Affiche The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
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Disillusioned after a long career at Sunshine Desserts, Perrin goes through a mid-life crisis and fakes his own death. Returning in disguise after various attempts at finding a 'new life', he gets his old job back and finds nothing has changed. He is eventually found out, and in the second series has success with a chain of shops selling useless junk. That becomes so successful that he feels he has created a monster and decides to destroy it. In the third and final series he has a dream of forming a commune which his long suffering colleagues help bring to reality. Unfortunately that also fails and he finds himself back in a job not unlike the one he originally had at Sunshine Desserts.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

S03E01 The Great Project 00/00/0000 Reggie decides to open a commune helping people to live in peace and harmony. But first he needs staff...
S03E02 Staff Training 00/00/0000 Having recruited all the old faces, Reggie welcomes his one and only guest to "Perrin's"
S03E03 The Trickle of Visitors 00/00/0000 After an unique advertising campaign, "Perrin's" gains another guest.
S03E04 Communal Social Evenings 00/00/0000 Business is booming and Reggie is content... but for how long?
S03E05 Timebomb 00/00/0000 Money and jewelery begin to disappear at Perrin's and a female guest starts to be suggestible with the male staff.
S03E06 Jinx 00/00/0000 Perrin's loses face in the community as McBlane attacks a Salvation Army woman and there is a backlash against his "Peacekeeping Force"
S03E07 Amalgamated Aerosols 00/00/0000 Perrin's closes and everyone says their goodbyes. Reggie gets a new job but finds himself again working for C.J. and his brother F.J. Is the coast calling again?
S03E08 Christmas Special 00/00/0000 Reggie and Elizabeth's quiet Christmas morning is interrupted by family, friends, coworkers, and even a tramp. On December 27th, 1982, at 8.05pm, Frank Muir introduced an hour of sitcom shorts specially made for the Christmas season. The sixty-minute programme was entitled "The Funny Side Of Christmas", and featured five- to ten- minute, and mostly one- or two- scene, situations of some of the BBC's most popular programmes of the time - all of which are now defined as 'classic television'.
S04E01 Reggie's Will 22/09/1996 Following Reggie's death, his family and friends gather together at his funeral and then at the reading of his will. They are then informed by his solicitor that all of Reggie's money is to be divided equally among them. Each of them will inherit one million pounds but there is one condition, they must do something truly absurd in order to earn the money.
S04E02 The Unlikely Leader 29/09/1996 Each individual begins their attempt to earn the money. Their efforts at ridiculous behaviour include cross dressing, fancy dress and making marriage proposals to virtual strangers. Realising that these schemes will not suffice, they decide to pool their resources and to work together. They concoct a plan to march on Whitehall on behalf of the elderly and the redundant. Jimmy is elected as the group's leader.
S04E03 BROSCOR 06/10/1996 The group starts to seek support for their venture and visit impotency clinics, gentlemen's clubs and sheltered accommodation to recruit followers. Unfortunately they return largely unsuccessful. Their numbers however are swelled by Joan's boyfriend Hank who has been made redundant. The group decide to plan their tactics before they attempt to garner support again. Meanwhile both C.J. and Doc Morrissey attempt to romance Miss Hackstraw.
S04E04 The Split 13/10/1996 Elizabeth decides that they ought to set up a think tank and a policy research unit. Together they come up with several ideas to combat ageism including young-age pensions, face drops and fashion shows for older people. The group spirit is further reinforced by Tom and Linda's reconciliation and their decision to re-marry.
S04E05 Suspicions 20/10/1996 Suspicious of C.J.'s recent nice behaviour, Jimmy orders that he should be followed. It transpires that C.J. has told the story of the group's exploits to a journalist, Morton Radstock who is subsequently injured in a car accident. C.J. then repeats the story to another journalist, Welton Ormsby. Ormsby decides to join the group however due to his recent sacking. The episode concludes with Tom and Linda's wedding and Jimmy and Miss Hackstraw becoming romantically involved.
S04E06 Jimmy's Inspiration 27/10/1996 The quest continues apace with Jimmy instructing that every coach in the U.K. should be booked to take supporters down to Whitehall. The number of recruits continues to multiply and even C.J. is now behind the cause and agrees to make a donation in order to ensure its success.
S04E07 The Day of Revolution 03/11/1996 The big day arrives and the group, with many thousands of supporters, arrive in London as planned. While many march on Whitehall, Jimmy takes over the BBC News studio to further inform people about the demonstrations taking place throughout London. The scheme fails however as journalist Morton Radstock has given the police full details of what was to take place. The group must therefore return to Miss Hackstraw to see whether they have done enough to claim their money.