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A grand overview of the universe and how it may evolve in the new millennium, this documentary reflects the vibrancy of young astronomers at the cutting edge of science. Watch as they scour the solar system and beyond for clues that will tell us not only where we've been, but perhaps where we're going. Via state-of-the art 3D graphics, the movie animates sequences from the structures of the Big Bang to the anatomy of the sun.


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S01E01 The Big Bang 00/00/0000 The educational documentary "The Big Bang" explores the disputed scientific theory on the origins of the universe. The Big Bang has been one of the dominant theories regarding the beginnings of the universe since the 1950s, and was initially suggested by the observation, made in 1928 by astronomer Edwin Hubble, that the universe itself seems to be expanding. This theory posits that the entire visible universe was once packed into a piece of matter the size of an atom, but that the massive energy contained within it caused it explode massively, launching the creation of the universe as we know and experience it. "The Big Bang" looks at the scientific knowledge that supports this unusual and still contentious theory.
S01E02 The Sun And Other Stars 00/00/0000 "The Sun And Other Stars" explores the fascinating cosmic phenomenon of the star. This release explains how a star is formed, moving from a ball of gas and dust to a bright, fiery object in the cold darkness of space. It also investigates how stars eventually die, either burning themselves out, exploding into impressive supernovas, or becoming something else entirely. What's more, the effect of stars on other cosmic bodies around them is explored, including a look at what might happen to planet Earth when our own sun finally dies off. "The Sun And Other Stars" takes a close look at this interesting scientific occurrence.
S01E03 The Planets 00/00/0000 "The Planets" explores our solar system and the cosmic bodies located within it. It looks at the way scientific study and technology has advanced to the point where mankind can take a closer look at the planets and better understand them. From the manned landing on the Moon to robotic probes on Mars to exploratory spacecraft like Voyager launched into the deep reaches of space, our comprehension of the planets has improved a great deal over the course of the 20th century into the 21st. "The Planets" details the ways in which human beings have slowly but surely begun to better understand our solar system through advancing technology, and what sort of interesting scientific information has been discovered as a result.
S01E04 Searching For Other Life Forms 00/00/0000 Mankind has always wondered whether or not there are other intelligent beings living on other planets, but only in the last century or so has the technology existed that would allow for a scientific search for such extraterrestrials. This documentary details some discoveries that have been made that might suggest the possibility of extraterrestrial life, as well as the continuing efforts by scientists to make new discoveries along those lines. "Searching For Other Life Forms" looks at the legitimate scientific attempts to find evidence of intelligent life beyond our own.