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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Farm with Ian Knauer

S01E01 Honey 00/00/0000 The first episode of the farm-to-table series examines the role of bees on a farm; explains how to harvest honey; and show how to make chipotle-honey glazed ribs and honey cake.
S01E02 Beer 00/00/0000 How to make beer. Also: an all-beer dinner featuring fresh hop pasta.
S01E03 Dairy 00/00/0000 How to milk a cow; and make fresh ricotta and mozzarella, then use those cheeses in ricotta pizza and cocoa yogurt cake.
S01E04 Produce 00/00/0000 Community-supported agriculture is explored with a CSA farmer. Also: dishes straight from the garden.
S01E05 Winter Harvest 00/00/0000 Vegetarian meals made from late-season vegetables. Included: winter squash stew; kale chips; wheat berry salad; and sweet potato pie.
S01E06 Pig Roast 00/00/0000 Raising heritage breed pigs and sustainable farming are discussed. Also: roasting a whole pig; making mac 'n' cheese; and making piggy cupcakes.
S01E07 4th of July Picnic 00/00/0000 Cheddar-stuffed burgers; cornmeal-fried chicken.
S01E08 Egg Shop 00/00/0000 How to raise chickens and use their eggs to make a variety of dishes, including fried eggs on a croque, fresh pasta carbonara and strawberry-rum sabayon.
S01E09 Making Your Own BLT & Beer 00/00/0000 How to make bacon without using nitrites or chemicals. Also: making a BLT sandwich.
S01E10 Brick Chicken 00/00/0000 A visit with chef Jose Garces shows how to make nachos. Also: potato nachos; and brick chicken.
S01E11 Herb Show 00/00/0000 How to grow and cook with herbs.
S01E12 Steak Show 00/00/0000 The Season 1 finale shares steak secrets. Included: the right cuts of beef to use; and how to dry age steak at home.

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