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National Bankruptcy. Hyper-inflation. Severe Credit Crisis. The Death of the Dollar and the Euro. Socialism. Even Martial Law. For the first time since the Great Depression, the world’s problems have become our problems. And the experts all agree things will only get worse. Are you and your family ready to survive the catasrophe? Two years in the making, this 9-disc set is loaded with information the popular media and our so-called leaders are purposefully not warning you about. Featuring exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with some of the biggest names in both alternative and mainstream thought, this riveting documentary can also be used as an interactive tutorial on everything you need to know to stop the crisis from worsening - and what to do if all else fails.


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S01E01 Economic Crisis 00/00/0000 The world is now engaged in an epic battle of survival from the devastating financial crisis that is wreaking havoc on people of all nations. This crisis is the direct result of an economic model that enslaves the middle class even as it makes the super rich even wealthier. But after years of abuse, de-regulation, lies, greed, and denial this economic model is on its deathbed, leaving you with the most to lose.
S01E02 Financial Armageddon 00/00/0000 It’s 2009 and millions of people have lost their jobs and homes while hundreds of banks have failed and Wall Street is reeling. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. Continuing from Part One, this DVD goes into greater detail on the many complicated financial catastrophes that have the world’s economies in critical condition. In easy-to-understand language, renowned economist David McAvlany explains the Four Financial Storms that are about to strike the U.S. and the other world economies; storms that will be impossible to stop but if we prepare now, possible to weather and prevail. Are you going to be caught with your pants down as we head into greater inflation, hyper-inflation, national bankruptcy, a more severe credit crisis, the death of the dollar and, ultimately, the complete collapse of federal and state governments?
S01E03 The Police State 00/00/0000 When governments start to fail financially, they usually respond by doing two things: they start wars abroad to grab resources and wealth (Iraq anyone?) and they turn on their own citizens to try and keep what little wealth they have left “locked in”. They also try and quell dissent as things get ugly and the people become unruly. In other words, they close down their open society and turn it into a police state.
S01E04 The End of the Word as We Know it? 00/00/0000 Celebrated author Naomi Wolf (”The End of America”) shows you how the U.S. Government is currently closing down our free society and quickly moving toward a fascist state. Joining Wolf in these exclusive, never-before-seen interviews are Professor Mark Crispin Miller, scholar David McAlvany, Paul Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, Mickey Z, David Icke, Doug Casey and G. Edward Griffin. As true patriots, the guests partake in a disturbing but engaged study of the many developments that are threatening to turn the American dream of freedom into a national nightmare involving: no fly lists, the arbitrary detention of America citizens and patriots, thought crime, thought police, police use of high-tech weaponry on its own citizens, unconstitutional arrests, torture, false confessions and martial law.
S01E05 The Death Of The Middle Class 00/00/0000 Does and elite or super class of ultra-wealthy power brokers with selfish aims even exist, or is this just a groundless conspiracy theory? It’s a question as old as the hills, but these never-before-seen interviews shed new light on this enduring question. Join world-renowned filmmaker and radio personality Alex Jones, Professor Mark Crispin Miller, and author Mickey Z in these exclusive, hard-hitting interviews. Jones argues that an Elite group with selfish, even evil aims does in fact exist, and that they are planning to replace America, Great Britain and every other sovereign state with a “global solution” that will make Orwell turn in his grave. Adding to the debate, all three guests give new insights into the middle class and why we are essential for freedom to even exist.
S01E06 The Power Elite 00/00/0000 Revered by many, alarmed by even more, controversial author and lecturer David Icke explains how the few control the many, the history of the power elite, and how we are manipulated by fear. An impassioned, more mainstream appeal for action, this DVD will give you fresh insights into how and why we do what they say and why we must stop following to become truly free.
S01E07 Our American Nightmare 00/00/0000 Whatever happened to the original version of the Founding Fathers? Celebrated columnist and editor-in-chief of Joseph Farah reveals how Big Government has robbed us of our cherished rights and stripped us of our spirituality. In the exclusive interview, the author of "Taking America Back" and "Stop The Presses: The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution" demonstrates how our media -- the supposed watchdog of our government -- has in fact been corrupted by business and political agendas. Meanwhile, our two-party system has proven futile with both Republicans and Democrats leading us to socialist ruin. Learn how the government has seduced you into giving up your own free will as Farah exposes the revolution that may be coming to America.
S01E08 America's Collapse and Prophecy 00/00/0000 This non-religious and more eclectic examination of The Book of Revelations, by world-renowned biblical scholar Ken Klein, provides the viewer with a more spiritual twist on the classic Christian text and new insights into the Fall of America and the Western World. Whether you consider yourself religious or not, Mr. Klein’s bold, new take on The Book of Revelations will undoubtedly leave you hard pressed to deny that our world of falling empires, economic devastation, 24-hour surveillance, celebrity worship, TV addiction, and micro chipping (to name just a few) were in fact prophesized thousands of years ago. But religious arguments aside, Klein’s more important message is his insights into how to survive the social and political catastrophes headed our way by finding “the kingdom within” -- which will make you impervious to the evils of the Police State and Financial Armageddon.
S01E09 Survival Guide 00/00/0000 America and its allies are failing. You must act now to protect yourself and your family from what is coming our way. While each DVD in this series offers solutions and insights into our demise, this DVD goes into even greater detail, providing solutions and ideas on how to protect you and your family as you work to stop the slide toward your country’s total failure. From financial to political to spiritual, these unique insights will help you to stragtegize and prepare for your family’s financial, social and spiritual survival. Why would you be caught in a food line waiting with hundreds of angry, starving people with little money -- a victim of the police state -- when you could be at home with your family, safe from the chaos and brutality? Why wake up to find your bank has closed and all your money is trapped in it, when you could have plenty of money within reach? Why have no means to protect yourself when you could be prepared now?