Affiche The Family Ness
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Family Ness

S01E01 Elspeth and Angus Meet the Loch Ness Monster 05/10/1984
S01E02 Professor Dumkopf's Underwater Telescope 12/10/1984
S01E03 Elspeth and Angus Buy a Puppy 19/10/1984
S01E04 Ferocious-Ness Changes His Colour 26/10/1984
S01E05 Ferocious-Ness and the Look-alike Contest 02/11/1984
S01E06 Clever-Ness Helps with the Homework 09/11/1984
S01E07 Speedy-Ness Saves the Day 16/11/1984
S01E08 Ferocious-Ness Loses His Roar 23/11/1984
S01E09 Baby-Ness Gets the Measles 30/11/1984
S01E10 Silly-Ness and the Bubble Machine 07/12/1984
S01E11 Ferocious-Ness and the Sound Machine 14/12/1984
S01E12 Clever-Ness and the Curling Championship 21/12/1984
S01E13 The Maze of Urquhart Castle 03/01/1985
S01E14 Professor Dumkopf Makes a Monster Film 10/01/1985
S01E15 Professor Dumkopf and his Amazing Cannonball 17/01/1985
S01E16 Sporty-Ness and the Highland Games 24/01/1985
S01E17 Hungry-Ness and the Diving Bell 31/01/1985
S01E18 Professor Dumkopf and the Hungry Monster 07/02/1985
S01E19 Clumsy-Ness Upsets Captain Standfast 14/02/1985
S01E20 Angus and the Monster Kite 21/02/1985
S01E21 Captain Standfast and the Golden Key 28/02/1985
S01E22 Thirsty-Ness and the Part-Time Witch 07/03/1985
S01E23 Baby-Ness and the Mayor's Statue 14/03/1985
S01E24 Captain Standfast and the Stowaway 21/03/1985
S01E25 You'll Never Find a Nessie in a Zoo 28/03/1985