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For more than three decades, the fifth estate has been Canada's premier investigative documentary program, acquainting viewers with a dazzling parade of political leaders, shady characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy. The tradition of provocative and courageous journalism which began with Adrienne Clarkson, Warner Troyer and Peter Reilly on September 16, 1975 continues unabated with our current team of Hana Gartner, Linden MacIntyre, Bob McKeown and Gillian Findlay.


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S34E01 Disappearing Act 01/10/2008 He was just an ordinary guy who stole almost a million dollars. Why?
S34E02 Inside Room 22 08/10/2008 The latest episode in the long, strange and troubling story of ex-NHL player agent David Frost.
S34E03 Shadows of Doubt 15/10/2008 On a rainy night in Kingston in October 2003, third-year Royal Military College cadet Joe Grozelle simply vanished.
S34E04 The Girl in Saskatoon (Update) 22/10/2008 An old cold case is warming up.
S34E05 After the Storm 29/10/2008 A story of love and murder in post-Katrina New Orleans.
S34E06 Overboard (Update) 05/11/2008 Bob Gainey's long fight to reveal the truth about his daughter's death at sea.
S34E07 The Gospel of Green 12/11/2008 Giving power to the people. Germany's green revolution and the man who's leading it.
S34E08 Head Games 19/11/2008 What's killing the professional football players?
S34E09 Where the Women Went 19/11/2008 When faced with economic hardship, they turned to their most valuable export -- themselves.
S34E10 The Chess Master 03/12/2008 Your backstage pass to political theatre.
S34E11 A Death in the Family 07/01/2009 The price an entire family pays when one member is wrongfully convicted of murder.
S34E12 Someone Got Away With Murder 21/01/2009 Why did the Mounties pursue an innocent man, while someone else got away with murder?
S34E13 Strangers in Paradise 28/01/2009 What happens when someone's virtual fantasy takes over their real life.
S34E14 Collateral Damage 04/02/2009 He was sentenced in the killing of four Mounties. But, his story has never been heard. Until now.
S34E15 Powerless 13/02/2009 An Alberta teen addiction rehab centre and its controversial treatment methods.
S34E16 Black Widow 20/02/2009 She preyed on the lonely, then married and buried them.
S34E17 The Code 27/02/2009 Hockey's unwritten law of fighting and the men who live by it.
S34E18 Top Gun 06/03/2009 When a video gaming obsession turns to addiction and tragedy.
S34E19 Staying Alive 13/03/2009 It's been called a "community centre for junkies". Shut it down or keep it going?
S34E20 The Elephant in the Room 10/04/2009 Looking for answers, but to which questions?
S34E21 A Fight to the Death 06/02/2008 An investigation into the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family.
S34E22 Amazing Grace 13/02/2008 Benny Hinn may be the most popular personality in the Christian world today. Thousands pack arenas to see him heal the sick and the afflicted. Tens of thousands more watch his television program. In this episode Bob McKeown investigates Benny Hinn’s “miracles” and his ministry, which collects millions of dollars every year from devoted flock.
S34E23 Bad Day in Barrhead 27/02/2008 An investigation into the murders of four Mounties in Alberta.
S34E24 Life and Death in Kandahar 12/03/2008 The men and women who work at NATO's military hospital at Kandahar air base.
S34E25 Ambushed 15/08/2008
S34E26 Cruel Camera (Update) 16/02/2008 Twenty-five years ago, Bob Mckeown and a fifth estate crew stunned the country with an investigative report that showed that many of the wildlife documentaries we'd grown up watching on television (remember the famous footage of the lemmings going off the cliff or some of the memorable moments from shows like Wild Kingdom?) were staged for the television cameras. As well, they revealed that animals often died during the making of movies; all for the sake of the entertainment value. Now, Bob McKeown and an investigative team have returned to the subject to find out what has changed since the fifth estate's first Cruel Camera documentary. What they found may astonish you.
S35E01 Riding on Risk 25/09/2009 Disturbing allegations about our safety in the air. How well is our government protecting our safety and security?
S35E02 The Education of Brian Nicholl 02/10/2009 Learning lessons about the economic downturn, the hard way.
S35E03 Death Online 09/10/2009 A young Ottawa woman's suicide leads to an international hunt for an online predator.
S35E04 The Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury 16/10/2009 He had it all and lost it. Now, Theo Fleury finally may have found himself.
S35E05 Broken Heroes 30/10/2009 They went off to war like heroes and returned with invisible wounds.
S35E06 Bus 1170 06/11/2009 When a bus ride home turned into a night of terror.
S35E07 Over the Edge 13/11/2009 What happens when a small town thrill-seeker is lured into B.C.'s billion dollar marijuana business
S35E08 The Unofficial Story 27/11/2009 Eight years after 9/11, why are doubts growing about the official record of that day?
S35E09 Out of Control 08/01/2010 Ashley Smith was a troubled 19-year-old when she choked herself to death with a strip of cloth at Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ontario. Her death made national headlines and led to a scathing report by Canada's federal prison ombudsman. Now, through exclusive access to prison video exposing Ashley's treatment in custody, the fifth estate shares the story of this young woman's harrowing life and the circumstances surrounding her death.
S35E10 House of Cards 15/01/2010 The collapse of a financial giant and its Canadian connection.
S35E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts 29/01/2010 Billions have been spent on airport security. But, are we any safer?
S35E12 Earl Jones: In Trust 05/02/2010 Over two decades he bilked investors of $50 million. How did he get away with it for so long?
S35E13 21st Century: War and Terrorism 12/02/2010 Part one of a three-part series: How the fifth estate covered the first decade of the 21st century.
S35E14 21st Century: The People 19/02/2010 Part two of a three-part series: How the fifth estate covered the first decade of the 21st century.
S35E15 21st Century: Law and Disorder 26/02/2010 Part three of a three-part series: How the fifth estate covered the first decade of the 21st century.
S35E16 The Wrong Man 05/03/2010 A string of wrongful murder convictions... and the man who prosecuted them.
S35E17 Cougar 491 12/03/2010 A helicopter ride to an oil rig, a crash and 17 deaths. New details about what may have caused it.
S35E18 Hannah's Heart 19/03/2010 She's 13 and has a failing heart. Hannah Jones said "no" to the transplant that will save her life.
S35E19 The Code 26/03/2010 Hockey's unwritten law of fighting and the men who live by it.
S35E20 Larger Than Life 09/04/2010 He's Rich. He's powerful. But what kind of a boss is Peter Nygard?
S36E01 Above Suspicion 24/09/2010 The shocking case of Colonel Russell Williams. This unbelievable story has captured the country's attention, leaving people to wonder: What really happened? Who is the man behind the headlines?
S36E02 Betrayal 01/10/2010 Linden MacIntyre's personal essay on how the cycle of sexual abuse that plagued small communities in Nova Scotia years ago continues to haunt them today - in new and unexpected ways.
S36E03 'Til Death Do Us Part 08/10/2010 Why did Mark Harshbarger end up dead on a family hunting trip to Newfoundland?
S36E04 Enemies of the State 15/10/2010 The secret plan to detain thousands of Canadians.
S36E05 The Confession 22/10/2010 In a special edition of the fifth estate, Bob McKeown decodes the shocking confession of Colonel Russell Williams. From his initial interview to the full declaration of guilt, the fifth estate deciphers one of the most compelling confessions in Canadian history.
S36E06 The Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury (Update) 29/10/2010 With news that a Canada-wide arrest warrant has been issued for convicted sex offender and former junior hockey coach Graham James, the fifth estate presents an updated broadcast of The Fall and Rise of Theo Fleury, containing new details and footage. Originally broadcast in October 2009, Theo Fleury's candid and emotional conversation with host Bob McKeown marked the first time the star hockey player and current star of Battle of the Blades went on the record to talk about the dark secrets that haunted him during his glory years in the NHL and the staggering fall from grace that cost him millions of dollars, his family and almost, his life.
S36E07 The Life and Death of Abdinasir Dirie 05/11/2010 Who really killed Abdinasir Dirie? One Somali family's story of tragedy and broken hopes.
S36E08 Behind the Wall 12/11/2010 Hana Gartner takes a closer look at the death of Ashley Smith, and reveals exclusive video footage Corrections Canada didn't want Canadians to see
S36E09 The Girl in the Suitcase (Update) 19/11/2010 More than a decade after the murder of Fatima Kama, a suspect is finally arrested. But is the case really closed?
S36E10 The Legacy of Brendan Burke 26/11/2010 Will one young man's courageous decision to come out affect a sport that is so secretive about sexuality?
S36E11 Presumed Dead 03/12/2010 Were they murdered? Abducted? Or are they living new lives. Tracking the trails of three Canadians who disappeared without a trace.
S36E12 After the Earth Shook 07/01/2011 The personal toll of tragedy: Canadian stories of Haiti's earthquake.
S36E13 Justice for Nadia 14/01/2011 Reporter Bob McKeown's investigation into Nadia Kajouji's tragic death led the fifth estate on an international hunt for an Internet predator. McKeown now returns to Nadia's story as an alleged "Cyberpath" is about to face justice in a precedent-setting case.
S36E14 Death of the Don 28/01/2011 Who's killing the Rizzutos? The war against Canada's first crime family.
S36E15 WikiRebels 04/02/2011 Online Robin Hood or international criminal: Who is the real Julian Assange?
S36E16 Death at the Olympics 11/02/2011 It's a moment few Canadians will ever forget: the death of a 21-year-old Georgian luger during a Winter Olympics training run. It was ruled driver error. Now, we have shocking new revelations some don't want you to hear.
S36E17 The Devil You Know 18/02/2011 Hate the crime, love the con. What motivates a woman to stand by her man -- even when her man stands behind bars?
S36E18 You Should Have Stayed At Home 25/02/2011 The G20 from a different angle. Unforgettable footage, captured by ordinary people. The sights and sounds of powerful personal stories.
S36E21 Getting Off Easy 18/03/2011 White collar criminals waltz away from hard time.
S37E01 Truth and Lies: The Last Days of Osama bin Laden 09/09/2011 In the fifth estate's season premiere, we reveal new information that challenges the official story of the mission to shoot and kill the world's number one terrorist
S37E02 Swissair 111: The Untold Story 16/09/2011 Years later, the crash of Swissair 111 in 1998 remains one of Canada's greatest tragedies. Now new disturbing information from an insider who suspected it might have been murder, raising questions about the official cause of the disaster.
S37E03 Gatti-vs-Gatti 23/09/2011 It began with what was supposed to be a second honeymoon, a chance for two tempestuous people -- the world boxing champion from Montreal and his beautiful Brazilian wife -- to heal their troubled marriage. It ended in Brazil with one of them dead and a question. Was it a tragic love story or a murder mystery?
S37E04 Mayday 30/09/2011 After a decade of disasters at sea, the fifth estate investigates Canada's troubled Search and Rescue fleet and hears from the survivors who lived to tell, and the insiders who tried to save what was once a organization admired around the world.
S37E05 Colonel Gadhafi: Palace of Secrets 07/10/2011 Inside the brutal secret world of Moammar Gadhafi. As the Libyan dictator vows to fight on to the last bullet -- startling new information is emerging.
S37E06 True Confession 14/10/2011 A family murdered, a son and his friend convicted, and the confession that could set them free.
S37E07 Scout's Honour 21/10/2011 Diana Swain investigates sexual abuse in Scouts Canada.
S37E08 'Til Death Do Us Part (Update) 28/10/2011 How did an experienced hunter mistake her own husband for a bear -- and shoot him dead? Although acquitted, questions still remain.
S37E09 Stories from the River's Edge 04/11/2011 Every fall, hundreds of teenagers from remote aboriginal reserves in Northern Ontario fly into the city of Thunder Bay looking to get a high school diploma. But in recent years, that struggle has been tainted by tragedy. Seven of those students have died sudden and unexpected deaths.
S37E10 Murder, He Wrote 18/11/2011 An aspiring filmmaker working on an all too convincing screenplay about murder, turns fiction into fact by killing for real.
S37E11 A Cold Case 25/11/2011 The chilling final chapter in the fifth estate's investigation into the true life mystery of how a Canadian hockey player, missing for fourteen years, ended up frozen in a glacier crevasse in Austria.
S37E12 Holiday Hell 02/12/2011 Each year millions of Canadians set off on what they hope will be the vacation of a lifetime. But what happens when things go wrong, and that fantasy trip turns into the holiday from hell?
S37E13 Behind the Line 09/12/2011 An investigation into sexual harassment allegations at the RCMP. The inside story of women who signed up to serve and protect and now claim Canada's pre-eminent police force failed to protect them.
S37E14 Escape From Justice 06/01/2012 'the fifth estate' unveils a new chapter in the murder of Jassi Sidhu, with startling revelations about those who planned and paid for the killing, and how the murderers got away.
S37E15 Diagnosis Murder 13/01/2012 The fifth estate investigates shaken baby syndrome. For decades, the diagnosis virtually guaranteed convictions, shattering the lives of thousands of parents, babysitters and families. Now new evidence questions whether the syndrome even exists and whether some of those convictions may have been wrong.
S37E16 The Lies People Tell 20/01/2012 They are pathetic, weird and sometimes dangerous; 'the fifth estate' searches for the truth behind the lies told by some of Canada's most memorable and imaginative con artists.
S37E17 Who's Killing The Rizzutos? 27/01/2012 Bob McKeown presents the latest chapter in the bloody war that has decimated Canada's first family of crime.
S37E18 The Wreck of the Costa Concordia 03/02/2012 A minute-by-minute reconstruction of the Italian cruise ship disaster, with first-hand accounts from the survivors and the rescuers, along with the stories of those who perished.
S37E19 The House of Shafia 10/02/2012 How the four women found murdered in a Kingston canal lived as virtual prisoners in their own home.
S37E20 The Lost Boys 17/02/2012 The new chapter in the explosive allegations against Scouts Canada. Are they ready to share what they know with the police?
S37E21 Fearless 24/02/2012 Are they chasing extremes dreams or are we pushing them over the edge? A look at the life and death of freeskier Sarah Burke and other top athletes who seek fame and fortune and risk life and limb to compete in high performance sport.
S37E22 Fast Break 02/03/2012 Canadian kids and their parents risk everything to chase NBA dreams. Bob McKeown reveals the huge money -- and the scams -- at play for those trying to break into pro basketball.
S37E23 OxyContin: Time Bomb 09/03/2012 The OxyContin epidemic: a pill that promises temporary relief has cost many Canadians a lifetime of addiction. the fifth estate investigates one of the most successful marketing campaigns in pharmaceutical history.
S37E24 Lost On The Ice 23/03/2012 A call for help unanswered: why did the Canadian Forces refuse to send the search and rescue helicopter that could have saved a teenaged boy lost in a Labrador blizzard?
S37E25 Kidnapped 06/04/2012 the fifth estate recreates a real-life kidnapping minute-by-tension-filled-minute and lets viewers decide what to do to catch the perpetrators each step of the way.
S38E01 Into The Death Zone 14/09/2012 It was May 19, 2012 and a young and determined Canadian was proudly standing on top of the world after an agonizingly slow climb up Mount Everest. Shriya Shah-Klorfine had reached the summit. But in the hours that followed, things would go dreadfully wrong and she would perish, like hundreds before her, high up in Everest's "Death Zone." Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's first ascent of Everest almost 60 years ago, it has been an irresistible fascination for aspiring mountaineers. Hundreds make the attempt every year, and many don't make it. This year was no exception as hundreds made their way to the summit even as worrying signs pointed to trouble. Among them was Shriya Shah-Klorfine, the cheerful and energetic Torontonian. She had never climbed a mountain before, and despite warnings from her friends, husband, and seasoned Everest sherpas, she was climbing the world's highest peak, determined to succeed. In the season premiere, Bob McKeown travels to Nepal and pieces together what happened with exclusive never-before-seen video of Shah-Klorfine's final hours on Everest. the fifth estate uncovers startling new information about her deadly climb into the icy oxygen-thin expanse of Everest known as the Death Zone.
S38E02 Kingston Pen: Secrets and Lies 21/09/2012 As the nearly 180-year-old Kingston Penitentiary that has housed some of Canada's most notorious inmates prepares to close its gates for good, Linden MacIntyre weaves together the stories of three of its most famous inmates. "Kingston Pen: Secrets and Lies" is the story of convicts trapped in a cycle of violence, of miscarriages of justice, and psychopaths of incredible charm.
S38E03 Runaway Fighter 28/09/2012 Exclusive new revelations about the troubled F-35 program It could yet prove to be the most expensive defense purchase in Canadian history -- $25 billion and counting. The military promises it's the best fighter jet available, but some critics are saying it's a turkey hatched from a bad idea: a do-it-all plane that might not do anything well-at-all. Was Canada pressured to buy the F-35 fighter jet? Will the jet ever deliver on its promise of being the top gun in the sky? Did the government cover up the true costs to win an election? With secret documents and exclusive interviews with Air Force insiders, Gillian Findlay pieces together the troubling story of the F-35. From Lockheed Martin's first prototype and bungled development process to Canada's decision to buy the fighter jet without an open competition, "Runaway Fighter" raises serious questions about a procurement system seemingly run amok and a jetfighter critics say will never live up to its spin.
S38E04 The Widow's Web 05/10/2012 Family members say she preyed on the lonely, then married and buried them. Now the so-called Black Widow has been charged with attempted murder after the the suspicious sudden illness of another husband.
S38E05 The Life and Death of Gloria Taylor 12/10/2012 Diagnosed with ALS, one woman's public fight to meet death on her own terms. Gloria Taylor was the first Canadian ever to win the right to ask a doctor for help in dying, when and how and where she wished. "The Life and Death of Gloria Taylor" documents her struggle with mortality as she fights publicly to change the law over the course of what would be the last year of her life. Doomed by ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Gloria Taylor became dependent on medical technology. Her fight for life was futile, and she could only hope for what she called a dignified ending. the fifth estate's Linden MacIntyre first met her more than a year ago as she battled with a disease that has no cure, and had just begun another struggle in British Columbia's Supreme Court to have the right to decide the time and manner of her death. She agreed to let the fifth estate follow her throughout that struggle, the private highs and lows, and the personal indignities throughout the final year of her life. In her many conversations with the fifth estate, Taylor maintained that she didn't want to kill herself and she didn't want anybody else to do it for her. It was just an option she wanted, a last resort. "The Life and Death of Gloria Taylor" chronicles her perseverance, her final victory in court, the backlash that threatened to take her victory away and in the end the peaceful death she had always wished for.
S38E06 Whistleblowers: Moment of Truth 19/10/2012 They have the courage to stand up and speak out when no one else dares, yet the popular perception of whistleblowers is they are doomed to be victims of reprisals. But when the fifth estate caught up with some of its more memorable whistleblowers, we found out their lives can take twists and turns no one ever expected. These cases offer an ironic insight into what was supposed to be a new era of transparency and integrity in Canada. To date, not a single case has been prosecuted under Canada's Public Servant Disclosure Protection Act, and the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner was dismissed in disgrace. It was the late '90s when the fifth estate first caught up with Drs. Shiv Chopra and Margaret Haydon. The two Health Canada scientists had serious concerns about a new synthetic drug that promised to transform dairy farming by increasing milk production in cows. Chopra and Haydon went public with their concerns and allegations that the manufacturer had offered regulators a bribe, and used questionable tactics as part of a campaign to get the drug approved in Canada. They would eventually both be both fired by Health Canada for insubordination and have spent years trying to get their jobs back. Bovine Growth Hormone was never approved in Canada. "To serve and protect." It's the motto of numerous police forces, and the declaration of duty which underpins the decision made by so many Canadians to take on a career in law enforcement. For as long as Victoria Cliffe can remember, she's known she wanted to be a police officer. But when she came forward to allege she'd been sexually harassed and assaulted by a superior officer, she became the target of a smear campaign. She's paid a high personal price for speaking out, but today she says she's still just as proud to wear the RCMP uniform. And a decade ago, Holly Brewer told the fifth estate an incredible story of a young girl pitted against her religion. Growing up as a Je
S38E07 Lost In The Struggle: The Next Chapter 26/10/2012
S38E08 Lucky 7 02/11/2012
S38E09 The Elephant In The Room 09/11/2012
S38E10 Left For Dead 16/11/2012
S38E11 Lance Armstrong: Master of Spin 23/11/2012 Lance Armstrong was an inspiration to millions - he overcame a deadly disease and was hailed as one of the world's greatest athletes - but insiders knew the truth. the fifth estate examines the widespread use and abuse of doping in international cycling and how Lance Armstrong kept this dark secret for years.
S38E12 Hunting Magnotta 30/11/2012
S38E13 Costa Concordia: The Captain's Tale 07/12/2012
S38E14 The Imperfect Spy 11/01/2013
S38E15 The Last Race 18/01/2013
S38E16 Death In Paradise 25/01/2013
S38E17 Target Bin Laden 01/02/2013
S38E18 Crossfire 08/02/2013
S38E19 The Unrepentant 22/02/2013
S38E20 The Vanishing 01/03/2013
S38E21 Second Wave 08/03/2013 Two years ago, thousands of lives were lost and the landscape of Japan was changed forever by a tsunami that saw more than five million tonnes of debris swallowed up by the ocean. Mark Kelley reports on the Second Wave tsunami headed for Canadian shores, and a remarkable human drama that links our country with Japan.
S38E22 Ironman 29/03/2013 He's been called a geo-vigilante, an eco-terrorist, or alternatively a visionary who simply wants to save the world. For years, American businessman Russ George has nurtured a controversial idea: to fix global warming by seeding the ocean with iron. Thumbing his nose at U.N. conventions and possibly Canadian law, George teamed up with a Haida village on B.C.'s West Coast and carried out the biggest iron fertilization project to date.
S38E23 Mission Improbable 05/04/2013 Cynthia Vanier had seemingly hit the big time in business, politics and international intrigue, working with Canada's largest engineering firm, SNC Lavalin, to protect billions of dollars worth of projects in Libya. That work led her to cross paths with one of the world's most notorious family names -- Gadhafi. But as events unfolded, she became a part of a fiasco so complex that she'll likely never fully understand it, nor recover from its impact on her life. On this week's the fifth estate, Linden MacIntyre tells the story of Cynthia Vanier and how she claims she was duped into a risky mission in Libya, and is now spending her days in a shabby prison in southern Mexico fighting allegations of terrorism, human trafficking and criminal conspiracy.
S38E24 Rate My Hospital 12/04/2013 Bob McKeown hosts the fifth estate's sweeping cross-country investigation into Canada's hospitals and what they don't want you to know.
S39E01 The Secrets of Sugar 04/10/2013 We’ve heard about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there has never been a warning about sugar on our food labels - despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff is making more of us fat and sick. Gillian Findlay reveals ‘The Secrets of Sugar’ in the fifth estate’s season premiere
S39E02 Made in Bangladesh 11/10/2013 Who made that shirt you are wearing? When Mark Kelley went looking in Bangladesh he found some shocking answers.
S39E03 The Murder and the Money Trail 18/10/2013 When a body was found in a roadside ditch outside Mexico City, it seemed like just another murder – one of tens of thousands of violent killings in that country each year. But the victim was in fact the hard-working mother of two and the branch manager for Canadian-owned Scotiabank. The death of Maru Oropesa revealed the risks that Canadian banks and their employees face in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. From one murder in Mexico, the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown follows the money trail to secret accounts in Switzerland, and into the underworld of Mexican money laundering.
S39E04 Elephants on Board: A Journey to Remember 25/10/2013 How do you move three enormous elephants 4000 kilometres? Very very carefully and bring lots of hay.... When the fifth estate joined the convoy taking 3 Canadian elephants overland to the PAWS sanctuary in California it was bound to be an incredible journey filled with tension, drama and unpredictability. The good news for Toka, Thika and Iringa is that the long battle over their welfare appears to have a very happy ending.
S39E05 The Strange World of Julian Assange 01/11/2013 The controversial WikiLeaks founder gets the Hollywood treatment in the new movie 'The Fifth Estate' but the real fifth estate on CBC-TV tracks the inside story of the man in his own words, his secrets and his scandals. How did he get started, what was the global impact of his whistle-blowing website and what cost have whistle-blowers paid for leaking secrets? The rise and fall of Julian Assange - not the Hollywood fiction, the real fifth estate story.
S39E06 The Rob Ford Story 08/11/2013 Crack cocaine. Alcohol. Friends who have criminal backgrounds. Just over a year ago, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stood next to Police Chief Bill Blair promising to fight gang crime. Now the two most powerful men in Canada's largest city are locked in a struggle only one is likely to survive. Gillian Findlay has more on the man who has become the world's most controversial mayor - and the real story behind that first notorious video.
S39E07 The Sextortion of Amanda Todd 15/11/2013 With never-before-seen videos and online chats, the fifth estate tells the real story of what happened to Amanda Todd, the B.C. teen haunted by one revealing photo on the Internet. The blackmail and the sexual extortion that drove her to her death - and the new breed of online predators who threaten other young people online.
S39E08 The Conspiracy Files: JFK and 9/11 22/11/2013 When national tragedies occur they naturally trigger painful soul-searching. Whether it is the murder of JFK or the dreadful events of 9/11, Americans have searched long and hard for answers. In both cases a national consensus emerged over time about the single gunman who shot JFK... and the reasons the towers collapsed on 9/11. But some still question the so-called 'official version' of history. They passionately believe in other - often radical - explanations. And they think there might be conspiracies to hide the real truth.
S39E09 The Last Great Escape 29/11/2013 North Korea is among the world's most mysterious and secretive countries. The little we know comes from desperate souls who risk everything escaping overland in search of a new life. Many are captured in China and sent back home to an uncertain future. But a few somehow manage to make it all the way to Canada. The Last Great Escape is the story of two courageous individuals who fled a life of privation and fear and survived to tell the tale. Their stories come to life in special animation designed for the fifth estate.
S39E10 Silence of the Labs 10/01/2014 In the past few years, the federal government has cut funding to more than 76 world renowned research institutes and hundreds of programs. Now scientists have become unlikely radicals, denouncing what they call is a politically-driven war on knowledge. In The Silence of the Labs, Linden MacIntyre tells the story of scientists - and what is at stake for Canadians - from Nova Scotia to the B.C. Pacific Coast to the far Arctic Circle.
S39E11 The Man Who Hears Voices 17/01/2014 The federal government has made it a priority: to toughen laws that allow people who commit violent acts to be found ‘not criminally responsible’ due to mental illness. The question: Is it for reasons of public safety or public opinion? In “The Man Who Hears Voices”, Bob McKeown interviews Jeffrey Arenburg, who speaks out for the first time since he was found not criminally responsible for killing a popular Ottawa sportscaster.
S39E12 Walk the Line 24/01/2014 In ‘Walk the Line’, Mark Kelley has the astonishing story of former Montreal police investigator Benoit Roberge, once known for putting bikers behind bars, but now accused of selling police information to the Hells Angels - and insight from other officers who have walked that thin line between cop and criminal. A joint investigation by Radio-Canada's Enquête and the fifth estate.
S39E13 Voyage of the Black Dragon 31/01/2014 Linden MacIntyre tells the surprising story of what happened to some survivors of the perilous voyage of the Black Dragon – a ship packed with Chinese migrants who risked death for a better life, only to face deportation after washing ashore off the coast of BC in 1999.
S39E14 Rabbi of the Pure Hearts: Inside Lev Tahor 28/02/2014 Gillian Findlay gets inside the ultra-orthodox Jewish community of Lev Tahor, now facing allegations of child abuse, and uncovers troubling facts about the past of its leader, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans.
S39E15 The Rise and Fall of Mike Duffy 07/03/2014 Linden MacIntyre traces how disgraced Conservative Senator Mike Duffy's larger than life ambition and questionable expenses ballooned into a political scandal that could take down the Senate.
S39E16 Return to Paradise 14/03/2014 When two Quebec sisters turned up dead in a Thailand hotel in 2012, authorities suggested everything from drugs to food poisoning. But an updated investigation by the fifth estate's Mark Kelley points to new evidence that a highly toxic pesticide used to control bedbugs in some hotels in Asia may have caused their deaths.
S39E17 Dead Enough 21/03/2014 It’s a question you would think medical science would have answered long ago – when are you dead? But in “Dead Enough” the fifth estate explores how the standards for when and how people are declared dead can vary from province to province and even from hospital to hospital. Bob McKeown looks at how, in the rush to meet the need for life-saving organ transplants, some doctors are worried that we may be pushing the ethical boundaries.
S39E18 Your Tips, Our Stories 24/03/2014 This season, the fifth estate was flooded with tips from viewers, asking our team to investigate stories important to you. We listened, we did our research, and now in 'Your Tips, Our Stories' hosts Mark Kelley and Bob McKeown have three stories - of deceit, a suspicious death, and corruption - built on your suggestions.
S39E19 After the Cameras Went Away 11/04/2014 Even after a story airs on television, the fifth estate does not stop investigating. In our season finale 'After the Cameras Went Away', Gillian Findlay reveals the latest on the controversial religious sect Lev Tahor, Mark Kelley checks in with a survivor of the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, and finally, Bob McKeown finds out how the Toronto Zoo elephants are adapting to sunny California.
S40E01 GM Recall : The Switch From Hell 31/10/2014 It was a deadly defect in an ignition switch that led to the recall of millions of GM cars like the Cobalt and the Ion and the confirmed deaths of almost 30 drivers, with close to 200 more being investigated. In the premiere episode of the fifth estate’s 40th season, Bob McKeown investigates what and when did GM and Transport Canada know about the problem -- and reveals startlingly new information about fatal crashes in Canada
S40E03 Finding Emma 07/11/2014 26-year-old Emma Fillipoff disappears from the streets of Victoria in 2012 and has never been seen since. Was it murder, suicide -- or did she want to hide? Mark Kelley follows a mother’s determined journey to look for her daughter – and looks at how hard it is to find many of 60,000 people who are reported missing every year in Canada.
S40E04 A Boy Named Moses 14/11/2014 He was only five years old when his adoptive parents decided they didn't want him anymore … so they gave him away to a complete stranger – on the Internet. In a fifth estate investigation called “A Boy Named Moses,” Gillian Findlay looks at the unregulated practice of what is euphemistically called “rehoming.”
S40E05 The Interrogation Room 21/11/2014 They were just witnesses to a murder, pressured by the police to change their story until the wrong man was jailed for a crime he did not commit. Linden MacIntyre takes you inside “The Interrogation Room” with disturbing police videotapes that reveal an investigation gone terribly wrong.
S40E06 The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi 28/11/2014 An investigation into the downfall of writer, musician and broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi.
S40E07 Stalking Amanda Todd : The Man in the Shadows 05/12/2014 The name of Amanda Todd became synonymous with cyber-bullying and loss after the B.C. teenager committed suicide. Mark Kelley of the fifth estate reveals the never before told story of her accused online stalker, the global police hunt for him and troubling questions about why the suspect wasn’t stopped before Amanda took her own life.
S40E08 Putin’s Long Shadow 09/01/2015 He casts a long shadow over globe. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has outlasted three U.S. presidents and is on track to stay in power until 2024. But a joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS’ Frontline reveals an even darker side to one of the world’s most powerful leaders: Allegations of criminal activity dating back to his early days as a top official in St. Petersburg; ties to organized crime and money-laundering activities; and a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.
S40E09 Mr. Big Stings : Cops, Criminals and Confessions 16/01/2015 When cops pretend to be criminals to get answers, the line between confessions and lies is blurred.
S40E10 The Mob and Michael DeGroote 23/01/2015 He is one of Canada’s wealthiest businessmen and a respected philanthropist. But when Michael DeGroote invested millions in a dream venture of Caribbean casinos, it led to a nightmare of death threats and revenge plots and the involvement of a leading Mafia Godfather.An explosive year-long investigation by the CBC and the Globe and Mail.
S40E11 Marijuana in Canada : Pot Fiction 30/01/2015 Everyone knows that marijuana is illegal. So why does Canada seem to be awash in pot? You can buy it openly in a surprising number of ways and places. The system the federal government set up to give people access to medical marijuana is broken. Could it be that something’s happening out there and no one told Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Mark Kelley exposes some real Pot Fiction.
S40E12 Saving David Waines 06/02/2015
S40E13 After the Cameras Went Away 13/02/2015 The fifth estate updates dramatic developments in previous stories about a crumbling casino empire in the Caribbean, the death of a Canadian skier, a North Korean defector and the fate of the Costa Concordia captain.
S40E14 The Mohamed Fahmy Story : 400 Days 20/02/2015 Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy never expected he would go to jail just for doing his job. But in his first ever television interview since release, Fahmy describes 400 days of utter hell, some of which he spent locked up with hardened prisoners and violent jihadists. This week he sat down with the fifth estate's Gillian Findlay in Cairo and told his whole story - from the horror of conviction, to his disappointment in Canada's prime minister, to what he thinks will happen when his new trial
S40E15 The War on Wheat 27/02/2015 ?It's a multi-billion dollar battle for your belly. Millions of people are joining the anti-wheat revolution. Kellogg's, the world's largest cereal maker, has seen its biggest drop in sales since the 1970s. Food companies are selling off their struggling bread divisions. It's all because best-selling health evangelists say that wheat is causing everything from fat bellies to schizophrenia. But do they have science on their side? Mark Kelley takes a hard look at what's driving a movement that is dramatically changing the way we eat.
S40E16 Lost On The Ice 06/03/2015 It has been another brutal winter for much of Canada. In Labrador, it's the second coldest winter on record. The extreme cold is a reminder of how precarious life can be for people who live in remote regions and who rely on Canada’s search and rescue service when things go wrong. In late February, a Labrador teenager died after he walked away from his remote village and got lost on the ice. No one reported him missing for days so it’s doubtful even the best rescue service would have made a difference. But his death was a powerful reminder of 14-year-old Burton Winters, who got lost in a blinding blizzard but might have been saved if Search and Rescue had sent a military helicopter. Our story then raised serious questions about Canada’s search and rescue system – questions that three years later remain largely unanswered.
S40E17 The Pain Game: Drugs, Doctors and Pro Sports 13/03/2015 It’s the untold tale of prescription drug abuse in professional sport. An investigation by the fifth estate discovers a shocking story of the rampant over-prescription of drugs by some team doctors in major sports leagues.
S40E18 Murder and The Judge 20/03/2015 He was the first judge in Canadian history to be convicted of murder. Now from behind bars at a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for killing his wife, Jacques Delisle reveals for the first time what he says really happened in a candid interview with fifth estate host Mark Kelley -- and makes some startling revelations about the case.
S40E19 The Boy Who Should Have Lived 27/03/2015 Chazz Petrella had an idyllic childhood in Cobourg, Ontario - four siblings, loving parents, a hobby farm. But that all changed when his rages became too much for his family to handle. He was diagnosed with mental illness at age ten and was soon on the case-loads of nine agencies and services - including residential placements. Despite all of this care, Chazz committed suicide just after he turned 12. Why did a boy who seemed to have access to best of Ontario's child and youth services die?
S40E20 In the Eye of the Storm 03/04/2015 A woman - protected by a publication ban and known only as 'NS' - who went to the Supreme Court to fight for her right to wear the niqab; a career criminal, known as the 'Gentleman Bankrobber,' who just couldn't quit robbing banks; and the rise and fall of Senator Mike Duffy, who goes on trial next week.
S40E21 Too Young To Lose 10/04/2015 A daughter, a niece, a friend. Underage girls forced into prostitution, sexually exploited by pimps praying on their vulnerability. Who are these teens? Mark Kelley sits down with four young women from Edmonton and finds out how they were targeted, recruited, and groomed into the sex trade. The fifth estate also follows the police and community and outreach workers as they race against time – trying to prevent the young girls becoming the next murdered and missing women
S41E01 Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War 30/10/2015 One of the largest decisions weighing on the shoulders of prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau is what role, if any, should Canada play in the war against ISIS. And how will Canadians know whether their efforts are having the intended results? Do we really know what our troops are doing in Iraq? Do we even know whether Coalition airstrikes are hitting intended targets?Bob Mckeown reports from the front lines of Canada's war in Iraq and Syria.
S41E02 The Fire Within: The Secret Battles of Female Firefighters 06/11/2015 Theirs is a reputation forged in fire -- built on bravery, dedication and danger. But privately, there’s a dark side; a burning secret inside so many fire halls across the country. Female firefighters who spoke to the fifth estate say they are being bullied and harassed on the job. Despite this they keep fighting, and across the country young women are signing up to become firefighters, driven by the fire within.
S41E03 Vitamins and Supplements: Magic Pills 13/11/2015 As many as three out of four Canadians use natural health products. From herbal remedies to minerals, vitamins and other supplements, it’s a billion dollar industry that includes everyone from Big Pharma to Mom and Pop operations. They're products packed with promises, but what’s actually in the bottle? Could we be taking too much? And could they actually be harmful to your health?
S41E04 School Of Secrets 23/11/2015 It took the University of British Columbia more than a year and a half to act against a grad student, despite mounting complaints of harassment or sexual assault by at least six women on campus. The women say Dmitry Mordvinov, a 28-year old PHD student in the history department, committed a wide range of offensive acts against them from inappropriate touching to sexual assault. Mordvinov was quietly expelled and told the fifth estate he's appealing. The fifth estate takes you inside the story of the women’s fight to have their allegations taken seriously. Right after we reported the details of our story online UBC issued a "Response to the fifth estate program" and a public apology. "I want to apologize to the women in these cases who feel they have been let down by our university," Martha Piper, ?interim president and vice-chancellor, said in a statement issued online.
S41E05 Aftermath: How Paris Changed The World 27/11/2015 A special fifth estate investigation – with teams across the globe: Gillian Findlay in Turkey, Mark Kelley in France and Adrienne Arsenault in Belgium. How Europe plans to dismantle the deadly terror network and what the Paris attacks mean for Ottawa's ambitious plans to bring in tens of thousands of refugees. One famous family's story of hope and endurance.
S41E06 A Mother's Trial 04/12/2015 The troubling story of two teenaged brothers from Ottawa that caught everyone's attention. They were the sons of Canada’s consul-general in Miami. So how did these two Canadian teens get caught up in the dark side ofMiami's drug scene? One dead in a drug deal gone wrong, the other charged as his accomplice – and now behind bars and in front of the courts, facing the potential of life in prison. With crime scene pictures, courtroom video and exclusive interviews the fifth estate takes you inside one mother's struggle to save the one son she has left.
S41E07 Nightmare In Indonesia 08/01/2016 Neil Bantleman and his wife were in search of adventure when they went to teach at a prestigious private school in Jakarta. But then came the horrifying accusation from a parent who believed her boy had been sexually abused by staff at the school. It set off an never-ending nightmare for the two Canadians. Last April, Neil Bantleman was convicted of sex assault. Though he won on appeal, he now awaits the ruling of Indonesia's top court and prays that one day they will be free to leave Indonesia and put to rest the terrible nightmare.
S41E08 Why Didn't We Know? 15/01/2016 An investigation into the murders of three women, who were killed within hours of each other near the small town of Wilno, Ont. The murderer was acquainted with the victims and had a history of violence.
S41E09 Doctors Without Boundaries 22/01/2016 An investigation of doctors who've been accused of crossing ethical or legal boundaries with female patients.
S41E10 After the Cameras Went Away 29/01/2016 A look at stories the show first investigated decades ago: a miner's daughter searches for answers about a dangerous powder; a famed bank robber meets a surprising fate; and an accused war criminal deported from Canada ends up at the center of a precedent-setting court case in the U.S.
S41E11 Dealing With a Dictator 12/02/2016 A Canadian gold mine in Africa faces controversy when it partners with a brutal government. Mark Kelley investigates the price of doing business with a dictator.
S41E12 Murder in the Family 19/02/2016 An investigation into the 2011 murder of Richard Oland at the hands of his son Dennis who was sentenced to life in prison.
S41E13 True Believers 04/03/2016 A look at unusual groups in Canada, including people who promote a "miracle mineral solution" of bleach they claim cures many ills.
S41E14 The Fire Breather: The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump 11/03/2016 A look at Donald Trump's campaign to become the Republican nominee for U.S. president.
S41E15 In Their Own Words 18/03/2016 A man challenges a Nova Scotia law that allows parents total guardianship over adult children who are deemed mentally incompetent. Also, a Toronto homicide detective recounts a haunting homicide case.
S41E16 The Trial of Jian Ghomeshi 25/03/2016 Coverage of the sexual-assault court case against TV personality Jian Ghomeshi.
S41E17 Stolen Treasures 08/04/2016 Three tales of stolen treasures: A hunt across two continents for the true owner of a Modigliani masterpiece that may have been looted by the Nazis during World War II. The first television interview with one of Canada’s most prolific art thieves, John Mark Tillmann -- he stole an estimated 10,000 items and the Mountie who tracked him down called him a “kleptomaniac with taste.” And on the frontlines with Canada’s little-known wildlife cops, who are tackling a $30 billion illegal trade in everything from reptile parts, plants, tusks and ivory.