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A unique portrait of contemporary life, illustrated by fried chicken, the staff who serve it and the customers who buy it.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Fried Chicken Shop

S02E01 Episode 1 16/09/2013 In this episode Rooster Spot is a hub for love and relationships. Shop workers Imran and Harris talk about their bigger ambitions and the friendship they have formed since they both moved from Pakistan, and Harris declares his budding love for an Italian waitress. On the other side of the counter, cross dresser Jessie treats customers to her interesting and sexy style of dress. After an afternoon drinking on the Common, fine art students CeeCee and Lulu discuss being lonely and single and how fast food over home cooked is frowned upon in Arabic culture. And Tyrone and Leah talk babies and love over chips and whether they are ready to take the next step. As well as the fixed cameras inside the shop, the programme follows take-away customers. Local recording artist Ray must remember a big order to take back to the studio; does he pay attention or just get want he wants? Back in the shop, Tyrone and Leah return with some exciting news; Jonny attempts some far-fetched chat-up lines on some unsuspecting girls; and Marco the busker sings a chicken shop ditty... it's just another day in South London's busiest chicken shop.
S02E02 Episode 2 23/09/2013 Rayon is an absent father out for lunch with his best mate's children, while, on the other side of the counter, Chicken Shop manager Zahid has left his family behind in Pakistan to fulfil his dreams and provide for his family's future: similar issues in different lives with different perspectives come together in the same place. Love is captured and played out in The Chicken Shop, from three girls on the pull flirting with boys over cheesy chips to a new couple snogging and declaring undying love over a tub of mayonnaise. Race and opportunity are explored over a takeaway in Brixton. Hopeful rapper Paul from the first episode returns, showing off his French rhyming skills. And Rayon defends the honour of Captain Jack Sparrow when trouble kicks off.
S02E03 Episode 3 30/09/2013 This episode meets students Hassan and Syed, who aspire to run their own business. As they tuck in to their burgers they discuss the benefits of being self-employed and the aspirations of this generation's next entrepreneurs. Falling into a conversation with a mum and her young daughter, they discuss society, the difficulties the youth of today face and why a good home life is the answer: all triggered by Jessie walking past the shop in another daring outfit. Shop manager Ali faces difficult customers, copes with flirtatious female customers and juggles the needs of his eight staff members, all while trying to make the shop as welcoming as possible for customers. Later office party-goers Hayley, Kat and Portia are joined by Jessie as they talk about life, fashion and boob size over chips and delve into Jessie's life more than she might like.

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