonica player) - Stephen Foster medley --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer) --Nora Kaye and Scott Douglas (ballet dancers) --Marvin Roy (magician) --John and Bonnie Shirley (a baloon act) --Hubert Castle (tight-wire aerialist) --Eric Brenn (plate spinner) Russian performers: --The Red Army Dance Ensemble --The Obratsov Puppets --a trained bear from the Moscow State Circus Note: ""Invitation to Moscow"" was repeated on 18-Sep-60 & 05-Aug-62. Both repeats were edited, 60-minute ver
S13E03 Danny Thomas / Eartha Kitt / Julius LaRosa 04/10/1959 Guests: --Jane Morgan, Julius LaRosa and Eartha Kitt - sing ""September in the Rain,"" ""Autumn Leaves"" and ""The September Song."" --Jane Morgan - ""I'm in Love (reciation) amd ""C'est La Vie"" --Eartha Kitt (singer) - ""Ki Ki Tsiun,"" ""In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down"" --Julius LaRosa (singer) - ""A Fine Romance"" and ""The Way You Look Tonight"" --Harvest Moon dancers - winners from different catagories (waltz, rock 'n' roll, tango, polka) --The Marquis Chimps (trained animal act) - chimp dressed up as Ed. Chimps on bicycles, unicycles & small motorbike. --Danny Thomas (comedian, remote from Chicago) - stand-up comedy routine, tells jokes about maids, bellboys, Lebanese jokes, Dean Martin. Then sings ""The Glory of Love."" --The Trio Rennos (acrobats from Europe) - use luggage as props. --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) - tells jokes about gambling, money, insurance policies, Ike, Senator Kennedy, Vice-president Nixon, etc. --Bernie Berns - opera spoof --Audience bow: Go
S13E04 Mario Lanza (on film) / Ethel Merman / Larry Blyden 11/10/1959 Guests: --Ethel Merman - I'm Glad There Is You"" (from ""Gypsy"") & ""There'll Be Some Changes Made"" --On film: Ed Sullivan interviews Mario Lanza --Shiela MacRea sings ""Plaza-0 Double 4 Double 3"" (from ""Bells Are Ringing"") --Gordon MacRea - ""I Met A Girl"" --Shiela & Gordon MacRea - ""Just In Time"" (from ""Bells Are Ringing"") and the couple do some celebrity impersonations. --Larry Blyden - appears in scene from the live TV drama ""What Makes Sammy Run?"" and, later in show, sings ""Carolina in The Morning"" (from ""The Flower Drum Song"") --Shelly Berman (stand-up comedian) --Margi Lee (ice skating routine) --Les Marrottes (French puppet act with snail & worm) --The Lucky Latinos (comedy dance acrobatics) --Antone & Curtis (comedy: Ed Sullivan impersonation; drunken airline pilot sketch; they sing ""Whole World In His Hands"") Audience bows: Gil Hodges & Carl Furillo; Rise Stevens; Ted Kluszewski (on-stage audience bow)
S13E05 Harry Belafonte (on film) / Ames Brothers / Wilt Chamberlain 18/10/1959 Guests: --The Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Ames Brothers in a basketball game. Wilt Chamberlain also participates. Duke Snyder is the referee. --The Ames Brothers - medley: (unknown song), ""Rag Mop,"" ""Melody D'amour,"" ""You, You,"" ""Sentimental Me,"" ""It Only Hurts For A Little While"" & ""Naughty Lady From Shady Lane"" --Joe Ames - ""Toreador"" --Vic & Gene Ames - ""By The Light Of The Silvery Moon"" (sung in Vaudeville style) --Ed Ames - ""You & Night Music"" --The Ames Brothers - ""Take Me Along"" --On film: (1) Harry Belafonte sings ""Odds Against Tomorrow"" (2) Ed Sullivan joins Harry Belafonte on the movie set of ""Kingston Town"". (3) Belafonte sings ""Kingston Town"" --Gretchen Wyler (musical-comedy performer) - ""Toreo"" (mock bullfight scene) --Chaim Fershko (Israeli concert pianist, with one arm) - Tchaikovsky's Piano Player --Jean Carrol (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about her husband) --Brascia & Tybee (dancers, doing a modern ballet Pas De Deux) --The Conyots
S13E06 scheduled: Della Reese; Wayne & Shuster; Betty Johnson 25/10/1959 Scheduled guests: --Della Reese (singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy duo, presenting a British Western) --Professor Backwards (comedian Jimmy Edmonson) --Betty Johnson (singer) --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Latona Graham and Chadel (European knockabout act/comic acrobats) --The Phil Jones Group (16 youthful dancers)
S13E07 Paul Anka / The Step Brothers / Castle Sisters 01/11/1959 Guests: --Paul Anka (singer) - ""Put Your Head on My Shoulder"" --The Step Brothers (dance team, tap dancers) - do a ""challenge dance"" --The Castle Sisters (vocal trio) - ""Tan Shoes with Pink Shoelaces"" --Dickie Henderson (English comedian) - plays a ""Wyatt Earp"" villian & sings ""Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"" while fighting the microphone cord. --The Trio Barantons (Barrantons?) (foot jugglers, act from France) - woman foot juggles basketballs with feet, then three people juggle tables with feet. Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Joni James (singer) --Melvyn Douglas (actor, appearing in a scene from the Broadway play ""The Gang's All Here"") --Michael Flanders (comedian) --Donald Swann (comedian) --Ford and Hines (comedy team)
S13E08 Johnny Mathis / Gracie Fields / Jan Murray 08/11/1959 Guests: --Johnny Mathis - ""Witchcraft,"" ""The Best Of Everything"" and ""Misty"" --The Barry Sisters (vocal group) - ""Who's Sorry Now"" & ""I'm A Fool To Want You"" --Gracie Fields - sings ""Volare"" (comic version of song), ""Donkey"" and ""Wish Me Luck"" --Jan Murray (stand-up comedian, routine includes a song with Ray Bloch and a bit about hi-fi sets) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act, uses a Yiddish accent) --Lentini Brothers (Italian tap dancers/comedy team doing a Vaudeville routine) --The Laszlos (adagio dance team from Sweden, doing lots of rolling and sliding on floor) --Princess Tajana (aerialist, circus trapeze act) --Baby Opal (elephant act with trainer) --Mismoune (listed as ""Miss Moon"" on transcript) - Poodle act from France, with trainer.
S13E09 scheduled: Suzanne Pleshette; Tom Poston; Georgia Gibbs 15/11/1959 Scheduled guests: --The cast of the Broadway comedy ""The Golden Fleecing"" appear in a scene from the play. The cast consists of Tom Poston; Suzanne Pleshette; Mickey Deems; Robert Carraway, Robert Elston, Constance Ford; and Richard Kendrick. --Georgia Gibbs (singer) --Earl Grant (singer) --Blossom Seeley (entertainer) --Sam Levenson (humorist) --The Polish State Folk Ballet --The Borjevs (plate-spinning act)
S13E10 scheduled: Carol Channing; Count Basie; Joe Williams 22/11/1959 Scheduled guests: --Carol Channing --Count Basie and his band --Joe Williams (singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Shelley Berman (comedian) --Trude Adams (singer) --Dick Roman (singer) --Al Bernie (comedian) --Larible and Company (aerialists)
S13E11 Dick Van Dyke & Bess Halliday / Dorothy Collins / Marion Marlowe 29/11/1959 Guests: --Dick Van Dyke & Bess Halliday - perform a sketch about a drunk husband coming home to sober wife. --Dorothy Collins - ""Baciare Baciare"" --Tony Pastor & family - ""Smile"" medley & ""Show Me The Way To Go Home"" --Helene and Howard (comedy dancers) - serious ballet turns comic --Ed announces each member of the 1959 All American Football Team
S13E12 scheduled: Lionel Hampton; Teresa Brewer; Jack Carter 06/12/1959 Scheduled guests: --Lionel Hampton (jazz musician) and his band --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Yehudi Menuhin (violinist) with his sister Hepzibah (pianist) --The Vagabonds (vocal-instrumental group) --The Coronados (vocal trio) --Atilina Segura (novelty act from Spain) --The Willers (roller-skating group) --The college football coach of the year
S13E13 Dorothy Dandridge / Brook Benton / David Seville / Ames Brothers 13/12/1959 Guests: --Dorothy Dandridge - ""What Is This Thing Called Love"" & ""Baby Baby All The Time"" --Brook Benton - ""This Time Of Year"" --David Seville with Alvin & The Chipmunks (Bunin Puppets). The Chipmunks sing ""Yankee Doodle,"" ""Chipmunk Song"" & ""Alvin's Harmonica"" --Ames Brothers - Christmas Medley --Sophie Tucker - ""The Beat Generation"" & ""Take A Step In The Right Direction"" --Channing Pollack (magician does sleight of hand with doves) --Tu Shiu Ni (novelty plate spinning act) --Antone & Curtis (comedy team doing a Western duelists skit with Ed as part of the act) Audience bows: Captain Gerhard Schwede & Captain Mark Hearn; Hy Gardner (journalist)
S13E14 Polly Bergen / Gertrude Berg / Paul O'Keefe / Harry Simeone Chorale 20/12/1959 --Paul O'Keefe with the Baird Puppets - ""What Do You Want For Christmas"" --Baird Puppets - ""Christmas in Davey Jones Locker"" sketch --Betty Johnson - sings ""White Christmas,"" ""Winter Wonderland,"" ""Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)"" and ""Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"" --The Phil Jones Dance Group - dance to a medley of Christmas songs --The Harry Simeone Chorale - ""Little Drummer Boy"" --Polly Bergen (singer-actress) - sings ""I've Got Love to Keep Me Warm,"" ""Sleigh Ride"" and ""Silent Night"" --Victor Julian and his Pets (trained dog act) --'The Sound of Music' Chorus (dressed as nuns) - perform selections from the Broadway play --Gertrude Berg (actress) - recites ""Christmas Story"" --Patricia Neway (musical-comedy performer, Mother Superior from Broadway's ""The Sound of Music"") - sings ""Climb Every Mountain"" --Closing: Entire cast sings ""White Christmas""
S13E15 Charlton Heston / Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane / Leon Bibb 27/12/1959 Guests: --On film: Charlton Heston: (1) Film clip from ""Ben Hur"" (2) Ed and Heston ride Chariot in Rome. --Charlton Heston (live on stage?) - Heston gives a dramatic Biblical reading on the Creation with a chorus in the background. --Leon Bibb - ""Sinner Man"" --Abbe Lane - I Enjoy Being A Girl"" & ""Witchcraft"" --Xavier Cugat - Hallelujah"" (with bongo playing musician) and ""Warsaw Concerto"" --Phil Ford & Mimi Hines (husband & wife musical-comedy team) - sing ""What A Thrill"" from Vaudeville, ""Pretty Baby"" & ""Someone To Watch Over Me"" --Dick Contino (accordion player) - ""Pretty Eyed Baby"" --On film: clip from ""Journey to the Center of the Earth"" --Trio Szekly (contortionists, 2 men & 1 woman)
S13E16 Bobby Darin & Connie Francis / Edgar Bergen / Gene Krupa & Sal Mineo 03/01/1960 Guests: --Bobby Darin - ""That's How It Goes"" & ""Beyond The Sea"" --Connie Francis & Bobby Darin duet - ""You Make Me Feel So Young"" & ""You're The Top"" --Connie Francis - Italian song (unknown song title) & ""Mamma"" --cameos: Gene Krupa, Sal Mineo (appear on stage, with clip from movie: ""Gene Krupa"") --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist, with Mortimer Snerd dummy) --Noel Harrison (son of Rex Harrison) - sings ""I'm On My Way"" (and possibly ""Yellow Bird"") --Carol Haney & Larry Blydon - dance & sing ""Side By Side"" & ""Beginning To See The Light"" --Toni Fisher - ""The Big Hurt"" --Gimma Brothers (5 brothers in suits do flips & handstands) --Dewey Pigmeat Markham (stand-up comedian, re: buried treasure in a haunted house) --Bert Holt (juggles while hanging by his teeth) Audience bow: Kyle Rote (N.Y. Giants Football Star)
S13E17 Wayne & Shuster (guest hosts) / Frankie Avalon / Birgit Nilsson 10/01/1960 Guests: --Frankie Avalon - ""Look What One Kiss Can Do"" & ""Why"" --Wayne And Shuster (guest hosts, comedy team) - sketch: an interview with Professor Vain Gartner, Arctic expert --Peter Palmer (star of movie ""Li'l Abner"") - ""They Call the Wind Mariah"" and ""Shadrack, Meshack, Abednigo"" --Birgit Nilsson (Swedish opera star) - ""Vissi D'arte"" and ""When I Was 14"" (Swedish folk song) --Calamac (illusionist-magician does levitation trick) --Susan Barrett sings ""The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"" & does impressions of Hermione Gingold, Patti Page, Eartha Kitt. --Earl Grant - ""The Birth Of The Blues"" (Grant plays organ while singing, on stage with drummer, trumpeter & orchestra) --Calamac (illusionist, woman in box trick, makes car disappear) Note: Magician's name might be Kalanag --Norwegian Festival Dancers (Festival Company of Norway) - ""The Haling Dance""
S13E18 scheduled: Rosemary Clooney; Nelson Eddy; Carol Lawrence 17/01/1960 Scheduled guests: --Rosemary Clooney (singer) --Nelson Eddy (singer) with his partner Gail Sherwood --Carol Lawrence (musical-comedy star) --Billy Daniels (singer) --Jerome Robbins' ballets: U.S.A. (in a pre-recorded segment) --Kevin Corcoran (young actor) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --The Trio Aristons
S13E19 Takarazuka Dance Theater / Ford & Hines / Kim Sisters 24/01/1960 --The Takarazuka Dance Theater of Japan. Female dance troupe doing traditional and modern dances. Other guests: --Ford and Hines (comedy team) --Ginny Tiu (five-year-old pianist & singer) --The Kim Sisters (singers from Korea) CBS repeated this show on August 28, 1960.
S13E20 scheduled: Teresa Brewer; Rowan & Martin; Carol Lawrence 07/02/1960 Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Rowan and Martin (comedy team) --Carol Lawrence (musical-comedy star) --Roberta Peters (opera star) --Jan Murray (comedian) --Bob Lewis (comedian) --The Wanderers (vocal quartet) --Holger and Dolores (dance team) --Rudy Horn (acrobat)
S13E21 Charles Laughton / Dorothy Dandridge / Harry James / Wayne & Schuster 14/02/1960 Guests (St. Valentine's Day Show): --Dorothy Dandridge - ""Love"" and, later in show, ""Smooth Operator (I Like It Like That)""--Charles Laughton - (1) Valentine Greetings with cast (2) reads from the Book of Daniel ""Shadrach Meshach Abednegro"" --Harry James - ""You Made Me Love You"" & ""Lester Leaps"" --Wayne & Schuster (comedy team) - (1) spoof Ed as Cupid in a drawing (2) Later in show, do a routine about the Burning of Rome. --Birgit Nilsson - ""Norwegian Aria"" & ""Pace Pace Mio Dio"" --Jane Morgan - ""Valentine Song"" and ""My Love Loves"" --Peter Gennaro and Lisa D'orso (dancers) - (1) Valentine dance (2) Later in show, dance to ""The Peanut Vendor""
S13E22 scheduled: Jack Carter; Myron Cohen; Earl Grant; Barry Sisters 21/02/1960 Scheduled guests: --Jack Carter (comedian) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Earl Grant (singer) --Jerome Robbins' ""Ballets: U.S.A."" - in a pre-recorded segment, the dancers present a portion of a ballet titled ""The Concert."" --The Barry Sisters (singers / vocal duo) --Lee Lawrence (singer) --Giulietta Simionato (mezzo soprano) --Ricardi (illusionist / magician)
S13E23 Bobby Darin / Connie Francis / Della Reese / Senor Wences 28/02/1960 Guests: --Della Reese - ""Blue Skies"" & ""I Won't Want You"" --Bobby Darin - ""Oh, My Darling Clementine"" & medley (""By Myself"" & ""When Your Lover Has Gone"") --Connie Francis - ""What Would Al Jolson Say About Rock And Roll"" (humorous lyrics to old songs) --Ken Murray & Marie Wilson (comedy team) - (1) do a few jokes about Sullivan, then do a humorous song (2) Later in show, she appears as Louis Prima & he's in drag as Keely Smith. They lip-synch to record. --Senior Wences (ventriloquist, does a ""Turn The Page"" routine using big book as prop) --Antone & Curtis (comedy team doing song impressions) --Noelle Adam (French dancer doing a dance routine titled ""Models for Painters."") --Corbett Monica (stand-up comedy, jokes about married life) Medley of songs sung in other languages: --Bobby Darin sings excerpt from ""Mack The Knife"" in French --Della Reese - sings in Italian (song title unknown) --Connie Francis sings excerpt from ""Who's Sorry Now"" in Swedish --Ke
S13E24 scheduled: Eartha Kitt; Leon Bibb; Anna Maria Alberghetti 06/03/1960 Scheduled guests: --Eartha Kitt (singer) --Leon Bibb (folk singer) --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer) --Bob Lewis (comedian) --The Happy Jesters (comedy impressionists) --Augie and Margo (dance team) --Pompoff Thedy and Co. (pantomime act) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist) --Excess Baggage (trained animal act)
S13E25 scheduled: Eileen Brennan; Pat Rooney; Sean O'Casey; Barry Fitzgerald 13/03/1960 Scheduled guests (St. Patrick's Day show): --Eileen Brennan (singer-actress, then appearing on the off-Broadway play ""Little Mary Sunshine"") --Pat Rooney (song-and-dance man) --Lee Sullivan --On film: Sean O'Casey (playwright) & Barry Fitzgerald (actor) appear from Dublin's Abbey Theatre.
S13E26 Circus Stars from All Over the World 20/03/1960 Circus Stars from All Over the World Appearing in London: --Popov (Soviet clown) --The Boxing Russian Bears Appearing in New York: --Emmett Kelly (American clown) --Lindon (high-wire clown) --Miss Mara (trapeze artist) --Penito del Oro (trapeze artist) --Tonito (wire walker) --The Wallendas (wire walkers) --Bruno (sway-pole acrobat) --The Zacchinis (cannon and trapeze act) --The Cordons (whip act) --The Three Murkies (comic group) --The De Donge chimps In Las Vegas --The Nerveless Nocks (comic acrobats) In Moscow: --Hubert Castle (American trapeze comedian) In Paris: --The Antares (aerialists) --Francisco's Clowns --Gene Bouglinoni (equestrian) --The Carolis (equestrians) --The Morways (teeterboard acrobats) --Gene Bouglinoni --Bouglinoni's Tigers --Heintz's Elephants --The Jockey Dogs In Tokyo: --Takeyo (acrobat) --a head-bouncer --a knife-balancer
S13E27 Dorothy Dandridge / Teresa Brewer / Jack Carter / Myron Cohen 27/03/1960 Guests: --Dorothy Dandridge - ""I Get A Kick Out Of You"" & ""That's All"" --Dorothy Dandridge (later in show) - ""One of Those Things"" --Teresa Brewer - ""You Turned The Tables On Me"" & ""Just In Time"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) jokes about European trips, Max the Deli Man --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) - sings and tell jokes about Ed, travel in Europe & England --The Barry Sisters - ""Around The World In 80 Days"" and, later in show, ""Cry Me A River."" --Earl Grant - ""Hallelujah, I Love Her So"" (Earl plays organ while his brother Bill plays drums) --Earl Grant (with orchestra & singers) - ""Two Loves Have I"" then plays ""Malaguena"" on piano --Rick Giardi (illusionist) - magic tricks with canaries & eggs. Later in show, turns a dog into a woman.
S13E28 scheduled: Chris Connor; Ames Brothers; Jill Corey 10/04/1960 Fourth salute to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) with scheduled guests: --The Ames Brothers (vocal quartet) --Chris Connor (singer) --Alfred Drake (musical-comedy performer) --Jill Corey (singer) --Roberta Peters (operatic soprano) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) --The McGuire Sisters (singing trio) --Carol Haney (dancer) --Rose Hardaway (singer)
S13E29 David Seville / Mahalia Jackson / Wayne & Shuster 17/04/1960 Guests: --Mahalia Jackson - ""Old Rugged Cross"" & ""Were You There?"" --Mahalia Jackson - ""I Found the Answer"" (with Willie Webb on organ & Mildred Falls playing piano). --David Seville and the Chipmunks - sing along; Alvin gives David an exploding Easter basket --Wayne And Shuster (comedy team; routine: IRS Hires an ad agency to make people want to pay taxes) --Roberta Sherwood & her sons - ""Easter Parade"" --Patricia Neway - ""To This We've Come"" (scene from the musical ""The Consul"") --Charles Davis - ""Ave Maria"" -- University Of Rochester Glee Club - medley (""Salvation Commith To Our God"" & ""Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child"" --Phil Jones Troupe - children's dance group dance To ""It's Easter Time"", ""Peter Cottontail"" & ""Whisker On The Easter Bunny's Nose"" Cameo: Bill Moose Skowron (New York Yankee player appears on stage)
S13E30 scheduled: Red Buttons; Rowan & Martin; Ames Brothers 24/04/1960 Scheduled guests: --Red Buttons (comedian) --The Ames Brothers (singing groups) --Rowan and Martin (comedy team) - secret agent routine --The McGuire Sisters (singing group) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist, also also does a plate spinning routine with one plate & two sticks) --Peter Palmer (singer) --Rod Lauren (singer) --The Kim Sisters (singing-instrumental group)
S13E31 Charlton Heston / Johnny Horton / Dean Jones 01/05/1960 Guests: --Johnny Horton sings ""Sink The Bismark"" (with war footage) --Charlton Heston - Talks with Ed on stage. Later in show, Heston does a Biblical reading of ""The Five Book"" & ""Out Of Egypt"" (with the De Cormier Chorale on stage). --Dean Jones - ""I Concentrate On You"" --Pinky Lee (stand-up comedy) --Renato's Boogie Jazz Combo (with Renato Carosone, from Italy) --Elliot Reed (stand-up) --The Demarcos (ballroom dancing) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist with dummy, Ed Sullivan plays straight man) --Antone & Curtis (comedy act, Bull Fighter sketch with Ed Sullivan)
S13E32 scheduled: Nina Simone; The Browns; Bess Myerson 08/05/1960 Scheduled guests: --Nina Simone (singer-pianist) --The Browns (vocal group) - ""The Old Lamplighter"" --Bess Myerson (TV personality & former Miss America making an appearance as a pianist) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (husband-and-wife singing act) --Ford and Hines (comedy team) --Arthur Worsley (ventriloquist) --Noonan and Marshall (comedy team)
S13E33 scheduled: James Cagney; Robert Montgomery; Jane Froman; Julie Wilson 15/05/1960 Scheduled guests: --James Cagney and Robert Montgomery - Ed interviews Cagney and Montgomery about their new movie based on the life story of Adm. William Halsey. --Jane Froman (singer) --Julie Wilson (singer) --The United States Naval Academy glee club --The American Legion Zouaves (drill team from Jackson, Michigan) --The Vagabonds (comedy-instrumental group) --Lorin Hollander (young concert pianist)
S13E34 scheduled: Nelson Eddy & Gale Sherwood; Brothers Four; Wayne & Shuster 22/05/1960 Scheduled guests: --Nelson Eddy and Gale Sherwood (singing duo) - ""In the Still of the Night"" (possible song) --The Brothers Four sing ""Green Fields"" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Sam Levenson (humorist) --Frances Faye (singer) - ""Darktown Strutters Ball"" and ""I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate"" (possible songs) --the United States Military Academy Glee Club On film: Clips from the upcoming movie ""Pollyanna"" with Haley Mills, Jane Wyman, Agnes Moorehead, etc.
S13E35 scheduled: Count Basie; Joe Williams; Chita Rivera 29/05/1960 Scheduled guests: --Count Basie and his Orchestra --Joe Williams (blues singer, performing with Count Basie's band) --Chita Rivera (musical comedy star) --Dennis Day (singer) --Charles Chaplin Jr. (actor-comedian) --Professor Backwards (comedian) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Guy Marks (comedian) --The Hi-Lads (comedy-vocal quartet) --Ford and Reynolds (comedy team) --The Ducats (five children doing a song-and-dance act)
S13E36 Jack Lemon / Louis Prima & Keely Smith / Bert Lahr 05/06/1960 Guests: --Audience bows (marking the 15th anniversary of D-Day): Bob Murphy and Bill Petty (D-Day heroes); Connie Ryan (author) --Louis Prima - ""When You're Smiling"" (with Keely Smith, Sam Butera and the Witnesses) --Trombone player from the Witnesses - sings ""Waiting For the Robert E. Lee"" --Cameo: Billy Wilder (film director) --Jack Lemon (actor) - on stage, talks with Ed about Billy Wilder with clips from Wilder's movies: ""Some Like It Hot,"" ""The Apartment,"" ""Witness For The Prosecution,"" etc. --Bill Williams and his combo (R&B style combo, nightclub lounge act from The Latin Quarter) - ""Alright, Okay, You Win"" & ""Shout"" --Shari Lewis (puppeteer with Lambchop) --Paul Lynde & Bert Lahr - comedy routine: Lynde interviews baseball player Lahr. --Louis Prima - ""All Night Long"" (with Keely Smith, Sam Butera and the Witnesses) --Keely Smith - ""Could've Been Censored"" & ""I Wanna Love You All Night Long"" --Sam Butera & the Witnesses - ""When My Baby Smiles
S13E37 Louis Prima & Keely Smith / Connie Francis / Dick Van Dyke 12/06/1960 12th Anniversary Show: Louis Prima & Keely Smith segment: --Louis Prima - ""Up A Lazy River,"" ""I'm Confessin"" ""I Got You Under My Skin"" --Keely Smith - ""Close"" Other guests: --Connie Francis - ""Everybody's Somebody's Fool"" and ""The House I Live In"" --Dick Van Dyke & Paul Lynde - scene from ""Bye Bye Birdie"" --Jay North (from TV's ""Dennis The Menace"") sings ""Little Boy's Blues"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - ""What's My Racket"" comedy skit --Victor Borge (comedy monologue)
S13E38 Ann Miller / Della Reese / Don Adams / Benny Goodman All-Star Band 19/06/1960 Guests include: --Ann Miller - tap dances and sings ""Beat In My Heart"" --Della Reese - ""Every Day"" --Don Adams (comedian) - court room skit in which Adams plays the defense attorney --Benny Goodman All Star Band - ""Don't Bother That Way,"" ""Poor Butterfly,"" ""Bill Bailey"" (with Maria Marshall), ""World If Wonderful"" & ""The Sunrise"" --Jane Morgan - ""You Make Me Feel So Young"" --Guy Marx - Mythical Trip to Metropolitan Opera --Charles Davis - ""My Magic Island"" --Halo Loki - ""Blue Hawaii"" & How To Do The Hula
S13E39 scheduled: Rise Stevens; Ames Brothers; Gene Krupa Orchestra 26/06/1960
S13E40 Rosemary Clooney / Phil Foster / Dave Barry / Happy Jesters 03/07/1960 Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""For You,"" ""Bally High"" & ""You Do Something To Me"" --The Wanderers (doo wop vocal group) - ""Gonna Live Til I Die,"" ""Mamselle"" & ""Birth Of The Blues"" --Dave Barry (stand-up comedian, makes jokes about women out on the town; dieting, drunk driving routine with Ed as cop). --The Happy Jesters (comic vocal group) - ""Your Cheatin' Heart"" and ""Heart Of My Heart"" --Channing Pollock (magician / illusionist) --Phil Foster (stand-up comedian, makes jokes about his wife) --The Botands (3-man balancing act) --The Borjevas - plate spinning act, spins about 30 plates --Gogi Pasha (Indian illusionist with 3 assistants makes woman disappear) --Las Chanembellas de Espana (singing & dancing ensemble; 8 men sing ""Ole"" & a Spanish dancer joins them)
S13E41 scheduled: Red Buttons; Georgia Gibbs; Rowan & Martin 10/07/1960 Scheduled guests: --Red Buttons (comedian) - in a comedy routine, Red wonders why songwriters write songs about girls but not about boys. --Georgia Gibbs (singer) --Dan Rowan and Dick Martin (comedy team) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Julie Wilson (singer) --Elliott Reid (comedian) - in a routine, plays a society columnist for a posh magazine. --Rod Lauren (singer) --Brascia and Tybee (ballroom dancers)
S13E42 scheduled: Dick Van Dyke; Chris Connor; Edgar Bergen 17/07/1960 --singer Chris Connor performs ""Come Rain or Come Shine"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Dick Van Dyke (comedian) --Alan King (comedian) --The Xavier Cugat Orchestra - ""Mack the Knife"" & ""Tequila"" --Abbe Lane (singer with the Xavier Cugat orchestra) - ""My Man"" & ""Taking a Chance on Love"" --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) --Peg Leg Bates (dancer) --Dick Contino (accordian player) - ""Lady of Spain"" & ""Dick's Blues"" --Val Valenti (singer) - ""Core Ingrato"" --Teddy Randazzo (singer)
S13E43 scheduled: Lloyd Price; Blossom Seeley; Jan Murray; Bob Lewis 24/07/1960 Scheduled guests: --Lloyd Price and his band - ""I Only Have Eyes for You"" --Rowan and Martin (comedy team) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) - ""Birth of the Blues"" & ""Is It True What They Say about Dixie?"" --Jan Murray (comedian) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Bob Lewis (comedian) --Billy Daniels (singer) --Lee Sullivan (singer) --Doreen Kilmer (tap dancer) --The Gimma Brothers (tumbling and balancing act) --Rudy Horn (novelty act)
S13E44 scheduled: Harry James; Henny Youngman; Wayne & Shuster 31/07/1960 Scheduled guests: --Harry James and his orchestra --Henny Youngman (comedian) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (music & comedy team) --Jane Morgan (singer) --Nico Feldman (singer) --Delage (illusionist) --The Bizzarro Brothers (novelty act)
S13E45 Sophia Loren & Clark Gable (on film) / Jack Carter 07/08/1960 Scheduled guests: --On film: In Italy, Ed visits the movie set of ""It Happened in Naples,"" starring Sophia Loren and Clark Gable. --Jack Carter (comedian) --Charles Manna (comedian) --Ken Murray and Marie Wilson (comedians) - ""I'm Confessin'"" --Earl Grant (singer) - ""Witchcraft"" & ""I'm Confessin'"" --Trude Adams (singer) - ""Anything Goes"" & ""Why Was I Born?"" --Lou Diamond (harmonica player) - ""Dream"" & ""Granada"" --Holger and Dolores (dance team) --The Morlidors (novelty act)
S13E46 scheduled: Kirby Stone Four; Roberta Peters; Carol Haney 14/08/1960 Scheduled guests: --Roberta Peters (soprano) - ""Nightingale"" --Kirby Stone Four (vocal-instrumental group) - ""Lazy River"" --Maynard Ferguson (jazzman with his orchestra) - ""Humbug"" & ""Hey There"" --Carol Haney (musical comedy star) - ""For Me and My Gal"" --Lu Ann Simms (vocalist) - ""Lonesome Road"" --Andrer Zannis (tenor) - prologue from ""Pagliacci"" --Richard Hearne (British comedian) --Noonan and Marshall (comedy team) --The Pompoff Thedy Family (comedy act)
S13E47 scheduled: Lionel Hampton; Sam Levene; Four Preps; Dewey Markham 21/08/1960 Scheduled guests: --Lionel Hampton and his band --Sam Levene (actor doing a dramatic reading from the writings of Sholom Aleichem) --The Four Preps (vocal group) --Dewey Markham (comedian) --Tina Robin (singer, does impressions of other singers) --Manolo Mera (singer-guitarist) --Lou Willis Jr. (tap dancer) --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) --The Salici Puppets (from Italy) --Joe Phillips and his horse Smokey
S13E48 Oscar Hammerstein tribute: Della Reese; Georgia Gibbs; Jill Corey 04/09/1960 Oscar Hammerstein tribute Scheduled guests (from Madison Square Garden): --Della Reese --Georgia Gibbs --Jill Corey --Teddy Randazzo --""Ice Capades"" skaters - with a special tribute to Hammerstein
S13E49 Nina Simone / Eartha Kitt / Noelle Adam 11/09/1960 --Eartha Kitt - sings ""Little White Lies"" --Rodriguez (juggler) --Noelle Adam (dancer from France, Mrs. Sydney Chaplin) - ""Where or When"" --Daniele Barioni (tenor) - ""Sorrento"" --Eartha Kitt - medley: ""Independent"" & ""Yellow Bird"" --Mark Antone and Jackie Curtis (comedy team) - do a drunk pilot routine --Professor Backwards (comedian Jimmy Edmondson) --Nina Simone (singer-pianist) - ""Love Me or Leave Me"" and ""I Loves You, Porgy"" --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Calamac (illusionist, with his company)
S14E01 David Seville & the Chipmunks (puppets) / Red Buttons / Patachou 25/09/1960 Guests: --David Seville & the Chipmunks (The Bunin Puppets as the Chipmunks) - ""Comin' Round The Mountain"" & ""The Witch Doctor"" --Red Buttons - Thank Heaven For Little Girls"" --Patachou - ""Manege"" (in French) & ""All The Way"" --Dick Roman - ""Wagon Wheels"" & ""The Sound Of Music"" and, later in show, a medley of French songs: ""C'est Si Bon,"" ""April In Paris,"" ""Rigalle,"" ""Aupres De Ma Blonde"" & ""Poor People Of Paris"" --Jan Peerce - ""Vesti La Giubbia"" --The Ardrey Sisters (singers/dancers) - while seated, they tap dance as if they are typing and, later in show, they sing & tape dance to ""Mountain Music."" --Bob Hammond's Birds (cockatoos) - sketch where birds attack a fort --Rex William's Elephants (animal act, one elephant stands on backs of two others) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist doing variation of the ""Who's On First"" routine using band members instead of ball players) --Milbourne Christopher (magician) - does rope trick, then makes 10 people appear from a bo
S14E02 Bob Newhart / Mickey Rooney / Danny Thomas / McGuire Sisters 02/10/1960 Guests: --Bob Newhart (comedian) - does a monologue about an employee who releases all of his pent-up resentment at his retirement party. --Mickey Rooney & Joey Foreman (comedy sketch) - Rooney plays a drunken, inept Senator interviewed by reporter Forman. --Danny Thomas (stand-up routine: sings a little & tells jokes about marriage) --The McGuire Sisters - ""I Love You"" --The McGuire Sisters & the Kane Triplets - ""Kids"" (from ""Bye Bye Birdie""); ""Hound Dog"" excerpt, ""When the Saints Go Marching In"" & ""That Old Soft Shoe"" --Earl Grant (singer-organist) - ""Old Man River"" and ""El Cumbanchero"" --Harvest Moon Dancers (perform various dances: the rhumba, waltz, polka, jitterbug, and the fox trot) Audience bows: Roger Maris, Elston Howard, Whitey Ford; Bill ""Moose"" Skowron (of the New York Yankees); Wilma Rudolph (Olympic track star who won 3 gold metals); Marjorie Lord; Andy Griffith; Al Mingert (Mingert bows from stage). This episode was repeated 16-Jul-61.
S14E03 scheduled: Johnny Mathis; Peggy Lee; the Dave Brubeck Quartet; Mort Sahl 16/10/1960 Broadcast from San Francisco (the 1st in Sullivan's ""See America"" series): --Peggy Lee - ""I Love Being Here with You,"" ""Yes Indeed"" & ""Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)"" --Johnny Mathis --the Dave Brubeck Quartet --Mort Sahl --Dorothy Kirsten --The Limelighters Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Little Ginny Tiu --The San Francisco Boys Chorus
S14E04 scheduled: Jack Carter; Gordon & Sheila MacRae; Crosby Bros.; Erroll Garner 23/10/1960 Scheduled guests: --Jack Carter (comedian) --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (husband and wife musical-comedy duo) --The Crosby Brothers --Erroll Garner (jazz musician) --Eileen Farrell (soprano) --The Five Williams (juggling act)
S14E05 From Chicago: Charlton Heston; Benny Goodman; Mahalia Jackson; Bob Newhart 06/11/1960 Filmed in Chicago (the 2nd in Sullivan's ""See America"" series) Guests (from various Chicago sites): --Charlton Heston at Northwestern University. Ed talks with Heston about his days at Northwestern. Heston recites the Carl Sandburg poem ""Chicago."" --Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer) sings ""How Great Thou Art"" to group of children. --Benny Goodman (clarinetist) - ""Running Wild"" and, at the Art Institute, plays with Chicago's Fine Arts String Quartet. --Bob Newhart (stand-up comedy routine: school for bus drivers, Chicago) Segment probably filmed at Loyola University. --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist, with Charlie McCarthy) - Bergen wears a Viking helmet while they tell a story about the Vikings. --Delores Gray (musical-comedy star) - ""Alexander's Ragtime Band"" --The Swe-Danes (vocal-instrumental trio) - ""The Swe-Dane Shuffle"" and ""Cukoo Bird"" -- Medinan Black Horse Troop (Black Horse Guards) - equestrian troupe ride in a formation parade. Throughout the program Sullivan vi
S14E06 Dick Van Dyke / Chita Rivera / Shirley Bassey 13/11/1960 Scenes from ""Bye Bye Birdie"" (Broadway cast): --Trio of teenage girls sing ""We Love You Conrad"" (joined by Dick Van Dyke) --Dick Van Dyke sings ""Put on A Happy Face"" (song & dance number with teenage girl) --Chita Rivera - ""Spanish Rose"" (song and dance number) Other guests: --Walter Pidgeon (actor) and Beatrice Lillie - ""Bored"" (""Bored People"") --Beatrice Lillie - ""Little White Bull"" --John Wayne - promotes the film ""The Alamo"" --Shirley Bassey (British singer) - ""S'wonderful"" & ""The Party's Over"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team) - routine where an alcoholic tries to stop drinking --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian) - routine about a school teacher --The Le Bully Trio (German novelty act) - German clown act
S14E07 Jerry Lewis / Connie Francis / Sophie Tucker 20/11/1960 Guests: --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - stand-up comedy segment includes a bit with Ed. (Jerry is trying to teach Ed more lively ways to host the show and introduce the guests.) --Connie Francis - ""Many Tears Ago"" & ""Mamala"" (Jewish song, might not be the correct spelling) --Sophie Tucker --The Kim Sisters (a vocal-instrumental trio from Korea) --Ford and Reynolds (comedy team) --The Carere (Caesar?) Brothers
S14E08 scheduled: Tony Martin; Anna Maria Alberghetti; Shecky Greene 27/11/1960 Scheduled guests: --Tony Martin --Anna Maria Alberghetti --Shecky Greene (comedian) --Birgit Nilsson (opera singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --The 1960 All-America Football Team (selected by the American Football Coaches Association)
S14E09 Jackie Wilson / Mort Sahl / Jane Morgan 04/12/1960 Guests: --Jackie Wilson - ""To Be Loved,"" ""Lonely Teardrops"" & ""Alone At Last"" --Mort Sahl (stand-up comedian) - makes comments about JFK; U.S. foreign policy; the Korean War, time spent in a Veterans clinic; NYC police; and Charles Van Doren --Jane Morgan - ""I Gave My Love a Cherry"" & ""Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"" (and possibly ""Riddle Song"" & ""It Takes Love"") --Joyce Flissler - ""Melodie"" (classical violinist plays Tchaikovsky) --Joselito (10 year old Spanish singer) - ""Alegrias"" & ""Violino Tzgana"" (correct song titles?) --Barney Lee (Hawaiian fire dancer / juggler) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act, doing Sinclair Lewis & ""Mutiny On the Bounty"" bit) --Rod Alexander and Carmen G. (dance team) - couple dances to records: ""Hoedown,"" ""Theme From 'The Apartment'"" & ""Hucklebuck."" Audience bows: Colleen Dewhurst (star of Broadway's ""All the Way Home""); Ailene MacMahon
S14E10 scheduled: Teresa Brewer; Myron Cohen; Billy Eckstine; Guy Marks 11/12/1960 Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Billy Eckstine (singer) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --Pompoff Thedy and family (clown trio) --The Swe-Danes (a vocal and instrumental trio from Scandinavia)
S14E11 Mahalia Jackson / Roger Williams / Jack Carter / Hal March / Limeliters 18/12/1960 Guests: --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Flight Of the Bumblebee"" & ""O Come All Ye Faithful"" --Mahalia Jackson - ""Sweet Little Jesus Boy"" and ""By His Word"" --Hal March & Tom D' Andrea - Army skit: two pals discuss their life in the service --Jack Carter (stand-up comedy routine: show biz & social criticism) --The Limeliters - ""There's A Meeting Here Tonight"" & When I Came To This Land"" (with solo by Glenn Yarborough) --Trude Adams - ""Look Where You're Going"" (sings to a puppet) --Coco The Chimp (Chimp act) - Chimp in army uniform performs military stances. --Phil Ford & Mimi Hines (husband & wife comedy team) - play a British couple, Reggie & Cynthia, they sing ""Wherever We Go"" Finale: Roger Williams, other guests, & Ed sing ""Santa Claus Is Coming To Town""
S14E12 Roberta Peters / Odetta / Alfred Drake / Robert Shaw Chorale 25/12/1960 Guests: --Roberta Peters & Alfred Drake - ""Winter Wonderland"" duet --Roberta Peters - ""Swiss Echo Song"" (Roberta dressed in traditional Swiss costume)--Alfred Drake - ""I Wonder As I Wander"" --Odetta - ""Shout For Joy"" & ""Poor Little Jesus"" (singing Gospel style & playing folk guitar) --Sound of Music girls (Broadway cast?) - sing ""Little Snowman"" --Baird Puppets - Sketch where an elf puppet kidnaps Ed. Ed becomes a puppet introducing acts for Baird. --Gali Gali (magician doing tricks, assisted by Desi Arnaz and Steven Marx, Groucho's grandson) Note: might be Desi Jr. --Robert Shaw Chorale (shown caroling through Rockefeller Center) - ""Joy To The World,"" ""God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"" & ""The First Noel"" --Ed Sullivan & Shaw Chorale - Ed reads ""The Stranger,"" a poem about Jesus while the Shaw Chorale hums ""Silent Night."" --Robert Shaw Chorale (at end of show) - European medley --Night scenes of NYC: RCA skyscraper lit at night & 65 Foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller
S14E13 scheduled: Tammy Grimes; Earl Grant; George Jessel 01/01/1961 Scheduled guests: --Tammy Grimes (musical-comedy performer, from Broadway's ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"") --Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries (husband-and-wife entertainers) --George Jessel (comedian) --Earl Grant (singer-organist)
S14E14 Bob Newhart / Bob & Ray / Sal Mineo / Damita Jo 08/01/1961 --show opening --Gogi Grant - sings a medley of songs from ""Gypsy"" --Dewey Pigmeat Martin (comedian) - does a lemon under the table routine --Robert Goulet - ""By Myself"" (or possibly ""C'est Moi"") from ""Camelot"" (Goulet not in costume.) --Bob and Ray (comedy team) - talk about old radio days, man on the street routine, Bob interviews Ray in audience. --Damita Jo - ""It's Too Soon to Know"" --Bob Newhart (comedian) - classic submarine routine --Iran Janbez (acrobatic duo) --Sullivan introduces Sal Mineo by giving background information on the actor, mentions Israel and the movie ""Exodus"" --Sal Mineo - reads from Exodus Chapter 15 --Robert Goulet - ""If Ever I Would Leave You"" from ""Camelot"" --Audience bow: Joe Pasternak --closing titles
S14E15 scheduled: Belafonte Folk Singers; Edgar Bergen; Don Adams 22/01/1961 Scheduled guests: --The Belafonte Folk Singers --Edgar Bergen (vertriloquist) --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - ""Run, Run, Run"" --Don Adams (comedian) - does a magic act --Sam Levene (actor) - reads ""How Tevya Became a Dairyman,"" a Sholom Aleichem story. --Joselito (13-year-old Spanish singer) - ""Little Carousel"" & ""Ave Maria"" (Joselito's 2nd Sullivan appearance) --Augie and Margo (dancers) --Princess Trajana (trapeze performer)
S14E16 Carmen McRae / scheduled: Carol Channing; Nat King Cole 29/01/1961 --Carmen McRae (singer) - performs ""Isn't It Romantic"" and ""Comes Love"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Nat King Cole (singer) --Carol Channing (musical-comedy star) --Ferrante and Teicher (piano duo) --Hank and David (teenage singing duo) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Wally Boag (comedian) --Roberto Iglesias (dancer with his company of Spanish dancers)
S14E17 Dorothy Dandridge / George Jessel / Pete Fountain / Barry Sisters / Errol Garner 05/02/1961 Guests: --Dorothy Dandrige (actress-singer) - ""Lonely Little Lady In The Dark,"" ""Everytime"" & ""Somebody"" --George Jessel - tells jokes & sings ""Toot Toot Tootsie"" (Al Jolsen style) --Pete Fountain (clarinet player with his jazz quartet) - ""I Got Rhythm"" --Errol Garner (jazz pianist w/combo) - ""Solitaire"" & ""It's All Right With Me"" --Tommy Noonan and Peter Marshall (comedy team) - bar sketch with a hung over man with the shakes. (Peter Marshall from the ""Hollywood Squares"") --Cesare Siepi (opera singer) - singes from the Neapolitan Festival --The Barry Sisters (singers) - ""Ciao, Ciao"" & ""Bambino"" (in Italian & English) --Mira Brassfield & Doris Fuchs (olympic gymnasts doing a parallel bar routine) --Boy Scouts recite oath --Hugh Lambert Dancers (regulars doing a modern dance number) --Audience bows: Joey Ray, Abe Lasgow, Gene Delmont --On film: scenes from the movie ""The Misfits"" with Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.
S14E18 Henry Fonda / Peggy Lee / Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks / Paul Anka 12/02/1961 Guests include: --Paul Anka (singer) - ""The Story of My Love,"" ""Somebody Loves Me"" and ""Each Day is Valentine's Day"" --Henry Fonda (actor) - reads two Abraham Lincoln speeches --The Wanderers (doo wop vocal quartet) - sings ""Shad Rack"" and an Israeli song ""Where Can I Go"" --Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks (comedians) --Claude Thompson and Carmen de Lavallade (dancers) - perform John Butler's conception of ""Willow Weep for Me"" --Peggy Lee (singer) - ""Winter Weather,"" ""Why Don't You Do Right"" and 1 more song (title unknown) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Audience bows: Jimmy Durante & his wife Margie Little.
S14E19 Lucille Ball / Rowan & Martin / Wayne & Shuster / Jack Carter 19/02/1961 --Lucille Ball and Paula Steward sing ""Hey, Look Me Over,"" a song they performed together in the Broadway play ""Wildcat."" --Wayne And Schuster (comedy team, doing their ""Dead Eye"" routine set in saloon. Ed Sullivan plays Dead Eye). --Rowan and Martin (comedy team doing a diet doctor routine) --Jack Carter (comedian, sings ""Sing You Sinners"" and does beatnik jokes & a flamingo dance) --Leon Bib (folk singer) - ""The Ox Driver"" and ""Maria"" --The Bill Black Combo (instrumental group, former back-up group to Elvis) - instrumental medley: ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Cherry Pink"" & ""Hearts Of Stone"" --Lisa Carroll - ""Language Of Love"" --Sondra Lee & Buzz Miller (dancers) - modern jazz routine (with back-up dancers) --Justin Wilson (Cajun storyteller)
S14E20 scheduled: Spike Jones; Henny Youngman; Frank Gorshin; Shari Lewis 26/02/1961 Scheduled guests: --Frank Gorshin (comedian) --Dolores Gray (musical-comedy star) --Spike Jones (bandleader-comedian) --Shari Lewis (puppeteer) --The Piero Brothers (jugglers) --Blossom Seeley --Henny Youngman (comedian)
S14E21 scheduled: Louis Armstrong & band; Bob Newhart; Joan Fairfax 05/03/1961 Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong and his band --Bob Newhart (comedian) --Phil Ford and Mimi Hines (comedy team) --Joan Fairfax (singer) --Ron Hussmann (musical-comedy performer) --Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya (classical-guitar duo) --The Novelities (musical-comedy group) --Jackie Wilson
S14E22 scheduled: Tammy Grimes; Pat O'Brien; Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem 12/03/1961 Scheduled guests (St. Patrick's Day theme) --Tammy Grimes (musical-comedy star) --Pat O'Brien (actor) --The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem (folk-singing group) --Mary O'Hara (harpist) --Brendan O'Dowda (Irish tenor)
S14E23 Salute to Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe: Julie Andrews; Richard Burton 19/03/1961 Salute to Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe. Guests: --Lerner & Lowe - perform a medley of their tunes including ""How to Handle a Woman"" --Julie Andrews - ""Wouldn't It Be Loverly"" (production number with cast from ""My Fair Lady"") --Julie Andrews - ""I Could Have Danced All Night"" --Charles Victor - ""With a Little Bit of Luck"" --Julie Andrews & Richard Burton - ""What Do the Simple Folk Do?"" (from ""Camelot"") --Richard Burton - ""Camelot"" --Julie Andrews & Robert Goulet - ""Almost Like Being in Love"" (from ""Brigadoon"") --Robert Goulet - ""Gigi"" and ""They Call the Wind Maria"" --Manolo Fabregas - ""Por Que No Aprenden?"" (Spanish version of ""Why Can't the English?"") --On film: Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold - ""I Remember It Well"" (clip from the movie ""Gigi"")
S14E24 scheduled: Della Reese; Johnny Carson; Alfred Drake 26/03/1961 Scheduled guests: --Della Reese (singer) --Johnny Carson (comedian) --Erroll Garner (jazz pianist) --Alfred Drake (musical-comedy star) --Joan Holloway (dancer) --Tony Pastor with sons Tony Jr. and Guy (vocal and instrumental group)
S14E25 Charlton Heston / Roger Williams / Anita Bryant / Dick Roman 02/04/1961 Guests: --Charlton Heston (actor) - dramatic Biblical reading: ""Passion Of Our Lord"" --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Abide with Me."" Later in show, ""I Love You Truly"" & ""Sweethearts"" medley. --Dick Roman (singer) - ""April In Paris"" --Leontyne Price - Lord's Prayer"" and ""Vissi D'arte"" (second song in Italian) --Anita Bryant (singer) - Spring medley --The Baird Puppets with puppeteer Bill Baird - Puppet playing ""Easter Parade"" on piano. --Evana Lein (from the ""Sound of Music"" play) - ""Finding the Magic Easter Egg"" production number. --Russ Burgess Birds (performing birds) - Birds doing tricks: riding on mini Ferris wheel & railroad train.
S14E26 scheduled: Jan Peerce; Corbett Monica; Smith & Dale 09/04/1961 Scheduled guests: --Jan Peerce (tenor) --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Julie Wilson (singer) --Smith and Dale (comedy team) --The First Percussion Sextet --Kimo Lee and the Modernasians --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist act)
S14E27 Pearl Bailey / Jerry Orbach / Anna Maria Alberghetti / George Kirby 16/04/1961 Guests: --Pearl Bailey - ""New Shoes"" (more comedy than singing) & ""I Can't Give You Anything But Love"" --Pearl Bailey & Carmen De Lavallade - ""Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree"" --Anna Maria Alberghetti - ""Yes My Heart"" (from the Broadway musical ""Carnival"") --Anna Maria Alberghetti - ""Come Back To Sorrento"" (in Italian) --Jerry Orbach - ""Her Face"" (from the Broadway musical ""Carnival"") --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --George Kirby (comedian) - does impressions of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Gary Cooper, Pearl Bailey, and Ed Sullivan --Sandy Stewart (singer) - ""After You've Gone"" --Hugh Lambert Dancers (6 Male Jazz Dancers On Gymnasium set) --The Dandy Brothers (two clowns from Italy) --Audience bows: Mrs. Babe Ruth & Clair Ruth
S14E28 Harpo Marx; Allen & Rossi; Dick Haymes & Fran Jeffries 23/04/1961 Scheduled guests: --Harpo Marx --Steve Rossi and Marty Allen (comedy team) --Buddy Greco (singer) --Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries (husband & wife musical comedy team) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --Richardi (magician) --Timmie Rogers (comedian) --Marisol (15-year-old singer)
S14E29 scheduled: Dizzy Gillespie; Rowan & Martin; McGuire Sisters; Eileen Farrell 30/04/1961 Scheduled guests: --Dizzy Gillespie --Rowan & Martin --The McGuire Sisters --Eileen Farrell
S14E30 scheduled: Al Hirt; Rosemary Clooney; Earl Grant 07/05/1961 Guests: --Al Hirt (jazz musician) --Rosemary Clooney (singer) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --The Crosby Brothers (singers) --Wisa O'Orso (dancer) --The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (comic magician) --The Elkin Sisters (balancing act) --The Marquis Chimps CBS repeated this show on Aug. 20, 1961.
S14E31 scheduled: Teresa Brewer; Gene Barry; Three Stooges 14/05/1961 Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""Silver in My Mother's Hair"" & ""Milord"" --Gene Barry (from ""Bat Masterson"") --Teresa Brewer & Gene Barry - ""Hills of Old Kentucky"" --The Three Stooges (comedy team) --Richard Tucker (opera singer) - ""Nessun dorma"" --Pete Fountain's jazz group --The Idlers (US Coast Guard vocal group) - ""Sea Chanties"" --Adam Keefe (comedian) --Larry Griswold (acrobatic comedian)
S14E32 Jerry Lewis / Sandy Stewart / Phil Harris 21/05/1961 Guests (broadcast from the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas): --Sandy Stewart sings ""Some of These Days"" --Rudy Cardenas (juggler from Mexico) --Michelle & Michael (high divers / arial artists) - perform a high wire act over a huge pool --Slap Dancers - humorous dance routine with German  ethnic dancers slapping each other while dancing. --Mac Ronay (French mime / magician) - does rope tricks --Japanese cyclist - woman does a balancing act on a bike --Phil Harris sings ""Preacher"" & ""The Bear"" (with the Jubliee Four) --The Jubilee Four (gospel quartet) - ""Old Time Religion"" --Audience bows: the Crosby Brothers; Jack Benny and Jerry Lewis --Jerry Lewis - following his audience bow, Lewis runs on stage and does a stand-up comedy routine: he makes fun of Ed Sullivan; tells jokes about folk singers and rock 'n' roll music (he mentions his son's band ""Gary and the Playboys""); and sings ""Mammy"" (Al Jolson's signature song).
S14E33 Jackie Wilson / Sophia Loren / Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane 28/05/1961 Guests: --Jackie Wilson - ""For Me And My Gal"" & ""I'm Coming Back To You"" --Sophia Loren - appears live on stage to promote ""Two Women"" (stills & clip from the film are shown). --Don Adams (comedian, does an umpire routine) --Tammy Grimes - ""I Ain't Down Yet"" & ""Dolce Far Niente"" (both songs from ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"" --Abbe Lane - ""Never On Sunday "" --Xavier Cugat & Orchestra - ""Jungle Concerto"" (with 2 dancers) --Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - ""The Pachanga"" --Roberta Peters - Aria From ""Lucia Di Lammermoor"" --Guy Marks - opera sketch --Dick Albershart (acrobat) appears twice in show doing a comic trampoline act --Audience bow: Mrs. Lou Gehrig
S14E34 scheduled: Roger Williams; Mort Sahl; the Limeliters 04/06/1961 Scheduled guests: --Roger Williams (pianist) --Mort Sahl (comedian) --The Limeliters (vocal & instrumental group) --The Amandis (a tumbling act)
S14E35 Mahalia Jackson / Jack Carter / Delores Gray / Mike Clifford 11/06/1961 Guests: --Mahalia Jackson - ""Come On Children Let's Sing"" & ""Rock Of Ages"" --Delores Gray - Summer stock medley: ""C'est Magnifique"" and ""You Can't Get A Man with A Gun"" (with 4 dancers) --Mike Clifford - ""Pretty Little Girl"" & ""At Last"" --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --Tito Guizar (singer) - medley of Mexican Songs --Tito & Lilia Guizar - ""Tic Tac"" --Mickey Wright (female golf pro, swings golf club on stage) --Georgio Tozzi (opera singer, spelled ""Georgio Caty"" on transcript) - ""I've Got Plenty Of Nothing"" --Dick Weston (ventriloquist with two dummies) --Rola And Rolan (acrobatic balancing act) --Burger's Animals (trained animal act) - dogs & monkey ride pony, boxing dogs, other dog tricks --Sabor V (huge robot on stage) - robot shakes hands with Ed & says they look alike. --On stage bow: Eleanor Powell
S14E36 scheduled: Connie Francis; Al Hirt; Robert Goulet 18/06/1961 Scheduled guests: --Connie Francis (singer) --Al Hirt (trumpeter, with his combo) --Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Charlie Manna (comedian) --Rosarie and Tony (novelty animal act)
S14E37 scheduled: Nancy Walker; Nancy Dussault; Earl Grant; Conrad Buckner 25/06/1961 Scheduled guests: --Nancy Walker (comedian) --Nancy Dussault (singer) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer) --Sam Levenson (comedian) --Peter Palmer (singer) --Lisa Carroll (singer) --Necker's Dalmations (animal act)
S14E38 Louis Armstrong / Teresa Brewer / Myron Cohen / Joan Halloway 02/07/1961 Guests: --Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra - ""Sleepy Time Down South,"" ""Up A Lazy River,"" ""Ole Miss"" & ""Bill Bailey"" (last 2 songs with combo on stage, without orchestra). --Teresa Brewer - World War One production number: ""Smile, Smile, Smile,"" ""Till We Meet Again,"" ""Over There,"" ""My Buddy"" & ""How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?"" --Teresa Brewer (later in show) - ""Bidin' My Time"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team doing a hotel sketch: Rowan wants to sleep, Martin wants to watch TV) --James Hurst (musical-comedy star) - ""Joey"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Joan Halloway (singer-dancer) - ""The Real American Folk Song"" --Little, Dane & Masou (comedy trio) - ""How Can You Believe Me,"" ""How-De-Doo"" & ""She Used to be My Girl"" --Chop Chop And Charlene (illusion act, magician blows knot out of handkerchief and, later in show, makes a chicken disappear & reappear in flaming pan)
S14E39 scheduled: Phyllis Diller; the Brothers Four; Joey Adams; Felicia Sanders 09/07/1961 Scheduled guests: --Phyllis Diller (comedian) --The Brothers Four (vocal group) - ""My Little John Henry"" --Felicia Sanders - sings a medley from ""My Fair Lady"" --Joey Adams (comedian) --Al Kelly (comedian) --Timmie Rogers (comedian) --Gali Gali (magician) --Gail Horner (baton twirler) --The Domenechs (balancing act) --On film: a clip from the movie ""Goodbye Again""
S14E40 scheduled: Pearl Bailey; Edgar Bergen; etc. 30/07/1961 Scheduled guests: --Pearl Bailey (singer) --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist with his dummy Mortimer Snerd) --Don Adams (comedian) --Marion Marlowe (singer) --Alfred Drake (singer) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Augie and Margo (dancers) --Nicky Re David (a paddleboard expert) --The Wazzans (a tumbling act)
S15E01 First show of the 15th Season 17/09/1961 Scheduled guests: --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (musical comedy performers) --Bert Lahr and Nancy Walker (comedians) - reprise their sketch about a married couple who are not speaking to each other --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Teddy Randazzo (singer) --The Wanderers (singing quartet) --The Mayo Brothers (a tap-dancing duo) --Richiardi (illusionist)
S15E02 From Las Vegas: Danny Thomas; Della Reese; Crosby Brothers 24/09/1961 Taped in Las Vegas (at the Desert Inn & at the Stardust) Guests: --Della Reese - ""In The Still Of The Night"" & ""Summertime"" --The Crosby Trio (Bing's sons Philip, Lindsay and Dennis Crosby) - ""Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"" and ""We Ought To Dance"" --Danny Thomas (stand-up comedy) - talks about his show, tells jokes and sings ""I Will Stay Younger Than Spring"" (this segment was taped in Hollywood) --The Kim Sisters (3 Korean sisters who sing and play musical instruments) - ""Shanty In Old Shanty Town"" and ""The Steel Guitar Rag"" (sisters playing drums, accordion & string instruments) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler) --Michele Sander Winters & Michael Larry Rubin (daredevil couple, performing stunts from a helicopter) --Powers and Park (ice skaters perform with non-skating dancers)
S15E03 Phil Silvers / Brigitte Bardot (filmed interview) / Peter Nero / McGuire Sisters 01/10/1961 Scheduled guests: --Phil Silvers, Nancy Dussault and John Readon who appeared together in the Broadway musical ""Do Re Mi"" --Nancy Dussault and John Readon sing ""Make Someone Happy"" --Peter Nero (piano soloist) - ""Mountain Greenery"" --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - ""Run, Run, Run"" and ""Just Because"" --Audience bow: Tom Zachary (former Washington Senators pitcher who threw the pitch that Babe Ruth hit for home run no. 60 in 1927) On Film: Film clips of Sullivan's recent trip around the world: --Sullivan interviews Brigitte Bardot in Paris. --In London, Ed talks with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby about their new ""Road"" picture ""The Road to Hong Hong."" --Jackie Gleason and Gene Kelly are seen on the set of their new movie (probably ""Gigot"" which Kelly directed). --Also: a Little League game in Japan; a tour of Hong Kong's harbor, a festival in Rome, and a puppet show in Berlin.
S15E04 Taped in West Berlin: Louis Armstrong; Connie Francis; Van Cliburn 08/10/1961 Taped at West Berlin's Sportspalast: --Louis Armstrong & his orchestra - ""Sleepy Time Down South,"" ""Royal Garden Blues,"" ""Hussar Gussar"" & ""When the Saints Go Marching In"" --Maureen O'Hara - ""Hello, Young Lovers"" --Van Cliburn - ""Polonaise"" by Chopin --Connie Francis - medley: ""Stupid Cupid,"" ""Among My Souvenirs,"" ""Lipstick on Your Collar,"" ""Who's Sorry Now"" and ""Everybody's Somebody's Fool"" --Connie Francis - ""Where the Boys Are"" (sings to soldiers in audience) and ""Schöner Fremder Mann"" (in German) --Rowan & Martin (comedy team, Martin as an American tourist in Germany interviewed by Rowan) --Bob Lewis (comic magician) --Enrique del Rey (juggler) --The Bluebell Girls (chorus line, ""Can Can Dance"" live from Paris, France) Audience bows: Generals Albert Watson & Fred Hartel
S15E05 2nd Berlin show: Louis Armstrong; Sid Caesar; Shari Lewis 15/10/1961 Guests (second of two shows taped in West Berlin): --Louis Armstrong (jazz musician, performing at the McNair Barracks) --Sid Caesar (comedian, performing at the Berlin Command Headquarters Theater) --Roberta Peters (soprano, performing at the West Berlin Sportpalast) --Shari Lewis (puppeteer, entertaining children at the Thomas A. Roberts School of the Berlin Command) --Janet Blair (singer) --On film: a tour of the Oktoberfest beer festival --Peter Kraus (German singer, performing at the American Youth Center) --The Trio Ariston (comedy acrobats)
S15E06 Chubby Checker / Phil Silvers / Nancy Walker 22/10/1961 Guests: --Chubby Checker - ""The Twist"" (with the ""Do-Re-Mi"" dancers) and ""The Fly"" --Matt Monro - ""My Kind of Gal"" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team, doing skit about ""The Twilight Zone"") --Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - nightclub scene from ""Do-Re-Mi"" --Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - bedroom scene From Do-Re-Mi --Phil Silvers - Soda Fountain skit about a jukebox (from ""Do-Re-Mi"") --Audience bow: Evelyn Silvers (Mrs. Phil Silvers)
S15E07 scheduled: Everly Brothers; Robert Goulet; George Gobel 29/10/1961 Scheduled guests: --The Everly Brothers - ""Don't Blame Me"" --The Ritz Brothers (comedians) --Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) sings ""Maria"" and a medley of songs made famous by Fred Astaire. --George Gobel (comedian) --Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian) --Bertha and her trained elephants (circus act)
S15E08 scheduled: Jimmy Dean; Art Carney; Al Hirt; Julius LaRosa 05/11/1961 Scheduled: --Jimmy Dean sings ""Big Bad John"" --Art Carney (comedian) --Al Hirt and his jazz quintet --Julius LaRosa --Sheila MacRae (musical-comedy star) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian)
S15E09 Pearl Bailey / Brenda Lee / Ames Brothers / Frank Gorshin / Myron Cohen 12/11/1961 Guests: --Pearl Bailey (singer) - ""Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me"" & ""I'm Glad There Is You"" --Brenda Lee (singer) - ""Fool #1"" & ""Learning About Love"" --Ames Brothers (vocal group) - ""Yes Indeed"" --Frank Gorshin (comedian & impressionist) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Jan Peerce sings ""Serenade"" (from ""The Student Prince"") --George Young Revue (jazz combo) - ""Come Back to Sorrento"" (and ""When You're Smiling"") --See Hee Family (3-man acrobat team)
S15E10 Steve Lawrence / Jerry Lewis / Dorothy Louden / Martha Perez 19/11/1961 Guests: --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - ""What Kind of Fool Am I?"" --Steve Lawrence (singer) - ""Begin the Beguine"" & ""If I Ever Would Leave You"" (or ""If Ever I Would Leave You"") --Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian) --Martha Perez (mezzo soprano, opera singer from Cuba) - ""Cecelia Valdez"" --The Arnaut Brothers (comedy team, Vaudevillians doing bird whistles) --The Tunisian Dancers (or Tanezian Folk Dancers) --Francis Brunn (juggler) Scheduled guests (probably did not appear): --Ray Charles (blues singer) --Eydie Gorme --Jackie Mason (comedian)
S15E11 scheduled: Richard Boone; Jackie Mason; Sophie Tucker 26/11/1961 Scheduled guests: --Richard Boone (actor) --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Sophie Tucker (singer) --Gloria Lynn (singer) --Deedy and Bill (novelty singers)
S15E12 scheduled: Sid Caesar; Connie Francis; Joan Sutherland 03/12/1961 Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar (comedian) --Connie Francis (singer) --Joan Sutherland (opera singer) sings a selection from ""Ilucia di Lammermoor"" --Mike Clifford (singer) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --Braman and Leonard (comedy instrumentalists) --Ferdonio (acrobat)
S15E13 scheduled: Sarah Vaughan; Al Hirt; Vic Damone; Gary Morton; Edgar Bergen 10/12/1961 Scheduled guests: --Al Hirt (trumpet player) --Sarah Vaughan --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) --Vic Damone (singer) --Gary Morton (comedian) --Rip Taylor (comedian) --Nina and Frederik (singers) --Anden's Poodles (a trained animal act)
S15E14 Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington / Paul Anka 17/12/1961 --Paul Anka - ""Jingle Bells"" (jazzy version) --Barbara Cook - ""Magic Moment"" (from the Broadway musical ""The Gay Life"") --Elizabeth Allen & Walter Chiari - ""Madga, The Gypsy"" (a scene from the show ""The Gay Life"") --Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - ""Duke's Place"" (their 1st performance together in 30 years) Louis on trumpet, Duke on piano --Paul Anka - medley: ""Diana,"" ""Tonight My Love,"" ""Tonight,"" ""Dance On Little Girl,"" ""Put Your Head On My Shoulder,"" ""You Are My Destiny,"" ""Lonely Boy"" and ""My Home Town."" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a routine about Hood & Friar Tuck --Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - ""In A Mellow Mood"" --Louis Armstrong - ""Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"" --Paul Anka - ""Down by the River Side"" (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers) --Corbett Monica (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about Christmas & travel
S15E15 Linda Scott / Shari Lewis / The Baird Puppets 24/12/1961 Guests (Christmas Show): --Linda Scott - ""How I Wish (You'd Be With Me On Christmas Day)"" --Shari Lewis (ventriloquist) with Lamb Chop (dressed as Santa), Charlie Horse sings ""Jingle Bells."" --The Baird Puppets (Bill Baird puppets) - puppets doing a Davy Jones locker routine --Pompoff & Thedy (comedy team) --Burger's Animals (trained animal act with ponies, dogs, & chimp) --Korean Orphan Choir sings ""Jingle Bells"" (in Korean & English) and ""Silent Night"" --Bob Hammond's Birds (animal act with cockatoos) --The Meteors (acrobats dressed as Martians do stunts, 1950's spaceship & space suits) --Karrol Fox (comic magician) --The Bizarro Brothers (3 Men & a woman wearing bells play ""Rock Around The Clock"") --The Seven Staneks (acrobats doing flips onto each other's shoulders)
S15E16 scheduled: Slappy White; Matt Monro; Smith & Dale 31/12/1961 Scheduled guests: --Slappy White (comedian) --Matt Monro (singer) --Sandy Stewart (singer) --The Barry Sisters (singing group) --Smith and Dale (comedy team) --Saverio Saridis (policeman-turned-singer) --The Hi-Lads (singing group) --The Estelle Alfonso Dancers --The Shirleys (balloon act)
S15E17 Jimmy Durante / Rosemary Clooney / Bob Newhart / Gary Morton 07/01/1962 Broadcast live from the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood. Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""Everything's Coming Up Roses,"" ""Bye Bye Blackbird"" & ""Show Me"" --Bob Newhart (stand-up comedy) - routine: convincing people on ledges not to jump --Jimmy Durante - ""Inka-Dinka-Do,"" ""I Could Have Danced All Night,"" ""What A Day,"" ""My All Girl Band"" & ""The Twist"" --Jimmy Durante - ""Love You, Love You"" (with Sonny King) & ""Young At Heart"" --Jimmy Durante with sidekicks Eddie Jackson & Sonny King - ""Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey?"" --Gary Morton (comedian) - stand up routine --Bessie Griffin and the Gospel Pearls - ""Bye and Bye""
S15E18 Mickey Rooney / Timi Yuro / Rip Taylor / Ken Murray 14/01/1962 Broadcast live from the Stardust night club in Las Vegas Guests: --Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman - do a Candid Camera sketch. --Timi Yuro (singer) - ""Let Me Call You Sweetheart"" --Patti Page - ""Just in Time,"" ""The Boll Weevil Song"" (plays guitar) & ""Come On Home"" --Rip Taylor (comedian) - tells sob stories and sings ""Make Someone Happy"" --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Velvel in prospector gear. --Louis Bellson (drummer)  - plays ""Manteca"" --Leo Diamond (comedian) - plays the ""Soundmonica"" --Ken Murray (comedian) - tells the ""Turtle Story"" --Two unidentified comedians lip-synch to Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording ""I'm Confessin'"" --Pamela and Mary Jane Murray (Ken Murray's daughters) - lip synch to a Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording. --The Amin Brothers (acrobats from Egypt) - balancing act --Phillipine Dancers - native dance with bamboo poles and, later in show, dancers with coconut castanets & bamboo poles. Audience bows
S15E19 Jackie Wilson / Robert Goulet / Kate Smith / Wayne & Shuster 21/01/1962 --Opening titles --The Marquis Chimps - chimp smokes cigarette and tumbles --Lon Purdy (pantomime act) --Jackie Wilson - ""That's Why"" --Jackie Wilson - ""The Greatest Hurt"" --Rob Murray (juggler from Britain) --Kate Smith - medley (""When the Moon Comes over the Mountain,"" ""Did You Ever See a Dream Walking,"" ""Just One of Those Things,"" ""Last Time I Saw Paris"" ""Now Is the Hour,"" ""Thinking of You,"" ""Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer"" and ""God Bless America"") --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - does a sketch about Professor Van Gartner, interior decorator --Robert Goulet (singer) - ""What Is This Thing Called Love,"" ""I Get a Kick Out of You"" and ""You Do Something to Me"" --Robert Goulet - ""One Life"" --Audience bow: Paul Anka
S15E20 Sid Caesar / Connie Francis / Frank Gorshin / Franco Corelli 28/01/1962 Guests: --Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a silent movie sketch (Sid might have also been the guest host on this show.) --Connie Francis (singer) - ""Does Broadway Ever Sleep,"" ""Oh, Susanna,"" ""Careless Love,"" She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"" & ""Don't Break the Heart"" --Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does impressions of movie stars --Franco Corelli (tenor) - sings an aria   --Buddy Greco (singer-pianist) - ""Come Rain or Come Shine"" --Dick Ruedebusch and his Underprivileged Five - ""Panama"" --Lilly Yokoi (cyclist, Bicycle acrobatics) --Joy Kay (pantomime artist) - man unpacks folded girl from suitcase.
S15E21 scheduled: Brook Benton; Pearl Bailey; George Gobel; Bobby Rydell 04/02/1962 Scheduled guests: --Brook Benton - ""Shadrack"" --Pearl Bailey --George Gobel --Bobby Rydell - ""Mammy"" and ""Somebody Loves Me"" --Ford and Reynolds (comedians) --The two Frauensteins (jugglers)
S15E22 scheduled: Carl Sandburg; Paul Anka; Shelley Berman; McGuire Sisters 11/02/1962 --Shelley Berman (comedian) - ""Right Girls"" (a song from his Broadway musical ""A Family Affair."") Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Carl Sandburg (poet) --Paul Anka (singer) --The McGuire Sisters --George Carl (comedian) --Hanna Ahroni (singer) --Cal Claude (juggler)
S15E23 The Everly Brothers / Timi Yuro / Al Hirt 18/02/1962 First of two shows broadcast from Miami Beach. --The Everly Brothers - ""Crying in the Rain"" & ""Jezebel"" (The Everly Brothers are wearing U.S. Marine uniforms) --Al Hirt (trumpeter) - ""Night and Day,"" ""I Can't Get Started,"" ""When the Saints Come Marching In"" --Timi Yuro - ""Come Rain Or Come Shine"" & ""Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"" --George Jessel (comedian, sings ""April Showers"") --George Kirby (comedian, impressionist) --a Dolphin act (from the Seaquarium)
S15E24 scheduled: Lloyd Bridges; Damita Jo; The Crosby Brothers; Jan Murray 25/02/1962 Second of two shows broadcast from Miami Beach Scheduled guests: --Lloyd Bridges (appears in a water sequence) --Damita Jo sings ""You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You"" --The Crosby Brothers (Bing's sons) - sing and also appear in a dance number with Ed called ""We Oughta Dance"" --Jan Murray (comedian) --Patrice Munsel (opera singer) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --The Gimma Brothers (acrobats)
S15E25 Art Carney / Fats Domino / Phyllis Diller / Connie Stevens / Tommy Sands 04/03/1962 Guests: --Fats Domino - ""Jambalaya"" & ""Let The Four Winds Blow"" --Connie Stevens & Tommy Sands - ""Maggie Blue"" --Connie Stevens - ""Wild Is The Wind"" --Tommy Sands - ""Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do"" & ""More Than You Know"" --Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Paula Prentiss - Voted most popular stars, most versatile performers, 1962. Film clip from ""Susan Slade"" & ""Bachelors In Paradise"". Trio dances the Twist --Broadway cast of ""Take Her, She's Mine"" (Art Carney, Phyllis Thacher, Elizabeth Ashley and June Harding) perform scenes from play: Airport scene where family says goodbye to college bound daughter & scene where daughter comes home for Christmas all grown up. --Phyllis Diller (stand-up comedian) - topics: living in New York, eating in Japanese restaurants, and her marriage --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian) - jokes about wife, marriage --Johnny Puleo - six harmonica players perform ""Heart Of My Heart."" --On film: clip of John Glenn's ticker tape parade in NYC follo
S15E26 Henry Fonda & Olivia de Havilland / Maureen O'Hara 11/03/1962 Guests (St. Patrick's Day show): --Henry Fonda & Olivia de Havilland (actors) - scene from ""Gift of Time"" set on cruise ship. A doting wife tries to care for her fatally ill husband. --Maureen O'Hara (actress) - sings ""Come Back to Erin"" & ""If I Loved You"" --Rosemary Clooney (singer) - ""Cabin in the Sky"" & ""Give Me the Simple Life"" --Pat Rooney, Maureen O'Hara, Rosemary Clooney and Ed Sullivan - ""Great Day for the Irish"" & ""Danny Boy"" --Pat Rooney (82-year-old song-and-dance man) - sings ""The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady"" and tap dances --Bobby Rydell - ""Mammy"" --Pat Buttram (stand-up comedy) --The Three Houcs (juggling act from Germany) - a father & his daughters juggle pins --Folias de Espana (Argentine dance & singing troupe) - (1) Flamenco dancers - ""Los Tres Caballos"" (2) Later in show, sings, dances and plays the guitar. --Audience bows: NY Senator Jack Javits & wife --Hugh Lambert Dancers (modern dancers) - ""Where Did You Get That Hat?""
S15E27 Rowan & Martin / Robert Goulet / Dick Haymes & Fran Jefferies 18/03/1962 Guests: --Rowan And Martin (comedy team) - doing a skit about people who live underground --Dick Haymes & Fran Jefferies - medley: ""Come On Get Happy,"" ""I'm Gonna Love You Like Nobody's Loved You"" & ""I'd Know You Anywhere"" --Robert Goulet - ""All Of You"" & ""Two Different Worlds"" --Maria Neglia (violinist) --Rickey Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Ed talks with dummy --Alan Gale (stand-up comedian) - topics: people who worry, Michigan & Notre Dame football jokes --Bob Lewis (stand-up comedian) - more jokes about worrying --Johnny Hart (magician) - performs magic act, card tricks, silk tricks, etc. --Juan Carlo Copez & Maria Neives (dancers from Argentina) --Gail Hart (child performer) - young baton twirler --Paul Sydell & Susie (trained dog act, dog performs handstands)
S15E28 Sid Caesar / Jackie Mason / Diahann Carroll / Richard Kiley 25/03/1962 Guests: --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - does imitations, appears with Ed. Later in show, tells jokes about income tax and JFK. --Carol Lawrence & Hugh Lambert - dance from ""Subways Are Sleeping"" --Carol Lawrence - ""When The Sun Comes Out"" --Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a pantomime of people waking up in the morning --Sid Caesar & Carol Lawrence - do a comic performance of ""Shadow Waltz"" --Earl Grant & Bill Grant - ""Lonesome Road"" Cast of the Richard Rogers Broadway show ""No Strings"": --Diahann Carroll - ""The Sweetest Sound""/""Sweetest Sounds"" (from ""No Strings"") and ""Loads of Love"" --Richard Kiley, Bernice Massi & cast - ""Be My Host"" (production number from ""No Strings"") --Richard Kiley - ""No Strings"" --Noelle Adam - also in ""No Strings"" cast
S15E29 Jackie Wilson / Patti Page / Wayne & Shuster / Ann-Margret (on film) 01/04/1962 Guests include: --Jackie Wilson - ""Heart"" -- Patti Page - ""Most People Get Married"" & ""All The Way"" --Anna Motto - ""Aria"" from ""Romeo & Juliet"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine: ""Sam Casey, Dedicated Auto Mechanic"" (phony TV show) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about old ladies) --Dewey Pigmeat Markham (comedy act) judge passes out sentences --Parker & Betty Keane (comedy team doing a sketch about a husband & wife) --Kasten's Animal Fantasy (monkey act) --On film: Ann Margret singing ""Mack the Knife"" (screen test for ""State Fair"") --On film: Ann Margret & Pat Boone sing ""Willing And Eager"" (clip from ""State Fair"") --Audience bow: Colleen Dewhurst
S15E30 scheduled: Cyd Charisse; Lionel Hampton; Jack Carter 08/04/1962 Scheduled guests: --Cyd Charisse (dancer) --Roland Petit (choreographer) --Lionel Hampton (bandleader) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Anita Bryant (singer) --Professor Backwards (comedian) --The Kim Sisters (vocal group) --Franco Corelli (opera singer) --Hal and Barbara Loman (dancers) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler)
S15E31 Sophia Loren / Mahalia Jackson / Teresa Brewer / Maximillian Schell 15/04/1962 Guests: --Maximilian Schell (actor) - Academy Award winning performance from ""Judgement at Nuremberg"" --George Chakiris & Rita Moreno - perform a short scene from ""West Side Story"" --Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer) - ""Old Time Religion"" & ""Were You There?"" --Teresa Brewer - "" South Rampart Street Parade"" & ""Love Makes The World Go Round"" --Sophia Loren - short interview (on film?) Sophia talks about her film ""Two Women"" -- Liberace - Foggy Day"" & ""Tico Tico."" --Liberace (later in show) - does a tribute to Vaudeville, medley: ""This Old Piano,"" ""Piano Roll Blues"" & ""Old Soft Shoe."" Liberace then dances the soft shoe to ""Me & My Shadow"" --Larry Storch (comedian) - does impressions of John F. Kennedy and United Nations Delegates --Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) - makes his handkerchief dance, jokes about baldness, and does a Bette Davis impression --Helene & Howard (comedy dance team) --Hugh Lambert Dancers - do a dance in celebration of baseball --Excess Ba
S15E32 Harry Belafonte / Miriam Makeba / Thelma Lee 22/04/1962 Guests: --Harry Belafonte (singer, in a 15 minute segment) - ""Mule Skinner,"" ""Try to Remember"" ""Baby Boy"" and ""Michael, Row the Boat Ashore"" (and possibly ""Crawdad Song"" & ""Kingston Way"") --Miriam Makeba (South African folksinger) - ""Kilimanjaro"" & ""(Love Tastes Like) Strawberries"" --Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba - perform a duet --Connie Francis (singer) - possibly ""When The Boy In Your Arms (Is The Boy In Your Heart)"" --Thelma Lee (comedian) --On film: Ed Sullivan appears as a clown (with grease paint & baggy costume) in a Ringling Brothers Circus segment. The segment also features Stevenson's Dogs. Scheduled guest: --Connie Stevens (actress from ""Hawaiian Eye"") - scheduled to sing
S15E33 Johnny Mathis / Jackie Mason / Rip Taylor / McGuire Sisters 29/04/1962 Guests: --Johnny Mathis (singer) - ""Marianna,"" ""Love, Look Away"" & ""Love"" --The McGuire Sisters - ""You're Driving Me Crazy"" & ""That's a Plenty"" --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Rip Taylor (comedian) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --The Madcaps (novelty harmonica duo) --The Waterbird Show (performing ducks)
S15E34 scheduled: Bobby Darin; Diahann Carroll; Corbett Monica 06/05/1962 Scheduled guests: --Bobby Darin (singer) --Diahann Carroll (star of the Broadway musical ""No Strings"") --The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (magician Carl Ballantine) --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Francis and Blair (comedy team) --The Valenos (dancers) --Dick Contino (accordionist)
S15E35 scheduled: Joan Sutherland; Pegleg Bates; Joey Adams 13/05/1962 Scheduled guests: --Joan Sutherland (opera star) --Joey Adams (comedian) --Pegleg Bates (dancer) --Alan Gale (comedian) --Al Kelly (double-talk expert)
S15E36 Peggy Lee / Jackie Robinson / Slappy White / Brothers Four 20/05/1962 Guests: --Peggy Lee - medley: ""The Sweetest Sounds,"" ""I'll Get By,"" ""I'll Believe In You"" and ""New York City Blues"" --Louis Prima appears on stage and plays trumpet --Jackie Robinson (baseball great) - appears on stage with Ed and gives batting tips --The Brothers Four (folk singers) - ""This Train"" and ""This Land Is Your Land"" --Slappy White (stand up comedian) - Various Topics --Georgie Kay (stand-up comedian) - routine about ladies meeting for lunch --Elliot Reed (comedian impersonating JFK at news conference) --Hugh Lambert & his Dancers - four couples dance the ""Masquerade"" waltz --Martha Perez (opera singer from Cuba) - sings a medley of Cuban songs --Los Verdu (balancing act from West Germany) - 4 women & 1 man balancing on large balls --Ed shows photos and films of Hong Kong --Audience bows: Johnny Rotz (jockey); Lou Pondfield (Pimlico Vice President) --Ed talks about the USS Constellation, aerial film of the ship, followed by an audience bow by
S15E37 Jackie Wilson / Connie Francis / Red Buttons 27/05/1962 Guests include: --Jackie Wilson - ""Lonely Teardrops"" & ""Forever and a Day"" --Connie Francis - ""Second Hand Love,"" ""Ring Dang Do,"" ""How Can I Go On?"" and a medley of Irish songs
S15E38 Rudy Vallee / Paul Anka / Chita Rivera / Peter Nero 03/06/1962 Guests: --Rudy Vallee (singer-actor, from Broadway's ""How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"") --Paul Anka (singer) - ""A Steel Guitar and A Glass of Wine"" --Chita Rivera (musical-comedy performer) --Peter Nero (pianist) --Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer) --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as Jose Jimenez) --Dave Barry (comedian) --Adam Keefe (comedian) --Smaxie and Maxie (performing seals) Scheduled to appear: --Willie Mays (of the San Francisco Giants, giving baseball tips for kids) CBS repeated this show on September 16, 1962.
S15E39 Larry Storch / Danny Lewis / Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris 10/06/1962 Guests: --Jerry Van Dyke (comedian) --Jackie Mason (comedian) --The Lettermen (vocal trio) - ""How Is Julie"" --Danny Lewis (veteran song and dance man, father of Jerry Lewis) --Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris (of the New York Yankees) appear on stage to shake hands with Ed Sullivan. --Larry Storch (stand-up comedian) --The Lettermen (vocal trio) --The Hanneford Family (equestrians, from Ringling Brothers Circus) --Julie Wilson sings a medley of Cole Porter songs
S15E40 Dave Brubeck / Frank Gorshin / Gloria Lynne 17/06/1962 Guests: --Dave Brubeck (with his jazz quartet) - ""Take Five"" (with Paul Desmond on sax). --Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does imitations of various celebrities --Nipsey Russell (rhyming comedian) --Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) - ""Where Do I Go from Here?"" ""Falling in Love With Love"" & ""Two Different Worlds"" --The Highwaymen (folk singers) - ""Michael Row the Boat Ashore"" & ""Sinner Man"" --Gloria Lynne (singer) - ""Impossible"" & ""June Night"" --Eagle and Man (comedy team) - act includes a Louis Armstrong imitation --The Tinellis (acrobats from the Latin Quarter) --The Hugh Lambert Dancers (series regulars) - female dancers wearing tight slacks --On film: Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox executive) gives baseball tips to young athletes. Scheduled guest: --Noelle Adam (dancer) - scheduled to appear but not mentioned on transcript
S15E41 14th Anniversary Show: Bing Crosby; Jerry Lewis; Theresa Brewer 24/06/1962 14th Anniversary Show (Ed is in audience for most of show): --Lucille Ball (cameo, wishes Ed well from on top of elephant) --Bing Crosby sings "" I Can't Believe Your In Love With Me"" --Jerry Lewis (cameo. Jerry tries to get Ed to give a more enthusiastic delivery) --Steve Allen (rummages through props from previous shows) --Arthur & Katherine Murray (dancers) - ""Anniversary Waltz"" --Jack Carter (comedian) - makes jokes about the show, tries to get Ed & Arthur to laugh but they remain stone faced. --Phil Silvers & Jack Benny (backstage, joke about Ed) --Kate Smith sings ""Climb Every Mountain"" --Johnny Carson (stand-up comedy & presents plaque to Ray Bloch) --Theresa Brewer - Smile medley (with dancers wearing Ed Sullivan masks) --Red Buttons (mime sketch, tries to light the candles on Ed's anniversary cake) --Ted Mack introduces Will Jordan. --Will Jordan (impersonates Ed Sullivan) --George Gobel (comedian, plays a conductor of a choir singing in praise of
S15E42 Taped at the Moulin Rouge, Paris: Connie Francis; Johnny Halliday 01/07/1962 Taped at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, France: --Connie Francis - ""La Paloma,"" ""Milord,"" ""S'wonderful"" & ""You Always Hurt The One You Love"" --Connie Francis, Gino (Johnny) Dorelli & Johnny Hallyday - ""You're The Tops"" --Johnny Halliday - ""Pony Time"" & ""Kiliwatch"" (with combo) --Gino (Johnny) Dorelli - ""Love In Portofino"" --Danielle Darrieux - ""September In Paris"" (in French) --Annie Cordy - ""Vieux Pianola"" --Gil Dova (juggler) --The Cinco Brutos (comic singing group) sing ""Little Darling,"" ""See You Later Alligator"" & ""Baby Rock"" --Gino Donati (comedy balancing act) --Eddie Seifert and Company (three contortionists) --Can Can dancers
S15E43 Patti Page / Rowan & Martin / Billy Eckstine 22/07/1962 Guests (from the Stardust club in Las Vegas): --Patti Page - ""Doggie in the Window,"" ""Old Cape Cod,"" ""With My Eyes Wide Open,"" ""Allegheny Moon"" & ""Night and Day"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team) --Billy Eckstine (singer) - ""What Kind of Fool Am I?"" --Martha Anne Bentley (ballet dancer) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist, with his dummy Velvel) --The Dunhills (tap dancers) --The Novelites (vocal-instrumental comedy group) --The Marquis Chimps
S15E44 Burt Lancaster / Dion / Diahann Carroll / Abbe Lane 12/08/1962 Guests: --Burt Lancaster (actor) - shows clips from his film ""Birdman of Alcatraz"" --Dion - ""It Ain't Necessarily So"" & ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Diahann Carroll (singer, from Broadway's ""No Strings"") - ""Love Walked In"" & ""Poor Little Rich Girl"" --Xavier Cugat (orchestra leader) and Abbe Lane - ""Malaguena Salerosa"" --Abbe Lane (wife of Xavier Cugat) - ""Mon Manege a Moi"" --Xavier Cugat with dancers Augie and Margo - ""El Cumbanchero"" --Will Jordan (comedian-impressionist) --Marie Wilson (comedian) --The Bertinis (a bicycle act)
S15E45 scheduled: talented newcomers making their TV debuts 19/08/1962 Talented newcomers making their TV debuts --Joey Hollingsworth (tap dancer) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Tony Darryl (pop singer) - ""This Nearly Was Mine"" --Yolanda White (pop singer) --Augustin Anievas (pianist) - ""Liszt's Etude No. 10"" --Bobbie Baker (comedian) --Janis Martin (mezzo soprano) --Olivette Miller (jazz harpist) --Arlene Fontana (singer-dancer) --Donald Hulme (accordionist) - ""William Tell Overture"" --Korengo (Hungarian magician)
S16E01 Eddie Fisher / Al Hirt / Mickey Mantle & Whitney Ford 30/09/1962 Guests (15th Season Opener): --Eddie Fisher --Al Hirt and his combo --Mickey Mantle and Whitney Ford (of the New York Yankees) - give tips for young baseball players --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as ""Jose Jimenez"") --Jack Carter --Sonny Liston Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Joya Sherrill (singer) --Leo Bassi (juggler) --The winners of the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest
S16E02 scheduled: Paul Anka; Vaughn Meader; Yolanda White 07/10/1962 Scheduled guests: --Paul Anka - ""The Longest Day"" & ""Eso Beso"" --Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist) --Yolanda White (singer) --Peter Duchin (pianist) --Maury Wills (shortstop) and Walter Alston (manager) - both from the Los Angeles Dodgers --Denny Willis and his comedy quarter (comedy troupe?) --Dick Albers (trampoline artist)
S16E03 scheduled: Connie Francis; Louis Prima; Jerry Van Dyke 14/10/1962 Scheduled guests: --Connie Francis --Louis Prima (with Sam Butera & the Witnesses) --Jerry Van Dyke (comedian) --Sergio Franchi (tenor) --Lee Allen (pantomimist) --The Kuban Cossacks (dance group) --Maryse Begary (aerialist)
S16E04 scheduled: Cliff Richard, Kate Smith; Wayne & Schuster; Rip Taylor 21/10/1962 Guests (confirmed): --Kate Smith --Rip Taylor (comedian) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Cliff Richard (British singer) --Wayne & Schuster (comedy team) --Dave Barry (comedian) --Chan Canasta (magician) --Captain Danion and his sea lions
S16E05 Louis Prima / Jackie Mason / Steve Allen 28/10/1962 Guests: --Louis Prima, Gia Maione & Sam Butera - ""Oh Marie"" & ""I Want You To Be My Baby"" --Gia Maione - ""How High The Moon"" Other guests: --Helen Shapiro - ""I Don't Care"" & ""After You've Gone"" --Steve Allen - comedy sketch: ""You Bet Your Bird"" take off on game shows and, later in show, Steve teaches Ed to how to play the piano. --Acker Bilk (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers) - ""Acker's Lacquer"" --Jackie Mason (comedy monologue about luxury apartments, the incinerator) --Norman And Dean (comedians, lip-synch to Allen Sherman's song ""Sarah Jackman"") --Sergio Franchi - ""Funiculi, Funicula"" & ""What Kind Of Fool Am I"" --Lucho Navvaro (sound impressionist, imitates Cape Canaveral, Indianapolis 500, the World Series, Queen Of England) Audience bows: Joe Kern; Y. A. Tittle; Norm Snead; Byron Gentry
S16E06 Tribute to Richard Rodgers with Peggy Lee; Diahann Carroll; Roberta Peters 04/11/1962 Tribute to Richard Rodgers (broadcast from Carnegie Hall): Rodgers & Hart songs: --Peggy Lee - ""Mountain Greenery"" (with 50 piece orchestra) --Peggy Lee & Steve Lawrence - ""Manhattan"" --Steve Lawrence - ""With a Song in My Heart"" --Diahann Carroll - ""Little Girl Blue"" --Roberta Peters - ""Falling in Love with Love"" --Cesare Siepi - ""Where or When?"" --Peter Nero (piano player) - ""Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"" Songs from Rogers and Hammerstein shows: --Peggy Lee - ""It Might as Well be Spring"" (from ""State Fair"") & ""Younger Than Springtime"" (""South Pacific"") Note: Another source listed Steve Lawrence as singing ""Younger Than Springtime."" --Gordon MacRae - ""If I Loved You"" (from ""Carrousel""), ""Oklahoma,"" ""Surrey with the Fringe on Top"" & ""Beautiful Morning"" (all from ""Oklahoma"") --Gordon MacRae & Roberta Peters - ""Shall We Dance"" (from ""King and I"") --Steve Lawrence, Cesari Siepi & Gordon Macrae - There's Nothing Like A Dame --Roberta Peters - ""Wonderful Guy"" (f
S16E07 scheduled: Robert Goulet; Phyllis McGuire; Rowan & Martin 11/11/1962 Scheduled guests: --Robert Goulet - ""You Stepped Out of a Dream"" & ""Don't Be Afraid of Romance"" --Phyllis McGuire (of the McGuire Sisters) and Robert Goulet - ""Darn It, Baby, That's Love"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Jerry Shane (comedian) --Charlie Cairoli and Paul (Paul Freedman?) - comedy duo --The Five Olanders (tumblers)
S16E08 Van Johnson / Kaye Stevens / Paul Lynde / Bob Lewis 18/11/1962 Guests: --Van Johnson - ""Nice Work If You Can Get It"" --Kaye Stevens - ""Hey, Look Me Over"" and ""My Man"" --Kaye Stevens, Paul Lynde & Dick Contino - sing comedic song about ""Tune In And You'll See Our Shows On TV"" --Paul Lynde (comedy act, plays Carl Cankerin who has just come back from Africa bruised and broken up). --Barbados Police Band (performs medley) --Vern And Betty (limbo dancers) --Bob Lewis (stand-up routine, plays banjo & tells jokes) --Gabriella Tucci (opera singer) - ""Visi D'arte"" --Dick Contino - ""Exodus"" (on accordion) --Max And Sheri (acrobatic comedy team) On film: Royal Command performance for Women in International Show Business. Scenes of Queen Elizabeth & the Duke Arriving, passing along line of performers, Eartha Kitt, Bob Hope, Sophie Tucker, others. Audience bows: Sophie Tucker (later appears on stage); Alex Webster (from the New York Giants)
S16E09 Tony Bennett / Rosemary Clooney / Jackie Mason / Jack Carter 25/11/1962 Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""Limehouse Blues"" and ""Sleepytime Gal"" --Tony Bennett - medley: ""Just In Time,"" ""I Left My Heart in San Francisco"" & ""Sing You Sinners"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - Jackie shows Ed how he should do his show. He does a comedy monologue later in the show. --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian, tells stories) --Charlie Cairoli and company (comedy team) - One person (Charlie Cairoli?) is dressed like Charlie Chaplin while another man plays clarinets. --Zoni & Nancy Claire (ballet dancers) --Leonard Sues (trumpet player) - plays an assortment of classic songs by Henry Busey, Clyde Mccoy, Louis Armstrong. --Hugh Lambert Dancers - ""My Pretty Girl"" Roaring 20's production number. --Audience bows: Anthony Quinn; Milt Plum & Gale Cogdill (Detroit Lions football players); Mauro Nino (boxer from Peru) Scheduled to appear: --Bob Lewis
S16E10 Pearl Bailey / Al Hirt / Phil Foster / Pat Henry 02/12/1962 Guests (confirmed): --Pearl Bailey --Al Hirt and his combo --Phil Foster --Bill Dana (comedian) --Pat Henry (comedian) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Jerome Hines (bassist) --Maya Plisetskaya (prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet dances ""The Dying Swan"") --Rinat choir of Israel --TV Guide's All-American Football Team
S16E11 Four Seasons / Peggy Lee / Anthony Newley / Jose Greco 09/12/1962 Guests (info taken from various sources): --The Four Seasons - ""Big Girls Don't Cry"" --Peggy Lee - ""The Best Is Yet to Come,"" ""Nice and Easy,"" ""Close Your Eyes,"" ""Like Someone in Love"" & ""I'm a Woman"" --Anthony Newley (musical-comedy star) --Jose Greco (dancer, appearing with his Spanish dance troupe) --Joey Forman (comedian) --George Matson (impressionist - record mimic) --Dominique (French pickpocket expert) --Alan Gale (comedian, scheduled guest)
S16E12 Barbra Streisand / Liberace / Clancy Brothers 16/12/1962 Guests: --Barbra Streisand - ""My Coloring Book"" and ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Liberace - ""Moon River"" and ""Mack the Knife"" --The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (Irish folk-singing group) - ""Gypsy Rover"" & ""South Australia"" --Russ Lewis (ventriloquist, with dummy ""Clarence"") - Lewis tries to coach Clarence on how to tell a joke --Linon (Belgian clown, frets over having to walk a tightrope) --Audience bow: YA Tittle of the New York Giants Additional guests (not on PBS repeat, but scheduled to appear): --Xavier Cugat and Abbe Lane --Victor Julian's dog act --The Goans (trampoline act from Mexico)
S16E13 From Guantanamo Naval Base: Connie Francis / Louis Armstrong 23/12/1962 From Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba: --Connie Francis - ""Who's Sorry Now,"" ""Bye Bye Love,"" ""Your Cheating Heart"" and ""Someday You'll Want Me to Want You"" --Louis Armstrong and his band - ""Blueberry Hill,"" ""Mack the Knife,"" ""Indiana,"" ""Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen"" and ""Sleepy Time Gal"" --Carol Lawrence - ""Skaking the Blues Away"" and ""A Bushel and a Peck"" --Jack Carter (comedian) --Frank Fontaine (comedian) --George Carl (comedy pantomimist)
S16E14 Italy's Podrecca's Piccoli Theater (puppets) 30/12/1962 Italy's Podrecca's Piccoli Theater with puppet ""performers"" (all under 36 inches tall). Puppets: --Prof. Piccolowski (pianist) --Mme. Sinforosa Strangoloni (soprano) --Biscromio Scarmigliati (violinist) --Miss Legnetti (vocalist) --Anna Piccolova (ballerina) --Bil Bol Bul (acrobat) --Sibilio Pifferetti and his dachshund Saltarello
S16E15 Sammy Davis Jr./ Barry Sisters / Vaughn Meader / Pat Carroll 06/01/1963 Guests: --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""Something Gotta Give,"" ""Hey There,"" ""What Kind of Fool I am"" --Barry Sisters - ""All For You"" --Vaughn Meader (impressionist) --Pat Carroll & Fred Clark (comedians) --Ricky Layne & Vevel (ventriloquist act) --Fred Kapps (magician) --Ugo Garrido (juggler)
S16E16 Brenda Lee / Jackie Mason / Robert Goulet 13/01/1963 Live from the Miami Beach Convention Hall. Guests include: --Brenda Lee - ""Just Because"" & ""Alone Am I"" --Jackie Mason (stand up routine about singing, cops, etc.) --Robert Goulet - ""The Moon Was Yellow"" and ""Gigi""/""Camelot"" medley --Sophie Tucker - sings a medley on her 75th birthday. --Con Conwally (balancing knife act) --The Flying Alexanders (trapeze act, performing outdoors) Also: A tribute to the Cuban Brigade 2506 (former prisoners held in Cuba). The Cuban Brigade 2506 Band - performs ""Day-O"" Audience bows: the mayors of Miami & Miami Beach
S16E17 scheduled: the McGuire Sisters, Georgia Brown; Sergio Franchi 20/01/1963 Scheduled guests: --The McGuire Sisters --Georgia Brown (actress, from the Broadway musical ""Oliver"") --Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) --Charlie Manna (comedian) --Ben Blue (comedian - pantomimist) --The New Sounds (French instrumental quartet) --The Williams troupe (acrobatic jugglers) --The Rigetis (acrobatic duo)
S16E18 Neil Sedaka / Wayne & Shuster / Janet Blair / Dave Astor 27/01/1963 Guests: --Neil Sedaka (singer playing the piano) - medley: ""Happy Birthday Sweet 16,"" ""Calendar Girl"" & ""My Yiddish Mama"" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - does a takeoff on ""Bonanza"" featuring ""The Cartwheels."" --Janet Blair - ""I Believe In You"" --Otto Harbach tribute. Ed Talks About Harbach's Death and shows a film clip from 1954 of Otto Harbach reciting the lyrics of ""Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."" --The Kim Sisters - Banjo Medley: ""Baby Face"" & ""Bye Bye Blue"" Later in show, medley: ""A Hundred Million Miracles,"" ""You Are Beautiful,"" ""I Enjoy Being A Girl,"" ""Fan Tan Fannie"" and ""Grand Avenue"" --Dave Astor (stand-up comedy) - topics: want ads, ugly babies and great leaders of the day. --Ballet De Espanol (Flamingo dancers) --Delage (magician with female assistant) --Amin Brothers (Egyptian acrobatic balancing act) --Audience bows: Ronnie Ferraro (jockey from Hileigh)
S16E19 International performers: Franco Corelli; Eve Boswell; Hannah Ahroni 03/02/1963 International performers (scheduled to appear): --Franco Corelli (Italian tenor) --Eve Boswell (English vocalist) --Hanna Ahroni (Israeli singer) --Sasha Tormas (Hungarian violinist) --Juan Valdez and his marionettes (from Spain) --Dolinoff and the Raya Sisters (French specialty act) --The Three Merkeys (German contortionists) --The Two Carmenas (German balancing act) --a performing Russian bear
S16E20 Hal Holbrook / Patti Page / Three Stooges / Dave Madden 10/02/1963 Guests (confirmed): --Patti Page (singer) - might have performed ""If I Were a Bell"" --Hal Holbrook (actor) - In a scene from his off-Broadway play ""Abe Lincoln in Illinois,"" Holbrook recites Lincoln's ""Against A House Divided"" speech. --The Three Stooges --Dave Madden (comedian) --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as ""Jose Jimenez"") Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --The Bob De Voye Trio (dancers) --Fred and Angela Roby (ventriloquist act)
S16E21 From Las Vegas: Jimmy Durante; Eddie Jackson; Sonny King 24/02/1963 Show broadcast from Las Vegas Guests (confirmed): --Jimmy Durante --Eddie Jackson and Sonny King (appear with Durante in an extended segment which runs over 20 minutes). Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Carol Lawrence --Patt Buttram (comedian) --The Nitwits (comedy troupe from England) --Eric Brenn (plate spinner) --Eddie Siefert and Company (contortionists) --The Desert Inn Dancing Girls
S16E22 scheduled: Mike Clifford; Kate Smith; Bob Newhart; Nancy Walker 03/03/1963 Scheduled guests: --Bob Newhart (comedian) --Kate Smith (singer) --Nancy Walker (comedian) --Charles Nelson Reilly (comedian) --Anita Bryant (singer) --Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist from Britain) --Mike Clifford (singer) --Los Flamencos (Spanish dance group) --John (hand-balancing act)
S16E23 Kaye Stevens / Wayne & Shuster / Leon Bibb / Guy Lombardo Orchestra 10/03/1963 Guests: --Kaye Stevens (musical-comedy singer) - ""Somebody Is Keeping Score"" --Jan Murray (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about TV shows & doctors --Guy Lombardo Orchestra - medley: ""Moon River,"" ""Third Man"" theme, ""Enjoy Yourself,"" ""Winter Wonderland"" & ""Boo Hoo"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine in which they compare flying first class to economy. --Leon Bibb (folksinger) - ""They Called The Wind Mariah"" --Izumi Yukimura (Japanese jazz singer) - ""Lullaby Of Birdland"" (spelling might be Isumi Yukimuara) --Jimmy Roma (trumpet player) - imitates, on his trumpet, the voices of Connie Francis & Al Jolson --The Half Brothers (juggling act) ---Pinky & Perky (puppets) - 2 pig marionettes & a goose sing ""Lets Twist Again""
S16E24 Sid Caesar / Paul Anka / Chad Mitchell Trio / McGuire Sisters 17/03/1963 --Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) - appear twice in show. --The McGuire Sisters (vocal trio) - sing ""Danny Boy"" --Sid Caesar does a scene from the Broadway show ""Little Me"" with other cast members. --Paul Anka - ""Falling in Love with Love,"" ""Stardust"" and ""Remember Diana"" --Judge Pigmeat Markham and Shorty (comedy duo) - comedy routine about math. --Rico (magician) - trick with metal ball and silk scarf. --The Chad Mitchell Trio - ""Columbus Stockade Blues"" and ""Blowin' in the Wind""
S16E25 Barbra Streisand / Chubby Checker / Woody Herman 24/03/1963 Guests: --Barbra Streisand - ""Cry Me a River"" --Chubby Checker - ""Peanut Vendor"" & limbo medley: ""Let's Limbo Some More"" and ""Limbo Rock"" (Chubby does the limbo on stage.) --Woody Herman & his band - ""Caledonia"" and, later in show, ""The Girl Upstairs"" (with the Hugh Lambert dancers) --Morecambe & Wise (British comedy team) - Judo self defense routine. --Totie Fields (stand-up comedian wearing tutu) --Dave Madden (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about going to the doctor & heath while smoking a cigarette throughout the routine). --Tommy Cooper (comedian, performing tricks) --Joy Kaye (clown act & pantomime) --Spencer Trio (acrobatic / balance act) --Saddri Dancers (comedy dance team) --Audience bows: Ann-Margret; Jesse Pearson
S16E26 Jackie Wilson / The McGuire Sisters 31/03/1963 Guests: --Jackie Wilson - ""Baby Workout"" & ""Night"" --The McGuire Sisters - Biography medley --Lou Wills Jr. (tap dancer) --Tommy Cooper (comic magician, funny hats) --Rickie Layne And Velvel (ventriloquist dummy act) --Dave Barry (standup comedian, with income tax jokes) --Novelites (Alabama Jubilee Rube Hillbilly comedy act, bass player uses Ampeg Baby bass electric standup) --Ed Sullivan brings out medal of Honors Winners
S16E27 scheduled: Frankie Avalon; Stiller & Meara; Lee Evans Jazz Trio 07/04/1963 Scheduled guests: --Frankie Avalon (singer) --Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller (comedy team) --Kaye Ballard (comedian) --The Lee Evans Jazz Trio --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as ""Jose Jimenez"") --Anita Gillette (musical comedy performer) --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
S16E28 From London: Judy Garland / Peter O'Toole / Cliff Richard 14/04/1963 Show taped in London: --Judy Garland - ""Smile (Though Your Heart Is Breaking)"" & ""I Could Go On Singing"" --Peter O'Toole - talks with Ed about ""Lawrence of Arabia"" & sings ""When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"" with Ed. (This was O'Toole's debut on Ed's show). --Cliff Richard (with the Shadows) - ""Bachelor Boy"" & ""Do You Wanna Dance?"" --Frank Infield (singer from Australia) - ""I Remember You"" --Margo Henderson (singer from Scotland) - ""What A Crazy World"" (plays piano & does vocal impressions) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - sings ""Tickety Tock"" --The Del Ray Brothers (juggling act, juggle flaming torches with their feet) --The Rastellis Clowns (men in blackface, one clown has a huge bullet through body, piano blows up) --Rupert's Bears (German family & bear act) --Mac Romay (comic magician from France) --The Pusztai Troupe (teeterboard act / seven man Hungarian acrobatic team) --The Schaller Brothers (comic trampoline act, performing stunts)
S16E29 scheduled: Liza Minnelli; Anthony Quinn; Della Reese 21/04/1963 Scheduled guests: --Liza Minnelli --Anthony Quinn (actor, scheduled to read poetry) --Della Reese (jazz singer) --Errol Garner (jazz pianist) --Mary Costa (opera singer) --Charlie Manna (comedian) --Pat Henning (comedian) --Ben Blue (comedian) --Arthur Tracy (billed as an old time ""Street Singer"") --Vinicio (juggler)
S16E30 Connie Francis / Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane / Wayne & Shuster 28/04/1963 Broadcast from Toronto, Canada: --Connie Francis - ""Days of Wine and Roses,"" ""Exodus,"" ""If My Pillow Could Talk"" & ""Hava Nagila"" --Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - Latin medley: ""Perfidia,"" ""Besame Mucho"" and ""Blame It On the Bossa Nova"" --Jan Peerce - ""Maria"" (song from ""West Side Story""), ""The Sweetest Sounds"" & ""Flower Song"" (from ""Carmen"") --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - sketch with reporter having a difficult time interviewing hep-cat jazz musician --Jack Carter (comedian) --Les Jerolas (two French speaking Canadians singing ""Little Darlin'"" and doing impressions) --The 48th Highlanders of Canada (bagpipe band) Audience bows: Tim Horton, Carl Brewer, Bob Fulford, Bob Nevin, Allen Stanley & Harold Ballard (all of the Toronto Maple Leaf team).
S16E31 Lucille Ball & Bob Hope / Ella Fitzgerald / Jackie Mason 05/05/1963 Guests: --Ella Fitzgerald - ""Start Of Something Big,"" ""No Moon At All,"" ""Bill Bailey,"" ""I'm Old Fashioned"" & ""Stompin' At The Savoy"" (Roy Elridge on horn). --Bob Hope and Lucille Ball talk about their movie ""Critic's Choice"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up, jokes about visiting London; the government) --Kaye Stevens (comedian) - sings ""Today I Love Everybody"" --Four West (comedy troupe) - skit on office personnel --Dick Contino (accordion player) - ""Malaquena"" & ""Granada"" --Grant Johannsen (concert pianist) - ""Prokofiev Precipitado"" --Bob De Voye Trio (might be Bob De Boye Trio) - two men & a woman do a dance number --Kalani & the Kids from Tahiti (ethnic Tahitian dance and costumes) Audience bows: Brenda Lee; Vic Ghezzi (golfer); and the jockey who won the Kentucky Derby.
S16E32 scheduled: Vivien Leigh; Brenda Lee; Ann-Margret; Al Hirt 12/05/1963 Scheduled guests: --Vivien Leigh (actress, singing ""Wilkes-Barre, Pa."" from her Broadway show ""Tovarich"") --Brenda Lee - ""Losing You"" --Myron Cohen --Al Hirt --Ann-Margret --Richiardi (illusionist) --Rip Taylor
S16E33 Ann-Margret / Steve Lawrence / Kate Smith 19/05/1963 Guests: --Ann-Margret - ""Bye, Bye, Birdie"" and ""Baby, Won't You Please Come Home"" --Steve Lawrence - ""The Sweetest Sounds,"" ""Misty"" and ""Lazy River"" --Kate Smith - ""Who Cares"" & ""As Long As He Needs Me"" --Totie Fields (comedian) --Frank Fontaine --Vaughn Meader (comedian, doing a JFK sketch) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Lucho Navarro (vocal impressionist / sound imitator) --The cast of the Café Society's night-club revue ""New York Coloring Book.""
S16E34 scheduled: Cab Calloway; Eydie Gorme; Frank Fontaine; Sergio Franchi 26/05/1963 Scheduled guests: --Cab Calloway --Eydie Gorme --Frank Fontaine (backed by the Arbors vocal group) --Sergio Franchi (Italian singer) --Pat Buttram (comedian) --Bill Dana (comedian, in character as ""Jose Jimenez"") --Topo Gigio (the Italian mouse)
S16E35 scheduled: Sammy Davis, Jr.; Janet Blair; Rowan & Martin; Kim Sisters 02/06/1963 Scheduled guests: --Sammy Davis, Jr. --Janet Blair --Rowan and Martin (comedy team) --The Kim Sisters --Jesse Pearson (singer) --Sue Carson (comedian)
S16E36 Barbra Streisand / Stiller & Meara / McGuire Sisters 09/06/1963 Guests: --Barbra Streisand - ""When the Sun Comes Out"" --Stiller & Meara (comedy team; do parodies of popular TV commercials) --The McGuire Sisters - ""Old Devil Moon,"" ""Cordially Invited"" & ""Daddy"" --Guy Marks (stand-up comedy & sings ""Red Scarf"" & ""Loving You Has Made Me Bananas"") -- Sue Carson (stand-up comedy and song & dance routine) --The Steiner Brothers (tap dancing team) --Alan Gale (stand-up comedian, topics: marriage, London travels) -- Bob Bramson (juggler, juggles hula hoops) --John (balancer, balances balls, spins hoops, acrobatics) Audience bows: Johnny Unitas & Harry Richman; Neil Sedaka; Dallas Texas Students; Navy Men
S16E37 Eartha Kitt / Jackie Mason / Wayne & Shuster / Kaye Ballard 16/06/1963 Scheduled guests: --Eartha Kitt --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Kaye Ballard (comedian) Regulars: --Series regulars: The Hugh Lambert dancers The Ray Bloch orchestra
S16E38 15th Anniversary Show with clips from past shows: Elvis Presley, Gary Cooper 23/06/1963 15th Anniversary Show with clips from past shows (special 90-minute episode): --1949: Charles Laughton - soliloquy from Henry V (TV debut) --1951: Gertrude Lawrence, Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein - excerpt of ""Whistle A Happy Tune"" --1951: Helen Hayes - talks about ""Victoria Regina"" --1952: Jackie Gleason & Art Carney - Bakery Scene --1952: Cole Porter - talks about early flop --1953: Walt Disney & Ed Sullivan at Disney Studios: Walt Shows Ed how animation is done. --1954: Jack Benny gets advice from Ed Sullivan. --1955: Scenes from three movies reenacted live on stage: (1) James Cagney, Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon perform scene from Mr. Roberts; (2) Gary Cooper, Rod Steiger do scene from ""The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell""; (3) Robert Mitchum & Shelly Winters do scene from ""Night of The Hunter."" --1956: Phil Silvers & Bing Crosby - comedy mixup sketch --1956: Elvis Presley - ""Hound Dog"" --1956: Clark Gable, Ed Sullivan & Raoul Walsh - Ed goes to New Mexico t
S16E39 Al Hirt / Totie Fields / Geula Gill / Alberto Rochi 30/06/1963 Guests: --Al Hirt (trumpet player with combo) - ""Down by the Riverside"" and, later in show, ""Carnival in Venice"" & ""Row Row Row"" --Geula Gill (Israeli singer, with 2 backup singers & band) - ""Tzena Tzena"" & ""Malaguena Salerosa"" --Tommy Cooper (magician-juggler) --Alberto Rochi (tenor) - ""Al Di La"" (in Italian) --Totie Fields (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about her career, the Sullivan Show, her weight, etc. --Wallace Brothers (tap dancers-entertainers) - tap dance and tell jokes --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) - jokes about his work with Ed, Las Vegas, air travel, married life, gambling, etc. & sings ""Bye Bye Blackbird. --Bobby Ramsen (stand-up comedian)
S16E40 On tape: Wayne & Shuster; Kay Stevens; Marion Marlowe; Bill Dana 14/07/1963 Guests, on tape (pre-recorded show): --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) --Kay Stevens (musical-comedy performer) - ""Make Someone Happy"" & ""I Ain't Down Yet"" --Marion Marlowe (singer) - ""Night and Day"" --Bill Dana (in character as Jose Jimenez) - ""My Funny Valentine"" --The Kane Triplets (singer) - ""Dear Mr. Kennedy"" & ""When We Grow Up"" --Harry Rose (vaudevillian) - Al Jolson medley --Linon (clown) --Dennis Spicer (comedy ventriloquist) --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer)
S16E41 On tape: Kate Smith; Jackie Mason; Joya Sherrill 04/08/1963 Guests, on tape (pre-recorded show): --Kate Smith - ""I Wish You Love,"" ""When Your Lover Has Gone"" & ""But Beautiful"" --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Morecombe and Wise (comedy team from Britain) --Joya Sherrill (jazz singer) - ""New York's My Home"" --Danny Costello (singer) - ""You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You"" & ""Falling in Love with Love"" --Pat Buttram (comedian) --The Antonio Ballet Espanol --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - ""Volare""
S16E42 Matt Monro / Joan Sutherland / Della Reese 18/08/1963 Guests (taped show): --Joan Sutherland - ""Son vergin vezzosa"" (from Bellini's ""I Puritani"") --Della Reese - ""You Came a Long Way from St. Louis"" & ""Be My Love"" --Matt Monro (British singer) - ""Georgia on My Mind"" --Stan Kenton and his band - ""Maria"" & ""I Feel Pretty"" --Thelma Lee (comedian) --Norman & Dean (comedy team) --Bob Bramson (hoop act) --The Gimma Brothers (acrobatic tumblers)
S17E01 Jimmy Durante / Frank Sinatra Jr. / Pied Pipers 29/09/1963 Tommy Dorsey Band - ""Marie"" Jimmy Durante - ""A Piano Is A Delicate Thing"" & "" September Song"" Helen Forrest - ""Just One Of Those Things"" & ""Craziest Dream (with the Tommy Dorsey Band) Pied Pipers - ""Chicago"" Pied Pipers & Frank Sinatra, Jr. - ""I'll Never Smile Again"" Frank Sinatra, Jr. & Tommy Dorsey Band - ""Night & Day"" The Harvest Moon Ball winners (categories: Waltz, Tango, Polka, Rhumba, Jitterbug & all around champs). Topo Gigio Audience bows (cameos): Paul Newman; New York Yankees: Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Al Downing, Roger Maris, Elston Howard & manager Ralph Hauk.
S17E02 Dick Dale / The Angels / Totie Fields 06/10/1963 Guests: --Dick Dale - ""Swingin' & Surfin'"" (with some ""Miserlou"") --Totie Fields (comedian) - boasts about her diet, sings, and then flirts with men in the audience. --Sonny Liston (heavyweight champion of the world) - skips rope to ""Night Train"" recording. --The Page Seven (featuring Page Cavanaugh at the piano) - ""Preacher"" (instrumental song) --The Three Stooges (Larry, Moe and Curly Joe) - sketch with Curly Joe as the Rajah --Audience bow: Eileen Brennan --The Clark Brothers (tap dancers) --Kate Smith - medley of WWII songs: ""Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree,"" ""The White Cliffs of Dover,"" ""On a Wing and a Prayer"" and ""God Bless America."" --Alan Gale (comedian) - jokes about politics, sports, modern conviences, supermarkets, banks --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - a couple starts arguing following their dinner party. --The Angels - ""My Boyfriend's Back""
S17E03 Lesley Gore / Tony Bennett / Frank Gorshin 13/10/1963 Guests (confirmed): --Lesley Gore - ""It's My Party""/""She's A Fool"" medley --Szony & Claire (dancers) --The Baranton Sisters (foot jugglers) --Mr. Pastry (comedian Richard Hearn) - Ed participates in a sketch about various dances. --Tony Bennett - ""The Moment Of Truth"" & ""Don't Wait Too Long "" --Frank Gorshin (impressionist) - does his classic ""Actors in Heaven"" routine Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Bob & Ray (comedy team) - doing a collection of satiric sketches titled ""What's Going on Here?"" --Jonathan Miller & Peter Cook (from the Broadway play ""Beyond the Fringe."") --Danny Meehan (singer-dancer) --John Bird (from the off-Broadway play ""The Establishment"") --Pat Henry (comedian) --Peter Duchin (pianist) --Mac Ronay (pantomimist) ""What's Going On Here?"" - Some of the comedians on this show were to appear in a satire of current news titled ""What's Going On Here?""
S17E04 Scheduled: Cliff Richard; Eydie Gorme 20/10/1963 Scheduled guests: --Cliff Richard (singer) - ""Stranger In Town"" & ""Some of These Days"" --Eydie Gorme (singer) --the Kessler Twins (singing & dancing team) --Dave Madden (comedian) --Shirley Verrett (opera singer) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Vic Grecco & Fred Willard (comedy team) --The Four Saints (comedy-instrumental group) - ""Tonight""
S17E05 Moscow State Circus 27/10/1963 The Moscow State Circus are a group of Animals, Acrobats, Jugglers, Clowns, Daredevils, High Wire Act, Dog Act, Trapeze Act & The Cannonball.
S17E06 Richard Burton / Morecombe & Wise / Arthur Worsley 03/11/1963 Guests: --Richard Burton - recites Dylan Thomas & does bar bit with drunken observations. --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist, his dummy does all the talking) --Dave Madden (comedian) --Morecombe And Wise (comedy team) --The Calicoats - ""Blues Away,"" ""Somebody Loves You,"" and ""Have A Happy Day"" --Topo Gigio --Cinco Brutos (comedy-singing group) - ""Little Darling"" & ""Addio"" --The Augsberg (Augspurg?) Jungle Wonders (monkey/baboon act with trainer doing a tea party bit)
S17E07 scheduled: The Jane Russell, Connie Haines and Beryl Davis trio; Allen & Rossi 10/11/1963 Scheduled guests: --The Jane Russell, Connie Haines and Beryl Davis trio --Shelley Berman --Allen and Rossi (comedy team) --Dennis Spicer (British ventriloquist) --the West Point Cadet Glee Club --Dick Contino (accordian player) --Teri Throton (singer) --Baby Opal and Baby Kay (elephant act)
S17E08 scheduled: Tommy Sands & Nancy Sinatra; Robert Horton 17/11/1963 Scheduled guests: --Tommy Sands and Nancy Sinatra - ""Old Straw Hat"" & ""Hey Good Lookin'"" --Robert Horton --Kim Sisters & Kim Brothers --The New Sounds (vocal group) --Bob Lewis (comedian) --Nieman Brothers (acrobats) --Davis & Reese (comedy team)
S17E09 The Obratsov Russian Puppet Theatre 01/12/1963 The Obratsov Russian Puppet Theatre --Ed dedicated the entire hour show to the Obratsov Russian Puppet Theatre. The puppet act, led by Sergei Obratsov, specialized in satire. --The show was divided into different puppet acts: ""The Coloratura Soprano""; ""The Tango""; ""The Wunderkind,"" ""The Gypsies"" from the Forests of Transcaucsia; ""The Performing Animals""; ""The Illusionist""; ""The Tap Dancers"" and ""Jazz Singer and her Combo."" --This show was taped in November 1963 at the conclusion of the troupe's Broadway engagement, a part of the American-Soviet cultural exchange.
S17E10 Ginger Rogers / Burt Lanchester (on film) 08/12/1963 Guests: --Ginger Rogers - ""Something's Gotta Give"" & ""They Can't Take That Away from Me"" --Burt Lanchester (on film, interview & film clip from ""The Train"") --Sophie Tucker - ""So Much to Do"" --Buddy Greco - ""The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"" & ""In Other Words"" --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) --Jan Murray (comedian) --Georgie Kaye (comedian) --Vic Greco & Fred Willard (comedy team) --Los Chevales de Espana (a.k.a. The Kids from Spain, singers & dancers)
S17E11 Burt Lancaster / Al Hirt / Milton Berle / Georgia Brown 15/12/1963 Guests: --Burt Lancaster (actor) --Al Hirt - ""Java"" & ""Man with a Horn"" --Milton Berle (comedian) - running gag: keeps interrupting Ed throughout show --Milton Berle - pays tribute to the ""unsung heroes who work in dept. stores all over the country, the shipping clerks "" --Georgia Brown - ""I've Got Plenty Of Nothing"" & ""I'll Walk Alone"" --The Amin Brothers (foot jugglers, Milton Berle gets into the act) --Audience bows: Joe Morrison; John Chandler; Y. A. Tittle; Herman Levin (producer of ""My Fair Lady"") Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Walter Dare Wahl (comedian) --Emmett Oldfield (comedian)
S17E12 scheduled: Buster Keaton; Teresa Brewer; Tessie O'Shea 22/12/1963 Scheduled guests: --Buster Keaton --John Huston (director) --Teresa Brewer --George Kirby --Tessie O'Shea --Frank Ifield (British singer) --The Burke Family Singers --Paul Dooley and Dick Liberti (comedians) --Rene Lavand (one-armed magician) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Hugh Forgie (ice skater)
S17E13 Hank Williams Jr. / Janet Blair / cast of Twice Over Nightly 29/12/1963 Guests: --Hank Williams, Jr. - ""On The Bayou,"" ""Your Cheatin Heart"" & ""Lonesome Blues"" (and possibly ""Cold, Cold, Heart"") --Janet Blair (singer) - ""Some People"" --Audience bow: Otto Preminger --Billy Reed (novelty act) - plays ""I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"" on dinnerwear. He keeps playing as the china breaks apart. --The Maxwells (2-man pantomime & balancing act) - one man balances wicker boxes on his feet while the other climbs atop the boxes. --Jerry Vale - medley of Italian songs including ""O Solo Mio"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --cast of ""Twice Over Nightly"" --The Kim Sisters
S17E14 Count Basie Orchestra / Keely Smith / Sister Sourie (Singing Nun) 05/01/1964 Guests: --The Singing Nun (Sister Sourire) - ""Hallelujah,"" ""Dominique,"" & ""Les Piedes des Missionaires"" (performance filmed in Waterloo, Belgium) --Count Basie Orchestra - ""One O'Clock Jump"" --Kelly Smith - ""Let Me Call You Sweetheart"" & ""Bill"" (with the Count Basie Orchestra) --Count Basie Orchestra & Keely Smith - ""Won't You Come Back, Count Basie"" --Jane Powell - song & dance number, and movie medley: ""Wonderful Day,"" ""Too Late Now"" & ""A Most Unusual Day."" --Johnny Hart (magician, does card tricks, silk tricks doves) --Dieter Tasso (juggler, balancing act) --Marcelo Spanish Ballet (Flamenco dance w/ male soloist)
S17E15 Connie Francis / Frank Sinatra, Jr. / Stiller & Meara 12/01/1964 Guests include: --Connie Francis - ""With A Song In My Heart,"" ""I Left My Heart In San Francisco,"" ""You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You"" & ""Al Di La"" --Frank Sinatra, Jr. - ""Second Time Around"" & ""Nancy"" (with the Dorsey Orchestra) --Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - ""Git It"" --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Helen Forrest - ""I've Heard That Song Before"" (with the Dorsey Orchestra) --The Pied Pipers - ""Look At Him Now"" (with the Dorsey Orchestra) --Con Conwally (sword balancing act)
S17E16 Bobby Vinton / Juliet Prowse / Pat Buttram 19/01/1964 --Bobby Vinton - medley: ""If You Knew Susie,"" ""When My Baby Smiles at Me"" and ""Yankee Doodle Dandy"" --Dick Alberts (or Albers - trampoline act) - does comic tumbling --Pat Buttram (comedian) - stand-up rural comedy --Juliet Prowse (dancer) - ""Lazy Afternoon with You,"" ""My Heart Belongs to Daddy"" and ""Tell All the World"" --Kate Smith - ""This Is All I Ask,"" ""Fine and Dandy"" and ""As Long As He Needs Me"" --Vic Grecco & Fred Willard (comedy team) - does a telephone act --Marvin Roy (magician act with female assistant) - pulls items out of hat & lightbulbs out of mouth.
S17E17 scheduled: Eddy Arnold; Van Heflin; Sidney Blackmer 26/01/1964 Scheduled guests: --Van Heflin and Sidney Blackmer (actors, scheduled to appear in a scene from their Broadway play ""A Case of Libel"" written by Henry Denker.) --Eddy Arnold (singer) --Carol Lawrence --Totie Fileds (comedian) --Shirley Verrett (soprano)
S17E18 Ella Fitzgerald / Sammy Davis Jr. 02/02/1964 Guests: --Ella Fitzgerald - ""Them There Eyes"" --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""Without A Song"" -- Sammy Davis Jr. & Ella Fitzgerald - ""S' Wonderful"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Modern Folk Quartet --Frank Gorshin (impressionist) --The Two Carmenas (balancing act)
S17E19 Beatles (1st appearance) / Oliver Broadway cast 09/02/1964 Guests include: --The Beatles (first appearance): All My Lovin,'Til There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. --Davy Jones (pre-Monkees, appearing with Georgia Brown & the Broadway cast of 'Oliver'): I'd Do Anything --Georgia Brown: As Long As He Needs Me (with 2 children from the Broadway cast of 'Oliver') --Frank Gorshin (comedian) --Tessie O'Shea (singer, from Broadway's 'The Girl Who Came To Supper') - medley of show tunes --Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy team)
S17E20 Beatles (2nd appearance) / Mitzi Gaynor 16/02/1964 --The Beatles (2nd appearance): She Loves You, This Boy, All My Lovin', I Saw Her Standing There, From Me to You and I Want to Hold Your Hand --Audience bows: Sunny Liston & and Joe Louis (boxers) --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) - boxing sketch --Steve Rossi sings Strike Up the Band --Mitzi Gaynor (with 4 male dancers who also sing backup): Too Darn Hot, The More I See You and a blues medley: Birth of the Blues, St. James Infirmary,When the Saints Go Marching In, Shadrach, Mescach, Obendigo, Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho & When the Saints Go Marching In (reprise). [Note: Shadrach, Mescach, Obendigo is missing from the DVD release.] --On tape: from Hialeah Race Track. Ed, with Seminole Indian family, introduces the Nerveless Nocks. --Nerveless Nocks (four male sway pole acrobats) - group performs outside (on tape at Hialeah Race Track) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --The Valanti's (comedic unicyclists) - not on DVD
S17E21 Beatles (3rd appearance) / Cab Calloway 23/02/1964 --The Beatles (3rd appearance): Twist and Shout, Please Please Me and I Want to Hold Your Hand (Pre-recorded Beatles segments, taped 9 Feb 1964, inserted into a live show.) --Gloria Bleezarde - sings Safety in Numbers --Pinky & Perky (marionettes) --Morecambe & Wise (comedy team) - routine about genuine Louis XIV brandy glasses --Acker Bilk (clarinet player): Acker's Lacquer --Gordon & Sheila MacRae (musical-comedy entertainers) - in a parody of The Gary Moore Show, the duo do celebrity impressions. --Dave Barry (comedian) - comedy monologue about children; sings a parody of Sonny Boy. --Cab Calloway - St. James Infirmary & Old Man River --Morty Gunty (comedian) - comedy monologue
S17E22 George Raft / Jack Carter / John Byner 01/03/1964 Guests: --George Raft (Hollywood star) - scheduled to appear in a tango sequence with the Hugh Lambert dancers --Jack Carter (comedian) - routine includes jokes about the Beatles --John Byner (comedian making his first TV appearance) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Anita Bryant (singer) --Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act) --Julius Monk's ""Baker's Dozen"" (revue troupe, scheduled to appear in 2 comedy sketches)
S17E23 Dave Clark Five / A Salute to American Composers 08/03/1964 Dave Clark Five - ""Glad All Over"" ""A Salute to American Composers"" --Jerry Vale - ""Ah, Sweet Mystery"" & ""You Can't Take That Away from Me"" --Florence Henderson - ""I Get A Kick Out of You"" & ""Wonderful Guy"" --Ed Sullivan talks with Ira Gershwin. --Steve Lawrence - ""A Room Without Windows, A Room Without Doors"" & ""Gigi"" --Harry Ruby (piano medley) --Phil Silvers & Saul Chaplin - ""Old Man River"" sketch --Juliet Prowse (dancer) - dances to ""Black Bottom"" & ""The Peabody"" --Blossom Seeley - ""I Love A Medley"" Piano medley with five ASCAP composers: Jimmy McHugh (""Sunny Side of the Street""); Arthur Freed (""Singing in the Rain""); Grace Kahn & Donald Kahn (""It Had to be You"" & ""Ain't We Got Fun""); Sammy Fain (""Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"").
S17E24 Dave Clark Five / Peter O'Toole / Jack Jones 15/03/1964 --Dave Clark Five - ""Do You Love Me,"" ""Bits and Pieces"" and ""Glad All Over"" Other guests: --Peter O'Toole (actor) - interview, sings ""When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"" with Ed Sullivan. --Jack Jones (singer) - ""Rosalie"" & ""Call Me Irresponsible"" --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Pat O'Brian (comedian) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Carmel Quinn (medley Of Irish songs) --The Volantes (unicycle balancing act)  - rides a unicycle in theatre aisle and plays an accordian while on unicycle on table --The Augsberg Jungle Wonders (trained monkey act)
S17E25 Bobby Vinton / Van Johnson / The Ladybugs 22/03/1964 Guests: --Van Johnson - ""Just One of Those Things"" & ""I'm A Ham"" --Bobby Vinton - ""My Heart Belongs to Only You"" --The Ladybugs - ""I Saw Him Standing There."" The Ladybugs were Jeannine Riley, Pat Woodell and Linda Kaye Henning (from ""Petticoat Junction"") & Sheila James (formerly of ""Dobie Gillis""). --Totie Fields (comedian) --George Kirby (comedian-impressionist) --Brooks Sisters - ""Brooks' Boogie"" --The South African dancers (from the Alan Paton-Krishna Shaw play ""Sponono"") --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - ""Topo's Birthday"" CBS repeated this show on Aug. 9, 1964.
S17E26 Harry Belafonte and the Belafonte Folk Singers 29/03/1964 Guests: --Harry Belafonte --Jack Carter (comedian) --The Kessler Twins Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Harry Belafonte and the Belafonte Folk Singers – ""Sailor Man,"" ""Look Over Yonder,"" ""Windin' Road,"" ""In My Father's House"" and ""Shake That Little Foot"" --Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist) --Karen Valentine (singer-dancer, talent winner in the Miss Teen-Age America contest)
S17E27 The Searchers / scheduled: Rowan & Martin; Senor Wences 05/04/1964 The Searchers – ""Ain't That Just Like Me"" & ""Needles and Pins"" Other guests (scheduled): --Dan Rowan & Dick Martin (comedians) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Nipsey Russell (comedian) --Franco Corelli (Italian tenor) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Mata & Hari (dance-pantomime team) --The Little Singers of Tokyo.
S17E28 Moscow State Circus (taped in Minneapolis, MN) 12/04/1964 Moscow State Circus (taped in Minneapolis, MN): Taped show with guests: --Oleg Popov (clown, appears throughout the show) --The Khodzhabaev Cossack Riders --Valentin Filatov's trained bears (boxers, motorcyclists, acrobats & balancers) --Kaseev and Manasaryan (acrobatic strongmen) --Michael Nikolaev group (precision gymnasts) --Violetta and Alexander Kiss (balancers) --The Vladimir Doveyko tumblers (somersault onto stilts) --The Vladimir Zamotkin's acrobatics (on a giant free-spinning wheel) --Vsevolod Kherts (juggling strongman) --The Volzhansky wire walkers (roller-skate & perform acrobatics on the highwire) --Helena Sinkovskaya & Victor Lisin (gymnasts on the rocket trapeze) --Victoria Olkhovikova's football-playing canines
S17E29 Al Hirt / Roberta Peters / Itzhak Perlman / Kim Sisters 26/04/1964 --Al Hirt - ""Begin the Beguine"" & ""Cotton Candy"" --Al Hirt & Roberta Peters - ""The Shadow Song"" --Itzhak Perlman - ""Rondo Capricione"" (on violin) --Peg Leg Bates & Little Buck (tap duet) --The Kim Sisters (""South of the Border"" medley and ""Charlie Brown"") --London Lee (comedian) --Georgie Kaye (comedian) --Bob King (comedian) --Ariston (acrobat trio)
S17E30 Stevie Wonder / Gerry and the Pacemakers 03/05/1964 Guests: --Stevie Wonder - ""Fingertips"" --Gerry and the Pacemakers - ""Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"" & ""I'm the One"" --Patti Page (singer) - ""Call Me Irresponsible"" & ""If I Had A Hammer"" --Bill Dana (comedian in character as Jose) - Ed interviews Jose, who's dressed as a Roman soldier. This time, Jose is an actor talking about his latest epic. --The Claytons (whip and rope act) - 3 people, dressed as cowboys, do tricks with whips. --The cast of ""America Be Seated"" with Louis Gossett, May Barnes, Bibby Oscarwall Scheduled guest: --Vaughn Meader (comedian)
S17E31 Dusty Springfield / Gerry & the Pacemakers / Itzhak Perlman 10/05/1964 Guests: --Dusty Springfield - ""Stay Awhile"" & ""I Only Want to Be with You"" --Gerry and the Pacemakers - ""I Like It"" & ""Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"" --Bobby Rydell - ""World Without Love"" --Itzak Perlman (violinist) - Wieniawski's ""Second Concerto"" --Phyllis Diller (stand-up comedy) --Jackie Mason (makes jokes about folk songs) --The Brooks Sisters - ""When The Saints Go Marching In"" (instrumental) --Doug Hart (portrays a drunk who wants to do wire walking with a female. He gets on and does a good routine by himself) --Sid Gary (comedian) - imitates George Jessel's flat singing --Los Cinco Latinos - ""El Relicaro""
S17E32 scheduled: Paul Anka; McGuire Sisters; Rita Pavone 17/05/1964 Guests (2nd half of show): --Totie Fields (comedian) --The Mansville Marching Band - ""When The Saints Come Marching In"" --Audience bow: Eunice Kennedy Shriver --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --""Big"" Tiny Little (pianist, from ""The Lawrence Welk Show"") Scheduled guests (probably the 1st half of show): --Paul Anka --Rita Pavone (Italian singer) - ""Remember Me"" & ""Just One More"" --Paul Anka and Rita Pavone - ""Ogni Volta"" --The McGuire Sisters --Rowan & Martin (comedy team) --Youngsters from the Connecticut Training Center for the mentally retarded
S17E33 Liza Minnelli / Duke Ellington / The Beatles (on film) 24/05/1964 --The Beatles (on film) - movie clip of ""You Can't Do That"" from ""A Hard Day's Night"" - song was cut from final edit of film. Also on film: Ed Sullivan interviews The Beatles in London on the set of "" A Hard Day's Night"". --On film: footage of the Lipizzaner White Stallions in Vienna. --On film: Michelangelo's Pieta, an exhibit at the New York World's Fair. Guests: --Duke Ellington & his orchestra --Liza Minnelli (actress-singer) - possibly performed ""The Travelin' Life"" --John Paul Vignon (French singer) --Shirley Verrett (mezzo-soprano) - ""Ava Maria"" --Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Professor Backwards (comedian) --The Watusi Dancers
S17E34 Dave Clark Five / Bill Cosby / Helen Hayes 31/05/1964 Guests: --Dave Clark Five – ""Can't You See That She's Mine"" & ""Do You Love Me"" --Bill Cosby --Helen Hayes - plays Mrs. Woodrow Wilson in a dramatic scene --Abbe Lane - ""The Rhumba Rump"" & ""I Will Follow You"" --Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband & wife doing a stand up routine) --Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance team)
S17E35 Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas / Alec Guinness 07/06/1964 Guests: --Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas - ""Pride,"" ""Little Children"" and ""Bad to Me"" --Alec Guinness (cameo & film clip from ""Bridge On The River Kwai"") --Nipsey Russell (stand-up comedian) --Robert Horton - ""Oklahoma"" medley & ""When The Sun Comes Out"" --Tessie O'Shea (singer doing a London music medley) --Leo Bassi (foot juggler)
S17E36 Sammy Davis Jr./ A filmed tour of the JFK Library exhibit 14/06/1964 Guests: --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""My Kind of Town (Manhattan),"" ""Where Do I Belong?"" ""Gonna Build Me A Mountain"" & ""What Kind of Fool Am I"" --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --The Vagabonds - ""It's a Good Day"" & ""Route 66"" --Trio Hoganas (high wire balance act) --The Philippine Dance Company --On film: a tour of the John F. Kennedy Library exhibit (then on display at the IBM Gallery in NYC).
S17E37 Debbie Reynolds (on film) / Trini Lopez / Harve Presnell 21/06/1964 --Ed introduces the 50 candidates for the title of ""National College Queen,"" then announces the 6 finalists. --On film: Ed visits Debbie Reynolds at her home. In her screening room, they view scenes of Debbie dancing in ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"" --Harve Presnell (Reynolds' co-star in ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"") - sings ""I'll Never Say No"" (live on stage) --John Bryner (stand-up comedian) - imitates folk singers, sings ""The Mountain,"" then does impressions of Ed Sullivan, Elvis and Topo Gigio. --Sally Ann Howes - sings ""Let's Face the Music and Dance"" --Allen and Rossi (comedy team) - Steve Rossi sings ""With A Son in My Heart,"" then interviews the general manager of the World's Fair Japanese Pavillion (played by Marty Allen) --Sally Ann Howes sings ""Do Re Me"" with children from the Lexington school for the deaf. --Cameo: Ken Venturi (1964 U.S. Open champion) --Lexington School for the Deaf children - ""Spring Theme"" --Jim Bunning (baseball pitching star from Philadelphi
S17E38 Bobby Vinton / Connie Francis / Frank Sinatra / Ferrante & Teicher 28/06/1964 Guests: --Frank Sinatra - cameo, brings out anniversary cake, sings ""My Kind of Town"" --Bobby Vinton - ""Tell Me Why"" & ""Mama Don't Allow"" + instrumental songs (""Hava Nagila,"" ""Poinciana"" & ""When The Saints Go Marching In"") --Connie Francis - ""Will You Still Be Mine,"" ""Mala Femina,"" ""Looking for Love"" & ""I Found Myself A Guy"" --Ferrante & Teicher (2 pianists, playing two pianos) - theme from ""Seventh Dawn"" --Jerry Shane (comedian) --Joan Holloway - ""Puttin' On My Top Hat"" --The Banihan Dancers (Filipino dance group)
S17E39 scheduled: Kay Stevens; Myron Cohen; Jerry Vale; Allen & Rossi 05/07/1964 Scheduled guests: --Jerry Vale --Kay Stevens --Allen and Rossi (comedy duo) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --The Neiman Brothers (tumblers) --The Four Amigos (vocal and instrumental group) --Ronnie Martin (comedian)
S17E40 Steve Lawrence / Helen Shapiro / Geula Gill 26/07/1964 Scheduled guests: --Steve Lawrence --Helen Shapiro - ""Tip Toe Through The Tulips"" --Geula Gill (Israeli vocalist) --Maria Neglia (violinist) --los Chavales de Espana (singers-dancers-instrumentalists)
S17E41 Della Reese / the Highwaymen 16/08/1964 Guests: --Della Reese - ""Nobody's Sweetheart"" & ""His Eye Is On The Sparrow"" --The Highwaymen (vocal-instrumental quintet) - ""Standing by the Gate"" & ""Pretoria"" --Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) --Bob King (stand-up comedian) --The Kaye Sisters (British vocal trio) - ""I Only Want To Be With You"" --Mac Ronay (magician) --Harry Lorayne (memory expert) --Rosh Atubian & His Mediterranean International Troop (folk musicians & dancers) --Jack La Cayen & Gelsomina (acrobatic dancers from Italy) --Bauman's Tigers (trained animal act)
S17E42 Bert Lahr / Rita Pavone / The Kim Sisters 06/09/1964 Guests (show taped earlier in the season): --Bert Lahr - ""Schneider's Miracle"" --Rita Pavone (Italian pop singer) - ""Remember Me?"" & ""Big Deal"" --Pat Buttram (comedian) --London Lee (comedian) --The Stepp Brothers (tap-dancers) --The Kim Sisters - ""Mr. Banjo"" & a ""West Side Story"" medley --Enzo Stuarti (Italian singer) - ""Battle Hymn"" & ""Yours Is My Heart Alone"" --Attila Galamb (child saxophonist) --The Two Carmenas (a ""head-to-toe"" balancing act)
S18E01 Beach Boys / Alan King / Robert Goulet 27/09/1964 Guests: --The Beach Boys - ""I Get Around"" and ""Wendy"" --Robert Goulet - ""Let There be Love,"" ""Quiet Nights,"" ""This is All I Ask"" and ""My Love Forgive Me (Amore Scusami)"" --Leslie Uggams - ""I Feel Pretty"" & ""The Man I Love"" --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - routine might include ""Let's Call The Whole Thing Off"" --Vonda Kay Van Dyke & Curley - ""Wherever We Go, It's Together"" (""There She Is Miss America"" is played as they walk on stage.) --Alan King (stand-up comedian) - routine about ""Dr. Sam,"" Dr. Sam Roth, a doctor in his neighborhood (when he was a kid in the lower East Side of Manhattan) and other medical observances.
S18E02 Louis Armstrong / Sid Caesar / Abbe Lane / Pat Boone 04/10/1964 Guests: --Louis Armstrong – ""Hello Dolly"" & ""So Long Dearie"" --Sid Caesar (comedian) - 2 skits: (1) Japanese baseball player sketch (2) 1964 election news report sketch --Yogi Berra --Pat Boone - ""My Baby Just Cares for Me,"" ""Beach Girl"" and ""Exodus"" --Abbe Lane - ""I Didn't Know What Time It Was"" & ""I'm In Love with A Wonderful Guy"" --Jim Bouton (of the Yankees) - does a Frank Fontain impression --Tony Lema - golf match with Ken Venturi --The Radugas (Raduga dancers) - Russian Cossack folk dance --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - puppet wearing a Beatle wig.
S18E03 Roy Orbison / Connie Francis / Harlem Globetrotters 11/10/1964 Guests: --Roy Orbison - ""Oh, Pretty Woman"" --Connie Francis - (1) baseball medley: ""Take Me Out to the Ballgame"" (& other baseball songs), ""Meet Me In St. Louis"" (& a song about New York). (2) medley: ""Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"" and ""After You've Gone Away"" --Connie Francis - ""My Man"" --Juliet Prowse --Harlem Globetrotters --George Kirby (comedian who does impressions, imitates Sammy Davis Jr.) --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) --Jean Paul Vignon (French pop singer) --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about her husband & daughter) --The Youngs (circus act, performers do jumps using a teeterboard) CBS repeated this show on July 4, 1965.
S18E04 The Animals / Van Johnson / Jackie Mason 18/10/1964 Guests: --The Animals – ""I'm Crying"" & ""House of the Rising Sun"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - routine includes imitation of news reporter Marvin Kalb commenting on LBJ's speech. --Van Johnson - ""I Want to be Happy"" & talks with Ed about his past films --John Byner (comedian) does impersonations of Ed Sullivan, Johnny Mathis & Tony Bennett --Joan Sutherland - ""Ardon gli incensi"" (as Lucia, from ""Lucia di Lammermoor"") --Rita Pavone - ""Sul Cucozzole"" --Totie Fields (stand-up, tells jokes about her weight, banks & safe deposit box) --The Cambridge Circus (British comedy troupe) Cameos: Bob Gibson & Tim McCarver (World Series heroes talk with Ed)
S18E05 Rolling Stones / Jack Jones / Stiller & Meara 25/10/1964 The Rolling Stones - ""Around and Around"" and ""Time is on My Side"" Other guests: --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Jack Jones - ""Travel On"" & ""Bewitched"" --London Lee (comedian) --Lawrence Harvey --Kim Sisters - ""Joshua"" --Charlie Drake --The Berosini Family (acrobats)
S18E06 Dave Clark Five / Rex Harrison / Alan King 01/11/1964 The Dave Clark Five - ""Anyway You Want It"" Other guests: --Rex Harrison (on film?) --Leon Bibb (folk singer) --Alan King (comedian) --Marilyn Michaels (singer-impressionist) --Dolores Gray (singer) --Richard Hearne (British comedian, a.k.a. ""Mr. Pastry"") --Rolando (a balancing artist)
S18E07 Jimmy Durante / Jean Paul Vignon / Nipsey Russell 08/11/1964 Guests: --Jimmy Durante - ""Old Man Time,"" ""Fascination"" & ""Count Your Blessings"" --Sonny King and Jimmy Durante - ""Hey, Look Me Over"" & ""I Ain't Down Yet"" --Eddie Jackson and Jimmy Durante - ""Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?"" --Nipsey Russell (comedian) --Jean Paul Vignon (French pop singer) --Parker and Towers (ice skaters) --The Fabulous Kids from Hong Kong (a vocal-instrumental group) --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) --Ginny Tiu and family (a children's variety act) --The Del Rey Brothers (jugglers) Scheduled guests: --Richard Hearne --The Bachelors (music group from London)
S18E08 Peter and Gordon / Sammy Davis Jr. / Kaye Stevens 15/11/1964 Peter and Gordon – ""I Don't Want to See You Again"" & ""500 Miles"" Other guests: --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""Don't Shut Me Out"" --Kaye Stevens - ""I'll Tell Them All"" --The Kessler Twins (singers) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Charlie Drake --Trio Hoganas (high wire balancing act) --Brizio (Italian comic act)
S18E09 scheduled: Tony Bennett; Leslie Uggams; Victor Borge 22/11/1964 Scheduled guests: --Tony Bennett --Leslie Uggams --Victor Borge --The Womenfolk (folk singers) - ""Sail Away"" & ""Rock-Em Daddy-O"" --Pat O'Brien (actor) --The Pan Am North Stars (steelband musicians)
S18E10 scheduled: Ella Fitzgerald; Gordon and Sheila MacRae 29/11/1964 Scheduled guests: --Ella Fitzgerald --Gordon and Sheila MacRae --Myron Cohen --Corps De Ballet --Obernkirchen Children's Choir
S18E11 scheduled: Piccola Pupa; Mitchell Trio; Sid Caesar 06/12/1964 Guests: --Sid Caesar --Gary Lewis and the Playboys   --Piccola Pupa --The Mitchell Trio (folk singers) --Sophie Tucker --Allen and Rossi (comedy team) --Betsy Palmer Scheduled guest: --Bob Lewis (comedian)
S18E12 Julie Harris / Stiller & Meara / Alan King / Robert Preston 13/12/1964 Guests: --Robert Preston - sings ""Half the Battle is Learning How to Smile"" (in a scene from ""Ben Franklin In Paris"") --Julie Harris --Anita Bryant - ""Fly Me to the Moon"" --Stiller & Meara --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist) --Fabulous Hong Kong Hi-De-His --Danielle Barioni --Marquis Chimps --Con Conwally (balancing knife act)
S18E13 Jack Jones / Allen & Rossi / Charlie Manna 20/12/1964 Guests: --Jack Jones - Christmas medley & ""My Favorite Things."" --Jack Jones (later in show) - ""Somebody Loves Me"" & ""You're Nobody"" medley --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) - James Bond spoof --Steve Rossi sings ""Have You Had Any Fun?"" --Sandu and the Green Mountain Boys (might be Sandu Scott and the Scotties) - sings, does imitations including Ed Sullivan; Carol Channing singing ""Hello Dolly"" --Charlie Manna (comedian) - opera sketch, sings ""Barber of Seville"" --Jesuit Priests led by Father Lawrence Madden - Religious medley --Victor Julian (circus dog act with dogs in costume, one as Santa Claus) --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - Topo's homesick during Christmas, gets phone call from Mama --Jim Brown - talks to Ed on stage --Audience bow: Jack Rice (high-school all-American) --George Carl (comic pantomime) --Audience bows: Buddy Hackett & London Lee --The Morlidors (cortortionist act) - man in black mask with 2 female assistants
S18E14 The Supremes / Serendipity Singers / Leslie Uggams 27/12/1964 Guests: --The Supremes - ""Come See About Me"" --The Serendipity Singers - ""Every Time I Feel the Spirit"" --Leslie Uggams - ""Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo"" & ""Cockeyed Optimist"" --Rip Taylor (comedian) --Jean Carrol (comedian) --Frank Gorshin (impressionist) --Davis and Reese (stand-up comedians)
S18E15 scheduled: Liza Minnelli, Jean Paul Vignon, Totie Fields 03/01/1965 Scheduled guests: --Liza Minnelli --Jean Paul Vignon --Totie Fields --Marc London (comedian) --Carmen Sevilla --Lew Bassi (juggler) --The Mattison Trio (tap-dancers) --Topo Gigio
S18E16 scheduled: Sid Caesar; Wayne Newton; Betsy Palmer; Shari Lewis 10/01/1965 Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar --Wayne Newton --Betsy Palmer --Shari Lewis (puppeteer) --London Lee (comedian) --The Kim Sisters (singers) --Topo Gigio --The Sophie Maslow Dance Company --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
S18E17 The Animals / Alan King / Shari Lewis / Allen & Rossi 24/01/1965 Guests: --The Animals – ""Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"" --Alan King (comedian) --Birgit Nilsson - ""In Cuesta Regia"" --Shari Lewis - ""Singing in the Rain"" --Marty Allen & Steve Rossi (comedians) --Steve Rossi - ""Be My Love"" --George Kirby (impressionist, sings ""Michael, Row the Boat Ashore"") --Bach Yen (singer from Vietnam) - ""Dem Dong"" & ""If I Had a Hammer"" --The Haslevs (trampoline artists) --Ravic & Babs (roller skaters) --On film: A clip from ""My Fair Lady"" with Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn, and Wilfred Hyde White. This episode (January 24, 1965) was repeated on August 15, 1965.
S18E18 Lesley Gore / Burt Lancaster / Mickey Rooney / Miriam Makeba 31/01/1965 Guests: --Lesley Gore - ""The Look of Love"" & ""Hello Young Lovers"" --Burt Lancaster (chats with Ed & film clips) --Mickey Rooney --Roger Williams --Miriam Makeba (South African folk singer, with back up singers) - ""Intoyam"" (African song) --The Agastonios (acrobat team) --Ravic & Babs (roller skaters)
S18E19 Jimmy Durante / scheduled: Leslie Uggams; Stiller & Meara; Jean Carroll 07/02/1965 Guests (confirmed): --Jimmy Durante (entertainer, celebrating his 72nd birthday) --Sonny King Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Leslie Uggams --Stiller & Meara --Rebecca Raz --Jean Carroll --Vaughn Monroe
S18E20 Dave Clark Five / Rowan & Martin / Steve Lawrence 14/02/1965 Guests: --The Dave Clark Five - ""Everybody Knows,"" ""Because"" & ""Anyway You Want It"" --Steve Lawrence - ""Hello, Dolly!"" ""People"" & ""Where Can I Go"" --Victor Borge - ""Viennese Waltz"" and a routine about an ""inflationary language"" (in which Tuesday would become Threesday). --Rowan & Martin (comedy team does a spy sketch and a quiz show routine) --The Israeli Ballet - performs some native folk dances --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --The Mattison Trio (tap dancers) - ""Malaguena"" --John's balancing act
S18E21 scheduled: Sid Caesar; Roberta Peters; Betsy Palmer; Frank Gorshin 21/02/1965 Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera soprano) --Jerry Vale (singer) --Betsy Palmer --Frank Gorshin --London Lee (comedian) --Malcolm Powell (ventriloquist) --The Three Kims (acrobats) --Conrad Buckner
S18E22 scheduled: Wayne Newton; Juliet Prowse; Alan King; Bill Dana 28/02/1965 Scheduled guests (from Florida's Miami Beach Auditorium): --Wayne Newton --Juliet Prowse --Alan King --Bill Dana --The Hurricanes (the University of Miami's Glee Club) --The Cypress Gardens water skiers --The Singing Hialeah Jockey Octet --The Sensational Leighs (aerial act)
S18E23 Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald / Rita Pavone / Stiller & Meara 07/03/1965 Guests: --Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald (medley of Duke's hits) --Duke Ellington - ""It Don't Mean A Thing"" --Rita Pavone - ""My Eyes"" --Stiller & Meara (comedians) --On film: Film clip from ""The Sound of Music"" with Julie Andrews singing ""My Favorite Things"" --Roy Castle (comedian) --The Clark Brothers (tap dancers) --The Carmenas (balancing act)
S18E24 Petula Clark / Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem / Nancy Walker & Bert Lahr 14/03/1965 Guests: --Petula Clark – ""Downtown"" and ""I Know a Place"" --Pat O'Brien --Nancy Walker & Bert Lahr --Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - ""Wild Colonial Boy"" --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) --Steve Rossi - ""I'll Set My Love to Music"" --Jimmy Roselli - ""Femina"" & ""Rock-A-Bye Your Baby"" --Dorothy Donegan (pianist) - ""The Man I Love"" --The Olympiades (body builders)
S18E25 Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Connie Francis / Tony Bennett / Melinda Marx 21/03/1965 Guests: --Gary Lewis & the Playboys - ""This Diamond Ring"" & ""Count Me In"" --Tony Bennett (with the Woody Herman Orchestra) - ""Love Scene,"" ""If I Ruled The World,"" ""Lullabye of Broadway"" & ""Who Can I Turn To"" --Connie Francis - ""(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air"" (part of Gospel medley?) --Connie Francis - ""For Mama"" and ""Goldfinger"" --Melinda Marx - ""East Side of Town"" (Groucho Marx's daughter) --Woody Herman Orchestra - ""My Favorite Things"" --Pat Buttram (stand-up comedian) - tells stories about his grandparents --Jean Carroll (comedian) - jokes about domestic life & department stores --Ray Bloch & Band - Topo Gigo song --Texas Boys Choir Of Fort Worth - ""Mustang Grey"" --Claus Beckers (unicyclist act) - unicyclist with female assistant balances teapot & cups on tray. --Audience bow: Vic Ghezzi
S18E26 Little Anthony and the Imperials / Bobby Vinton 28/03/1965 Guests: --Little Anthony and the Imperials - ""Hurts So Bad"" --Bobby Vinton - ""Long Lonely Nights"" + medley of hits & tribute to Broadway songwriters --Bob King (comedian) --Elizabeth Allen & Sergio Franchi - ""Do I Hear A Waltz"" & ""Take The Moment"" (or ""Take This Moment"") --Sergio Franchi - ""Stella By Starlight"" --Marilyn Michaels - ""All Or Nothing At All"" --Le Marcellis (acrobat tricks with chairs and tables)
S18E27 scheduled: Vince Edwards; Cilla Black; Alan King; Abbe Lane; George Kirby 04/04/1965 Scheduled guests: --Vince Edwards (from ""Ben Casey"") --Cilla Black (singer) - ""You're My World"" --Alan King (comedian) --Abbe Lane (singer) --George Kirby (comedian) --Jean Paul Vignon (singer from France) --Djoliba (African instrumental and dance ensemble)
S18E28 Gerry & the Pacemakers / Maurice Chevalier / Soupy Sales 11/04/1965 Guests: --Gerry and the Pacemakers – ""Ferry Across the Mersey,"" ""It's Gonna Be Alright"" & ""Why, Oh Why"" --Maurice Chevalier - ""C'est Magnifique,"" ""It's All Right with Me"" and ""Just One of Those Things"" --Soupy Sales (comedian) - ""The Mouse"" --London Lee (comedian) --Jose Torres (middleweight boxing champion) - ""Un Poco Mas"" --Felicia Sanders (singer) - ""Sunrise, Sunset"" --The San Francisco Ballet - ""Beautiful Galatea"" --Stephenson's Dogs --Jorgen and Conny (a balancing act)
S18E29 John Huston / Sam Snead / Soupy Sales 18/04/1965 Easter Show: --John Huston - scene from ""The Bible"" (might be on film) --The McGuire Sisters - Medley (""Heart Beat For Me,"" ""Easter Parade,"" ""Try A Little Tenderness"" & ""On the Avenue."") --The children from ""The Sound of Music"" sing ""So Long"" --On film: Soupy Sales & Sam Sneed (on film, golf film, Ed challenges Sam Sneed to golf match) --Sam Sneed (pro-golfer on stage with Ed) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Martha Schlamme (singer) --Roy Castle - English comic (sings and tap dances) --Brian Andru (comedic tightrope act) --The White Sisters - Suzanna Nuns From Africa --Topo Gigio (Topo and the Bear) --Anden's Poodles (Trained animal act) Audience bows: Robert E. Moses & the parents of the McGuire Sisters
S18E30 Freddie & the Dreamers / Sean Connery (on film) / Eydie Gormé 25/04/1965 --On film: Ed Sullivan talks with Sean Connery and Claudine Auger on the set of ""Thunderball"" Guests: --Freddie and the Dreamers perform ""I'm Telling You Now,"" ""You Were Made for Me"" & ""Do the Freddie"" --Eydie Gormé sings ""Matchmaker"" (from ""Fiddler on the Roof"") and ""As Long As He Needs Me"" (from ""Oliver"") --Charo appears with Xavier Cugat and his band --Leon Bibb (folk singer) - ""Who Can I Turn To?"" --Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team) - astronaut routine. Later in show, Rossi sings ""Al Di La"" --Shelly Berman (comedian) --Inga and Rolf (Adagio dancers) --Tux (European balancing act) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
S18E31 Rolling Stones / Dusty Springfield / Tom Jones 02/05/1965 --The Rolling Stones - ""The Last Time,"" Little Red Rooster"" and ""Someone to Love"" --Dusty Springfield - ""All Cried Out"" --Tom Jones - ""It's Not Unusual"" --Audience bow (cameo): Roy Orbison --Leslie Uggams - ""Melancholy Baby"" --Totie Fields (comedian) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Morecambe & Wise (comedians) --The Half Brothers (juggling act) --Gitta Morrelly (balancing act)
S18E32 scheduled: Della Reese; the Three Stooges; Richard Pryor; Juliet Prowse 09/05/1965 Scheduled guests: --Della Reese --The Three Stooges --Richard Pryor --Juliet Prowse --Vaughn Monroe (singer) --Jackie Clark (comedian) --The Kim Sisters (singers) --Les Doubles Faces (pantomime artists)
S18E33 Petula Clark / Rudolf Nureyev / Alan King 16/05/1965 Guests: --Petula Clark - ""I Know a Place"" & ""Heart"" --Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn (ballet dancers) - perform three excerpts from ""Swan Lake"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian) - routine about how parents bug kids. Alan talks about his kid's little league. --Sue Carson (comedian) --The West Point Glee Club --The Elwardos (balancing act) --Ugo Garrido (juggler) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --The Beach Boys - ""Help Me Rhonda"" --Frankie Randall (pop singer) CBS repeated this episode on September 5, 1965. The Beach Boys were not mentioned on the repeat.
S18E34 Liza Minnelli / Rudolf Nureyev & Margot Fonteyn / the Bachelors 23/05/1965 Guests: --Guy Lombardo - ""Red Roses for a Blue Lady"" & ""12th Street Rag"" --The Fredianis (acrobatic trio) --Liza Minnelli - ""All I Need is One Good Break"" & ""Sing Happy"" --Pernell Roberts (actor) - sings a western medley (production number) --Bob King (stand-up comedian) --Rudolf Nureyev & Margot Fonteyn (ballet dancers) - dance from Khachaturian's Ballet ""Gayne"" --Kathy Kirby - ""Can't Stop Loving That Man of Mine"" --The Bachelors (Irish folk trio) - ""Marie"" & ""I Believe""
S18E35 The Animals / scheduled: Bert Lahr; Connie Francis; Wayne Newton 30/05/1965 --The Animals - ""Bright Lights, Big City"" & ""Bring It On Home to Me"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Connie Francis --Bert Lahr (comedian, doing his ""Woodsman, Spare that Tree"" routine) --Stiller and Meara --Wayne Newton --Anthony Newley (scheduled to sing numbers from the Broadway musical ""The Roar of the Greasepaint – the Smell of the Crowd"") --Jackie Vernon --Pat Henning --Morty Gunty --DeMille aerialists
S18E36 Herman's Hermits / scheduled: Tommy Steele; Trini Lopez 06/06/1965 --Herman's Hermits – ""Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter,"" ""I'm Henry The VIII, I Am"" and ""Wonderful World"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Tommy Steele (musical-comedy star) - ""Let Me Sing A Happy Song"" (from Steele's Broadway show ""Half a Sixpence"") --Tommy Steele and the ""Half a Sixpence"" cast - ""Money To Burn"" --Trini Lopez (with orchestra) - ""A Taste of Honey,"" ""Greenback Dollar,"" ""Brown Eyes"" and ""We'll Sing in the Sunshine"" --Roberta Peters --John Byner (comedian) --Georgie Kaye (comedian) --Mr. Cox (magician) --The Malmo Girls (gymnasts)
S18E37 Tom Jones / The Seekers / Dee Dee Sharp / Sid Caesar 13/06/1965 Guests: --Tom Jones - ""It's Not Unusual"" & ""Watcha You Gonna Do"" --The Seekers - ""A World of Our Own"" --Dee Dee Sharp - ""Steady, Steady"" --Sid Caesar --London Lee (comedian) --Jean Paul Vignon - ""What Now My Love"" (in French) --Allen and Rossi (comedians) --Steve Rossi - ""Sunrise, Sunset"" --Rudi Schweitzer (juggler)
S18E38 Dave Clark Five / scheduled: Cab Calloway; Soupy Sales 20/06/1965 --The Dave Clark Five - ""Glad All Over,"" ""Come Home"" & ""I Like It Like That"" Other guests (scheduled): --Cab Calloway --Juliet Prowse (dancer) --Soupy Sales (comedian) --Totie Fields (comedian) --Arthur Haynes (British comedian) --The Malmo Girls (gymnasts from Sweeden) --Elizabeth & Collins (knife throwers)
S18E39 Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas / Tony Bennett 27/06/1965 Guests (June 27, 1965): --Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas - ""From a Window"" & ""Bad to Me"" --Tony Bennett - ""San Francisco,"" ""One for My Baby,"" ""It Had to be You"" and ""One More for the Road"" --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --The Belafonte Folk Singers (African musicians) --The Kim Sisters (singers/musicians) --Topo Gigio (puppet, sings ""Love Me Do"") --Johnny Hart (magician)
S18E40 Gerry & the Pacemakers / Jerry Vale / The Womenfolk 29/08/1965 Guests: --Gerry and the Pacemakers - ""I Like It,"" ""You'll Never Walk Alone"" & ""I'm the One"" --Jerry Vale - ""I Feel a Song Coming On,"" ""I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"" & ""Granada"" --The Womenfolk (folk singers) – ""Jane, Jane,"" ""500 Miles"" & ""La Bamba"" --Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) --The Kessler Twins (singers) --Rich Little (impressionist) --Cairoli & Company (English comedians) --The Three Hermanis (European novelty act)
S19E01 The Beatles (4th live appearance) / Cilla Black 12/09/1965 --The Beatles (on tape, recorded 14-Aug-65) I Feel Fine, I'm Down, Help!, Yesterday, Act Naturally and Ticket to Ride --Cilla Black - Goin' Out of My Head & September In The Rain ------------------------------------ Guests: --Soupy Sales - talks about Ed's summer vacation. --Cilla Black - September In The Rain --Fantasio (illusionist/ magician) - slight-of-hand artist --The Beatles I Feel Fine, I'm Down and Act Naturally --Steve Rossi - sings Try to Remember --Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team) - Allen demonstrates different sports that he's tried. Ends with Rossi singing We Love You. --Cilla Black - Goin' Out of My Head --Soupy Sales - The Mouse --The Beatles Ticket to Ride, Yesterday and Help! --Ed Sullivan closing comments, next week's guests, closing titles.
S19E02 series now in COLOR: Red Skelton / Dino, Desi & Billy 19/09/1965 Guests (from Hollywood): --Dino, Desi & Billy - ""I'm A Fool"" and ""Not the Loving Kind"" --Red Skelton (stand-up comedy) --Eddie Fisher - medley: ""My Favorite Things,"" ""A Wonderful Day Like Today,"" ""Sunrise Sunset"" --Polly Bergen - ""What The World Needs Now Is Love"" --Sadler & Young (singers) - medley of French & American songs --Sandler & Young with Polly Bergen - ""Mr. Boom Boom"" & ""Dominique"" --Las Vegas Sahara Dancers --Kimris Duo (aerial act performed in CBS parking lot)
S19E03 Sonny and Cher / Leslie Uggams / Gertrude Berg 26/09/1965 Guests (from Hollywood): --Sonny & Cher - medley: ""I Got You Babe,"" ""Where Do You Go?"" (Cher solo) and ""But You're Mine."" --Leslie Uggams - ""Unchained Medley"" --Gertrude Berg --Jack Carter (comedian) --Turk Murphy & his Band - ""Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home"" --UC Berkeley Marching Band --Incredible Martys (acrobats) --Komazuru Tsukushi (balancing act) Additional guest (scheduled to appear): --Dinah Shore
S19E04 Judy Garland / Tom Jones / Peter Sellers 03/10/1965 Guests (from Hollywood): --Judy Garland - ""Come Rain or Shine,"" ""Rock-A-Bye Your Baby"" & ""By Myself"" --Peter Sellers (on film, plays a Felliniesque director interviewed by Sullivan) --Tom Jones - ""With These Hands"" --Sophie Tucker (medley: ""When My Baby Smiles At Me,"" ""My Man,"" ""Give My Regards To Broadway,"" ""Louise,"" ""If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)"" & ""Some Of These Days"") --Jackie Vernon (stand-up comedian) --The Swingin' Lads (barbershop quartet) --Topo Gigio
S19E05 Supremes / Petula Clark / Woody Allen / Wayne Newton 10/10/1965 Guests (from Hollywood): --Petula Clark - ""Round Every Corner"" and ""A Foggy Day in London Town"" --Diana Ross & the Supremes - ""You're Nobody"" (probably ""You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You"") --Woody Allen (stand-up comedy) --Wayne Newton - ""Remember When"" & medley: ""Alabamy Bound,"" ""Mammy,"" ""Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye,"" ""Shuffle Along"" & ""Waiting For The Robert E. Lee"" --Kate Smith - ""More"" and ""The Lord's Prayer"" --The Step Brothers (acrobatic dancers) --Lilly Yokoi (Japanese acrobat) --Topo Gigio
S19E06 Sam the Sham / The Animals / Sid Caesar / Pat Boone 17/10/1965 --Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs - ""Ring Dang Doo"" --The Animals - ""The Work Song"" Complete show: --The McGuire Sisters - ""Sing Something Simple"" --Totie Fields (comedian) - tells jokes about various topics and sings ""There Are Smiles"" --Sid Caesar and Joyce Jameson in an operetta sketch. Joyce sings ""Shadow Waltz"" --Audience bow: Lou Johnson (baseball star from the Dodgers) --The Gimma Brothers (tumblers, from the Stardust in Las Vegas) --Pat Boone - sings ""Night and Day"" and ""I Love You So Much It Hurts Me"" (correct song title?) and ""You'll Never Walk Alone"" --Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs - ""Ring Dang Doo"" --The McGuire Sisters - ""How Come You Do Me Like You Do"" --The Animals - ""The Work Song"" --Guy Marks (comedian) - demonstrates different operatic styles --The Fiji Military Band (correct name of band?) - marching band from Eastern Australia perform ""The Marching Song"" Note: Sean Connery was scheduled to appear on this show but is not mentioned
S19E07 Marvin Gaye / Herman's Hermits / Duke Ellington 24/10/1965 Guests (from Hollywood): --Herman's Hermits - ""Just A Little Bit Better"" and ""Jezebel"" --Marvin Gaye - sings ""Take This Heart of Mine"" (live singing over pre-recorded music track) --Duke Ellington and his Orchestra - medley (""Cat Opener,"" ""Do Nothing till You Hear From Me,"" ""Don't Get Around Much Anymore,"" Caravan,"" ""Satin Doll."") and ""Take the 'A' Train"" --Helen Hayes (actress) - does a monologue in character as Harriet Beecher Stowe --Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy) - imitates the Ali vs. Liston fight, school plays, etc. --The Smothers Brothers - comedy routine: ""Lonesome Traveler,"" ""Church Bell Song,"" childhood memories.   --Myron Cohen (comedian) --The Manuela Vargas Ballet Troupe (Spanish dancers) --Audience bows: Samuel W. Gordon (Los Angeles Mayor), Dave Chasen Other guest (scheduled to appear): --Ginny Tiu (singer-pianist)
S19E08 Barry McGuire / scheduled: Liza Minnelli; Harlem Globetrotters 31/10/1965 --Barry McGuire with the Grass Roots - ""Child of Our Times"" (from this episode?) Scheduled guests/songs: --Barry McGuire - ""Eve of Destruction"" --Liza Minnelli --Allan Sherman (comedian) - sings ""Shine On, Harvey Bloom,"" ""Crazy Downtown"" and ""Drinking Man's Diet"" --The Harlem Globetrotters --London Lee (comedian) --Jarru Seacombe --Peter Gennaro and the Budapest Children's Choir
S19E09 Righteous Brothers / Peggy Lee / Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 07/11/1965 Guests: --Righteous Brothers - ""Turn On Your Love Light"" and ""You'll Never Walk Alone"" --Righteous Brothers with Petty Lee - ""Yes, Indeed"" --Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass - ""Taste of Honey"" & ""Zorba's Dance"" --Peggy Lee - ""It's A Grand Night for Singing"" --Peggy Lee - medley: ""Falling In Love"" & ""How Long Has This Been Going On?"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian) - He does his routine and introduces his wife and two sons, Bobby and Andy, in audience. --Anna Moffo - ""La Balletella"" --Les Doubles Faces (pantomime act with umbrellas) --Baby Opal (elephant act with trainers)
S19E10 Dave Clark Five / scheduled: Woody Allen; Bert Lahr 14/11/1965 Dave Clark Five - ""Over And Over"" & ""Catch Us If You Can"" Other guests (scheduled): --Woody Allen --Bert Lahr --Jerry Vale (singer) - possibly ""The Shadow of Your Smile"" --Barry Sisters (singers) --The Harvest Moon Ball dance contest winners
S19E11 scheduled: Johnny Mathis; Mort Sahl; Peter Nero 21/11/1965 Scheduled guests: --Johnny Mathis --Mort Sahl --Peter Nero --Jean Carroll (comedian) --Killer Joe Piro and his Discotheque Dancers --Ginny Tiu (singer-pianist appearing with her family) --The Monterey Singing Boys' Choir
S19E12 Petula Clark / Glenn Yarbrough / Sammy Kaye 28/11/1965 Guests: --Petula Clark - ""My Love"" & ""Mademoiselle de Paris"" --Glenn Yarbrough - ""Baby, the Rain Must Fall"" & ""900 Miles"" --Sammy Kaye (with orchestra) - ""The Hucklebuck,"" ""Harbor Lights"" (vocal trio with steel guitar), ""Baby Face,"" ""It Isn't Fair"" ""Hey Daddy"" --All-American Football team including Bob Griese and Bubba Smith. --Victor Borge (comedy routine) --The Little Angels of Korea (dancers) --Ed introduces Korean Ambassador --Rudi Schweitzer (juggler) --Sally Ann Howes - ""All of a Sudden My Heart Sings"" --Jackie Vernon (stand-up comedian) - jokes about his childhood, odd jobs
S19E13 Martha & the Vandellas / Tom Jones 05/12/1965 Guests: --Martha and the Vandellas - ""Dancin' in the Streets"" --Tom Jones - ""Thunderball"" --Robert Goulet and Jane Powell - medley including ""I Remember It Well"" (from ""Gigi""), ""How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life? (from ""Royal Wedding"") and ""When I'm Calling You."" --Wayne Newton - ""Swanee"" (performance might be from another episode). --Shelley Berman (stand-up comedian) - a very troubled man phones his therapist but keeps forgetting who he's taking to. --Bobby Ramsen (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about the (then) current TV programs. --Chong & Mana (plate spinners, man jumps through flaming hoop; etc.) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --The Idla Girls (Swedish gymnasts)
S19E14 The Byrds / Al Hirt / Alan King / Wayne Newton 12/12/1965 Guests: --The Byrds - ""Mr. Tambourine Man"" & ""Turn, Turn, Turn"" --Al Hirt (trumpeter) - appears twice during show --Alan King (stand-up comedian) --Barbara McNair - ""Just in Time"" and ""For Once In My Life"" --Tony and Nick (British comedy team) --Wayne Newton - ""Swanee"" --The Bratislova slovakian Folkloric Company (Czech dance troupe)
S19E15 Stars of the Circus World (from Munich, Germany) 19/12/1965 Stars of the Circus World (from Munich, Germany) Russian Cossacks (stunt trick horseback riding act featuring an 8 year-old girl); Ruppert's Bears (3 bears perform handstands and ride bicycles); Katarina (high wire act); Sembach Elephants (7 elephants form pyramid, line up on hind legs); Kroplins Chimps (trained animal act); Sam And Sammy (man foot juggles his son then spins and flips him with his feet); Rogana (female acrobat); the Schickler Sisters (3 Equestriennes); the Gaonas (4 aerialists from Mexico). CBS repeated this show on Aug. 28, 1966.
S19E16 The Remains / Stiller & Meara / Jack Carter 26/12/1965 Guests: --The Remains - ""Let Me Through"" --Stiller & Meara --Sergio Franchi - ""The Lord's Prayer"" & medley: ""Mimi,"" ""Maria"" ""Everything"" --Peter Gennaro --Topo Gigio (Christmas sketch with Ed) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Leontyne Price (opera singer) - ""Vissi d'Arte"" --George Carl --Komarzuru Tsukushi (top spinner from Japan)
S19E17 Four Seasons / Leslie Uggams / King Family / Brigitte Bardot (on film) 02/01/1966 Guests: --Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - ""Let's Hang On"" and ""Don't Think Twice"" --Brigitte Bardot (on film?) - talks with Ed about her impressions of the U.S. and her film ""Viva Maria."" Ed shows a film clip of Bardot's first Sullivan appearance from 1958. --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - portray two inept bank robbers --Leslie Uggams - ""What the World Needs Now,"" ""Yesterdays"" and ""Yesterday"" --Alan King (stand-up monologue) --Jimmy Roselli - ""Give My Regards to Broadway"" and ""Torna"" --The King Family - ""When the Saints Go Marching In,"" ""It's a Grand Night for Singing"" and a George M. Cohan medley. --Bel Caron Trio (adagio dancers) CBS repeated this show on July 31, 1966.
S19E18 scheduled: The Lettermen, Stiller & Meara; Mike Douglas 16/01/1966 --Mike Douglas - ""The Men in My Little Girl's Life"" --Mimi Hines - ""Who Are You Now?"" (from ""Funny Girl"") Scheduled guests: --Stiller & Meara --The Lettermen --Barbara McNair --Frank Gorshin (comedian) --Phil Ford & Mimi Hines
S19E19 Rick Nelson / Duke Ellington / Maria Cole 23/01/1966 Guests: --Rick Nelson - ""Your Kind of Lovin'"" & ""Fire Breathin' Dragon"" --Duke Ellington - medley of hits --Maria Cole (widow of Nat King Cole) with the Duke Ellington Orchestra - ""There'll Never Be Another You"" (Note: Maria was a singer with the Duke Ellington Orchestra before marrying Nat King Cole in 1948.) --Eydie Gorme - ""I Feel So Spanish"" and ""What Did I Have."" --Eydie Gorme and the Trio Los Contos - perform a Spanish song (unknown title). --""The Mad Show"" (skits from the stage show, cast includes Jo Anne Worley) --George Kirby (comedian, does impressions of celebrities) --Robert Bob King (comedian) --The Hungarian National Ballet (men in military uniforms, women in peasant dresses)
S19E20 Four Tops / José Feliciano / SSgt. Barry Sadler / Dinah Shore 30/01/1966 Guests: --The Four Tops - ""Nice and Easy"" --The Four Tops - medley: ""The Whole World Sings With You,"" ""It's the Same Old Song,"" ""Something About You"" & ""I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)"" --SSgt. Barry Sadler - ""Ballad of the Green Berets"" --Jose Feliciano - ""Flight of the Bumble Bee"" --Dinah Shore - ""Chim-Chim-Cheree,"" ""Something Wonderful"" & blues medley (including ""Bye Bye Blues"") --Dick Capri (stand-up comedy, makes faces as he wonders how a mask maker does his job) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Topo Gigio (plays violin) --Les Faux Follets (wooden clog dance) --Markworth & Mayana (precision archery) --Audience bow: Jean Drapeau (Montreal Mayor)
S19E21 The Animals / Rosemary Clooney / Nancy Walker 06/02/1966 Guests: --The Animals - ""We Gotta Get Out of This Place"" & ""Inside Looking Out"" --Rosemary Clooney - ""Baby, The Ball Is Over"" & ""All Alone"" --Deli skit with Nancy Walker, Charles Nelson Reilly and Julia Meade (another source lists 'Joy Nichols' in the cast). --Alan King (comedian) - routine about his insurance company --Tony Lema (golf pro) - gives Ed some golf tips --Peter Gennaro - ""I Got Rhythm"" --Gino Tonetti (singer) - ""Al Di La"" --Pompoff Thedy and family (clowns, listed on transcript as 'Pompoff & Thedy') --Audience Bow: Jack Adams (Canada's Mr. Hockey, former? Detroit Red Wings coach) --On film: Ann Margret in a clip from ""Made In Paris"" with Louis Jordan
S19E22 Rolling Stones / Hal Holbrook / Ethel Merman / Wayne Newton 13/02/1966 Guests: --The Rolling Stones - ""Satisfaction,"" ""As Tears Go By,"" & ""19th Nervous Breakdown"" --Wayne Newton - ""April Showers"" --Ethel Merman - ""Annie Get Your Gun"" medley & ""No Business Like Show Business"" --Hal Holbrook (playing Abraham Lincoln, reciting 2nd Inaugural Speech, anti slave speech) --Sandy Baron (comedian) --Eddie Schaeffer (comedian) --Romanian (Rumanian?) Folk ballet --Audience Bow: Allen & Rossi CBS repeated this show on July 10, 1966.
S19E23 Diana Ross & the Supremes / Richard Kiley / Dave Clark Five 20/02/1966 Guests: --Dave Clark Five - ""Over and Over"" & ""At the Scene"" --Diana Ross and the Supremes - ""My World is Empty Without You"" & ""Somewhere"" --Joan Diener - ""What Do You Want of Me?"" (from ""Man of La Mancha) --Richard Kiley - ""Impossible Dream"" (from ""Man of La Mancha) --Allan Sherman (comedian-satirist) --Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (comedy team) --Menasha Skulnik (actor-comedian) --Ken Venturi (golf pro) --Ugo Garrido (juggler)
S19E24 Nancy Sinatra / Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Petula Clark 27/02/1966 Guests: --Nancy Sinatra - ""These Boots are Made for Walkin'"" --Gary Lewis and the Playboys - ""She's Just My Style"" & ""Sure Gonna Miss Her"" --Petula Clark - ""A Sign of the Times,"" ""My Love"" and ""I Want to Hold Your Hand"" --Richard Pryor (comedian) - talks about a school bully, Leroy --Alan King (comedian) - routine about when he got married --Blossom Seely - ""San Francisco"" & ""My Kind Of Town"" --Blossom Seely - ""Shine On, Harvest Moon"" --The Tokyo Happy Coats (5 member female band, vocal-instrumental group) - ""Bye Bye, Blues"" & ""Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?"" --The Trio Rennos (aerialists) --The Berosini Chimps --Audience Bows: NY Knickerbocker coach Dick Maguire and Marquette University coach Al Maguire (brothers) Other guest (scheduled to appear): --Jerry Vale
S19E25 Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello / Tom Jones 06/03/1966 Guests: --Tom Jones - ""More"" --Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello - medley (""This Land Is Your Land,"" ""I Left My Heart In San Francisco,"" ""I'll Take Manhattan,"" ""Big D,"" ""Meet Me In St. Louis"" and ""Chicago"") --Frankie Avalon - medley (""After You're Gone,"" ""You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You"" & ""Baby Won't You Please Come On Home"") --Annette Funicello - ""Nowhere To Go But Up"" (with dancers) --Ray Milland, Melville Cooper, Geoffrey Lumsden, Anthony Kemble Cooper (actors doing scenes from the Broadway play ""Hostile Witness"") --Mireille Mathieu (French singer) - ""Hymn to Love"" --John Byner (comedian) - imitates Ed Sullivan, imitates foreign dubbing of American actors' voices, then does a routine about one member of an acrobatic team having to work alone. --Los Vegas 5 (singing-instrumental group) - ""Guadalajara"" & ""Granada"" --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Topo talks about his visit to Italy and visiting with his family. --Arthur Haynes - sings ""So
S19E26 scheduled: Pearl Bailey; Wayne & Shuster; Clancy Brothers 13/03/1966 St. Patrick's Day salute with scheduled guests: --Pearl Bailey --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) --Clancy Brothers (Irish folk singers) --Tommy Makem (Irish singer) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Johnny Hart (magician) --Topo Gigio --Three Kims (Sweedish acrobats) --The Emerald Society Pilive Pipe Band (of the New York City Police Department) --The McNiff Dancers
S19E27 Young Rascals / Brenda Lee / Walter Cronkite 20/03/1966 Guests: --Young Rascals - ""Good Lovin'"" --Brenda Lee - ""Time and Time Again"" --Walter Cronkite --Abbe Lane (medley of songs from Brazil) --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Peter Gennaro (dances to ""King Of The Road"") --The cast from ""Wait A Minim"" (South African dancers) --Jean Carrol (stand-up comedian) --Des O'Connor (stand up comedian) --Des O'Connor & Jack Douglas (British comedians) --The Magid Triplets (tap dancers) --The Olympiades (body builders painted gold) --Audience bow (cameo): Mayor Barr
S19E28 scheduled: Debbie Reynolds; Kirk Douglas; Cilla Black; Ed Ames 27/03/1966 Guests: --Debbie Reynolds - ""It's a Miracle"" (from ""The Singing Nun"" soundtrack) --Cilla Black - ""Love's Just A Broken Heart"" --Ed Ames - ""They Call the Wind Mariah"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Kirk Douglas --Woody Herman --Totie Fields
S19E29 scheduled: Count Basie; Stiller & Meara; Eydie Gorme 03/04/1966 Scheduled guests: --Eydie Gorme --Count Basie --Stiller & Meara --Robert Horton --Arthur Haynes --Sandy Baron --Dick Contino --The cast of ""Peanuts"" (might be ""You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown."")
S19E30 Count Basie / Diahann Carroll / Alan King 10/04/1966 Guests (from PBS repeat): --Count Basie and his band - ""007-The Incredible World of James Bond"" --Diahann Carroll - ""What the World Needs Now Is Love"" and ""Yesterday"" --Alan King (stand-up comedy) - talks about breaking his leg --Anden's Poodles (trained animal act) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Eddie Albert (actor) - reads ""The Creation"" by James Weldon Johnson --Richard Pryor (comedian) --Brusini (magician)
S19E31 The Animals / Petula Clark / Jimmy Durante 17/04/1966 Guests: --The Animals - ""Shake"" & ""Don't Bring Me Down"" --Petula Clark - ""A Sign of the Times"" & ""Just Say Good Bye"" --Jimmy Durante & Sonny King - ""We're Going Home"" (and ""Don't Talk"") --Jimmy Durante (playing piano) - ""The Piano Player"" (""Piano Player Always Gets the Girls""), ""When The Saints Go Marching In"" (with Sonny King) & ""Inka-Dinka-Doo"" --Jimmy Durante - ""It's One of Those Songs"" (or ""It Was One of Those Songs"") --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Dorothy Kirsten & Franco Corelli - duet from Act One of Puccini's ""La Boheme"" --Lawrence and Carroll (dance team) --Gitta Morelly (contortionist) --Jose Cole ( balances himself on two bottle necks joined on top of each other. Then he balances himself on a cane with one arm twirling 5 rings)
S19E32 Dave Clark Five / Allan Sherman / Roberta Peters 24/04/1966 Guests: --Dave Clark Five - ""Catch Us If You Can"" & ""Try Too Hard"" --Alan Sherman (comedian) - sings ""Second Hand Rose,"" ""Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda,"" & ""Mononucleosis"" --Roberta Peters - ""Una Voce Poca Fa"" --Roberta Peters & Allan Sherman - ""Here's To The Crab-Grass"" --Shelly Berman (comedian) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Kessler Twins - ""Two By Two"" --Steve Sanders (Gospel singer, father plays piano) --Jose Greco (Flamenco dancer, with other dancers) --Brascia & Tybee (modern ballet pas de deux) --John Moehring (magician)
S19E33 The Supremes / James Brown / 'Shot Of Five' composers 01/05/1966 Guests: --The Supremes - ""Love is Like an Itching In My Heart"" & ""More"" --James Brown - medley of hits: ""Papa's Got A Brand New Bag,"" ""I Got You (I Feel Good),"" ""Ain't That A Groove?"" & ""It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World"" and ""Please, Please, Please."" --Robert Joffrey Ballet (14 dancers) - ""Viva Vivaldi"" --Nancy Ames (singer) - medley of Latin tunes (in Spanish & English): ""Shadow of Your Smile"" & ""Besame Mucho"" --London Lee (stand-up, jokes: love, dating) --Billy Baxter (British comedian with Ed as straight man) --Les Mortales (acrobats from Poland doing pyramids and tumbling) - start as 5 men, finish as 4 men --Mark Reed Jr. (fast draw and quick shooting gun tricks) Shot Of Five segment (composers at five pianos) --Burton Lane - composer plays bits of his popular songs including ""How About You"" & ""What Did I Have That I Don't Have"" --Jimmy McHugh - excerpt from ""On The Sunny Side Of The Street"" --Ray Henderson - excerpts from ""Button Up Your Overcoat"" & ""
S19E34 The Black Sheep / Harry James / Henny Youngman 08/05/1966 Guests: --The Black Sheep - ""Slow Down"" --Harry James Orchestra - ""Sunday Morning"" --The McGuire Sisters with Harry James - ""Cherry,"" ""You Made Me Love You,"" ""One O'Clock Jump"" --The McGuire Sisters - ""Matchmaker"" --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian); --John Byner (stand-up comedy, celebrity impressions) --Gordon & Sheila MaCrae (Anthony Newley medley) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Jean Carroll (comedian) --The Serendipity Singers - ""Monday Monday,"" ""The Shadow Of Your Smile,"" ""What Now My Love""
S19E35 scheduled: Alan King; Kate Smith; the Bachelors 15/05/1966 Scheduled guests: --Alan King --Kate Smith --The Bachelors --Peter Gennaro --D'aldo Romano
S19E36 Nancy Sinatra / Mrs. Miller / Robert Merrill / Stiller & Meara 22/05/1966 Guests: --Nancy Sinatra - ""Last of the Secret Agents"" & ""Let It Be Me"" --Maria Cole (Nat ""King"" Cole's widow) - sings ""Blue Prelude"" --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian) - jokes about jealousy towards beautiful girls --Stiller & Meara (stand-up comedy team) - routine about a Jewish boy & Irish Catholic girl who want to get married --Robert Merrill (Metropolitan opera baritone) - ""Figaro"" --Mrs. Miller (housewife turned singer Elva Miller) - ""These Boots are Made for Walking,"" ""How Gentle Is Rain,"" ""Hard Day's Night"" & ""Downtown"" (sings off-key) --Allan & Rossi (comedy team, re: How to phone women for dates, with Ed as straight man) --West Point Glee Club - sing a medley Of WWI songs --Film clip: March of Dimes' ""Man of the Year"" dinner honoring Ed Sullivan. Johnny Carson, Soupy Sales, Henny Youngman, Myron Cohen, Joey Adams, Alan & Rossi, Alan King, Buddy Hackett all roast Ed. --Film clip: The premiere of ""Last of the Secret Agents"" with Allen & Rossi. Celebrities
S19E37 The Thomas Group / scheduled: Bobby Vinton; Jane Morgan 29/05/1966 The Thomas Group (rock band) - ""Autumn"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Bobby Vinton --Jane Morgan --Wayne & Shuster --Edward Villella & Patricia McBride (ballet dancers) --Colvia & Wilder
S19E38 The Beatles (on film) / scheduled: Richard Pryor; Robert Goulet 05/06/1966 --The Beatles (on film) - ""Rain"" & ""Paperback Writer"" promos Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Richard Pryor --Robert Goulet --Bobbie Norris - ""Silently"" --Bobbie Norris and Robert Goulet - ""Two Sleepy People"" --Charlotte Rae --Totie Fields
S19E39 Dave Clark Five / Wayne Newton / Joey Adams / Jackie Vernon 12/06/1966 --Dave Clark Five - ""Look Before You Leap"" & ""Please Tell Me Why"" --Wayne Newton - ""The Good Old Days,"" ""My Country Tis of Thee"" and ""Somebody to Love"" --Joey Adams (stand-up comedian) --Jackie Vernon (stand-up comedian) --Jackie Kahane (stand up comedian) --Peter Gennaro does a tape dance routine with 6 female dancers. --University of North Carolina Men's Glee Club sing (a capella) - ""Hey Look Me Over"" and ""Dixie"" --Elwyn Ambrose (writer) recites poetry while a cat puppet is shown on screen. --Solvi Wang sings ""Getting to Know You"" (in English and Norwegian)
S19E40 scheduled: Jerry Vale; Brigit Nilsson; Swinging Lads; Nancy Walker 26/06/1966 Scheduled guests: --Jerry Vale (singer) - ""The Song Is You"" & ""It's Magic"" --Birgit Nilsson (Metropolitan Opera soprano) - ""Pace, Pace, Mio Dia"" (from Verdi's ""La Forze del Destino"") --Nancy Walker (comedian) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) --London Lee (comdian) --The Swinging Lads (vocal group) --Joyce Cuoco (ballerina) --The Arirang Ballet (Korean dance and instrumental group) --The Yong Brothers (balancing act) --The Berosini Chimps (animal act)
S19E41 Simon & Garfunkel (I Am A Rock) 17/07/1966 --Simon & Garfunkel - ""I Am A Rock"" New segment added to repeat of the January 30, 1966 show.
S19E42 U. S. Marines Tribute (Guadalcanal Anniversary) w/ clips from 3-Oct-65 07/08/1966 Show Dedicated To the U. S. Marines (Anniversary Of 1942 Landing On Guadalcanal). New segments added to segments from 3-Oct-65 show. New Segments: --Hendra And Ullett (comedy team) - A Met's fan tries to explain baseball to an Englishman. (This sketch was also performed on April 16, 1967.) --Marquis Chimps (chimp act) --The Swingles (vocal choir) Repeat segments taken from October 3, 1965: --Peter Sellers (on film, plays a Felliniesque director interviewed by Sullivan) --Judy Garland (""Come Rain or Shine,"" ""Rock-A-Bye Your Baby"" & ""By Myself"") --Tom Jones (""With These Hands"") --Jackie Vernon (stand-up comedian) --The Swingin' Lads (singers who update classic music) --Topo Gigio (Ed talks with mouse puppet) --Philippine Dancers (bamboo stick dance)
S20E01 Rolling Stones / Louis Armstrong / Robert Goulet 11/09/1966 --The Rolling Stones - ""Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadow?"" ""Paint It Black"" & ""Lady Jane"" --Louis Armstrong - ""Cabaret"" --Joan Rivers --Robert Goulet - ""Once I Had A Heart"" --""Holiday on Ice"" segment from Madison Square Garden with skater Ronnie Robertson --Red Skelton (scheduled guest)
S20E02 Jackie Mason / Herman's Hermits / The Peanuts 18/09/1966 Guests include: --Herman's Hermits - ""My Reservation's Been Confirmed"" and ""Dandy"" (and possibly ""L' Autre Jour"") --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedy) - tells jokes about Alfred Hitchcock; does an Ed Sullivan impersonation --The Peanuts (singers Emi and Yumi Ito) - ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Franco Correlli & Renata Tebaldi (from the Metropolitan Opera) - ""Andrea Chénier"" --Nancy Ames - medley (in English and Spanish): ""Yesterday,"" ""1-2-3,"" ""A Taste of Honey,"" ""Call Me"" and ""La Cucaracha"" --Muppets - 3-headed monster performs rock song (title? ""Rock It to Me,"" by The Bruthers) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Red Buttons --Polynesian Festival highlights (on film?) - featuring 167 natives from the South Pacific islands.
S20E03 Supremes / Nipsey Russell / Ethel Merman 25/09/1966 --The Supremes - ""You Can't Hurry Love"" & medley (""I Hear A Symphony,"" ""Stranger In Paradise,"" ""Wonderful, Wonderful,"" ""Without A Song"" & ""Yes I Do"") --Ethel Merman - Irving Berlin medley (""All By Myself,"" ""All Alone,"" ""Table And Chair"") and ""I've Got Sunshine In The Morning"" from ""Annie Get Your Gun"" Other guests: --Nipsey Russell (stand-up comedy) --Steve Rossi (comedian) - sings ""Dommage"" --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - does stand-up monologue & sings ""Little Man You've Had A Busy Day"" --Uncalled for Three (stand-up comedy)
S20E04 Four Seasons / Connie Francis / Gwen Verdon 02/10/1966 Guests: --Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - ""I've Got You Under My Skin"" --Jimmy Durante (comedian) - sings ""It's Kinda Hard to Put Into Words"" and a song about hats (hat routine with chorus girls) --Connie Francis - medley of George Gershwin songs (""Love Walked In,"" ""Let's Call The Whole Thing Off,"" ""Somebody Loves Me,"" ""A Foggy Day,"" ""Swanee,"" ""They Can't Take That Away From Me,"" ""Our Love Is Here To Stay"" and ""But Not For Me"") --Gwen Verdon (singer-dancer) - ""I'm A Brass Band"" & ""Sweet Charity"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian, making his 31st appearance) - talks about his wife's pregnancy. --Arthur Worsley (English ventriloquist) - dummy does all the talking & sings ""When You're Smiling."" --Jim Henson's Muppets --Fiesta Italiana (dance group does a Sicilian bullwhip dance) --The 1966 winners of the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest CBS repeated this show on Aug. 20, 1967.
S20E05 scheduled: Petula Clark; Richard Pryor; Allan & Rossi 09/10/1966 Petula Clark - ""Who Am I?"" & ""Come Rain Or Come Shine"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Richard Pryor --Wayne & Shuster --Allen & Rossi --Manuela Vargas (possibly The Manuela Vargas Ballet Troupe) --The Berosini Chimps
S20E06 Four Tops / Eddie Albert / Carroll Baker / Allan Sherman 16/10/1966 Guests: --The Four Tops - ""Reach Out, I'll Be There "" --Eddie Albert - ""Ballad of William Sycamore"" --Carroll Baker - medley from ""Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"" --Allan Sherman (comedian) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - sketch about the last two people on earth meeting each other --Pat Cooper (comedian) --Sergio Franchi (singer) - ""Core 'N Grato"" --Sergio Franchi and the Kessler Twins - ""Shadow of Your Smile"" --The Kessler Twins - ""When In Rome I Do Like The Romans Do "" --The Suzuki Violins (9 children from Japan playing violins) - ""Invitation To The Dance"" --Dick Albers (trampoline act) CBS repeated this show on August 13, 1967.
S20E07 scheduled: Peggy Lee; Duke Ellington; Jim Nabors 23/10/1966 --Peggy Lee - ""Nice and Easy"" & ""Walking Happy"" Other guests (scheduled to appear) --Duke Ellington --Jim Nabors --Mirella Freni & Gianni Raimondi
S20E08 James Brown / Nancy Sinatra / Stan Freberg / Mrs. Miller 30/10/1966 --James Brown - medley of hits: ""I Got You (I Feel Good),"" ""Papa's Got A Brand New Bag,"" ""Prisoner of Love,"" ""Please, Please, Please"" & ""Night Train"" --Nancy Sinatra - ""Strangers in the Night"" & Sugar Town"" Other guests: --Stan Freberg (satirist) comedy routine: A ""Father Of The Year"" award is presented to the father of the H-Bomb & Freberg sings a folk song about men & women having same hair length. --Judith Anderson & Donald Davis (actors) - perform a scene from the play ""Elizabeth, the Queen"" --Rich Little (comedian, does impressions of Walter Brennan, Jack Benny, John Wayne, Art Carney, Jackie Gleason, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas, etc.) --Arthur Haynes (comedian) - Barbershop sketch - barber is rude to a customer who only wants a shave. --Mrs. Miller - medley: ""Downtown,"" ""How Gentle is the Rain,"" ""Second Hand Rose"" & ""Bill Bailey"" --U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Team - do precision tricks with rifles Audience bows: Mrs. Frank Sinatra, MGM Head Bob Whiteman
S20E09 Lou Rawls / Nancy Ames / Corbett Monica 06/11/1966 Guests: --Lou Rawls - ""Love Is A Hurtin' Thing"" & ""In the Evening"" --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - boxing skit --Nancy Ames - ""Be Ready"" & ""Time After Time"" --The Kim Sisters - ""Sound of Music"" medley --Corbett Monica (comedian) --The U.S. Air Force Academy Chorale --The Rudas Dancers --Arthur Haynes (listed as an ""acrobat"") --The Pollack Brothers' Circus Elephants CBS repeated this show on Aug. 6, 1967.
S20E10 scheduled: New Vaudeville Band; Noel Harrison; Johnny Hart; Joan Sutherland 13/11/1966 Scheduled guests: --The New Vaudeville Band - ""Winchester Cathedral"" --Noel Harrison - sings ""Mr. Tambourine Man"" & ""Don't Dilly Dally on the Way"" --Johnny Hart --Joan Sutherland --McGuire Sisters
S20E11 Dave Clark 5 / Bobby Vinton / Barbara McNair / Dick Cavett 20/11/1966 --Dave Clark Five - ""Sitting Here Baby"" (live) and ""19 Days"" promo video --Bobby Vinton - ""Coming Home Soldier"" --Barbara McNair - medley: ""Come Back to Me"" and ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Franco Correlli (Met Opera singer) - ""Torna A Sorriento"" --Nancy Walker and Charles Nelson Reilly - Doctor's Office comedy sketch --Dick Cavett - stand-up monologue --Henny Youngman (comedian) --Burger's Animals (trained dog act) --Peter Gennaro with female dancers --The Three Wilds (tap dance trio)
S20E12 Leslie Uggams / Glenn Yarbrough / Muppets 27/11/1966 Guests: --Leslie Uggams - ""We Can Work It Out"" --Glen Yarbrough - ""Rose"" (audience singalong during chorus, title might be ""Rose'd Say"") --The Muppets - ""Glow Worm"" (Kermit eats two small worms but has a problem with the third, larger worm) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Richard Pryor --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Kevon & Wilder (comedians) --Fiesta Mexicana (group performs native songs and dances) --The All-American College Football stars.
S20E13 Supremes / Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Wayne & Shuster 04/12/1966 Guests: --Harlem Globetrotters (comic basketball stunts) --Lainie Kazan - ""What Now My Love"" --The ""Walking Happy"" cast - ""Clog and Grog Dance"" --Wayne And Shuster (comedy team) --Robert Merrill and Jan Peerce (opera singers) - ""La Forza Del Destino""     --Red Buttons - stand up monologue --Diana Ross and the Supremes - ""My Favorite Things"" and medley of hits: ""Come See About Me,"" ""Stop! In the Name of Love,"" ""You Can't Hurry Love,"" ""You Keep Me Hanging On"" & ""I Hear a Symphony"" --Gary Lewis and the Playboys - medley: ""This Diamond Ring,"" ""Green Grass,"" ""She's Just My Style"" & ""Where Will the Words Come From"" --Gary Lewis - ""One Last Kiss"" (very short song. Gary sings to girl named Cindy Palmer from Endicott, NY. His last appearance before going into the military.)
S20E14 Mamas & the Papas / Joan Rivers / Morey Amsterdam 11/12/1966 --Mamas & the Papas - ""Monday, Monday,"" ""California Dreamin',"" & ""Words of Love"" Start of show: --Harry James (with orchestra) - ""Ciribirin"" and ""A Taste of Honey"" --Audience bow: Sgt. Robert O'Malley, USMC (Medal of Honor recipient, Vietnam) --On tape: Obernkirchen Children's Choir - sing medley of Christmas songs --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Topo talks to Ed about Japan. Ends with Ed putting Topo to bed. --Mamas & the Papas - ""Monday, Monday,"" ""California Dreamin',"" & ""Words of Love"" --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy) - re: Ed Sullivan; restaurants; Reagan --Patricia McBride & Edward Villella (ballet dancers) - pas de deux from ""Don Quixote"" --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian) --Lana Cantrell - ""Let Yourself Go"" --David Frye (stand-up comedian, does impressions of celebrities) --Lana Cantrell - ""Stay""
S20E15 scheduled: Count Basie; Dianne Carroll; Totie Fields; P. Gennaro 18/12/1966 Scheduled guests: --Count Basie --Diahann Carroll --Totie Fields --Peter Gennaro --Sandler & Young
S20E16 scheduled: European Circus Acts (Krone Circus Arena, Munich) 25/12/1966 Ed presents circus acts at the Krone Circus Arena in Munich, Germany.
S20E17 The New Vaudeville Band / Peter Nero / Joan Rivers 01/01/1967 --The New Vaudeville Band - ""Winchester Cathedral,"" ""Whispering"" & ""Shine"" Other guests: --Joan Rivers (comedian) --Peter Nero - ""Summertime"" & ""It Ain't Necessarily So"" --Lana Cantrell - ""You'd Better Love Me"" & ""I Will Wait For You"" --Georgie Kaye (stand-up comedy) --The Castro Brothers - sing ""Tonight"" in Spanish --Les Ballets Africains (dance troupe) --Sandra Balesti (ballet solo to Rodgers & Hammerstein medley) --The Three Haucs (jugglers) --Hendra & Ullet (comedy team) --The Tovarich Troupe (balancing troupe)
S20E18 Ethel Merman / Gordon MacRae / Flip Wilson / Serendipity Singers 08/01/1967 Guests: --Ethel Merman - ""Some People"" --Ethel Merman and Gordon MacRae - ""You're Just in Love"" (a.k.a. ""You're Not Sick, You're in Love"") --Gordon MacRae - Soliloqy from ""Carousel"" --Flip Wilson (stand-up comedy) --The Serendipity Singers - ""If I Were a Carpenter"" & a medley of folk songs --Jose Greco (dancer, with his flamenco troupe) - dance to ""The Horseman"" --Myron Cohen (comedian) - toll booth routine --Malmo Girls (gymnasts from Sweeden) - girls juggle balls in unison --The Royal Highlanders (pipe and drum corps) --The King Toys (acrobatic act) --clown act Scheduled act: --The Muppets
S20E19 Rolling Stones / Petula Clark / Allan Sherman 15/01/1967 --The Rolling Stones - ""Ruby Tuesday"" & ""Let's Spend Some Time Together"" (censored version of ""Let's Spend the Night Together""). --Petula Clark - ""Elusive Butterfly"" & ""Color My World"" --Allan Sherman (stand-up comedian) --The Muppets (Kermit plays the piano & sings) - Following the sketch, Jim Henson comes out to greet Ed --Allan King (stand-up comedian) - routine about family members --Sisters of St. Benedict (Nuns from Erie, Pennsylvania; a.k.a. Sisters '67) - sing a show tune medley: ""It's A Lovely Day,"" ""Consider Yourself"" & ""Kumbaya"" --The Michael Bennett Dancers (clog dancers) --The Monroes (balancing act from Madrid, Spain) --On film: Footage of a 14-year-old waterskiier, Ricky McCormick, doing stunts at Cypress Gardens, Fla. --Audience bow (cameo): Miriam Colon (Puerto Rican star)
S20E20 Lovin' Spoonful / Johnny Mathis / Ginger Rogers 22/01/1967 Guests: --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Nashville Cats"" & ""Darlin' Be Home Soon"" --Johnny Mathis - medley of hits: ""It's Not For Me To Say,"" ""Twelfth Of Never,"" ""Wild Is The Wind,"" ""Chances Are,"" ""Wonderful Wonderful!"" --Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation - ""I'm Ready For Love"" --Ginger Rogers - ""Before The Parade Passes By"" (production number from ""Hello Dolly"") --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) --Abbe Lane (singer) - Spanish medley including ""Call Me,"" ""Spanish Flea,"" ""La Bamba"" --Bob King (stand-up comedian) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Bergergs Chimps (might be Berosini Chimps) - trained animal act --The Three Kims (acrobats / tumblers) Audience bows: Ruby Keeler; Billy Reed CBS repeated this show on 16-Jul-67.
S20E21 Mel Torme & the Woody Herman orchestra / George Carlin / Nipsy Russell 29/01/1967 Guests: --The Woody Herman Orchestra - ""Apple Honey"" --Mel Torme with the Woody Herman Orchestra - medley: ""A Taste of Honey"" ""I Left My Heart In San Fransisco"" and ""More"" --Mel Torme & the Woody Herman Orchestra - ""Bring Back Bands"" --Gail Martin (Dean Martin's daughter) - ""He Loves Me"" & ""Rose of Washington Square"" --The Smothers Brothers (comedy team) - ""John Henry"" --Nipsy Russell (comedian) --George Carlin (comedian) --Enzo Stuarti (singer) - ""Vesti la giubba"" --Your Father's Mustache (banjo-playing band) --The Seven Staneks (acrobats/balancing act)
S20E22 Woody Allen / Lainie Kazan / Wayne & Shuster 05/02/1967 Guests: --Woody Allen (stand-up) --Lainie Kazan (""My Man's Gone Now"") --Wayne And Shuster (stand-up comedians) --Stu Gilliam (stand-up comedian) --The Muppets (female frog sings ""I've Grown Accustomed to His Face"") --The Doodletown Pipers (singers) - ""Rhythm Of Life"" & medley: ""Hang On Sloopy,"" ""Georgie Girl,"" ""Hard Days Night,"" ""California Dreamin',"" ""Barefootin'"" --Gene Barry - ""To Life L'chaim"" & reads from Charles Lownesbury's will --Ugo Garrido (foot juggler) --Audience bows (cameos): Captain Linda Bawnan; Xavier Cugat & Charo
S20E23 Young Rascals / Joan Rivers / Lola Falana / Nancy Walker 12/02/1967 --The Young Rascals - ""Lonely Too Long"" and ""Come On Up"" instrumental (Young Rascals also perform ""Mickey's Monkey"" later in show.) --Peter Gennaro (dancer / choreographer) - dances to ""Baubles, Bangles, and Beads"" with women dancers. --Ravic and Babs (rollerskating couple, from England) --Sally Ann Howes - medley: ""Someone To Light Up My Life"" & ""If He Walked Into My Life"" --Joey Adams (stand-up comedian) - tells one liners & pokes fun at Ed Sullivan. --Los Indios Tabajaros (Indian guitar duo from South America) - instrumental song --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedy) - re: Las Vegas, her mother, parents, smoking, being an unpopular teenager, not being asked to the senior prom. --Lola Falana - ""On Broadway"" with dancers (including Tommy Tune?) --Audience Bow: ""KO"" Phil Kaplan (boxer) --Ed talks about Bert Lahr --Nancy Walker & Jack Gilford (comedians appearing in a sketch first done by Lahr) On film: --The Beatles - ""Strawberry Fields Forever"" & ""Penny Lane"" pr
S20E24 The Four Tops / Pearl Bailey / Morey Amsterdam 19/02/1967 Guests: --The Four Tops - medley: ""Reach Out, I'll Be There,"" ""I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),"" ""Bernadette"" and ""Climb Every Mountain"" --Pearl Bailey - medley: ""Who Cares?"" ""Nothing for Nothing"" and ""Who Cares"" (reprise) --Pearl Bailey - ""Winchester Cathedral"" --Boots Randolph - ""Shadow of Your Smile"" & a medley --Pat Boone (singer) - sings an excerpt of ""Soliloquy from 'Carousel' (My Boy Bill)."" Boone then performs his own soliloguy about his daughters. --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy) - re: Ed Sullivan; working with dancers; working with a chinless, bald dancer; traveling with wife to Europe & Israel. --Joe E. Lewis (entertainer doing a stand-up act) --The Martys (acrobats from Europe) --Audience bow: Allen Funt (from ""Candid Camera"") Scheduled guests: --Jackie Mason --Gianna D'Angelo
S20E25 Nancy Sinatra / Henny Youngman / Xavier Cugat 26/02/1967 Nancy Sinatra - ""My Buddy"" & ""Sweet Georgia Brown"" Other guests: --Henny Youngman (joined onstage by 10 violinists) --Xavier Cugat Orchestra - ""Tequila"" --Xavier Cugat and Charo - ""Shalom Aleichem"" (Charo plays guitar and sings) --Barbara McNair - ""I Feel A Song Coming On"" & ""Somewhere Over The Rainbow"" medley --Corbett Monica - stand up comedian --The Romeros - Four Flamenco guitarists play --George Campo (Vaudeville style routine) --The Steel Bandits - ""Georgie Girl,"" ""Spanish Flea"" & "" Colonial Bogey March"" (played by young boys on steel drums) --Pinky And Perky (frog puppet act) --Clair & McMahon (stand-up comedy, how commercials can ruin a marriage) Audience bows: Mrs. Marvin Shields (Navy hero's widow); Kathleen Nolan
S20E26 Dionne Warwick / Gwen Verdon / Rodney Dangerfield 05/03/1967 Guests: --Dionne Warwick - ""The Way You Look Tonight"" --Gwen Verdon - ""If My Friends Could See Me Now"" (from ""Sweet Charity"") --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up comedy, jokes about name, girls, driving, NYC, lawyers, wife) --Alan King (stand-up comedy, jokes about airlines, Miami Beach, doctors, kids) --Robert Horton - ""The Impossible Dream"" --Chris Kirby (British ventriloquist, assorted tongue twisters, sings ""Old MacDonald"") --Norman Wisdom (stand-up comedy, plays clarinet, drums, sings) --Galla Shawn (trapeze artist) --Wychwoods (Poodle Act) Audience bows: Sergio Franci; Bob Thomas
S20E27 Lou Rawls / Nancy Ames / The Kessler Twins 12/03/1967 Guests: --Lou Rawls - ""Yesterday"" --Nancy Ames - ""Cherish"" & ""They Can't Take That Away From Me"" --Jack Carter (stand-up, jokes about California, politics, fatherhood, hippies, 1960's music) --The Kessler Twins - ""Moulin Rouge"" (with dancers) --Smith And Dale (comedians, tax lawyer routine) --Jimmy Joyce (stand-up comedy) - re: airlines; priests --Dick Albers (comic trampoline act) --Grainne Yeats (harpist, sings Irish folk song) --Emerald Society Pipe Band (bag pipe & drum music) --Feller Brothers & Dodo (tight wire act with springboard) Audience bows: John Tio Hagan; Jack Dempsey, Jesse Owens
S20E28 Lovin' Spoonful / Johnny Rivers / Cab Calloway 19/03/1967 Guests: --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Bald Headed Lena"" (and 2 more songs at end of show) --Johnny Rivers - ""Baby I Need Your Lovin'"" --Alan Drake (stand-up comedian) - talks about an Italian neighborhood & sings. --Cab Calloway - ""Minnie the Moocher"" (with special lyrics to introduce his daughter Chris) --Chris Calloway - ""I'm Not At All In Love"" --Cab and Chris Calloway - ""Side by Side"" --Audience bow: Carol Channing --The Trio Hoganas (balancing act from Europe) - acrobats balance on tightrope --George Carlin (comedian) - talks about daytime TV --Jane Powell (singer) - operatic medley from ""Porgy and Bess"" --Jerry Stiller and Anne Mara (comedy team) - portray a couple at a high school reunion. --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Do You Believe in Magic?"" (background keeps changing) and ""Daydream"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Jackie Kahane (comedian) --Dave Allen (comedian)
S20E29 Dave Clark Five / scheduled: Eddie Albert; Pat Buttram 26/03/1967 --Dave Clark Five - ""I've Got To Have A Reason"" & ""You Got What It Takes"" Other guests (scheduled): --Eddie Albert --Pat Buttram --Muppets --London Lee (stand-up comedy) --Sergio Franchi --Anna Moffo
S20E30 scheduled: Alan King; Henny Youngman; Wayne & Shuster 02/04/1967 Scheduled guests: --Sonny & Cher --Alan King --Henny Youngman --Wayne & Shuster --Robert Merrill --Gospel Jazz Singers
S20E31 scheduled: Richard Pryor; Ed Ames; Lana Cantrell; Davis & Reese 09/04/1967 Scheduled guests: --Richard Pryor --Ed Ames --Lana Cantrell --Davis & Reese --Peter Gennaro --Shirley Verrett --Douglas & Haig
S20E32 Tony Bennett / Count Basie / Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood 16/04/1967 Guests: --Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - ""Summer Wine"" --Nancy Sinatra - ""Love Eyes"" --Tony Bennett and the Count Basie Orchestra - ""Sunny Side Of The Street,"" ""I Left My Heart In San Francisco,"" ""Don't Get Around Much Any More"" & ""The Lady's In Love With You"" --Count Basie Orchestra - ""Edward Great Saxophone"" --Totie Fields (stand-up comedian) - talks about having no flaws then sings ""I'm Perfect"" --Peter Gennaro (dancer-choreographer with other dancers) - ""Alouette"" (Totie Fields makes a cameo) --Hendra & Ullet (comedy team) - A Mets fan tries to explain baseball to an Englishman. (The duo performed the same sketch on 7-Aug-66) --Alan Kogosowski (13 or 14-year-old pianist) - plays Chopin's Polonaise --Los Indio Tabajaras - South American Indians play guitars --The Mercners (acrobats) - girl does mid-air somersaults on pole held by 2 men --Audience bow: Dolores Credsler? (star of "" Cherie"") - Ed says, ""Now in our audience tonight is one of the fine singing stars o
S20E33 scheduled: Bobby Vinton; Bert Lahr; Jackie Mason; Joan Rivers 23/04/1967 Scheduled guests: --Bobby Vinton --Bert Lahr --Jackie Mason --Joan Rivers --The McGuire Sisters --George Kirby
S20E34 Paul Revere & the Raiders / Jack Benny / Melina Mercouri 30/04/1967 Guests: --Paul Revere and the Raiders - ""Good Thing,"" ""Ups and Downs,"" ""Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be"" & ""Kicks"" --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist) - imitates Fred MacMurray, Jack Lemmon, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, etc. --Melina Mercouri (Broadway star) - performs ""Illya Darling,"" ""Never on Sunday"" and ""Piraeus, My Love"" in scenes from the Broadway play ""Illya Darling."" --Jim Henson's Muppets - sing ""I Feel Pretty"" in a ""How to be Ugly"" skit. --Gilbert Price (singer) - ""Old Man River"" --Jack Benny (comedian doing a stand-up act) --Edward Villella and Patricia McBride (ballet dancers, from the New York City Ballet) - dance a pas de deux CBS repeated this show on July 2, 1967.
S20E35 Expo '67: The Supremes; Xavier Cugat with Charo 07/05/1967 Broadcast from Montreal's Expo '67 --The Supremes - ""The Happening"" --The Supremes - medley: ""Thoroughly Modern Millie,"" ""Second Hand Rose"" and ""Mame."" (Supremes are wearing flapper costumes.) Other guests: --Xavier Cugat with Charo - Latin medley --Roberta Peters - ""Bell Song"" --Frank Ifield - ""You Came Out Of Nowhere"" & ""She Taught Me How To Yodel"" --Clair & McMahon (comedy team, computer dating routine) --Corbet Monica (comedian) --The Alcettys (balancing act) Audience bows: Jean Drapeau (Montreal mayor); Bill Haughton (harness jockey); Bob Usury (Kentucky Derby winner); Leslie Uggams
S20E36 The Turtles / Woody Allen / Leslie Uggams 14/05/1967 The Turtles - ""Happy Together"" & ""She'd Rather Be with Me"" Other guests: -- Woody Allen (stand-up comedy routine) - includes jokes about Ed Sullivan & Ed's show. --Leslie Uggams - sings ""Being Good"" & "" Hallelujah, Baby!"" (both songs are from the play ""Hallelujah, Baby!"" in which Leslie played Georgina Franklin) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - stand-up jokes about both mothers coming to dinner for Mother's Day. They sing ""Irish-Jewish Marriage."" --Aliza Kashfi - ""If I Were A Rich Man"" (song from ""Fiddler On the Roof,"" sung In English and Hebrew) --Enzo Stuarti - ""Exodus"" --Tanya Solnik (young girl sings in Hebrew) --The Keigo Imperial Dancers (dancers from Japan) --The Varadys (teeter board acrobats) --Audience Bows: Navy Vietnam Veterans
S20E37 Expo '67: The Seekers; Petula Clark; Alan King 21/05/1967 Broadcast from Montreal's Expo '67 Guests: --The Seekers - ""Georgy Girl"" --Petula Clark - medley: ""I Know A Place,"" ""Je Me Sens Bien,"" ""My Love"" and ""Downtown"" --Petula Clark - ""Don't Sleep in the Subway"" and ""This is My Song"" (sung partially in French) --Alan King (comedian) --Birgit Nilsson and the Montreal Symphony - ""In Questa Reggia"" (The Montreal Symphony under the direction of Wilfrid Pelletier.) --Ronald Turini (plays piano with the Montreal Symphony) --Claude Leveillee - ""Le Rendezvous"" (Actor discovered by Edith Piaf) --Peter Gennaro (choreographer) dances with female dancers at various pavilions. --Les Feux Follets (square dance & clog dancers in traditional costumes, dancing with brooms) Audience bows: Jean Drapeau (Montreal mayor) & Pierre Dupuy (Commissioner General of Expo '67)
S20E38 The Temptations / Robert Goulet / Tessie O' Shea / Pickle Brothers 28/05/1967 Guests: --The Temptations - medley: ""(I Know) I'm Losing You,"" ""All I Need"" and ""My Girl"" --Robert Goulet - ""The Impossible Dream"", ""My Cup Runneth Over"", ""Walking Happy"" --The Roselles (South American Highwire act) - On tape, introduced by Ed from Expo 67 in Montreal. --The Jovers (balancing duo) --Tessie O' Shea - ""Two Ton Tessie"" --Peter Lawford (audience bow) --The Pickle Brothers (comedy trio, fast-paced vaudeville-style humor) - Dracula sketch --Audience Bow: Peter Wolfendon (New Zealand pacing driver who trained and developed trotter ""Cardigan Bale"") Ed mentions that he and Sylvia had purchased a few trotters (horses) recently. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Jane Morgan --Topo Gigio --Doodletown Pipers --Lee Tully --Jack De Leon
S20E39 The Young Rascals / Harry James Orchestra / Rodney Dangerfield 04/06/1967 --Nancy Ames - ""Blow Gabriel Blow"" (with Harry James playing trumpet) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - sketch: Topo dreams what it would be like with his mouse-wife Rosie and their baby mouse. (Topo only appears at the beginning and end of sketch.) --Roger Ray (stand-up comedian with xylophone) --The Young Rascals - ""A Girl Like You"" & ""Groovin'"" --Georgie Kaye (stand-up comedy, jokes: florists; N.Y. lottery, Expo 67', income tax forms) --Harry James Orchestra - ""Blues for Sale"" --Audience bow: Paul Anka --Nancy Ames - ""So What's New"" & ""Nice Work If You Can Get It"" -- Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up, jokes include shrink, car, brother, working in tough places, ""No Respect"" routine) --Chong & Mana (Chinese circus novelty act using bricks, flowers, knives, fire)
S20E40 Mamas and the Papas / Richard Pryor / Alan King 11/06/1967 --Opening of show, Ed's intro --Topo Gigio (mouse) - talks about being sick from eating too much candy. --Topo Trio (Topo Gigio and two other mouse puppets) - sing ""Pop,"" a song in Italian. --Audience bow: Jennifer Reinke (spelling bee champion) Commmercial: Dutch Masters cigars --Kane Triplets (singers) - ""When Your Eyes Meet Mine,"" ""Pow! Pow! Pow!"" and ""Mutual Admiration Society. They also talk (or sing) about ""What It's Like To Be Triplets"" --Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy, re: being in the army, military pep talks, submarine warfare) Commercial: Anacin Pain Reliever --Rouvaun (opera singer) - ""Vesti La Giubba"" (dressed in clown suit) --Audience bows: Rod Laver & Ken Rosewald (tennis players); Bill Collins (Australian broadcaster) --Rouvaun - ""On A Clear Day"" --Rob Murray (juggler) Commercials: Geritol; Sominex --The Mamas and the Papas - ""Dedicated to the One I Love."" Mama Cass thanks Ed for putting pop groups on his show. --The Mamas and the Papas -
S20E41 20th Anniversary: Diahann Carroll; Spanky & Our Gang 18/06/1967 Ed Sullivan's 20th Anniversary show: Guests: --Spanky & Our Gang - ""Sunday Will Never Be the Same"" & ""Coney Island Washboard"" --Diahann Carroll (singer-actress) - ""As Time Goes By"" & ""Running Wild"" --The Rubin Mitchell Trio - ""My Liza Jane"" --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - dance interpretation of ""On a Clear Day"" --Tanya The Elephant Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Norm Crosby (comedian) --Robert Merrill (Metropolitan Opera baritone) --Jack Carter (comedian)
S20E42 Connie Francis / Ronnie Dove / Henny Youngman 25/06/1967 Guests: --Connie Francis – ""Born Free,"" ""Winchester Cathedral"" and an Italian medley --Ronnie Dove and the Swingle Singers – ""Cry"" (Johnnie Ray imitation) --Swingle Singers (French octet use their voices as instruments) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian with violin) --Flip Wilson (stand-up comedian) --Los Robellos / Dorcan Robles Band (Mariachi band) - ""Ceilito Lindo (Ai Ai),"" ""Rancho Grande,"" ""La Cucaracha"" & ""Mexican Hat Dance"" --Los Tonitos (high wire act) --Augsburg Jungle Wonders (trained animal act with monkey and baboon) CBS repeated this show on June 16, 1968.
S21E01 Young Rascals / Petula Clark / Red Skelton 10/09/1967 Guests: --The Young Rascals - ""Groovin',"" ""A Girl Like You"" & ""How Can I Be Sure?"" --Petula Clark - ""I'll be Loving You Eternally"" & medley: ""Who Am I?"" ""Don't Sleep in the Subway"" & ""Cat in the Window"" --Red Skelton (stand-up routine) --Eddie Fisher - ""Mame"" & ""That Face"" (Buddy Hackett cameo on 2nd song) --Buddy Hackett (comedian) - does a Chinese waiter routine --The Great Carazini (comedian) Audience bows: Walter Winchell; Jerry Vale
S21E02 The Doors / Yul Brynner / Rodney Dangerfield 17/09/1967 Guests: --The Doors - ""People are Strange"" & ""Light My Fire"" --Yul Brynner (actor, appearing with a musician) - perform ""Two Guitars"" (from Brynner's album) --Flip Wilson (stand-up comedian) --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up comedy) --Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - ""That's Love,"" ""Come Back to Me"" & medley: ""Anything Goes,"" ""Love For Sale,"" ""I Get A Kick Out Of You,"" ""You Do Something To Me,"" ""I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair,"" ""Getting To Know You,"" ""Happy Talk"" & ""I've Got You Under My Skin"" --Eydie Gorme - ""Mame"" --Steve Lawrence - ""Too Fast, Too Soon"" --The Kessler Sisters (twins Alice & Ellen Kessler) - medley of Maurice Chevalier songs: ""Thank Heaven For Little Girls"" and ""Louise"" (A salute To Maurice Chevalier on his 79th birthday) --The Skating Bredos (from Sweeden) - man & woman speed skate in 6 ft. circle CBS repeated this show on 07-Jul-68. Following by the Doors, Jim Morrison said the line "Girl we could not get much higher" to never play the Sullivan Show agian.
S21E03 Mamas & the Papas / Florence Henderson / John Byner 24/09/1967 --The Mamas and the Papas - ""Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon)"" --The Mamas and the Papas (later in show) - medley: ""Monday, Monday,"" ""I Call Your Name"" & ""California Dreamin'."" --Florence Henderson (actress-singer) - medley from ""Sound of Music"": ""My Favorite Things,"" ""Climb Every Mountain,"" ""Do-Re-Mi"" & ""The Sound of Music"" --Ed Ames (actor-singer) - sings ""My Cup Runneth Over"" & ""When The Snow Is On the Roses"" --John Byner (comedian) --Jorgen and Conny (balancers, acrobats from Sweeden) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --Jean Claude (balancing act) --Audience bows: Ralph Pearl & Charlie McAddams (reporter & publisher of Las Vegas Sun) --Audience bows: Roberto Rossellini; Duane Hackney Please see ""Recap"" for more details.
S21E04 Nancy Sinatra / Peggy Lee / George Carlin 01/10/1967 Nancy Sinatra - ""Until It's Time for You to Go"" --Nancy Sinatra, Peggy Lee, & Sergio Franchi - medley including ""Just One of Those Days,"" ""Why Don't You Do Right,"" ""These Boots are Made for Walkin',"" ""Falling Leaves"" & ""M'Lord"" --Peggy Lee - ""I Feel It"" & ""The More I See You"" --Sergio Franchi - ""By Myself"" & ""Time Will Tell"" (in English & Italian) Other guests: --George Carlin (stand-up comedy: going to the movies, coming attractions) --Winners Of The 33rd Harvest Moon Ball --Gimma Brothers (comic acrobats, do tumbling wearing suits) --London Lee (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about show business) --Richiardi (magician) Audience bows: Ladies Auxiliary of the Polish Legion of Pine Island
S21E05 Jimmy Dean / Wayne & Shuster / Joan Rivers 08/10/1967 Guests: --Jimmy Dean - country medley: ""Any Time,"" ""Born To Lose,"" ""Oh Lonesome Me,"" ""I Can't Stop Loving You"" and ""Jambalaya (On the Bayou)"" --Jimmy Dean & Rowlf - Jimmy jokes with Muppet Rowlf (dog puppet) --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedy: A pregnant Joan jokes about what her mother did & didn't tell her & finding & renovating housing in New York) --The Muppets (hairy monster eats technical talking machine) Jim Hensen cameo --Lana Cantrell - ""Stairway to Paradise"" & ""When You Wish Upon A Star"" --Jack E. Leonard (insult comedian: bashes Ed, insults Japanese pianist, dancers, etc.) -- Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) --Young Americans - ""Let In The Sunshine"" (filmed at playground) --Young Americans - medley of Meridith Wilson's best works: ""May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You,"" ""Pick A Little, Talk A Little,"" ""Gary Indiana,"" ""'til There Was You"" & ""Trouble In River City"" --Audience bows: Israeli Soccer team; Nobel Sisel & Harold Arlen
S21E06 Lovin' Spoonful / Ethel Merman / David Frye 15/10/1967 Lovin' Spoonful - ""She's Still a Mystery"" & ""Only Pretty"" Other guests: --Ethel Merman - ""Riding High"" & ""This Is All I Ask"" --Sandler & Young (duo sings medley: ""Cabaret,"" ""76 Trombones,"" ""And The Band Played On..."") --David Frye (comedian doing impressions & political humor) --Tommy Cooper (comedian doing a bumbling magician act) --Corbett Monica (stand-up comedian) --Lado Dance Group (Traditional Yugoslav dance troupe doing the ""Bachelor's Dance"") Audience bows: Mrs. Lanza & Gov. Paul Laxalt; Lucera Tena (Flamenco dancer) Cameos: On stage at beginning of show: Lew Brock, Bob Gibson and Carl Yastremski (World Series Cardinals & Red Sox baseball players)
S21E07 Lulu / Eddie Fisher / McGuire Sisters / Norm Crosby 22/10/1967 Guests: --Lulu - ""To Sir With Love"" --Eddie Fisher - ""Let Me Sing And I'll Be Happy"" & ""If She Walked Into My Life"" --Stiller And Meara (sketch: man tries to tell his mother he's getting married) --Mike Douglas --The McGuire Sisters - ""One Kiss"" and French medley: ""Under Paris Skies,"" ""Dites Moi,"" ""Summer In Bordeaux,"" ""What Now My Love"" & ""Lucky Me"" --The McGuire Sisters - ""When the World Was Young"" and ""Free Again"" --Norm Crosby (stand-up comedy, routine: conservative youths vs. hippies) --Tommy Cooper (British comedian pretends to be a fumbling magician) --Ballet America (10 Couples In farm garb, not actually ballet) --Baby Opal (trained Elephant Act) --Audience bows: Fran Tarkenton; Hugh Lipsey; Josh Logan; Eli Wallach; Prince Mike Romonoff
S21E08 The Cowsills / Polly Bergen / Don Ameche 29/10/1967 --The Cowsills - ""The Rain, the Park & Other Things"" & medley (""Monday, Monday,"" ""Sweet Taking Guy,"" ""Lonesome Me,"" ""Please Mr. Postman"" & ""Reach Out"") --Polly Bergen (""Once In A Lifetime"" & ""What The World Needs Now"") --Senor Wences (ventriloquist, various puppets) --Peter Nero (pianist with orchestra, ""Fiddler On The Roof"") --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedy) --Lou Alexander (stand-up routine: violence in fairy tales, contact lenses) --Noucha Doina (violinist with trio) --Peter Gennaro (dance segment, Halloween dance). --Scenes from ""Henry Sweet Henry"": Don Ameche playing a scene & Alice Playton singing ""Poor Little Person"" Audience Bows: Paul Ford (Broadway star); Camille Bonano (""Miss By-Line"")
S21E09 Shirley Bassey / Tony Bennett / Woody Herman Orchestra 05/11/1967 --Shirley Bassey - ""Don't Rain On My Parade"" & ""On A Clear Day"" --Tony Bennett - ""Broadway,"" ""Who Can I Turn To,"" ""Moment Of Truth"" and ""For Once In My Life"" --The Woody Herman Orchestra - ""Boogaloo"" Additional guests (scheduled): --Rodney Dangerfield --Totie Fields --Allen & Rossi
S21E10 The Turtles / Johnny Mathis / Joan Rivers 12/11/1967 --The Turtles - ""Happy Together"" & ""She's My Girl"" Complete show: --Lana Cantrell - ""Yes Sir, That's My Baby"" --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about being pregnant. --NY Harkness Ballet Co. - Spanish theme ballet --Gustafsons (magic act) - man & woman do a magic act using candles and scarves, and make things disappear. --Victor Lundberg - recites "" An Open Letter to My Teenage Son"" (a message to America's youth regarding the war in Vietnam) --Johnny Mathis - ""Sleigh Ride"" & ""Up-Up, and Away"" --Richard Hearne (British comedian) - dances and does pantomime --Audience bows: Johnny Weissmuller & Buster Crabbe --The Turtles - ""Happy Together"" & ""She's My Girl"" --Lana Cantrell - ""Love Is Stronger Far Than We""   --Shelley Berman (comedian) - tells jokes about embarrassing moments
S21E11 The Supremes / The Temptations / Flip Wilson 19/11/1967 --The Supremes - ""In & Out of Love,"" ""Thou Swell"" & ""Greensleeves"" --The Temptations - ""Hello Young Lovers"" & ""Don't Look Back"" --The Temptations & the Supremes (medley of each other's hits: Supremes – ""Get Ready,"" Temptations – ""Stop in the Name of Love,"" The Supremes – ""My Girl"" & Temptations – ""Baby Love"") --The Supremes & the Temptations - ""I Know I'm Losing You"" Other guests: --Flip Wilson (stand-up) --Kessler Twins (dressed as dance hall girls) - ""The Band Played On"" & ""Covers of the Police Gazette"" --Fernando Pasqualone (trumpet player) --Lewis & Christy (stand-up comedians) --Ivan & Astor (dance team) - apache dancers throw each other around --Audience bows: George Hamilton; William E. Galbraith --On film: a clip from the movie ""Dr. Doolittle"" with Rex Harrison singing ""Talk to the Animals""
S21E12 The Beatles (on film) / Connie Francis / Al Hirt 26/11/1967 Guests: --The Beatles (on film) - ""Hello Goodbye"" promo --Connie Francis - ""Going Out Of My Head,"" ""Sunny"" & ""Impossible Dream"" --Al Hirt - ""Young Man with a Horn,"" ""The Happening"" & ""I Can't Get Started"" --Jane Morgan, Al Hirt, Doodletown Pipers - ""It Takes All Kinds Of Music,"" ""What'd I Say?"" & ""South Rampart Street Parade"" --John Byner (stand-up comedy) --Jane Morgan (singer) - ""Meditation"" & a medley of Edith Piaf songs --Doodletown Pipers (singers) - ""Rhythm of Life"" & a medley of rock 'n' roll songs --Morecambe & Wise (comedy team, trying to learn ventriloquism) Audience bows: Billy Rowe; Father Payton
S21E13 Ray Charles & Billy Preston / Bill Dana 03/12/1967 --Start of show --Ray Charles & Billy Preston - ""Double-O-Soul"" Commercials: Hai Karate; Pacquin Hand Cream --Ray Charles with Billy Preston (on organ) and the Raelettes - ""Yesterday"" & ""What'd I Say? Commercials: Lemon Pledge; Bravo Floor Wax --Jackie Kahane (comedian) - stand-up monologue (Re: NYC, bus & air travel) Commercial: Pepto Bismol --Frankie Fanelli (singer) - ""All I Ask"" --The Megners (balancing trio act from Poland) Commercial: Wind Song perfume; Ponds --Bill Dana (comedian) in character as Jose Jimenez, an Olympic athlete planning to participate in the '68 Olympics, interviewed by Ed. --The Blue Comets - ""Gagaku"" & ""Blue Chateau"" (Japanese Surf/psych band) --Audience bow: David Merrick --Carol Lawrence and Gordon MacRae (on film) - ""I Do! I Do!,"" ""I Love My Wife"" & ""My Cup Runneth Over"" (songs from the Broadway play ""I Do! I Do!"") Commercials: Nabisco Frozen Cookies; Nabisco Team Flakes Commercial --Grand Music Hall of Israel (musical
S21E14 20th Anniversary Show: Gwen Verdon; Pearl Bailey; Robert Merrill 10/12/1967 Guests (20th Year Anniversary Show): --Pearl Bailey - ""Before The Parade Passes By"" with the ""Hello Dolly"" cast --Gwen Verdon - ""Nothing Can Stop Me Now"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian) --John V. Lindsay (NYC mayor) --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) --Robert Merrill - ""Di Provenza"" --Los Ninos Contores De Murialdo (Cantores?) - ""Glory, Glory Hallelujah"" --The Emerald City pipe band of NYC's Police & Fire Dept. On this show, CBS renamed the theater ""The Ed Sullivan Theater."" NYC mayor John V. Lindsay officiated the unveiling of the theater's new marquee.
S21E15 Spanky & Our Gang / Richard Pryor / Patti Page 17/12/1967 Guests: --Spanky and Our Gang - ""Lazy Day"" & ""Sunday Morning"" --Patti Page - sings ""Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"" & recites ""Child's Christmas Prayer"" --Richard Pryor --Joel Grey (railroad song medley) --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Topo Gigio --David Frye (comedian) --The Kim Sisters - ""Thoroughly Modern Millie"" --The Berlin Mozart Choir (thirty singers perform)
S21E16 The Cowsills / Bobbie Gentry / George Carlin / Arthur Godfrey 24/12/1967 Guests: --The Cowsills - ""We Can Fly"" & Christmas song medley --Bobbie Gentry - ""Niki Hookey"" & ""I Wonder as I Wonder"" --George Carlin (stand-up comedy) --Arthur Godfrey & the Muppets - ""It's Christmas Tomorrow"" --Arthur Godfrey - ""The Secret Of Christmas"" --Peter Gennaro - ""What The World Needs Now"" --Gilbert Price - ""For Once In My Lifetime"" --The Little Angels Of Korea (play drums and dance with ribbons)
S21E17 Jay & the Techniques / Buddy Rich / Miriam Makeba 31/12/1967 --Jay and the Techniques - ""Keep the Ball Rolling"" --Miriam Makeba (singer from South Africa) - ""Pata Pata"" --Buddy Rich and his orchestra - ""Norwegian Wood"" (instrumental version of Beatles' song) --George Kirby (comedian) - celebrity impressions --Montego (sword balancer) - balances swords, juggles torches, tricycle tricks, etc. --Gianna D'Angelo - ""Una voce poca fa"" --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Rodney Dangerfield --Vikki Carr (singer) - ""It Must Be Him""
S21E18 Dionne Warwick / Norm Crosby / Morecambe & Wise 07/01/1968 Guests: --Dionne Warwick - ""I Say a Little Prayer"" & ""Battle Hymn of the Republic"" --The Young Americans - American medley (""Spoonful Of Sugar,"" ""Back In the Old Routine,"" ""Green Sleeves"" & ""Raindrops"") --Norm Crosby (stand-up comedy) --Julia Mead - ""Come Back To Me"" --Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) --Sandler and Young - sing ""Boom Boom,"" ""Sunshine Days"" & ""Harmonize"" --Rasha And Tiby (dancers, Apache ballroom duo) --Ninon (Linon?) (clown, tightrope act). --Audience bows: Elsa Lanchester; Earl Wilson Jr.
S21E19 Vanilla Fudge / scheduled: Duke Ellington; Flip Wilson 14/01/1968 Vanilla Fudge - ""You Keep Me Hangin' On"" Other guests (scheduled): --Duke Ellington --Tammy Grimes --Buddy Greco --Flip Wilson --Davis & Reese
S21E20 Johnny Mathis / Melvyn Douglas / Pert Kelton 21/01/1968 Guests: --Johnny Mathis - ""Get Out of Town"" & ""At the Crossroads"" --Melvyn Douglas and Pert Kelton (actors) - appear in a comic scene from the Broadway play ""Spofford."" --John Byner (comedian) --Lana Cantrell - ""On the Good Ship Lollipop"" & ""Shadows of Our Love"" --Jack E. Leonard (comedian) --The Pickle Brothers (comedians) --Edward Villella and Patricia McBride (of the New York City Ballet) - perform a pas de deux from Asafieff's ""Flames of Paris"" Scheduled guests: --The Buckinghams - ""Susan"" & ""What Is Love"" (please see Notes below.) CBS repeated this episode on 01-Sep-1968. The Buckinghams were not listed on the repeat.
S21E21 scheduled: Fifth Dimension; Al Martino; Nancy Ames 28/01/1968 Scheduled guests: --The 5th Dimension - ""Up Up and Away,"" ""Carpet Man"" & ""Shake Your Tambourine"" --Al Martino --Nancy Ames - ""Can't Buy Me Love"" & ""What the World Needs Now Is Love"" --Carol Lawrence - ""What Is a Woman?"" & ""Stairway to Paradise"" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Bob Bramson (hoop juggler) --The Trio Rennos (pole balancing act)
S21E22 scheduled: Michele Lee; Stiller & Meara; Morecombe & Wise; Stu Gilliam 04/02/1968 Scheduled guests: --Michele Lee (singer-actress) --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Sergio Franchi (opera singer) --Regina Resnik (opera singer) --Morecombe & Wise (comedy team) --Stu Gilliam (comedian) --Peter Gennaro (dancer) --Gil and Freddie Lavedo (acrobats)
S21E23 Vincent Price / Eddie Albert / Lennon Sisters 11/02/1968 Guests: --Vincent Price --Eddie Albert (actor, performs a dramatic reading about Abraham Lincoln) --Morey Amsterdam --Totie Fields --Patricia Routledge (actress) - sings ""Not On Your Nellie"" --Roberta Peters (soprano) - ""Shadow Song"" (from Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera ""Dinorah"") --The Lennon Sisters - ""California Dreamin'"" & ""Where Are the Words?"" --Hendra & Ullett (comedy team) --Jimmy Nelson (ventriloquist) --Vaughn Bullivant (water-skier, on film?) --Les Dollies (unicycle act)
S21E24 scheduled: Bobbie Gentry; George Chakiris; Jane Powell; Paul Mauriat 18/02/1968 Scheduled guests: --Jane Powell --Bobbie Gentry --George Chakiris - ""West Side Story"" medley --Rodney Dangerfield --Paul Mauriat (pianist) - ""Love Is Blue"" --Will Jordan (comedian) --Franco Corelli (singer) --Jim Henson's Muppets
S21E25 Gladys Knight & the Pips / Jackie Mason / Dinah Shore 25/02/1968 --Gladys Knight & the Pips - medley (""The End of Our Road,"" ""And So Is Love"" and ""I Heard It Through the Grapevine"") --Dinah Shore - ""Oh, Lonesome Me,"" ""It's Over,"" ""Trains, Boats And Planes,"" and ""Oh, Lonesome Me"" (reprise). --Ed Ames - ""I Want To Be Free"" & ""Who Will Answer"" --Ed Ames and Dinah Shore - ""Sunrise, Sunset"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedy) --Ballet America (dancers perform to ""Mule Train"") --Andy Stewart (Scottish comedian wearing kilt - sings and does impression of Dean Martin) --The Bruskis (balancing act from Poland) Audience bows: Governor Stan Hathaway; Jane Morgan; Tony Bennett; Sheila Davis
S21E26 scheduled: Lou Rawls; Alan King; Morecambe & Wise 03/03/1968 Scheduled guests: --Lou Rawls --Alan King --Morecambe & Wise --Jack E. Leonard --J. Rivers --Sergio Franchi --D. Valery
S21E27 Fifth Dimension / Liza Minnelli / Allen & Rossi 10/03/1968 Guests (broadcast from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas): --5th Dimension - ""Up-Up and Away"" & ""Monday, Monday"" --Liza Minnelli - ""You'd Better Sit Down, Kids,"" ""Certain Girl"" & ""Life of the Party"" --McGuire Sisters - ""Big Spender,"" ""Sound of Money"" & ""Here We Are in Las Vegas"" --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) --Theodore Bikel (actor & folk singer performing a scene from ""Fiddler on the Roof"") - ""If I Were a Rich Man"" --Jack Carter (comedian) --The Canestrellis (trampoline act)
S21E28 The Bee Gees / Lucille Ball / George Hamilton 17/03/1968 Guests: --The Bee Gees - ""Words"" --Lucille Ball guest appearance: (1) Lucy (onstage) chats with Ed; (2) On film: ""Yours, Mine & Ours"" film clip with Henry Fonda; (3) Lucy introduces 18 children from "" Yours, Mine & Ours"" who sing. --George Hamilton - ""At The Crossroads"" & ""Dock Of The Bay"" --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Tony Sandler & Ralph Young - ""Cotton Fields"" --Fran Jeffries - ""Sunny"" medley --Fran Jeffries, Sandler & Young - ""Duet For Three"" --Jackie Kahane (stand-up comedian) --The Five Bearded Irishmen from Dublin (traditional Irish musicians) --Audience bows: Ross Hunter; Marine Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients (Vietnam)
S21E29 Spanky & Our Gang / Supremes / Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood 24/03/1968 Guests: --Spanky & Our Gang - ""I'd Like to Get to Know You"" --Diana Ross and the Supremes - ""Forever Came Today"" & Fats Waller medley (""Honeysuckle Rose,"" ""Ain't Misbehavin'"" & ""Keepin' Out of Mischief Now"") --Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - ""Story Book Children"" --Nancy Sinatra - ""100 Years"" --Jimmy Dean - ""Little Thing Called Love"" & ""Sleeping Beauty"" --George Carlin (stand-up comedian) --Louis & Christy (comedy duo) --Charlie & Cairoli (comedy team, both play clarinets) --Dominique (illusionist) Audience bow: Franco Corelli, Del Insco, Jean Drapeau
S21E30 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles / Frankie Laine / Charlton Heston 31/03/1968 Guests: --Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - medley (""I Second That Emotion,"" ""If You Can Want,"" ""Going To A Go-Go"" & ""Yesterday"") --Frankie Laine - ""To Each His Own"" & ""I Found You"" --Charlton Heston (1) reads from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address (2) Later in show talks about ""Planet of the Apes"" with film clip. --Wayne & Shuster (comedians) - skit: parent-teacher meeting about violence on TV --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --The Young Americans - ""Oklahoma"" medley --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - ""If I Were A Rich Man"" w/dancers --Baranton Sisters (foot jugglers who balance & spin tables) Audience bows: Richard Rodgers; Jerome Hines; Pearl Mesta & Earl Blackwell; Samuel Defalco CBS repeated this show on July 28, 1968.
S21E31 scheduled: Eddie Albert, Norm Crosby, Joan Rivers 14/04/1968 Scheduled guests: --Eddie Albert --Norm Crosby --Joan Rivers --Sergio Franchi --Shirley Verrett --Montford Mission
S21E32 Tom Jones / Patty Duke / Totie Fields / The Muppets 21/04/1968 Guests: --Tom Jones - ""It's Not Unusual,"" ""Danny Boy"" & ""Delilah"" --Patty Duke - ""Dona, Dona"" (with dancers) & ""And We Were Strangers"" --The Muppets - female frog (Kermit wearing a wig) sings ""I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face"" --Your Fathers Moustache (Dixieland band) --Totie Fields (comedian) - sings ""I'm Perfect"" and pokes fun at audience members. --Richard Hearne (English comedian, a.k.a. ""Mr. Pastry"") - demonstrates ""The Passing Out Ceremony"" (a drinking & dancing ritual using two chairs). Ed appears on camera for entire skit, telling Mr. Pastry which drink is in which glass --Pavel (magic act) --Audience bows: Capain Geoff Mitchell & other Captains; Major General William J. Sutton; Kevin Robinson
S21E33 Richard Harris / Ella Fitzgerald / Stiller & Meara 28/04/1968 Guests: --Ella Fitzgerald - ""Can't Buy Me Love"" & ""Mr. Paganini"" (with 3 man combo) --Richard Harris - ""Camelot"" & ""Didn't We"" --George Carlin (comedy sketch) - Carlin plays a politician interviewed on ""Meet the Candidate."" --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (stand-up comedy) - do a routine about a high school reunion --Milt Kamen (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about living in New York --Doodletown Pipers (singers) - ""With A Little Help From My Friends"" & medley ("" What The World Need Now"" & ""For What Its Worth"") --Ma Chung (violin playing prodigy) Audience bows: Joel Grey (then appearing on Broadway's ""George M. Cohan""); Cheryl Ann Patton (Miss USA from Florida); Clifton Daniel & sons
S21E34 80th Birthday salute to Irving Berlin: Diana Ross & Supremes; Bing Crosby 05/05/1968 80th Birthday salute to Irving Berlin (90-minute episode) Guests: --Diana Ross & the Supremes - ""Always"" --Diana Ross & the Supremes with Ethel Merman - Irving Berlin medley (""Say It With Music,"" ""It's A Lovely Day Today,"" ""Heat Wave"" ""Say It Isn't So"") --Bing Crosby - spoken tribute to Irving Berlin & sings medley of Berlin songs (""Sweet Marie from Sunny Italy,"" ""Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon,"" ""The International Rag,"" & ""Alexander's Ragtime Band"") & ""I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas"" (film clip & live on stage). --Bob Hope (stand-up, Bob salutes Irving Berlin) --Ethel Merman - Berlin medley (""Sunshine,"" ""I Got Lost In His Arms,"" ""Anything You Can Do,"" ""They Say It's Wonderful"") --President Johnson (on tape, wishes Irving Berlin a Happy 80th birthday) --Harry James (medley of dance tunes) --Robert Goulet & Harry James - ""Marie"" --Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians - ""Give Me Your Tired"" --Robert Goulet, Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians - ""I Used To Play It By Ea
S21E35 Gary Puckett and the Union Gap / Richard Pryor / Rodney Dangerfield 12/05/1968 --Gary Puckett and the Union Gap - ""Lady Willpower"" & ""Young Girl"" Other guests: --Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy) - imitates his mother and grandmother, talks about getting revenge on the neighborhood bully. --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up, doing his ""No Respect"" routine) --Diahann Carroll - ""At The Crossroads"" & ""Elusive Butterfly"" --David Frye (comedy, impressions of William F. Buckley, Presidents Nixon, Johnson, RFK.) --Shani Wallis - ""Alfie"" & ""High"" --Jay Marshall (ventriloquist) --Young Americans - ""Happiness"" & medley (""A Spoonful of Sugar,"" ""Back In the Old Routine Minute Waltz,"" ""Green Sleeves,"" and ""Raindrops"") --Audience bows: Leonard Sillman, Imogene Coca, Capt. Robert F. Foley
S21E36 Fifth Dimension / Joel Gray / Joan Rivers / Morey Amsterdam 19/05/1968 Fifth Dimension - ""On Broadway"" & ""Stoned Soul Picnic"" Other guests: --Joel Grey - scene from ""George M"" --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian, topics: marriage, weight, the beach) --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy) --Jane Morgan - ""What Now My Love"" --London Lee (stand-up comedian: plays the trumpet badly) --The West Point Glee Club - ""Sons Of A Different Time"" Audience bows: Major General Donald Bennett; Angel Cordero, Jr.; President Marcos' Children Ferdinand & Maria Marcos
S21E37 Spanky & Our Gang / Nancy Sinatra / Mike Douglas 26/05/1968 Guests: --Nancy Sinatra - ""Sock It To Me Sunshine"" & ""This Girl's In Love With You"" --Spanky & Our Gang - ""Three Ways from Tomorrow"" --Mike Douglas - ""Talk To the Animals"" & ""Why Did I Choose You"" --Scoey Mitchell (stand-up comedian, topics: taxes, races, relations) --The Muppets (one worm gets another to dance, Jim Henson cameo) --Henra & Ullett (stand-up comedy; routine set at the UN) --Bobby Remson (Ransen?) - stand-up comedy routine --Lucera Tena (attractive Spanish dancer, from Madrid) --Trio Rennos (three acrobats from Italy) --Audience bow: Tony Bennett --Audience bows: a group of wounded Vietnam Veterans.
S21E38 20th Anniversary Show - scheduled: Alan King; Jerry Vale; Lana Cantrell 02/06/1968 20th Anniversary Show Scheduled guests: --Alan King --Jerry Vale - ""My Love, Forgive Me"" --Lana Cantrell - ""Honey"" & ""How Can I Be Sure? --Sue Carson (comedian) --Norm Neilson (magician) --Mr. Jiggs (trained monkey)
S21E39 Robert F. Kennedy Tribute - Dionne Warwick; Duke Ellington; Charlton Heston 09/06/1968 Tribute Show - National Day Of Mourning for Robert F. Kennedy --Dionne Warwick - ""The Battle Hymn of the Republic"" --Duke Ellington - ""David Dance Before the Lord"" (tap dancer Bunny Briggs plays David) --Charlton Heston - reads Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address --Richard Harris - ""Camelot"" --Ed Ames - ""Who Will Answer?"" --Kate Smith - ""Lord's Prayer"" --Robert Goulet - ""The Impossible Dream"" --Sergio Franci - ""You'll Never Walk Alone"" (with Welsh Choir) --West Point Glee Club - ""America the Beautiful"" (poem) --Shirley Verrett - ""Oh, Glory"" --Doodletown Pipers - ""What The World Needs Now Is Love"" & ""For What It's Worth"" --McNiff Irish Dancers (dancers perform traditional Irish Step Dance)
S22E01 Jefferson Airplane / Diana Ross & the Supremes / Red Skelton 29/09/1968 Guests include: --Jefferson Airplane - ""Crown of Creation,"" ""Won't You Try"" & ""Saturday Afternoon"" --Diana Ross & the Supremes - ""Funny Girl"" medley and ""Love Child"" --Red Skelton (comedy monologue) --Sergio Franchi & Virna Lisi (actors) - on film, Ed interviews the actors on location in Italy. (Franchi and Lisi were probably on the set of their film ""The Secret of Santa Vittoria"") --The Faraceenees (correct spelling?, acrobats)
S22E02 scheduled: Dionne Warwick; Tiny Tim; Tony Bennett 06/10/1968 Scheduled guests: --Dionne Warwick - ""Impossible Dream"" and ""Promises, Promises"" --Tony Bennett (performing with the Woody Herman Orchestra) --Woody Herman and orchestra --Tiny Tim - ""Hello, Hello,"" ""As Time Goes By"" and ""I Gave Her That"" --Flip Wilson --The Kessler Twins (dancing singers) - ""Lili Marlene"" --Goetchie (unicyclist) --The cast of ""You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"" perform two songs from the play - the title song and ""Happiness""
S22E03 The Beach Boys / Richard Pryor / Peter O'Toole 13/10/1968 --The Beach Boys - ""Do It Again"" & ""Good Vibrations"" --Start of show, opening titles --Ed talks with jockey Stanley Dancer, with million dollar racing horse Cardigan Bay. --Audience bows (cameos): Irving Rudd; Sugar Ray Robinson --Denny McLain Quartet (baseball player Denny, playing organ, with his combo) - ""Girl From Ipanema"" --Bob Gibson (baseball pitcher playing guitar) & the Denny McLain Quartet - instrumental song, unknown title --Audience bow: Mickey Lolich (1968 World Series pitching hero) --Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy) - re: ""being cool,"" personal grooming & hygene. --Jim Henson's Muppets - Muppets jump in & out of trash cans, scaring little girl. (At end of segment Jim Henson comes out and shakes hands with Ed.) --Sugar Ray Robinson - Ed asks Robinson on stage, asks Robinson his opinion about the greatest boxers. On film: ""Goodbye Mr. Chips"" film clip with Petula Clark & Peter O'Toole. Ed interviews Clark & O'Toole. Ed & O'Toole sing ""When Irish E
S22E04 The Fifth Dimension / Steve McQueen (on film) / Joan Rivers 20/10/1968 Guests: --The Fifth Dimension - ""Sweet Blindness"" --On film: Steve McQueen shown riding a motorcycle, short interview, clip from ""Bullet"" --David Frye (stand-up, impressions) --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedy) --Lana Cantrell (""Didn't We"") --The Piero Brothers (jugglers) --Sandler & Young (""Gonna Build A Mountain"") --A scene from ""Lovers & Other Strangers"" (with Richard Castelano, Ellen Verbit, and Bobby Alto). --Audience bows (cameos): Ed Ames, Grace Cahn, Martin Wolman, Ed King; Peter Yates, Carmine Santullo
S22E05 Mary Hopkin / Gary Lewis and the Playboys / George Carlin 27/10/1968 Guests: --Mary Hopkin - ""Morning of My Life"" & ""Those Were the Days"" --Gary Lewis and the Playboys - ""Main Street"" --George Carlin (comedian) --Helen Hayes (reads preface from her book) --Ed Ames (singer-actor) - sings a medley of love songs incl. ""Gentle On My Mind"" & ""The Look Of Love"" --The Doodletown Pipers --Kuban Cossacks (Cossack dancers) --Judge Dewey Markham & Pigmeat Markham (comedy sketch) --Audience bows: Don Rickles; Jerry Vale; Perle Mesta
S22E06 scheduled: Alan King, George Hamilton, Connie Francis, Stiller & Meara 03/11/1968 According to a November 1968 New York Times article, this episode was cancelled due to the AFTRA musicians' union strike. (With a re-run aired in its place.) However, a few Beatles websites mention that a clip from the Beatles' movie ""Yellow Submarine"" was shown on this date. The scheduled guests for this week were Connie Francis; Alan King; George Hamilton; Stiller & Meara; Peter Gennaro and The Antonettes (a teeterboard act).
S22E07 Dusty Springfield / Jackie Mason / Nancy Wilson 24/11/1968 Guests: --Dusty Springfield - ""Son of a Preacher Man"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) --Nancy Wilson - ""Clear Out Of This World"" & ""Face It Girl, It's Over"" --Burns & Schreiber (comedy team) - cab driver and passenger routine --The Kessler Twins - ""I Say A Little Prayer"" --Morey Amsterdam (comedian) --The Doodletown Pipers - ""MacArthur Park"" --The Muppets - Three serpent type creatures each raise their heads and say ""Scrap-yap"" in turn. One blows mist to eliminate the other. At the conclusion, Jim Henson comes out and shakes Ed's hand. --Silvan (magician from Italy, background music is instrumental of 5th Dimension's ""Up, Up and Away"" and Tom Jones' ""It's Not Unusual"")
S22E08 Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass / Engelbert Humperdinck / Tiny Tim 01/12/1968 Guests: --Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - ""My Favorite Things"" ""The Christmas Song"" --Tiny Tim - ""Great Balls of Fire,"" ""School Days,"" ""I'm Glad I'm A Boy"" and ""My Hero"" --Englebert Humperdinck - ""Les Bicyclettes De Belsize"" & ""Marry Me"" --Jack Carter (stand-up comedy) --Gloria Loring - ""Can't Take My Eyes Off You"" & ""I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"" --Peter Gennero (dancer) --Scoey Mitchell (comedian) --David Hemmings (actor) - recites a Dylan Thomas poem --Audience bows: Lou Brecker; Ann Margret; Gail Hunnicut
S22E09 Ray Charles / The Association / Richard Pryor 08/12/1968 Guests: --The Association - ""Never My Love"" & ""Along Comes Mary"" --Ray Charles - ""Marie,"" ""Eleanor Rigby"" (with Ray Block's Orchestra) & ""If It Weren't for Bad Luck"" --Liza Minnelli - ""Sweet Blindness"" & ""Simon"" --Richard Pryor (stand-up, jokes: childhood; school; God creating people; slaves; impersonates Richard Nixon) --Joan Sutherland --Jack E. Leonard (insult comedian) --The Veterans (Comic circus from Sweden; athletes try to vault) --Venezuelan Folk Ballet (colorfully costumed Venezuelans sing & dance) --Audience bow: Anna Maria Alberghetti
S22E10 Stevie Wonder / Brooklyn Bridge / Jane Morgan 15/12/1968 Guests: --Stevie Wonder - ""For Once in My Life,"" ""You Met Your Match"" & ""Alfie"" --Brooklyn Bridge - ""Worst That Could Happen"" --Norm Crosby (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes using fractured English --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist) - imitates George Burns,  Jack Benny, Rochester, Ed Sullivan, etc. --Ed shows a 1951 film clip of Anna Maria Alberghetti --Anna Maria Alberghetti - ""Who Can I Turn To"" --Jane Morgan - ""It's Today"" (production number from ""Mame"") and ""We Need A Little Christmas"" (with ""Mame"" Broadway cast). --Edward Villella (ballet dancer) - pas de deux with Patricia McBride and solo dance. --Rossi & Ross (comedy team Steve Rossi & Joe E. Ross) - comedians doing impressions --Audience bows: Otto Preminger (movie producer), Jules Dassin (producer)
S22E11 The Vogues / Patti Page / Mike Douglas 22/12/1968 Guests: --The Vogues - medley (""Turn Around, Look At Me,"" ""You Are My Reason to Live"" & ""Till"") --The Muppets (reindeer discuss Christmas deliveries) --Flip Wilson (stand-up, jokes: Girl Scout cookies & Harold the Boy Scout routine) --Joe Namath & N. Y. Jets football players (celebrate win over Miami Dolphins, with film clips) --Bake Turner (of the New York Jets) - plays guitar & sings -- Stiller & Meara (stand-up routine: an interview with Mrs. Santa Claus) --Patti Page - ""Happy Birthday Little Jesus"" (poem read in child talk) --Mike Douglas & Patti Page - medley: ""It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,"" ""My Cup Runneth Over"" & ""Little Green Apples"" --Mike Douglas - ""The Christmas Song"" --Lovelace Watkins - ""A Portrait Of My Love"" (operatic song) --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - ""Sleigh Ride"" --Marine Major David Althoff (highly decorated Marine)
S22E12 Eddie Albert / Sly and the Family Stone / Lainie Kazan 29/12/1968 Guests: --Lainie Kazan - ""The Trolley Song"" & ""How Can I Be Sure"" --George Kirby (stand-up comedy) --Earl Wilson Jr. - ""The Impossible Dream"" --Audience bow: Earl Wilson Sr. --The Jovers (balancing duo) --Your Father's Mustache - medley: ""Hello My Baby,"" ""Mame,"" and ""Take Me Out to the Ball Game"" --Audience bow: Lovelace Watkins --Eddie Albert - ""September Song"" --Sly and the Family Stone - medley: ""Everyday People,"" ""Dance to the Music,"" ""Ya Ya Ya,"" ""M'Lady"" & ""Hey Music Lover"" --Charlie Manna (stand-up comedian) - does comedy and sings ""Laura"" and ""Smile"" --Burger's Animals (trained animal act) - dogs box & jump rope. Dog and monkeys ride horses. Scheduled guests (scheduled to appear but not listed on transcript): --Judy Collins - ""Both Sides Now"" --Elias and Shaw (comedy team) --The Chung Trio
S22E13 Diana Ross & the Supremes / Johnny Mathis / Henry Mancini 05/01/1969 Guests: --Diana Ross & the Supremes - ""Love Child,"" ""I'm Living In Shame"" & ""I Get A Kick Out of You"" --Henry Mancini (with orchestra) - ""Conquest"" --Johnny Mathis - Latin medley and ""Moment to Moment"" --Johnny Mathis with Mancini's orchestra - Henry Mancini medley: ""Dear Heart,"" ""Days Of Wine & Roses"" & ""Moon River"" --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up comedy) --Burns & Schreiber (stand-up comedians) - routine about machines. (Avery Schreiber acts like a machine complete with sound effects) --Peter Gennaro (dances to ""Strangers in the Night"") --Shani Wallis - ""I Can't Give You Anything But Love"" --Shani Wallis - ""As Long As He Needs Me"" (from "" Oliver"") --Rolan Brothers (balancing act) --Audience bows (cameos): Jack Lord; Jean Claude Killy (Olympic skier)
S22E14 The Chambers Brothers / Gina Lollobrigida / Don Rickles 12/01/1969 Live From Circus Circus in Las Vegas Guests: --The Chambers Brothers - medley: ""I Can't Turn You Loose,"" ""People Get Ready"" & ""Time Has Come Today"" --Gina Lollobrigida with dancers - ""Walking Happy"" (lyrics: ""The Kind Of Walk You Walk"") --Jerry Vale - ""Till"" & ""Those Were The Days"" --Don Rickles (stand-up comedian, running joke - Rickles keeps hassling Ed) --The Nitwits (comedy-instrumental group) --Joe Gerlac (high distance sponge diver) --Rudy Cardanez (juggler) --Ferazzini Chimps (animal act) --The Flying Alexanders (trapeze act & tightrope act) --The Cannastrellis (daredevil trampoline tumblers) --The Amazing Meckners (tumblers perform the double somersault) --Audience bows: Ella Fitzgerald; Harry James; Buddy Hackett; Abbe Lane; George Kirby; Jack Carter; Myron Cohen; Bill Miller; Jay Sarnow
S22E15 Gary Puckett & the Union Gap / Liza Minnelli / John Davidson 19/01/1969 Guests: --Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - ""Don't Make Promises"" & ""By The Time I Get To Phoenix"" --Liza Minnelli - ""Frank Mills"" --Victor The Bear - wrestles with a man and Ed in this segment. Ed gives the bear some ice cream and a drink out of a Coca Cola bottle after wrestling segment. Bear muzzled during wrestling segment --John Davidson - ""Didn't We"" & ""Somewhere"" --Shelly Berman (comedian) - plays a twanger --The Lennon Sisters - ""It's Today"" & "" Yesterday"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Wayne & Shuster --Scoey Mitchell
S22E16 Tommy James & the Shondells / George Hamilton / Shirley Bassey 26/01/1969 Guests: --Tommy James and the Shondells - ""Crimson & Clover"" & ""Mony, Mony"" --Shirley Bassey - ""Goin' Out of My Head"" (and possibly ""You Go To My Head"" & ""Something's Coming"") --George Hamilton - ""Act Naturally"" & ""This Guys In Love With You"" --The Green Machine - ""Stand Up and Be Counted"" (pop band made up of U. S. Marines) --Joe Namath (on videotape, sit down interview) --John Byner (stand-up comedian, does celebrity impressions) --Irwin C. Watson (stand-up comedian) --John Byner & Irwin Watson (give suggestions to Ed on how to call guests over for a bow) --Ballet America (Hoedown style dance routine) --Marvyn Roy (magician) --Audience bows: Elston & Arlene Howard; Luciene Fontaine; Sterling Moss (racecar driver)
S22E17 Vanilla Fudge / Temptations / James Earl Jones 02/02/1969 Guests: --Vanilla Fudge - ""Shotgun"" --The Temptations - ""The Best Things in Life Are Free,"" ""Runaway Child"" and medley (""Cloud Nine"" & ""I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"") --Sergio Franci - medley: ""Hava Nagila,"" ""If I Were A Rich Man"" (in English & Italian) --James Earl Jones (Jones & cast do a scene from ""The Great White Hope"") --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Jacques d'Amboise & Allegra Kent (from the New York City ballet) - ""Meditation"" from ""Thais"" pas de deux --Audience bows (cameos): Tina Louise; Carol Lawrence; Roslyn Kind (Barbra Streisand's Sister)
S22E18 scheduled: Leslie Uggams; Joan Rivers, Barbara Eden 09/02/1969 Scheduled guests: --Barbara Eden - ""Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"" --Leslie Uggams --Roslyn Kind --Joan Rivers --Bill Dana --Peter Gennaro --Schaller Brothers
S22E19 Blood, Sweat & Tears / Caterina Valente / Arthur Godfrey 16/02/1969 Guests: --Blood, Sweat & Tears - ""Smiling Phases"" (and possibly ""Spinning Wheel"") --Caterina Valente - ""Malaguena,"" ""The Look of Love"" and ""That Old Black Magic"" --Arthur Godfrey and the Young Americans - ""A Tall Oak Tree"" --The Young Americans - ""Georgy Girl,"" ""Tammy"" and ""Thoroughly Modern Millie"" --Rodney Dangerfield (comedian) --Eric Brenn (juggler) --Fiore & Eldridge (comedy team) --The Rios Brothers (balancing act)
S22E20 5th Dimension / Harold Prince tribute / Herschel Bernardi 23/02/1969 Tribute to Harold Prince (theatrical director and producer) Songs from his productions: --Harry Goz sings ""Sunrise Sunset"" (from ""Fiddler on the Roof"") --Anita Gillette, Martin Ross and the ""Cabaret"" Broadway cast - ""Wilkommen"" --Herschel Bernardi - sings ""Life Is"" and performs the ""Mime Dance"" (with the ""Zorba"" cast) Other guests: --Dickie Henderson (comedian) --Audience Bow: US Air Force Col. Joe M. Jackson --Michele Lee - sings ""Steady Steady"" --Audience bows: Buddy Rogers & Bob Thomas --Glenn Yarbrough - ""When the Honey Wind Blows"" & ""Baby, the Rain Must Fall"" --Myron Cohen (comedian) --The Fifth Dimension - medley: ""What the World Needs Now"" & ""All You Need Is Love"" --The Fifth Dimension - ""California Soul""
S22E21 scheduled: Paul Anka; Checkmates; Alan King 02/03/1969 --Paul Anka - ""Goodnight My Love"" & ""It Only Takes A Moment"" --Checkmates Ltd. --Flip Wilson Other guests (scheduled): --Gwen Verdon --Alan King --Nancy Walker --Nancy Ames
S22E22 Creedence Clearwater Revival / The Association / Jeannie C. Riley 09/03/1969 Guests: --Creedence Clearwater Revival - ""Proud Mary"" & ""Good Golly Miss Molly"" --Jeannie C. Riley - medley: ""Harper Valley PTA"" & ""There Never Was a Time"" --The Association - ""Goodbye Columbus"" --Mickey Mantle (Ed interviews Mantle, who talks about his plans to retire from baseball) --Norm Crosby (comedian) --Greg Morris (actor, from ""Mission Impossible"") - sings/speaks ""For Once In My Life"" --Carol Lawrence - ""Startime"" --Will Jordan (comedian, does celebrity impressions) --Valente & Valente (juggling team) --The American Legion Drill Team from Chicago Audience bows (cameos): Pierre Gallent (author); John Gary
S22E23 Janis Joplin / Chet Atkins / Floyd Cramer & Boots Randolph 16/03/1969 Guests: --Janis Joplin - ""Raise Your Hand"" & ""Maybe, Maybe, Maybe"" --Boots Randolph (saxophonist) - ""Yakety Sax"" --Floyd Cramer (pianist) - ""On the Rebound"" --Chet Atkins (guitarist) - ""Autumn Leaves"" --Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer and Boots Randolph - ""Rock a Bye Your Baby (with a Dixie Melody)"" --Ed Ames - ""If I Had A Hammer"" & ""Changing, Changing"" (possible 3rd song: ""Love"") --Honey Ltd. (four female singers) - ""At Long Last Love"" & ""R-E-S-P-E-C-T"" --Scoey Mitchell (stand-up comedian) --The United States Air Force Marching Band --The Carals (juggling-balancing act from Germany) - man with female assistant --Norm Neilson (magic act) --Barbara Joe Rubin (female jockey interviewed by Ed) --Audience bows: Buddy Hackett & his wife Sherry; Jerry Vale; Benny Friedman (University of Michigan 1925 All American star)
S22E24 Sly and the Family Stone / Dionne Warwick / George Burns 23/03/1969 Guests: --Sly and the Family Stone - ""Love City"" (and possibly ""Stand"") --Dionne Warwick - ""This Girl's in Love with You"" --Mason Williams - ""Classical Gas"" --Lana Cantrell - ""Don't Tell Mama"" (Broadway production number) & ""My Way"" --George Burns (stand-up comedy) --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --Phillip Waruinge (boxer from Kenya) --Pompoff & Thedy (comedy skit with bumbling classical musicians) --Joyce Cuoco (child ballet dancer) Audience bows: James Garner; Bill Gargan
S22E25 Cast of Hair / Peter Nero / Steve & Eydie 30/03/1969 Guests: --The cast of ""Hair"" - ""Aquarius""/""Let the Sun Shine In"" --Peter Nero - ""Mrs. Robinson"" (instrumental) --Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme --The Lennon Sisters - ""On A Clear Day"" --The Muppets --Charlie Callas (stand-up comedian) --Dickie Henderson (stand-up comedian) - does a Frank Sinatra imitation
S22E26 Peggy Lee / Tony Bennett / Duke Ellington Band 06/04/1969 Guests: --Peggy Lee - ""Spinning Wheel"" & ""Natural Woman"" --Duke Ellington Band - ""Rocking In Rhythm"" --Tony Bennett - ""Love Song,"" ""Solitude,"" ""What The World Needs Now"" & ""People"" (with the Duke Ellington Orchestra) --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up comedy) --Joan Rivers (comedian) --Eddie Albert (spoken word, talks about Easter) --Shirley Verrett - ""Alleluja"" by Mozart --Edward Villella & Patricia McBride (pas de deux from ""Romeo & Juliet"")
S22E27 Chambers Brothers / scheduled: Norm Crosby, Ken Berry 20/04/1969 --The Chambers Brothers - ""Wade in the Water"" Other guests (scheduled): --Norm Crosby --Ken Berry - ""I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man"" --Pat Cooper (comedian) --Peter Gennaro (dancer) --Julie Budd (singer) --Grace Markay
S22E28 Joe Cocker & the Grease Band / scheduled: Connie Francis, Alan King 27/04/1969 --Joe Cocker & the Grease Band - ""Feelin' Alright"" --Connie Francis - ""Those Were The Days"" & ""The House I Live In"" Other guests (scheduled): --Alan King --John Byner (comedian) --Lovelace Watkins (singer) --The Martys (novelty act)
S22E29 Richie Havens / scheduled: Joel Grey; Vikki Carr 04/05/1969 Richie Havens - ""High Flyin' Bird"" Other guests (scheduled): --Joel Grey --Stiller & Meara --Vicki Carr --Baja M. Band --S. Mitchell --Brascia & Tybee --Peter Gennaro
S22E30 Diana Ross & the Supremes / Ed Ames / Lana Cantrell 11/05/1969 Guests: --Diana Ross & the Supremes - ""The Impossible Dream,"" ""You're Nobody ‘till Somebody Loves You"" and ""No Matter What Sign You Are"" --Ed Ames - ""Son Of A Travelin' Man"" & ""Windmills Of Your Mind"" --Lana Cantrell - ""Life Is"" & ""Stay"" --The Muppets --David Frye (comedian, doing impressions of celebrities) --Irwin C. Watson (stand-up comedian)
S22E31 Fifth Dimension / Liza Minnelli / George Carlin 18/05/1969 Guests: --Fifth Dimension - ""Up Up & Away,"" ""Working on a Groovy Thing"" and ""Aquarius""/""Let the Sun Shine In"" --Liza Minnelli - ""You Made Me So Very Happy,"" ""Didn't We?"" (and possibly ""MacArthur Park"") --George Carlin (comedian) - ""The Big 3 News"" sketch with Carlin as a news reporter, commercial announcer and ""Al Sleet"" (the Hippy Dippy Weatherman) --Audience bow: Jacqueline Susann --Joan Rivers --Bill Dana (comedian, as Jose Jimenez) - Ed appears in act, asking Bill questions. --The U. S. Military Academy Glee Club --Vino Venito (sword balancer from ""Circus, Circus"" in Las Vegas) - balances candelabra.
S22E32 Mary Hopkin (Goodbye) / Sam & Dave 25/05/1969 --Mary Hopkin - ""Goodbye"" --Mary Hopkin - ""Love Is The Sweetest Thing"" (probably the correct date for this song) --Sam & Dave - ""Born Again,"" ""Soul Man"" & ""I Thank You"" --Ernest Montego (juggler on unicycle) --Ron Carey (comedian) - does routine imitating his priest, Father Murphy Other guests (scheduled): --Theodore Bikel --Louis Nye (comedian) --Primo Family (singers)
S22E33 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles / Lesley Gore / Mason Williams 01/06/1969 Guests: --Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - ""Doggone Right"" & ""Abraham, Martin & John"" --Lesley Gore - medley: ""I Could Have Danced All Night"" & ""A Natural Woman"" --Mason Williams - ""Major Thang"" & ""Greensleeves"" --Gwen Verdon and two other female dancers - ""Mexican Breakfast"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian making his 45th appearance) - tells stories about dogs. Alan said he has just returned back from Israel where he dedicated a new hospital ""Alan King Hospital"". Largest diagnostic room is called ""The Ed Sullivan Room."" --Wayne & Shuster (stand-up comedy; sketch about a student rebellion at a nursery school) --Ace Trucking Company (Improv company parodies commercials & does an obscene phone call sketch) Audience bows: Johnny Longdon (jockey); Jack Waldren; Jack Dempsey; Patricia Jane Berg (golfer); Jean Drapeau (mayor of Quebec); Tom Knowles & Bob Cameron; Diana Ross
S22E34 scheduled: Jerry Vale; the Serendipity Singers; Burns & Schreiber 08/06/1969 Scheduled guests: --Jerry Vale (singer) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Burns and Schreiber (comedy team) --The Serendipity Singers --Monique Leyrac (singer) --Kile and Paam (singer)
S22E35 The Everly Brothers / Phil Crosby / Marilyn Maye 15/06/1969 Guests: --The Everly Brothers - ""Walk Right Back"" & "" Bye Bye Love"" (and possibly ""Bowling Green"" & ""Wake Up Little Susie"") --Phil Crosby (singer) - ""Let There Be Love"" --Marilyn Maye (singer) - ""Misty"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Rodney Dangerfield --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - ""Don't Rain on My Parade"" --The Inner Dialogue - ""The Touch"" & ""I Go to Life""
S22E36 scheduled: Sonny James; Flip Wilson; Jackie Mason 22/06/1969 Scheduled guests: --Sonny James --Flip Wilson --Jackie Mason --Karen Wyman --Hal Frazier --Georgia Tech Glee Club
S22E37 Bobby Vinton / Lainie Kazan / The Sugar Shoppe 06/07/1969 Guests: --Bobby Vinton - ""Those Were The Days"" and a medley (""Blue Velvet,"" ""Take Good Care of My Baby"" and ""Please Love Me Forever"") --Lainie Kazan (actress-singer) - sings ""Love"" --The Sugar Shoppe (Canadian group) - performs ""Poor Papa"" (1920's song) and ""Save The Country."" --Gordon MacRae - ""America the Beautiful"" (he recites, then sings, the lyrics). --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Shirley Bassey - ""This is My Life"". --Al Koran (mentalist) Thanks to ""min1"" for helping with this synopsis. Please see ""Recap"" for more details. Additional guest (scheduled to appear): ----Charlie Manna (comedian)
S22E38 scheduled: Vikki Carr; Henny Youngman; Clara Ward Gospel Singers 27/07/1969 Scheduled guests: --Vikki Carr - ""Where Am I Going?"" & ""The Glory of Love"" --Henny Youngman (comedian) - holds a violin and bow while telling jokes about his wife --Clara Ward Gospel Singers - ""Born Free"" & ""City Called Heaven"" --Gilbert Price - ""I've Gotta be Me"" --The Bob Fournier & Hal Greco dancers
S22E39 Steppenwolf / Nancy Ames / Stiller & Meara 17/08/1969 Guests: --Steppenwolf - ""It's Never Too Late"" & medley: ""Born To Be Wild""/""Magic Carpet Ride"" --Nancy Ames - medley: ""I Got You, Babe""/""Happy Together"" --Sergio Franchi (singer) - ""Love Finds The Way,"" ""Lonely Is A Man Without Love,"" ""Noche de Ronda,"" ""Serenata"" & ""For Once In My Life"" --Stiller & Meara (stand-up comedy, Stiller plays a shy obscene phone caller) --Peter Gennero (dances to ""Back Roads Of My Mind"") --Van Harris (stand up comedy, jokes about marriage & ""kids today"") --Washington D.C. Festival Chorus (2 Dozen High School students sing patriotic songs) --Charlie & Cairoli (Charlie is dressed as C. Chaplin, while Cairoli plays clarinets) --Erich Brenn (juggler, spins plates & does other tricks)
S22E40 Sam & Dave / Roslyn Kind / Jackie Mason 31/08/1969 Guests: --Sam & Dave - medley: ""Brown Sugar"" & ""That Lucky Ol' Sun"" --Roslyn Kind - ""The Fool On The Hill"" & ""Give Me You"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedy) --Pat Cooper (stand up comedy) --Sandler & Young - do ""The French Lesson"" routine and sing ""Come On People (Glory River)"" & ""Let My People Go"" --Anna Moffo - ""Chacun le Sait"" (aria from Donizetti's ""Daughter Of The Regiment"") --Ballet America (""Hill Country"" based on traditional American folk dancing) --Charlie Cairoli (circus clown)