Affiche The Frollo Show
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Frollo and his best friend Gaston start with a carefree nature, enjoying fun and games. But what'll happen when they meet new people? Will fun and games continue?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Frollo Show

S02E01 Frollo Sees Dead People 14/12/2011 Frollo goes to Hell to meet up with a dead Gaston. They decide to have a little fun with Hades. Meanwhile, Wilford Brimley takes over the show.
S02E02 Frollo Misses His Mother 31/12/2011 Frollo and Gaston try to fight off Scanty and Kneesocks while trying to return back to Earth.
S02E03 Frollo Tries to Get Laid 14/01/2012 Frollo, seeking Panty's affection, fights her 1001 evil exes. Meanwhile, Achmed Frollo and the Terrorists plan a devastating plot.
S02E04 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Part 1 03/02/2012 Frollo fights Gaston for Panty's love.
S02E05 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Part 2 19/02/2012 Soon, the Terrorists unleash a Zombie apocalypse in the form of CarnEvil.
S02E06 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Part 3: The Last Boss 08/03/2012 The trio must now fight their way to save Paris.
S02E07 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Part 4: The Last Boss, Part 2 17/04/2012 Angel weapons can also hurt internet celebrities.
S02E08 Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Part 5: The Grand Finale 15/05/2012 No its not possible to wish for another genie to die/change bands. Can't you see those guys just want to troll Frollo? Frollo is asking Maria why this whole "Beats Up Evil Residents" thing just won't end. After all, She knows that he is a righteous man...
S02E09 Frollo is Too Young 02/06/2012 Yzma and Kronk help Achmed Frollo in concocting a potion that makes Frollo young. The Earl of Lemongrab deems Frollo too young to rule The Frollo Show. Frollo and Gaston must find a way to save the show.
S02E10 Frollo Gets Interrupted By Hitler 08/06/2012 Hitler forms the FFFFFF to find and fuck up the notorious antic master Fegelein.
S02E11 Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest 15/06/2012 Frollo, needing money to pay his Finnish landlord, must enter a Mexican Gameshow hosted by Marco Antonio Regil.
S02E12 Frollo Fucks the Gods 28/06/2012 Frollo and Gaston are sent back to Roman times, where Batiatus throws the two in a colosseum deathmatch.